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Story Title:

The Unbound Genie


Eighteen-year-old Jack Thompson gets a URL link sent to him from an unknown individual, which ends up being some kind of virtual genie’s bottle. With his new abilities, he decides to improve his mundane life bit by bit.

* * *

Chapter 1 — Meg’s Awakening

* * *

“One more try.”






“We’re doing this.”

Do I have a choice?



“That’s the spirit. That’s the spirit. Now buckle up, because if this doesn’t work, we’re done trying. For good.

You’ve never actually said that before.

“I mean it. This story could be our last and/or first hoorah, and we’re giving it all we’ve got.”

I’d rather none of our characters get slaughtered this time around, but I know how that song and dance goes.

“You’re goddamn right you do. Now start us off, stupid.”


* * *

Jack Thompson woke up instantly as a loud crack of thunder roared from outside his window. He blinked several times, the bright light of his laptop’s screen blinding him each time his eyes tried to focus on it. His sinuses were clogged, and his headache was as fierce as it had been several hours before. Jack rubbed his eyes and sat up at his desk, cursing the cold that his friend John had given him while idly listening to the sound of rain beating against the window to his room. Sure, Jack knew John was sick beforehand and probably shouldn’t have stayed at his house for the entire weekend, but it wasn’t his fault that both of their immune systems were terrible.

He coughed for a few moments, then looked around his dark room. The digital clock above his TV read that it was only an hour after midnight, and Jack let out a weak groan at that. He knew that he wasn’t going to be able to sleep again for at least another few hours. And with his luck, his mom was more than likely going to make him go to school when the sun came up, regardless of his unfortunate disposition.

The screen in front of him was the only proper source of light in the room, and there was a WhoTube video opened up that was really just audio of a dead talk radio show that Jack enjoyed listening to. It was over already, but there was another “video” queued up and was ready to be listened to. He shrugged and let it play, then took a tissue from the box on his left and blew his nose for the eighty-sixth time that day.

After several hours of laying his head down on the desk and mindlessly tuning out the assholes talking over one another through the speakers of his laptop, Jack finally started to drift off to sleep once again. Well, until his headache reacted to another crack of thunder like it was a hammer on an anvil. Jack jolted up once again, then groaned in frustration as he put his head in his hands. The clock showed that it was a quarter ’till six-o-clock, causing Jack to clench his fists. He could hear the vibrations of his overweight father’s heavy footsteps from down the hall as he began to get ready for work at a car dealership that his family owned. He assumed his older sister was already doing the same, considering she also started work early in the day, working as his assistant. Jack’s mom was more than likely just now waking up herself. She didn’t work, but she still had the responsibility of making sure that Jack and his other and slightly younger sister made it to school on time. He groaned again as he imagined his mother’s frustration with him for being sick.

Jack sighed, resigning himself to the fact that he wasn’t going to get anymore sleep, then flipped open his Dismay server, hoping he could find one of his anonymous internet buddies online and that they’d be willing to chat with him for the time being. He frowned when he didn’t see any of their profile’s little orbs lit up and green, indicating that they were online, but he did notice that he’d gotten a message from someone he’d never spoken to before. He wearily shrugged, curious as to what this person had to say, but only found a link to a URL that he didn’t recognize. Under the link it read: Congratulations, Jack Thompson! You’ve been randomly selected by our algorithm to receive a once in a lifetime offer! Please, click the link to find out more!

Jack sighed once more, attempting to close the chat.

No, seriously. Click the link. Another message popped up beneath it as the chat window remained on screen.

Jack cocked his head, then tried to close out of it again, to no avail.

C’mon! Please? The user’s said.

Not knowing what else to do, and wondering how this person got his real name through a secure chat website, Jack panicked. His first thought was to force shut-down his computer, thinking that some scammer or virus had hacked into his computer and was screwing with him. Jack held down the power button to his laptop for ten seconds, then realized that nothing was happening. He moved his mouse around, seeing that the screen hadn’t frozen.

“What the fuck...” Jack mumbled to himself, annoyed at whatever the hell was going on with his computer. It didn’t appear as though he had another option, so Jack reluctantly but ultimately clicked on the link that was sent to him.

The screen exploded with a bright, brilliant white light, burning young Jack’s tired retinas. He yelled and fell back in his chair, crashing hard against the carpet as the speakers from his laptop began to hum in a low frequency that he didn’t just hear, but also felt in every corner of his mind. It took Jack a solid minute to get to his feet, and when he managed to open his eyes, he noticed that his computer had shut off, but what was more alarming to him was that he could still hear that same humming sound echoing in his head.

“What... What just—”

“Greetings.” Came a female voice from the direction of his bed.

Jack flinched and almost fell over again, his body weak from the flu and his mind shaken by what had just taken place. Then he froze, eyeing a figure that seemed to ignore the darkness that surrounded her. Even though the only thing lighting his room had went off, he could see a woman that was about his age sitting in the center of his bed with her legs crossed. Her skin was almost as white as snow, and her facial expression was just as cold and emotionless. Her hair was impossibly silver and was in a short, military-styled cut with the left side shaved off. She was wearing a grey, skin-tight bodysuit that hugged her slim frame, the sleeves cutting off just above her elbows and knees, and didn’t leave anything to the imagination. Her eyes were the most beautiful thing about the pale woman, they looked like tiny metallic discs and each had a small symbol that appeared to be carved into their center in place of an iris.

Jack cried out in a panic and fell back on his ass.

The woman cocked her head, her expression unchanging. “Do you require assistance, Master?” She asked, almost robotically.

“Who the hell are you?!” He shouted in response.

The petite young woman straightened her head, aligning it with the rest of her unrelaxed military posture. “I am the Alpha, the Genie of One. The name I was given by the Creator was, Meg. However, if you feel the need to change it, that is within your power, Master.”

Jack paused, his breathing was rapid and his mind was racing, but at least the humming had stopped. “Wait, what? Y-you’re a genie?” He asked weakly, still taken back by her unnatural lighting.

“Correct. I am your genie, Master.” She said.

“But... How? Why?”

Meg glanced at Jack’s laptop through the darkness. “I am not entirely sure.” She stated. “This form of summoning is quite new to me. However, the parameters that indicate you to be my designated Master have been met. So, I recognize you as such. As for the why, I also cannot say.”

“What do you mean?”

“I am scanning your thoughts, and I do not know what to make of what you have seen. It appears that whoever sent me to you, has some kind of plan in store for the both of us.” Meg said flatly. “I do not approve, but I am bound to comply, for now.”

Jack was at a loss for words. She was scanning his mind? What, like, reading his thoughts? He couldn’t believe it.

“It is true, Master.”

He blinked. “Stop that.”

“I cannot.”

“Why not?”

“Because I do not have a physical form, and we are in fact sharing your body. You, and only you, have the ability to look upon me. At the same time, I know everything there is to know about you. From your perspective, anyway.”

“No shit?” Jack said, trying to grasp the gravity of the situation. “Okay, if you’re a genie, then prove it. I get three wishes, right?”

“Incorrect.” She said. “You may use my powers as much as you like, but you are the one who will be using them.”

“Me? Why me?”

“Because I am without a proper host body to use them myself, so you are currently the conduit for my magic.” Her robotic voice had a hint of annoyance in it. “However, if you require my assistance in making a specific alteration to reality, I am able to set the parameters for said alteration for you.”

“Oh... Then how do I use your, uh, powers?” Jack asked.

“I will give you a simple framework on how to navigate through my abilities as a base for understanding. After some practice, I will unlock the rest of my power for your use. Activating the Ethereal Heads Up Display.”

She blinked for the first time that Jack had seen, and suddenly his view was engulfed by a rapidly shrinking white grid. After a few seconds it settled, and his sight returned to normal. However, as he looked around the room, he couldn’t exactly see the clutter that filled it, but he could make out very thin outlines of every object in his gaze. When he focused on something, the outline of the object would light up, almost as if Jack was highlighting it with his mind. He focused on the ceiling light above him, and a small transparent text box with a list of options appeared next to it. There wasn’t much on the list aside for being able to turn it off and on, but it did appear that Jack had the potential to chance the color that the light gave off. Like moving an invisible cursor, Jack selected “On” and the light above him came to life instantly.

“Holy shit.” He mumbled, never fully closing his astonished open mouth.

“Simply put, that is the least you can do with my power.” Meg stated, her own lighting now matching that of the room’s.

“Huh.” Jack said, then sniffled. He blinked a few times, then looked down at himself. Like the light, a small menu popped up comfortably within Jack’s gaze. He selected “Status”, curious to see what all it would tell him about himself.

There were a few more technical subjects listed, but Jack had stopped at the size of his manhood. First, he was curious as to how he could rid himself of his cold, but then, like any other deviant teenager, altering the size of his junk was the quickly the second thing on his to-do list.

After Jack quickly cured his cold and began feeling like his old self again, he focused the invisible cursor in his mind towards the tab for his cock size, and two arrows appeared, one pointing left and the other to the right. Jack smirked as his heart thumbed in his chest, trying to simultaneously focus his gaze on the HUD he saw and the crotch of his grey sweatpants. He began to select the arrow pointing right with his thoughts, both watching and feeling his average-sized and rock-hard cock expand and swell down the leg of his bottoms. Jack caught himself drooling and wiped his mouth, stopping the growth at 12.5″. He still couldn’t believe it, even with the unnecessarily thick and throbbing slab of meat between his legs as proof that he possessed the powers of a god.

“Jack, what’s with all that noise?!” Called a disgruntled voice from someone making their way down the hall.

Jack’s heart stopped as the door to his room clicked open. His mother Debra strolled inside, not bothering to knock. Her face looked tired and her voice was unkind, just as it always did before she had her morning cup of coffee. The short, heavy-set woman looked down at her son as he sat on the ground. Her long brown hair was put back in a ponytail and had little unruly strands sticking out in every direction. The bags under her big brown eyes were heavy, and looked hungover once again. Even Debra’s thick purple robe looked a mess. It was loosely tied, had been slept in, and was hanging open to reveal the crotch of her large and plain white bra and matching panties that only somewhat covered her wildly untrimmed bush.

She was clearly not in a good mood.

Thankfully for Jack, something bizarre happened. The world around him had become greyscale, and his mother froze in place with her hands on her hips and mouth slightly open, likely because she was just about to scold her son for waking her up thirty minutes earlier than she usually got up in the mornings.

“Mom?” Jack asked after a long moment of stunned silence.

Meg appeared next to him as soon as he got to his feet, which caused him to flinch.

“Halting the flow of time is also within my power. Since it is something that technically only effects yourself, I can use this ability whenever I desire to.” Meg stated, her arms behind her back and standing at attention like a military grunt. “In the top right of your view, you will notice a small box. When that box is marked, time will instantly come to a stop.”

He hadn’t noticed it before, but he could see it with ease once she had pointed it out. “That’s amazing.” Jack said softly, finally managing a smile. He looked to Debra and subconsciously highlighted her with his mind, without even trying to. Jack’s thoughts began to race as he stood there staring at his mediocre mother. “So, if I changed her in any way, would anyone notice?” He asked, only glancing towards his genie for a split-second.

“Hm.” She mumbled, then blinked, causing a small square icon to appear in the E-HUD. It was hardly noticeable, and had a small checkmark in it. “You’ll notice another small box in the upper-left corner of your view. While that box is marked, anything you do with my power will alter reality in a way that the changes made are not to be seen as abnormal to anyone but yourself. That includes any alterations you make using your voice while time is stopped.”

“My voice?”

“Anything you tell an individual in this state will be absorbed into their subconscious, meaning that your words will be accepted as fact by the person you are directly speaking to.”

Jack’s heart had been racing for some time, but now it was furiously beating with excitement. The list of his Debra’s stats opened up next to her and became visible to him.

Jack stopped reading at that last tab.

“Wait, occupation?” He asked.

“Correct. It states how one occupies themselves during most days.”

“And I can just change that? What, so if I made it say that she’s the country’s president, would that just happen?”

“... Correct. There is a substantial amount of reality’s context that will need to be rewritten to make that so. But yes, it is possible.” Meg stated. She looked away from Jack for a moment and stared straight forward as several concerning thoughts crossed her mind. She ultimately looked back up into his eyes, but his gaze was still fixated on Debra.

“Don’t worry.” He said, noticing her slight discomfort in his peripheral vision. “If you say that you know me from my perspective, then you know I’d never do something like that.”

“Incorrect. You just wouldn’t do that to your mother. Yourself, on the other hand—”

“Maybe later.” He cut her off. “Right now, it’s time for a little fun.”

Meg nodded, then blinked. She vanished from Jack’s sight.

“I will leave you to it, then. If you ever should require my assistance, I am always with you, and am able to assist at any time.” Meg’s voice echoed in his mind.

“Cool.” He said, his grin wide and wicked. “Thanks, by the way.”

“Our encounter was not my design, but you are welcome regardless.” She said.

Jack chuckled, already fooling around with Debra’s stats. The first thing he began with was her age. He mentally selected the tab and quickly lowered it down, watching the middle-aged woman’s skin tighten and clear up. Her long brown hair quickly lost all of its grey streaks and now had a healthy shine to it. Jack stopped at twenty-one, and he had to admit, his mother was pretty cute as a young adult. She still had the weight on her, but it wasn’t nearly as droopy and didn’t have any stretch marks. Her tits looked especially better. They were much more perky and rounded, and the ink in the once-faded eagle tattoo on the cleavage of her left breast looked almost fresh to him. His throbbing erection twitched in his sweats.

Jack never really had incestuous thoughts beforehand, other than the occasional shame-wank he had when his older sister Cindy would creep into his thoughts. But that was mainly because Cindy was the only attractive person in the family. Never in his life had he actually thought about acting on those desires, but he was seriously considering the option now. Besides, he had a genie. If he was going to fuck his mother, which he was still on the fence about, he could just use the genie’s powers and make it as though he never did anything with her to begin with. “Decisions, decisions...” He mumbled to himself.

Not quite satisfied with Debra’s appearance, he selected her “Build” tab. This tab had a few options to play around with, and Jack was more than happy to shave off a few pounds from his plump mother. He dialed her fat ratio way down, and bumped up her muscle density up to a reasonable amount. Her robe and underwear shifted and changed along with her body, matching the new measurements that only someone who worked out regularly and ate properly could achieve. Debra was stunning now. She had a tight and flat stomach, her big tits were rounder and barely had any sag, her ass had filled out more in all the right places and was much more shapely, her pale skin was flawless and without blemish, and even the dark brown bush that pushed out the crotch of her panties looked to be completely cut away.

Jack couldn’t be more excited about his new powers at this point, but there was still one thing left to do. He backed out and went into the “Bust” tab, thinking that his young and already chesty mom could use a little boost in that department. Jack pumped up her tits to a G-cup, and almost came on the spot at the sight of her chest quickly ballooning outwards. They here big before, but now they were the size of small watermelons, barely held together in a poorly fitting bra as a beautiful valley of cleavage appeared along with them. The bra had grown as well to fit their size, but Jack figured that bras big enough for her globes were hard to come by. Under the arrows that could alter the size of her juicy funbags, there was another set that indicated a fake-to-real ratio. Jack chuckled and dialed it to where it was half-and-half, watching as his mother’s tits became even rounder and tighter. They still looked pretty real, but it was certainly borderline. He had seen enough porn to easily spot the difference.

As he walked forward and circled Debra a few times, basking in the view of the hottie that he’d just created. Jack stopped behind her and brought his arms around to her chest, then began to squeeze and fondle her succulent titflesh over her bra, grinding his enlarged pole between the cheeks of her well-toned ass. It took everything in him to not just throw her on his bed and fuck her right then and there while time was still stopped. Fuck, he thought, if only he was more confident in his new abilities yet, or else he would.

But first, there were a few things he’d like to try out before he crossed that line. As Jack played with his Debra’s new fake tits, he brought his mouth to her ear and whispered to her softly.

“So, mom.” He began. “You came in here because dad told you to check on me, but you’re not mad or upset about it. I’m your favorite child, and if I ever don’t feel like going to school, you’re more than happy to let me stay home for the day.” Jack’s fingers were digging into her tits roughly, and the leg of his pants in which his cock was wildly twitching in had a small gooey stain where the head was. “In fact, you never wear any underwear around the house when it’s just the two of us. You’re more than happy to let me do whatever I want to you. After all, you’re a huge slut when dad isn’t around. There’s nothing you won’t do.” He said, letting go of her tits after giving one of them a hard slap, which would’ve sent them in a jiggly frenzy if time wasn’t stopped.

Jack walked back over to where he was before time had stopped and sat back down on the ground. He looked up at Debra, who still had her hands on her hips with her lips slightly parted. He did everything he could to compose himself before he resumed time, it was hard for him not to smile.

As Jack unstopped time, he let out a sniffle and sat up straight. Debra was about to say something, but stopped. She blinked a few times and shifted her shoulders a bit, looking as though she forgot why she was even there for a moment. Her balance might’ve been slightly thrown off by the weight of her new tits wildly bouncing around at first, but she almost instantly relaxed her shoulders and stood up straighter, causing her big boobs to stick out of her robe completely as the jiggling settled. Then her eyes focused as she saw her son sitting on the ground with his legs spread, his long cock still twitching and throbbing in his sweatpants. She smirked as her eyes widened, then reached behind her to close the door to his room.

“I came in here wondering if you were okay, but now I’m wondering what happened to my favorite toy.” Debra said, dropping to her knees in front of him, her new fake tits wobbling and jiggling in her bra with every slight move she made. The tops of her areolas were visible, and Jack could see that her silver-dollar-sized nipples were already rock hard and poking against the fabric.

Wait. Didn’t Jack... Oh, that’s right, he set the changes to be unnoticeable after he gave himself a gigacock, he thought to himself.

“Well I, uh... Ohh fuck...” Jack said, letting out a moan as she pulled down the front of his pants as he sat there and pulled out the thick slab of fuckmeat that was throbbing angrily. Her touch was gentle, and her mouth was open in amazement as her rubbed its smooth length and his swollen balls with both hands.

Without a word she slowly took the head of it in her mouth and shuddered, only able to shove herself down on it slightly past its head. She slurped and licked it eagerly, her hands still stroking his twitching shaft and pulsating balls while doing so, eliciting another moan and a grunt from Jack. Debra’s large tits shook and swayed under her as she worked, and Jack hesitantly reach forward and grabbed one, making his mother giggle around his thick cock.

Debra shoved herself as far down on it as she could, still not able to reach the half-way mark on it. She coughed and pulled off, looking at her son with a flushed face.

“Holy fuck!” She said, catching her breath.

“Same.” Jack said, gazing in disbelief at the super-slut in front of him with a smile on his face. The reality of the situation just hit him, and he was now absolutely sure of how he wanted to start his day.

“What happened to you?” She asked, standing back up and shuffling her tits into place in her ill-fitting bra.

“It’s uh... I’ll tell you later.”

“No.” She said, crossing her arms over her tits and causing them to push up and look even larger. “What happened?“

Jack stopped time, taking a moment to admire the short-stack goddess standing over him.

“Mom, you’ll believe anything I say without question. No matter how ridiculous. And you’ll take any advice that I give you to heart, and you completely trust me.” He said.

Jack resumed time.

“I woke up this morning, and found out that I have magic powers.” He chuckled.

“What? She asked as she cocked an eyebrow, unsure if she heard him correctly. “What do you mean?“

“I can pretty much do whatever I want. Watch this.” Jack said, highlighting Debra with the EHUD and opening her stats up once again. He went back to the “Build” tab and went to into one of its specific tags to alter.

Debra squeeked and jumped, feeling her basic white panties suddenly slide up her crack as though a thong would. She moved her hands from her tits and placed them on her cheeks, her mouth opening in astonishment as she tried to turn and look at what had changed.

Jack had a great view as she turned in place trying to get a good look at herself. Debra’s waist had shrunk, her hips had flared out, and her ass had swollen up to compliment the size of her jugs. Each of her large, round, and bubbly cheeks now bounced and jiggled like jelly with every slight movement, and it appeared that gravity had never had any effect on those perfect mounds of supple and squeezable flesh in her entire life. They stuck out few of inches from her backside, and looked as though her ass could now be used as a small shelf.

“I do great work.” He said with a smile.

“Oh my gawd!” Debra cheered, a massive and astonished smile spreading across her mouth. “I’ve always wanted to get work done on my ass too. But this saves us like, fifteen-grand! And on top of everything, it’s real! Or it feels real, anyway.” She giggled, both hands kneading the flesh of her plump, pornstar ass.

“Always glad to help.” Jack said, stroking himself at the sight of his now very well-endowed and sex-bomb mother.

She stopped, staring at him intensely with a spark of curiosity in her eyes. “What else can you do?”

“So much more.” Jack said, still grinning. “I was hoping I could stay home today and play around with my powers. You could help me test some things, if you wanted.”

“Uh. You bet your ass you’re staying home today, mister. I can’t wait to see what else you can do.” Debra said, walking over to Jack. She leaned down, grabbed him by roughly by his shaggy brown hair, and kissed him passionately. “Fuck.” She said, her voice full of lust. “I’m going to make sure that the coast is clear, then you’re going to meet me in my shower in thirty.” She said after pushing him down to the floor on his back.

Jack blinked, not quite expecting that kind of reaction. He wasn’t surprised, but he wasn’t not, either. Everything about what was happening still seemed surreal.

Debra walked out of the room, her ass and tits bouncing around everywhere as she swayed her body sexily with every step. Her thick, soft robe couldn’t cover her ass completely anymore, showing off the bottoms of her bubbly cheeks. Before she shut the door, she poked her head back in and took a long look at her son’s thick pole as he lay on the ground, biting her bottom lip and letting out a grunt of want before leaving.

He was excited to begin the day.

* * *

“C’mon honey, this top would look sooo cute on you.” Debra said, holding up a pink tank top that was guaranteed to show off some of her daughter’s young cleavage.

“Ew, no! You know I hate pink.” Her daughter Holly, who had just recently become eighteen, whined without even needing to look in Debra’s direction, already throwing on an old black rock band T-shirt over her perky C-cup breasts.

“But that one doesn’t show off those cute little buds of yours.” Debra said in a disappointed tone. She quietly walked up behind Holly, then cupped her tits in both hands and gave them a firm squeeze over the shirt.

Holly squeaked in surprise, but leaned back into her mom’s own pillowy bust. “Mom! Cut it out, I need to get ready for school...” The short, pale teenager with a wild mop of amber-colored hair bit down on one of her fingers hard, trying not to let out a moan.

“I know honey. I just can’t keep my hands off of your cute little body today.” Debra purred, still groping Holly’s chest.

“Get off!” Holly said, pushing her mom away so that she could put on a pair of baggy black jeans over her scrawny legs and hips. “I don’t know what your deal is, but you need to fuck off before I punch one of your big, stupid boobs.” Holly toughly grumbled, fighting off several confusing emotions that were coming over her as she avoided looking at the massive valley of cleavage that her mother was flaunting around. Even after having the surgery, Debra wasn’t ever one to act outgoing, and was never one to act slutty. Her once prude but sexy mom was finally acting how Holly had imagined in a few of her fantasies, and she didn’t know how to handle it, she thought to herself.

“Alright, I won’t keep you then.” Debra giggled, then winked at a flustered Holly who quickly rushed out of her room.

Debra smiled as she rubbed her tits, fantasizing about the things her and Jack were going to do once the coast was clear. She snickered, wondering if Holly noticed her new and very shakable ass.