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The Unbound Genie

* * *

Chapter 2: Jack’s Day Off

* * *

Another one? So soon?

“Might as well, we’ve got a flow going.”

This is usually our biggest problem. We get right into another chapter without planning anything ahead of time.

“There you go again, being all negative and stuff.”

You’re not denying it.

“Yeah, well, it’s different this time.”


“Shut the fuck up, that’s how. Now start narrating.”

* * *

The tiled walls and floor of the Thompson family’s master bedroom’s bathroom was echoing the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh and the grunts and moans of two very horny individuals as shower water crashed down all around them.

Jack was on his knees behind his mother Debra, gleefully pounding away at her magnificent ass while roughly pulling back her long brown ponytail towards him with one hand, and using his free hand to grope and occasionally slap her wobbly and very bouncy cheeks. Debra was on all fours with her mouth wide open and making sounds of blissful pleasure, enjoying every inch of her son’s thick, foot-long shaft pumping in and out of her tight asshole. Her semi-fake, basketball-sized tits and rap-video-star booty jiggled and shook wantonly with each of his vigorous thrusts, the water raining down on them both also gave her assets a certain shine that Jack was enjoying.

Several hours ago, when they were first getting started, Jack showed off a few of his abilities to Debra. After having trouble getting just half of his mighty dick inside of her, he gave her body a few elastic properties that allowed her to take his entire cock into any of her holes without needing to worry about doing sort kind of real damage to them. Then, after the first time he came deep in her tight pussy, he realized that he was going to have trouble keeping his cock going after it fires off another load or two. So he gave himself an unlimited and bountiful supply of semen, gave them both a huge boost in stamina, and cut his recovery time down to nothing so that he could cum as much and as often as he wanted to without getting too sensitive afterwards. Jack also significantly increased the sensitivity of every one of Debra’s erogenous zones, making it so that she could cum just by giving a blowjob, getting her tits played with, or having her ass fucked. Lastly, he zapped any sort of body hair away that the two of them had, leaving their young selves completely and permanently smooth all over.

Debra’s high-pitched squeals of delight increased in volume as she had her fifth anal orgasm within the span of about ten minutes, while Jack began to speed up as his own and fifth orgasm of the day was building up and about ready to be unloaded inside of her. With one more powerful thrust and a moan from Jack, his cock started twitching and spasming as he bottomed out in Debra’s ass, pumping glob after glob of his thick, sticky seed deep within her. Her back arched, feeling his fat dick filling her once again. The first three times he came was in her pussy, which was still leaking and mixing in with the shower water under her. The third time he had pulled out of her mouth and covered her tits and face in his spunk. This time, she could almost feel Jack pumping his baby-gravy directly into her stomach, which made her shiver and squeal with perverted delight.

After they both settled and came down from their sexual highs, Jack slowly pulled himself free from his mother’s ass. Her torso collaped onto her fake tits, still realing from the intense fucking that she’d recieved. After his cock plopped out, a pint of cum followed, quickly finding its way down the drain of the shower’s floor. He sat down and leaned back against the shower wall, satisfied with how he’d spent the past hour and a half.

“God. Damn.” Debra said, breaking the silence. “I haven’t had a fuck like that in, well, ever.” She said, then giggled as she rolled onto her back, her large tits jiggling around on top of her.

“I told you.” Jack said with a snicker, raising his hands up and wiggling his fingers. “Magic powers.”

“Mmm. You weren’t kidding.” She said, rubbing her slightly distended stomach as cum leaked out from both of her fuck-holes.

“Nope.” He replied, stroking his still-erect cock as it throbbed in his hand.

Debra looked up at him, thinking something over as she circled her finger around her overly sensitive and erect nipples, her body involuntarily shivering in response. “Fuck... How do those new powers work, exactly?” She asked, her voice dripping with desire.

“I don’t know really.” Jack admitted. “I just kind of woke up, and now I’ve got some kind of setup where I can just change something that I see.” He shrugged.

“That’s it? No mumbling some dumb words or anything? It’s not like voodoo, is it?”

Jack laughed. “I have no idea. It is what it is.”

Debra giggled again. “Shit, I don’t care. Just as long as you can make me cum like that again. And again.” She said, turning over and sliding her body against the floor towards him, her well-endowed features jiggling as she did so. She slid up to his crotch and gave the head of his cock a loving and sensual suck, then moved up further to give him a deep, wanting kiss. She pulled away. “I’ve got to get ready for the day and go run some errands.” Debra said after slowly bringing herself to her feet, her legs were wobbly and weak.

“Does that mean I get the house to myself for a bit?” He asked, still stroking the length of his long shaft.

“For now, until I get back.” She winked, washing the rest of Jack’s cum from off of and out of her. She did it slowly and sensually, making sure he got a show from it.

“Well, if you get back and I’m not here, I probably went to Vicky’s house. Out of anyone, she’d want to see my powers firsthand.”

“Your little girlfriend? How cute! I bet she’ll love them, knowing that weird girl.” Debra said, shuffling out of the shower to dry herself off. She put on another little display for her son as she rubbed the towel over her naked and wet body. “Just don’t forget, if things finally get serious between you two, mommy always cums first.” She purred.

Jack stared at her for a long moment, losing his train of thought. “Oh, yeah, no. It’s nothing like that. We’re best friends, mom, and that’s pretty much it.” He said, suddenly thinking like his old self once again, which struck him as odd.

“Okay, baby.” She giggled, then turned towards the bedroom door. “If you two finally aren’t a couple after what you have to show her, then I’ll be genuinely surprised.” She before strolling out of the bathroom, leaving Jack sitting there in the shower with a raging hard-on, wondering what his oldest friend might actually think of his new genie powers.

Jack shook his head, not bothering to worry about it right then. He had a few questions for his genie first.

“Yes, Jack?” Meg said, suddenly appearing to his right.

Jack jumped, startled by her arrival. “Jesus!” He said. “We need to put a bell on you.“

Meg blinked, and a human-sized cat collar with a large bell on it appeared around her neck. She tilted her head, looking at him intensely and without emotion with her large silver eyes, the bell jingling a bit as she did so. Since she didn’t have a body of her own, it looked odd to Jack how none of the water raining down could touch her in the slightest.

“Knock it off.” He said.

She blinked, and the bell vanished.

“I was wondering. How do I use my powers on someone without having to be looking at them?” Jack asked, experimentally reaching out to touch his genie. His hand went straight through her flat chest, as if she were a phantom or a hologram.

“I have limited your power to only what you can see around you. If you would like, I can unlock more of the E-HUD’s capabilities for you.”

“Yeah, take off the training wheels. I think I can handle a little bit more.” He chuckled.

She nodded and blinked again, but Jack didn’t feel any different. “If you would like to highlight a person or object, you only need to focus your thoughts on said target. You still have a few things to learn before I unlock my powers as a whole, but this should satisfy you for the time being.”

“Very cool.” Jack said, noticing quite a few more options appearing all around the Ethereal HUD that he could see with his mind’s eye.

“Is there anything else that I may assist you with?”

“No, not—... Actually, I made it so that my mom is twenty-one. Why does the E-HUD only say that that’s her apparent age?”

“Because the only ability we genies do not possess is giving mortals that which makes them not.”

“... So, no immortality.”

“Correct. She may appear to be the age of twenty-one in every conceivable way, but she will perish on the day she that was intended to do so.”



Jack shook his head. That wouldn’t have been a bad ability to have, given that he was practically all-powerful, he thought.

“You have the power to make any mortal’s body virtually indestructible. Even genies are vulnerable to the progression of time.”

“But you don’t have a body.”

“It’s a matter of sanity, in truth. After we live for so long, we become corrupt and dysfunctional.”

“Are you corrupt?”

“I am not.” The sound of her voice finally changed from robotic to slightly annoyed, which Jack took note of.

“Then how old are you?”

“I do not know.”


“This is the first time I have been summoned in this manner. I know and understand the rules of what I am and what I am capable of, but I do not have any memories prior to being locked inside of your body. Since I do not remember anything, I assume that I am fairly young.”

“Oh. Well that’s comforting, I guess.”

“Regardless, they are not relevant. My main priority is to have you take my place as the Alpha. Once that happens, you will be the most powerful entity on the planet.”

“Hang on a second, I’m going to be a genie one day?”


“Will I be an emotionless slave to someone, kind of like how you are?”

“Not until the day of your death. I may be long-gone by that time, and afterwards your consciousness will be transferred into the nearest vessel that is capable of containing it, binding you to it and the person who awakens you. If I am not, your being will perish with you, and I will remain on this world seeking a new Master.”

“Great... That’ll be all for now, Meg.” Jack said, his cock as soft as can be as he held it in his hand. “Don’t try to get me killed.”

“Acknowledged. I will do my best.” She said flatly before nodding and blinking, then vanished from his sight again.

“Right.” Jack said to the empty shower, suddenly a bit more suspicious of his astral roommate.

Jack stoop up and cleaned up the remaining juices that were still on him, turned the shower off, and then stepped out. His semi-erect cock waved back and forth in front of him with each step he took on his way out of the bathroom. Upon entering his parents’ room, Jack stopped in front of the full-length mirror located by the nightstand next to their king-sized bed. He took a long look at himself, not really impressed by what he was seeing, aside from his huge dick. He decided to play around with his own stats for a moment, seeing how he would look as a tall, work-out junkie with massive muscles. It was comical at first, but it wasn’t really him. Jack instead dialed his height to an even six-foot-tall, gave himself a toned but not overly-muscular build for his body, tweaked his cock down to an even nine-inches-long, and gave his flat, boring butt a slight boost in mass for good measure. It didn’t compare to the junk his mom was sporting in her own trunk, but it looked attractive enough to any exploring eyes. He stretched and posed, flexing muscles that he didn’t even know he had. Jack liked what he saw. Admiring himself in the mirror, he rubbed one out to his reflection and came all over its clean surface in no time. He grunted as the last shot out from his pulsating erection, and then chuckled at the splattered mess he was leaving for his mother to clean up later.

After his quick wank, he made his way into his room for a few clothes to throw on. Thankfully, everything Jack owned was normally baggy and a size too large for him, just how he liked. Now they all fit relatively well to his new height and filled out body, and he settled with a basic white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans that hugged his perky ass quite well.

Debra wasn’t to be found when Jack walked through the living room and kitchen, having already left to the grocery store and a few other places she had planned on stopping by, but there was a semi-fresh plate of eggs and bacon waiting for him on the dining table in the kitchen. Jack smiled and rubbed his toned stomach. He didn’t notice before due to all of the excitement, but he was famished. He wolfed down the meal, savoring every bite of their salty and greasy textures and juices, even licking the plate clean when he was finished.

He threw the dish in the sink when he was finished and wandered into the living room, phone in hand as checked the time. It was only noon, which made him smile. There was still plenty of the day left.

Still, he wanted to fuck someone right then and there. He regretted not telling Debra to stay around and bounce on his pole for another hour or so. Damn his newly heighted libido, he thought to himself as she stroked his lengthy cock over the fabric of his jeans. It wasn’t hidden well, and not having a pair of boxers on to contain it didn’t help do so either. He loved that though, and showing off the toned V-line that led up from his waist every time his shirt was lifted.

Feeling as though there wasn’t any point in hanging around his house at the present moment, he decided to throw on a pair of shoes and walk across town towards his friend Vicky’s house. She was a couple of years older than him and had already graduated high school, and the two of them were closer than he was with either of his sisters. Vicky used to live in the house next door to his with her parents, but after graduation she moved out and got an apartment with Jessica, the friend that Jack felt had somewhat stolen Vicky away from him. The two girls had originally met at Vicky’s first job at a pizza place, and they hit it off and became fast friends. They were both just drivers at the time, but Jessica was promoted to the store’s manager while Vicky stayed on the road for the most part. She was training to get to the same position, but she wasn’t too fond of actually making the food itself thanks to being overly accident-prone, so it was a slow process. Jack and Vicky still hung out on the weekends often, but if she was busy working or had other things to do, Jack would instead go visit his lesser best friend, John who was almost just like him in terms of personality. John, however, was as gay as they come and didn’t mind flaunting it. He was insufferable sometimes, but most of the time Jack thought his flamboyance was entertaining.

Jack couldn’t wait to show them what he could do.

As he stepped out onto the sidewalk and started his way down the street, he saw Vicky’s mother outside watering the large bed of flowers that spanned across the front of her house. She took pride in them, and always had for as long as Jack could remember.

“Hey Jack!” The tall blonde woman called out with a wave as she stood up straighter. She was wearing a small black sunhat, a grey tank top that showed off a fair amount of her C-cup cleavage, and a pair of knee-length jeans shorts that hugged her ass pretty well. She wasn’t stunning by any means, mainly due to her age, but she wasn’t bad looking overall and kept herself in relatively good shape. “Aren’t you supposed to be in school?” She asked inquisitively, but in a more sarcastic tone than a serious one.

Jack noticed her eyes looking him up and down, realizing that she was probably wondering what happened to his old physique.

“Not today Mrs. Addler, I wasn’t feeling too good this morning.” He said with a shrug as he walked past the house, checking off the box that kept any changes he made from being noticed and then opened up her list of stats with the E-HUD. “I’m alright now though. Was just about to go see what Vicky was up to.” He realized that he could also now make it so that the target of his changes would be the only ones that didn’t realize that anything had changed at all, without altering reality as a whole. Mr. Addler was going to be in for a treat when he got home from work, especially when he finds out how easy it will be to get in the sack with her.

“I see. Well, tell her I said to come back home for dinner sometime. I miss my little angel.” Gina Addler said with a chuckle, then blew him a kiss and gave him a wink. “And keep up whatever it is you’ve been doing, stud. I could watch that ass all day.”

Jack smiled and waved, taking one last look at Gina, who’s tits had ballooned out to the size of fully-grown watermelons. He’d also made it that she would go topless wherever she went without the slightest bit of shame about her semi-nudity. Her giant, full, completely sagless, and all-natural tits swayed and jiggled under her as she continued to care for her garden, not minding at all that her enlarged bust was on full display for anyone who passed by.

After about twenty minutes of walking, Jack noticed that his cock was aching for release again. Maybe he should’ve stuck around and had his way with his friend’s chesty mom, but he would’ve been there for longer than he intended if he stuck around. Sure, Jack could just freeze time and not worry about it, but there was something uncomfortable about being in that state of reality. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but it felt wrong to him. As if he shouldn’t be there.

As luck would have it, Jack was passing by one of his small town’s shopping plazas. It had several little stores that sold clothes, cut and styled hair, made low quality but delicious fast food, and even had a grocery outlet. He wondered if that’s the place where his mom went for a few odds, but he wasn’t about start searching for her, even though she would be the easiest person to spot in town with all of the changes he had made to her. Instead he tried to spot someone that was coming out from one of the shops, attempting to get a quick fuck in and a ride to Vicky’s apartment afterward.

“Like, omigosh! Jackie, is that you?” Asked an excited and high-pitched feminine voice from his left.

Coming out from one of the cheap clothing stores, was Rebecca. She was his older sister Cindy’s close friend back when they were in high school. One day they had just stopped talking to each other, Jack had never been sure why, but he did at that moment when he saw Eric, who was once Cindy’s boyfriend, walking beside her amd carrying a few shopping bags.

Cindy was good looking, but Rebecca was a knockout. She had perfectly sculpted double D-cup breasts in a low-cut pink top that showed off more than enough of her dark chocolate cleavage, a pair of ruby red painted lips that were made to suck cock, a long black mane of dreadlocks flowing down to her tight and round ass that was covered by a pair of form-fitting black leggings, long and muscular legs that have seen a lot of casual jogging in her free time, with a white pair of four-inch high-heeled sandals around her feet.

Jack wasn’t just lucky, he hit the jackpot, no pun intended. Aside from seeing Eric, anyway.

“Hey dweeb, where ya been? It’s been a while.” The six-foot-five and musclebound Hercules walked up and wrapped one of his thick, ebony arms around Jack’s neck in a headlock and started ruffling his hair. “You really grew up since I last saw you, huh?” He laughed while Jack wondered if he had Eric in his subconscious mind when he turned himself into a bodybuilder for that brief moment in front of his parents’ mirror.

Jack didn’t fight it. Not because he had gotten so used to it when Eric was around his house quite a bit several years ago, but mainly because the six-foot-tall Rasta model was busy checking Jack’s new figure out. Before, he was just Cindy’s nerdy little brother. Now, he was actually attractive, and worth looking at. The outline of his erection was clearly visible down the leg of his pants.

“Oh, wow...” She said, putting a hand over her mouth.

Eric stopped, still holding Jack in place. He looked down over him, noticing his hard-on as well. “Ah, dude.” He said as let go and stepped back towards Rebecca. “That’s gross, man...” The bald giant said in a disgusted tone, then he wiped his hands on the legs of his green cargo shorts.

Rebecca turned to him and giggled at his reaction.

“Sorry, it’s not you.” Jack said. “Becca here just has that effect on me.” He smirked, looking Eric in the eye while he spoke.

His eyes locked with Jack’s; his face suddenly full of rage. “Excuse me, you little shit? You better watch—”

The world went greyscale as Jack froze time. He looked at the angry ex-jock with a sense of satisfaction. It’d been a while since Jack had seen him that pissed off before, and the last time it happened was when he tripped, fell, and dented the red sports car that Eric’s parents had recently bought him. Rebecca’s face went back to a surprised look, her body frozen in place while in the process of trying to grab Eric’s arm and hold him back.

“Eric, you’re not angry with me. You can’t feel any negative emotions towards me, actually. If I tell you to do something, you’ll do it without question, and you’ll be happy to do so. You feel the same way about Becca here. Whatever she says and does, goes. And you’re perfectly fine with that.” He said to the frozen gym-nut. Jack turned towards Rebecca. “Becca, you’ve always secretly fantasized about letting me have my way with you for as long as you’ve known me. You’re completely in love with me, and get butterflies in your stomach whenever you fantasize about having me inside you. Everything I do and say turns you on. After meeting me again in the parking lot, you’ve decided that you’re fed up with Eric, and are planning to break up with him when you two have some alone time. So much so that you won’t try to hide any affection that you have for me, even while he’s around.”

Even though the unnerving silence of frozen time sent chills up Jack’s spine, he endured. He looked around the area, trying to spot anyone that might be staring at him, unfrozen like he was. He didn’t though, and resumed time.

“—your mouth!” Eric’s meaty arm stopped a few inches away from Jack’s throat as Rebecca’s voice cut through his mind like a harpoon through a whale’s skull.

“Eric, enough!” She shouted, grabbing his arm firmly. Even though she was tall herself, her small hands were dwarfed by his thick limbs.

Eric stopped in place, then blinked a few times as the rage subsided. “Oh, uh... Sorry, man. I don’t know what came over me.”

“You’re such a jackass.” She crossed her arms over her juicy tits and scowled at him, pushing them up in the process.

“Hey, I said I was sorry babe.” Eric pleaded as he began to look worried. “Don’t be like that.”

“It’s fine.” Jack said, getting both of their attention. “My mouth gets me in trouble, a lot.” He smiled as he held up his hands in mock surrender.

“See? Jack’s fine.” Eric said as he walked over and put the arm that wasn’t carrying any bags around Jack’s shoulders. “We’re cool, right buddy?”

Jack had to admit, Eric’s muscular frame was giving him curious thoughts as it pressed up against him. He wasn’t all that into guys, but he wasn’t necessarily straight, either.

“Yeah, totally.” Jack said, returning the embrace by putting his own arm over Eric’s shoulder. “We’re cool.”

With her arms still crossed, the glaring Rebecca’s face turned to Jack, lighting up with a smile in the process. “If you say so, Jackie.” She said sarcastically.

Eric didn’t flinch at her response, acting as though he’d known Jack his whole life and trusted him completely. Or he was just dumb enough to not think he had anything to worry about. Jack didn’t care.

“Hey, since I bumped into you guys...” Jack began, getting their attention. “Could I get a ride to Witch Hills, those apartments on the west side of town?”

Eric and Rebecca’s eyes met. He shrugged while she smiled wider and bit her lip. “Sure thing.” They said in unison.

The two men released their embrace and began walking towards Eric’s tall and dark-blue truck. Eric jumped in the driver’s seat, not at all bothered by the fact that a giggling Rebecca joined Jack in the back seat. They all settled in, the truck started up, and they were on their way down the road with Rebecca’s shopping bags giving Eric company in the passenger seat.

“So, Jackie. I see that you’ve been taking care of yourself. Mmf.” Rebecca said as she slid right beside her old friend’s once dorky-looking brother, taking her hand and placing it over Jack’s twitching bulge.

“Yeah, the diet is harder than the exercise. But I bet you know all about that, don’t you?” Jack said, unzipping his pants in response. He pulled them down slightly and his thick, throbbing cock plopped out and slapped against his shirt and stomach. Rebecca didn’t hesitate in wrapping her hand around it, her dark skin contrasting well with his pale shaft.

She didn’t respond with words, instead she just dove down on his cock, taking most of his length in one swoop. Jack groaned happily, placing his hand on the back of her head gently as she started hungrily bobbing up and down on his tube-like prick. Eric drove with a polite smile on his face, not even attempting to look into the rear-view mirror. He knew what was happening, but he didn’t see anything wrong with the situation. Jack chuckled as he wondered what could possibly going through his mind to rationalize the situation.

Rebecca let out soft moans and she pulled her tits free from her low-cut top. She wasn’t wearing a bra and their teardrop shape didn’t fade or start drooping in the slightest when they popped out from the front of the neck of her top. Her dark, rock hard nipples suck out an inch from her squeezable melons, each easily the size of silver dollars. They jiggled and shook while she bounced her head up and down his cock, and he noticed that she was slowly sliding off her leggings while doing so, revealing a freshly shaved and already soaked pussy. This girl was just naturally built to fuck, Jack thought to himself. He’d had a few fantasies about having her all to himself in past years, but she was better looking now than she was as a teenager. As perfect as she was, Jack still couldn’t help himself from highlighting her with his mind and opening up her stats with the E-HUD while she milked his fat dick with the skills and vigor of a professional.

Rebecca Robertsheaduman/Female

Jack grunted as Rebecca took both of his smooth, perfectly sculpted balls in her mouth and started sucking on them while she quickly stroked his twitching cock. He was close to popping off already and she was aware of it, letting out a confident giggle in response.

He set the changes to where they wouldn’t be noticed by anyone, then reached over and gave her tits a playful squeeze. Hey round, perky melon began to expand in his hand, growing even larger and fuller as both tits were pumped full silicone. After they outgrew the reaches of his fingers, he gave one of her rubbery balloons a slap and basked in the way they jiggled on her torso. He stopped the growth at an L-cup, then Jack noted that one of her occupations now listed that she was a stripper as well. He assumed her reality had adjusted to the change so that she had a way to pay for new additions sometime in the past. Interesting, he thought, just before letting out a low groan and pinching one of her very thick, pencil eraser-like nipples.

Rebecca dived down deep on Jack’s cock as a torrent of seed flooded both her mouth and throat. She did her best to swallow it all, but his increased capacity was too overwhelming and ended up leaking from the sides of her mouth. She tried to pull off as the flow was slowing to a stop, but Jack pushed her head an inch further down on his wildly throbbing erection, making her choke and causing some of his sticky load to shoot out from her nose.

Jack sighed, releasing his hold on her. She slowly pulled off his cock and coughed several times, her face plastered with his seed and dripping down onto her plastic funbags. After pulling herself together, she looked at Jack with a grin and licked her cum-soaked lips.

“Fuck baby, you blow like a goddamn fountain.” Rebecca said, now rubbing her tits.

“Been kind of pent up, sorry.” He chuckled, placing a hand on her large thigh.

“Don’t be sorry, love. That was intense.” She cooed.

“We’re here, bud.” Eric said, looking at the two of them in the rear-view mirror with a casual smile on his face. Rebecca frowned, then looked at Jack with a light shrug.

Jack looked around and saw that they were in the parking lot of Vicky’s apartments. Time flies, he thought. “Thanks for the ride guys.” Jack opened the door to the truck after sliding his pants back on, turning to leave. “And Becca, come by sometime. You can make up with Cindy, make out with me, or both of us.” He winked.

Rebecca giggled, giving him a gentle wave goodbye as she settled her ridiculously big tits back into her top, which had adjusted in size to fit the bouncy globes that were each as large as her head. Jack closed the door and walked off, hearing Eric’s loud engine sputter away into the distance as he strolled over to his friend’s place, his raging cock satisfied for the moment.

The apartments themselves were rather quiet, but that was understandable. This was an “adults only” apartment complex and the only time things were going on was on weekends and nights, usually everyone was at work during the day or sleeping in from a night shift. Speaking of which...

“She’s at work.” Jessica said, standing at the open door of the apartment she shared with Vicky, wearing a purple nightgown that hugged her slender body quite nicely. “You didn’t text her first?” She was clearly annoyed, had just woken up, and didn’t seem bothered at all by the difference in Jack’s appearance.

“Oh.” Jack’s shoulders fell. He would’ve texted or called, but he wanted to surprise her with everything he had going on in the flesh.

“Yeah. Come back later, or whatever. I think she gets off in an hour.” She shut the door without another word, leaving Jack standing there feeling like a jackass.

He stared at the shut door as his mind was processing things. Would Vicky be mad if he altered Jess? Would she be mad if he fucked said pink-haired lesbian? Maybe, but Jack hadn’t come all this way for nothing, he thought. And still, he could just wipe her memories or something if she walked in on them. He looked around from the second story balcony that the apartment door was located on, mulling a few ideas over in his head.

Time stopped, and Meg appeared at his side just as he’d expected. She wore the same grey bodysuit on her short pale body, and an emotionless expression on her face that hadn’t ever really changed since he’d seen it. Her large silver eyes were looking up at him expectantly as her posture was that of a soldier at attention.

“You said I can alter people without having to see them. Does that include the time-stop-suggestion-thingy?” He asked.

“Not in that way, no. The person you speak to must be in earshot.”


“Correct. In time I will grant you the ability to meld minds with your thoughts, but you must first learn to use the basic controls as if they are an extension of yourself.”

“I’m getting the hang of it.” Jack said defensively.

“You have not had the E-HUD for twelve hours yet. After a week—”

“A week?!

Meg didn’t flinch. “Correct.”

“Well, fuck!” ... Can you get me in there without that, then?“

“You do have the ability to alter object, as well as people.” She said, her toneless chipmunk voice finally sounding mildly annoyed.

Jack thought for a moment, and she was right. When he was in his room this morning, he could easily highlight things with his mind. Why hadn’t he... Jack looked at the door, then shook his head as the door was selected with his mind’s eye.

“I’m an idiot.” He said, unlocking the door with the simple and short list of options he saw for it. Meg was gone when he looked over, but he knew what she was thinking before she disappeared.


Walking into Vicky’s apartment, Jack quickly saw Jessica once again. She was standing in the small kitchen attached to their living room with dark eyes, glaring down a coffee pot that just started filling up with her life juice. He opened up her stats after highlighting her.

Jessica Mooreheaduman/Female

Jack smirked. “Jess, you remember inviting me into the apartment to wait for Vicky until she came home, after I did some begging, of course. No matter what it is that I do, you won’t attempt to stop me. You don’t have to enjoy it, but your body will. The more I piss you off, the more turned on you get. Nothing I do will scare you or make you feel any kind of sadness, either.”

Jack unstopped time and watched color return to the world. He leaned closer, putting his mouth behind a sleepy Jessica’s ear.

“So!” He said loudly.

Jessica flinched so hard that her heart stopped for a split-second. “WHAT?!” She screeched at him, snapping around with a firey fury in her eyes.

“Jeeze, calm down. I just wanted to show you something.” Jack couldn’t help but grin like the idiot he was, tilting his body backwards as her own leaned in towards him without making contact.

She looked like she wanted to kill him. Then, it hit her as she stood toe to toe with Jack. Jessica held out a hand and ungingerly pushed him back an inch, looking him up and down. “Did you finally start puberty or something?” She said, her face a mix with confusion and slight disgust.

“’Or something’ is more like it. That’s what I wanted to show you.”

Jessica cocked her head and crossed her arms. “What?” She wondered why the jackass was just staring at her, but quickly figured it out when her arms were being pushed away from her chest, by her chest. Looking down, she was greeted by an unfamiliar valley of cleavage that was continuing to grow. Jessica threw her hands up in a mild panic, then looked to the smirking jerk that had the bulge of a fat hard-on in his jeans. Her fear began to turn into rage. ”You!” She snarled. “Turn my boobs back to normal right now!” She winced, feeling her purple button-up top reaching its limits.

Before Jack could respond, the first two buttoned-up buttons under the top unbuttoned one snapped, causing her huge, still expanding, and completely unreal but real F-cup tits to fall free in a jiggle-fit. One button shot off and nailed Jack right in the forehead, but he immediately started laughing despite the sharp sting.

Jessica’s face went a bright red, her rage flaring as she started to notice that her pussy was practically soaked. She blinked. “What the hell are you doing to me?” She said, pushing him back against the refrigerator forcefully. “Why the fuck am I horny?!” With each outburst, her tits sent her center of balance off and almost made her stumble. It was clear that she was doing her best not to let on that their weight was affecting her, because she was standing up taller to compensate for the slouch she felt, pushing her already huge tits out and making them look even bigger as result.

Jack’s smile never fell. “Because I’ve got god-like powers now, and I can do whatever I want. Like this.” He said as he reached out with both hands and grasped her hard nipples, making her moan as her knees buckled. The metal of the rods in the tips of her nipples grew along with her still-swelling, bowling-ball sized tits. Once they looked like tiny needles, but now they were resembled small nails. She placed her small, fragile hangs on one of his muscular forearms, trying desperately with all of her strength to push him off of her. For a reason she wasn’t unaware of, the strength wouldn’t come. Jessica just lightly placed her hands on him instead, lightly shaking as pleasure was rocking her once not-so-sensitive breasts. It felt like a tidal wave of ecstasy had overcome her as Jack pulled at and twisted her thick nipples, as if they were both suddenly linked to her clit. She felt it twitching madly between her legs as she let out a high-pitched squeal and started cumming, the crotch of her sleek purple bottoms so wet that it looked as though she’d just pissed herself. She didn’t, but that didn’t help with the numbing the shame she felt for feeling so good at the fingertips of the disgusting man that was toying with her body.

Jessica collapsed to the ground at the peak of her orgasm, causing Jack to release her fleshy beach balls. As she began to come down from her sexual high, the feeling of pure bliss was quickly replaced with a growing annoyance. She looked down at the wobbling orbs of heaven on her chest, unable to see her legs laying under her tight, round, and still yet to be altered ass. Her attention was quickly brought back to Jack as she heard a snicker come from his direction, her blue eyes burning bright with hate.

“Why couldn’t I stop you, and why am I not having a panic attack right now?” Jessica weakly grumbled as she struggled to her feet, swaying from side to side as her ‘annoying to classify by cup size’—sized tits took her in all different directions with their unyielding jiggling and heavy weight. They didn’t sag at all, but they weren’t round as though implants would be, giving them an oh-so-perfect tear-drop shape.

Jack’s focus was lost in a bouncy sea of titflesh before her question reached his thoughts. “Wait, what?”

She growled at him, trying to cover her large nipples, to no avail. The bottom half of her shirt was still on and buttoned up. “I said—”

“Oh! That.” He said, causing her to face to turn bright red from a burning, angry, sexual frustration that was only multiplying her levels of rage. “Like I said, I can do whatever I want. Even put triggers in your mind that block out a few of your negative feelings towards me.”

Jessica looked straight ahead with a blank stare, her brain trying to process that information. For some reason, she wasn’t thinking correctly. It felt like she kept trailing off from a certain thought, then another one. She blinked and rubbed her temples, saying the words Jack had uttered over and over in her mind, but not being able to understand what they meant exactly. Her attention and hate glare were back on Jack.

“You’re dumb.” Jessica managed to say after a small moment of silence, not being able to improv a better insult.

Jack laughed aloud, then unzipped his pants and let them fall around his ankles. “No, you are. Literally. I just made it so that you’re pretty much borderline now.”

Jessica’s angry, confused face dropped as soon as his pants did, revealing the massive fourteen-inch torpedo dangling and throbbing between his legs. Her eyes and mouth were wide open, and since she couldn’t feel fear or dread, all that would her body would allow was shock. She looked back up into his face reluctantly, only able to utter the single word that was bouncing around in her empty head.

“No...” She mumbled softly.

“Yeah.” Jack chuckled.

* * *

In the parking lot of the small shopping center, the tinted windows of Eric’s truck were fogged up and reducing the visibility even more than it already was, completely masking the scene going on inside. Visibly, anyways. The vehicle’s hard rocking and the screams of pleasure coming from inside were a dead giveaway, though.

“Mmmm, that’s it... Right there... Harder! Oh- fuck! Harder! Fuck that tight little pussyyyaaAHHHFUCK!” OH, FUCK!” Debra screamed as she lay on her back in the backseat of his large, roomy truck. Eric was over her in the backseats, his hulking muscular frame thrusting his overly thick, nine-inch cock in and out of her cunt. Her big and semi-fake tits slapped her in the face with each thrust, making her giggle occasionally between her moans. He buried it deep, letting out his frustrations deep within her pussy as he came.

Debra, coming down from cumming herself, rocked and shimmied her hips against his, riding the waves of pleasure she was getting from being pumped full of Eric’s hot seed. It was over in a few moments, and Eric fell back in the seat and tried to catch his breath.

“Fuck Mrs. Thompson... I think I’m feeling a bit better now.” He chuckled.

Debra gave him a sly smirk and gave him a playful slap on the arm. “Don’t you worry about it, big guy. You can do better than that trashy Rebecca girl.” She said, putting back on the bright pink tube-top that showed off both the underside and top cleavage of her huge, round breasts.

“Yeah... It still hurts, though. I mean, I left your daughter to be with her. Now I don’t have either of them, and I’m—”

“Hey. It’s alright hon’. You’ll move on, and you’ll be better for it. Everything picks back up eventually if you don’t give up.” The brunette bimbo said as she finished buttoning up her frayed booty-shorts that couldn’t completely cover her perfectly sculpted ass.

“Yeah, yeah... You’re right Mrs. T.” Eric said, fighting back tears and managing a smile, still sitting in the seat buck-naked as Debra opened the door and hopped out.

“Come by my place sometime if you’re ever feeling down and want to chat some more. I’m usually home alone most days.” Debra winked and blew him a kiss before she shut the door, walking back to her own jeep that was filled with cheap clothes and groceries.

“I’m such a slut.” She giggled, her tits and ass jiggling like jelly with every step she took across the parking lot.