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Undress Code — Chapter 1

Celest shook her head at the pamphlet in disbelief. All over its pages were lewd graphic images of smiling schoolgirls showing off their tits, strutting around in tiny little thong bikinis and nothing else. Captions espoused the liberating social and educational benefits of going around almost completely naked.

“The superintendent gave you this?” Celest waited incredulously for a response. Something. Anything approaching normalcy.

“Yeah! He’s like, really cool.” Kylie chirped happily, with way more energy and bounce than Celest had ever seen her usually sullen teenage daughter exhibit in the morning.

“Please go put a shirt on.”


“This isn’t up for discussion. You’re wearing a shirt to school. I’m not being unreasonable.” Celest fought hard to keep the CRAZY out of her voice. Her daughter was sitting across the table practically NAKED. Planning to go to school that way!

“Just read the letter again—”

“I have read the letter, I’m not letting you go to school without a shirt on!” It had been years since Celest had seen her daughter’s bare chest. Yet here she was, her boobs out, sporting just a tiny little pair of pink panties.

“So read it again.” Kylie finished up her bowl of cereal.

“This just doesn’t feel right—” Celest shook her head disapprovingly and examined the letter again. She was very much against the oncoming prospect of her daughter going to school virtually naked.

When the school board announced a new dress code, Celest imagined something nice, something classy. Tailored blazers with the academy’s crest—not . . . THIS. A tiny bit of string flossing between her daughter’s butt. No bra, tits on display. The new dress code included barely a sneeze worth of fabric, leaving nothing to the imagination. Her daughter wasn’t even wearing a shirt for christ sake!

“OMG Mom! All the girls wear this!” She heaved a fuzzy pink backpack with the texture of a stuffed animal, the size of a fanny pack, over her shoulder and made ready to leave. It wasn’t big enough to carry books.

Kylie acted like nothing was wrong. She claimed she wasn’t cold at all—wearing practically nothing in the middle of August. Her nipples were hard and Celest could see the subtle contours of her vagina through her underwear. She had never before caught even a HINT of her daughter’s sexuality at all, she recoiled from talking about anything sexual with her mom. This was the same Kylie that had rebelled against wearing the bootyshorts required by last year’s volleyball team, now proudly parading around the kitchen with her ass out.

Celest turned to her husband for support. “Honey, don’t you think—”

“Hmph . . .” Dad grunted from behind his newspaper. “No opinion.”

“My carpool’s here.” Kylie yelled, already one foot out the front door. “Just read the letter!”

“Be careful!” Mom called out, but the passenger seat door of the SUV taking her to school slammed shut. She could see her daughter’s friend, Emily, in the driver’s seat—also topless.

Celest made her way back to the kitchen to finish breakfast and read the letter they sent home from school explaining the whole situation.

“You don’t think it’s a little odd?” Celest pried her husband.

“No opinion.” Roger clammed up when it came to discussing their daughter’s burgeoning sexuality.

Celest opened the pamphlet and read it again. Cover to cover. There had to be some trick to it. Some explanation as to why the school was sending their kids home with this pornography! Everything was written in a strange font, almost like Comic Sans or something. The letters seemed to squiggle and rearrange themselves when you concentrated on them, like those optical illusions where a simple grid of straight lines starts to look like turning wheels. Seeing colors when they aren’t really there.

“Reading this hurts my eyes . . .” Celest rubbed at them with her hands, spreading glitter to her eyes. For some reason all the papers Kylie came home with were covered in glitter. It disappeared into her skin like soap or cream.

Roger put down the newspaper for a moment, troubled but not sure how to say it. “You’d think they could wear like . . . a hat or something.”

He read the letter too. Several times over in fact. At the very bottom of the letter it suggested he read the letter again so he had. And again. And a third and a fourth time. Each time reaching the end and being told to read it again. So he had. In fact, he had only stopped when Celest came downstairs and took it from him.

“Here, let me show you what this one says, we are going to have to buy pills or something for her classes?”

“WHAT?! No way we’re doing that! Where do you see that?”

Roger handed her the paper. Together they spent the morning like that, trading various parts of this swirling manuscript. Typed in all kinds of fonts. All kinds of colors. The letters arranged on the page, not in neat evenly-spaced parallel lines but in jagged hypnotic spirals. Sentences surging forward in rolling waves, tumbling blocks of words and letters that leapt off the page. Marching towards you. Into your mind. A manifesto on nakedness.

The letter made a very compelling case. Women did have breasts, they were hot. People should look at them, touch them, play with them. When Celest thought of her daughter at school, surrounded by all those boys, their dicks out, Kylie falling to her knees, grabbing at them- her biggest fear was that she would graduate a virgin. Never knowing what it would be like to have big sexy boys reaming her silly horny pussy over and over. Taking turns. Sharing her with their friends. Filming it-

Celest wrenched herself away from the papers. She was sweating. Out of breath. Her head hurt.

High heels and thongs just made more sense for fucking multiple partners at once.

“Are you okay?” Roger held her hand. Real concern in his eyes.

“I- . . . I don’t know. I just felt really dizzy.” Celest sat down heavily on the floor and focused on catching her breath. Even with her eyes closed, she could still see the letter. She felt like she just had a stroke, she’d fallen down just from reading some papers.

But it all made sense when you read it over and over. The words came alive, shifting and changing. The pictures all winking back you. It all made sense, as did the way they were able to print moving gifs right on the paper with step by step directions for setting up a webcam in your room and how to upload videos to a pay site.

“Yeah look . . .” Dad put away his paper. “I think it’s weird too.”

“I’m calling the school.” Celest had the school’s phone number saved in her contacts close to the top. She crawled over to the table on her hands and knees, retrieving her phone.

“Well, I need to get going to work soon too. Just as soon as I finished reading these papers a few more times.” Roger sat back down at the breakfast table.

She fished around for the number, dialed it and held the phone to her ear. It was ringing in her hand. Eventually it clicked and someone picked up.

“Hello! I’m—”

Hi!” replied a robotic voice automatically. “We are currently experiencing a high volume of calls right now. Please stay on the line and a representative from the front office will be with you shortly.

Celest sat down on the table, waiting patiently, rubbing her temples. The voice in her ear was chirpy and cheerful, artificially friendly. Music played in the background, some anti-melodious beeping and booping. The robots voice occasionally returning with more pleas to keep holding.

She could hear Roger angrily turning the pages behind her. Could sense his frustration. When he came to help her off the floor she could see his boner clearly etched against his pants. Could feel his eyes as they kept glancing at her ass.

She couldn’t stop imagining Kylie at school, prancing down the hallways in her tiny little thong panties. Hot young boys with their dicks out slapping her ass, fingering her pussy. Making her suck their dicks one after another.

Please hold. You’re a stupid silly bimbo slut. A dumb horny bitch desperate to get fucked. Please hold.” The robot voice modulated up and down like a bandsaw.

Celest could only pant into the phone, fingering herself on the table.

“GIVE ME THAT” Roger roared like an animal, knocking the phone out of her hand. She could still hear it, as if it were on speaker phone. Thunderously loud in the small kitchen. Echoing off the walls.

“What are you—” Celest whimpered breathlessly before Roger ripped off her dress and pushed her back against the table. She was wet and red and he dove inside her. She hissed with pleasure at every lick and nibble, her mind seeing white lightning. Her thrashing scattering the papers all over the floor. He looked up at her, face glistening wet and she nodded, screaming as he entered her. They’d never fucked on the table before.

“Hello?” Came the tired voice of the principal over the phone from the floor.