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Undress Code — Chapter 2

Kylie came home significantly later than usual, her face and chest splattered with cum.

“OMG Mom! I had the best day ever!” She exclaimed, positively bursting with energy and smiling from ear to ear. “I made so many new friends! There was Eric and Bobby and Michael and Devon and Eric and Mark and Dan and Eric—”

On and on she went, sucking her fingers between the names. Apparently during PE they practiced Kegels and Deepthroating.

“And girls too!” Celest had never seen her so excited for school. “There was this girl in science class, Jessica, and her pussy tasted so good! I used to think she was a bitch, but we were fingering eachother and it felt so FUCKING GOOD! OMG!! Did you know pussies taste good?”

“No. I didn’t—”

“Oh they taste sooo good! Like WOW! Maybe even better than cum.” Kylie nodded convincingly, tonguing thick gobs of oozing sticky sweet smelling cum from her palm. “Jessica taught me and Emily this game where if you lock your legs and grind your pussies together it feels reaaaaaaaally good. Jessica’s unbelievable at it—she fucks like a boy!”

Celest gave a non-committal “That’s great honey . . .” Trying not to be judgemental.

“She’s got this big clit that sticks out like two inches—” Kylie continued babbling enthusiastically while her Mom’s mind whirled with concern.

Celest had no idea Kylie was so into other girls. Her daughter had never given her the slightest indication that she might be into women. Hearing her go on and on about how great pussy tasted and how cool and fun it was to jerk off boys, Celest couldn’t help but feel like something was terribly wrong.

“Everyone was SUPER nice to me. Eric said my ass looked HOT!” Kylie bubbled, blushing. She was practically bouncing off the walls—sugar high.

“He sounds wonderful . . .” Celest tried to hide her deep anxiety behind deadpan responses. Back in her day, they read books and dissected frogs in science class—not make 3D printed dildos or inject each other with aphrodisiacs.

“Eric’s, like, the BEST! I think he’s going to ask me to go to the dance with him.” Kylie tried and failed to contain a wicked grin from taking over her face.

All night she had been babbling ‘Eric said’ this or ‘Eric said’ that. He was her lab partner and as Celest gathered, a total hunk. A smokeshow. A dreamboat. Two hundred pounds of grade-A fuck machine.

“We’ll see—”

“Oh c’mon, you’ve got to let me go!” Kylie whined. Celest couldn’t imagine denying her a school dance—but right now everything was moving a little too quickly. She wanted to meet this ‘Eric’ boy with the vibrating footlong cock and steely muscled body smelling like sawdust and cotton candy.

“When’s this dance?” She asked.

“Next Friday!”

“We’ll see . . . ”

That answer obviously wasn’t good enough. Kylie immediately set about pouting.

Celest spent a good portion of the day exploring the school’s website for more details on this absurd new dress code and but found herself getting distracted by blowjob videos. Everytime she got more than a paragraph in—the words would start to shimmer and run together. Like trying to read ink spilled on the surface of a moving river. Everything was presented in this really confusing language that left her craving something hot and salty—wanting to see men spurt all over some porno-slut’s face.

Roger was very understanding.

The syllabus for every class read exactly the same. The same superficial pablum about not cheating, the honor code, and grade breakdowns which hadn’t changed in fifty years. Seating arrangements where girls were assigned to spaces under the desks and boys were assigned to girls. Everything was all very boilerplate and reasonable—except of course written in that wriggling circuitous font that seemed to grow larger and smaller and change colors and move when you read it.

Celest could feel a rising drumbeat in the back of her head when she read the superintendent’s letter to parents, like she could hear his voice whispering up from the pages, about how it was every girl’s responsibility to keep the grounds free of cum and other litter. How showing off her boobs was fucking HOT and that guys should hold her down and cum all over her fucking face-

“Wanna help me with my homework?” Kylie asked, a little coy. Like she was hiding something.

“Sure honey, what is it?” It had been a long time since Kylie asked her mom for help with homework. It caught her a little off guard.

“Nothing really . . . I just need to take a bunch of these—” Kylie reached into her knapsack and emerged with an orange pill-bottle filled with gummies.

“What are they?” Celest examined the bottle. It didn’t appear to have any labels. Just a graphic picture of an oozing vagina with lightning bolts around the clit.

“I don’t know. They taste awesome!” Kylie popped a few into her mouth. She closed her eyes and her whole body shuddered. She blushed again and a great big smile spread over her face. Kylie gave a breathy involuntary moan and Celest could see her nipples tighten. She still wasn’t wearing a shirt.

Celest didn’t like it. Didn’t like any part of it. It was all crazy and weird. When she called the school earlier she couldn’t reach any of the teachers, couldn’t speak with any of the staff. All she got was a recording from the front office telling her what a silly stupid bimbo she was. A metallic sing-songy voice telling her to fuck herself on the floor and how should should call again in twenty minutes. Visions of cocks ran wild through her mind.

“Now you try!” Kylie held out her hand, a colorful little gelatinous bear in her palm.

One little gummy couldn’t hurt . . . maybe by sharing them, Kylie would have less of them.

“Fiiiine . . . just one though, okay?”

Celest chewed on it. It taste like flavored plastic.

“Hmmm . . .” Celest didn’t know what she expected. If anything they were bland. They tasted fine-

The effect was immediate. A wave of dizziness forced her to sit down. Already she was out of breath. She could feel blood rushing to her vagina. Her hands clutched at her breasts through her shirt and her eyes rolled back in her head. All she could see were shapes and colors. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, her pussy on fire, visions of MEN, sweaty hard-pounding MEN with rip-cord muscled backs and dicks the size of night sticks-

And then it was gone. Vanished. Like the whole thing had been poured down the drain.

“My turn!” Kylie squealed and popped another gummie into her mouth. Celest just watched in amazement as her daughter rapidly settled down into that same lusty fog of arousal.

They traded off, sitting together on the edge of Kylie’s bed. One for her, one for me. You would take it and everything felt better. Inbetween pills they practiced kissing. Kylie eager and desperate, Celest controlled, deliberate. At some point Kylie convinced her mom to take her shirt off, her boobs were amazing. Neither one of them could resist feeling each other.

“About that dance . . .” Kylie breathed into Celest’s ear, watching her mom take a whole wad of gummies in her mouth.

“Later . . .” Celest sighed. It was getting late anyway. They could talk about the dance in the morning.

“Thanks again for helping me with my homework.” Kylie smiled, it had been a long time since we did homework together. It was a lovely moment to cap off an otherwise awful day of worry and confusion.

“No problem. Goodnight sweetums.” Celest kissed her gently on the lips. “Love you . . .”

Kylie didn’t break away like she usually did. She responded kissing back again and again, growing more boldly.

“Good night mom!” Kylie whimpered breathlessly, wearing only her panties. “Love you too . . .”

Celest fought the urge to rip them off her. To pinch and play with her nipples, to go back to kissing her hard on the lips.

They had been at it for hours and it was time for a break. She pulled her nightgown back over her shoulders and willed herself out of the room.

As she closed the door to leave, Celest could already hear the aggressive buzzing sound of Kylie’s new vibrator. She made her way down the hall to the master bedroom where Roger was already in bed, totally convinced of what she had to do.

She saw Roger was still up reading more letters from the school. She could tell this whole thing was just as baffling and confusing to him as it was to her.

“You know it says here that students are supposed to go through a whole box of condoms every day?” Roger asked, holding up a diagram of boys arranged in a pentagram around some kind of ritualistic goat-headed demon. “A whole BOX!”

“We’re going to that PTA meeting.” Celest said, disrobing.

Despite everything, Celest had never felt more confident in her body. She felt devine. Sophisticated. A sexual goddess.

“Uh huh . . .” Roger flipped through the pages.

“Put those away . . . Daddy . . .” Celest purred as she slid under the covers.

That night Roger fucked his wife until her voice was no longer recognisable as English.