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Undress Code — Chapter 3

There was something of an informal tailgate party in the parking lot as parents milled about waiting for the PTA meeting to start.

“It’s ridiculous how much homework they’re giving out!” Celest’s neighbor Chloe groused, swallowing a whole handful of pills. “I need to take five an hour for my boy’s Spanish class.”

Even as she swallowed them, Celest could see Chloe’s nipples harden beneath her shirt and couldn’t help but notice how her breath went straight to ragged, lilting up several octaves into a squealing helium-high bimbo voice. Almost immediately she fell up against a nearby car, fingering herself desperately through her skirt.

“I know what you mean.” Celest sympathized. Chloe was a good friend in the neighborhood. Kylie and her daughter Emily had been friends since elementary school. She also recognised those same pills from Kylie’s music teacher.

More than one or two left her too horny to breath. She actually snuck into Kylie’s room the other night to steal some and everything else that night was a blur. I think we went out with some of Roger’s friends from work? I guess? All she could remember were naked sweaty bodies pounding against each other. Every night she dreamed of being drilled by a whole conga-line of laughing naked handsome men with gigantic cocks. It all seemed so real.

“Their pensises are like twice as big now! On monday . . .” Chloe made a motion with her hands like she were shaping an enormous clay pot. “I used to be able to get my hands all the way around them. Now my fingers don’t even touch.”

Celest could only nod along, Roger’s dick was starting to push up past his belly button and wider than her wrist. Just since last week, he put on about 20 pounds of pure muscle and grew about six inches. She had been meaning to talk to him about it but somehow as soon as he came home Celest would end up bent over the kitchen table holding on for dear life as he fucked her senseless. She could only imagine what Chloe was going through with four teenage boys in the house.

“More Chard?” Another woman, Helen, offered—pulling Capri Sun-like packages out of a cooler.

“Yes please!” We all held out our plastic camping wine glasses.

Helen was the resident helicopter mom and Jessica’s mother. Celest usually found her to be nagging snobbish and hyper-critical—but tonight . . . she was FUN! She brought a whole ice-chest of wine coolers, margaritas, and hard lemonade. Something that tasted just like champaign.

I think it’s having a bad influence on them. My Jessica NEVER used to talk back to me. Now she’s all like: ‘I want to go out’ and ‘I like girls’ and ‘why won’t you let me get my nipples pierced’.” Celest was making an effort to get to know Helen now that their daughters were becoming close friends, but other than the free drinks her opinion of the woman hadn’t changed much. She still seemed shrill, authoritarian.

“I spanked her bare butt for almost half an hour yesterday, but she just seemed to enjoy it. She was just leaking all over me whimpering ‘Mommy! Mommy!’—I just don’t know what to do with her.” Helen blushed in between hearty sips of her long island iced tea.

Celest got the sense Jessica was not the only one who enjoyed herself.

Though . . . she had similar concerns about her own daughter. Just before they left, that Eric boy showed up to practice using condoms with Kylie. She would be spending the evening alone with a boy in her room going through a whole box of them.

As unbelievable as it sounded, Celest confirmed it herself with the teacher over the phone. She found the educator’s squeaky silly bimbo voice very convincing. It was hard to recall just what exactly she said, the teacher’s usually clipped professional tone had been replaced by that of a breathy mewling phone-sex operator and the call kept getting interupted by throbbing dance music and a deep resonant booming voice commanding her to fall to her knees and . . . and . . . do something—but all Celest remembered was hanging up the phone and feeling completely satisfied that her daughter was finally doing well in math and that Kylie and the boy she had a crush on were going to learn a lot about using condoms together while they were away.

“I don’t care what those papers say. This is WRONG!” Helen squeaked, looking like she was ready to stamp her feet. Her dress was thin, yellow, and practically transparent.

“My Jessica dresses like a tramp now.” Helen lowered her voice to a conspiratorial whisper. “Yesterday, I caught her . . . masturbating—”

“Terrible.” Celest fought hard not to roll her eyes too hard.

“Lordy.” Chloe replied before going straight back to sipping her slightly chilled margarita and riding the phallic hood ornament on her husband’s car.

If Kylie was telling the truth, Helen’s precious Jessica was like the tittyfuck queen and every single boy in the whole school had fucked her ass like at least twice. Rumor has it she spent everyday volunteering for detention.

It was a nice summer night. Clear and crisp, not too cool and at night the school took on a totally different character. The colored glass and the glowing neon signs gave the whole place a nightclub or red-light district atmosphere. The sign above the girl’s locker room flashed ‘GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS’ and everybody seemed more than little drunk. The husbands were tossing around a football, slamming beer and high fiving. At some point they all stopped wearing shirts and the wives just sat back on the hoods of their cars cars watching them. They felt like high schoolers again.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, I think they’re ready now.” Called a parent volunteer dressed in a bright yellow reflective penny, spats, and nothing else except a towering pair of heels.

Eventually the gathered crowd pushed through the auditorium doors, slowly filing past tables of free coffee and doughnuts buffet style. There was a gentle friendly air to everything, like a church congregation settling in before the sermon. People warmed their cold hands with paper cups filled with hot-brown, chatting pleasantly with all the other nice people from the neighborhood.

Everybody was of one mind on the issue about the new dress code—it was weird.

There was something a little off about it. Why now? Why all these big changes right in the middle of the year? Who voted for this? Kylie had just come home one day saying there was a new dress code effective immediately and the school kept sending out these confusing newsletters written in some kind of psychedelic sanskrit that came alive as you read it. Most of the parents here carried pamphlets from home and were trading them with other parents. There were a whole bunch Celest and Roger had never seen before, as if they were personalized for each student.

“It’s completely unreasonable to treat us like this!” Helen shouted at the administration on stage. “MY daughter has to swallow forty of these pills a week. She ran out and now I can’t find any more!”

She shook the empty pill bottles for emphasis.

“Look . . .” The superintendent was there and slowly walked over the podium. Everyone else on stage deferred to him. He tapped and adjusted the mic, sending out a brief scratching buzz of audio static.

“Don’t worry about it.”

A wave of relief washed over the crowd. Celest had to admit, her heart felt a lot lighter. She caught Roger’s eye sitting next to her and shared a smile. The superintendent’s voice seemed to speak directly to her.

“What about this plan to cancel Math, Science, and English—” Squawked a concerned dad Celest didn’t recognise. He ticked the soon to be axed classes off on his fingers indignantly, but Celest found it hard to concentrate on what he was saying. It was cold. Roger was warm. They huddled together, slightly drunk, drinking free buffet style coffee.

“Listen . . .” The superintendent reiterated, unphased. He seemed to grow larger. Taking up more of the stage. He appeared to be the only one there. The tables where the principal and teachers sat were gone—as if they simply vanished.

“Don’t worry about it.”

His voice had incredible resonance. Speaking to them as if from inside a clear glass bell. The air shook with his authority.

“Oh, alright.” The man sat back down, obviously deflated but a good sport about it. He quickly shrugged it off.

Celest snuck her hands under Rogers clothes, feeling his hard body. Like the pamphlets told him to, he had been working out a lot more and the results were starting to show. His hands found their way under her clothes as well. No one could see if they were discreet, and Celest quickly undid his belt buckle. He sucked in air as she began to pump him, grunting appreciatively at her efforts—kissing her hard and holding her tight. It was as if all the tension in the room melted away. All around them happy couples were snuggling up, getting friendly. No longer concerned about much of anything.

“WHAT ABOUT ALL THE SEX?!?!” Shouted a hysterical woman from the back row. Fully clothed—and not in skintight latex either. “YOU’RE ALL ACTING FUCKING CRAZY!”

“Mam—” The superintendent brought the mic closer to his mouth. You could hear the low curl of his breath on the PA. The woman whirled, real terror in her eyes. They were teary and red, watery from sheer horror. The superintendent towered above the stage, taking up all of it. Like he was the size of the curtain. A terrifying huge shadow of a man whose grinning toothy mouth twisted into an evil sneer.


There was absolute silence in the gymnasium, the air sucked out of everyone’s lungs.


The woman’s knees buckled. She fell over, right there in the middle of the aisle, clawing at the zipper of her blue jeans—pulling them down as fast as she could. Her ass and tits ballooned up right in front of our eyes, rivulets of blonde cascading through her hair. Her lips puffing up and turning a bright neon pink. Her shrieking voice turning silly and sexy. With her pants around her ankles, writhing on the gymnasium floor, jabbing fingers up her ass and her cunt, her eyes rolled up so far in her head all you could see were the whites, fucking herself in a blind frenzy—she looked like a zombie. Squirting and cumming like a dumb horny bitch. One by one, all the men descended upon her.

Purple gas flooded out of the vents and rose up from between the floorboards. The superintendent became a cackling illimitable void stretching out in all directions.