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Undress Code Chapter 4

“WOW” Kylie panted, staring up at the ceiling in a heady daze as Eric climbed off.

“Thanks . . .” he replied, stripping off his condom with an elastic SNAP! He was still hard and his cock pointed straight up, more or less constantly oozing white goo from the tip. Channels of spunk flowing down its phenomenal chemically-enhanced length, almost as long as Kylie’s forearm. They measured it. For science.

“That was . . .” Nothing could adequately describe it. Her heart pounding in her chest. Her whole body buzzing, feverishly hot. Nothing ever prepared her for the furious all-encompassing pleasure-madness that was sex.

“ . . . in-credible.” Exhaling out the word, admiring Eric’s naked body as he sat, smiling, proud of himself.

Eric was AMAZING. Sex was everything they said it was and more. They’d been at it for over an hour and she’d cum more times than she could count. He’d be hammering away at her, grunting softly in her ear while her whole body would be quaking, spasming—her brain redlining with dazzling spectacular new emotions.

“Thanks. You’re pretty good too.” He joked.

Kylie rolled her eyes and swatted at him playfully. Nothing could ruin her good mood.

She luxuriated in the feeling. Running her hands through her hair. Arching her back. Caressing her sides, rubbing her thighs together. Delighting in the post-coital high, her bed completely trashed. Blankets and sheets lay in carnage, soaked through with sweat and cum. There was a dark wet splotch in the shape of a muzzle flash from a gun from where Eric made her squirt. She’d never done that before.

Eric tossed the used condom, filled up like a waterballoon, into the wastebin and pawed around for another in the tissue-sized box he brought with him from school.

“Last one.” He reported, nearly out of breath himself.

Kylie put her hand flat against his back. She loved the toughness of it. The hard solid moving plates of muscle just beneath the flesh. His skin a soft heated leather, rippling with inner power.

He blinked the sweat out of his eyes, his large hands shaking, struggling to tear open the plastic casing—cock pulsing up and down with eager abandon. He still hadn’t asked if she wanted to go to the dance with him.

“Hey Kylie . . .”.

“Yes?” She answered, hopeful.

“Do you want to . . .” He kept taking nervous glances at her. Fidgeting with the condom in his giant hands. “Want to ummm . . .”

He shook his head, like he had decided against something. Or maybe lost his nerve. Kylie sat up in bed, leaning against the pillows.

“What is it?” She asked innocently.

“Would you . . .”

He was more shy than she was!

“. . . do you . . .”

She waited patiently, pretending not to know what he was going to ask. Again he looked like he was going to work up the nerve.

“ . . . want to try more butt-stuff next?” He finished. Obviously a little frustrated with himself.

“Sure—” She replied, a little disappointed. They’d already tried it four or five times earlier in the evening and it was great and all—especially with that gene editing bio-gel we made in biology for lubricant—but Kylie hoped for something more.

At this rate she was going to have to ask HIM to the dance. It was a little adorable though, how flustered he got. How he would take a second to work up his courage.

“Cool—” He paused, still clearly upset with himself. “I need a minute okay? One minute.”

He got to his feet, dizzy, a little exhausted. “Where’s your bathroom?”

“Down the hall.” Kylie pointed.

“Thanks.” Eric turned to look at her as he reached the door. Resting on her side, totally naked. Hair tousled and clung together with sweat and cum. Her coy smiling face teasing him back to bed.

“Hurry back.”

“I will.” He promised, then shut the door behind him.

Kylied giggled to herself and relaxed, hardly believing her luck. Eric! Eric was at her house, all alone. It was a dream come true.

She checked her phone and the camera setup to make sure it was still recording. It was jostled slightly from when she kicked it in the middle of a particularly powerful orgasmic convulsion, but luckily the bed was still mostly in frame and the little red light for record was still on. They would have to submit the video as part of their group project.

On her phone there were about a dozen unanswered texts from her friend Emily. As she scrolled through them the phone growled again with another one.


The messages were all the same: desperate Snapchats of Emily’s four naked older brothers giving her hungry hunted looks. All four of them were fit and hot with big scary pensises. In the last photo Emily sat in the middle of them on the couch, with a pleading message for one of her friends to come help her out. They boys were playing keep away with her panties.

Can’t. Studying—Kylie replied, studiously putting her phone away to avoid any further distractions.

NO UR NOT! Comon’ just come over. Plz?—Her phone pinged back instantly.

NO. I’m studying with Errriiiic. Winky face. Kylie was very proud of herself. Phone somehow back in her hands.

Plzzzz! My arms are getting tired . . .—It was established at school that handjobs were an acceptable form of non-incest and Emily’s were chalked like a gymnast.

My parents aren’t home. We can driiiink—Emily further enticed.


I’ll come over—Jessica jumped in on the group text.

TYTYTYTY!—was the quick reply. You could see her brother’s hands all over her. Cupping her tits, fingers digging into her pussy. Her trying to jerk them off two at a time. Blushing furiously, her smile from ear to ear.

Kylie glanced at the clock. Emily’s parents were out at the PTA meeting just like everyone else’s. Her parents said they’d be back by 7:00 but it was almost 11:30 and there was no sign of them. It was long dark out and there was no text or nothing. That wasn’t like them. Not like them at all. It worried her a little.

For some reason she kept having this terrible sinking feeling of dread whenever she thought about them confronting the superintendent. It was unexplainable, everything was perfect! School was super fun, she loooved all her new classes. Eric was here, alone in her house. Everything was suddenly fantastic and it was only when she was alone in her room at night, not constantly doing homework, or watching videos from school, or masturbating with that jet-black dldo while chanting the school motto—that it all felt a little crazy. Unreal. A feeling of being trapped on a carnival ride that just wouldn’t stop.

Like being forced to eat cotton candy and needing to come up for air after feeding from the trough.

Even now her body shivered and shook as embers of her last orgasm would flame and ignite for just a second. The lub from bio class left a pleasant burning itching sensation which was supposedly the development of new nerve endings. Create more elastic, durable, and self-lubricating membrane. Kylie knew from using it on her pussy that it would never quite calm down completely.

She could hear the faucet go on outside in the bathroom and the sloshing of water from Eric washing his hands. It was reassuring.

There were parts of the changes she loved. Like how orgasms came so quick and easy. All the fun new things she was learning about sucking cock and fucking and eating pussy with her friends. The sex positivity classes and how in English they were no longer reading boring agricultural novels or ancient World War 2 epics, but sexy exciting books where the heroine becomes a prostitute and travels the country winning blowjob competitions. In Math they were learning real skills, like how the clitoris worked.

Ever since Monday, Kylie felt at the core of her being that she was the undisputed genius of her own body. She knew every inch of it. Ever since that day in class when the superintendent crawled out of the air-duct and commanded us masterbate, demanding to know what we thought of when came, strapped us into our chairs and made us watch that cool movie while he went around the room administering little droplets of medicine—ever since then, Kylie was confident and proud of herself in a way she’d never felt before.

It was moments like this though, late at night, when she had time to think it all seemed to unravel. Where were her parents? Why there was a boy in the house she hardly knew? How was it event possible for one boy to fill a garbage can with used condoms in one night? Why were the walls dripping with semen that smelled so sweet and fruity it was like huffing hard-candied paint? It all seemed . . .

But then there were those roadblocks in her mind that filled her with anxiety, like bugs crawling all over each other when she thought about it too much.

A part of her secretly hoped her parents would come home, walk through the front door, and tell her everything was okay. They hadn’t meant to stay out late. She was probably imagining their panicky, confused, frightened faces as they kissed her goodbye—promising to get to the bottom of things when they left for the meeting. Their attitudes this last week, more than anything, put Kylie on edge.

She could hear the faucet turn off in the bathroom door the hall. The rustle of towel as Eric dried his hands. His hurried, confident footsteps padding the carpet back to her room.

“So . . .” He said, a lot more swagger in his voice.

He leaned up against the doorframe. Looking fabulous.

“I was thinking . . .” His eyes tracing Kylie as she lay stretched out on the bed. Her head propped up in her arms. Her naked body sexy, devine. Her smile expectant and coy.

“There’s a dance coming up . . .” God he was beautiful. Finely muscled, handsome boyish face. Blonde hair. Every part of him smooth and clean, his dick rising up past his belly button. Fiercely erect and sheathed in a translucent blue condom. It excited her to know that she made him this way. That she was getting him hard and flustered.

“I was wondering . . .” Kylies legs trembled slightly. A nervous spasm of anticipation making her shiver. She was going to say yes to whatever he asked. She was going to SCREAM it!

“Would you like to come to the—”


The front door crashed open like someone kicked it off the hinges. Immediately the whole house was rolling with the loud drunken boisterous laughter of Kylie’s parents tumbling into the living room, knocking into furniture, shushing each other and giggling hysterically.

Kylie instinctively moved to cover up, a hand bra shielding her breasts. With her other she waved Eric out of the doorway.

Celest and Roger were all over each other. Their disheveled clothes hanging from their bodies in shredded tatters. They started fucking right on the couch. Mom’s legs splayed wide in the air, a single strappy high heel—not her own—limply dangled around one her feet like a war-torn flag.

Dad just thrusting and grunting wildly, like an animal, scratch marks running all up and down his body. His eyes a sickening jaundiced yellow and drool spilling from between his teeth. Sneering and growling as he savagely fucked his wife, grabbing onto her hips and slamming her down against his crotch. Celest bucked and crooned in equal measure, hands clamped tightly down over her nipples—tugging at them painfully. Playfully biting at his chest, her own sweaty hair matted against her face.

“Mom- Dad!”

“Don’t worry about them.” The superintendent called from outside, stepping through the front door. His car, a Bently, was parked haphazardly on the front lawn. Evidently he had driven them home.

“Wha . . . what did you do to them???”

Her parents didn’t seem to notice her or Eric standing nearby in petrified silence as Roger erupted in hateful angry gouts of cum, jizz spewing violently out of her mother. He did not slow down or pause for a moment, only his eyelids twitched and his snarl lowered into a low appreciative howl.

“Nothing.” The superintendent responded, gliding over to the big TV chair usually reserved for Dad.

As he moved the whole room seemed to rotate with him. The couch and chairs repositioning themselves to face him. Kylie found herself sitting next to Eric on the love seat, facing the school administrator directly.

“What do you mean nothing.” Kylie began but the words just petered out on her lips. Asking questions was meaningless. Everything was meaningless. All at once she felt like a kid again, a naughty child, awaiting punishment.

“They were always like this.”

His words echoed in her head. The superintendent sat on the chair like a god upon their dias or a king on his throne. His face cloaked in shadow, a wreath of golden light flickering above his head.

“They’ve ALWAYS been like this.”

Images and memories flooded her mind. Trips to the pool with her Mom in the tiniest, skimpiest bikini. Her Dad slapping Mom on the ass and both of their pleased horny smiles. Laughing. Accidentally walking in on them having sex.

Kylie shut her eyes but the images kept coming, streaming through her eyelids. Pouring into her.

Mom was always a stupid slutty nymphomaniac. It’s why Dad married her. They met at a wet T-shirt contest. When they finally sat down to have the ‘sex-talk’ it was mostly filled with vivid, lurid descriptions of how GOOD it was. How amazing sex could feel. The importance of an open-relationship.


It was normal for her parents to stay out late. To come home with six or seven of their friends and play loud music in the master bedroom behind locked doors.


Her clearest memory of Mom was on her knees surrounded by dicks-

“STOP IT!” Kylie rose from her spot on the couch. Only an inch or two, but it was enough. She face was beet-red and her fists clenched so tightly they drew blood.

The superintendent’s head cocked to the side curiously, examining her like a jeweler. Then he turned to Eric.

“Eric, I believe you were going to ask Kylie something.”

Kylie felt her body turn. Posed like a mannequin to face Eric on the other side of the loveseat.

“I was?” he asked blankly, his voice soft and far away.

“You were going to do something.” The superintendent’s voice flickered like flame. The hiss of a lisping snake.

“I was . . . ?” Eric’s pupils dilated into two big round saucers of total amazement. His face like cupid, almost cherubic, in simple euphoric rapture.

“You were about to DO something.” The heat in the room rose to scorching. The walls blooming red with heat.

Something with Kylie. Something with these.” The superintendent held out a fresh box of condoms from across the room, his arms ten feet long.

“Thank . . . you . . .” Eric reached in numbly and pulled out a condom of pure gold. It lit up the room.

Kylie felt a heat in her bum like lighting a candle. A sudden breath of flame centered deep inside her. Growing outwards. Seeking release. Her need so immediate, so clear in it’s feeling. She fell back on the cushions of her own accord, spreading herself and fighting to breathe. Her need ROARING into full life.

“Fuck me—” She wimpered. Heat pounding in her head.

The superintendent got up to leave. As shut the door behind him, Kylie began to screech so loud the neighbors could hear.