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Undress Code

Chapter 5

“I need to get a boyfriend like- TODAY.”

Emily drew vicious ratcheting sips from her milkshake, only briefly coming up for air now and again to make increasingly panicked near-hysterical plans for obtaining a boyfriend.

“Like RIGHT NOW. Like this afternoon.” Her face feverishly flushed, panting almost, chasing the errant straw in her drink with her lips. Cheeks as rosy and puffed up as a Norman Rockwell painting.

“Eric said—” Kylie-

But she was immediately cut off by more of Emily’s desperate ranting.


Emily winced and squirmed as she came. A soft little squeak escaping her lips, fingering herself in public even as she talked. Relaying her complaints about how BIG boys were,and how strong and fast and bewilderingly super-handsome boys had become. As if somehow transformed overnight into dreamy fuck-fantasy versions of themselves with charming smiles and footlong dicks.

“Yeaaahh . . .” It was all Kylie could say. It was true. Boys were big. Their cocks were huge.

After awhile the aftershocks of her orgasm softened their glow and Emily eventually managed to hike up her thong. A swimsuit material bearing the school’s crest that wiped clean and dried fast.

It was lunch and the three girls sat where they always did. Out by the benches overlooking the field and running track. The sun was out and shining and they were lazing in the light roasting of a spring afternoon. Luxuriating in the full-brighted beams of the sun, practically naked, and just watching from afar as a group of boys played some kind of sport that involved a lot of playful wrestling in the grass. Most of them were shirtless.

“You got that right!” Jessica put her fingers in her mouth and whistled like a freight train at one of the boys who had just caught the ball. He waved back, unsure. Jessica made a gesture with her hand that promised him a really sloppy blowjob and his smile brightened.

It was so easy for her.

“I LOVE how fucking BIG they are.” Jessica all but growled before bottoming out her own milkshake.

Kylie waved politely at Eric down on the field, and he waved back. Shirtless. His gleaming muscular body shining in the sunlight.His team appeared to be winning.

Kylie had mixed feelings about boys and their ‘big-ness’. On one hand, there was something a little scary and patriarchal going to a school where all the guys were 7 feet tall and the fit athletic bodies of olympic swimmers. A school where they all had dicks the size of your arm and they all smelled so fucking good and it was huffing paint and every class taught the importance of looking sexy and making horny videos with your friends where you fuck each other and salty pearls of wisdom always getting paid first as a rule if you ever got separated from your class-

Kylie fought off a sudden wave of nausea and pushed the thoughts from her mind. For the last few days the school grounds had been nothing but triggers for horny daydreaming.She couldn’t take two steps inside without imagining what it would be like to crawl around on all fours, going from class to class masturbating like crazy as they watched the same video of the superintendent talking over and over. His voice constantly whispering over the PA system. The soda fountains replaced with holes drilled into the walls of the boy’s bathroom.

“Last night . . . when I was arguing with Jeremy, he just like, picked me up with one hand—” Emily continued.

She shivered. Jeremy was her older brother. Summoned back from college to retake his senior year at the highschool for some reason.

“His hands were like—” Emily made an expression and shaped her hand into a claw. A beautiful claw.

She dominated the lunch hour with tales about how hot and strong all her brothers were. How easy it was for them to lift her up and throw her over the couch. How kind and gentle and BIG their dicks were. How their cocks were boiling to the touch and their cum irresistible. She licked and sucked her fingers as she talked, half coated in her own juices and half savoring the memory of last night.

“I’m telling you, I’m NOT doing it. I’m not going through that again.” She said it repeatedly, like she was trying to convince herself.

“Not doing that again. Never again. I was like . . . theeeeiiiiisss close to fucking all four of them.” She held out her hand and pressed her fingers together, barely a hair’s breadth apart.

Jessica chuckled.

Last night she arrived at Emily’s place right as the Superintendent was leaving to find Emily pinned down by her four brothers, squirming and laughing stupidly, begging them to fuck her. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEAASE! OH GOD GOD- PLEASE FUCK ME FUCK ME! Trying to jerk them all off. Cum spilling out of her mouth. Jessica got it all on video.

“Theeeiiss close. I’m not letting it happen again. I’m getting a boyfriend.” Another long slurp from her milkshake. Cradling it with both hands. Draining the fluid down to the last drop and snorkeling hard on the straw.

“You guys have to help me—” Emily looked at us of them with a mixture of genuine friendship, desperation, jealousy, and a little scorn for the two of them not having any spare guys on tap.

“Does it have to be a boyfriend?” Jessica waved prettily at a passing trio of her new softball friends jogging along the track. They looked so fucking hot in workoutpants spraypainted on.

“Ooooooh yeeaah. I’m pretty sure . . . I mean—” Emily reached out to us.

We knew, she didn’t have to say anything.

Even though they had become friends with Jessica for just under a week, already they spent everyday after school and during lunch trying out new positions. 69ing for the first time. Trading eachother’s dildos and vibrators and uploading videos of themselves rubbing their crotches together. Hands gripping hands, bracing each other for even more hard smashing contact for their jousting clits. Seeing the joy in each other’s faces as they came again and again in glorious harmony.

But Emily wanted DICK.

“Oh my god it’s not fair!” Emily groused, glaring at a cheerleader lashed to one of the picnic tables. Lines of horny boys on all sides of her. Her tits the size of beach balls.

It seemed like everyone in the whole school had plush pillowy rocket tits but her. All the girls walked around with these massive bubble butts and photoshopped clear skin, it was disgusting. They all had perfect hair and wide hips and huge hungry cocksucking lips.

But not her. Oh no.

Emily’s lips were razor thin. Her cheeks lightly freckled. She had to wear large chunky prescription glasses, no-metal braces that made her teeth marshmallow soft, and had her knotty orange hair done up in messy pig-tails.

If anything her chest felt even lighter, smaller than she remembered. All of her clothes were too loose and roomy. This morning she had to stand there, in the kitchen, with all her brothers watching, as she had to explain why none of her underwear fit. And she was a good 4 or 5 inches shorter and the only thing that remotely fit was her uniform. For some reason she had been issued the extra-small size.

Emily lowered into a hushed conspiratorial whisper, “Do you guys ever feel like maybe . . . like maybe we’re like . . . regressing?”

“I don’t know—” Kylie unconsciously gripped her own ass-cheeks. Ever since last night with Eric—even his name set her to purring—Kylie felt . . . voracious like never before. She felt so proud. So confident. She knew exactly how her body worked. Exactly how many inches of dick she could take, how tightly she could grip and push and pull.

She felt like she’d grown an entirely new body part. A waxy, lubricated velvet glove of flexing muscles. Kylie felt nothing but a profound womanly power in her body and it’s motions. She felt like she could drain dicks from 10 feet away.

“I feel fucking GREAT!” Jessica boasted, loudly slurping away at her second milkshake. Polishing them off at a record pace. The lid was shaped like a soft rubbery vagina and refills could be found at the nearest boy.

Kylie loved how brash she was. How devil-may care. Jessica was the bad-bitch of the group.

“But like—” Emily continued to paw at her boyishly flat chest. Her small pinkish nipples tightly wound up little knots on her chest. Her hair all frizzly.

“I was trying to do some math in the shower and my big brother David said—”

big brother? She never called him that . . .

“He was there?”

“Yeah! He was saying that—”

“In the shower?” Kylie asked, Jessica was still listening but mostly preoccupied with her makeup.

“Yeah, he was saying that—”

“Why was he in the shower with you?” Kylie wanted to know.

“Oh! . . .” A faraway look passed over her face, like Emily just remembered something she wasn’t supposed to. “To save water. The superintendent told us last night. We needed to start showering together to . . . save water . . .”

“I thought that was just at school. After P.E.” Jessica asked without putting down her phone.

Showering after P.E. with the boys was, like, Jessica’s favorite class of the day. Second only to during P.E. when she worked out with the boys, training herself in double penetration. And perhaps third only to minutes BEFORE P.E. when they all just fucked in the locker room.

“Nope! We’re supposed to do it at home too.” Kylie and Jessica both looked a little stunned. They were only children. Emily realised maybe she had something they were jealous of.

“Anyway, I was trying to like, add up what happened last night. How many times I jerked them off already- and as soon as I ran out of fingers—I couldn’t remember how like, the numbers would roll back to one somehow? And there was this thing you’re supposed to do when that happens, but like, I just couldn’t remember . . .”

She raked her hands over her rainbow socks nervously. Anxious and silly. She obviously wanted to talk about it.

“Hey, you can tell us.” Kylie could tell something was eating away at her. She slipped her hand under her friend’s throng. Her pussy warm and slick to the touch. Emily melted into her arms. Her rainbow socks legs kicking.

Emily’s parents came home late last night from the PTA meeting full of decisive action. The school had been forced to dial back some of its most regressive policies. The uniform now allowed for all kinds of clothing variations like bracelets, hair ties, tongue studs, ball gags, cokers, earrings, thigh high socks, and even butt plugs. Students could even keep a small percentage of the revenue generated from the pornographic videos they all had to upload everyday. There were now condom dispensers in every classroom.

It was difficult for Emily to concentrate on the confusing, go-nowhere feelings she had about not doing math, how small and sensitive her body had become, and how hot and hard her brother’s dicks were when every time she tried to remember, another one was already painting her face white with his fluids. Driving her recklessly, careening over a cliff of constant orgasms.

Derek came into the shower. She told him about her finger counting problem. His cock was already in her hands. It seemed impossibly big. As long as her arm. Pulsing with inner-fire, hotter than the steaming jets of water. When he came . . . what did she do with it? Emily just couldn’t remember.

There were all sorts of images in her mind piled on top of each other, their transparencies blending together. Memories of her laughing in the shower as they fingered her. Their sticky molten cum splashing her chest. Steam fogging the glass. Their steaming dicks towering over her. Laughing. Sucking them off. Feeling their stiff pulsing pillars of flesh in her hands. Feeling the bristle of their pubes against her nose. The shower nozzle aimed directly at her clit.

Emily whimpered into her friends arms, kissing her madly. Jessica’s hands intertwined with Kylie’s. Rubbing, pushing, kissing her breasts. Hands gripping hands.

Everything flared electric fire. Her mind a haywire nat’s rest of exploding wires and sparks flying pyrotechnics. Her body a magma spewing hell monster of pure ecstasy. Memories of her brothers bending her over the bathroom sink counter and slamming her stupid horny pussy. She remembered her hands pressed up against the glass of the mirror, seeing her own face racked with pleasure, her eyelids flickering as her brothers took their turns. On her ass. On her pussy. Cumming all over her face.

“Emily!” Kylie snapped her fingers. “Hey! You there?”

“Yeah- yeaah- stop it.” Emily swatted Kylie’s hand away playfully, slowly returning to life.

“That was amazing!” Jessica beamed, marveling at how hard her friend had squirted.

Kylie’s whole arm was soaked from the knuckle down to her elbow and many of the boys who had been playing football or soccer or baseball or whatever ridiculous stupid boy thing had them all crawlling all over the ground—stopped and gathered to witness what transpired.

“Yeah I’m fi-fine” Emily’s teeth chattered.

“I was just . . . thinking . . .” Emily returned to sucking her milkshake. Feeling as wet and mushy as can be.

“I need a boyfriend like NOW.”