The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Uniforms Control Your Mind

by Mr. Scade

Solus Ipse Citrus

Lemons and limes... everywhere! On the table, in the sink, in the baskets. Lemons covered the sofas, covered my computer and the floor. There were limes hanging from the ceiling, floating in the garden, the very walls were made out of limes. Lemons the size of my hand, lemons the size of a testicle, lemons the size of a marble, and a bowling ball, and a tiger, and in the shape of a car. I couldn’t take a step without hitting something green or yellow. I couldn’t breathe without tasting that delicious acid at the back of my throat.

“Turn around.” She said. I extended my arms, hitting floating citrus fruit as I turned around. She was covered in green and yellow—a lemon golem!

And then she touched my forehead.

I blinked a bit, moving my hands in the air and feeling nothing but the swift coolness of a breeze between my fingers. I blinked and there was nothing green before my eyes, only her smooth features and the black depths of her eyes. Two endless depths that pulled me in like Chuuk Lagoon pulled in Japanese Naval ships. I sagged in place, feeling all too relaxed again.

She touched my cheek. I felt so awake. “Hey, don’t go all sleepyhead all of a sudden, ’kay?” Her voice tasted like honey. “You know how I feel when you go to sleep without my say so.”

I blinked awake again and smiled at her. I shivered as I suddenly felt the chill in the room wrap its tendrils over my naked body. I moved closer to her, holding both her hands in a light touch. “Sorry, but you have me wrapped around every finger in your hand.”

My response made those endlessly black depths glimmer with the tell-tale of bomb fire over the ocean waves. Pleased, she wrapped herself around my body, making me moan slightly. She giggled at my reaction and I did too. I might have been reluctant to her suggestions of having incredibly sensitive skin, but soon it took only her touch and her love for me to love it. It is so fun to have a switch in your head that tells you that even the air touching your skin makes you feel as if you were eating the best gourmet food you’ve ever had!

“Now, my boytoy,” She whispered in my ear and I could feel my body tensing and relaxing and shivering in expectation to her next command. Part of me wanted to resist, but that was the fun part—to attempt to resist and take control, only to fall deep, deep, deep into her web. It was such an incredible feeling! “I am going to try something new, and you are just going to relax and enjoy.” Her voice turned from husky and nasal to a smooth caress of words. I immediately felt as if I were floating on a calm sea. “Take your deep breaths and relax. Look straight ahead, at the painting on the far wall, and...” She leaned closer to my neck, but I could barely feel her. I wasn’t there. I was in her web—my mind was in her web. “Feel the dreams of a king on your neck.”

My senses exploded.

I could see colours, thousands of millions of colours. I could hear things... could hear her heartbeat, could hear the wind touching me, could hear the sound of the house as it cooled down. I could smell her, could smell me, could smell dust and musk in the air. My mouth tasted foul. And... and my skin... oh great Gatsby!

I crumbled on the floor. That was a mistake. I couldn’t stop moaning, couldn’t stop running my fingers over my skin, couldn’t stop delighting in the world she had shown me.

Her giggles were so pure, so honest; they were like music in perfect pitch to my ears.

“Do you like it, love?” Her finger caressed my neck. I couldn’t take it. I moaned loudly and convulsed.

She giggled again. “I’ll take that as a yes.” She whispered and then kissed my lips. Never had she tasted so good. “But I think this is enough—any more might just shut off your brain.”

Her hands guided my body. I turned over my back and stared at her eyes. Were they always in a gradient? From a deep black to a slight umber? I was lost in her stare, lost in this wonderful feeling. Oh, how I loved her... and not just for what she could bring me.

“Fall on my web, pet.” She whispered.

I fell.