The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Uniforms Control Your Mind

by Mr. Scade

Blue and Beautiful

“Beautiful.” Was the only word that ran through Blue’s mind. And Blue was how she had started calling herself, some days ago, after… after everything.

“Beautiful….” She whispered once more, as White held her body. Nothing could hold her mind now. Nothing but White.

White didn’t say a word. She hadn’t been ordered too; and as Blue now understood—now believed—women were not supposed to speak, let alone think, without being commanded.

So Blue stared blankly ahead, letting her swimsuit—once a uniform, once an unreachable dream, and now her skin—love her. Love her like every lover she had ever had or will ever had, it did. It touched, and rubbed, and sent pleasant, mind-numbing feelings all over her body. And she loved it. And she let it. For the more she let her blue skin do what it was meant to do, the more devoid of thought her mind would be, and the more beauty she would see.

There was no arousal, to be honest. No love. No emotion, not in the way of humans, at least. There was only beauty. Beauty, her skin, and being part of something grander. After today’s practice, after today’s swim, after today’s reconditioning session… after today. After today Blue will be born again. Blue will be her name, Blue will be her skin, and Blue will be her mind. Gone will be the girl she had been.

She stared blankly ahead, unaware of the others in the room, unaware of what had been whispered to White, unaware of how the other girl—no, the other drone, slave, slut, whore, toy, pet—started to kiss her. She could only feel her skin help her mind go blank, and see the beauty.

“Beautiful.” She whispered one final time before she was born again.