The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Uniforms Control Your Mind

by Mr. Scade

Number One

Her friends had asked if she wanted to play and she had agreed. Of course, why wouldn’t she? Volleyball was fun, and she hadn’t played with her friends in ages. It would be fun. Besides, she was the best at it.

But her friends were… odd about it. When she met with them, she saw they all were dressed alike. White cotton shirts, and very short shorts. They all had a number one printed on the left side of their chest. Lea wondered why all her friends were uniformed, and looking at her strangely.

Her best friend, the girl who had invited her to play, said they played as a team. As one. And that they all had to wear the uniform to play.

“That’s… weird. But okay. I don’t have any uniform, though.” Lea really wanted to play, but didn’t want to partake in this odd ritual. She didn’t like uniforms.

Her friend showed her a bundle of white and red, and she felt her hopes fall.

“I am not going to wear that!” She said, a little too loudly.

Her best friend frowned, still holding the clothes. “But you want to play, don’t you? Really want to play?”

“You want to play.” The others droned.

The combined voices were strange, weird. And they made Lea feel as if she had been listening to white noise.

“Wha… not like this!”

“You want to play.” They all droned again.

A volleyball shot towards her. Lea caught it. She fell down to her knees.

“What… what’s going on?” She looked at the ball. It had spirals all over, it had paralyzed her, somehow, and she could feel something going up her arms. She was scared.

“You want to play.” Her best friend said, putting the clothes close to her skin.

* * *

“I am number one.” Lea droned in front of a mirror.

She adjusted her breasts into the shirt, adjusted the tight, tight red shorts over her hips, adjusted her sneakers and put her hair in a ponytail. She looked like every other girl in the changing rooms.

“I am number one.” They all whispered in unison.

Lea was a Number One. She was part of the winning team. She had to win. She had to excel. The uniform told her so. Her teammates told her so. The ball told her so. It was truth. It was reality.

She turned to look at her teammates, her sisters. All dressed alike, all thinking alike. Lea felt good, really good.

“I must win. I have to win. I need to win. I am Number One.” She droned, a sister standing next to her saying the same.