The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by Pan

Chapter 3:

I enjoyed myself over the next few weeks.

A part of me felt like I should feel bad, but honestly…I just didn’t.

Mom was wearing skimpy clothes around the house whenever she was home. Most of her outfits totally failed to hide the wet patch between her legs. She continued to not care at all if I stared at her exposed skin, or the clearly-visible bumps of her nipples when she was wearing nothing but a sports bra or singlet.

When she caught me looking at her wetness, she’d blush and shift slightly, but it seemed more like she was embarrassed than suspicious.

And any time I brought up Marcie, she’d go bright red and leave the room.

I’ll tell you, it was hard to stop myself from bringing Marcie up several times a day.

In the meantime, I didn’t put her under at all. I’d learned my lesson from Marcie—I wanted to take things slowly, ensure that nothing I did ran the risk of breaking her.

I wanted to let all the changes sit before taking things to the next step.

Besides, while I waited, I had Lucy to entertain me.

Session 38:

“What did you dream about last night?”

“I was your slave, and you were fucking me.”

“Tell me more.”

“I don’t really remember the details. I think we were in my bed, or on a cloud, or near a zoo, or something like that. You held me down and choked me, or maybe I was on top. I came a bunch of times, and then you let me clean your cock off with my mouth.”

Lucy’s dream-retention is pretty awful, but at least I knew that she was still dreaming about crossing that final boundary, the one thing she wouldn’t do.

“Did you enjoy the dream?”

“I loved it.”

“Do you want to fuck me in real life?”


Will you fuck me in real life?”


“Why not?”

“Because it’s incest, and incest is wrong.”

“Is the other stuff we do incest?”


“Why not?”

“Because it’s not.”

Great, Luce.

I sighed, and moved on. I had been down this path a million times, and it always ended the same way. Sex is wrong because it’s incest.

The mental gymnastics my sister could do to justify going down on me, letting me suck on her tits, letting me go down on her (another lifelong fantasy I’d checked off in the last week), letting me spank her until she came, letting me touch her everywhere I wanted…

None of that was incest, but putting my cock in her pussy? That somehow crossed the line.

“Suck my dick.”

Almost before the words were out of my mouth, Lucy was between my legs, her blank eyes looking up at me, her talented hands and mouth hard at work. She flattened her tongue to make her mouth a wet hole, and then forced my cock so deep inside that she gagged a little. She pulled out until my head was the only thing in her mouth, and started furiously jerking me off with both hands while her tongue lapped at my piss-slit.

Even while under, she shuddered with orgasm just at the pleasure of going down on me.

She’d do all that, but she wouldn’t go any further.

The final limit.

Session 3:

“Why do you like being hypnotized?” I’d asked Lucy once, when she was awake. She’d thought about it for a while and told me that she found it relaxing.

I’d asked her the same question while she was under, and she’d gone into a bit more detail.

“I like feeling like I’m floating,” she’d said, staring straight into my eyes, her soft voice completely expressionless. “It’s like I’m somewhere else—I don’t have any worries, any stress. I feel like I’m free, like I’ve given it all away.”

“Given what?”

“...control. I like feeling like someone else is in control. Like someone else has control of my mind, of my body...of my life.”

Session 38:

“Why do you like being hypnotized?”

“Mmf mmf nngh mmmph.”

I chuckled, and pulled my cock-hungry sister away from my erection.

“Why do you like being hypnotized?”

“It makes me feel closer to you.”

“What else?”

“I like the feeling,” she said, staring straight into my eyes. Her soft monotone contained a hint of desperation, like she was happy to answer the question, but that she’d much rather have her mouth wrapped around my cock. “I like the feeling of obedience, of submission. ”

“Does it turn you on?”

“No,” she said without hesitation. “It relaxes me.”

I paused. I had a good thing going, obviously—my sister’s saliva dripping from the head of my penis told me that. It was tempting to stick with the status quo. With a mouth as talented as Lucy’s, so what if I never had sex with her?

“Cum for me,” I said impulsively, and my sister’s eyes rolled back with pleasure. She started heaving and puffing, and soon her body was shaking.

I was already hard, but the sight of my sister’s orgasm was enough to make me almost lose control. I grabbed her head, pulled it to my cock, and roughly fucked her willing mouth until I was blowing my load onto her soft tongue.

“Swallow it down,” I said with a smile, and my sister happily obeyed.

The sight of her orgasm, it…god. It did something to me. I wanted to know what her spasming cunt felt like while she came. I’d experienced it with my fingers—I needed to feel it with my cock.

I needed it.

It was a risk, but all good things in life are.

“Hypothetical,” I said slowly. “You have a recurring dream about being hypnotized.”


“You have a recurring dream about being hypnotized. While you’re hypnotized, you’re obedient and submissive. More obedient and submissive than you could ever be while you’re awake, and it turns you on more than you can imagine.”

Session 39:

“What did you dream about last night?”

“I was in a theatre or at a party or something, and a wizard hypnotized me.”

“A wizard?”

“Yes. Or a magician. It might have been a snake.”

“How did it feel?”

“It was so hot. He had complete control over me.”

“Tell me more.”

“It felt like I was floating. He had complete control over my body, my mind…over my life.”

“Why did it turn you on?”

“I had to do whatever he said.”

“Why did that turn you on?”

“I didn’t have any control. I was completely obedient. He turned me into his personal little slut. I had to do everything he said. I’d never met someone so powerful before.”

“Why do you like being your brother’s slut?”

“Because it’s so wrong.”

“Why do you like obeying everything he says?”

“Because I want to serve him.”

“Why do you like being hypnotized?”


She shivered with pleasure.

“Because it means I don’t have any control.”

Session 34:

“Would you tell me why you like being hypnotized?” I asked. I had to know.


“Why do you like being hypnotized?”

“It makes me feel closer to you,” Lucy said, and I smiled.

Session 39:

“When you’re hypnotized, who controls you?”

“You do.”

“When you’re hypnotized, who decides what you can and can’t do?”

“You do.”

“When you’re hypnotized, you have to do everything I say, don’t you?”


“If I told you to go down on me, what would you do?”

“I’d go down on you.”

“If I told you to cum, what would you do?”

“I’d cum.”

“If I told you to fuck me, what would you do?”

“I’d fuck you.”

I froze.

It…it couldn’t be that easy. Could it?

“If I told you to fuck me while you were hypnotized, what would you do?”

“I’d fuck you.”

“For real?”


“If, while you were hypnotized, I told you to fuck me, you’d fuck me?”


“Describe it.”

“I’d lift up my skirt and pull my wet panties to the side, and I’d come over to the chair you’re sitting on. I’d straddle you, putting my knees on either side of yours, and I’d slowly move down until your cock was at the lips of my pussy. I’d run the head of your cock up and down my pussy a few times until it was nice and wet, and then I’d slowly let my weight sink down, until you were all the way inside.”

“Would you enjoy it?”

“I’d love it.”

“Even though it was incest?”

“Especially because it’s incest.”

“You wouldn’t avoid doing it because I’m your brother?”

“While I’m hypnotized, you have complete control over me. My mind, my body, my life. I have to obey you.”

I took a deep breath.

“You have to obey me, even if I tell you to commit incest?”



Her blank eyes bore into mine.

“Fuck me.”

“God, thank you so much for that. It was super hot. I love it when you hypnotize me—it gets me so wet. And I can see it gets you hard…why don’t you let your hot sister slut take care of that? We still have some time before Mom gets home”

Ignoring the look of confusion on my face, Lucy got on her knees, and soon my equally-confused cock was shooting another load down her throat while she played with herself.

Session 40:

“Hypothetical: I’ve hypnotized you.”


“You have to obey everything I say.”


“Even if I tell you to fuck me, you have to do it.”


“I tell you to fuck me.”



I sat there in silence for a few seconds while I pieced it all together.

Everyone has certain…buttons. Not like a blender, but, like, there’s stuff that you can reliably use to manipulate them. Mom has an overdeveloped sense of guilt, and Lucy has an extraordinarily healthy ego.

As well as that, there’s certain ideas that you just can’t get people to shake. For Mom, it’s talking about sex. No matter what, I’ve never managed to get her to talk about it.

And so, instead, I decided to take advantage of that.

For my sister, it’s this idea that I’m an innocent person.

Perhaps it’s the fact that I’ve slowly hypnotized my sister into being my twenty-four hour cock-sucking slut, or that I’ve turned my mother into a secretly-masturbating pervert, uncontrollably aroused at the thought of Marcie—the girl I turned into a sex slave, then destroyed—being forced at gunpoint to fuck her family…but somehow, I don’t really consider myself “innocent” in all this.

Yet Lucy still thinks that I am.

She’s somehow managed to justify everything we’ve done as ‘not incest’, so I guess she’s just…good at seeing what she wants to see.

Obeying my every command was, after all, ‘her’ idea. Whenever I hypnotize her, she thinks I’m doing her a favor, and she dreamed of sucking my cock for months before she started doing it.

It’s not incest, so it’s not ‘wrong’, so she still thinks of me as innocent in all this.

The idea of me telling her to fuck me? That would be incest, and her innocent brother would never initiate incest.

That would be wrong.

Incest roadblock aside, things have run so smoothly with my sister for so long, I haven’t really had to work.

I could have tried to change her perception of me. But I didn’t know what kind of ripple effect that would have—maybe if I wasn’t ‘innocent’ (by her warped definition of the word) she suddenly wouldn’t feel comfortable with anything we were doing.

Maybe it would change stuff that we’d already done.

Maybe it would break her.

Besides which, I’d learned from Mom—don’t try to change these core, entrenched beliefs.

Use them to your advantage.

For the next fifteen minutes, I had Lucy suck my cock while I thought. I wasn’t even particularly horny—we’d fooled around for half an hour before I put her under and I’d cum twice—but I always enjoyed the sight of my sister’s bulging cheeks and glassy eyes.

There’s no blowjob like a trance blowjob.

“Cum for me,” I said absent-mindedly while I began mentally assembling a plan.

As far as my sister was concerned, all of this—her going down on me, me hypnotizing her, me controlling her body and her mind…it was all for her. It was all for her pleasure, for her gain.

We did this because she loved it.

She loved being my slave. She loved being used as a sex object. She loved getting off, and she loved getting me off.

She wouldn’t commit incest—because it was ‘wrong’—but she’d do anything else, because she loved it.

As she moaned with pleasure around my cock, I could feel her orgasm sweep through her body.

She loved it.

“Stop going down on me,” I said excitedly. I had a plan.

Session 8:

“Other than your fantasies, would you tell me what kind of thing gets you sexually excited?”


“Tell me what kind of thing gets you excited.”

“Being touched by a boy that I like. Watching porn. Reading porn. Talking about sex. Playing with myself. When a hot guy won’t stop checking me out.”

“Wait, you get excited talking about sex?”


“What about when you’re talking about sex with me?”

“Yeah. I guess.”

Session 40:

“Tell me what kind of thing gets you sexually excited.”

“Obeying you. Being touched by you. Playing with myself, thinking about you. When you check me out. Going down on you. Being hypnotized by you. Thinking about fucking you. Thinking about being used by you.”

“Are you happy?”



“Because I get to obey you. Because I get to be used by you. Because I’m lucky enough to be wanted by you.”

“Are you happier now than you were before we started fooling around?”


“Who do you love the most in the world?”


Aw, that was nice. Not the answer I was looking for, but y’know. Nice.

“Who else?”


“Do you want Mom to be happy?”


“Do you want Mom to be as happy as you are now?”


“Why are you so happy now?”

“Because I get to be my brother’s slut.”

“Do you think Mom would be happier if she got to be my slut as well?”


Damn it.

“Why not?”

“Because it isn’t her fantasy.”

I briefly considered explaining to Lucy that it hadn’t been her fantasy either. After all, I’d given her a girl-boner for hypnosis now; maybe she’d be turned on by the fact that I’d implanted this fantasy.

But while I wasn’t averse to taking risks to get where I wanted to be, I also wasn’t going to just take them for the hell of it.

Not when there was another way.

“Would you believe me if I told you that it was?”



I trailed off. A new trap had arisen when talking to Lucy while she was under. I had to be more careful than ever.

“Hypothetical: I’ve hypnotized you.”

Nod. It was a little ridiculous that ‘what’s happening right now’ had to become a hypothetical, but my sister’s specific image of me required it.

“You have to believe everything I tell you.”


“I tell you that Mom’s fantasy is to be my sex slave.”


Damn it.

“Why wouldn’t I tell you that Mom’s fantasy is to be my sex slave?”

“Because it isn’t true.”

“You don’t think I would lie to you?”

“Not about that, no.”

“If it were true, would I tell you?”


“Why don’t you believe it’s true?”

“Because there’s no evidence, and there’s no way that Mom would ever tell you that.”

Mom’s reticence to talk about sex is definitely something that Lucy is aware of as well.

“What if…”

I leaned forward excitedly.

“What if I told you it was true, and Mom was so repressed that she’d never admit to it?”

There was a pause as Lucy considered the question.

“If you had evidence, I’d believe you.”

For the past month or so, I’ve slowly hypnotized Mom into wearing fewer and fewer clothes around the house. Now, it’s…it’s not quite Playboy Mansion, but let’s just say that she wouldn’t be entirely out of place.

I’ve never asked Lucy what she thought of Mom’s new wardrobe, and Lucy’s never brought it up. She must have noticed—after all, Mom’s been dressing like a prude for our entire lives. A sudden 180 isn’t the kind of thing that Lucy’s going to miss.

“Why do you think Mom has been walking around the house almost naked lately?”

“Because she’s having a mid-life crisis,” my sister responded in monotone. Interesting. I guess it made as much sense as the truth.

“Would you believe me if I told you that it’s because she’s repressing an attraction to me?”



I sighed. It’s nice that Lucy thinks she’ll believe anything I say; it’s annoying that she won’t, however, believe that I’ll say the stuff.

“Hypothetical: You’re hypnotized. I tell you that Mom has been walking around the house almost naked lately because she’s repressing an attraction to me.”


I paused for a moment.

“What if…okay, hypothetical: You’re not hypnotized.”


“I tell you that I think Mom’s attracted to me.”


“Do you believe me?”


A part of me wanted to go in and unweave exactly how Lucy thought hypnosis worked…but frankly, anything that made her think too hard about the process seemed dangerous.

While she was under, she thought she’d believe anything I said…which meant that I couldn’t say anything which wasn’t true, because she didn’t believe I’d ever lie to her.

Oh the tangled web we weave, when first we hypnotize our family members into mindless sex slaves.

I’d gotten far enough along with her that we could discuss these kind of things while she was awake. I’d been enjoying that—I’ve always liked hanging out with Lucy, chatting about life and the world and all that stuff.

Now, sex was on the table as a topic. Also, I got to choose what she wore as we talked. And sometimes we’d pause for a brief blowjob break.

I liked it very much.

“Hypothetical: You’re not hypnotized, and I tell you that I think Mom is attracted to me.”

Nod. If we had the conversation in hypothetical, I could make sure to get everything right for when we had it for real.

“What do you say?”

“What makes you say that?”

The monotone was gone, and she sounded skeptical. Really skeptical.

“I mention that she hasn’t been wearing much around the house lately, and tell you that I think she’s been repressing her attraction, and that’s her way of letting it show.”


“What do you say?”

“Mmm, I think that’s a stretch.”

The skepticism was still there, but less obviously.

“What could I say to convince you?”

“You’d need to offer some more evidence,” Lucy replied, monotone back in full force.

“Like what?”


There was a pause, as my glassy-faced sister considered what evidence she’d accept.

“Like some kind of proof that she saw you as sexual.”

My eyes lit up.

“And if I offered you some proof, you’d believe me?”

“Of course.”

With a grin, I woke Lucy up, and mentioned that I thought Mom might be attracted to me.

Session 41:

It had been four days.

I’d thought that Lucy was insatiable before, but…wow. For some reason, once I convinced her that Mom was attracted to me…

Every time we were alone, she practically jumped me and tore my clothes off. Not only that—one time, she made an excuse to leave breakfast early, beckoning for me to join her. As soon as we were out of Mom’s earshot, her tongue was down my throat and her hand was down my pants.

Honestly, we were lucky not to get caught. I wasn’t ready for that.

Not yet.

I don’t know exactly why the idea of Mom also being attracted to me was such a turn-on, but that was what I planned to find out this session.

Convincing Lucy of Mom’s newfound attraction to her own flesh and blood?

That had been easy.

She’d been awake when I told her. I mentioned that whenever I spent a few minutes checking Mom out, or flirted with her at all, she’d get flushed, make an excuse to leave, and then go into her room…and masturbate.

Lucy was understandably skeptical, but agreed to look out for it. I think she was humoring me, but after the first time it happened, she looked at me, wide-eyed, and practically begged for my forgiveness.

I told her to go listen at the door, and tell me what she heard.

My busty, scantily-clad sister, getting flushed as she listened to my mother masturbate. It was everything I’d dreamed it would be.

Well, almost everything.

To make sure she didn’t think it was a fluke, I recreated the sequence of events a few more times over the next few days. If Mom, Lucy, and I were in the same room, I’d stare at Mom’s tits, maybe make a suggestive comment, then watch with a smile as Mom got hot and bothered and ran into her room to get off.

The trick, of course, was the wording of the comment.

“Mom, that top looks amazing on you. I remember Marcie had one really similar.”

“God, Mom, you’re so pretty. Marcie once said you were the most attractive woman on our block.”

“Mom, you look great. Aside from Marcie’s, I think you must be the hottest Mom I know.”

The last one would normally have scored me a strange look, but just the mention of Marcie was enough to distract Mom enough that she didn’t even notice. I could have pushed things further, but I didn’t want to take any risks.

Lucy, meanwhile, practically thought I was a god. Maybe it was a competitive streak, but she started practically trying to outdo Mom in the skimpy outfit department—I remember one breakfast, Lucy was just in her bra and panties, Mom was in her transparent negligee, and I was in heaven.

Mom didn’t say anything, of course. After all, family members never check each other out.

Four days was enough for me to be sure that Lucy was convinced, and so I’d put her under.

“Can you hear me?”


“How do you think Mom feels about me?”

“I think she wants you.”

“Why do you think that?”

“She walks around the house practically naked, she’s always wet, and whenever you admire her or check her out, she runs into her bathroom and masturbates.”

“How does that make you feel?”

A blush hit the tip of Lucy’s ears.

“It turns me on.”


“Because it’s so wrong.”

“What else?”

“It makes me feel…”

She paused.

“It makes me feel like it’s less weird that I’m attracted to you.”


“It makes me feel like there’s something about you, or something about our family. Like we’re all a bit fucked up.”

“How does that make you feel?”

“I think it’s really, really hot.”


“I like being a family of weirdos. A little incest family.”

I smiled. I liked our little incest family as well.

“Do you want Mom to be happy?”


“What do you think would make Mom happier?”

“If she got to fulfill her fantasy.”


Lucy cut me off before I could ask my next question.

“And if she fulfilled her purpose.”

I paused. This was an interesting angle.

“What do you think her purpose is?”

“To be my brother’s sex slave.”

“What do you think your purpose is?”

“To be my brother’s sex slave.”

“Why do you exist?”

“To be my brother’s slut.”

I smiled. I loved hearing my sister—who, months ago, never even had a sexual thought about me—admit this kind of stuff.

“Why does your pussy exist?”

“To hold my brother’s cock.”

“Why do your hands exist?”

“To milk my brother when he wants it.”

“Why does your mouth exist?”

“To get my brother off.”

“Why do your tits exist?”

“To let my brother cum on them.”

We’d been down this road before, and it was always a good time. I decided to test this new direction.

“Why does Mom exist?”

“To be my brother’s slave.”

“Why does Mom’s cunt exist?”

“To hold my brother’s cock.”

“Why do Mom’s tits exist?”

“To let my brother cum on them.”

“Good girl.”

Lucy shivered with pleasure.

“What would you do if I told you to fuck me?”

“I’d fuck you.”

I couldn’t resist seeing how deeply her devotion ran.

“What would you do if I wanted to knock you up?”

“I’d be excited that you were using me however you wanted.”

“What would you do if I wanted to sell your body on the street?”

“I’d be excited to serve you in a new and different way.”

I had no interest in sharing Lucy with anyone, but it was fun to see how many limits had been completely eradicated.

“What would you do if I fucked you in your sleep?”

“I’d be grateful that I could bring you pleasure even when unconscious.”

Tempting, but I couldn’t risk it clashing with her (extremely specific) vision of me.

“What would you do if I wanted to watch you seduce Mom?”

“I’d try to make sure it was as hot as possible.”

“What would you do if I told you to fuck a dog?”

“I’d get off on knowing that I was fulfilling my brother’s every sick fantasy.”


“What would you do if I told you that I’d instilled these desires into you?”

“I’d thank you for it.”

“What would you do if I told you that I was responsible for Marcie’s condition?”


Lucy faltered.


“Would you believe me?”


“Would you think it was true?”


“What would you do?”


Again, that pause. I watched her through squinted eyes. It didn’t look like she was going to wake up, but it didn’t really look like she was accepting it, either.

“What would you do if I told you that I was responsible for Marcie’s condition?” I said again.

There was a long pause before Lucy answered.

“I’d be scared.”