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Dr. Robert Pressburger stood there for a moment. The jeers grew louder. and louder

“Gentlemen, please!” Professor Michaelson said as he moved up to the lectern and grabbed the microphone.

Robert stepped back to relinquish access to the microphone.

“Please. Can we have calm. Dr Pressbuerger had presented some controversial ideas, but this is a science symposium”

“Rubbish!” cried someone from the audience

“Fraud!” came another

Mostly there were cat-call whistles and boos.

“I think you better call this an end of your presentation” Professor Michaelson said

Robert agreed with a nod.

But, as he headed back to his chair he was hit on the head with something.

It was the remains of a sandwich, but it unnerved him and he ran off the stage.

He was almost in tears as he left the convention hall and took the elevator back to his room.

He was in his room pacing backwards and forwards when the door opened and his wife Miriam entered.

She ran to him and embraced him.

“Oh, Robert” she said, hugging him. “I told you not to bring that up” she said

She was not there so much to console him but to lecture him that she was right and he was wrong.

“My facts are…”

“Irrelevant” she interjected, “Your theory is too… out there…”

He broke away from her and went to the window. She had her hands sternly on her sides as if she was to given him another scolding

There was a knock on the door. Both looked at each other.

“Maybe it’s a lynch mob” he said half-jokingly

There was another knock on the door.

Robert went to the door and opened it.

The woman who stood there was medium height, slender, but very paled. She had dark hair, and incredible blue eyes. She wore a long black dress.

“Professor Pressburger?”

“Doctor Pressburger” he corrected her

“My name is Lilith…” she said offering her hand

He took it and noticed both how soft it was and how cool it was. “May we talk?” she added

“Ah, yes… come in… come in…” he said

She smiled at him and drew past him, but her small breasts brushed lightly over him.

He stood there transfixed for a moment as she stepped into the room.

“Hello?” Miriam said

“Hello” Lilith smiled

“Ah.. Er… this is Lilith, dear” Robert said

“How do you do…” she smiled, offering her hand

“And this is my lovely wife… Miriam” he said, as if for a moment he’d forgotten her name.

“Lilith, is it?” Miriam asked, “Just Lilith”

“Just plain little me…” Lilith smiled

Miriam instantly disliked her.

“Ah…” Robert said, sensing the frostiness, “Please, do take a seat”

“Thank you” Lilith smiled

Miriam didn’t like the way she smiled towards Robert

“You wanted to talk…?” he asked as he realised he’d been fixated on her. His wife gave him a stern look

“Yes… about you findings”

“You were there?”

“Yes” she said plainly

“My findings… well… I explained everything there”

“Is there something you didn’t understand?” Miriam interjected with a little bit of venom…. “My husband’s work can seem quite complicated… for the layman”

“Yes, I know” Lilith kept up the charm. “I’ve actually been following his work for some time”

Miriam kept quiet

“Can you tell me how many ‘victims’ you have uncovered?” she said, ignoring Miriam.

“I wouldn’t exactly call….” he began,

“Tell me” she said


“Remarkable” she said


“And all with no more… ‘sexual power’ ?”

“No… it seems not…”

“May I look at that…?” she asked pointing to his notes

“Ah, no” Miriam interjected, “OUR” (emphasising both) “notes are not yet published”

“Oh, I do wish to see them” Lilith said, and she gazed at Robert

“I… ah…” he wavered, “Please… feel free” he said grabbing them off the table and handing them to her

He caught his wife’s angry gaze and he shrunk back into his chair.

She flicked through them. Quite quickly. She ignored Miriam’s glare

“Anything you care to know in detail…” Miriam asked sarcastically, “As it seems my husband is quite happy to throw our work away”

“Oh, I’m not here to steal your intellectual property” Lilith smiled, “I’m interested in how you discover all… these… men” she said

“Well… “ Robert began

“We advertised” Miriam said

“You.. advertised?” Lilith said, caught off-guard by this… it was the first time she seemed less than fully composed

“Yes, we advertised” Miriam smiled, seeing that she could say something that Lilith seemed concerned with.

“We put ads in all the men’s magazines, for a few issues, asking if any were suffering recent, unexplained impotency issues…”

“And then…” Robert added, “We sifted through the many responses”

“All anonymous” Miriam added

“To see any patterns… that conform with a model as I predicted”

“Ah, I see…” Lilith said, “But if the information was anonymous, what good is it?”

“Well..” he began

“You see we know their locations, ages and important information” Miriam triumphed over her husband.

Miriam was quite happy to seem to be the dominant partner. Lilith didn’t seem to show any emotion in this regard… quite annoying Miriam even further.

“So…” Lilith said “What I gather from your presentation and reading this material… and your previous unpublished paper”

“Yes…” Robert said intrigued… “How did you…”

“Never mind” she said

And he seemed silenced by that

“So…” she continued, “Reading your notes here…”

“You read it?” Miriam snorted. She was skeptical that someone flipping through the pages could have read anything

“You understand my data?” Robert asked

“Oh, yes” Lilith smiled. “What you believe is that these men… and probably more”

“Yes, most likely”

“Yes, don’t interrupt me” Lilith said. Robert sunk back into his chair. Miriam growled “You can be quiet too…” she said and Miriam was taken aback by this. “Go sit on the bed” Lilith said

Miriam found herself spinning around on the spot and walking into to the bed and sitting down.

Robert was shocked by this…

“So these men have.. had their ‘life force’ drawn from them so that they are no longer able to function… in a masculine way?”

“Yes… they can no longer perform their duties as husbands” Robert said

“They can’t get it up?”

“That’s right..”

“And this is from…?”

“An encounter…”

“An encounter?”

“Yes… something, or someone, took their life force from them…”

“Fascinating” Lilith smiled

There was a knock on the door.

“Who is that?” Robert gasped as he got up

“I called for room-service” Lilith smiled

“You did?”

“Yes…” Lilith said, “I knew I would be hungry”

Robert opened the door

“Look there’s been a mistake” he said to the young man with the trolley

“Let him in” Lilith said.

“Look!” he began, but she gazed into his eyes and he seemed to cringe

She waved her hand and Robert let the door close

“Sit down” she said to Robert.

He returned to his seat… and wondered why he’d let her boss him around… it was bad enough he let Miriam do it.

“Come in. Come in” she smiled getting to her feet, “Let’s see what you’ve brought me to eat…”

“I…” the young man said, “I have roast beef, gravy, potatoes…”

“What’s your name?” she interrupted


“Eric” she smiled, “I’m not interested in the trolley… I’m interested in you….


“Yes… you’ve brought me something to eat…”

“Yes, Roast…”

“No… this” she smiled as she unzipped him


“Shhhh” she whispered

She sank to her knees as she undid his pants

He looked up at Robert confused, but he just sat there dumbfounded.

“No, look at me” she purred

He looked back down at her, her eyes

She had his pants and undies down and she took hold of his stiffening cock and massaged it

“So beautiful” she purred as she wiped his cock over her face

Her mouth opened wide and she took him into it.

“I…” he began, but relented… her mouth felt so good. Eric was in fact gay, but having her on his cock, he was rock hard.

He thought about his lover Raymond—he’d be disappointed to see Eric right now, but then he seemed to vanish from Eric’s mind. Eric quickly forgot all about his love

Eric gasped as all his cock went down Lilith’s throat. Her mouth clasped about him and then it just sucked

She was like a suction device

His cock trembled

And then… he came

“Oh, my!” he cried

His cock kept spurting.

“Oh yessss” he gasped as he came more than he’d ever come… and then he sensed something more… he felt it… his energy… drawing away. And there was nothing he could do about it.

He looked down at her as her mouth continued to suck… suck… suck

A part of him knew he was in trouble… his heart beat irregularly.

And then, she released him. He fell to the ground in a heap. He wheezed

She rose up to her feet

“Ah, the life of a young man” she purred, stretching out, feeling his energy course through her veins.

She looked over at Robert who sat there unable to move

“You’re probably wondering what I am…” she smiled

“I…” he tried to speak

“You may speak”

He felt a sudden relaxation and realised that she’d made him sit firm to the seat… so hard his arms ached.

“What are you?” he had to ask…

“A succubus” she said as she kicked Eric to roll him over. She looked down at Eric, at his pathetic eyes…

She hitched up her dress. She wore no panties. She squatted down over Eric’s face and pressed her vagina over him.

“That’s it… feed” she smiled

“What are you doing?” Robert asked

“I’m feeding him…” she said matter-of-factly, “I fed from his energy, draining him of—what the Chinese call his ‘Chi’—and now I’m giving him back what I can’t use… through my vagina…” she added with a grin to further shock Robert.


“My body doesn’t work like yours or your wife’s” she said, “My vagina expels this ‘waste’ and he feeds from it… or he would die…”


“And it bonds him to me…”



“Why are you telling… why are you allowing me to see this…?”


“Yes… you’re…. you’re not going to kill me are you?”

“No, Robert” she smiled as she rose up off Eric. His mouth looked like it was covered in blood


“Yes, mistress”

“Go, now”

“Yes, mistress” he said, rising to his feet

“Do your pants up first!” she laughed

“Yes, mistress”

Eric was mesmerised by her… he was connected to her with her mens-blood inside him

She turned to Robert. “I would like to work with you…” she said

“Work with me?”

“Yes…” she grinned, “On the cases you have in your research…”

“Why… if you don’t mind me asking…?”

“I will work with you to find these men… and then I can use that information to find the source of their assailant”

“It wasn’t you?”

“No” she laughed, “I can… as you see.. enslave those I feed on… and he will be able to ‘get it up’ again after a few days”

“Why would you want to find this… thing?”

“I am concerned” she said


“Yes…” she said, “I need you… men to feed on. If something is draining them of their ability to come… I won’t be able to feed…”

“So it’s not…?”

“You thought I was being altruistic?” she laughed

“I just thought…”

“You stupid man”

“Why should I work with you?”

“I will give you a gift…” she said

“A gift…? What sort of gift?”

She turned “Miriam. Come here”

Miriam rose from the bed and walked over to her



“I have something for you…”


Lilith pulled her dress up

“What are you doing?” Robert cried

“I am making her… more compliant”

Lilith got Miriam to her knees. She pushed her vagina towards Miriam’s face

Robert noticed that Lilith’s vagina went up almost to her belly-button.

Lilith pulled Miriam’s face into her. “Oooooo” she cooed. Miriam’s entire face was in, then her head. Lilith had her down to the neck

“You can either work with me” Lilith said, “Or…”

“What, you’ll kill the woman who hates my guts…?”

“No… I can do far worse than that… “ Lilith smiled, “I can make her tell the world how you rape and torture her…”

“They’d never…”

“Never believe her…?” Lilith laughed, “They will when they see all the bruises”

Lilith released Miriam.

Miriam took a large gasp of air, her head covers by a red mucous

Lilith took a sheet and wiped her crotch before pulling her dress down. She looked otherwise the same attractive woman. Miriam went to the shower to wash

“And…,” she smiled, “I have another motivation” she added as she went to the room door

“Come in” she said

“Bianca!” Robert cried at seeing his daughter

Bianca walked into the room

“Hi, dad” she said

“What…? What are you doing here?”

“My mistress asked me to be here…”

“Your what…?”

He turned to Lilith

“Don’t you hurt my daughter!” he growled.

“Touch me… and she dies too” Lilith grinned


“If you hurt her, or betray her I’ll tell the police how you’ve been raping me since I was a little girl…” Bianca said

“What? Bianca?”

“My mistress…” Bianca said, “I serve her”

Miriam came out of the shower, damp, naked, finishing off with the towel

“Hi mom”

“Hi Bianca” Miriam smiled but she went to Lilith and put her arm around her


“You and your daughter will protect me”

“With our lives” Miriam said

“With out lives” Bianca added as she embraced Lilith from the other side

“So… there you have it” Lilith smiled triumphantly, “You can either work with me to find this creature that’s preying on my prey… and destroying men… or I’m going to ruin your life”


“Show him…” she said turning to Miriam

“Hi, baby” Miriam said sauntering up to his side, “I want you so bad… you want to fuck me?”

“See… I can make her your sex thing too…” Lilith said, “If you behave”

“That’s right” Miriam purred, “You can fuck me anyway you want.”

Lilith turned to Bianca.

She drew up to him too, “Or, you can fuck me, daddy” Bianca purred. She felt his crotch

“What? No! Bianca, you’re my daughter”

“You can have her if you want, or not” Lilith said

“No… No… I don’t want my daughter…”

“Oh, daddy?” Bianca purred,

“No… not Bianca”

Lilith snapped her fingers and Bianca returned to her side.

Miriam took hold of his cock, “Do you want me to suck it?” she purred, “I want to taste your come”

“No.. no… look…” he protested

“You don’t want your wife either?”

“No… I mean… yes” Robert said, “But I’m not going to do it in front of you, especially in front of my daughter”

“Very well”

“So…?” Lilith said, “Do we have a deal?”


“You’ll help me find this thing…?”

“Yes” he said, “If you don’t hurt my daughter”

“And you get to fuck Miriam whenever you want”

He looked at Miriam “I want you” she purred


“Okay” Lilith said, “Let’s get to work…”

The End