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Vacation Rental Chapter 1

mc mf fd

Anna and Matt are two young professionals who need a romantic break, and find the perfect island vacation rental. But is it too perfect?

* * *

“How much did you pay for this Anna? There’s no way we could have afforded this.”

Matt had walked into the room first, and the moment he swung the door open his jaw had dropped.

If ever a space whispered, “ostentatious,” it was this room. The floor was perfectly tiled, smooth, expensive-looking granite. In the front of the room were two large leather couches and between them around a mid-century modern wooden coffee table. Beyond the front seating area was a small kitchen with a taller dining table with long, slender chairs. A slightly tinted glass wall to the right revealed the bedroom. Around the corner of that wall was a hallway and another darkly tinted room; it looked like that was the bathroom. The shower was larger than their bedroom back home.

And the far end of the room was a wall of seamless glass. On the opposite side of the glass was a covered, shaded patio, beyond that an infinity pool flanked by cocktail bars and lush plants. And beyond the horizon of the infinity pool was a bright white beach, and the ocean, softly glittering with bright sun.

It looked like a full-spread in a glossy architecture magazine, the kind of thick expensive magazine you put on your coffee table to impress guests.

“Hey let me through,” said Anna, trying to peer over Matt’s tall, broad frame. He stepped forward, towing wheeled luggage into the room, and Anna stepped in.

“Hoooolleee shit,” gasped Anna as she walked in. “I swear Matt, it was $80 a night. I mean, $110 after those damn Airbnb fees. But still. Eighty a night.”

“How is that possible?” asked Matt, as he walked further into the room and peered down the hallway. On the right side of the hallway was an entryway to the only bedroom, and to the left was what looked like a massive bathroom. Down the small, wide hall was a well-lit seating area and a sliding door inset into the wall. None of the rooms had any doors.

To call it all audacious was an understatement.

“I don’t know,” replied Anna. “I just...came across it on Airbnb. It didn’t have any reviews. Maybe that’s why? It’s a new property? They just need some good reviews?”

“That must be it,” said Matt, “This place must cost....millions. I’m afraid to leave fingerprints.”

Matt and Anna had used all their air miles getting here, and the only way they could have afforded the week-long getaway was snagging a place this cheap. Everywhere else on the island was at least $600 a night, and that was for little more than a closet and a bed.

The listing for this place even said that breakfast was provided.

Matt shook his head in disbelief. Something had to be wrong with this place. Matt turned to Anna, “Anna, maybe we should—”

In an uncharacteristically sudden move, Anna dropped her luggage and leaped into Matt, nearly knocking him over. He caught her, but almost didn’t. “Matt,” she said, “this is perfect.” Matt looked down at Anna, stepping back to maintain balance. She gazed up at him with a huge smile, her eyes glistening with the sun from outside. Matt shrugged off a bit of surprise and smiled back. “Yeah,” he agreed. He looked up, admiring the place again. “This is exactly what we needed.”

Matt liked feeling the weight of Anna’s body pushing into him, the feel of her firm ass on his hands as he held her. They’d been working so hard back home, him on his career and she on her post-grad degree, that he honestly could not remember the last time they’d even, well, hugged. Looking down at her Matt felt a flush rush through his body. He felt Anna’s breasts pushing into his torso. Were Anna’s nipples hard? It felt like it. His dick responded with an instinctive twitch when she hugged him tighter for a second. Then she pushed herself away, falling to the floor, and he relaxed. Anna wandered into the hallway towards the opposite wall, the only wall with an actual door. It was a sliding door, closed. She tugged at it. It was, apparently, locked.

“Oh, there’s a note,” she said, seeing a small piece of stationery on the small side table by the door. Matt picked up the luggage and walked it into the bedroom to the right as she picked up the note.

“What’s it say,” he called, looking for a place to stow the luggage. The bed was set against another glass wall, on the same wall as the sliding door, this one tinted so dark it looked brown, matching the hardwood cedar of the wood and the furniture. A dresser was set against the far wall, below the window to the outside front porch.

Anna stepped into the room and leaned against the thick glass doorway frame. “It says, ‘Sorry we couldn’t meet you today but we’re indisposed until tomorrow. Help yourself to anything in the fridge. We made the smoothies this morning, just for you. There is a list of safe, fun clubs on the kitchen table. Go explore them. You’ll have a blast. We’re so excited you’re here. Make yourselves at home. Perhaps we will see you tomorrow. XOXO, Karen.’ That’s how she spelled it out,” Anna said from the hallway, “XOXO. So cute. Shall we try the smoothie? I’m starved.”

“Sure,” Matt said as he moved clothes from their luggage into the dresser. Unlike the inside two darker walls, the wall facing the entrance, away from the beach, was a soft pleasant white. In the middle of the wall was the large window that looked out onto the building’s awning and the city beyond. He admired the view for a second, listening to Anna open the fridge and pour out smoothies. “It’s kinda weird,” he said, turning around, “so many glass walls. And no door.” He walked out of the room.

Anna was walking towards him. God, she looked good. She was just wearing a t-shirt and jeans, but the jeans were tight, showing off her calves and thick ass. Her shirt was a v-neck and Matt couldn’t help but stare at her cleavage, the freckled nape of her neck. Her breasts bounced in their bra as she walked toward him with a glass of blue smoothie in each hand. Was she literally walking with more of a bounce in her step? And why was Matt just now, for the first time, noticing how damn good she looked? They’d been at the airport and flying all day. Maybe that was it; those damn airport fluorescent ceiling lights in the terminals don’t do anyone favors.

Anna handed him a glass of what looked like a deep dark blue smoothie, slightly chunky with little seeds throughout. “Bottoms up, handsome,” she said as she clicked her glass to his. “I think it’s blueberry.” And before Matt could get a word in, Anna had raised the glass to her lips downed the whole smoothie at once. Matt must’ve looked shocked; Anna looked at him and said “Check it out: no brain freeze, huh! Mmm, this stuff was good,” she said, licking the blue from her red lips. “I’m going to check out the porch. You mind unpacking the rest of the clothes, hot stuff?”

Handsome? Hot stuff? Matt couldn’t think of a time when he’d ever heard Anna use those words. Who was she, Matt smiled as he nodded to her and walked back into the bedroom. Anna usually was restrained, precise, scientific; literally a scientist. She had been working so hard on her project, a study of the positive effects of cultivated bacteria in slowing down the aging process, that this vacation was just what she needed. It had come at just the right time.

Matt looked at the blue smoothie, shrugged, risked the brain freeze, and downed the whole. It was cold, with a strange taste: at first like blueberry but then something bitter and more like cocoa, or even chalk, then followed by a bit of a sting as it went down. Wait, was the bite from liquor in it? He wasn’t sure. Or maybe that was a kind of sharp anise taste? Matt waited a moment, ready to wince. But no brain freeze.

And Anna was right: the smoothie tasted good, really good. As in, one of the best smoothies ever. It had been odd tasting at first, but now that it settled, Matt really liked the taste. Even though it was cold, he felt his body warm up. And even though he’d just downed the whole thing barely a minute ago, his body felt looser, a bit slower. There had to be some liquor in there. He sniffed the empty glass. It He put the glass down on the dresser and picked up some more clothes and put them in the drawer, and then glanced back towards the back deck. Anna was laying down on a deck chair in the sun.

Laying down. That sounded like a good idea. From the bedroom, Matt stole one more look at Anna on the porch, who’d quickly found a patio chair and lowered it. The sounds of the ocean drifted in from the open sliding patio doors. Anna’s hands were raised over her eyes, resting on her forehead as she laid down. Even from across the apartment he could see down her t-shirt, her breasts pushing up from her body, barely constrained by her modest sports bra. His cock twitched again. Matt shook it off, there’d be plenty of time for that, and then glanced at his watch, which he’d adjusted to local time as soon as they’d landed. 4:30pm. He looked down at the king-size bed. The bed’s expensive sheets and blankets and big pillows called to him. Just a quick nap. Thirty minutes tops.

The flight and the connections had been so hectic. And with the in-flight wifi working, he’d used the flight time to squeeze out of a few work emails instead of sleeping. Yea, he was pretty tired. A quick nap would let him enjoy the evening more, and Anna would surely be back inside in a minute to wake him up. He laid down on top of the blankets. Damn this bed felt good. He smacked his lips, tasting the blueberry and the bitterness….just...30 minutes.

* * *