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Vacation Rental Chapter 2

mc mf fd

Anna and Matt are two young professionals who need a romantic break, and find the perfect island vacation rental. But is it too perfect?

* * *

What was this. felt like someone with very big hands was pinching Matt’s head between two fingers, then releasing it for a second, and then doing it again. Or like his head was stuck between two elevator doors opening and closing and opening and closing. Matt tried to open his eyes, and couldn’t. His face was pushed down into some pillows, and all he could feel was a thump, thump, thump coming from inside his head and echoing into the rest of his body like a jackhammer in a parking lot. He let out a pitiful moan.

Holy shit did he have a hangover. Was this a hangover? This was unlike any hangover he’d ever had.

Where was he? Was it Monday? Did he need to get into the office? He ordered his brain to move his hand, which was sprawled to the other side of the bed, and feel for Anna. His arm reluctantly and clumsily obeyed, flopping from one part of the bed to the other. Nope. No Anna.

Where was she? He opened his eyes and let a little light in. It hurt. He moaned again and turned back into the pillows. He breathed in, trying to alternate his breathing from the thumping in his head.

Alright. He’d have to get up. He took a deep breath, bang went his head again in between the elevator doors, and pushed himself up off the bed, and then before he could tell it was happening he fell off the bed and onto granite floor. The impact hit with the same timing as whatever was banging on the inside of his brain and the sharp cold pain of the floor smacked through his body.

“Oh God,” he said. His whole body hurt. He took a second, the pain oscillating from one side of his body to the other, but it was dark down here too. “Oh boy.”

His whole body was also cold.

Wait, why was it cold? Where were his clothes? Was he naked? Yes, he was. And his whole naked body hurt and shivered.

He took in another breath and pushed himself off the floor to kneel at the bed. Anna was on the far opposite side of the huge bed, too far for his hungover arm to have reached. She was also naked, laying on her back, her arms and legs everywhere, her body contorted like she’d walked in and collapsed on the bed. Or, he thought for a second, like she been tossed there. What a strange thing to think, tossed. He looked more closely, squinting to block out the light. Anna’s breasts heaved heavily with her heavy breaths, dropping a little groundwards and billowing up against a pillow. Matt stared at her tiny nipples, licking his dry lips, and found himself looking downward to see if he could see her pussy, but no, it was lost in the jungle of blankets and pillows.

His head banged against itself, reminding him that he needed to a) get dressed, b) find some Advil, c) figure out what the hell was going on.

He stood up. Gravity pulled him downwards and he stumbled a bit. Ok. Where were his clothes from before the nap. Oh, yes the nap. That’s what he’d taken. He’d drank the smoothie, put some clothes away, then taken a nap. Anna was on the porch. Her tits pushing upwards. Wait what? Oh and the sound of the ocean.

They must have been so tired from flying. This must have been one of those jet lag two-hour naps. But why the headache?

He opened a drawer and put on some boxer briefs, closed the drawer, and then stumbled around the bed. He squinted and looked through the tinted black glass wall.

Someone was in the apartment. Matt squinted, forcing back the headache for a second. The someone was a woman, doing something in the kitchen. He refocused his eyes. There were fingerprints on this side of the glass wall. Where those his fingerprints? There was more on the glass wall, the outline of a body, with some kind of dripped stains all the way down the glass. The same fluid had, apparently, dolloped onto the floor too.

Matt noticed that it also smelled strange in here. Like sweat. And...something else. Something sweet, but pungent.

His head reminded his body that it hurt like hell. Matt cringed. What the fuck had happened during his nap? He stumbled out of the room and into the hallway. “Hello?” he asked, his voice sounding unlike his own, more like a dying frog. And dammit, the light was so goddamn bright from the ocean. The sun was high in the sky.

The woman at the kitchen counter said something, but Matt didn’t hear her. He was too busy staring. The woman was tall, with long dark black hair that was pulled back with a headband and cascaded downwards halfway down her back. She was wearing a fashionable white, knitted, see-thru beach cover-up that stretched the length of her body, itself lending her body even more of a sense of curvaceousness. Underneath the cover-up was, of course, her ass, covered by a strikingly bright red one-piece that crawled up the middle of her butt cheeks and reached around her thighs. When she turned around, Matt audibly gasped.

This woman was, without question, one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. The red one-piece was stylish; classy, classic even, almost like a Cindy Crawford era scoop swimsuit. It could have looked dated, but on this woman, the swimsuit looked timeless. She looked timeless. From her ass, the swimsuit barely covered her pussy, and then traveled upwards, giving her large breasts room to hang just a little on the sides, like someone had dared them. The cover-up accentuated the spreading cleavage of her breasts. Finally his eyes made it up to her face, which was mature, even a little wrinkled, but striking. Lush lips, high cheekbones, a pointed nose, and absolutely gorgeous eyes. Matt wanted to look down again at her, to take a second pass, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of hers; they were green, set in perfectly applied eyeliner, like emeralds deep in coal.

“Hello Matthew,” she said. Her accent was thick, almost Italian, but, somehow even more exotic. Her eyes pierced back at Matt and then her gaze traveled to Matt’s boxer briefs.

Oh yeah, he remembered: he was pretty much naked.

“Oh, shit, yes, let me get some clothes on,” he mumbled, his face turning red.

“No,” said the woman. “That’s not necessary. Your American underwear is basically swim trunks.” Her accent reminded Matt of a slightly more modern version of a 1930s Turner Class Movie era Mid-Atlantic actress accent, glamorous and sophisticated. “Come here, Matthew. Be polite. Shake my hand.”

It felt odd to walk up to a strange woman in only his boxers, but only for a moment; whatever in his brain that would’ve have stopped him from walking up, naked, to a beautiful women, that thought quickly disappeared after hearing her voice. After he started walking toward her, Matt felt like he should’ve done it in the first place, without her saying anything.

Up close, the woman was even more stunning. Her skin flawless, tanned but not unnaturally. And she smelled like nothing he’d smelled before: salt, beach salt, with a hint of field flowers, the grassy kind that grows on an untouched beach, and the wind. Could someone smell like the wind? The woman was in almost every way the beach, embodied in the shape of a woman.

She stepped out from behind the island counter and reached out her hand like she was presenting a gift. Which, Matt thought as he saw it extend for him, her hand was a gift; Matt was going to get to touch this woman. As their hands met she slid her right hand into Matt’s and then brought her other hand from the folds of the cover-up and placed it on top of Matt’s wrist. Her hands were warm and soft, but firm. And instead of letting go, she was softly moving her fingers over his hand, almost massaging it, as if she was getting to know the contours of his hand by touching it all over. He breathed in a breath. His cock twitched instinctively, again (it’d been doing that a lot since yesterday), and he wondered if the woman had noticed.

“I’m Karen. I own this property. My husband and I live through there,” she nodded to the wall through the hallway and the sliding door, which was now open. “You had quite a night,” she said, letting go of his hand and turning back around to the counter.

When she turned away, it was colder for a moment, like when the sun hides behind a cloud for a second on a cloudy day. Matt glanced over to the front of the apartment and noticed a pile of clothes right by the door. He couldn’t quite tell but it looked like his and Anna’s, from before their nap.

Wait, what did she say? “Night?” Matt asked, “Not night. You mean. Nap. We took a quick nap.” Matt said. He glanced towards the clothes at the door.

“No, honey,” he could almost hear her smiling, “you were out all night.” She nodded to a clock on the oven. “It’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon.”

Matt’s stomach sank and he put his hand on the counter. His headache had been absent, gone since he’d seen Karen a few minutes ago, but it suddenly returned with a vengeance, like those two elevator doors. “Ouch,” he said, stepping back, putting his hand to his temple. “Sorry. What do you mean all night?”

Karen turned around with a smile that shined. God she was stunning. God, god god. She was holding a cup of something hot. “I checked in on you both this morning, but you weren’t up yet. I figured 2 o’clock is long enough to recover. I thought I’d make something for you both. Here. Try this. It’s tea. My own special blend.”

She handed the cup to Matt, who took a moment to move his hand from his head and take the tea.

He suddenly felt embarrassed to be naked in front of Karen again. “Do you have any Advil? Tylenol? Anything?” asked Matt. “I guess, I guess it was a rough,” he paused, looking at the pile of clothes, “night.”

Karen smiled again, leaned against the counter and crossed her arms. “Rough? Hm. It certainly sounded rough.”

Matt lifted the tea to his lips, more as a way to hide than to drink the tea. What did she mean, “rough?” He sipped again from the tea. It tasted sweet, fruity. It reminded him of grilled peaches in the summer.. Almost too sweet but not quite, smoky, balanced with the undertones of a certain distinct bitterness that Matt couldn’t quite place.

“Oh. My God,” it was Anna’s voice, coming from behind Matt, low and cracked, like his when he woke up. Matt turned his head, taking another sip from the tea, a longer sip. The tea, like the smoothie, was better tasting the more he drank.

Anna was stumbling into the room, naked, holding her head in one hand but using the other to hold the blankets as a kind of robe-cape.

She squinted, putting a hand on the wall to steady herself, and she stared at Karen, probably looking as gawky as Matt had just a few moments earlier. “Oh my God,” she said again, this time in amazement, quite blatantly checking Karen out. She pushed her head awkwardly forward from the folds of the blankets, kind of a like turtle looking at something far away. “You’re stunning.”

Matt sipped his tea again. Anna was being so forward on this trip. Or at least what he remembered of the trip. Ouch.

“Thank you,” said Karen, walking out again from behind the island and towards Anna. Karen’s breasts bounced heartily with each step, and Matt couldn’t help but watch, mesmerized by the way her breasts moved so fully yet firmly. Her back was to him, her ass showing through the shawl, her sideboob flanking her curves. He lifted the teacup back to his mouth, half to get more tea, half to not be noticed for staring. Damn did she look good.

Karen offered her hand to Anna, in the same fashion as she had to Matt. Anna took it with both hands, letting the blanket fall to the floor. She was now naked, totally, in front of Karen as the two women held each other’s hands. From behind his teacup, which he’d now kept raised for an obviously unusually long time, Matt sipped the last of the tea and watched as Karen inspected Anna, her eyes moving down Anna’s body like a scanner, slowing down at Anna’s breasts, and then at Anna’s torso, and her lightly hairy pussy.

Where Matt had coiled back when Karen looked at him, Anna stood unflinchingly, almost enjoying the inspection.

“You’re not so bad yourself Anna,” said Karen, as she let Anna’s hands go and turned around. Matt imagined Karen winking to Anna, and felt jealous.

“I like what I see,” Karen said, her eyes moving from Anna’s body as Karen turned, to the left, where Matt was standing, specifically at Matt’s crotch.

Anna followed Karen’s gaze. “Wow, Matt,” said Anna, nodding to his dick. Matt looked down and sure enough, his cock was as tall as ever, stretching the fabric of his boxer briefs so far away from his body that it created a small gap in the waistband.

“Oh shit,” he said, putting the teacup down and stepping away. Anna stepped in front of his path and put her hand on his elbow. Her touch felt electric. She stepped a half-step closer, and his cock was touching her mid-stomach through the strained material. A small stain of pre-cum started to spread. “It’s ok,” she said, smiling. “If I had a penis and woke up and saw her in my room? I’d be hard as a rock too.”

Matt could imagine Karen smiling, but he looked at Anna and tilted his head. Seriously, he tried to say with his eyes, who are you? It wasn’t that he didn’t like it, it was just....just a side he’d never seen. Then again, they’d never been in a multi-million dollar condo, drank and partied to oblivion, apparently, and then woken up with a half-naked beautiful women in the same space either.

Anna moved closer to Matt and whispered quietly, “I’m as wet right now as you are hard.” Matt looked down at her pussy, with little tufts of blonde hair curled up and matted. He did smell something sweet, pungent, something that smelled like, well, Anna.

It was too much for Matt. “I need to get dressed,” Matt said, looking for an escape route. “You should try the tea, it’s really good.”

Anna quipped, “Ok,” and smiled.

“Actually, I have a different tea for you, Anna,” said Karen, as she started preparing the hot water. “And Matthew, we are very open in our home. Transparent, one might say. It’s why we prefer all these windows and this glass. It’s why we love living next to the ocean. Openness. Sight. Seeing. Being seen. This leads to insight. Freedom. Experience.” Karen chuckled. “Listen to me, I sound like a cruise line commercial.”

Matt walked around Anna, her breasts and nipples rubbing against his torso and arm as he did so—they are hard, or hardening—and he walked towards the door to pick up the clothes that they had apparently discarded.

“Remind me how many days you’re here,” asked Karen, still looking at the counter.

“Seven. Well, six I guess,” replied Anna, as she stepped closer towards Karen.

“Perhaps, after the craziness of last night, you should both take it easy this evening. Yes. Tonight you will do something you can actually remember tomorrow morning. The four of us, you two and myself and Jack, will eat takeout tonight from the cafe. Enjoy the pool afterward, perhaps,” Karen said. “Go, get dressed. Work out for a bit. We have a private gym on the first floor. Try exploring the local shops. We will have Lionel come by and tidy up, and when you get back in a couple of hours, we’ll be all ready for you. Jack should be home by then as well. Here, have your tea, Anna.”

“That sounds lovely,” said Anna, nodding to everything, and taking the tea and lifting it up and breathing in. “Mmm, this smells so good” She sipped it. “Kind of salty. I can’t say I’ve ever had salty tea.” Anna took another long sip. “I like it.”

Matt bent down to pick up the clothes at the door. They must have literally taken off their clothes right at the door. He glanced back at the two women as he stood up. It was still jarring to see Anna, his Anna, his dream girl, comfortably naked next to a woman who looked like she walked off a fashion cat-walk or a movie set. But seeing them together now, next to each other, he could see how Anna compared, and she actually did pretty well. She was skinnier than Karen, more athletic. Anna normally looked like she was too tall for her own good, and she was prone to clumsiness, but today Anna’s curves looked better than ever, and her curvature seemed to accentuate her height and compliment her thinner torso and legs. Anna looked graceful, instead of floppy. And truthfully, standing there so naked and confident, Anna looked more like herself than ever. It was almost as if she’d been hiding a great body under Target jeans and high v-neck t-shirts all this time.

He’d loved Anna’s modesty and shyness; it made her a mystery to Matt. But as he walked into the bedroom, he smiled because he liked this version of Anna too.

Matt breathed in. His headache was gone. The tea must have worked, but boy had it worked fast. He could feel the warmth of the tea spreading through his body. He also felt the conversational gaze of Anna and Karen as he put on some clothes, his cock still somehow hard, as he pulled on some khaki linen pants.

Matt sighed, stealing glances back at the two women in the other room. He found his eyes lingering on Anna’s torso, her pussy, the way her hair curled in growing wetness, and to the little red string in the front of Karen’s swimsuit, when it wasn’t obscured by her shawl.

Whew. He breathed in, trying to reel his thoughts back to the pragmatics of actually, finally getting dressed.

But then Matt smiled. His headache was gone. How could a hangover disappear so quickly? Things were different here for sure. Anna was different. He was different.

Everything was different, yes.

But he liked this new different.

Matt sat down on the bed, looking at Anna and Karen in the other room. God they were beautiful. They were looking back at him; Anna said something to Karen, nodding in his direction, then giggled, her face lighting up with laughter. Last week? Yesterday? He would’ve taken it a little personal and wondered why she was laughing. Today? He knew it was harmless. He knew she loved him, wanted him.

He took the last sip of tea and closed his eyes as he sat on the bed, letting the tea melt into him. He liked the feeling of the tea’s warmth spread through his body, the feeling of being watched, of being loved, of being needed, and the feeling of growing anticipation.

His cock twitched just a little.

* * *