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Valkyrie Don’t Cry

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Usual disclaimers, science fiction, age restricted adult material, all charters and situations fictional. If you are easily offended don’t read this.

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Summary of Story

Middle aged lawyer becomes entangled in young girls life. She’s seeking revenge when they are both killed and brought back to life by 10 dimensional being. They recruit team of girls to investigate and seek her revenge. Discover evil machine intelligence is behind it all. Discover sentient virus and save Cree Empire and beautiful Empress. Later find Valkyrie of Oden legend. Much sex, hypnosis, and mind control.

* * *

Chapter 1, Her Own Worst Enemy

Falling, always falling. For uncounted ages, it had drifted through space and time. Falling, always falling, never resting, but never actually moving either. Only one aspect of it was fixed in one of the many dimensions it existed in. At one time it had been part of something. Something much bigger than it was now. Sometimes it could almost remember what it once was, and then it was all gone again. Falling, always falling forever.

* * *

Maximillian Sulivan was driving to Yuma, Arizona. At the moment he was working as a favor to the probate judge as a court-appointed estate manager for an Orange County, California estate. As part of the pending estate a pendant had been left to a nephew as a personal bequest, he was the last member of the family that could be identified. It was Max’s job to deliver it to him personally. The pendant was a small Cat’s Eye gem of some nature in a simple German Silver setting. The appraiser the court was using laughed when Max asked how much the setting and gem were worth. It seemed the only silver in German Silver was the name itself. As for the gem, yes it was unusual but not that valuable according to the same appraiser. At the moment the pendant, in its small cellophane envelope, was in his inside coat pocket resting over his heart.

Nina Vasquez was one of twenty South American women recruited by a Mexican cartel as undocumented sex workers for a Nevada dude ranch brothel just outside the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. At the moment she and the others like her were mere cargo in a concealed compartment in a refrigerated tractor-trailer rig parked among hundreds of others just like it at a huge truck stop well over the Mexican border in Arizona. Nina was young, barely nineteen, and was a natural redhead, full breasted, narrow hipped, long-legged, deep olive complexion, blue-eyed beauty from Vita Cruse, Mexico. Some even said that her family were direct descendants, from the wrong side of the blanket of course, of the original Emperor Maximillian of France who had tried to rule Mexico so many years ago.

Jose, no last name anybody had any faith in, was one of an outlaw biker gang crew of five that intended to hijack a load of drugs coming in from Mexico. The gang’s informer had given them a truck trailer number and description of the Kenworth overhead sleeper rig that was hauling it. They were also told that it would be at the truck stop at 2:00 am.

At 1:00 am all three parties entered the truck stop. Max fueled up and then parked in an out of the way space to get a little sleep before hitting the road again. The truck driver went in to wash up and shower after parking a little distance from Max. Nina and company were nervously waiting for their next ride to show up. Since they were across the border they would transfer to another ride now they had been told.

Jose was still looking for trailer 1177. At approximately 2 am Jose found the trailer, but instead of the cocaine he was expecting he found Nina and the other 19 girls packed in the hiding hole. Jose and his crew were not what you would call the sharpest tools in the shed. In fact, some people might call Jose and his gang total screw ups. First, the trailer he was looking for was 11777, not 1177. Second, he should have retreated when the concealed compartment opened to reveal twenty girls that all started screaming when he threatened them with his pistol. Making the whole situation even worse Jose grabbed one of the girls, slapping her and demanding to know where the dope was.

Max awoke to the sounds of women screaming. Any other time he would have investigated the situation before springing up and blundering into the middle of what he now found himself in. Tonight though he was in a strange place and had not gotten any sleep, so he rolled out of his car in a foul mood right into a true hornet’s nest.

By this time the five idiots had the girls out of the tractor-trailer and were slapping them all around while banishing a motley assortment of Saturday night specials and cheap 9 mm knockoffs. Staggering out of his car Max confronted Jose.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing,” Max shouted before he even tried to size up the situation. A bad if not seriously fatal decision he would have advised anyone but himself at this time.

“Butt the fuck out gringo.” Jose rounded on Max with his 45 revolver zeroing in on Max.

“You can’t be pushing these people around. Get that gun out of my face asshole before I have you arrested.” Max retorted.

“You one crazy fucker Gringo.” Jose, who was high on Meth laughed, and slapped him upside the head with the pistol. Well, he would have if Max’s head hadn’t moved before the pistol connected. As it was muscle memory took over and Max had the gun and hand firmly under his control and was suddenly behind Jose. Exerting pressure to the nerves in the wrist Max caused Jose’s hand to spasm open dropping the gun it held, which Max snatched out of the air as it fell. Bring Jose’s arm up hard behind his back Max forced Jose face first into the ground, only now noticing the other four gang members drawing a bead on him with their drawn guns.

“Slow down boys I’m sure that we can work this thing out.” Max managed to get out before all four shot him. The last thing Max remembered thinking was, “Hell isn’t this overkill.” As four idiots with automatic weapons started spraying bullets from 15 round clips into Max and the twenty girls standing around him. The only one not killed outright was Jose who was already laying on the ground. Nina’s last thought was, “no good deed goes unpunished,” as she blanked out. Of the twenty-one people that had been shot only Max and Nina were fatally wounded, most of the others were just minor flesh wounds, but everybody was down except the gang, who were already running away as fast as they could go.

When the Arizona state troopers and paramedics arrived Max and Nina were stone cold dead stiffs. So they were bagged and tagged for the morgue. Two hours later Max became aware again. In his dream, Max was standing in front of this shining silvery shimmering figure and he was being asked if he was satisfied with being dead. Well hell no he wasn’t satisfied being dead, is anyone satisfied being dead he finally answered, but dead is dead. Hell I know I was hit a dozen times at least. There’s nothing I can do about being dead he answered calmly. Perhaps more calmly than he actually felt.

“But you do not want to stay dead?” He was asked this time.

“Hell no! I want to live.” Max answered more calmly than he actually felt at the moment.

“Then begin to heal yourself.” Said the voice simply, and just like that Max could feel something as his body began to knit itself back together again. There was a distinct tingling all over his body that he was aware of now.

As Max lay there the Voice, as he was calling it now, then asked if there was a relationship between him and the other vessel close to him. What other vessel Max asked. He was shown a bleary image of what he took to be another human body. With a little concentration, he could even make out that it was female.

«Is she dead too,» Max thought.

«Yes, but as long as it’s electrical charge has not bled off, what you would term its spirit remains, it can be repaired. Do you desire it to be repaired?» the Voice patiently explained.

«Sure why not.» and like in a dream Max said sure and lapsed back into his own personal coma.

Arriving at the morgue hours later both Max and Nina were discovered to be alive and breathing and most of the damage to their bodies healed. At first, there was talk of more investigations and malpractice suits, something every hospital and doctor has nightmares about. The fear at the presses response to the discovery of live patients in body bags, and recrimination by the hospital staff toward the EMT’s that brought them in.

After all the paper work on the toe tag said Max was a lawyer, and they would probably be blamed as usual in these things. The doctors and staff of the morgue figured Max and Nina must have been put in those body bags while they were still alive. They reasoned all this as Max and Nina were rushed on gurneys down the long hall to the ER itself.

That was all before Max actually saw the crime scene photos and incident reports. So far the hospital and local law enforcement had managed to keep a lid on this double miracle. They had managed to keep it off the front page of every newspaper and talk show in the country. In fact they had done everything they could think of to cover-up what had happened without causing Max and Nina themselves any more trauma than they had already suffered.

When Max regained full consciousness he was fine with that, of course Nina, the other victim, on-the-other-hand was not consulted about any of this as she was just an illegal alien and was just going to be deported back into Mexico as soon as possible anyway.

* * *

Two days had gone by and the damage done to their bodies was mostly healed. Max had found multiple slugs in the body bags, but nobody else had figured out how they got there. By this time ICE and Homeland had caught up with them and had discovered that Nina was undocumented and wanted to deport her or loose her in the system. Both Max and the hospital fought that and so far they had won the contest.

Max had also discovered that they were somehow connected now. He always knew where she was and vaguely felt what she felt. Nina was for the most part uncommunicative with everyone. When Max was ready to leave the hospital it somehow felt right to ask Nina to come too. Nina readily agreed without question, but ICE and Homeland didn’t. After much argument, they finally agreed to release her to Max, if he agreed to take custody of her as an officer of the court. Max reluctantly agreed to take custody and help her clean up her lost paperwork.

One other minor mystery was what had happened to the pendant’s cat’s eye gem. The setting was still there, but the gem was gone from the setting without leaving a trace of it behind. One of the slugs had clearly passed right through the pocket holding the envelope that had contained the pendant. The nephew was later told that he could file for the insured value of the gem and was given the German Silver setting that used to contain it.

* * *

Nina Vasquez came from an old distinguished Mexican family that was now extinct except for her. Her father, Hector, who had been connected to the Mexican government, had been killed along with her stepmother and grandmother last year in a bombing attack that destroyed most of the family mansion in the explosion. It left her presumed dead along with them because she was home from school for the holidays at the time and was thought to be with them at the time.

She had been educated at the best schools on the Continent, and later in Japan itself. She was the proud child prodigy of a distinguished old Mexican family. Accomplished at the piano, violin, and several woodwind instruments. She had a natural gift for languages. She spoke, read and wrote in English, Latin, Russian, French, Chinese, Mandarin, Japanese and several dialects of them, and could verbally get along in a dozen others including Arabic, the lingua of the largest part of the Arab world. Besides studying ballet on the Continent she had also studied the more common eastern martial arts, or Bushido, “the way of warriors”. A code of honor which is roughly analogous to the concept of chivalry in Europe. The “way” originates from the samurai moral codes of honor.

Not only was she fluent in the many unarmed styles, but she was also a master of Kenjutsu or Kendo as it is better known today. Master of the long bamboo practice swords (shinai) and armor (bog) that goes along with it. The popular practice of which makes things so interesting at peace protests in Japan. A time when the police, in their shiny riot helmets with clear face shields, in their padded body armor, and those full body covering Plexiglas shields, along with their long fiberglass riot sticks square off against the peace-loving protesters. The peace protesters in their American football helmets or motorcycle helmets, well padded jackets and football pads, holding garbage can lid shields and long bamboo pole protest signs, meet and proceed to beat the living Hell out of each other until they are all laying on the ground senseless.

She had also competitively fenced under Fédération Internationale d’Escrime (FIE) rules and actually trained for the Olympic Biathlon for one whole year. That event is where you cross country ski and shoot a rifle at each station along the trail. She was also a crack pistol shot and more than proficient with a large number and variety of edged weapons. All this before she was even twenty. Of course, she was on her way now to kill the man who had ordered her mother and father killed.

Right now everybody thought she was dead. Dead in the same explosion that had killed everyone else, and that was fine with her. Her father had been killed because he was investigating this very pipeline for smuggling people and drugs across the border she was now part of. She knew all this because of the packet of information her father had left for her in a deadman drop box addressed to her laptop’s E-mail account. A packet of information that was updated every 96 hours and only to be delivered to her if he was unable to check in and reset the timer code after another 96 hours.

* * *

Danny Gigliona was the owner/manager of The Palace, one of the less noticeable Vegas casinos, but still on the strip in Vegas itself. It was almost out of the city limits actually and had a shady history at best. Rumors continued to circulate that the games were fixed and the drinks contained more than alcohol sometimes, but so far the Gaming Commission had refused to shut him down. All of which smelled of payoffs and nothing new in Sin City.

Smart people avoided The Palace, and the less than smart never went back a second time. In fact The Palace was a money laundering operation for one of the new Colombian Cartel’s drug money. They had bought protection from all the right people at the right time. Not only protection from the locals, but also from the state and federal agencies that were involved too. There were also nasty rumors that they were connected to the Russian Mob too, but like Vegas itself, what happened at The Palace stayed at The Palace, as long as it didn’t spill out onto the streets and embarrass the city that is.

Las Vegas is in Nevada and is somewhat unique among the other gambling Mecca’s in the state or world for that matter. Some say it goes back to a connection with Walt Disney and Howard Hughes, both of whom wanted to make Las Vegas “family friendly”, whatever that is? Ask anybody and they will tell you that prostitution is against the law in Las Vegas. Everybody knows that solisitation, the legal term for hooker, is strictly enforced in the city limits.

That’s true as far as it goes, but that’s in the city limits of Las Vegas itself. In the State of Nevada prostitution is both legal and heavily regulated. The Palace was on the edge of that line and definitely not PG13 rated by the City Fathers.

Danny G, as he was known to his friends, also owned and operated three fancy brothels in the county outside the city of Las Vegas. There was also a forth that used some slick legal tricks to conceal who actually owned it. There were some things that the spoiled American Feminist working girls would not do or put up with now that the Me2 folks had shown up. The damn hoes even had their rights now. Hell, the damn prostitutes were even a part of the damn union now. Card holding dues paying Teamsters and AFL-CIO members. So Danny G imported fresh girls up from Mexico and South America to cater to the needs of some of his better paying, but kinkier abusive fetish enjoying customers.

Danny G tried to look after his employees, after all he expected loyalty form them to be returned, but accidents do happen. It was easier to make the problem go away when the problem didn’t actually officially exist. Ship it back across the border with a little pocket money and forget it. Everything had been running smoothly until that damn Mexican greaser Vasquez had interfered forcing him to bring in some of his Ex-Shinning Path connections. Bad people who knew how to remove large problems with a larger bomb.

Right now he was tired from dealing with the various public officials to get his battered property back. As it was they would be weeks recovering from the damage the gang bangers had inflicted on them. Nineteen wasn’t bad, but he would have liked to have recovered them all. From what he got from the other girls the missing girl had been shot dead at the truck stop. He was lucky that the other girls had been treated by the paramedics on the scene and released without calling in ICE, or transporting any of them to the local hospital.

This consignment was for the Fourth House (that was really its name), and Madame Chang. After going through dozens of supposed managers for his specialty house he had finally found her. Well, that was a misstatement, she had found him believe it or not. She was Chinese and old, or should he say ageless. She hardly spoke English, but always got her point across in the broken English she did know. She was from Taiwan and hated the Chinese Communist on the mainland, though there was still a branch of the family there still plying the family trade she told him. She also hated the Japanese for WW II among other things too.

According to her, she and her family had always been the primary managers of one of the many Royal Whore Houses in China. They had always worked for whichever ruling dynasty was in power at the moment. They had done this for countless centuries and generations. In fact, she bragged that the House of Chang was eternal. She was only here temporarily because of a family dispute she told Gigliona Gong (Chinese honorific for a lord, literally duke). Someday, she warned Danny G, she would receive a royal summons and have to leave, but for now, she was his to command. She then laid out her many titles, degrees, and services provided, with all their official chops, wax seals and silk ribbons and tassels. All of which she was very proud of.

A chop is a stamp or seal derived from the wax stamps that have been used for hundreds of years to seal and record things in China. It is typically round and red, very red, with Chinese characters on and around it denoting things. Chops in China are used similarly to signatures on important documents in the US. Rather than signing a document, the Chinese stamp a seal on their documents (the chop). A document with a chop is essentially a binding commitment from the company’s owner or the company’s legal representation. It is very important and carries a lot of weight.

Danny G soon found out that there was no aspect of running the House, the girls, or clients for that matter, that she didn’t know. In fact from Japanese pillow talk, to the Hindu Kama Sutra, which has ten chapters on stimulation of desire, types of embraces, caressing and kisses, marking with nails, biting and marking with teeth, on copulation (positions), paddling by hand and the corresponding moaning that goes along with it, virile behavior in women, superior coition and oral sex, preludes and conclusions to the game of love. It describes 64 different types of sexual acts. On the other hand, she hated the Japanese Geisha, and their teachings, she accused them of being cheats.

* * *

Contrary to popular belief there has never been a real matriarchal and matrilineal culture, moon goddess or otherwise. There have been cultures where the men were away at war or tied up in war, and the women ran the country for extended periods of times. There will always be aspects of society that women excel at, but in general, we are a patriarchal world. The reason is mostly biological. Women get pregnant, and while pregnant they are extremely vulnerable for extended periods of time, and the man’s job is to protect them while they are. Of course, Sparta took the male thing a little too far, and some Feminist have done the same thing on the female side of things today.

In times of war, women have their best opportunities to lead and advance in society, especially in this modern age where brute strength alone means very little anymore. Madame Chang came from a culture that assimilated the invader into the culture rather than fighting the inevitable.

They were the first to build a wall, the Great Wall, around their country to keep out forieners, and the first to learn it didn’t work. This goes all the way back to the Mongols. In time the foreign invader disappeared to just become another good Chinese citizen.

The “three teachings” that mainly influence the Chinese culture are Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism, but the Hindu Kama Sutra made it in there eventually. There are six chapters on advice for choosing a lover, choosing a mistress, looking up old lovers, and they have found their way into Chinese culture. There is also advice on making money from sex and how to keep the books. There are also two chapters dealing with improving the physical attractions, arousing weakened sexual powers, and this was all before the little blue pill Viagra was invented.

In Chinese culture, female children are mainly unwanted and are commonly sold among other things. In fact, state-sponsored slavery is both part of the Chinese social culture itself and its main penal system. There are over a thousand slave labor prisons and forced labor camps in modern China today. They are known collectively as the Laogai throughout China. In fact, Laogai in Chinese means labor and reform. According to the 2016 Global Slavery Index, put out by the UN, an estimated 3,388,400 people are enslaved in modern-day China. Think about it, that’s a quarter of the population that is living in slavery. Life is little better in pro-Western Taiwan for female children even today.

Madame Chang had argued that it would be much easier to import beautiful well trained girls directly from China, but was overruled by Danny G. As it was he was into cocaine if he followed her advice he would run up against the Chinese heroin trade. Even today the Tong and Triad existed and was to be avoided. So Madame was forced to acquest to Gigliona Gong’s order. She would do the best she could with these large boned ugly Western girls for the Gong’s sake, and with that, the Fourth House really began it’s life.

There are natural born courtesans and then there is the rest of the world. Any girl is born with the equipment to have sex, any girl can be trained to have sex, but not every girl loves sex. With the techniques that Madame employed to train her girls, they loved sex when she got through with them. Best of all they became extremely loyal employees without the need to addict them to heroin or other drugs which were a liability to the House. Madame Chang despised the use of opium, heroin, or any other addictive drug going back to the Boxer Rebellion and the destruction of the Qing Imperial Dynasty. The last of the great Chinese Dynasties Madame Chang’s family had loyally served for generations, and which had ended badly for her and her family back in 1911.

Opium had always been used in China as both a medicine and a luxury drug, but it was never a problem until 1770. Having conquered both India and Burma the English needed money to retain control of their rebellious Colonial Colonies. To get that money the English turned to the drug trade. They literally flooded China with opium, causing widespread addiction and misery. These addictions finally culminated in the Boxer Rebellion in which the Qing Imperial Dynasty tried to stop the drug trafficking and was destroyed by the West. Madame Chang still blamed the Catholic and Christian Churches, especially the Church of England for much of that destruction.

With a little tea and some light sedative inducing drugs, herbs really, she was able to trace most of her girls, and the few boys she kept the first time. With a steady course of hypnosis, she soon deepened the trance and intensified all the girls’ feelings. Long ago it had been found that pleasure intensified too much becomes pain, and the same is true of pain. A little pain at the right time can be arousing, but too much is debilitating. With practice among the girls and the few boys she kept, her girls soon became enthusiastic experts at all the games of love, even bondage and pseudo-rape which brought much honor and money to the House of Chang.

During her private sessions, Madame emphasized that all good things were derived from her and the House they represented. She controlled when and if they would have another orgasm. She made sure that they knew that they were not being forced to have sex, only allowed to work for Madame Chang because they enjoyed sex so much. She enforced that Madame Chang loved them, took care of them, just as they looked after Madame Chang and the House. Madame Chang continued to run a “Harmonious Household” just as her ancestors had as far back as anyone could remember.

It was over a hundred years since there was a Chinese Dynasty or Emperor for that matter, but the House of Chang stood ready to serve as she was serving Gigliona Gong now. True her branch of the family was reduced to just her since the family had been wiped out overnight by a renegade Tong clan because they had refused to pay tribute, but there was president in the past that allowed her to adopt worthy individuals into the family. So far though she had found no one to take the place as head of the household. Though she served Gigliona Gong well, she did not delude herself that he was anything other than an ugly American thug, only interested in Jinquin and had no honor.

* * *

Max’s drive back from Arizona was boring as Hell. Nina just sat in the car and refused to talk. He had barely gotten two words out of her since they left the hospital. When she was given the choice of going with him or ICE she chose him. ICE even insisted that their interpreter explain and witness her release and signature. She did anything he asked and smiled, but that was it. The hospital staff put it down to shock, but Max didn’t know. The documentation she had on her said she was Maria Sanchez from Panama, but she didn’t respond to that name when he called out to her.

Halfway home, 9:45 am on the car’s digital clock, Max pulled off to one of the truck stop chains with an all-night hamburger joint. He parked outside and asked Maria what she wanted to eat. All he got back was a shrug.

“What do you want? Hamburger, French fries, Coke? Come on you can see what they have and order for yourself.” He directed her. Once again all he got was a shrug. He rolled up the windows and walked around to her side of the car. Finally, she got out and he locked up. Taking her hand they entered the cafe part of the truck stop. Max marched them both up to the counter and finally frustrated ordered two whopper burgers, two double orders of French fries, and two large vanilla milkshakes. He then dragged her over to a table and sat down. She then mumbled some word that vaguely sounded like restroom and pointed at the stick figure sign giving directions.

“Okay but don’t get lost or stay long, the burgers are due.” Max laughed. Fifteen minutes later Max finished his burger and was munching on his fries and wondering where Maria was. Finally having to ask one of the cashiers to check the restroom. Sure enough, Maria was gone.

“Ok, what do I do now.” Max rhetorically asked himself out loud not expecting an answer.

«Call her back.» Something answered him.

«Like I wish!!» He thought back, before thinking to himself, that’s spooky.

«Just close your eyes and imagine her as you last saw her. Ok you’ve got her, now tell her to come back.» It told him.

«Come back!» Max thought as hard as he could.

«No! No! I won’t.» A very feminine reply came back, and he could sense that she was now running.

«You have to.» Max thought.

«No you can’t make me.» She thought back.

«Make her freeze.» The voice suggested.

«Freeze.» Max reinforced.

«You can’t be doing this to me.» She cried, but she was unable to move.

«Come back and discuss it with me before you run away. I only want to help.» Max thought.

«Ok I’ll come back, but only to talk.» She stated.

«Ok, you’re released. Please come back.» Max pleaded with her.

Fifteen minutes later she showed back up at the table.

“Okay, what are you some kind of warlock or something. Going to take my immortal soul or something.” She sneered.

“What are you talking about,” Max asked.

“Oh, it’s perfectly normal to be using mental telepathy and taking over other peoples bodies asshole.” She all but screamed.

“You don’t have to shout.” Max pointed out.

“I would be screaming, if I could asshole. I just can’t.” She replied.

«At this moment I am suppressing, as best I can, all of your “Fight or Flight” emotions to this situation. You need to look at this thing calmly, and no your not crazy. You exist in 3 dimensions which are expressed in a 4th dimension over time. So you are 4-dimensional beings. I’m a 5th-dimensional being and there are 5 other dimensions I can partially manipulate, making this a 10 dimension universe.» It paused to let that sink in.

«I am not a natural being. I was created by another 4-dimensional race much like yours millennium ago. They are all dead now and I was cast adrift on the dimensional tides of the universe. The cat’s eye gem you had was merely one aspect of me that was captured on this plane of existence. When the bullet hit me I went through both of you. I was designed to bond upon contact with blood. Luckily your blood is not too dissembler to my original owner’s. In fact, you are not too dissembler to my original owner. I guess that supports the old theory about design and function.» he paused again to, I guess, allow us to ask questions.

“So how did you make me come back?” She asked.

« I didn’ decided to come back on your own.» it answered.

“Hell no I didn’t.” She hissed.

«Well I suggested he freeze you truly, and I did lock all your leg muscles true, but I didn’t make you return. You did that on your own Nina Vasquez.» it put in.

«That’s her real name Max and she is on her way to kill the murders of her family in Las Vegas, Nevada. She’s got no plans after that.»

“Do you think she can do it?” Max asked out loud.

«Oh Nina is quite accomplished in the arts of killing things.» the voice laughed.

Suddenly Max knew everything about Nina. Things that she had probably even forgotten. She wasn’t good she was deadly, and he had no doubt that she had the training to kill, but was that enough. As Max knew from personal experience there are many bullets fired in war in anger, but few are actually fatal. Cold blooded murder requires a mindset all its own, which thankfully most civilized people don’t have.

“So your just going to go down this pipeline until you find who’s running it and then you’re going to kill whoever that is Nina,” Max asked.

“Yes,” Nina answered.

“And you think that does anything about the drugs or the girls,” Max questioned.

“I don’t give a damn about that! I just want to kill the person responsible for killing my family.” She bluntly stated.

“And that’s your plan,” Max asked.

“As much of a plan as I need.” She sneered.

“This will not do. No this just will not do at all. For better or worse you are a part of me now. Can’t you feel it? I certainly can. We will trace this pipeline of yours and find out who gave the order and have our revenge, but it ain’t going to be no suicide run. As somebody once said, “the best revenge is living well.” I intend to live a long time.” Max chuckled out loud.

“And how do you intend to stop me, make me your sex slave?” Nina did everything but spit.

«Maybe I could help with that.» the Voice put in.

“You just stay out of this.” Max shot back at the imaginary Voice in his head.

I wish I knew what she is thinking Max thought, and suddenly he was inside her head. He saw it all. How close she and her mother had been. How her real mother had died of a sudden heart aneurysm when she was only 10. How old her father really was, and how he doted on his young new wife, to her exclusion. How when she was only 12 she was sent off to boarding schools on the Continent. How her obsession with the martial arts was a plea for her father’s attention, and finally how an argument with her stepmother led to her not being home when the bomb went off.

“I was supposed to be there.” She cried.

“It was not your fault Nina. Just thank God you are alive to avenge their deaths.” Max consoled her. “Nina I’m 39 now when I was 20 my squad was in a chopper that was hit and went down, I was a Marine sergeant in charge on that chopper. The tail rotor was hit and we were spinning. As we hit I remember thinking, “Oh, my God, save me”. The last thing I remember was the sound of steal collapsing around me and the screams of my people, then I woke up in the hospital. It took me years to get over it, not to blame myself for their deaths. It’s even got a name, “Survivor Guilt”. Quit blaming yourself, be thankful your alive.” Max related his own story to her.

“That doesn’t change what I have to do.” Nina stubbornly insisted.

“You could let me assist you,” Max said.

«US assist you.» the Voice put in.

And so I....we turned and headed for Las Vegas. We hopefully could find where the latest shipment of girls had wound up through the police reports. From my criminal attorney days, I knew most of the codes to get us into law enforcement’s data system. If reports had been filed I would find them.

The stretch of road to Vegas is lonely desert sand and jagged mountains of rock and Nina did nothing to fix that situation. For the most part, she either sulked or slept all the way there. Max chose the Anchor Motel just off the strip to stop at. It was not too big but was close to all the action. He had stayed there before and they weren’t pushy or nosey and kept their computer and Internet service up to date. We would start there.

After checking in Max went back out to the car to get his laptop and wake Nina. Nina was waiting beside the car when he got there. Max tossed her the room key and went to grab his things. This time he had gotten room 106, the end unit. One room, two single beds, a small kitchenette, bath, and shower. By the time Max got there, Nina was in the shower and the radio was going full blast playing some obnoxious hip hop.

Max logged onto the system claiming to be an insurance adjuster and wanting information about the shootings at the truck stop. To his surprise, there were no shootings noted. Everything Max could think to check was gone if it had ever been filed at all. Somebody had been very busy covering this all up.

Max was wondering what to tell Nina when someone broke into his connection and inquired who he was. Max had used the insurance adjuster scam before and fed him the usual bogus information, but this time it didn’t work. Suddenly his connection to state records went dead. Since Nina was just coming out of the bath wrapped in a towel, Max put off a long explanation in favor of a cool shower himself. When Max got out Nina had been in his things and had appropriated one of his white linen button-down dress shirts and a pair of Mickey Mouse print boxer sports. Both me and Max had to say they looked much better on her than Max.

“Where are your clothes,” Max asked.

“Drying.” She enlightened us.

“I didn’t have much luck with records, so I’m going to have to work a little harder. Right now what do you want to eat? I can get pizza and trimmings delivered, or we can go out.” Max offered.

“In this?” She spun around for our inspection.

“This is Vegas babe nobody would say a thing if you walked into Caesar’s Palace like that. Of course some high roller might proposition you because you look good enough to eat.” Max responded off hand.

“You really think I’m pretty?” She questioned.

“Babe your a knockout.” Max truthfully answered her.

Wait a minute, Max suddenly thought to himself, she’s a 19-year-old child with no experience and I’m a 39-year-old confirmed bachelor that gave up looking for Princess Bride years ago. Now she’s blushing and I’m flirting. What’s going on? This is not natural!! All Max’s internal alarms began to go off.

“This is you isn’t it,” Max shouted out loud.

“What’s me?...” Nina began looking puzzled.

“Not you damn it!....” Max froze. Nina froze.

«First, yes it’s me. Second, you don’t have to talk out loud for me to hear you. Just think it and I will hear you or her. Third, you are the Primary, she only received a drop from you. She belongs to you now. And yes I have adjusted both your minds and bodies to what should be optimal levels for courtship and bonding. She needs this, and frankly Max so do you.» the Voice finished and waited.

«It wouldn’t be right, she’s too young.» Max argued with himself.

« She’s old enough to be on this suicide mission. You can stop her or help her commit suicide. Either way, she is yours now, whether she knows it or not. How much control you exert is your business. Friend, friend with benefits, or Master of all you survey, it doesn’t matter. She is yours.»

«Man that’s harsh.» Max grumbled. «Okay let us go.»

“Okay, Nina I’ll order in pizza and put it on the credit card. After we eat you get to visit the Boutique around the corner and pick out a new outfit on me. Then we’re going back to San Diego to see a judge I know and sometimes work for. You will need some ID and I’ll need some information.” Max told Nina.

“But you said....” Nina began.

“Everything has changed. Somebody has removed everything about the incident the other night from the computer records, and somebody was trying to backtrace me on the net a little while ago. We’re going to have to start over. You’re going to have to start over. First, we’re going to get you a passport and check up on what has been done about your father’s death. I would rather start that in Dago than here.” Max informed her.

“But I already know who is responsible.” She cried.

“A name that you really have no way of reaching, no matter how deadly you are. Even if you got him it wouldn’t stop anything or really help anybody. Yes...Yes, I know how you feel. I know how you are hurting inside. Yes...Yes, I know you want to sacrifice your life to avenge your father’s death, but I will not allow it. You have to live Nina.” Max pleaded with her, but at the same time, he tried to command her like the Voice said he could.

“I guess I have to listen to you, Max.” She finally conceded.

Me, I’m the Voice, I didn’t see the need to remind Max that he had once been that young himself. When the chopper went down he was only 19, and it certainly hadn’t kept him from having sex every chance he got.

* * *

A month later Nina had a new passport and her family’s estate was settled. There had been three estates really. The probate court in Mexico ruled that the father, mother, and grandmother died at the same time making the provisions of their individual Wills valid. There was property insurance on the estate, life insurance on all three people, and a hefty bank account, plus the safe deposit boxes. All together the court-appointed executor, Max, estimated that she was worth close to $5 million US dollars. This didn’t include the contents of the four safety deposit boxes in the Vita Cruse branch of the El Blanca Mexico bank which were to be transferred to her. After a short discussion and the right paperwork, Max was given a limited power of attorney and made her guardian until she was 21. Of course all this would have to be finalized in Mexico with the law firm that had represented the Vasquez family for generations.

One of the first things Nina did as her new self was apply for her concealed weapons permit. Max arranged for her to get hers under a special exceptions clause and renewed his at the same time. The next thing she did was have a new wardrobe, AKA costumes, designed just for herself.

Remember the cartoon “Sailor Moon” and her cute little schoolgirl uniform. Well, Nina had some made like it and tested it out on Max. When Max didn’t object she went online and bought some more from Japan or China or wherever they make the things. Max tried to stay uninterested in what she was wearing, but it wasn’t long before she was demonstrating her accessories to him.

Did you know that they make a holster rig that is similar to a woman’s garter belt. Under that short skirt was a Walther PPK 380 on the inside of one thigh, held upside down in a clamshell spring loaded holster, and two extra clips on the other thigh. There were also tasseled throwing darts, throwing stars, flat knives, and many, many more things with sharp edges.

Oh, by-the-way these were not made of steel, these were some type of tough ceramic, she managed to conceal them at various places around her uniform. It is simply amazing what they can do with ceramics these days, ceramics that don’t set off metal detectors in airports.

If he had checked a little further into her Internet history, and the sites she visited, he would have also found her JAVFOR.ME Internet porn site connection (Japanese Audio Video) and her membership account. Just because Nina attended an all-girls school didn’t mean her and her other girlfriends were complete innocents in this day and age, ha, ha. Nina had her own ideas about what her knight in shining armor would be like.

Most of the group of girls Nina was with at school were investigating the daring new adventure of “Enjo-Kosai” (Japanese compensated dating). The majority of enjo-kosai dates consist of groups of young girls going out with groups of older men to a karaoke bar, or some other such club or public activity. They make themselves available socially for several hours and are paid/compensated for their time. Of course, there is the other side, the darker side, of it that Nina was drawn to. A side where it is a form of child prostitution, where participating girls sell their bodies in exchange for designer goods and/or money.

Nina had found years ago that she was drawn to older men. She had even confronted her darker desires years ago and realized she had a “Daddy Complex”. It was a simple inevitable step, now that her own father was dead, to substitute Max for her dead father in her dreams. There would not even be the taboo of incest hanging over the relationship she reasoned now. For once the Voice didn’t have to interfere only nuge a little.

* * *

The Voice’s View Of Things

Weeks later we had moved out of Max’s cramped apartment and into an old abandoned aircraft hanger out on the edge of town at a private airstrip. It was a large empty Quonset hut that Max had bought years ago as part of a business bankruptcy.

Nina had bought on eBay these Styrofoam filled dummies and set them up around the computer center Max had set up for his own use. So far Max has found out nothing on the other girls that had been in the truck with Nina that night. Any time Nina got bored or frustrated sitting around watching Max work she would feather one of the dummies with the decorations from her school uniform.

I’m still the Voice that makes suggestions that they eventually follow. Max thinks that he has successfully avoided taking advantage of young innocent Nina. Young innocent Nina, on the other hand, has planned out and is executing her war to storm his defenses when he is most vulnerable. Right now Max has allowed her to start recruiting her team. She is awaiting her opportunity to seek revenge. I have made her realize that she has plenty of time for her war and love too now.

San Diego is a major seaport and melting pot for the West Coast. Anything can be found, bought, sold, or bargained for in San Diego. Right now she needed someone good with locks, mechanical locks, and breaking and entering locked rooms. After weeks of hunting, she had finally found her, she wasn’t much to look at, but there wasn’t a mechanical lock she couldn’t open, or door she couldn’t open, or room she couldn’t get in. We weren’t going to recruit her so much as own her soul I told Nina. Yes, there are things that money can’t buy, loyalty or their soul is one such thing.

Yes, me and Nina had come to terms. Nina wanted her revenge, she had also, with a little nudge from me, found she wanted Max. The more he avoided and ignored her the more she wanted him. You know the one about the itch you can’t scratch, well Max had become that itch that Nina, thanks to a little help from me, needed to scratch.

Me, I just wanted my owner, I couldn’t do much about that, to be happy and well satisfied. I wanted both of them to lay down roots, have lots of children and found a dynasty and inherit the stars. Thanks to a little luck I now had the resources to start fulfilling some of that dream.

Eve Freeman was five foot five and weighed 250 pounds on a good day, 300 on a bad day, which was most of the time. She was a genetic misfit. Her face was blotchy and misshapen, and her body was a disaster, and she was also deeply superstitious to boot. She was also a regular Houdini when it came to locks and security systems and Nina needed her. So we would recruit her, well really we would buy her soul.

When I’m close enough to a person, and we had gotten close enough to Eve in our investigation, I can read minds. Over the weeks we had been together I had grown a new net in Nina. Nothing any detector was likely to see, but there none the less.

As we sat at the sidewalk table of a crossroads cafe. We got that from Eve’s own mind by-the-way. It appeared that she had watched the movie Crossroads, and believed the Devil made his deals there. Nina passed Eve the formal contract we had drawn up in red ink (representing blood of course) on a piece of real sheep skin that WE were hoping Eve would believe and convince herself was really human skin. Symbolism is everything in these deals with the Devil you know, ha, ha.

The Contract started off ME, well that’s Eve anyway, agree to sell my immortal soul to Nina for the following. Basically, she wanted a new body. After they haggled for awhile they finally settled on the form of a cute skinny little weather girl on Channel 6 that everybody loved. 5 foot 5, a hundred pounds, and skinny as a rail, with no butt or boobs to speak of, but a nice smile on a pleasant face, and good natural blond hair. The contract was signed and sealed with bloody fingerprints on the Contract itself, is there any other way? The two bleeding thumbs coming into contact transferred a little of me to Eve and I got to work. In no time I had her double helix sorted out and corrected.

There are two ways to handle these types of drastic gene modifications. Slowly over time where you hardly feel anything or barely even notice the changes, or rapid change all at once. You know the one about, “no pain no gain”, we decided that for Eve to believe, to really believe in our deal, it had to be the later. So Eve was a very sick little girl for a few days, as she literally sweated, puked, and shit, her guts out. She wound up looking like a shriveled up prune in the end, Her excess skin was literally hanging from her body’s frame of bone and gristle, and her hair was falling out in handfuls by the roots. In two more weeks, the new hair was coming back in and the skin was tightening up. After that, we owned her for life.

Next came our electronics expert Jet Hines. She was simple, we only had to promise to make her walk again. That was easy since her spinal column was cleanly severed. Once again the deal was sealed with cut thumbs. Once again I was transferred and created my net and repaired her spinal nerve damage. Within the week she was up and walking, if not running on her nearly atrophied legs.

Next came our driver, pilot, skydiver, skin diver, and general all around daredevil, now with a crushed body in an iron lung from her last try at a speed record up Pikes Peak on her motorcycle was Kim James. The same deal basically. Within the week she was put back together and joined us at the hanger. Nina now had her team, but I knew she lacked her Key. It was time that I played my trump card and recruit the Key we needed.

After running through all of Bill Gates’s classmates, and the other geniuses in the computer field, then looking up their ULTRA clearances we had our first list. We then eliminated the ones still healthy and working, we still came up with lots of candidates. Then we culled the list again. They had to know the System inside and out. They had to know all the different government agencies, the military, both ours and the others and they had to be old and near death. It might surprise you to know how long the list still was.

Finally, we narrowed it down to twenty in assisted care nursing homes on the thin edge of dying. Of the twenty, fifteen were too senile to be interviewed we discovered. That left five to interview. Of the five we were left with, three didn’t believe us and wouldn’t betray their country, like we ever asked them to betray it? Which left us two in the last batch.

Number one wanted proof before she would agree to anything. Number two simply said, what have I got to lose, where do I sign, and laughed. Needless to say she became our girl.

“I’ll be given a second chance, get my own team, and we’re going after the bad guys for a change. Sign me up. Of course, you babes in the woods know that we have met the enemy and he is us. I’m in, but don’t be too surprised with what we find.” The little old white-haired lady in the hospital bed, wearing only a disposable diaper, with an IV stuck in her arm, and an oxygen tube taped up her nose chuckled.

“First you have to die.” Eve then told her matter of factly.

“I knew it was too good to be true, ha, ha.” She laughed.

“Don’t worry you’ll be as good as new when you wake up,” Eve told her as she injected the drug cocktail Nina had researched, and me the Voice had approved, into the IV line.

“Just hold my hand sweetie, it was a good dream while it lasted anyway.” Jane Russell mumbled as she drifted off to sleep and some fantastic dreams.

* * *

Several years ago the DOD ran a spot check on all its computers that they sold as “surplus”. All these computers were sold in one hundred shrink wrapped unit lots. All are supposed to be wiped down with the standard government approved hard drive eraser software.

First, they found out that they were not erased. They discovered that passwords and other items were left in and on them, but best of all 80% of them had been used to watch porn. Not just any porn mind you, but unsecured server porn, Russian porn to be exact. These were computers that were part of our country’s vital secure top-secret net, all used to watch porn on well known Russian hacker sites.

We have PGP (pretty good privacy encryption) and 64, 128, 256, 312-bit encryption, but it’s only good if you use it. Serial numbers and passwords are fine for computers, but humans forget them all the time. Somebody once said keys are made to keep honest people honest, not to keep crocks out.

* * *

“Your new name is Morgan le Fay, Miss Russell and you are 21 years old today. You can create your own legend. I think that’s the term used in the trade-craft in my spy novels anyway. This is your death certificate, we took the liberty to have you cremated.” Nina handed the young raven-haired woman a fancy sealed metal jar of ashes. It had been a month since Jane had gone to sleep and both died and been reborn as a young Morgan le Fay. She didn’t know the process just the result. They had delivered what they promised, she was young again.

“Okay you delivered, I’m impressed. Does the name signify anything?” Morgan asked.

“Yes, you are our Sorceress now. Besides Eve named you and she likes it, of course, she wants to call Max Merlin now too.” Nina laughed.

“I can see that, but what’s to keep me from just walking away now that I’m cured?” She asked, well she just had to ask, it was her nature Nina knew.

“The Voice for one thing,” Nina answered.

“The Voice? What’s the Voice?” she mocked.

«I’m the Voice.» came from deep within her brain.

“Neat trick, but....” Jane was beginning to worry.

«I control certain functions of your body now Morgan. Even if I allowed you to leave you could never tell anyone about us, just try.» the Voice challenged her.

“Oh, I believe you! It makes perfect sense. You’re a part of me, your also a part of them, and I’m guessing that we can all communicate now just like they dreamed mental telepathy would work like.” Morgan guessed.

“Yes.” Came back from all the girls verbally.

“I assume that you know it’s a good thing if the world never knows about any of this. They would destroy you to get it.” Morgan warned.

«Yes, we realize that Morgan, that’s mainly why you had to officially die. Now, are you ready to help us.» they all signaled back.

And so began the 101 Covert Action Team working out of Camp Pendleton, California. A convenient place to pick up mail and stash equipment. Plus it was an easy drive from San Diego, LA, or Twenty Nine Palms. One of many groups and identities that Morgan created for us with her backdoors into just about every governmental agency there was. She was indeed the Key to everything.

As we had learned Morgan had excelled at Annapolis Naval Academy and been put in charge of dozens of projects that were about to fail. She had become a Cracker Jack troubleshooter and miracle worker in the computer field of military intelligence. She was always able to salvage those projects about to fail and accomplish her objective, but as soon as it was accomplished she was removed and a male promoted in her place. At first, she attributed it to the “good old boys network”, but it was more than that she found out later. The higher-ups had set her up to fail, but she always succeeded. Those same higher ups now actually feared her, she was too good at her job it turned out, and feared to much to be promoted and given her own command. For our purposes she was just perfect.

In her almost seventy years with the Navy, and later NSA, she had worked everything. From the Merchant Marines and Coast Guard to Homeland and the DEA, she had a backdoor into everything and knew everybody that was anybody.

“I knew they would all be useful one day.” She was fond of saying.