The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Valkyrie Don’t Cry

by littlefrog66

Chapter 2

* * *

For the last three months, Max had been working out of his home office avoiding Nina and the other girls in their skimpy school girl uniforms at the hanger. Now that the estate was settled it was time to visit Mexico and finalize the paperwork making him her guardian and inspect the safety deposit boxes there.

For the trip, Max wanted to charter a jet, but Morgan had other ideas. She drew up paperwork to make all of us a team of DEA Agents on a covert mission to Mexico, she even had badges and ID’s waiting at the gate of the San Diego Airport along with other items that would not have made it through regular airport security. Our ride, waiting on the military side of the airport, was an old C130 Super Hercules wide-body military transport fitted out for a general and his staff of six. Since it was Marine they even had a Captain and 1st Lieutenant as pilots and two BAM corporals to wait on us.

Max got a little flack when he referred to the Marine women as BAMs in front of the girls. He had been able to talk the girls out of wearing their school girl uniforms to the airport. Right now they were wearing sheik hand made custom tailored three-piece navy blue women’s business suits with tight slacks and high heels. He had talked the girls out of wearing the matching short pleated skirts that went with the outfits. They were made exclusively by Semone of Balboa. The suits were complete with school ties and some kind of large emblem embroidered on the left coat pocket over their hearts. If Max had paid more attention he would have noticed that the emblem was an M and S over a large P. It stood for Property of Max Sulivan and was thought up by Nina and Morgan together.

Eve innocently wanted to know what a BAM was and the 32-year-old Marine Captain pilot overheard.

“And what were you mister in the Corp, a damn private? I’ve worked hard to get these railroad tracks in this man’s army, and now to be called a BAM by a piss ant chauvinistic bastard like you. You come into my house mister with this group of underage school girls and refer to me and my people as ‘Broad Assed Marines’. Does my ass look broad to you mister!” She lambasted Max. “I can’t hear you, mister?”

“No, Mam.” Max came to attention and found himself wanting to salute.

“Well, I hope not mister.” She finished and went forward.

“Sorry, Max we didn’t know.” Morgan lamented after she left.

“We’ll fix everything before we leave.” Kim and Jet confided to Max.

“I don’t need anymore, whatever you are girls...” Max started.

“You can never have too many contacts, Sir.” Sweet Eve put in echoing Morgan’s favorite saying.

* * *

Well so much for dressing the girls conservatively Max thought to himself. It went the same way at the law firm and then the bank. Yes, they knew that Max was Nina’s guardian and it was so nice of him to bring his family along for a vacation while he was down here on business. By the way, where is your wife? Max was about to deny that he had a wife when Morgan cut him off.

“Mom is checking us all into the hotel, Sir.” Morgan lied through her teeth with a straight face.

«It’s better to give him something he’s expecting and can work with Max.» she laughed on our private channel.

Box number one was the father’s and contained more papers about his investigations and a lot of one terabyte hardened military grade USB flash drives. Drives that we were going to have to go over later. The second box was the family’s and contained stocks, bonds, treasury notes, certificates of deposit, and gold coins. The third box was the grandmother’s cash, and the forth was the family jewels. We cleaned out the boxes and Morgan took charge of the stainless steel attaché case we had brought along for the purpose.

The bank manager wanted to talk to us about opening an account, but we declined, saying we would have to look over what we had before we could make an informed decision. He then gave us his card and asked us to contact him before we left for the States, and that he looked forward to meeting Max’s wife.

«He knows.» the Voice informed us all.

«He knows what?» Max answered back turning a deep red, and the girls sniggling behind their hands.

«He has had contact with that law firm we just left, and they contacted the local criminal cartel to investigate you. They know there is no Mrs. Maximillian Sulivan at the hotel or otherwise. He, well they, just think your an old Americano pervert taking advantage of sweet young innocent Nina and looting her fortune. Oh, and they think your having sex with all of them.» the Voice laughed.

«We wish?» came back from the girls amid giggles behind their hands. All the girls. If Max could have gotten any redder or could have absolutely disappeared into the floor he would have at that moment.

«He’s about to offer you the use of his limousine to the hotel. They intend to rob you, and since you have no real money they intend to just kill you outright Max. They intend to ransom the girls, and then sell them to one of their whore houses anyway.» the Voice continued to elaborate.

«And how pray tell do you know all this?” Morgan questioned.

«I could say I read their minds, ha, ha, but the fact is I monitored their cell phone conversations.” The Voice answered smugly.

«Then we just won’t get in the car.» Max positively stated.

«That’s not an option.» both the Voice and Morgan started. «We take it.» Morgan stated flatly.

«And why would we want to do that?» the rest of us wanted to know.

«Because that damn limo is a veritable tank.» Morgan laughed. «Kim do you think you can take out the driver?»

« If I can get close I have some drugged pins that’ll put him to sleep in seconds. I’ve just been itching to use them ever since Nina insisted I learn to use them. You know I’ve got some tipped with Viagra too Max.» and they all laughed.

«Then you get to ride shotgun up front with the driver. We take him before he can take us. Do unto others before they can do unto you is my motto today ladies. Now the only question is do we go to the hotel or back to the airport.» Nina asked.

«Can we go back to the airport? Isn’t our ride gone?» Max asked the obvious.

«No I recruited them on the long flight down here, and Morgan directed them to make some excuse and stay available here.» the Voice finished.

«I told you.» Morgan smirked. «And Max I’m old enough to be your mother, even your grandmother for that matter. Maybe you could work on a mother incest fixation to match some of these Daddy fixations of the other girls.» she laughed as the other girls blushed and turned red this time, hiding their faces.

«Me I’m just horny as Hell, and I will personally use my poisoned pins on you myself Max if you don’t fuck me when we get back to the plane. I’ve waited long enough.» Jet boasted as the other girls squirmed and fidgeted.

So when the limo pulled up the bank made a great show of escorting us all to the limo, Kim made an issue about riding in back with this group of oversexed freaks. She then begged to ride up front. Finally, the bank manager relented and off we went. In less than a block one of the girls faked being sick and had the driver pull over and stopped to let her puke outside his shinny clean limo. As soon as we were at a complete stop he was unconscious and laying on the curb himself. After that, it was an uneventful ride to the airport and our ride home. As far as I know, that limo is still in the back of that hanger under the tarp with the tags removed, and as far as I know nobody has inquired about it.

Since the plane was fueled and prepped already, we only had to file the flight plan to be on our way. I wanted to go back to San Diego. The Girls voted for Twenty Nine Palms, the stumps, but Morgan surprised us all by choosing March Air Force Base.

“Why.” I wanted to know.

“They have a couple of empty hangers we can use, they can upgrade our electronics/avionics, and lastly they have better living quarters Max. And besides, I have already requisitioned everything we’ll need.” She laughed.

So March and Riverside, California it was.

* * *

“Now let’s get this straight. You girls are going to rape me if I don’t do all of you first. Even you Captain Ovonavich?” Max questioned after we took up lodging in our new hanger/home.

“Yes, Sir the Voice has explained that only you can truly satisfy us now. I’m sorry that I criticized you about calling us BAMs...” Max cut her off.

“No Paula, can I call you Paula?” she nodded and Max went on, “You were right, the other Marines called you women BAMs and I never stopped to think how or what it meant to you. I never meant it to be disrespectful, and may I say that you have a beautiful posterior Paula.” Max apologized.

“I was too thinned skinned Sir. I thought you were taking advantage of the young girls with you, and it really ticked me off. By the way Sir I considered myself a lesbian before all this. I’m really interested to find out if I’m hetro or bisexual now.” She chuckled.

“You mean that you no longer find me attractive.” corporal Nancy McDonnell cried.

“I didn’t say that Nancy Honey. I still think I love you, but the Voice says I’ll love him too. It says that some of my female plumbing was screwed up and it fixed it. It says I can have a natural full orgasm now. I surely want to find out.” The Captain explained to her current girlfriend with her Texas drawl. “Nancy Honey when I was fifteen I was a cheerleader for the Buckton County Rustlers football team in junior high in Texas. My sister was on the varsity high school cheerleading squad, she was three almost four years older than me. She invited me to go with her and the varsity college football team to the State Finals. The team won, and I found out I was one of the prizes they had been promised if they won. I was to lose my cherry and be broken in the right way she said. This was the sacred duty of all Texas cheerleaders, to take care of the players’ needs, and even actively recruit players from other schools. The team lined up and my own older sister actually rolled the first rubber on the quarterback to pop my cherry.”

“We were all on our home football field around this giant bonfire. Somebody had brought out this overstuffed chair and I was draped over it with my ass high in the air and my head hanging down. The quarterback who was hung like a Texas State Fair Blue Ribbon stud bull lined his tool up and rammed it in dry. No foreplay, no lube, just straight in, amid cheers of, “Take One For The Team”. That hurt like Hell, and when it didn’t go in the first time, he reared back and punched at my hole again. He kept this up to chants of, “Hit It Again, Hit It Again, Harder, Harder”, for what seemed like hours to me. He kept this up until I literly passed out.

“I woke up the next morning in my own bed, but god was I sore all over. My sister and her boyfriend, the quarterback, had brought me home and dumped me in my own bed. I had dried spunk in my mouth, my cunt, my ass, literally everywhere. Somebody had even buggered me I discovered. I haven’t had a pleasant fuck since then. I still performed my cheerleading duties, but I got no pleasure from any of it Honey. Maybe things have changed now?” Nancy was holding Paula and they were both crying now.

“Maybe I can help you, Paula,” Max offered. “When I was a criminal attorney we used to use this professional hypnotist to get to the repressed memories of some of our victims. We could pull fine details like names, and tag number out of our client/victums. One time I had this rape case were the under age girl was able to recall the rapeist’s oddly shaped birth mark on his thigh as identification.”

“Anyway I studied it in psychology in college too after that. We had to quit using it when the upper courts ruled that we were planting memories not recovering lost memories. We were leading the witness, ha, ha. Anyway, I think that the memory of that rape, and that’s all I can call it, prevents you from enjoying sex, Paula.” Max offered his opinion.

“Do you think you can make me forget it, Max,” Paula asked.

“I’m not sure that I can make you forget it, that usually leads to more problems than it cleans up Paula. The truth is it’s always going to be in there trying to get out. If you just try to pound it flat it just gets worse, but I think I can blur it around the edges. I’m sure that in some of your later fucks your body, in spite of what your mind was saying, enjoyed it. Maybe I can substitute one of those good times for that first rape. Make you think about that good one first from now on. Do you want to try it?” By this time all the girls were sitting around listening to Max. Paula said yes and Max prepared.

“There are many induction methods girls, but I think the best, sticking to the KISS theory of things, is the simple pendulum. Of course, some like a candle’s flame, the one we used liked a Zippo lighter, but I don’t see any around right now. So has anybody got a necklace I can use.” Several were offered. Max finally settled on a teardrop-shaped piece of green jade on a long flexible gold chain. They pulled out the table piece separating the two rows of seats and Paula sat opposite him. He began the standard induction. “You are feeling relaxed, your eyes are following the stone back and forth, back and forth, your eyelids are getting heavy, so heavy, so tired, your eyelids are closing over your tired eyes, and finally they are shut and you can’t open them, no matter how hard you try you can’t open them. (Always the test to see if you have to start the induction over again.) Then the deepening exercises. I like the elevator personally, having them count down from 100, the top floor to the ground floor to see how deep they are. In this case, I stopped Paula on 25.” Max finished up with Paula and found, to his surprise, that all the girls were now in the same deep sleep. This couldn’t be natural he thought, I might be good but I’m not that good.

«I did give you a little help, but you’re better than you think.» The Voice encouraged Max.

“Paula your in a nice warm safe place. I want you to calmly think of all the times you have had sex with just one man. Can you do that for me, Paula?” I asked. “Tell me when you’re ready.”

“I’m ready.” Came at last.

“There was one that was better than the rest wasn’t there Paula,” I asked. “Tell me when you have it firmly planted in your mind and tell me when you’re ready to move on.”

“I’m ready.” Came at last.

“Now remember that first rape...” Max began.

“I don’t want to...” Paula mumbled.

“You don’t have to Paula, it is becoming blurred, indistinct, the details harder and harder to remember.” Max waited. “ You remember the good time I had you remember Paula.”

“Yes...Yes, I do.” Finally came.

“From now on if someone asks you about, or you think about, your first time you will remember that time. Each time it will be harder and harder to remember that rape until it just disappears, only remembering the good time. The time you enjoyed it. Whenever I, and only I, say sleep Paula sleep you will return to this pleasant relaxed state you love so much. Do you understand Paula?” Max prepared to wake her after implanting his trigger.

“Yes,” Paula answered.

“Okay, Paula on three you will awake refreshed and clear-headed remembering everything we have discussed and known it is right for you. What you want. What you deserve, a good rich sex life. One...Two...Three.” Max finished and Paula woke up. Paula wanted to tell everybody about her experience, but Max shushed her with a finger to his lips and a hand motion indicating the rest of the room’s sleeping beauties.

“What should we do with them,” Max asked her quietly.

“Oh wake them up where I can tell them about my new awakening, Max.” Paula bubbled over.

“Oh, I think I’ll try something first. Ladies whenever I, and only I, ask for your full attention and look you directly in the eyes and say sleep, you will return to this relaxed pleasant state ready to listen and follow my instructions. When I count to three and clap my hands you will all awake refreshed and clear-headed, but you will not remember anything that has happened. In fact, you will be positive that you have never been hypnotized. One...Two...Three...clap.” and everybody was awake again.

* * *

“Now I’ve got four more to take care of.” Max laughed.

“No problem,” Morgan stated. “We just have paperwork cut that says her and the others are TDA (temporary detached assignment) or TDY (temporary detached duty) to this unit right now. In six months or so we’ll get it changed to PCS (permanent change of station). You would really be surprised to know how many personnel get lost this way, ha, ha. Some people say it’s a perk of the job. People just get lost floating around out there in never-never-land because somebody forgot about them.”

“How do they get paid? What do they do for money? You used to have to pick up a paycheck, sign and get paid.” Max asked.

“In the new army you sign up and it’s direct deposit. You have a debit card, Max. Most GI’s use their local credit union. If you’re on base, Dispersing issues you a card to take care of billeting, the mess hall, and motor pool if necessary. I’ll have new papers cut promoting, McDonnell and Fry to Warrant Officers. That way they can stay together in base housing with all of us when necessary.” Morgan put in.

“Are you going to make me gay Max.” Sharon, 1st Lieutenant Sharon Heart, wanted to know.

“Do you want to be Sharon,” Max asked.

“I don’t have too much experience, Max. Sex experience you know. I met and married Sam in college. We got a little apartment off campus and I thought we were happy until I came home and found him in our bed with my ex-roommate. I walked out and filed for divorce. At the hearing, he called me a frigid bitch. After that, I joined the Marines and they sent me to flight school and made me an officer. Since the divorce, I’ve followed some of the other girls’ advice and bought a vibrator.” She confessed.

“Do you enjoy the vibrator, Sharon?” Max questioned.

“It gets the job done, but to be honest I miss Sam.” She further confessed.

“Sam or his dick Sharon?” Paula laughed.

“You know they make dildoes that are much better than the real thing girl! We each have a BOB, Battery Operated Boyfriend, that you can borrow.” Both Kim and Jet volunteered information.

“The other girls have told me, but I’m too embraced to ask where to get one,” Sharon confessed to everyone.

“Girl you don’t have to play on the other team to enjoy a good fuck. If a man isn’t around to do the honors there’s no need to deprive yourself. You have sisters now, and Honey nobody knows what you need better than another sister. Some say that only another woman can truly satisfy that need. Men are good, meat and potatoes, straight forward, but brutal. A woman is an elegance, a light caress to finish off a full superb meal. Having a good orgasm doesn’t make you gay Honey.” Morgan laughingly advised. “When you get to be my age you’ll know that for sure Honey.” the apparently 20-year-old Morgan finished.

“Morgan do you and the other girls want to introduce Sharon to the joys of sisterhood while I see if my hypnosis worked?” Max reached out for Paula’s hand.

“We have never been hypnotized, Max.” Came back from all the other glassy-eyed girls.

Taking Paula to the front of the wide cargo bay Max pulled Paula close and tilted her head back. First licking her neck and then lightly biting her ear lobe. Then they kissed and their tongues began to explore and fight the battle as old as time. Finally, Max chose to end the contest and pushed her back to arm’s length. Holding onto her shoulder with his left hand he started pealing her out of her stiff starched uniform with his other hand. Finally, she was naked, her clothes in a pile around her feet.

“You’re beautiful,” Max said simply, as he walked around her admiring her curves. From cute snub nose and pouting lips, to large self-supporting breasts over a narrow waist and generous hips, Paula was a lovely form to admire.

“Now you can strip me.” Max directed as he stood before her. Paula never said a word as she removed his clothes. Finally, when he was naked too she dropped to her knees and started to engulf his erect manhood, but Max stopped her. Taking her by the hand he pulled her down to the floor with him where he briefly kissed her and then whispered, “My Goddess”, in her ear before parting her legs and kissing the lightly furred Mound of Venus she offered between her open thighs.

“A Goddess should be properly worshipped before the act of love itself my lady.” With that, his fingers separated her nether lips and Max’s tongue plunged in, going to work on her exposed clit, and working the little nub until she was wet and moaning for release, making it time for the next step.

“Are you ready.” He asked as he moved his erect penis up and down her wet slot, before sliding it in when he judged her to be ready. He then partially pulled it back out, only to fully drive it home with the next firm thrust. As he bottomed out against her pelvis both him and her sighed together.

“Oh yes. That’s it.” Paula moaned. “Do me. Do me now like the wanton slut I am.” As Max continued to thrust into Paula’s wet pussy.

“No Paula you are my Goddess, and this is the pleasure you deserve. The pleasure that you will always get and deserve when you have sex with me from now on.” Paula shuddered as she had her first of many orgasms. After what seemed hours, and several other orgasms from Paula, Max climaxed in her. He then kissed her and rolled onto his left side, leaving his right arm trailing over her body and letting his right hand play with her breast and nipple.

“How was that my Goddess” He finally whispered into her ear.

“I’m yours forever Master.” Came from Paula.

With that, all the girls started clapping. Max was so shocked that he assumed a fetal position. Covering up his equipment and thinking how to escape, or just plain disappear into the floor.

“Girls we’ve embarrassed Max.” Morgan cruelly laughed.

«Max this is no time to be shy or modest. This is your harem now. All these WOMEN are yours. Yours to command now. They will take care of their own needs most of the time, but they look to you for the emotional support they need. Nina especially needs you to replace the father figure she lost.” The Voice-directed Max.

So Max rolled back over and still blushing addressed his watching and waiting group of naughty delinquent school girls. Once again he was reminded of the Japanese schoolgirl porn he had watched on JAVFOR.ME, and some of the better German sites he had discovered on Nina’s laptop. Or maybe they weren’t school girls at all. Maybe they were the angry vengeful reincarnations of some Valkyrie sprits out of Norse legend he thought to himself, but he must have thought it aloud given Morgan’s retort.

“Valkyrie Max?” Morgan questioned.

“Oden was noted for his spear, and he’s certainly got Oden’s spear.” Jet laughed pointing to Max’s cock which had sprung erect again, standing its full six?? make that at least eight honest inches now.

«Well I helped a little.» the Voice laughed.

“So are you Oden and us your Valkyrie cup holders now Max.” Morgan wanted to know. It was apparent that Morgan just had a natural mean streak in her.

“The Valkyrie...supernatural beings associated with fairness, brightness, gold, bloodshed, the collectors of the souls of dead heroes to be taken to Valhalla as reward for dying heroically in battle.” Eve finished up.

“Well, he certainly took me to heaven ladies.” Paula put in. “He was the best I ever had. He was just like the first time I had sex with Frank Jones in the back seat of his father’s car after junior high graduation prom, I can remember it just like it was yesterday. Frank was a very good lover. He knew how to treat a girl, and a girl always remembers her first time.” She stated with conviction in her distinctive Texas drawl.

“It’s good to see my hypnosis worked Paula.” Max smiled.

“I have never been hypnotized.” Came back from the rest of the group of now glassy-eyed girls.

“Yes...yes, I think it did, but what are you going to do about them.” Gesturing to the other girls, now glassy-eyed around us.

“I’m thinking about it Paula...I’m thinking...Ladies I ask for your full attention....sleep. Sleep Paula sleep.” Now Max had all the girls tranced and receptive for any programming he wanted to do.

“Ladies whenever I, and only I, ask for your full attention and look you directly in the eyes and say sleep you will return to this relaxed pleasant state ready to listen and follow my instructions. When I count to three and clap my hands you will awaked refreshed and clear-headed and remember it all and make your own decision about what we do next,” Mac clapped his hands and went for a walk.

* * *

Max hadn’t really noticed until now, but it was hot outside. As he walked down the extended rear cargo ramp the hot California El Camino wind hit him in the face like a hammer. The VIP shell that had been set up in the cargo bay must have been air-conditioned he thought. It was hard to think that this was, well could be, one of the deadliest weapons ever envisioned. A gunship, Puff the Magic Dragon in fact. A weapon that only got deadlier as GPS got better and better. So good now that a painter on the ground was hardly necessary anymore.

He wondered if Morgan had been aware of this when she requisitioned it. It had the special extended wing edges and flaps, and the hard points for the booster packs for short take offs. The only thing this one was missing was the black radar absorbing paint they had developed. He also didn’t see any offensive weapons, but they could just be concealed. For all, he knew the whole outside could be a claymore mine.

He hadn’t gone far when a Mighty-Mite jeep came to a halt in front of him.

“Where do you think you’re going, Mister. In fact, what are you doing on my base for that matter? This is a restricted area.” The young female AP (air police) officer questioned. “Let’s see some ID.” As Max reached for the rear pocket of his pants the Lieutenant’s sidearm, a revolver, was out and the hammer was back.

“Just be sure what comes out of that back pocket Mister.” The lieutenant cautioned him.

“Aren’t you just a little trigger happy there lieutenant.” Max laughed.

“The Hanger you were coming out of is listed as top secret on my roster now mister. It’s my responsibility to see that it’s secure. Now, who are you?” The lieutenant demanded with conviction.

“I’m Maximillian Sulivan, and I’m with Captain Paula Ovonavich, and 1st Lieutenant Sharon Heart in that C-130 in there,” Max stated handing her his billfold, which the corporal beside her took and looked through.

“He’s on the list Lieutenant.” The corporal confirmed. With that the Lieutenant safed and lowered her pistol, finally holstering it.

“Can I ask you how you got that hangar and that level of security for that old C130 Mister Sulivan.” The Lieutenant wanted to know.

“What’s the P for Lieutenant P. Sanderson,” Max asked, reading the name tag on her uniform.

“Patrica...Pat, Sir. Lieutenant Pat Sanderson of the 452nd Air Wing Air Police Unit. ” She answered, not really knowing why.

“Well Pat, if I told you I’d have to kill you, Lieutenant, ha, ha.” Max laughed. For a moment he almost thought she was going to draw on him again.

“Well, your ID’s and passes are at the main gate office.” She said turning around to walk back to the jeep.

“Lieutenant... Pat, I’m sorry for giving you a hard time, could you help us out. We just got here and we haven’t got any transportation and we don’t know where anything is. Could you arrange for us to get an escort.” he asked nicely.

“I get off in an hour and I’ll be back Sir...Max.” She volunteered, against her better judgment. All her instincts were screaming to avoid this man, and yet something else was drawing her to him like a magnet. With that, she mounted her jeep and drove off. As Max was watching her drive off Morgan walked up.

“Like what you see of Lieutenant...P...for... Pat Sanderson. We need and the Lord provides. You know you own her. I could see that when I walked up.” Morgan laughed.

“Your reading in things that don’t exist, Morgan, she’s just being helpful.” Max objected.

“You’ll see.” She mocked, and so we added another contact to our growing family, with the full approval of the rest of the family I might add. I now had Nina and her crew and Paula and her crew that made eight and now Pat made nine if Morgan was right.

* * *

“Well, what have the girls decided Morgan?” Max wanted to know since she seemed to be the spokesman and chief den mother to my delinquent Girl Scouts.

“They have decided that they are a family now. They like how you handled Paula’s situation and want some of that too. I figure that I’ll already have some of that myself. Anyway, they decided to draw lots to establish who gets you first. They can trade lots or combined them if you agree, but every girl gets a day with you.” She laughed.

“And I’m to do what with her.” Max laughed at her.

“The same as you did with Paula fool. Every one of them thought that was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. Every one of them wants the same exact thing. They loved the “My Goddess” part of the show last night a lot. I personally expect a little more since I have a whole lot more experience, but the girls thought it was wonderful.” Morgan explained.

“Morgan do you like hypnosis,” Max asked?

“I have never been hypnotized, Max,” Morgan answered getting glassy eyed.

“Do I have your attention Morgan,” making eye contact, and saying, “Sleep.”

“Morgan you have always fantasized about being hypnotized, now that you are hypnotized you are aroused. Every time I stroke your arm it will feel like I’m stroking your clit. When I ask you, “are you ready”, you will have an orgasm. When I wake you, you will remember everything Morgan, 1, 2, 3 claps.” Max exercised his new power.

“You did this to me.” Morgan accused as she shuddered.

“Yes...Yes, I did.” Max answered as he took her arm and stroked it lightly.

“Ohhhh.” She cooed as she shuddered again.

“Are you ready Morgan.” Max teased as Morgan fainted dead away right into his arms. After what seemed like hours of holding Morgan upright there she woke up moaning.

“Oh...Max...Max, you have to quit stroking my arm. I can’t stand it. It’s driving me crazy. Oh please, Max.” Morgan moaned and begged.

“Sleep Morgan. You will forget the instructions I just gave you, but you’ll remember everything you felt. 1, 2, 3, clap.” Max instructed Morgan.

“Max you could kill a girl that way,” Morgan complained. “We’re just not built for that much pleasure,” she complained.

“Then stroking your arm like this isn’t pleasant?” Max teased.

“Oh yes, that is nice.” She mumbled. “I could begin to really love that Max.” She encouraged him to stroke her arm some more.

“Are you ready for more Morgan?” He questioned.

“Oh that’s nice, I can remember how it felt before you removed those instructions. This is just bliss, Max. You have to work on this, it could become addictive.” She moaned.

«And you complained you had no imagination.» the Voice put in.

«Well I got hooked on Erotic Hypnosis a long time ago, but couldn’t find anybody else that was interested. I guess I just lacked the confidence to really try. Now the girls come along and almost beg for it. What’s a guy to do. And YOU need a name, I feel like a damn fool calling you “The Voice”.» Max laughed, making quote signs with his arms and hands.

«When you come up with a name let me know. In the meantime get Morgan inside while she can still walk, you are being watched and I don’t think Morgan flopping around on the ground is a good ideal.» the Voice chuckled.

“Okay Morgan time to go back in and face the music. By the way, you old jaded woman of the world that’s seen and done it all did that get the juices flowing.” Max probed.

“Are you certain you have never done this before Max?” She responded.

“No you and Paula are the first,” Max answered truthfully.

“You know Sweet Eve might be right. You might actually be the reincarnation of Merlin. She just knew it before we did.” Morgan chuckled as she rubbed up against Max and intertwined her arm with his as they walked back arm in arm to the hanger.

* * *

Max had become the main figure in a board game with rules that Max never fully understood, but then he didn’t have to. He only had to pleasure the girl or girls he was assigned. If they had a fantasy he fulfilled it. If they didn’t have one he invented one. He had a major advantage in that the Voice could read minds and knew what they wanted. The only disagreement was the Voice and Morgan wanted to recruit more women into the group and the girls didn’t want to share. Even Lieutenant Pat Sanderson, 452nd Air Wing Air Police was one girl too many, ha, ha.

By the end of the week, Max had gone through his Harem and knew what they wanted. Most of his girls were satisfied with a version of what he had given Paula that first night. He deepened their trances questioned them about what they expected and delivered on their Goddess fixations.

He found that every woman deep in their heart of hearts wants to be that Fairy Tale Princess. No matter how much she decried that she doesn’t, every woman wants to be wooed, wined, dined, and finally royally fucked into oblivion. She wants to believe for that one wonderful moment in time that she is that one special woman for that one special man. Max made that happen for his Harem.

Max only had problems with Morgan and Nina. Morgan had fantasies, but they were dark, even brutal fantasies. She wanted to be tied up, whipped or flogged, pissed on, and finally given an enema and have a butt plug inserted. After being suitably played with for a couple of hours and anal fucked she wanted to be cleaned up and put to sleep in her own bed fresh as a daisy. Neither Max nor me knew much about this kind of thing. Up until now the kinkiest thing Max had done was eat out a girl and get a blow job from a girl. He thought taking a girl from behind in the doggie position was radical believe it or not.

Now here comes Morgan and wants BDSM deluxe, things that require safe words, ropes, racks, and other toys. Things that can scar someone for life if not done just right. By the way, I’m not just the Voice, I’m Fred now. Anyway, me and Max put Morgan back under and questioned her about what she had done in the past. What she liked. What she expected, and why. We got everything but the why, which was really unnecessary to grant Morgan her fondest wish me and Max figured.

There is the myth of hypnosis, that you can’t get a hypnotized person to do something she wouldn’t normally do, but that is a myth. If the subject is under deep enough there is no limit to the things you can get her to believe or do. Tell them they can walk across red hot burning coals and they can and do. Tell her her child is crying for her breast milk and she’ll start lactating. Tell her the red ribbon is a burning hot rod and lay it across her arm and she’ll raise a whelp and scar. Tell her she’s blind and she’ll be blind. Tell her she’ll feel no pain and she’ll feel no pain. These are documented facts of hypnosis.

Max was uncomfortable physically doing what Morgan wanted, so finally, we had Morgan write out her own fantasy while both under hypnosis and fully awake. We then had Morgan read it over and correct any obvious mistakes. Then I read it over and wrote a script from her notes. Then I recorded it to audio cassette tape. Then it was time to put in the visual effects.

Show a person the picture of a torture dungeon, tell them they are there and they will internalize it. It becomes real for them, they are there. It was a good thing there is so much free porn on the Internet and so much variety to chose from, ha, ha. In no time we pieced together all the, to me and Max, perverse acts she wanted to experience in her session. Now, all we had to do was sync the script to the visual effects or should I say visual queues.

That job was both long and complicated, and neither me nor Max wanted to make any glaringly stupid mistakes in it. Tell somebody they won’t feel any pain when they break their own arm and they won’t, but did we want Morgan to suffer a broken arm, certainly not. So we had to put in fail-safes just like safe words in the real world torture sessions we had watched.

By the end of the week, we were ready to put Morgan under and play the 15-minute audio script, that had become 55 minutes of an audio/video VHS tape. Morgan was tranced in a well-padded chair she had requisitioned from somewhere. Something like a well-padded dental chair, where everything can be adjusted including the attached wide screen TV monitor. Finally, red flexible cohesive bandage and Velcro straps were used to secure her body to it. We were not really sure how violent some of her reactions would be. This was a first for all of us, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Nina, who had spent time in Tokyo, Japan compared this to the virtual reality computer games the Japanese were addicted to and still working on.

When we finally ran the program Morgan was amazed. In a little over 30 minutes of real time she felt like she experienced hours of torture and bondage at Max’s hands. She literally saw, smelled, tasted, and felt, everything she had ever fantasized about as a real-time, real-life, experience. She was really there, in a real torture dungeon, with me as the torturer.

Max was extremely unhappy to even be associated with this project, and now she wanted, no demanded, that he be the one to do all this to her? I objected along with Max, but she felt so strongly that she took the issue to all the girls and won her point with a majority vote. So now Max and me was her torturer in her fantasy, what we had tried so hard to avoid.

After Morgan’s rave reviews of the experience, you would know all the girls wanted to try it too. Soon, as a group, they all began to put together their own individual visual queues for the types of experiences they wanted to have under hypnosis. Some wanted to try anal, some didn’t. Some wanted to try nipple piercing, some wanted to try nipple clamps, some didn’t. Oh for the joys of a liberal education, free porn, and an active imagination today. You know that they say all hypnosis is self-hypnosis the girls quoted when I finally confronted them about all this. Well, it looked like Max is going to have to live with that now.

* * *

Morgan came to me with a question this week. Since it was apparent that I could manipulate the DNA could I grow an organ that wasn’t common to the human species? Like what kind of organ I asked intrigued? She showed me an article on the electric eel (Electrophorus electricus).

“Well, could you give us and Max the power to shock somebody?” She questioned.

«Look, Morgan, the electric eel has three pairs of abdominal organs that produce electricity. The main organ is Hunter’s organ, and the second is the Sach’s organ. These organs make up almost four-fifths of its body. These organs are made of electrocytes, lined up so a current of ions can flow through them. They are also stacked so each one adds to a potential of the whole.»

«Michael Faraday studied them and an adult eel can produce 860 volts and 1 ampere of current (860 watts) for two milliseconds. Arterial fibrillation (stopping the heart) of an adult human requires roughly 700 mA to be delivered across the heart muscle for 30 ms or more, far longer than the eel can produce. Yes it is shocking, but not deadly, ha, ha.» Fred laughed.

“But a human is bigger Fred,” Morgan argued.

«Morgan that charge took 5,000 to 6,000 stacked electroplaques to produce and it required four-fifths of the ell’s total body’s mass. That’s 80%, Morgan. Where am I going to put these organs and what are you going to look like when you get them.» Fred asked her.

“But could you do it?” She persisted.

«Well sure nature provided the perfect place to put the organ, the abdomen. You would just look like you were full-term pregnant.» Fred laughed.

“Is that the best you can do Fred?” Morgan bitched.

«The organ has to go somewhere, Morgan. Why do you want to shock somebody anyway? You’re not an aquatic creature. Ocean water is a pretty good conductor of electricity, whereas air is an almost perfect insulator. In order to shock somebody on land you would have to make contact, actual physical contact Morgan.» Fred finished.

“My biology teacher said that you could electrocute somebody with a D Cell battery.” Morgan brought up.

«A 1.5 vdc 8000 mAh battery?» Fred asked skeptically.

“Well, he did say that you did have to drive these two big hulking needles directly into the heart muscle.” She laughed.

«So what did you want to shock Morgan?» Fred finally asked the important question.

“Well to be truthful Fred I was reading this add for a piezoelectric pen device that was supposed to relieve pain and other things and act like acupuncture. Then I even remembered the first time I saw a cattle prod used on a bull in the breeding pen, and I thought it would be cool to be able to tickle my partner with a little spark at the right time.” Morgan confessed.

«So I take it you just want to be able to, as you put it, tickle your partner at the right time. Tie it into your G-Spot, maybe give your tongue the same power. Hell while we’re at it we add the same ability to Max’s dick. We give him a magic dick that can make any woman cum any time he wills it. Is that what you want Morgan.» Fred asked.

“Can you do that? Really!” Morgan almost had an organism just talking about it.

«Yes...Yes, I think that is feasible Morgan. This will only require a little organ, and the wet surfaces you want to apply it to will conduct electricity very well I think. You just want to tickle him, or her for that matter, not kill them, ha, ha. Throw in a little connective tissue for a delivery system and some way to trigger it, and you should be good to go. I will research it and get back to you.» Fred laughed, life was certainly getting interesting.

* * *

Tonight was all Nina’s night. She had Max dress up in one of his better suits, with a tie, gold pocket watch, and wingtip shoes. She, on the other hand, was wearing an outfit that reminded Max of the cheerleader outfits from high school. Gone were the Saddle Oxfords and Bobby Socks of his youth, now they wore hot pink multi-sport cushioned tube sox that came to just below the knee and Omni Cheer Ion sneakers. Whatever they were they looked good on her.

The cheerleading uniform she was wearing tonight was described in the sales literature as a, “one piece solid stretch shell”. A long sleeved sweater like top over a wide modest, for her anyway, pleated skirt in his old high school colors of red and white. She had also added some tops that bared the midriffs and a series of different pleated skirts to all the girl’s school uniforms. Her hair was up in two poodle braids on each side of her lovely head framing her face. She was wearing a push-up bra instead of her normal sports bra, and something lacy and black under the skirt. Oh, and did I forget to mention that the Stretch Shell fit like a glove because it was two sizes too small, it was really stretched to its limits over her luscious curves.

She had ordered a limo for tonight and made reservations at a four-star restaurant they were going to in Palm Springs. The restaurant was noted for its seafood, but specialized in oysters, especially oysters on the half shell. Both her and Max were at least competent at shucking them apart and sucking the raw morsel off the shell. For awhile Max was content to allow her to feed him, but he finally finished up with a dozen fried oysters and catsup. An appalling abuse of good oysters Nina complained.

Full from the good food, and a great bottle of wine the house had recommended, Nina next took him to the Bull Pen in Palm Springs. This was an event she had trained for all week. The Bull Pen was the local well known hot spot. A large open seating area, several long bars scattered around the edges of the dance floor, and a very large open dance floor under lots of strobing lights to dance under. The floor was crowded with wall to wall people and the music was some loud obnoxious rap of some nature that Max hated right off. Everything was provided and controlled by an unseen DJ over the PA system.

The flickering, flashing lights made it hard to concentrate and actually gave Max a headache in short order. The floor was packed with a wild mixture of male and female customers dancing in every style imaginable, or no style at all.

Max could not dance, a buddy had once told him that if you can do a full Kata (series of formalized karate movements) you can dance, but Max couldn’t dance. Everybody else danced Max just stood there and moved his feet to the music he claimed.

So as Nina lead Max onto the dance floor, by prearranged signal, the unseen DJ announced that because of a special request from Nina the next song would be “Crazy, by GB”, he hoped Max enjoyed it. As the song came on the lights went down and Max found himself holding Nina at arm’s length swaying to the music as Nina danced for him. That song was followed up with “In The Air Tonight, by PC” and by this time Max and Nina were slow dancing together in the center of the floor oblivious of everybody around them. As the song changed to “Give Me One Reason, by TC” Nina turned in Max’s arms and brought his hands down to her hips and ground her ass back into his crotch to the insistent beat of the music, and started singing along with the song.

“Just give me one reason why Max...I just want someone to hold me, and rock me through the night Max...this youthful heart can love you, yes, and give you what you need Max...I said I love you Max, and there ain’t no more to say Max...I’ll just make you change your mind, Max...I love you, Max.” Nina sang out for everyone to hear.

By the time they got to “Billie Jean,” it was all Max could do not to rape her there on the open dance floor. When “Give Me One Reason” started again Max literally dragged her back to the limo.

In the limo, Max gave their female driver directions back to the Hangar, which Nina promptly canceled. Then she directed her to one of the swanky hotels downtown where she had reserved a suite of rooms near the top for three days. On the way, Max couldn’t stop himself from locking lips with her and feeling her up.

In the room, Max promptly began to peel her out of her stretch cheerleader uniform with her help. This was the first time he saw a woman push down the neck of her sweater like dress and remove her arm from the long sleeve then do the same with the other arm causing her large unsupported breasts to spill out for his inspection. Using both hands to cup them she displayed them to Max as she shimmied out of the whole thing. She was now standing before him in only black panties, hot pink knee socks, and white shoes. The black panties were the next thing to go, leaving her standing before him in socks and shoes.

With the clothes, a puddle on the floor he back walked her over to the large king-sized bed in the middle of the room. Left arm around her waist holding her close while the right arm and hand covered her crotch, two middle fingers finding and working her sopping wet cunt. Finally reaching the bed her legs jackknifed dumping her full length backward on the bed with her legs spread. Max was ready, more than ready, as he loosened his belt and let his trousers and boxer shorts drop around his feet. Not even bothering to step out of them or even take off his shoes, Max plunged his manhood into her chewy moist wet center as he’d been teasing the other girls all week.

Max could not remember when he’d ever been this horny. It wasn’t like he hadn’t had sex in a while. For a second the thought fluttered across his fevered brain that Nina, sweet innocent Nina, might have drugged him. After all, there had been talk of the little blue pill Viagra the other day, but he dismissed the thought because this was Nina.

Nina was proud of herself. Through a ruthless campaign of bribery, coercion, and outright threats to the other girls, she had carved out three whole days with Max alone, away from the other girls. Alone with him at last she congratulated herself. There was going to be no backsliding or second thoughts from Max this time. She had waged her campaign, and to the victor goes the spoils, and yes she had drugged the oysters she fed him. Just enough to make sure he would be nice, and hard, and ready when they got to the hotel. Of course, she couldn’t have done any of this if Fred hadn’t been onboard for it all.

Right now Nina was in heaven as Max rutted away. There was no finesse, no thought of consideration for his partner, just the powerful strokes of a man in need of release and the moans of a female doing her share of relieving that imperative. As Max came for the first time he grunted loudly like a bull. When his cock didn’t soften he proceeded to plow Nina some more. By his fifth ejaculation, even Max was beginning to worry if there was an end. He was still plugging away when his manhood wilted and he more or less passed out on Nina. She just rolled him over and cuddled with him for the rest of the night. He was hers, all hers, and she was going to keep him, well at least for the next two days anyway.

«Morgan le Fay, or no Morgan le Fay, I saw him first and that scheming conniving bitch isn’t going to steal him from me.» she grumbled to Fred. She needed him, and she doubted that Morgan had ever really needed anybody in her whole damn life.

«Your wrong Morgan needs him as much or more than you do. So you lost your family. Morgan lost her family, her friends, and her place in time. Think about it, she still has family out there, a family that she has to avoid. Friends that she has to avoid. Yours are gone, her ghosts are still there to haunt her every day. Morgan needs a friend more that any of you Nina, and as leader that needs to be you. If you want to find those killers it will be Morgan that finds them not Max.» Fred finished and let the facts sink in.

Unlike the other girls Nina didn’t want to be a Fairy Tale Princess, well she didn’t want to be one right now anyway. She wanted a man to possess her, even punish her for some reason she couldn’t really phantom. Last night had been wonderful, Max had done her just like she had always dreamed her first man would.

Her reoccurring dream since she was a child, a dream she had had ever since her first period on becoming a woman, was the dream of a large man breaking into her room in the dead of the night. She’s alarmed and pulls the light sheet covering her up to her chin and tries to get away, but she’s trapped. Standing against the wall, heart pounding, she watches in terror and trepidation as he approaches. Coming closer and closer as her heart pounds in her chest and speeds up to the bursting point she waits in fear. Finally, he is right in front of her, but she still can’t make out his face. He reaches out and pulls the sheet away tossing it aside to the floor. She is paralyzed, unable to move as he looks her over. Then he suddenly reaches out and rips away the simple Teddy she wore to bed exposing her naked body to him, but instead of being frightened or cowering she steps forward shamelessly displaying her body in all it’s naked glory to him. Somehow she knows this is what she was made for, what she has always wanted, what she needs. At that point she always wakes up drenched in sweat, knowing she is wet under the covers from the powerful orgasm she has just had, but never seeing his face. She can now put a face to her dream man.

«Wow that was some dream Fred.» Max said after I replayed Nina’s dream for him. «and she never sees the man’s face?»

«You had psychology, you know who it was.» Fred laughed. «Little girl’s mother dies suddenly. An old father who didn’t really want, or like children for that matter, goes out and marries a child bride himself. Evil stepmother gets rid of the kid by having the kid sent off to boarding school. Little girl competes with stepmother for Daddy’s affection. Classic cry for Daddy’s love Max, truly classic.»

«So you’re saying that the man in her dream was her own father.» Max conceded.

«Well it was, now it’s you. You may not be Prince Charming from a Fairy Tale for her, but you are the man of her dreams Max. Last night was almost exactly like she imagined it, and don’t tell me that you would have done that without the drugs, especially the little blue pill and a few other little things I added. Think of it as granting her her wish Prince Charming.» Fred laughed.