The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Valkyrie Don’t Cry

by littlefrog66

Chapter 11

* * *

Weeks latter Fred called a meeting.

«At first I was willing to accept that Madam Chang was right. After all Jerry, Marvin the Magnificent, was a pretty good hypnotist and Peggy Sue was an excellent subject to practice on. I was even willing to accept that he used some drugs to reinforce his hypnotism. I mean there’s Lithium and the other so-called Hypnotic Agents, which are always readily available on the open market and easy to get.» Fred started.

«Hypnotic Agent is sort of a misnomer you know. The name not actually having anything to do with hypnotism, just a name for a bunch of pills and powders. A name derived from the Greek god Hypnos, the god of sleep. The soporific drugs, commonly known as sleeping pills come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, some are even liquid. They’re a group of psychoactive drugs whose primary function is to induce sleep.» Fred paused. When nobody had a question, he continued.

«First we checked all the girls for the benzodiazepine family of drugs. You do know that there were twenty-five of them all together.» Fred paused again.

“Well, I knew there were a couple, but twenty-five?” Max was shocked a little.

«Anyway the ever popular Benzos, also known by such slang terms as goofballs, heavenly blues, stupefy, or simply bennies are readily available on the street. Ativan or lorazepam, Xanax or Alprazolam, Halcion, Valium, are some of the most popular. They act by enhancing the effects of GABA in the brain. By influencing GABA rosehip neuron production benzodiazepines to reduce the activity of nerves in the brain, thus reducing anxiety. We didn’t find any of these in their tissues. Also, there was no withdrawal symptoms or signs of addiction. Any questions?» Fred paused. When nobody had a question, he continued again.

«The same went for Propofol also known as Diprivan, Midazolam, Haldol, Flunitrazepam, Diazepam and a dozen others in that class of drugs. Next, we tested for the synthetic opioid analgesics. Remifentanil or Ultiva, Fentanyl, Sufentanil, and finally Carfentanyl, marketed as Wildnil, which has a quantitative potency of approximately 10,000 times that of Morphine and 100 times that of Fentanyl, with active dose level starting at about 1 microgram. We checked for good old simple Heroin and Morphine too, with negative results too. We even tested for Marijuana and THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, the main mind-altering ingredient in Mary Jane or plain old Pot...» Doc Stacy James broke in on Fred’s lecture.

“What? You think we’re going to get brainwashed with a joint Fred?” Doc Stacy laughed.

«Thats, not funny Doc, Pot receptors seem to be concentrated in certain areas of the brain. Those areas associated with higher thinking functions, both long and short term memory, the brain’s pleasure center, muscle coordination, and the very human perception of time. Furthermore Doc, THC seems to attach itself to those receptors in the brain and activate them. THC stimulates certain cells in the brain to release dopamine, creating a state of euphoria. It also interferes with how information is processed in the hippocampus, which is that part of the brain responsible for forming new memories. We know that THC can induce hallucinations, change thinking patterns and behavior, and cause delusions. So Yes Doctors I think Pot could and certainly would aid in brainwashing you Doc, but then they said the same about LSD, lysergic acid diethylamide, and magic mushrooms, peyote, mescal, and absinthe years ago too.» Fred finished.

“So I take it that you couldn’t find a chemical cause, Fred?” Doctor July Jones asked this time.

«Thats right Doc. We could find no abuse or dependence on any of the known drugs.» Fred answered.

“Then what the Hell is causing these relapses damn it!!!” Helen screamed in frustration.

«This Helen! How many of you are familiar with the Cochlear Hearing Implants.» Fred asked.

“You mean electric hearing Fred?” Max put forward.

«How about bone conduction speakers?» Fred asked the next question.

“Go ahead and tell us what you discovered damn it Fred.” Morgan directed Fred.

«Human hearing is a wonderful thing. Did you know that no matter how good a playback system you have, no mater the speaker system, your own voice on the audio tape always sounds different to you, yourself? This is because of bone conduction. As you talk you rattle all those bones in your head around and that’s what makes you sound like to yourself to yourself. As far back as the 1920s, an inventor named Huge Gernsback developed a so-called “osophone”, which supposedly could let people hear through their teeth. It didn’t catch on, but Gernsback’s insight led to a class of modern hearing aids that employ bone conduction. Indeed, Gernsback would have been proud to learn of a dental hearing aid that recently received approval in Europe. Its name is SoundBite...» Helen interrupted.

“What’s that got to do with anything damn it?” Helen started.

«I’m getting there Helen, have a little patience, now back to our discussion. A lot of people have written stories on subliminal messaging and stimuli. I thought SoundBite would be a miniature device buried in the tooth itself, but instead, it is a rather large device that attaches to the back teeth, your molars, and is removable with the proper tool. When we checked all the girls have them. Theirs have been extensively modified though, and how did we discover all this your asking yourself Helen? I would like to say it was due to my brilliant deductive logic and investigative skills, but I’d be lying. We only discovered all this because in the end all the girls panicked when they couldn’t get to a recharge station and charge their hearing aids. The simple truth is that after a full week of continuous use they ran down. They were frantic to get to a wall outlet and they finally told us what was wrong.

You see their hearing aid has a computer built into it. A computer that monitors their vital signs and can tell when they are nearing REM sleep. The contraption, quite effectively I have to add, continuously re-hypnotizes them, and reinforces their slave programming. We were looking for some drug or for some actual surgical tampering with the brain itself. Maybe one of those “mind control chips” thingees inserted up through the sinus cavity directly into the brain itself. What we got instead was a rather large device that is easily concealed in their mouths.

The device is ingenious, it regularly monitors their breathing and temperature. By monitoring these it senses when they are at rest and near sleep. It then plays back, via the bone conducting device, their very own prerecorded hypnotic induction and programming scripts in their own voices. It’s as if they themselves, are programming themselves, by listening to themselves. It is so damn simple it’s scary.» Fred finished.

“Repetition, Repetition, Repetition.” Max and Morgan chanted together for everybody to hear.

“Let’s see now, how to describe all this? It’s insidious, diabolical, devious, ingenious, and downright sneaky and underhanded, a real Mad Evil Genius Doctor Frankenstine device. The victim is hypnotized, then told to read off the phrases on the cards she’s probably given by the Mad Doctor, the Evil Son-of-a-Bitch. That would be the hypnotic induction itself I’d say first. Then probably her slave program next. Then her individual instructions, call her handler for instructions, call home, don’t tell anybody you’ve been kidnapped and turned into a sex slave, keep it recharged, whatever. She was then probably told to forget or ignore that she even had the devices in her mouth. No wonder we couldn’t deprogram them. Every time we relaxed them their own induction started up all over again, and we couldn’t even hear it damn it. They genuinely believe these instructions are coming from themselves. Their own inner voice so to speak, ha, ha.” Jet started shouting, well really raving is a better description.

“Repetition, Repetition, Repetition.” Max and Morgan chanted together for everybody to hear again.

“Look gang what is really, really scary is that we only caught it because their batteries ran down. Next year we’re going to have broadcast power nationwide. Their batteries won’t run down next year.” Nina informed all of us.

Sara, Ann, and Meg were soon sorted out along with the rest of the girls once we knew the problem.

* * *

“Was wrong, but right too.” Madame Chang announced cheerfully.

“You was wrong, but right too, about what Jia-Li,” Nina asked.

“Maybe that Sara and other girls not so far gone that they have to remain sex slaves forever. Might become independent women again now. Will see.” She answered.

«You mean that my Sara might still in there. She might be recoverable.» Helen blubbered on the party line.

“Yes, Sara maybe.” Madame Chang emphasized the maybe part to Helen.

* * *

“Is that the device Max?” Morgan asked.

“It’s half, Morgan. There’s a matching piece on the other side of the mouth. They are both attached with metal posts and glue to the back lower molars. They’re almost invisible if you don’t know they’re there. This one is the so-called “osophone”, the SoundBite hearing aid device itself. The other is the computer and playback device that Jet and Kim are taking apart right now. My next question Morgan is who thought up this little beauty, and why did we miss it. We had Senator Ron Hessman, James Eric Fairington III, and even Jerry.” Max asked.

“We were positive that they didn’t know anything. Jerry, well Marvin the Magnificent and Peggy Sue, though they did it all and they do not, I repeat DO NOT know anything about this device.” Morgan answered.

“Was positive too Max Gong.” Jia-Li put in.

“Okay, why didn’t we pick this up on the scans,” Max demanded.

“Hell even the hard X-ray missed it, Max?” Doc Stacy huffed back at Max.

“Look Max we did our homework. These are the X-rays we took of them, Max. As you will note you can’t see the device on the film. They are mostly plastic that is microwave invisible. The device was in a dense bone area too. Even now knowing its there you can’t really see it. Too much bone and teeth to get a good look at it. Even the metal posts they used just look like fillings. They’re easy to miss.” Doc Jones explained.

“So who made it?” Max demanded again.

“We don’t know? Look in the Air Force we pot all our classified electronic components to safeguard our secrets. We build a “black box” that is unrepairable because of the epoxy we pore in. When the epoxy hardens its literally a solid cube. Maybe our techs can take one apart and identify its components. I contacted our member of the Big Five, Four Star Air Force General Claud Anderson, and used the Empress’s name. He authorized me to use the facilities of the 452nd Air Wing, at March to take a box apart. By the way, the general upgraded me from just a lowly Lieutenant in the Air Police to Major in CID. The credential packet is on the way by messenger. Right now I’m TDY, temporary detached duty, to Empress Chizuko Tocaona.” Former Lieutenant Pat Sanderson informed us all.

“The Empress’s niece Mira stopped by and picked up one for her Cree engineers to take apart too. We should know what these things do in hours.” Nina put in.

* * *

It wasn’t hours it was days, but we did discover who had built them and what their instructions to the slaves were. The call home was to a private server a common enough cutout method that was supposed to be untraceable. It would have been from everyone but us.

We had a choice at this point I guess. Option number one, we could ask them nicely to turn over the information we needed. Option number two, use Major Pat’s new CID credentials and get a federal magistrate to issue a search warrant and break in if necessary. Option number three was get sneaky.

When somebody buys privacy like this they expect privacy. I, well we anyway, didn’t have much faith in the server people cooperating with us. Best case scenario they contact the client. Worst case scenario they contact the client and erase the data we need from their files. The same went for the feds. Once we started stirring the water, information that was now contained would start leaking to all the wrong people. So, in the end, it was decided that we would infiltrate to discover their client without sharing our information with any outside agency.

Meanwhile, we had to run down who bought the devices. Yes, the two devices we now had used discrete components that were potted into the shape of the two devices. The so-called “osophone”, the SoundBite trademarked hearing aid device had been modified at the factory by special order. Checking their computer records we found that the Acme company of St. Paul, Minnesota had ordered 300, and had paid cash for the order. Further checking showed that the Acme company was nothing but a vacant office with a sign over the door. When we ran down the owner of the building he told us that he got paid by Postal Money Order at the first of the year, every year for rent, but he had never met any of them.

Records showed that the delivery had been made by FedX. The driver turned out to have been on the same route for ten years, a real break for us. With a $100 buck incentive the driver, who fancied himself an amateur artist, drew us a pretty good picture of the man that accepted and signed for the deliveries. Yes, there had been quite a few deliveries to Acme over the years. Other than a peculiar gravely voice the driver didn’t remember anything else about the man. This was an unexpected bonus reward for us at this point.

Next, the team canvassed the neighborhood to see if anybody knew anything, and to also see if there were any cameras. Nobody knew anything about them, and the few Mom & Pop stores in the old runned down neighborhood recycled their tapes every 144 hours or weekly. Before the team left they installed cameras and microphones of our own, we would know if they ever came back.

The computer chip, we found out, was a custom limited run item produced by GDD, General Dynamics Design, a well known integrated circuit designer and manufacturer.

“Do we know how many of the chips were made Morgan?” Nina asked.

“GDD requires at least a 10,000 chip count first time run to cut the dyes necessary to make the chip. Of course, I have no idea how many devices were actually made from that 10,000.” Max laughed and answered for Morgan.

“Well since they have 300 of the osophone devices they probably made an equal number of the computers, don’t you think,” Morgan observed for herself.

* * *

Eric Fairington III turned out to be the son of Senator Eric Fairington, Jr. of New Jersey. After recapturing all three again we discovered their secret. Senator Ron Hessman, Senator Eric Fairington, Jr., and his son Eric Farrington, III were all controlled by bone conduction devices just like the girls too.

The two senators were key senior members of the US Senate, sitting on many of the prestigious committees that really ran the country, especially budget and defense. They were now at least free of their controlling devices, which is not quite the same as saying they were free of its control. They were pretty well programmed to blindly follow their programming at this point still. Maybe they could be deprogrammed? Time would tell.

“Why would we care? I mean they’re just three corrupt men.” Helen, now part of our group asked.

“Helen they may be corrupt men, but they’re still US Senators, and besides whoever is controlling them is probably controlling others. We need to find those others. Maybe these will lead us to them.” Morgan told Helen and the rest of us.

“How is Sara doing now that the device is removed?” Nina asked.

“She’s responding well now that the device is gone, but still refuses to be anything but my slave. I’m still hoping though.” Helen answered Nina.

“What’s so bad about that, she’s been your lover all this time hasn’t she?” Nina asked Helen.

“After you left Sara needed me, Nina. She was my lover, but she was my equal too, never my slave Nina.” Sara answered.

“What’s so bad about her wanting to be your love slave Helen?” Nina demanded.

“She insists that I punish her Nina. She has some nasty scars on her back and some ugly bruises on her arms and legs right now. Damn it, Nina, how do you punish the person you love. I just can’t do it.” Helen cried into her hands.

“Helen you have a lot to learn about erotic hypnotism, sex slaves, and the lifestyle it engenders. Punishment is not about hurting or damaging anybody’s body. Those are just brutal senseless acts, what any female expects out of a crude brutal male. You’re taking the whole thing too literally. You have to learn to be creative with Sara if you want to keep your sex slave satisfied.” Nina laughed.

“And where do I enroll to get this extracurricular education, Nina?” Helen dried her tears and laughed back at Nina.

“Don’t look at me that way. I certainly never was one and I certainly don’t own one Helen.” Nina answered honestly.

“Out of my experience too Sara. Never owned one.” Max shot back to quickly.

“Ask Madame Chang, Jia-Li knows everything about sex and all that other stuff. Ask her for help. She knows everything.” Sweet Eve advised.

«Heard that. Flattery not get you anywhere Sweet Eve. Am much too busy with politics and important matters of state to advise junior female dominatrix on how to set up and maintain her dungeon.» Prime Minister Chang died a laughing on the open link.

“Surely you can recommend someone Jia-Li,” Eve begged.

«Will think on matter. Have more than Sara to think about anyway. Have Ann, Meg, and Jeff to think about too. Am sure before this all over will have more to deal with. Yes, yes, can see staff of Harmonious Household in Nevada has their work cut out for them, tee, hee, hee.» Prime Minister Chang continued to laugh on the open link.

«Do slaves get a vote.» Sara asked as she joined the conversation. She was now part of the collective too.

«Being sex slave does not mean being mindless or without rights. Good sign when slave thinks for herself as person again Sara. Good for you, good for Helen, good for whole relationship.» Jia-Li laughed.

«All I ever wanted was to be tied down to the four-poster bed. Stripped naked by Helen and maybe tickled some before being licked into heaven.» Sara whined for everybody to hear.

«Is that all Sara?» Max joined the conversation.

«Well I guess she could smear some peanut butter...» Max laughingly interrupted her.

«Is that all Sara?» he sniggled this time.

«Well if she just happened to have some Amarillo Sweetened Condensed Milk, and now that I think about it...» Max laughingly interrupted again.

«Get a room, Sara. Helen, you have a naughty slave that’s already thought up her punishment. By the way, four silk scarfs do as good a job as those expensive leather padded handcuffs they sell in those kinky sex shops and on eBay. In these situations, it’s more mental than physical anyway. It’s not like she’s really going to be trying too hard to escape your dungeon, ha, ha.» Nina directed her two best friends.

«You could try blindfolding her.» sweet Eve added offhandedly.

“And what would sweet innocent like you know about blindfolds Eve?” Max questioned.

«Still good idea to set up school for...for...what is that quaint old American phrase...Oh yes, remember now! School For Wayward Girls, tee, hee, hee.» Madam Chang laughed.

«You could set it up here on the island Madam Prime Minister.» the Empress joined the discussion.

Yes we/they/us all knew that we/they/us were all implanted with we/they/us/Fred, but I/Fred hadn’t thought much about the Empress listening in and joining our discussions like Sara, Helen, and the others, but she was part of our collective now too. One day soon I was going to have to explain to Max and the others how I/Fred sometimes filter what’s on the link. I don’t think a human being could handle 100% sensory immersion with me/Fred all he time, and I/Fred don’t think some things should be shared across the whole link all the time either. I do have discretion you know. I/Fred recognize that humans need some privacy and act as a sort of buffer for some of their more primitive thoughts. I/Fred don’t think humans are really ready for total honesty yet. I’m not sure they ever will be, or will ever want to be for that matter.

«Your Majesty we had no idea that you were listening in on...on our indiscretions...» Max started before the Empress cut him off.

«Consort that all sounds like fun, and what is this peanut butter she wants to be smeared on her? Why haven’t you tried that on me? Do I have to give you an order to get wild inventive sex from my Consort, my partner Max? Didn’t it ever occur to you that I liked adventure and romance too.» the Empress demanded.

«Will have adventure and romance Your Majesty.» Madam Chang promised, well really she vowed with a vengeance I guess you would have to say. After all, as Prime Minister, it was her job to assure that the wheels of the Empire rolled smoothly.

«Any preference’s on what flavor Chizuko, my love?» Max meekly asked.

«Surprise this one Consort.» the Empress sweetly replied over the link for everybody to hear.

«And make it tonight Consort.» She snapped her whip over the link.

«Yes, my love!» Max meekly answered.

And a good time was had by all.

* * *

Once the Agency, whoever they were, was aware that we were on its trail it acted swiftly and ruthlessly to remove that trail. If we hadn’t already been in the private server by that time, intercepting all the transmitted messages, all the other device slaves would have been given orders to take a vial of poison they all had. They were all programmed to think it was just a strong synthetic opioid Fentanyl, that they were all using as a recreational drug of choice anyway. Instead, it was an equal dose of Carfentanil, which was 100 times stronger than fentanyl, It would have been just another wave of deadly drug overdoses on Capitol Hill.

As it was we were forced to close down all the ring’s members. We arrested, no detained is a better phrase, the twenty-five senators and thirty House Representatives members we knew about. There were others too, but these were the key figures in politics. We were afraid that the Agency would strike at the server farm itself, but they didn’t. Instead, they disappeared like smoke.

When we raided their homes and businesses they were gone. What was the most impressive and spooky thing about all this was not that they eluded our net, that was just good preparation on their part. What was impressive and spooky was that nothing we could use to identify them was left behind. No pictures, no fingerprints, no DNA. Nothing that we could use to identify or trace any of them. It was simply impossible everyone thought.

There wasn’t an attempt at burning the evidence or a new type of bleach bomb used to contaminate the crime scene. There just wasn’t any evidence that humans had ever lived there. That any human being, or animal for that matter, had ever lived there in fact.

There’s this thing called Oscan’s Razor, all your great detectives, Sherlock Holmes, Charley Chan, Inspector Clouseau of the French Sûreté have relied on it for years. It says that after you have eliminated the utterly impossible, what’s left, no matter how improbable, the simplest answer is always the right one.

You know the game, the one where you guess about whether it’s animal, vegetable, or mineral. Well in our case even animals and vegetables for that matter have DNA and leave trace evidence behind, even if it’s just dandruff. We knew that the people, for lack of a better word to describe them, of the Agency passed as human, but clearly weren’t. They were clearly mineral.

I guess we could have gone for humans encased in plastic behind door number one, but I doubted it for some reason. That left us with sophisticated robots, maybe a better term for them is androids, made out of some kind of plastic that could pass as human skin, but clearly wasn’t.

Sure now we had identified them as robots, or maybe androids, but the question remained, were they foreign, domestic, or something alien. They were far from being defined yet.

* * *

I/Fred want to slip in some observations about my humans here. Because Helen observed all those nasty scars and bruises on Sara’s body she assumed that the punishment Sara wanted, no demanded, was that kind of brutal sadistic treatment. Helen made a mistake by assuming that was what Sara wanted, without actually discussing it with her. That’s observation one.

Observation two is this thing about waking up and discovering you’re a quote-unquote mind controller and now have sex slaves. Its sort of a Ritual of Passage thing I guess. I’ve been reading up on human psychology and maybe it’s a Jung stereotypical Archetypes thing? He called them Primordial Images and said they were the results of evolutionary pressures on the individual, and some people were predestined to become certain things. Humans all seem to have a self-image of what a “Evil Mind Controller” is, and what an “Evil Mind Controller” does. It’s right in there with Dracula, Vampires, Zombies, and Frankenstine. Mind Controller + Evil =“Evil Mind Controller”.

The first thing an EMC, “Evil Mind Controller”, does to his newly acquired sex slave, according to all the popular experts on the subject, I hesitate to call her a love object yet, is deflower her anally. Maybe this is because it is so hard to find a real virgin out there in the wild nowadays. Anyway, apparently that’s the only virgin hole left to deflower I guess? You have to remember though that these are the same know it all assholes that believe virgin eating, fire breathing, flying dragons went extinct because they couldn’t find any more virgin princesses to eat, back in the days of Camelot, King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, and Merlin. So take this observation with a grain of salt people.

Anyway, I want to point out that without the proper preparations anal sex is very painful, disgusting, and highly unsanitary. Also in most cases it is a very disappointing way to have sex. Not much fun for anybody involved. That is unless you are a sadistic masochist, in other words, a sadomasochist. Humiliation fits in there somewhere too. Both yours and theirs.

First I want to point out that the particular hole isn’t designed for that purpose and does not, repeat does not produce its own natural lubricant. Which you’ll realize is important in a while. Also, keep in mind that the natural lubricant a female does secretes from her cunt when excited, AKA aroused, was designed by good old Mother Nature herself. Its smell is designed to entice and draw the male, the same with its taste.

Second, when the bowel muscles relax shit naturally comes out on you, which is not just embarrassing, it’s down right disgusting. That is why an enema is highly suggested at least six hours before, and a lubed butt plug inserted long before the said deflowering by the evil EMC takes place.

Third is the health concern. Trust me nothing good will come of eating shit or playing in shit for that matter. As Benjamin Franklin once said, cleanliness is next to godliness. We have observed that after a cool dip in the pool, or a shower, the cute little rosebud can be licked and tickled, but is best left alone most other times. These are just recommendations, and in no way should this be construed as an order. Evil EMCs have the same right to learn the hard way just as any other human being does.

And before one of you smartasses says what does a disembodied voice inside my head, that lives mostly in Max know about sex? Let me remind all of you that I experience what all of you experience all the time. Though I admit I do live almost vicariously through Max and do gender identify as a male. But remember that while experiencing sex through one of you girls, another aspect of me emphasizes with the female side of things. So as sick as that may sound I have a female side too. “Frood Dude” analyze that?» Fred put in.

* * *

“Maybe a good time to go into the whole BSMD and Dominatrix Dungeon thing with girls too.” Madam Chang started and Fred took it up.

«Freud, the father of psychoanalytic theory, saw the universe as strictly phallocentric, Have Dick Will Travel”, and some say he developed what is called the “Penis Envy Theory”. He had some real life issues and could only conceive of women in negative terms. His theory held that females are initially traumatized by the eventual discovery of the lack of a penis. This leaves them with feelings of inferiority and psychic conflict. All females want to be a boy because boys have one and she doesn’t. She blames her mother for this lack and becomes closer to her father as a result. This eventually leads her to develop an Oedipal Complex. Males get one too Max, but that’s another story.

Maybe Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure with the “Freud Dude” could have explained it better. Anyway, the whole issue would have been a lot simpler for the “Feud Dude”, if he had heard the following, humor; A little boy and a little girl are comparing what is inside their knickers. When the little girl realizes that she doesn’t have what the boy has, he begins to taunt her. She becomes upset and runs home crying. A little while later she comes back, skipping and humming to herself, no longer upset. She says to the little boy, “I told my mom what you said and she said not to worry, that with one of these I can get as many of those as I want when I’m a little older.” Fred related his story.

“It is not necessary for any woman to put on a black leather catsuit and become Cat Woman to have a good time with others. Is not necessary to strap on a strap-on to compete with men or compare size. Not necessary to be punished, or punish yourself for being female, you have what they will never have so celebrate what you are, what you have, and don’t worry about what you lack.” Madam Chang extolled her girls.

* * *

By this time we had discovered that the senator’s devices were much more complicated than the girl’s devices. What we had taken at first to be extensive bad hair implants, were in fact fine gold meshes and trace wires. Wires leading back to a much more complicated version of the girls’ computer that had a Wi-Fi connection like a laptop. We were lucky they were in airplane mode.

The human brain is divided up into many specialized sections. It is not just left and right hemispheres. First, there is the skull or cranium itself, directly under it is the cortex containing the four lobes, the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, and temporal lobe. In the back, under them is the cerebellum and dura matter. Then you have your basal ganglia in the middle of it all. This where it is all connected to the brain stem and finally the spinal cord. I might add that the spinal cord is the only thing we still can’t grow back together.

Well, humans and even the Cree can’t, maybe “the virus” can by now, and then there’s me of course. Yes, I can heal a cut spinal cord. Of course, the Cree have a bridging device that restores mobility and gives the victim a 90% recovery of movement rate.

Anyway back to the top of the brain. All of your senses, visual, smell, sound, feel are connected by white matter. The white matter pathways were traced out as early as the 1800s. Three types of white matter fibers connect the Neocortex. Projection fibers, commissural fibers, and association fibers. Projection fibers are the ascending and descending pathways to and from the neocortex. Commissural fibers are responsible for connecting the two hemispheres while the association fibers connect cortical regions within a hemisphere. These fibers make up the interhemispheric connections in the cortex.

The cerebral cortex is that outer layer of neural tissue of the cerebrum of the brain. It is separated into two cortices, by the longitudinal fissure that divides the cerebrum into the left and right cerebral hemispheres. The two hemispheres are joined beneath the cortex by the corpus callosum. The cerebral cortex is the largest site of neural integration in the central nervous system. Just about everything is routed through here, it plays a key role in memory, attention, perception, awareness, thought, language, and consciousness itself.

The Agency came up with a new wrinkle they have applied tDCS direct-current stimulation and tACS alternating-current stimulation to this new device. With this gold mesh that is actually etched directly into the skull itself and a series of insulated gold wires...» Fred was interrupted by Morgan.

“What did they do scalp the bastards, Fred?” Morgan asked the question on everybody’s mind.

«You got it, Morgan, they did scalp them, and then they sprinkled some Miracle Grow on their bare skull and squirted a little instant glue and it was a bad hair implant operation that nobody actually noticed.» Fred laughed.

“That easy huh.” Morgan almost seemed disappointed.

«That easy!» Fred finished laughing and got back on target.

«With this device they had direct contact with the covered area of the head they were experimenting with. They could make any part of the head the anode and the other side the cathode or visa versa. They had perfect contact, direct contact. Before this, the researcher’s best electrodes and anodes were pieces of regular household sponge soaked in a saline solution and a rubber band to hold it down. They could use direct current, or alternating current, they could pulse it, adjust its frequency and its amplitude, or any combination of those things.

“Isn’t the electricity dangerous Fred?” Eve asked.

«Back in the early 60s they came out with 3.3 volt Op-Amps Eve. They could regulate the current, the amperage, which is what’s dangerous down in the mili and micro amperage ranges. All this was possible then, but I have not found anybody doing research into any of this. Well not this invasive anyway.» Morgan interrupted again.

“How would you know?” She asked.

«Morgan the Ivory Towers of Academia have one fatal flaw, well really they have dozens, but the main one is, “Publish or Perish”. In order to receive their peers respect, their grant money, and other things, they have to publish what they are working on. Academia is a bunch of...of...well really a nest of cutthroat snakes, that lye, cheat, and steal from each other as a way of life. They are also the world’s biggest busybodies and tattletales, and think nothing of sealing ideals from other researchers or their own undergrad assistants for that matter. It’s a dog eat dog world out there in Academia, and trust me Morgan it’s impossible for Academia to keep a secret.» Fred laughingly told the listening group.

“Well, what did it do?” Max finally asked.

«What didn’t it do is the question. I would bet that when they were hooked up to the Wi-Fi, the Agency could play them like a puppet. They had sensors on all the major junctions and could monitor the activity on the white matter lines and enhance or disrupt it. Boost it or depress it. Remember those lines plays a key role in memory, attention, perception, awareness, thought, language, and consciousness itself for that matter. Now add in what we know about the girl’s devices, I guess I would have to call them implants too, and they would have been slaves to the Agency too.

Back in the early 60s, everybody knew that electrical current passing through the brain can, and will, produce sleep. In the early experiments three electrodes were used, one for the positive pole and two for the negative poles. The anode electrode was always placed in the area of the occipital fossa, whilst the cathode electrodes were placed either on the eyes or, more commonly, on the fronto-parasagittal lines, in such a manner that the passage of the electrical current from one electrode to another would go directly through the brain. The electrodes were connected with the apparatus by long wires in order to allow free movement of the subject during sleep.

It didn’t work in all the subjects all the time, but it worked consistently on enough that it proved the theory was sound. It was reasoned at the time that if the equipment had been better, especially the anodes and cathodes, their success rate would have been 100%, since a lot was dependent on overcoming the subject’s natural skin resistance on any given day.

Back in, May 11, 2014, Sharon Begley, of Reuters did an article on Psychologist Ursula Voss of Germany. Voss noticed that certain dreams like when you show up at work naked, or an encounter with an ax-wielding psychopath, what you would have to term a nightmare were accompanied by gamma wave episodes. Those brain-waves that are related to executive functions, such as higher-order thinking in most people. With transcranial alternating current stimulation, tACS, she induced a current with the same frequency as the gamma waves in the dreaming brains of her test subjects. This produced what she termed “lucid-dreaming”, a state in which the subject with the proper prompting could direct the outcome of his dream. Subjects that had repeated nightmares reported that they were able to manage the outcome of their dream. He could now manage to grab a pair of pants before he ran out of the house naked into the street, etc. This is a quote from Voss’s article; “But if the results hold up, the technique might help people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, who often have terrifying dreams in which they re-play the traumatic experience. If they can dream lucidly, they might be able to bring about a different outcome, such as turning down a different street than the one with the roadside bomb or ducking into a restaurant before the rapist attacks them. By learning how to control the dream and distance oneself from the dream,” Voss said, PTSD patients could reduce the emotional impact and begin to recover."» Fred finished.

“And how does this help us?” Max asked.

“Think Fred is trying to prepare us for things that are coming, children. Baba Yaga is coming no? In Russia, old Russia folktales tell of supernatural demon Baba Yaga, you would call him Boogeyman here. In China, my China would call him Ou-wu, the ugly one. In Slavic folklore, Baba Yaga is supernatural being who appears as a large deformed huge shadowy figure, blacker than black. Monster that hides under children’s beds, and in dark closets, waiting for them to be bad, or disobey their parents, where he can snatch them into the underworld and eat them.” Madam Chang told the listening girls.

* * *

With the Senate, the House, and miscellaneous others we had over 60 males that were screaming to high heaven that we were abusing them and they were going to have all of us arrested as soon as they got the call which the American Constitution guaranteed them. We were breaking the Constitution!

We tried to explain that they had a lot of stuff under that new hairpiece that God didn’t originally put there. If we tried to take it out there could be nasty repercussions. There was a lot of stuff up there that we couldn’t/wouldn’t take out, because it might kill them. We even told them that if they stepped out of the clean room they were now contained in, they were 99.999% certain to die at the Agency’s hands.