The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Valkyrie Don’t Cry

by littlefrog66

Chapter 10

* * *

Max might not ever learn to dance, but there wasn’t anything wrong with his lovemaking technique, and his stamina had become phenomenal. His new body could and did last for hours he discovered. True he wasn’t a giant like the Valkyries anymore, but he wasn’t the little people either. He, well all of them actually, had learned a valuable lesson, that after years of being one size the mind doesn’t cope well to sudden change. Especially drastic massive changes in size and shape.

He had also learned it quite literally. His new body literally ran off of the alcohol he consumed, converting it to energy to be stored as fast as he drank it. Of course, it was hard to take that he couldn’t get drunk anymore even if he tried to. A pleasant buzz was as close as he could get now to being drunk. The sacrifices we make for God and country, ha, ha.

At first, he was afraid that everything he was eating and drinking would leave him looking like a fat slob, but Sigrun and Kara both assured him that the energy was being stored in special cells in his new body and the rest was just being excreted as waste. He would continue to look like this for the rest of his life they assured him.

“Woman has always been limited by the fact that when she is gravid with a child she is the most exposed, vulnerable, and dependent on men for her protection. Today she have alternatives. One, can choose surrogate mother’s womb to carry the child to term. Two can use an artificial womb. Or three, accept motherhood and flaunt to world.” Jia-Li, Madame Chang laughed.

“Of course she can choose not to get pregnant at all by taking birth control.” Morgan put in.

“Or have your tubes tied as we chose,” Sigrun added for the Valkyries.

«Why are we talking about having children.» sweet Eve asked.

“We establish Rules for Dynasty today. Will Empress impose her rule, or bow to Cree Law. Cree law says Empress only rule until male heir becomes of age, also imposed rule when first child will be born and that first child will always be male...” Sweet Eve broke in on Madam Chang.

“You can’t do that...that!” Sweet Eve sputtered.

“Sex of offspring was always manipulated poor deluded Eve. Never any choice for Empress till now. Reason for royal prostitutes was to establish if Emperor could sire male child at all. Too many pinheads and slow swimmers sometimes, sometimes run in whole family line, ha, ha...” Morgan interrupted Jia-Li again.

“And if he couldn’t?” Morgan asked.

“Then proxy brought in.” Madam Chang stated flatly.

“How did that work?” Morgan asked.

“Empress have...what is quaint American phrase...Oh, yes...Empress have “one night stand” with member of royal guard that met needed qualifications. More than likely he meet with fatal accident after Empress pregnant.” Madam Chang laughed.

“Did that happen often?” Morgan asked.

“More often than advertised Morgan, sometimes still have problems with pinheads and slow swimmers, sometimes had to substitute male orphan child for girl child. Whatever was necessary to produce male heir! Just better at it today. Today we establish our Rules ladies. Today is first day of rest of our lives, te, hee, hee.” Madam Chang laughed.

“You mean that I’m going to be allowed to have a daughter Jia-Li.” The Empress Chizuko Tocaona asked.

“Chizuko what we are establishing is what will be the Rules in this Great Game forever here. Will you and Consort donate sperm and egg to stasis capsule for safekeeping? When will child be born? Will it be male or female? Will it be enhanced? Will it...” Eve broke in on Madam Chang again.

“You would mess with it’s...their DNA? That’s wrong...” Sweet Eve was interrupted by Nina this time.

“You would deny your, you would condemn your own child to suffer what you did growing up Eve?” Nina demanded of a shocked Eve.

“Well no, Nina. I don’t think I’ll ever get over being born a fat child, but there has to limits, rules.” Eve huffed.

“Is why we are all here Sweet Eve. To establish Rules of Great Game.” Madam Chang laughed.

In the end, it was decided that the Empress would have three daughters born eighteen months apart, starting in two years. Yes, she and Max would establish a stasis egg as a fail-safe backup right now. Yes the embryos would be enhanced, almost exact copies of the Empress herself, but smarter, stronger, and given any other improvement we could think of.

Today you can go down a virtual checklist of things you want your children to be born with. Now that we had the Asgard Techno Wizard’s nanobots and a road map of the DNA and RNA and their virtual interface nothing was really beyond our grasp in the area of gene splicing.

The Empress’s niece, Mira, was trying to convince everyone to voluntarily become colonized by “the virus”, which was still just “the virus” to everyone. We had nothing but positive glowing reports from the people that were its former victims, people that had really needed it. For some reason though nobody else was rushing out to get colonized. Of course, that would probably change in the future as the positive benefits it could bestow on its recipient became better known.

* * *

Hundreds of years ago there were the Assassins or Hashashin, the Old Man of the Mountain, the Castle Alamut, and even the Great Library of Alamut itself. They were the first documented group or organization to use an effective form of mind control on its own members. I’m sure there were others before them, but these are the first that were documented to succeed in their quest for absolute mind control. These members became dedicated fanatics. There are hundreds of stories of how their programming was supposedly done, but the simple undeniable fact is that they were programmed. This is the documented fact we’re talking about here.

The leader, the Old Man of the Mountain lived in this almost unassailable castle on a well-defended mountain peak called Alamut. He, the Old Man, Hassan-i Sabbah, learned and made use of the fact that the threat of being assassinated by one of his fanatics was a more powerful motivational threat to the world’s rulers than an actual army parked outside their palace gate. The threat of an Assassin showing up every day at his front door to try and kill him was enough for most of the world’s leaders to buy off the Old Man of the Mountain, rather than try to fight him.

It’s first Grandmaster, Hassan-i Sabbah established the order in 1050. Most sources of real information about the cult, including the Great Library of Alamut itself which dealt with the Order’s inner secrets and workings were destroyed in 1256.

After the cult tried unsuccessfully to assassinate the great Mongke Khan in 1253. The Khan ordered the cult destroyed at that time. The Great Khan lay siege to Alamut for three years and finally destroyed it with the capture of the Assassins headquarters, Alamut itself, by the Mongols in 1256.

It was the Lasiqs order of the cult, the lowest rank of monks in the Order, who were trained to become some of the most feared assassins in history. They were called, “Fida’in”, or “the self-sacrificing ones”, a name which pretty well describes them and what they were.

Hashashin, as they came to be called in stories later, were also said to be adept in furusiyya, the Islamic Warrior Code of Honor. I personally doubt this because assassins by definition have no honor only a job to be done. It is documented that they lied, cheated, and stole to get near their target to kill by any means possible. They all knew there was little or no chance to escape most of the time after the job was done.

Today most of the legends and myths, like the “secret garden of paradise”, and the severed head that talked of “paradise” trick, are mostly known or disproved. But still, the fact remains that the “Fida’in” were willing to do anything that was necessary to reach and kill their target, even willing to give up their own lives to do it. We also know that certain books from the Great Library of Alamut were supposedly ordered burned by personal order of the Great Mongke Khan of the Mongols himself in 1256.

But some of those books were concealed and taken away by one of Madame Jia-Li Chang’s illustrious Mandarin ancestors. He was working as an advisor and combat engineer to the Great Kahn’s army at the time. He helped design the engines of war that finally breached the walls of Alamut. He saw the potential of the techniques Grandmaster Sabbah had developed for something other than killing.

There in the books that Sabbah had in fact stolen from a secretive peaceable order of Tibetan Monks, whom he had put to death for blasphemy, was the blueprint for how to create a better human being. A person stronger, faster, smarter, and just a better human being than a regular man, or in our case woman. A person far better adjusted to the world around him, than just a plain human being the Tibetan Monks who discovered it had found. But if the same knowledge was used wrongfully it could enslave that same person as Grandmaster Sabbah had done with the stolen knowledge.

Half of the process explained in the books was a rare drug derived from a certain flower that grew on a north facing wall of a volcanic mountainside near Alamut. The other half was based on a technique they called “fascination”, more in line with Messmer’s theories than modern day hypnosis. With both the drug and technique the subject believed everything he or she was told. The effects of the treatment were permanent the monks attested in the books.

A person told that they would find studying easier, found study easy. Stronger, they were stronger. Told that they couldn’t kill, they couldn’t. Told that they loved somebody, they loved. With a small bottle of the drug and the books, the House of Chang was founded.

The small bottle of the drug was long since gone, the flower it was derived from was now extinct. The volcano the flower grew on erupted a hundred years later. But the technique they called “fascination” and the study of hypnosis lived on in the process Jia-Li called, “Building a Harmonious Household”.

A girl adopted into the Harmonious Household of Chang was trained in certain marital skills and became an accomplished acrobat among other skills. She became swift of mind, eye, body, hand, and foot. This was all before she reached womanhood. Upon reaching womanhood she was trained in the arts of love.

Madame Chang’s Harmonious Household had started life on mainland China in the 13th Century. There was even a branch of the family still in Communist-controlled mainland China today, though her family had lost touch with it years ago. Madame Chang’s branch of the family had moved their House to Taiwan along with Chiang Kai-shek in the 1940s. At that time the island was called Formosa. It had an infamous history that went all the way back to the 17th Century and the Dutch East India Company and the heroin trade. Now it is Taiwan, the Republic of China (ROC) or Free Democratic China to some.

Several years ago an unknown force, for an as yet unknown reason, had literally blown up the House of Chang on Taiwan. They had done a thorough job, killing everyone but her. That she lived was a fluke she was told later, that she survived without serious injury was a miracle in and of itself. That she would continue to live if it was learned she still breathed would be more of a miracle certain other people warned her.

After being interviewed by certain ROC officials, other than the police, Jia-Li decided that “discretion was the better part of valor”. Gathering her liquid assets she took an unplanned vacation to the US, specifically to Las Vegas, and eventually she met us. Now she is Prime Minister of Empress Chizuko Tocaona’s Earth Empire. One of the real powers behind the throne, and second only to the Empress herself in the now female-dominated Empire.

* * *

“What am I looking at Jia-Li?” Max asked the question for the gathered group of females.

“This is the last sample of the drug and preserved flower that Grandmaster Hassan-i Sabbah used to create the original Assassins. The Old Man of the Mountain tale was all true. My Illustrious Ancestor, the founder of our original House was with the great Mongol Mongke Khan when he sacked Alamut in 1256.” Madame Chang informed the gathered group. The drug was an amber drop of liquid in a small teardrop-shaped sealed hollow glass bead hung on a heavy gold necklace. The flower was pressed and contained between two pieces of heavily waxed parchment paper.

“He was able to preserve, maybe steal is a better fit, about a pint of the drug itself, this sample of the flower itself, and several books. He hoped to eventually find more of flower in China. Even after the expedition the family funded many years later discovered that the volcano had erupted and destroyed the north wall of the volcano where the flowers grew. We all still hoped to find more later.” Madame Chang went on.

“So what do you want to do?” Nina asked.

“I want to duplicate the drug or find the flower or a substitute for it.” Madame Chang stated.

“We should be able to do that easily enough Jia-Li.” Morgan laughed.

“I think the better question is why do you think we will need it?” Empress Chizuko Tocaona wanted to know.

“I think that the things you call the “Cubes” are somehow back. Maybe they never left. Maybe we missed a few, who knows.” Madame Chang shrugged her shoulders.

“What do you really know,” Max asked.

“Part of Chang Harmonious Household has been creation of spies and agents. The creation of perfect recall allows them to remember everything they hear. Whores, hookers, high priced callgirls form loose network of intelligence gathers for household. They have been in place for many, many years reporting everything to our information gathering site for hundreds of years. Site which is nothing but big computer now Empress. Girls, well really in some cases, daughters, daughters of daughters, of daughters, report on any strange things they come into contact with...” Madame Chang was interrupted by Morgan.

“What you ran a spy agency?” Morgan laughed.

“No, no, House of Chang very, very old. Take in many, many girls over years. Girls taken in are sold to us. They are...are...indentured, trained...have...have contract...become part of family. Serve years of contract then have choice, free or keep working for family. Most choose to work for family, but some do leave, others retire eventually. They all act as spies and pass on information to Dropbox. Recently the House on Taiwan was blown up. I was almost killed. I was the only one to escape and come here, but network and Dropbox still exist...still reported to.” Madame Chang explained.

“So what did you find out,” Max asked.

“Many young girls on mainland China are going missing. Young prepubescent girls taken in by legitimate Christian Orphanages, set up by legitimate Western charitable foundations, are being attacked and destroyed. All girl children supposedly killed in resulting explosions and fires, but my sources say children stolen, even kidnapped. My sources also say “Serum” made from “totipotent” stem cells is available on the black market if price is right.” Jia-Li explained.

“So what you’re saying Jia-Li is that China has gone into the “Serum” business on its own?” Empress Chizuko asked her trusted Prime Minster. A trusted loyal friend of the Empire now.

“They can’t do that!” Sweet Eve put in.

“Eve is right Chizuko, it will send wrong message to other members of Empire if we fail this challenge to your authority.” Jia-Li followed up.

“Why can’t we just ask for a hearing at the UN and let them handle China?” Max wanted to know.

“To ask for help would show others weakness, Max Gong. Empress all-seeing, all-knowing. If other member nations discover that China is doing this they get ideal they can get away with it too. Instead of getting rid of China’s program we get more. We must take down entire Chinese program in one stroke. Then go to UN and present them with an accomplished fact. We must prove we are all seeing, all knowing, to world. That way we prove who is biggest dog in fight, ha, ha.” Madam Chang laughed.

It turned out that China did have a “Cube”, and a processing plant set up by the CAI to process the girl children they were collecting now. They were milking the poor children out of all their eggs like they were hens laying eggs or something. The processing would leave them barren for the rest of their young lives, but it was apparent the corrupt Chinese authorities didn’t care.

According to the Cree scientist and doctors, the Chinese doctors too for that matter, a woman is born with about 200,000 eggs, but by the time she reaches puberty, age 10 to 14, that number has dwindled to just 400 or so. The 400 or so that are left are dispensed at about one a month for the rest of her life.

Losing those 199,600 viable eggs was unacceptable to both the CAI and the Chinese, and now the Japanese who were secretly supporting them too we found out. They finally got together and proposed to harvest the entire 200,000 eggs at one time, then fertilize them all with sperm, turning them all into an embryo. The embryo that is known as a blastocyst and consists of approximately 150 cells. Those stem cells are the key to growing everything in the human body. The “totipotent” stem cells that are essential to make “Serum”.

It turned out that Madam Chang had quite an intelligence gathering organization still operating in Taiwan and mainland China that she had never made use of until now. In no time we knew where the Cube’s base of operations was, who all was in it, where everything was being kept, and most of all who was concealing them from us.

When you have an operational teleporter like Fred at your disposal there is nothing, well no security system anyway, that you can’t get through or at least get into. China was being blatant about the whole thing. We had expected their base of operations to be on a top secret base, or on a remote isolated island, maybe even an underground bunker or lab complex somewhere. Instead, it was in the middle of one of their biggest and busiest Air Force bases, just outside one of their major cities.

When we got into their computers we discovered that they had a rather bold and nasty contingency plan in place for if they were ever discovered or caught. They would threaten to blow up the base and all the innocent people in and around it and blame it all on us, well the Empress anyway, if we didn’t back off and leave them alone.

Learning of their crude contingency plan and their total lack of compassion and respect for human life, Sigrun and Kara, our Heads of Security and tactical planners came up with a plan to absolutely terrify the Chinese and anybody else that was in bed with them. After tagging all the players in the game we waited for shift change.

Every 72 hours, or 3 days, the bases were opened and the different crews were rotated in and out. It was 3 days on duty, 3 days off duty, 3 days on standby, with the 3 separate crews, and another crew of supernumeraries to take care of emergencies. Supposedly it was impossible to get in or out while the base was locked down, and everything was recorded with backups on and off-site. One hour after everything was locked down Fred teleported all the bad guys directly into the sun. “Do not pass goal, do not collect $200.00 dollars out of Community Chest, go directly to jail”, well extinction in this case. This included the Cube that we had missed the first time around too. We all figured it was a waste of time to try to interrogate it anyway.

Next, we removed all the explosives, which even included a small tactical nuke device with a remote trigger, and waited for the next shift change. Three days later the higher-ups noticed that everybody was gone. When they went to investigate they discovered the personnel were all gone from their posts. When they went to play the security tapes and find out what happened they discovered all the hard drives with their backups were missing. Also, the explosive blackmail they had depended on was gone too.

With Fred’s, and the Empress’s engineering staff’s help, we followed the bad news up the organizational ladder one step at a time. Finally, we got to the top of the food chain. Each one disappearing into the sun as soon as his calls were completed. Finally, we reached the top echelon.

In order to make a lasting impression, somebody must be left to spread the message of terror. Terror is like that old exercise in logic, “If a tree falls in the deep forest and there is nobody around to observe or hear it, did it make a noise?” We made sure there was somebody around to hear it, and report on it’s fall.

In this case, the four Joint Chiefs of the Chinese Air Force were left to spread the message. Not only did they not know where their people went, but they also didn’t know where the bombs went either, and they certainly didn’t know how the Empress got the UN’s Health and Human Rights Commission into the sealed bases either. According to the Commission members themselves, one minute they were at home the next minute they were here. In the end, it didn’t matter how they got inside, they were, and they were very aware of what China had done now. They were also in direct contact with the Empress and the UN so that ruled out doing anything to them.

Realizing they were totally screwed China officially arrested the four Joint Chiefs of the Air Force and promised a full investigation of their repugnant acts. They also promised that something like this would never happen again. Most of those Chinese officials that were left could only pray to whatever God, or gods for that matter, they believed in that they would not just disappear too when they went home tonight and turned off the lights.

“Is best to leave witnesses when message to be sent publicly. They no sleep well wondering about what happened to that duty crew and Cube, or what may happen to them, tee, hee, hee.” Prime Minster Jia-Li laughed.

* * *

We now had several thousand girl children, all under 10 years of age, that needed our help. The Christian Orphanages they originally came from were all destroyed and we frankly didn’t know what to do with them. Just sending them all back to China was out of the question, even for Morgan it seemed. Nina proposed that we buy a campus somewhere civilized and start our own orphanage/academy. Being the product of the private school/academy system herself, she thought it was a good system for girls.

Sweet Eve, on the other hand, wanted to find them all families and homes to adopt them out to. Prime Minister Chang just pointed out that we were going to need loyal staff and household, the Empress agreed with her. So our own orphanage/academy was decided on in the end. It was funny to hear Jia-Li use the Catholic nun’s favorite quote about church school that Max had heard so often growing up coming from her.

“How the twig is bent is how tree will grow. Give me a child for first three years of life and she’ll always be a good member of family.” Jia-Li told the gathered group of women and girls. Of course, Max’s nuns had used Catholic instead of family.

* * *

In the meantime, Morgan had contacted some of the better colleges and other institutions that specialized in botany and horticulture around the world. They as a personal favor to the Empress agreed to track the dried flower down. They finally narrowed the search down to floriculture, and finally, an anthology which dealt with the flower itself. After much study, they were finally able to trace the dried flower we had to an early 19th Century German botanist’s study of the flora of the Kaspisches Meer, or in English, the Caspian Sea near Teheran, Isfahan, and the ruins of Castle Alamut itself. In no time we found the small valley the German botanist had discovered. Hours later we had fresh samples of the plant itself and flowers. Now with fresh flowers, we had a working copy of the original drug.

Sweet Eve wanted to destroy all of the plants fearing what somebody else would do with it if it ever got out of our control. Max himself voiced much the same complaint. Morgan just pointed out that once something is discovered it’s always much easier to reproduce than suppress the knowledge of it.

We were the safest people to have the drug the Empress finally told us all. Jia-Li just pointed out that with the drug and the Asgard Techno Wizard’s nanobots we would have the power to fully process anybody. She also used the quote; “with great power comes great responsibility, power not to be abused”, she finished up.

* * *

“And where are we going to establish our Camelot My Queen,” Max asked Chizuko in front of the gathered crowd weeks later on the main deck of the Ogomma.

“Why not Shangri-la?” Jia-Li put in. As Prime Minister to the Great Empress, she had the right to stick her own name in the hat for what the new island and school should be named.

“I don’t care what the Valkyries say about New Valhalla, I don’t do well in cold. I want somewhere I can swim year around.” Max voiced his objection to the Valkyries proposed site.

“You can swim year round in our cool Swedish fjord Lord Max, and be safe and protected from the outside world in our remote Swedish fjord Lord Max.” Göndul, one of the more outspoken Valkyries, put in innocently and laughed.

“Yeah, if you’re a damn walrus or inhuman like you Valkyries.” Max grossed.

“We’re just naturally warm-blooded min vän (my friend, in Swedish). You’re still welcome to join the other Heroes we’ve recruited for New Valhalla in Sweden Max.” Sigrun and Kara joined Göndul and the other Valkyries in laughing at Max’s, and the other girls, discomfort.

“I’m with Max on that one Sigrun. I object to swimming in a river where real ice burgs flow by you as you swim. There’s something just so wrong about that image!” Nina joined Max in complaining about New Valhalla. As an ideal vacation destination, it left a lot to be desired Nina and the other girls figured. The only thing that it had going for it was the A#1 man meat the Valkyries had stocked it with.

Oh, truth to be told, there were the many hot springs there too. True it was cold all the time outside, but indoors it could be warm and comfortable.

“We’ve looked around and decided on making our own island in the Bahaman’s, on the edge of the Sargasso Sea in the Atlantic Ocean. Near the Florida Key’s, Cuba and Haiti in the Caribbean.” The Empress announced to her waiting audience.

«We’ve decided that we’re going to use certain techniques developed in the Cree Empire to build our island. Of course, I’m going to add my own special touch to this one in the end. One low yield nuclear fission/fusion explosion is going to expand a bubble that we’re going to create almost a mile below the Atlantic Ocean’s floor, at the spot we want our new island. When the ocean floor itself has expanded and reached it’s maximum limit above the ocean, and is about to collapse back in upon itself. While it’s still a molten fireball of red hot superheated magma, I’m literally going to suck all that energy and matter out of the resulting chamber and dump it into the sun. I might add here that the sun will hardly notice it at all, ha, ha. That huge loss of matter and energy through will super cool the surrounding walls of the chamber that is left and turn them into a smooth glass-like surface.» Fred explained patiently to everyone gathered.

“And that gets us what,” Morgan asked.

«That gets us a circular island at least a hundred miles in diameter with a perfectly spherical chamber with fused glass walls at the center of the island.» Fred told Morgan.

“We then take off the top of the chamber smoothly with one of the Ogomma’s main battle lasers and it becomes the perfect bowl to park the Empress Chizuko Tocaona’s ship in. We can even have drawbridges and a moat-like a real castle.” Prime Minister Chang, Jia-Li to most of us, explained their plans to the gathered group.

“You can come to visit us Sigrun if it gets too cold at the North Pole.” Max laughed.

“You wish puny man.” Kara shouted back over her shoulder as her and the other the Valkyries all left.

* * *

Our worst fears were realized about the underage girls we had inherited. They were virtually barren. The Chinese doctors had figured out a way to extract all their eggs. None of them our doctors figured would ever have a child naturally now. Sweet Eve thought that we should tell them all right now what had been done to them. The Valkyries, as you would expect, asked what the big deal was. Morgan had a lecture prepared, but waited for Chizuko’s approval before giving it. Max said that it would be years before the “birds and the bees” lecture had to be explained to them anyway.

Nina, on the other hand, took the practical approach. She said to explain to all the girls now, rather than when they got old enough. Explain that when, not if, they ever wanted to have children they could, but they would need to consult with the Empress and their personal advisors. Parenthood she wanted to emphasize to all the girls was not a thing to get into lightly. It was a thing that affected the entire family organization and was not to be entered into without proper preparation. She even wanted to post banners around the school like, “it takes a village to raise a child.”

After all, she argued, with the Asgard Techno Wizard’s nanobots, and no shortage of eggs or sperm from other sources, any of the girls could be impregnated, well implanted actually, and naturally carry to term as many perfect designer babies as they wanted. When they were old enough to know what they really wanted anyway. There should not be any great rush to get pregnant right away she argued.

In the end, the Empress and Jia-Li, Prime Minister Chang now, calling upon her experience as a former Madam, sided with Nina. Explain to all the girls that right now they would not have to worry about getting pregnant. They were all normal, just not ready or prepared to have and take care of a baby as it should be. If in the future they decided to have a child make an appointment with the Empress or their advisor to discuss the issue.

Jia-Li had always run a Harmonious Household, with her light use of fascination, a version of Mesmerism, or hypnosis. Now with the drug itself available, the second part of the Assassin Program, she doubted they would face any huge obstacles adjusting the girls to whatever new lives they were going to have in the future.

Of course, these girls were an entirely new thing for Madam Chang and her “Harmonious Household”. They were going to be more like Nina herself, than the girls of the extended family that Madam Chang had produced in the past. They didn’t have to be “working girls” for one thing.

Maybe it was time for Jia-Li to turn over the new school to Nina, Jia-Li thought to herself with some disappointment. It wasn’t like she had any spare time being the full-time Prime Minister of Earth Empire now.

Maybe it was time to have the girls educated in higher arts, math, science, things greater than mere survival skills. Though survival skills good too. Take over from Chizuko’s engineers eventually, maybe become better engineers, better scientists. Maybe join Nina’s Geek Squad with, Eve, Jet, and Kim. Well, that’s what the other girls called them behind their backs, the Geek Squad.

Time for new beginnings Jia-Li and Chizuko both thought.

* * *

Max decided to keep the biology of his new body, but revert to his former body size after he couldn’t quit running into walls and doorways. Forty years in one body was too much to change overnight and too painful. The brain could not adjust to the new supersize, so he had his body reduced back to the original template they had made and saved.

* * *

The graviton, that theoretical, some would even say the mythical particle, that supposedly carries gravity, that might have mass like other particles some scientists theorized. It was just possible for gravity to be able to penetrate the higher dimensions they hopped. While man himself was limited to just the four dimensions around himself, it was hoped that gravity unlike light which was mass-less could penetrate those other higher dimensions around us.

In 2015, astronomers for the first time detected both gravitational waves and light waves coming from a singular event far, far away from us. A collision was occurring between two massive neutron stars, an event that lasted three years, and was being recorded, became their focal point.

For the first time, scientists were able to compare light and gravity waves moving through the universe at the same time. It was reasoned that if the gravity wave were passing through different higher dimensions the gravity wave itself would lose more of its energy than the light wave does since the light wave had already been proven to be mass-less. Of course, they said they found no evidence of “gravitational leakage” later. In the end, all our dimension’s gravity appeared to be staying right where it belongs. It was pretty much as Albert Einstein had predicted in his general theory of relativity many years ago.

The Cree, on the other hand, had managed to isolate the graviton centuries ago and put it to work. Anti-gravity, well “Directional Gravity Generators” anyway existed in the Cree Empire and ran just about everything in it. From the generation of the electricity to run their major cities to the tiny motor in a child’s roller-skates, the graviton played its part. The Ogomma could generate it’s own gravity inside the ship when necessary. That same force could also be used for propulsion within a sun’s massive gravity well. Of course while in Earth’s own gravity well, down remained down and up was still up. Everything was left at Earth normal and the Ogomma’s powerful gravity generators were offline except for propulsion.

Of course, that could change in an instant if battle stations were heralded in by the battle horns being blown. At that time the gravity generators would come online again and the inertialess flight would resume thanks to those same gravity generators. Inertialess flight allowed the Ogomma to make those quick hairpin turns at maximum speed without having to scrap the crew off the walls afterward.

* * *

Somebody Has Enslaved Sara

Sara Norton and Helen Grayson went to the same girls’ school as Nina in Geneva, Switzerland. They had met when they were all twelve and became the Three Musketeers of Ainsworth Academy. Nina the youngest, barely twelve, a natural redhead, narrow hipped, long-legged, deep olive complexion, blue-eyed urchin from Vita Cruse, Mexico. The girl that all the other girls seemed to want to pound on because of her fiery temper. Sara from Seattle, Washington, blond, willowy, and shorter than either Nina or Helen, the bookworm of the outfit. And lastly Helen, their Helen from Washington, DC. Their Helen of Troy, striking gray eagle eyes, under brooding black eyebrows, long silky coal black hair, a little taller than Nina. Skinny, intense, statuette Helen of the long legs. The one that the boys all wanted and pined away for whenever the all-boys private schools got together with the all-girls private schools for their special occasions. When all the different Academies got together to celebrate the holidays together. Helen their very own heartbreaker.

It was Helen that contacted Nina asking for help, not for herself surprisingly, but for Sara. They were all twenty-five now, Helen and Sara had remained friends and kept in contact. Helen Grayson was the wealthy, still single, Washington socialite now. Tall at five foot eleven without her habitual four-inch spike heels that she loved to wear. Curves like Jessica Rabbit, her hair a deep lustrous blue-black cascade around her face and shoulders and then down her back. Her eyes still that intense piercing gray Nina remembered so well.

Sara Norton on the other hand, until recently, had been a mildly attractive five foot seven dirty blond with exceptionally large breasts and good figure that she had gone to great lengths to hide until recently. Sara had become the personal assistant to the CEO of a major arms company who was a major player in the world financial market. She and Helen had remained fast friends until recently.

A year ago Helen had given a party at her mansion and one of the performers had been a minor hypnotist that called himself Marvin the Magnificent. Helen had investigated him before the party, and there was nothing outstanding about him or his act one way or another. He was just a pretty good hypnotist, that had a pretty good act, an act that was rated PG13 for parties like her affair. He was over forty now but still looked pretty good considering everything. Six foot tall, maybe two hundred twenty pounds with a midriff bulge that he was wearing a corset to cover up. He wore a mustache and had thinning hair, he was almost bald in spots, but overall still a presentable figure of a man in his formal tuxedo.

Six months later after everything that had happened, she had her lawyers do a more thorough job of investigating him. As a result, she now knew quite a lot more about Marvin the Magnificent. Things that she blamed herself for not knowing then. Marvin started out life as Jerry Lee Rand, of Port Charles, North Carolina. In high school, he took drama and was bitten by the stage bug. He tried his luck in New York, New York and ran into Peggy Sue Dupont as he was leaving the Big Apple broke and disappointed. It was her husband, who had just died, that had been, not the first, but the second Marvin the Magnificent. Marvin Lawrence Maggiore Junior the son, her husban, had just died leaving Peggy Sue with a lot of debts along with the acts and props for the show. Peggy Sue convinced Jerry that he could take over the act, become another Marvin the Magnificent. It was Peggy Sue that gave him Marvin’s books and taught him everything he needed to know about the magical act and hypnosis.

Having some experience with the magical part of the act, and using Peggy Sue to practice the hypnosis on, Jerry and Peggy Sue took a three-month vacation in the scenic New York, Adirondack mountains. At a camp run by Carnies for Carnies in the Adirondack’s, Jerry and Peggy Sue took their show on the road. By the time Jerry was twenty-four he had worked himself up from children’s birthday parties to high school and college parties, but they were still only mildly erotic, only mildly risqué. At this point, he began to have problems and complaints were filed.

Finally, he and Peggy Sue were arrested on joint complaints, made by a high school senior girl and a freshman college girl student, to the New York City vice cops. This was after they were volunteers at one of Jerry’s shows. Both of the girls claimed that they were missing 24 hours and were raped shortly after they supposedly left the building, but neither one actually remembered leaving, and their sorority sisters backed them up that they hadn’t left. They had volunteered for the show that night and were not happy.

Both girls, well sisters really, were made by their other sorority sisters to have rape kits done and the tests proved positive for semen and other things. Neither girl remembered whom they had sex with. With the help of the other sorority sisters and a sympathetic Assistant District Attorney, who just happened to belong to the same sorority, a warrant was issued for Jerry and Peggy Sue and they were arrested. Their defense lawyer was able to get them out on bail, and the charges themselves were dropped eventually. After that, they left the state quietly without anything else being said on the official record.

Helen’s investigator, a noted brutal and inventive former New York City vice cop, among other just brutal vice cops, was more forceful and inventive in his investigation of Marvin the Magnificent. He was able to find and question Jerry’s former defense lawyer who had fallen on hard times and persuade him with the proper incentives, mainly money, to be more forthcoming at this time. He got the full story out of him after some creative persuasion was applied. It seemed that cash and bare knuckles spoke loudly and provided the right motivation to talk. It appeared that Jerry had pictures and a movie of him, Peggy Sue, and the two sisters doing all kinds of kinky, dirty, nasty, despicable, even unnatural things together. Things that were probably illegal in at least 50 states and the District of Columbia it seemed. Jerry had threatened to have the pictures made public if the case ever went to trial in court before a jury.

At that point, the two wealthy sister’s family lawyer stepped in to intercede with the sleazy defense lawyer. The family lawyer was a real piece of work himself too. He would get the charges dropped if, and this was a big question, if, (1) All the pictures and movie negatives were turned over to him, and (2) both Jerry and Peggy Sue gave him signed confessions of what they had done to the two sisters. Otherwise, the family would just have him and her outright killed. Something easily done with the right connections, and he assured Jerry that the father was that connected. They were given a whole hour to make up their minds. Peggy Sue wanted to argue until Jerry looked at her and used some type of phrase, then Peggy Sue’s eyes sort of glazed over, then she went placid, and finally just spoke in a monotone when asked anything. The rich dames Daddy’s lawyer was sharp Jerry’s former defense lawyer told Helen’s investigator.

“Is that what you did to my client’s daughters.” Daddy’s lawyer demanded of Jerry, pointing to Peggy Sue.

“Well yes,” Jerry answered moments later.

“Are they like her...this...this...?” Daddy’s lawyer waved a hand in Peggy Sue’s general direction.

“Well not exactly, Peggy Sue here has a lot more mileage on her. She voluntarily placed herself under two, well I guess you would have to say, Masters. She’s well trained. She actually thinks of herself now as property..a slave. I could probably sell her if I wanted to. It is a lot to do with repetition, repetition, repetition. The more they obey the more they want to obey. The faster they obey, the less they hesitate, or question what they are doing, the more they belong to you. Your client’s daughters, Ann and Meg, were just starting their training, if you know what I mean friend.” Jerry smirked, like on the secert VHS tape her investigator had gotten from Jerry’s former lawyer. It was as if he knew he had hooked the other damn lawyer.

“Ann and Meg are like that now.” Daddy’s lawyer demanded again and Jerry admitted on the tape that yes they were like Peggy Sue.

“Daddy’s lawyer then told Jerry to go back to his hotel and wait, and he told me to forget everything I had heard, and I did until now Sir.” Jerry’s former defense lawyer finished up on the new tape Helen’s investigator had made.

“That’s the VHS tape I made of everything that happened in my office back then on the hidden camera I had. It’s a bargain at twenty-five grand mister. I’m so desperate for money I was actually thinking of blackmailing that shark of a lawyer and Daddy Warbucks. You do know who Daddy is don’t you?” The shyster questioned our investigator.

“Actually no, who is he?” He asked interestedly.

“New York Senator Ron Hessman, Mister Moral Majority himself, ha, ha. Him and that damn trademark white linen suit of his.” The shyster laughed.

Helen then directed the investigator to find Ann and Meg and question them. It turned out that both girls had quit the sorority after Meg was pledged and gone to live with Daddy full time after that. Some of her sorority sisters felt sorry for the girls and blamed that bad experience on them withdrawing from society. The investagator and Helen had other ideas about the pattern that was developing here.

It turned out that the mother had died while both girls were in high school of a long protracted bout with ovarian cancer. Both the daughters were into cheerleading and other humanitarian causes. They had also publicly pledged to stay virgins until they were married. Everyone loved them in school except some of the faster crowd that accused them of being “Miss goody two shoes”, and this is a quote from the high school newspaper.

They were, “Stuck up virgins that thought they were better than everyone else.”

Now the sisters were part of a group of girls, always dressed in virgin white, that surrounded Senator Hessman all the time. A group of girls that appeared to get younger with each passing year, Reporter Coney Yang of ABC News reported on the air, just before she was fired. The special investigative report she was working on was canceled with her firing and never aired. The official name of the group of girls was “Virgins for Christ”. They and their sisters publicly pledged themselves to remain virgins until they meet and wed a good true Christian man. Whenever asked whom they were dating right now, they give the reporters themselves a lecture on the sins lose in the world and the moral corruption in America today.” Helen paused to take a breath.

“What’s any of this got to do with our Sara, Sara Norton, Helen. I mean everybody knows Senator Ron Hessman and his degenerate bunch of red neck bully boys, but what’s that got to do with our Sara.” Nina finally demanded.

“That’s what I’m getting to Nina. She’s given up everything and...just walked away. Away from everything. Just walked away. It’s all my fault.” Helen broke down crying.

“What happened and why is it your fault?” Nina demanded.

“Six months ago I gave a reception for the new American Ambassador to Brazil and a fundraiser for the Red Cross at my estate in upper New York state. Sara was there and volunteered, well really this James person that she was with volunteered her, to be one of the people hypnotized that night. It was great fun. Marvin the Magnificent had them do the usual silly things and then it was over. Afterward, Sara acted sort of strange, but I didn’t think anything of it and wrote it off to her being tired. At the time she was dating that James person pretty regularly. I found out later, much later, his name was James Eric Fairington III, and he is a personal friend of Senator Ron Hessman.”

“When Sara disappeared so abruptly after the party, I finally tracked her down, and she was now staying with Master James Fairington at his father’s private estate in the Adirondack mountains of upper New York. I tried to call Sara. I even tried to visit Sara, Nina, but I was turned away at the guarded gates. I finally filed a missing person report and called in some favors. Yes, Sara was alive and well but didn’t want to see any of us, especially me it appeared. The next day I got a call from Sara and she told me to leave her alone.” Helen paused and looked searchingly at Nina.

“Well, it’s Sara’s life, Helen,” Nina said.

“That noted brutal former New York City vice cop I hired was Jeff Tomas and fifteen years before he had dated the older Hessman girl Ann. He admits that her father hated his guts, but he’s convinced that she loved him. Well until that damn Jerry, Marvin the Magnificent, got hold of her anyway. Her father, in fact, had gotten Jeff thrown out of the ivy league law school he was attending and he is still under court orders not to go around or bother the Hessmans. He saw my investigation as another chance to really investigate what had happened to his former girlfriend.” Helen waited for Nina to ask something. When she didn’t Helen continued.

“It’s simply amazing what’s available in the line of surveillance today. Both the Hessman and Fairington estates were protected by Brinks and routinely swept for bugs and other listening devices. Did you know Nina that most bugs are detected because the listener wants instant gratification? The bug is vulnerable while it is transmitting information, so the trick is to store that information and then transmit it as a very directional burst of highly compressed data in something that is hard to detect. A line-of-sight invisible to the naked eye laser beam is best by the way.”

“The team I hired was the best, better than NSA, or even the Russian’s for that matter, I was told by Jeff Tomas who vouched for them. This was a field that is controlled by money Nina. I was lucky I had the money to hire them he didn’t, but he knew who to hire I didn’t so it sort of evened out in the end, ha, ha. I also think it had a lot to do with whom I wanted them to spy on too. Anyway, I got them to do the job. I got the impression that there was some bad blood between the owner of the Agency, who I never identified, and Senator Ron Hessman.”

“Anyway a month later, after receiving the $200,000.00 dollars in cash. It certainly wasn’t cheap. I was delivered a stack of blue-ray disks and a 1 terabyte SSD laptop hard drive. Each disk was labeled and the top one said, “play me first in private.” I did Nina, and that’s why I’m here.” Helen handed Nina the blue-ray disks.

“Why me Helen?” Nina questioned.

“Nina I was told specifically not to watch the rest of the disks. To take the bundle to you and ask you to save Sara, but I watched them. They have enslaved Sara and those other girls. I cannot believe it! No...No, I do not want to believe it Nina, but Sara is now a...a slave...a sex slave. I would never have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. My own eyes Nina!”

“My first thought was to go to the police or FBI. But THEY... whomever I hired...whoever THEY are, warned me not to go to the police. I was picking up the phone to call 911 when THEY called me Nina. THEY said that if I was lucky the police wouldn’t believe me, and I’d look like a fool. If I was unlucky the police and the OTHERS would believe me, and I’d either be joining Sara and the others, or I’d meet with a convenient fatal accident. The Agency advised me strongly to just turn it over to you again. They said you’d know what to do about it. Do you know what to do about it, Nina? Why would you know what to do Nina?” Helen wrung her hands and searched Nina’s face for answers.

“Helen, what do you know about me now, well after I left school I guess?” Nina asked.

“I know that you are connected to the Cree Empress that came to Earth and the new government. I know that you helped break up that group of renegade Cree and Chinese that were ravaging all those young girls to create that “Serum” stuff. I know that you are hard to get in touch with,” Helen laughed a little at that.

“There are some people you need to meet before we do anything else,” Nina said.

* * *

“Helen this is Jia-Li...” Helen interrupted Nina.

“Your the Empress’s Prime Minister.” Helen burst out after seeing Jia-Li.

“Yes, yes am, but in private am Madame Chang or Jia-Li to friends. Am sure we’re going to be good friends Helen. We need to explain some things to you and then adjust you, Helen. Do you love Sara, Helen?” Jia-Li asked.

“We’ve always been friends, did Nina tell you, we became the Three Musketeers of Ainsworth Academy, me, Sara and Nina have always been friends,” Helen answered.

“Didn’t ask that. Asked if you loved Sara, that entirely different.” Jia-Li asked again.

“Yes...yes, I always loved Sara, but she didn’t love me until after Nina left. Yes, I love Sara.” Helen answered before she put her face in her hands and cried some more.

“Helen there is nothing to be ashamed about. You just did what we’ve all done, is natural to love the other persons we care about. You are there for her now, as her best friend and lover.” Nina sat down beside Helen and hugged her while rocking her.

“Helen certain girls are more susceptible to hypnosis or Mesmerism than others. With some is like drug. Some girls become addicted to it the first time they experience it, is rare but true never the less, is the same as addictive drug to them. Will do anything while hypnotized and want more. Give up free will Helen. Become slaves. Do anything. Never the same after. Are you willing to accept responsibility for Sara that is?” Madam Chang asked Helen.

“We need to give Sara back her free will. I need Sara back to herself. She’s not some mindless sex slave, some fuck-and-suck-slut-bimbo-toy like she’s chanting on those disks. I need my Sara back Nina.” Helen begged.

“Must face reality Helen, that Sara is gone. Must deal with Sara you have...” Helen broke in on what Madam Chang was saying.

“But I need my Sara!” Helen begged forlornly.

“Old Sara is still there, but New Sara has need to be hypnotized and dominated, is still there now too. You love her, take care of her. She will even act like old Sara if you program her too, but will need you to dominate her.” Madam Chang told Helen.

“I can’t do that to her.” Helen sobbed.

“If you can’t then she will find someone that can.” Madam Chang told Helen again.

“Helen, Sara has needs, if you take her you will have to become the person who meets her needs. Where she’s at now, believe it or not, she’s well taken care of and given what she needs. If you take her out of there and she runs away she’ll probably wind up being abused by whoever picks her up off the street.” Nina lectured Helen.

“Look Helen I’ll make a deal with you that Nina won’t. When we raid the two estates, which we are going to do in a couple of days with the Valkyrie’s A#1 army. After we free these sex slaves. Well, round them up anyway. I’ll give you Sara and you can ask her what she wants. Will you agree to that?” Max finally spoke up from his dark corner of the room where he was observing.

“Yes...yes that’s all I want.” Helen sobbed.

“But you have to do what Sara wants after the situation is explained to her. Do you agree?” Max demanded of Helen.

“That’s all I’ve ever wanted.” Helen moaned

“Go wash your face, Helen.” Nina joined in.

* * *

The invasion of the two estates went as planned, both Hessman and Fairington thought they were above the law and neither could be touched. By the time they realized they were actually in trouble, it was all over. The phone lines cut, a cell phone-jammer on, and their guards gone. Rent-a-Cops aren’t known for laying down their lives for their sleaze bag clients. We walked in and took over.

Senator Ron Hessman, James Eric Fairington III, and a few personal friends were the first recipients of Madam Chang’s new and improved programming with the drug. They were right we couldn’t just kill them outright. Oh, we wanted to so much, but they were so wrong when they thought we couldn’t touch them. Madam Chang had a programming session with them and afterward, they will never be the same again or cause anybody any more trouble.

The former slaves were another story. After we sorted them out, Ann, Meg, and Sara were separated and brought to us in the dining room. Other than a dog collar they were stark naked.

“Find them something to wear Sigrun, all of them Sigrun!” Max called out. In a little while, Sigrun was back with three robes that she threw to the girls. All three girls refused to look up or put on the robes.

“Put on the robes,” Helen told Sara as she approached her. Still, Sara refused to move. Even when Helen tried to embrace Sara she refused to move.

“Sara, don’t you know me?” Helen cried.

“Put the robes on slaves,” Max called out. Instantly all three girls were clothed, but still just standing there faces downcast.

“Is as though, only take orders from men Nina.” Madam Chang observed.

“What’s wrong with her?” Helen asked.

“Been trained to only respond to men. Maybe Max can order her to respond to you. Try Max.” Madam Chang directed.

Max walked over to Sara and lifted her face up.

“What is your name slave,” Max asked her.

“Sara Master,” Sara answered.

“Sara do you remember Helen,” Max asked. Sara looked over at Helen then back to Max.

“Yes, Master,” Sara answered.

“You will go with Helen and talk with her Sara. You will act naturally with her. You will answer all her questions and be honest with her. Can you do that for me slave.” Max instructed her.

“As you command Master,” Sara said and started off with Helen.

After several hours Helen dragged Sara back. Helen was crying again.

“What did you find out Helen?” Max asked gently this time.

“She remembers everything. She remembers that she loved me in her former life. She remembers it all, but she is just a slave now. She’ll love me if you...damn you Max!!!...order her to. She would even rather have me as a Master if you ordered her to Max.” Helen cried in anguish.

“Helen, Sara, and these other girls are extreme examples of what hypnosis and certain drugs can do over a period of time to free will of certain vulnerable girls. Old Sara is in there waiting to come out. Maybe one day strong enough to take back own life. Until then I can program her to be the Sara you once knew. Same laugh, same kiss, same things as old Sara, but she will still be slave Sara underneath it all, always dependent on you to make the major decisions, and exercise control. Is like having a pet. Must care for her every day or she will seek new Master to control her.” Madam Chang told Helen.

“Did you explain and ask her what she wanted Helen?” Max asked.

“I did Max and this is what Sara wanted. To be my slave. It ain’t right Max, but it’s the best I can do.” Helen said.

“Are you ready to be adjusted to be her new Master Helen?” Madam Chang asked.

“I guess it’ll have to be all right Madam Chang, I can’t live without her.” Helen laughed to keep from crying.

* * *

While Helen was busy with Sara, Helen’s investigator was brought in and questioned about his relationship with Ann Hessman. Jeff Tomas came from a good family. After he was washed out of law school, he enlisted in the Marines. Served his four years, came back and joined NYPD. Served his time in the ranks, rose to a lieutenant in vice, and finally quit the police force to follow Hessman and his cronies criminal enterprises full time as a licensed private investigator.

Yes, he still loved Ann. Yes, he was willing to be adjusted to be her Master, after it was all explained to him. Yes, Ann remembered Jeff. She even thought that at the time she loved him. But Ann wasn’t willing when given a choice, to be separated from her sister Meg. Meg didn’t want to be separated from Ann either for that matter. They had become much closer than mere sisters over the years under Daddy’s more than kinky incestuous loving care. So, in the end, Ann and Meg offered themselves to Jeff as a package deal. If he could convince them to freely accept him as their Master he could have them both Max and Nina agreed. It was a both or none at all situation. Jeff, after talking to both women some more, and getting their consent, took the offered deal.

And so Madam Chang had three more people to adjust this week. We hoped to get all the new girls new homes with caring new owners after we had questioned the former slaves further. If we couldn’t we could always take them to the island with us.