The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Valkyrie Don’t Cry

by littlefrog66

Chapter 9

* * *

Empress Chizuko Tocaona’s ship Ogomma was returning to Earth without a number of the people it had arrived back home in the Cree system with. Most of her former staff had begged her to release them from their duty because they were homesick. After conferring with Nina and Morgan she did release them with her blessing, after all, they weren’t responsible for her exile to Earth. The ship itself was almost totally automated, and the girls were now up to speed on running the Ogomma and Empire technology anyway.

It was hard to think that her whole world had revolved around a magical island and a Fairy Tale Palace/Castle that had simply vanished in a puff of superheated ionized gas from an outlawed Nova Bomb a mere year ago. Friends, family, everybody she knew and cared for, just gone in the blink of an eye, and the crowning touch was she was declared dead and nobody had really missed her. She became just a footnote in the Cree history books, forever to be known as “the Last Empress”.

Emperor Karma Tocaona had been old and set in his ways when Parliament more or less decreed that he had to marry. Theirs was a marriage of convenience not of love. He was much older than her and homosexual to boot. She was the only daughter of an old noble retainer and his family that had grown up in the castle with him. She might not have loved him, but she did get along with him, which said it all.

He had died messily while doing what he loved best, big game hunting something-or-other exotic animal, plant, or large insect, she was never sure just exactly which, on an equally exotic and hostile alien planet. It was by necessity a closed coffin ceremony because there was very little left of him to bury.

She had been a child bride at fifteen, him at forty-eight. They had only been married three years when he died. As was custom both him and her had both donated sperm and eggs at the end of the wedding ceremony. Both the eggs and sperm were kept in status containers, in the well guarded Royal Vault, until needed. This was to ensure the continuation of the royal line of succession in case something like this should ever happen to either of them. She was only eighteen when he died leaving her as Empress, really only leaving her as Regent Mother of the future Emperor of the Cree Empire under Cree law. Of course, there were provisions in the Royal Charter and Constitution in case she died too. Those provisions would produce another male heir to the thrown.

Again established law and custom decreed that she had to have one of her eggs impregnated with his sperm eventually. The quickened embryo was then to be inserted into her royal womb before or upon her reaching the age of twenty-five. She had put off, what was supposed to be the happiest time of her life, as long as she possibly could for some ill-defined reason. The point was mote now anyway.

Since there was no longer an island, no royal palace, or royal vault for that matter any longer, there would be no royal child. The royal line of the House of Tocaona ended with her. She was just twenty-two right now, with little to no sexual experience. Her entire life had been one of duty and service to the Empire, never about what she wanted. All that was about to change if Morgan and the other girls had their way.

All the girls, I guess I should say Sisterhood now, was onboard the Ogomma now. Our Valkyries were now the Empress’s Palace Guard and the Ogomma itself was the de facto Palace. As the Empress had said the ship was gigantic. Upon exploring it we found that it could easily house thousands actually.

It was a regular city with its own independent artificial gravity and three TEC to supply electricity and power. It had elevators and wide passageways running everywhere. Captain Paula Ovonavich and 1st Lieutenant Sharon Heart were now Captain and First Officer of the Ogomma. After a thorough search they finally found the blueprints of the ship. They then assigned Lieutenant Pat Sanderson to draw up and post laminated copies of the maps and repaint all the passageway signs. Eve, Kim, and Jet were assigned the task of rounding up and recharging the little buggy things used for transportation within the ship itself.

Besides the Royal Barge, there were a dozen six-person shuttles and twenty one man fighters. This was in addition to the complement of Knights and their tiny bubble ships attached to the outside of the ship. All the Knights had chosen to retain their commissions and remain with the Empress and their ship. The fighters we discovered reminded Max of a Cobra attack helicopter gunship without the rotor blades. Needless to say, that part of the ship was turned over to the Valkyries.

* * *

Madame Chang, Jia-Li to most of us now, had taken up the duties of setting up and running the household for her new Empress of Earth, becoming in effect her Prime Minster.

“Empress will need Royal Consort. She must appear to be in control of life at all times. If she appears without mate in public sends wrong message to loyal subjects. Causes fights among males that surround her. Too much testosterone in air. I recommend we establish Gong Max as main consort.” Madame Chang more or less ordered.

“I second the motion.” Nina and Morgan both spoke up together.

“Hey, doesn’t the poor dumb drone get a vote in the matter.” Max put in plaintively.

«NO!» came back from all the girls.

«Do I get a vote.» the Empress asked on the Fred party line from somewhere in the ship.

«NO!» came back from all the girls again.

«YES! Always! Empress have choice. Maybe not who, ha, ha, but how many, ha, ha. Must have Consort or husband is Rule in Great Game of Houses. If he is Consort Empress can kick him out of bed at any time she wants. If husband, he becomes Emperor, Empress no longer rule. Is Great Game of Houses Rule.» Madame Chang evilly chuckled.

«I guess you’re it Max.» the Empress laughed too.

«Will listen to advisers.» Madame Chang directed, opening the floor for questions.

«Where are we going to get pilots and crews for our shuttles and fighters.» Sigrun, and Kara our Valkyrie war leaders wanted to know.

“Valkyrie along with Nina will choose and qualify pilots and troops. Morgan will oversee both. Will rely on their expertise and experience, but will remember they have to be male.” Madame Chang directed Max and the girls.

«BUT!...» came back on the party line before Madame Chang overrode them.

«Gong Max Royal Consort now. Have duty to Empress first, Harem second now. All need Max, but Max only one man. Sacrifices have to be made, “Suck It Up Girls”, tee, hee.» Madame Chang laughed at the Harem’s dilemma.

“But I feel like I’m being disloyal to Max Jia-Li when I even think about sex with another man.” Snow White voiced the dilemma of her fellow Fairy Tale Princesses.

“Is good to be loyal, but need to adjust. Will set up appointment for adjustment. Yes? Also will recruit nice Chinese girls for Palace household this time. No excuses! Nice traditional Chinese girls! Nice classically beautiful Chinese girls with proper upbringing for household this time Gong Max. No excuses. Chinese girls have true inner beauty. Know place in society.” Madame Chang chuckled evilly for everyone to hear.

* * *

So after a lot more discussion, it was agreed that the Valkyrie would choose the troops from the worlds military elite. Before long it was apparent that they had a marked preference for the typical Germanic, Viking, Aryan superman type. Blond headed blue-eyed, light complexions, raw-boned individuals like Chuck Connors and Dolph Lundgren. Monsters standing at well over six foot five inches, reeking of testosterone and raw animal power. This shouldn’t have been too surprising considering the Valkyries themselves.

Imagine Kate Upton who stands five foot ten inches tall. Now scale her up to six foot three inches tall. Okay, you’ve got that delightful image firmly in your mind’s eye? Now make her waist narrower, her hips a little narrower too, but her buttocks, that delightful rump, more pronounced, rounder if that’s possible. Now make her shoulders noticeably wider, her chest deeper, her breasts larger, rounder, fuller, and firmer. Now imagine those magnificent breasts so firm that they didn’t need the support of a bra. Breasts so round and perfect, without a blemish, without any sag. So perfect you would find yourself looking for the surgical scars of silicone breast enhancement. Now make her measurements a 45DD bust, 29 waist, and 39 hips. A modern-day legendary Brunhilda of a woman.

As an interesting side note here, Snow White a few months ago asked Max who his fantasy dream woman was. Max offhand said he liked Terry Moore when he was a kid. Not taking that as a final answer they next approached Jet. Jet agreed to hack his personal laptop, she was as interested to find out as they were.

They found out that he was into hypnosis porn and a porn starlet named Ava Addams. Standing at only five foot three inches she has long Raven black hair and striking deep blue eyes. Her measurements are 32F-24-35, and both her breasts and buttocks are silicone enhanced.

As you might have already guessed by now, by the time we returned to Earth Snow White and the ten Fairy Tale Princesses all looked and dressed like some version of Ava Addams from her website. It seems that the CAI found some way to allow their slaves to actually become the dreamgirl their future buyer/owner had always wanted. So far Max, much to the disappointment of the Fairy Tale Princesses, has resisted the urge to take one out for a test drive and fine tune her.

* * *

«When does he fuck her!» Morgan broadcast for everyone to hear on the open party line.

«Will show proper respect, Morgan. Empress not some slutty oversexed horny hormone addled American schoolgirl bimbo needing the instant gratification of her sexual needs like some other persons we all know. Empress real lady. Know rules of proper courtship. Follows Rules of Great Game of Houses. Max have to woo first, then fuck if compatible.» Madame Chang chuckled.

«You mean you’re not going to adjust her too.» Sigrun and Kara laughed.

«Did not say that. Just show proper respect for Your Empress. Are setting stage for first female-run Dynasty. Proper Matriarchy if cards played right. Females rule the world Gong Morgan if all signs align properly. Show proper respect for Your Empress.» Madame Chang chuckled evilly this time too.

«That would be so cool.» sweet Eve put in.

«Nina explain what wooing is to other new girls. Sigrun, Valkyries must chill out, change uniform. Blend in. Empress and Max will go bar hopping for at least a year. Seen in all right places by loyal subjects. Valkyries job to protect, but be invisible until needed. Understand?» Madame Chang explained.

«Madame Chang we can do a lot of things but be invisible or unnoticeable is not one of them.» Sigrun laughed, maybe roared is a better fit, for the whole world to hear.

«Will work on it for Madame Valkyries?» Madame Chang stated flatly.

And so began the very public wooing of the twenty-three-year-old “Last Empress” of Earth. Dancing in Rio tonight, New York tomorrow, then Paris, Moscow, and places unknown. Somewhere new every day. I would like to say that Max became a better dancer, but that would be untrue. Max stood there shuffling his two left feet with a silly grin plastered on his face, as the Empress danced around him just like with Nina that first night at the club. Nina and Morgan taught Chizuko, that’s what the Empress was called now, how to danced to the song, “Give Me One Reason, by TC” and drive Max wild.

How to back into him on the dance floor winding up in Max’s arms and bringing his hands down to her hips as she swayed her hips to the music. Then how to grind her ass back into his crotch to the insistent beat of the music. All the while starting to sing along with the song using the words Nina had made up that night.

“Just give me one reason why Max...I just want someone to hold me, and rock me through the night Max...this youthful heart can love you, yes, and give you what you need Max...I said I love you Max, and there ain’t no more to say Max...I’ll just make you change your mind, Max...I love you, Max.” Nina sang out for everyone around them to hear on the dance floor.

All this while the five chosen Valkyries danced around them, all in what they termed plain clothes. Pretty soon the Valkyries became better known than the Empress and Max themselves. Of course, Chizuko was asked to sing more often than the Valkyries.

Soon the world’s best fashion designers were fighting over who would dress the Valkyries rather than just the Empress herself. At first, it had been a duty the Valkyries avoided, now it was a duty they fought to get. The five dancing around the Empress became known as Chizuko’s Amazons. And yes that first kiss from Max bonded them to Max, but it was more of a loyalty thing than a sex thing with the Valkyries and Max.

Sex with the Valkyries was like the Valkyries themselves, wild and untamed. In fact, when Morgan was joking with Max that he was afraid to have sex with them Randgníð, one of the twenty-five Valkyries, answered Morgan this way.

“Valkyries are immortal goddesses. Made better than simple puny man. Can drink any man under the table. Can win any contest or game against a puny man. Man die happy after sex with Valkyries. Sex with Valkyries ruins him for sex with other little women. Max smart to avoid sex with Valkyries. Have heard what Morgan likes, does Morgan want to try sex with Valkyrie?” Randgníð questioned.

I swear Morgan turned white. Since then the Valkyries sex lives have remained private.

* * *

This courtship, cock teasing, with the Empress went on publicly for the full year under the watchful eye of Madame Chang. Max would have had a severe case of “blue balls” if not at least one or more of the other girls hadn’t been readily available to relieve the stress after a hard night of dancing, ha, ha.

During that time other men and women were allowed to dance with her, but it was strictly at arm’s length. She only slow danced with Max to TC’s song “Give Me One Reason”. The dance Nina helped invent and her version of the song became popular on dance floors around the world. Any club Earth’s Empress and her entourage visited became a virtual hot spot overnight.

At the end of the year, at a reception arranged by the UN’s Big Five, Max was officially declared Chizuko’s official Consort. They could now consummate their romance the world was informed. Chizuko and the other girls/women of the Sisterhood even publicly joked that sex with him had better be as good as he thought he was, or she would be on the quest for another Consort soon. At the dinner, Nina and Morgan were allowed to sit on either side of Max and feed him raw fresh shucked oysters on the half shell. There were to be no excuses for his performance tonight he was informed.

«Yaul are getting off on this aren’t you?» Max broadcast on their private party line for everyone to hear.

«Yes...yes, I think we are Max.» Chizuko cut through the other chatter.

«Don’t tell me we’ve embarrassed you?» Nina spoke up.

«Well a guy has to have some pride?» Max defended.

«But just think, you get to fuck a virgin tonight. Karma the Emperor never touched me. Even my conception of the Royal Child would have been a sterile operation performed by doctors while I was strapped down in a dentist chair arrangement with my feet and legs up in stirrups for the inception. Hell, the bastards would probably have insisted that I be anesthetized during the whole operation. Back then I was so sheltered I didn’t even know what a BOB was, and my Ladies in Waiting, the old betties, certainly didn’t enlighten me about tongues and licking. All of this is new and thrilling to me Max.» Chizuko related to Max and company.

«And you certainly can’t complain that you were denied the right of the old marital bed. Not when we were there to see you were well taken care of Max.» Morgan put in.

«Yes, Master.» came floating back from the Harem part of the girls.

«Oh, you’ve even got sex slaves. Nobody told me that.» Chizuko gushed.

«Is part of Sisterhood you just get used to Empress. Pay them no mind. They...they just how you say...ham it up...pull leg. Max never use power that way.» Madame Chang defended Max.

«But what if that was what I always dreamed would happen to me. A strong virulent man would storm the castle walls and enslave me. Force me to have sex with him. I’d become his slave just like in those movies Ann my maid smuggled into the palace for me and her to watch.» Chizuko blushed and giggled some more.

«Another sweet Eve.» came back from Nina.

«How old were you Chizuko?» Morgan asked.

«Let’s see...I had just married Karma, so I’d have been fifteen still. They got rid of Ann a couple of months later.» Chizuko sadly related.

«Could be worse, she could have a Daddy Complex.» Paula put in.

«What’s wrong with a Daddy Complex Paula?» sweet Eve chirruped.

«That’s right Paula what’s wrong with a Daddy Complex?» Nina laughed.

«I should have guessed.» Paula laughed.

«Maybe it’s time Max hypnotized Chizuko and really finds out what her fantasies are. We keep forgetting how sheltered she was...» Nina said before Paula interrupted.

«Still is, she’s only been playing at being a femme fatale and vamping up her part for the audience.» Paula laughed.

So by the end of the afternoon, Max had, with Fred’s help, tranced Chizuko and gone through her fantasies. He now knew what she wanted. Most of his girls, he had found that first time were satisfied with a version of what he had given Paula that first night. He had deepened their trances questioned them about what they expected and delivered on their Goddess fixations.

He had found that every woman, deep down in their heart of hearts, wants to be that Fairy Tale Princess they all read about as a child. No matter how much she decries that she doesn’t, every woman wants to be wooed, wined, dined, and finally royally fucked into oblivion. She wants to believe, for that one wonderful moment in time and space, that she is that one special woman for that one special man. Max made that happen for the women in his Harem.

In Chizuko’s case, though he found that other than the really softcore porn Ann, her maid, had been able to sneak in, Chizuko might as well have been cloistered in a nunnery her entire life. The movies her and Ann had watched were no worse than some hoaky Pirate movies, some stolen kisses, and a little frontal nudity. Something any normal teenager was bound to come across growing up. There just wasn’t that much experience there to work with.

So, in the end, it was sex education 101 with Chizuko. He had to teach her the basics before moving onto the more advanced parts of the course. After all, Chizuko hadn’t even been properly kissed yet. Things that we had taken for granted just weren’t there. Things were dicey with Chizuko the Harem agreed.

To give you a comparison think about sex like learning to swim. There is the wading pool part of the swimming pool and the deep water part with the diving board. You start off in the shallow part splashing around and think you can swim. You watch the other people run and dive off the diving board, and that looks like more fun than your having, so you go and try it. You soon discover your in the deep end of the pool and can’t swim. Discovering that fact you immediately panic and start drowning. Eventually your saved, but it’s debatable after that bad experience, if you’ll ever enjoy swimming again.

Sex is the same way, Chizuko might be enthusiastic now, but she could get in over her head and panic, ruining the experience for her for the rest of her life. So having wined and dined her it was time for kissing 101. I thought Max had it well under control when Nina, Morgan, and Paula interrupted him on the party line.

«Look Max we have discussed this among ourselves and you are handling this all wrong. Put the Princess to sleep and let’s discuss this.» Nina said, as the spokesperson for the Harem.

Max was rather pissed, but I reminded him, on our private link, that they were a part of this too.

«Sleep Chizuko sleep, you will ignore our discussion Chizuko. Okay, what am I doing wrong ladies.» Max huffed.

«You’re trying to teach things that, believe it or not, girls teach other girls. It’s a girl thing Max, part of experimenting growing up.» Nina’s private all-girls school experience coming through.

«Besides that girls are just better at kissing and teaching how to kiss. We know what we want and what it feels like. Something a man, even you Max, will never know.» Paula put in.

«And besides your going to need one of us to demonstrate on in the next part of your Sex Education 101 course anyway.» Morgan put in.

«Once again you’re going to lick your way down to the honeypot, and once again I remind you that you only visit there, we live there. Aint nobody licks pussy better than another woman Max. Besides you want to break her in right and make sure she’s comfortable with being bisexual.» Paula reminded Max.

“But she...” Max started.

«She’s got to join the Harem sometime Max.» Nina finished up.

«Okay you’ve made your point. Whose to be the crash dummy.» Max begrudgingly asked.

«We chose Paula, she has more experience, I feel unqualified, and Morgan has a few bad habits she picked up in her old age that she doesn’t want to pass on to the younger generation, ha, ha.» Nina said.

And so the lessons continued, but this time with Paula being introduced into the script as an old friend that she knew and trusted. An old trusted friend who was going to help Max teach her about sex. Empress Chizuko was a very enthusiastic student and Paula a patient teacher. By the next morning, Chizuko had explored her sexuality to the fullest.

She could now properly initiate and/or respond to just about any kind of kiss. She knew most if not all of the erogenous zones of the male and female body. She knew when to lick an earlobe or whisper into an ear. How to best stimulate a nipple or stroke a breast, be it woman or man.

Most of all she learned about her cunt, pussy, or a hundred other names for the same orifice. She could now properly stimulate or arouse either herself or another woman. She knew the proper buttons to push and G spot to stroke, and how to bring either herself or her lover to orgasm with her hands, her tongue, or one of a dozen sex toys the girls just happened to have laying around.

Finally, she learned how to stimulate or arouse a man’s penis or cock to a full erection, then getting it to the necessary hardness for penetration. All this without having to resort to either the little blue pill or the classical blow job of modern porn fiction fame.

She then learned that the position that was chosen for the act of intercourse or fucking actually dictated whether the man or the woman was the dominant partner. It also established the rhythm of the act itself. The woman could be completely passive, as in the missionary position, accepting that the man would establish everything, or be an active participant as in the so-called doggie position. She could also be the one doing all the work as in the cowgirl position where the man was passive.

At the end of the lesson, deep down in her heart of hearts, Empress Chizuko knew the Fairy Tale Princess in the books she had read and dreamed about being as a child, had come true for her. She had been wooed, wined, dined, and in the end finally royally fucked into oblivion as she had been promised. For that one glorious wonderful moment in time and space, she was that one special fulfilled woman for that one special man that she had always dreamed about.

Once again Max had made that happen for the women in his Harem.

* * *

Meanwhile The Villians Are Busy At Work

Meanwhile on a burned out planet orbiting an ancient red dwarf star within striking range of Earth. The CAI was busy trying to make mobile bodies and more Cube. There were less than a quarter million of their slave Cree left, and only two thousand AI left to run the secret base and manufacturing facility now.

This is where the first Cube or malevolent AI were first assembled. Not invented as everybody had thought, but assembled from parts discovered in the factory on this planet they had discovered them on. No trace or even a picture of who had built the factory was ever found, but everything was ancient, and of a size so that everybody assumed they had been human.

All the parts to build more Cube had been used up years ago, and still, no matter how hard they pushed their slaves the AI were unable to get the factory running to produce more Cube. As the first Cree scientist had disastrously discovered a single Cube could control multiple humans at close range. A dozen Cube spread out over a large area could establish a network and control a small city. There were two thousand of them now.

When the Cube and their slaves couldn’t get the factory running again they turned to other resources. First, they tried to build robot bodies to carry themselves around in. This made them mobile but didn’t increase their numbers. Next, they had the Cree scientist to try to create booster transmitters for their mind control power, but so far that project was unsuccessful too. Next, they had the Cree scientist to create chips to remove any free will their Cree slaves still had.

The chips worked but they caused massive rejection in the human body. To counter the rejection all citizens were injected with the AID virus to suppress the human body’s immune system. As the number of transplants grew so did the HIV number. Soon 70% of the population was terminally ill from HIV.

While one archeologist was going over material found at the factory he discovered part of a much larger star map. On the map, Earth’s solar system was marked with a circle, only that a circle around Sol on an old star map.

That was why the three Saucers with the six Cube were sent to Earth. The expedition was launched to explore our solar system. So far they had lost four Saucers and eight Cube and had not found anything worth investigating in the solar system. The “Serum” was only a target of opportunity, there for the taking not a reason to be there.

At the moment the vote was split on sending another heavily armed expedition. One side said it was an unnecessary waste of vital resources. Even the ones that wanted to send the new expedition would admit that Earth appeared to have a new secret weapon that was destroying their Saucers, but they argued that they needed to discover what that weapon was.

* * *

“So what am I here to see Morgan,” Nina asked.

“It’s right around this next turn.” Morgan laughed.

Morgan stopped the buggy, and there in front of them was a bright golden archway with a flashing neon sign above it. The flashing neon sign read, “The Gateway to Valhalla”, under it was inscribed, “Give up all hope ye puny mortals that enter here. Valkyries rule this Realm.”

“Isn’t that the armory and flight deck Morgan,” Nina asked Morgan.

“Well, it was?” Morgan laughed.

“I’m afraid to ask what they’ve done with the place.” Nina moaned.

“I asked around, and found out they divided up into five-man, well woman, teams and went shopping in their full Valkyries uniform. That huge broadsword in a sheath down their back, and those winged helmets on their heads. They had Fred to teleport them directly into the special forces base and then challenged the soldiers there to unarmed combat.” Morgan related.

“And probably whipped their asses, right.” Nina laughed.

“Hell yes. Then they chose those they wanted, gave them these drawing and told them to get it tattooed on their backs and then report for duty aboard the Ogomma next week.” Morgan went on.

“What was the tattoo, Morgan?” Nina asked.

“Oh it was an Old Norse Rune, Sweet Eve tells me, it makes him the property the Valkyrie that chooses him, each one is different. Sweet Eve is into everything Old Norse now you know. Anyway, they chose three hundred this first go around...” Nina interrupted her.

“How did that go over with the nation they belonged to. How did they react to the loss?” Nina asked.

“That’s funny Nina. I thought that everyone would be up in arms protesting to the UN and making a stink, but instead, they’re bragging about how many of theirs were chosen. After all, these are THE “Immortal Goddesses of War” we’re talking about here. You remember that challenge of Randgníð’s to me and Max?...“Valkyries are immortal goddesses. Made better than simple puny man. Can drink any man under the table. Can win any contest or game against a puny man. Man die happy after sex with Valkyries. Sex with Valkyries ruins him for sex with other little women.”...“well somebody, I figure it was Sweet Eve, wrote it down and it got published in all the Earth’s newspapers and social media. Eve’s even got a fan site up herself. Now we’ve got all these macho men, that have already been whooped by them in unarmed battle, wanting to prove who’s got the biggest dick.” Morgan broke up laughing.

“And what am I going to see when I go through those golden portals, Morgan?” Nina wanted to know.

“I was saving that for a surprise, Nina,” Morgan smirked.

“I don’t react well to surprises Morgan.” Nina thinly laughed back.

“When I first heard about it I thought that I would walk into a scene from the 1978 Penthouse movie Caligula”...when Nina’s look showed no recognition she tried again...” you know the crazy Roman Emperor?"...still no recognition...“How about de Sade?"...still no recognition. I guess she’s too young Morgan thought to herself...“Well anyway, I thought there would be wild debauchery going on everywhere. They would be fucking all over the place...” Nina interrupted her again.

“And weren’t they?” Nina wanted to know.

“No, you would have thought it was an all men’s club if you didn’t know better. No strippers, no naked serving girls. They mostly drink beer, arm wrestle, and sing these crying in your beer sad old Norse Battle songs. Recounting how many men they killed in battle, how they died in one battle or another, and how many lived to ride away from the battle. It’s rather boring to tell you the truth. When they feel like it they grab a man or two and retire to their room for hours, even days sometimes. I haven’t heard a complaint yet from any of the men that disappear with them. The men even get another tattoo afterward, it’s A#1, it shows that they are A#1 Valkyries man meat after they’ve had sex with one, ha, ha.” Morgan related.

“So what am I here for?” Nina finally asked.

“Well all of us have been meeting with the Valkyries here at the Club and we want to discuss something with you.” Morgan related.

“Does this have anything to do with Max and the Empress?” Nina wanted to know.

“In a way,” Morgan admitted.

“The Valkyries want to hold a tournament and they want Max and the Empress to become Odin and his wife Freyja for it. They even want me to dress up for the part and act like the Sorceress Morgan le Fay. Madame Chang says it would be a good thing. She relates it to the World Fair.” Morgan said.

«You mean Disneyland.» Fred laughed.

“That still doesn’t answer why I’m here?” Nina questioned.

“The Valkyries were made by the Asgard Techno-Wizards, and they, the Valkyries that is, claim to have the legendary Asgard nanobots. According to them some of their bots can be transferred to Max and make him over into the spitting image of Odin. He can go from six foot one to six foot six inches, from one hundred eighty to two hundred and twenty pounds. From brown hair and green eyes, to blond and blue-eyed. It’s only the one-eyed god thing we have to work out.” Morgan laughed.

“I don’t think that Max will go along with losing an eye, Morgan. Frankly, Morgan, I wouldn’t either.” Nina had her doubts.

“The Valkyries offer a compromise, he can just wear an eye patch that’ll give him x-ray vision, night vision, and a version of his regular vision while he’s wearing the patch.” Morgan related.

“I’m still not sure Max is going to go for any of this. I’m not sure I would either in his place.” Nina said.

“But you’ll help me tell Max,” Morgan begged.

“I guess.” Nina reluctantly agreed.

* * *

It turned out that Max had no problem with the body sculpting part, especially when he got to design the body himself, but he wasn’t going to lose an eye. He wasn’t going to wear that damn eye patch thing all the time either. This Odin was going to keep both eyes thank you.

I guess I should insert here that the Harem didn’t have a problem with Max’s old body. At six foot one, a hundred eighty pounds, with long wavy brown hair tied back in a ponytail, and green eyes they had no complaints about his body or his sexual equipment. In fact, they very verbally disapproved of the whole experiment. Fred’s upgrades should have been enough, as they kept telling him, if not young at least he was mature and healthy.

* * *

Nanobots are not instantaneous as some people seemed to think, and they were certainly not painless as those same people thought.

“Naturally there’s going to be pain, Max. This is not adding a couple of ounces of fatty tissue to a boob or butt, or changing your hair color. We are going to rebuild your entire skeleton, me and the other Valkyries have never tried something this complicated before.” Sigrun explained.

“Usually we just concentrate on what we want to be changed while looking in the mirror from time to time. This time we will all be concentrating on a picture of you that Jet had worked up on a computer graphics monitor with your actual body and it’s bone structure as the base to work with. Then we are going to superimpose what we expect your new body to look like over that in real time. We will be directing the bots doing the work on each individual bone. When we finish you will have a new body like a Valkyries. This is going to take hours, and require the concentration of all twenty-five of us.” Kara finished the explanation of the operation for everyone that wanted to hear.

“This is quite different from repairing something that has been damaged in one of our own bodies. We have a recorded blueprint in our brain for that. For this, we all have to create a blueprint to direct the bots to do their work. You are lucky that the Asgard Techno Wizards included a direct interface with the bots in our brains.” Randgníð added.

So began a painful week in bed for Max with numerous IV bags and sharp needles injecting various minerals, metals, and even rare earths into his body, as the Valkyries sculpted his body into something they wanted. The bone was replaced cell by cell with something much stronger and denser than normal bone. His muscles were reinforced with threads of unbreakable fibers and others redesigned to be more efficient. His lungs were made self-sealing and his heart more efficient too.

In the end, he had his own set of nanobots along with his own body blueprint and built-in brain interface to control them. He also kept a blueprint of his old self, you never know he said to himself. As long as those blueprints and interface remained intact Max would continue to look the same, each cell being maintained like this forever just like the Valkyries themselves. Immortal forever.

* * *

In the meantime, the Ogomma was landed in a crater created by the systematic explosions of tactical nukes. This was to become the new Royal Palace for Earth’s new Empress, and the UN had insisted they all have a vote on where it was. Wound up that everyone wanted to be the In Place for the Royal Palace and Court.

In the end, a diplomatic solution was worked out. Five cradles were created and the Ogomma would spend a year in each one. There was one in China, Europe, Japan, Russia, and the United States. All Chizuko had to do was give the order and the Ogomma could move to wherever it was needed or wanted. Much to the discomfort and amazement of the Empress, every country insisted that she had to attend the celebrations there in her honor. Each one becoming more elaborate than the last one.

* * *

At the same time all this was going on, the human race was undergoing some changes of its own. The race was becoming divided into those with “the virus” and those without “the virus”. The classic have and have nots.

“The virus” had gone about cleaning up all it’s host’s bodily ills, and then it had gone on to improve the host’s brain. After all, it’s primary mandate, given to it by the Fred thing, was to communicate with the host. Right now it had established rudimentary communication with its host and every other host it could share body fluids with, even sweat would do it seemed.

Since the original communication with the Fred thing it had had many more, and it was decided that it would limit itself to the hosts it already had. As of this moment, neither AID or HIV was any longer a contagious disease. Anybody that contracted it from now on would be a volunteer, consciously wanting to join the community.

Already the hosts were healthier, quicker, and a lot smarter than the average human, all thanks to the improvements “the virus” had made. Though it couldn’t reverse aging yet, it had removed a lot of accumulated poisons from the host’s system that could only help improve it’s host’s quality of life.

* * *

Earth forces had cobbled together one ship from the parts of the three original Saucers with the help of the Empress’s engineers. Her engineers had considered it their duty to remain with their ship and the Empress too. The resulting ship was not pretty, but it was serviceable, and Earth was proud of it. After much haggling, they named it the ESF Excalibur. It was under the command of Air Force General Dan St. James.

With the Empress’s help, Earth’s new space force was able to soon replace the Valkyries familiars on guard duty out past the Ort Cloud with automated drones. The next time the CAI came visiting Earth, Earth would be ready the UN vowed.

On the moon, well outside Earth’s main gravity well, the new ESF, Earth Space Force, was building its first line of defense. The ESF was going to construct hundreds of massive railguns. Being outside the gravity well of Earth and the friction causing atmosphere made for incredible launch velocities. The plan was to launch hundreds of explosive mines into the path of any hostile approaching intruder.

The ESF Constitution, the first fully Earth built ship’s job, was to intercept and interdict any alien ship that showed up. Warn them away if they were hostile, welcome them if friendly. In time Earth would build up a fleet, but right now the Constitution was it. The Empress, Max, and the others could only hope it was enough, of course we always had the Fred defense as a backup.

* * *

When the Valkyries were done with Max they complained he looked more like the Thor character in the DC Comics than a true Odin. Max could only laugh. He had not gone out for the looks of a teenager, but he had certainly tried to avoid looking like his grandfather. He characterized the face he had now as mature. Really very little had been done to change his original appearance. Maybe that’s what the Valkyries were complaining about Morgan chuckled to herself.

The Valkyries insisted that he had to make an appearance at Valhalla before he could leave. So Max took part in the Valkyrie’s Great Tournament of Champions. Him among the three hundred or so new crew recruits in the Valkyries section of the Ogomma. Him in chainmail too, but covered by a great long black leather clock like coat, eye patch, and the ever-present floppy wide brimmed hat. Max as Odin, well as like Odin as Max was ever going to get. The Empress made an appearance too by Max’s side, in an outfit similar to the Valkyries themselves.

Maybe I should describe the Empress at this point, as you already know the Valkyries themselves look like a six foot three version of Kate Upton with finely chiseled Nordic blond features. The Empress stands six foot three too but looks more like Red Sonja from the Sword & Sorcery movie dressed up in her Valkyries getup. A uniform or costume which comes complete with a broadsword to complete the look.

Oh, course the Empress is more fiery Irish colleen than Valkyrie ice maiden with that long flowing mane of fiery red hair and abundant freckles. Max took the duty of Royal Consort seriously and tried to grow into the role he was destined to play on life’s stage. Now they truly make an impressive couple wherever they went. Her slightly in front, him one pace back and on her right, the Valkyries arrayed around them. Court life was becoming more like some exotic Conan the Barbarian movie come to life, or a Disneyland film set of Camelot, Morgan laughed.

Max and the Empress were looking more and more like some artist’s illustration of a movie poster of Red Sonja, played by Brigitte Nielson, and Conan the Barbarian, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Bold actors in some romance fiction novel.

“Pageantry is good for ruling house in Great Game of Empire.” Madame Chang approved.

* * *

After the games of strength and agility came the traditional heathen feast. Whole pigs and cattle either spitted and roasted over the red coal pits, or buried in the fire’s glowing coals and dug up for the eating latter. Barrels of beer and different ales tapped and opened for the drinking. The Empress laughing about us being nothing but a bunch of High Tech Barbarians.

The new body did nothing to improve Max’s dancing on the dance floor. All the world leaders and celebrities were present and it was streaming live into every citizen’s living room. The Valkyries themselves had followed Madame Chang’s orders and “lightened up”. Their dresses/costumes, made by most of the world’s best fashion designers, was just short of being declared indecent by the legitimate press. All of it set the new fashion trend in women’s dress styles around the world, or lack thereof Morgan said, dressed in her own “glad rags” while laughing.

The Empress herself in sheer almost translucent strips of cloth in just the right strategic places reigned over the celebration as some pagan goddess or high priestess. The Valkyries and the other girls never far away in their own little bits of high fashion cloth.

Men are geared to visual imagery, he comes from a long line of hunters that relied on sight more than any other sense. That is why porn is directed towards pleasing men visually rather than women. Women are pleased more by touch, feel and smell, rather than visual imagery. Tonight was like the mating rituals of certain exotic birds like the peacock. All the women strutting around in their own colorful exotic plumage, their generous curves on display for the males around them.

Tonight was the Empress’s night to hunt. Tonight she would put her lessons to use to seduce Max, her Consort. Of course, as is oftentimes true in these things, the well-laid plans of mice and women often go astray, ha, ha. This time as Chizuko held Max’s hands to her gyrating hips, grinding her phenomenal ass back into his erect cock to the song “Give Me One Reason” knowing her newly added pheromones were working, Max launched his own frontal attack on her defenses.

Moving his head forward he first licked the side of her neck. Then moving up the neck he nibbled her ear lobe. Disengaging his right hand he slid it under her heavy luxurious red mane of hair and lightly squeezed her neck.

All mammals have the same response to their necks being squeezed during the courtship ritual of mating. It is called the “Submission Response” and leads to the female bonding to the dominate male mate. In some of the Big Cats he lightly bites her exposed throat. In Max’s case he then wrapped her hair around his hand and pulled her head back for a deep passionate kiss. With that, he broke off the kiss and sweep her off her feet. Then throwing her over one shoulder he started off.

“The Empress has retired for the night honored guests.” He shouted over his shoulder as he made his way to the royal bed chambers.

Storming down the hall past shocked guards and guests alike he slammed through the doors until he reached the royal bed where the deposited her none too gently on it. Then he turned and closed and locked the doors. Then rearing back he roared.

“Me Tarzan you, Jane,” he announced to the world and then gave his cheesy imitation of a Tarzan yodel at the top of his lungs.

«Okay did everybody hear that?» Max broadcast on the Fred party line.

«We all heard, but why?» Sigrun wanted to know.

«I’m not going to lumped in there with that A#1 man meat of yours.» Max answered.

“Is that what’s got you upset?” Chizuko laughed as she lurched up from the bed and grabbed Max’s belt. Then applying her full strength swung him around like a rag doll into bed with her. Rolling over on top of him she quickly started unfastening his belt. She then had his pants and boots off in record time. His Mickey Mouse boxer shorts followed shortly and went the same way as his pants.

“Well, it certainly appears that you came prepared for this rodeo Cowboy.” She announced as she stroked his fully exposed and erect cock, then leaned down to lick a taste of its salty precum off the glistening head. That done she straddled his prone body, lined up his erect cock with her heavenly gates, and bore her weight down on her target. Tensing her legs several times in little bounces she finally bottomed out on him.

“Now just lay back and enjoy the ride Master, Chizuko will take care of everything.” The Empress laughed as she started to energetically bounce up and down on Max’s erect flagstaff. Finally her efforts ended in a frenzy of activity as she gyrated her pussy around his cock. It wasn’t long until she had her first orgasm of the night. As her orgasm crested she let out a long scream at the top of her lungs and collapsed limply on top of Max’s chest.

Max himself came moments later as he relaxed his control over his own body. He had been holding back on his own ejaculation to allow her to set the pace. He and the other girls were well satisfied with her performance thus far. She would recover soon and it would be his time to drive. As the saying goes the night was still young.

«No one will ever doubt Empress is well-satisfied woman after hearing scream of pleasure.» Jia-Li told the other girls listening in on the party line.

«Isn’t anything sacred or private around here anymore?» both Chizuko and Max responded indignantly.

«Hundred years ago we would be running up the marriage bed white sheets on castle flagpole, on highest battlement of castle to show blood of virgin. Proof you were virgin and good breeding stock for planned Empire and Dynasty. Today you only have to be dragged off to marriage bed and scream loudly. Nothing sacred or private in Great Game of Empire. Politics dirty game, tee, hee, hee.» Madame Chang, Jia-Li related to the listening group.