The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Vampire Lovers

The Invitation

Bea watched the countryside speed by. The Brownhound bus seat was not comfortable.

Bea was still shaken by recent events. She barely noticed the bumping bus.

She thought back a week ago to that terrible moment.

The fire had been devastating. Her mom never woke up—the report said, smoke asphyxiation. A cigarette smoker to the end. Bea had been fortunate to be staying over at Brian’s house.

Pastor Graham Gaylord, his wife Clarissa, and of course their son Brian were very supportive. Homeless, and an orphan. Pastor Gaylord did up his den into a spare room “Until you get back on your feet” he said.

It had seemed like a blessing… until Brian crept into her room.

Her boyfriend for five years. Unconsummated. Dedicated. Virginal and pure. They had ‘slept’ with each other before, to test their commitment. However as Bea was woken by him getting into bed that particular night, at 3am… she sensed something was wrong. Confirmed when she saw his undies protruding like a tent.

“Brian?” she whispered, unwilling to wake up his parents.

“I think we’ve waited long enough” he said

“No, Brian. No!” she cried as he fondled her breasts

She slapped him.

“Bitch!” he snapped, punching her in the side. She doubled-over in pain.

Next she found his cock pressing against her mouth. “Suck it!” he growled.

Shit bit.

He howled.

His scream woke his folks.

In the commotion she ran up the stairs and into the bathroom, locking it. She had his blood on her lips. She could taste its coppery redness.

“Bea?” came the wrapping on the door, “What’s going on?” Clarissa called

’N… nothing…” Bea cried.

Pastor Gaylord was grilling his son. He was angry, but confused as to what had happened. Something had. His son was there bleeding.

Breakfast the next morning was a frosty affair.

Clarissa fussed about as usual; the domestic goddess. She had pancakes for everyone. Pastor Gaylord did not want to press them any further for what had happened. If one of them spoke, he would listen. But he was a Pastor who was of the understanding type.

Clarissa disappears towards the front door. She came back moments later. “This is for you” she smiled handing Bea an envelope.

It was addressed to Bea Cronin, not Bea Shapiro. Cronin had been her mom’s maiden name. The address had been written over—the letter had taken a few attempts to find her.

“Aren’t you going to read it, hon?” Clarissa asked as she sat back down.

Bea looked on the back, no return address. The post mark was New York, from a day after the fire. “May I be excused?” she asked

“Sure” Pastor Gaylord smiled

Bea got up and went back to her room. Immediately Brian went to get up. “Shouldn’t you finish your breakfast” Pastor Gaylord said; it was a tone that made Brian flinch. He sat back down resigned to having to wait for another moment to settle things.

Bea closed her door. There was no lock so she propped a chair up against the door. She turned the letter over a few times contemplating it. And then she leapt on her bed and opened it.

There was an address on the letter confirming a Big Apple origin.

“My dearest niece” it began, “You may not know of me, but I know of you. I am Rona, your mom’s younger sister”. Bea thought about this, she had never known she had an aunt. As she looked at the letter several banknotes fell out of the envelope. There must have been at least $400 there.

“I feel your loss” the letter continued. “It is a terrible loss for both of us. I would like you to come here… if you like. I have a place that can be your home. You have family who loves you. Your loving aunt, Rona Cronin. P.S. I have enclosed some money so you can get here… I hope it’s enough,”

“Enough?” Bea thought, “That’s plenty!”

As if to help make up her mind Brian tried the door. “Bea?” he called. He tried it again. He shoulder-charged the door and yet only managed to open it a few inches.

“Bea I love you”

“Go away”

“Let me in” he pleaded

“Go away” she said, she could see the rage in his eyes.

“Pleassseeee….” he cried, “I’m sorry about last night…”

“Go away”

“Listen you fucking little tease!” Brian growled.

“Brian” came the voice of Pastor Gaylord “Where are you?”

“Coming, Dad” Brian said. He sneered at her before disappearing.

Without letting them know Bea packed her bags and slipped out of the house less than ten minutes later.

She walked to the bus. A large duffle bag, lent to her by the Pastor, and a smaller handbag. Everything she owned in the world.

The bus was new, and clean, and for her a blessing—not many people on it.

As she was stowing a bag, two young women tried to push past her to the back of the bus. “Excuse me” one of them finally said

“Sorry” Bea smiled as she turned to see them. She was shocked.

They carried guitar cases; obviously musicians. One of them had a “I heart NY” shirt on. But it was small; exposing her midriff and the belly-button jewellery.

This one had her hair was cut short on one side. She wore dark lipstick. She looked like a punk rocker. The other one larger woman was dressed similarly down-market. She was more manly.

They got past her. The first pinched the second on the ass. The larger one turned around and then took her partner’s head in her hands and drove her tongue into her mouth. Bea found herself staring in horror.

The larger one looked up at her and smiled. The one with the jewellery turned and made a “V” with her fingers and then flicked her tongue into it. Bea didn’t know what it symbolised but she knew it was something lewd.

She sat down, and was glad she wasn’t going to go to hell like those wanton women. She closed her eyes and tried not to think of them.

The Apartment

Bea shivered. New York was surprisingly cold that day. She had decided to walk from the bus terminal, in the old part of the city. She followed the map on her phone. She had looked for her aunt’s letter everywhere but couldn’t find it. Luckily when she’d looked up the place on her phone’s map app, she’d saved it to her phone.

And there it was. Old, like a Victorian terraced house. Deep red bricks. She walked up to the steps and looked at the address board and pressed “7” next to Rona Cronin’s name.

The door buzzed open. Bea hadn’t even said it was her!

As she stepped in a young black woman came bundling out and almost knocked Bea over. Bea fell back towards the front stairs but managed to grab the hand-rail.

“Oh, I’m sorry” she apologised as the door slammed shut.

“It’s…” Bea gasped, “It’s okay”

“Say…” the woman said, “How come you here? You’re not from around here by the looks of you”

“No, I’m from Astoria, Indiana” Bea said.

“Welcome to New York” the woman smiled “My name’s ‘J’—just the letter ‘J’” she added to qualify it.

“Hi” Bea said offering her hand “I’m Bea, I’m here to see my aunty Rona”

J didn’t shake her hand. She offered a high five when she offered a welcome to NY, but was left hanging there. “Your Rona’s niece” she laughed “Fuck that! We were just talkin’ ‘bout you”

“I…” Bea said, not knowing what to say. “Er… good?”

“Come” J said, “I’ll take you in.”

She turned and keyed in a code and the door buzzed open again. She held it and guided Bea inside.

There were stairs and an elevator. Bea went to the elevator. “Where you going?” J laughed

“I thought my aunt’s in apartment seven?”

“She is… “ J smiled, “But hey, look, none of the apartments in here make no sense…. if you don’t know where someone is, you’re going to get lost”

Bea looked puzzled

“Come…” J said, “It’s this way”

J lead Bea down the corridor. “This one’s go old Miss Pennyworth” J said, giving a guide. The door had the number 2 on it. “Oh, and this is Camilla’s” J said, pointing to number 13.

“And this be you aunts” she said, stopping at number 7. J knocked on the door, then slipped away.

The door opened. Bea could see the family resemblance immediately. There was no doubt this was her mom’s sister.

“Oh, darling!” Rona cried embracing Bea “I’m so very happy to meet you at last… do come in, do come in”

Bea stopped just inside the door, to be hugged again. This time the emotions overwhelmed her and she found herself sobbing into her aunt’s breast.

“There, there” Rona cooed. “You’re home now”

Rona drew Bea in further and began showing her around the place. It was a two-bedroom flat. Rona explained that the other room had been a studio but she’d cleaned it up in anticipation of Bea’s stay.

Bea was impressed by the apartment. It was full, and warm and friendly.

Bea liked Rona right away. Like herself her aunt had long brown hair, and bright blue eyes. They had the same small pointed nose. Rona was larger, and bustier. Bea was taller.

Bea sat in her new room for a moment. On the bedside was a photo of her mom and Rona when they must have been in their teens, and another woman. A beautiful pale woman looking over them. The other woman looked like she was only in her twenties.

Bea smiled, as she gazed at her mom and aunt’s likeness.

She got up and went out into the dining-room. The large table there had a small white statue of a naked woman. Bea didn’t approve, even though it wasn’t lewd. She was caught looking at it by her aunt.

“Oh, that’s Sappho” Rona said, coming up behind her niece and wrapping an arm around her waist.

“Who is that?”

“A Greek writer, I believe” Rona smiled weakly. “Say…” Rona grinned “Are you hungry?”

“I’m a little tired, actually aunt Rona”

“Aunt Rona!!!” she laughed, “Please, dear. Just call me Rona. You and I will be such good friends”

“Okay, Rona” Bea smiled

“You go have a lie down” Rona said “The party will be afterwards”


Rona just laughed. Bea went back to her room and lay down. She closed her eyes and thought at last she would find a respite from troubles.

The Party

Bea awoke to the sound of music and chatter. Bea made her way out of her room

“Ah here’s my beautiful young niece” Rona grinned leaping up from a chair. “Let me introduce you to everyone…”

Bea was startled. Thrown in at the deep end of a party she didn’t quite know where she was.

“This is Angela” Rona said dragging her niece over to a woman the same age as Rona. “She’s the owner of this wonderful place”

“Pleased to meet you” Angela said

“So you don’t want to make her angry… I’d never find another place like this…”

“Oh, you’re too much” Angela laughed.

“And this…,” Rona said dragging her niece on “Is Paula and and this is Gayle, from Number 22”

Bea shook their hands.

“Paula is an artist” Rona said “And Gayle is her friend” she whispered into Bea’s ear, emphasising the word ‘friend’.

Bea wasn’t happy about meeting two lesbians, but they at least were not flaunting it like those sinners on the bus, she thought.

“And this recluse” Rona said drawing her niece over to a corner where a woman sat by herself “This is Camilla”

“How do you do?” Camilla said rising from her chair and holding her hand out, palm down to Bea.

Bea took her hand. It was soft, but cold. She looked more closely at Camila. Camilla seemed to be in her early 20s. Her skin was alabaster, and flawless. She had long straight black hair and eyes almost devoid of colour, just a hint of blue.

She found herself staring.

“My dear” Camilla said, “Is something the matter?”

“I…” Bea began “I feel I’ve met you before”

“Surely this is your first time to the sin city?


“Then perhaps it was a dream?” she laughed. Bea looked at her aunt who was laughing too. Only Bea didn’t get the joke.

“Oh, and who have we here?” Camila said as J turned up just then, through the open front door with a young girl.

“This, everyone… is Chloe” J announced.

Chloe looked like someone off the street… maybe 18. Skinny. She looked about nervously like she didn’t know why she was there; a deer in the headlights. She wore a T-shirt that was tight; revealing very small breasts and protruding ribs; no meat on her. Chloe looked like she’s not had a meal EVER.

“Excuse me” Camilla smiled and went over to them. She whispered something into Chloe’s ears and taking the girl by the hand leader her off, and out the door.

J went over to Bea who was watching the door as if expecting them to come back. She stopped and turned to J. J smiled “So you’ve met everyone?” she asked

“Er…” Bea shrugged, “If this is everyone?”

“Most everyone” J smiled “Say, can I get you a drink?”


“What’s a party without a little booze”

“I… I don’t drink”

“What the fuck!?!”

“And I don’t cuss either” Bea said a little annoyed

“You’re fucking kidding me?” J said. And then stopped when she saw Bea was not laughing. “You’re not fucking kidding”

“No, I’m not” Bea said sternly.

“Shit” J laughed “Well I could use a drink” she turned and went over to Rona “Where can a girl get hammered?” she asked, learning familiarly against Rona.

“You’ve come to the right place” Rons said producing a bottle

“That’s what I fucking need” J laughed.

“So…?” Paula said, grabbing Bea “Are you interested in modelling?”

“Wha…? No” Bea said, distracted

“Well you could do some, with a figure like yours”

“No, What?” Bea said

“M-o-d-e-l-l-i-n-g” Paula said “You haven’t got a job already have you?”

“A job?”

“Leave her be” Rona said “My little flower here can find work in due course”

“No one likes a dead-beat” Paula said plainly before rejoining Gayle.

“Don’t worry about her” Rona said “She’s a registered Republican”

“So am I!” Bea said incredulously

“You fucking what? J laughed, having listened in.

“Look here!” Bea finally said annoyed “You and your gutter mouth better…”

“Listen ladies” Rona interrupted, “I think the evening has gone on long enough”

“But it’s only 10pm” Paula growled

“New curfew… as of this moment” Angela joked, as she stood up. “Come on, everyone out”

“Thank you” Rona smiled appreciatively

“Sure think, babe” Angela winked.

Rona turned to see Bea already heading back to her room. Rona made sure her guests were all gone and she shut the door.

She went into the bathroom and peeled her top off. She adjusted her large breasts in her black bra

“I’m sorry I ruined your party” Bea said, coming back out of her room.

“Everyone will understand” Rona smiled. As she adjusted herself she turned her back

“Can you undo me?” she asked Bea.

Bea stepped in and unclipped Rona’s bra. The older woman’s breasts fell free.

Bea saw a mark on her aunt’s left breast. Rona noticed her noticing her. “Just an old war wound” she smiled. The mark looked like two very small scars close to her left nipple. Whatever had made it had done it a while ago.


Rona woke Bea up. It was 9am. Bea was still depressed and had a great urge to sleep.

“Let’s have a nice breakfast” Rona said, leaning over and giving a warm maternal peck on Bea’s forehead.

“What would you like?” she asked Bea.

Bea shrugged her shoulders

“How about pancakes? Your mom loved pancakes.”


“Shoot” Rona said “I’m out of sugar…”

Bea tapped lightly on Number 13. Shortly she heard the door open. Bea was surprised to see Chloe answer the door. Chloe looked pale. Bea thought the other night that the young woman must be on drugs.

“My aunt said I should borrow a cup of sugar” Bea said holding up the empty measuring cup.

“A cup of sugar?”

“Yes” Bea said.

Chloe wore a silk dressing robe. Only it was open at the front. As she stepped back and held the door open the robe fell open. Bea saw that Chloe was naked underneath.

She noticed a bruise over Chloe’s right nipple, and two small scars. She also noticed that Chloe was clean-shaven.

She brushed past, embarrassed. Chloe however didn’t seem to care that much.

Bea stepped in and was surprised how sparse this apartment was compared to her aunt’s. Spartan.

She noticed the same small statue on the table, just like her aunt’s.

“Where’s the kitchen?” Bea asked

Chloe simply pointed, and clutched her gown close this time as if she only now understood she was exhibiting everything.

Bea walked in the right direction. This apartment was even bigger. She turned at a door when she saw it was a library.

She was drawn into it.

The books though were not really her cup of tea… a lot seemed to be about the supernatural and the occult.

She saw a very large leather bound book She went to it and saw it was open. It was an illuminated manuscript obviously of some great age.

“It’s a book on vampires” Camilla said

“Oh, I’m sorry” Bea apologies “I didn’t mean to intrude”

“No… not at all” Camilla smiled as if she were the one apologising “Do you like it?”

“It’s nice”

“Nice…?” Camilla laughed

“I mean…” Bea looked at it again.

“You call the ‘Historia lamia’ nice?”

“Sorry…?” she asked as Camilla approached “The what?”

“It’s the history of vampires”

“I’m not really into …” she began to move away

“Stay” Camilla smiled

Bea stopped still

“…please” Camilla grinned, “It’s such a very old book”

“I…,” Bea was confused. She had thought she wanted to leave but now she wasn’t sure if she wanted to stay.

Camilla inhaled deeply. “Such a beautiful perfume”

“I…I’m not wearing any…” Bea said still confused.

“Take a look at the book” Camilla said

Bea looked at it.

“It tells of the three types of people who make up the community”

Bea didn’t know what to say

“There are the vampires…” Camilla continued, “Born that way, ancient and powerful. Then there are the Dhampirs—once human, turned by the vampires to a kind of half-breed. They feed off blood, but can walk in the daylight. They are the protectors of the vampires. They have free will And then” Camilla smiled “Are the thralls… human slaves to them both. They are lovers, and also feed their masters”

“I’m not really into the occult…” Bea said.

“Shhh” Camilla said. She leaned in and kissed Bea on the lips. Bea swooned. She felt she was drunk. She wanted to say something but it was as if she couldn’t remember how to.

“Ah!” Camilla said as Chloe turned up with a cup of sugar. Bea wasn’t even sure when she’d handed over the cup.

Camilla took it from Chloe and handed it to Bea. When she did she let her hands connect with Bea’s, and lingered in the connection.

Bea felt herself lose her balance. She stepped back. Camilla caught her and held her. She was incredibly strong.

Bea seemed to gather her composure. She headed out with her cup. She stopped at the door to look back to see Chloe standing there against shelving, her silk cloak open up and Camilla kissing her on the breast. Chloe sighed, and caressed Camilla’s head as she did.

Chloe opened her legs as if penetrated and let out another long sigh. Her whole body was on fire from Camilla’s mouth.

Camilla turned and smiled at her, her mouth red and bloody

“Camilla” Chloe begged, urging her back to her breast.

It was only when Camilla turned around that Bea was able to move.

Bea got back to the apartment still not sure where she was. Was she in a daydream?

“What kept you?” Rona smiled.

“I…” Bea began. She clutched her head. She had such a headache.

Sugar Sweet

Bea sat in the kitchen watching Rona whistle as she cooked. Rona was exceptionally loving, and happy.

The front door opened. J walked in.

“Don’t you lock your door?” Bea whispered

“No need’ Rona whispered back. “Everyone’s welcome” she said aloud

“Ain’t that the truth” J said as she sat down opposite Bea.

“Mmmm” J grinned, inhaling “Pancakes”

“I’ve got enough here if you want some”

“Fuck, yes” J said

Bea was annoyed that her aunt put up with someone so rude just waltzing in and making herself at home.

“So…” J asked “Do you have anyone special?”

“I…” Bea began… “No! No I don’t”

“Me neither” J said “I used to have a guy but he just wanted to run me”

“Eh…?” Bea gasped “‘Run’ you?”

“Pimp me…”

“You’re a prost…”

“I was…” J interrupted and smiled “Till I found this place… or really it found me”

“How many…?” Rona asked as she started to stack J’s plate.

“How many what?” J asked, “Oh, I thought yo were asking me about how many dicks I’d had” She smiled and looked at Bea and seemed to revel in shocking her.

Bea was shocked. She noticed that J kept rubbing her neck and wondered if perhaps she did drugs. She noticed two small marks on J’s neck like little stab wounds.

J caught Bea looking and she laughed.

“How many?” Rona asked

“Ah…?” Bea said still shocked.

“Well just start off with three” Rona said and scooped three pancakes up with a spatula.

“The maple syrup’s on the table” Rona added.

“Bew-tee-full” J grinned as she picked up the brown sugary goo and splashed it on her plate of pancakes.

Bea felt groggy again as her brain tried to comprehend what she had been seeing.

Bea suddenly felt ill and rose. She turned to the two at the table and it was if they were laughing at her.

Bea felt frightened and she ran out the apartment and then out onto the street.

She was sweating. Her heart racing.

She found herself walking briskly, almost at a jog. It was then she ran into the woman.

“Can we speak?” the woman asked. The woman appeared to be in her mid-forties. She was short and olive-skinned.

“Huh? What? Bea asked getting her bearings.

“Please” the woman said “I need your help”

They went up a few shops to a cafe and sat down at a free table on the pavement.

“My name is Tania McMaster” the woman said.

“How can I help you?”

“My daughter is missing” Tania said

“What’s that got to do with me?”

“I…” Tania began “She was seen in your apartment building…”

“It’s not my building” Bea said, now her head started to clear “I just came to visit my aunt”

“Yes, I know”

“How do you know?”

“I’d hired a private detective” Tania said, “Only he’s now gone missing and his agency can’t get in contact with him”

“You seem to be missing a number of people” Bea said, and then wished she hadn’t said it; it wasn’t very funny and clearly Tania was concerned.

“Look, I’m sorry” Bea said

“His name was Robert Smith…” Tania continued, “He tracked her down to that apartment building and then found some odd things about it”

“Odd, like what?”

“Odd, like it’s been handed down from one woman to another since 1690… that’s as far back as the records go”

“And?” Bea asked, slightly curious.

“And all the tenants are women”

“Maybe it’s a condition of the lease?” she said, and realised that sounded dumb.

“And now my Paula is there… and she won’t let me contact her”

“I met her…” Bea began

“You met her… how is she?”

“She seems okay… only…”

“She was such a good girl… and now I don’t know how her life got to be….”

“You know she’s in a relationship…?”

“With a woman, yes” Tania cried, “But that’s just it. She was in a relationship with a boy… Oh, look I didn’t like it… them sleeping together, but she was never a lesbian”

“Look… Tania?”


“I don’t know what you want me to do about it….” Bea said frankly “I don’t approve of it either. I think it’s a sin… but she’s a big girl. She’s made her choices.:

“But are they her choices?”

“What do you mean?”

“There’s something about that place… something evil”


“Yes… I think something’s controlling her… why else would she…?”

“But what do you want me to do about it?”

“You have access to get in /“


“Please, just help me get in… I’m sure if I could see her just once… I’m sure she would come to her senses and…”

“And what?”

“She needs to be saved” Tania said bluntly. This appealed to Bea. It made sense to Bea She was a woman of faith. She had been incredibly close to her own mom and knew her mom would have done anything to help her. She certainly would have gone after Brian for what he attempted to do to her.

“Alright” Bea said


“Yes, I’ll help you get in”

“Oh, thank you! Thank you”

“But that’s all I’m doing…”

“Okay” Tania said.

The Escape

Bea looked around the building lobby. No one was around. It was 1am, even the street outside was quiet.

She turned back and opened the door and let Tania in. She waited and watched Tania climb the stairs towards number 22.

She closed the door and then snuck down the hall.

Suddenly the door at number 13 opened up.

Bea jumped

Camilla wore a black negligee that you could see her nipples through.

“Prowling about at this hour?” Camilla smiled.

“I…” Bea began “I just went for a walk”

“Now that’s a lie” Camilla grinned

“Excuse me?”

“You’re lying” Camilla said. “I can tell.”


“Shhh” Camilla said

Bea stopped talking. She thought it odd. She was going to say something and now she could not.

“Come in”

Bea hesitated

“You want to come in” Camilla smiled

And Bea wanted to go in. Camilla let her brush against her as she entered. She smiled again. And then closed the door.

“So…” Camilla said “You like lying?”


“You will never lie to me again”

“Yes” Bea said “I won’t lie to you again’

“Good” Camilla purred, “We’re going to be good friends, but I’m afraid it’s going to have to be based on trust…and a few other things” she added, chucking to herself.

“You like the night?” Camilla said, changing the subject.

“I…” Bea began “I don’t really mind”

“Good” Camilla said, “Come with me” She turned and sauntered towards the back of the apartment. There was a pair of glass doors which she opened and stepped out.

Bea followed her out, her eyes staring at Camilla’s ass as she walked.

“What do you think?” Camilla said, turning around and leaning on a stone balustrade.

Bea had never seen this part of the building. Camilla’s apartment opened up onto a stone patio, with a white balustrade, and beyond that a manicured lawn.

“Take off your top” Camilla said.

Bea looked down at her hands as she took hold of the hem of her sweater and pulled it up of her. She wondered why she had done it. The cool night air made her skin go goose-bumps.

Camilla drew closer. She ran her finger down along the edge of Bea’s bra, over her breast. Bea trembled. She wanted to run, but she couldn’t.

Camilla opened her mouth. Her upper canines drew down into fangs.

Suddenly she stopped. Her inhuman ears heard a sound above.

“You brought a stranger into our house” she said wryly

She looked up at the overhanging balcony. “Naughty girl” she smiled.

She turned and went to the wall. Bea turned to watch.

Camilla suddenly climbed up the wall, like a spider. She disappeared over the edge of the balcony. She broke through the balcony door and then disappeared inside.

Bea shook her head as if waking from a dream. She wondered why she wasn’t wearing her top. She put it on and went back through Camilla’s apartment, then out to her own.

She went into her aunt’s apartment without making a sound and went to her room. She changed for bed. She stopped and looked at the photo.

The photo from more than thirty years ago. And she realised the other woman was Camilla.

She lay in bed. Her nipples were hard. She moved a hand down between her legs and touched herself. It was a warm feeling. She closed her eyes and though of soft flesh. She arched her back and came.


Bea woke up late again. Her aunt was already out. Bea wondered what had happened with Number 22, if Tania had managed to rescue her daughter. But she didn’t want to tip her hand to the part she had played in it. She sat down to think and it wasn’t till 4pm that she decided she best thought as she was on her toes.

As she wondered around the apartment she thought of an unoriginal idea. She picked up the measuring cup from the kitchen and went out and up the stairs.

Paula answered the door. “Oh, hi” she smiled warmly.

Bea saw no sign of anguish on her face. She wondered again if Gayle had got away.

“Can I borrow some sugar?” she said holding up the empty cup.

“Yeah, sure…. come in”

Bea went in and saw Gayle sitting there on the couch reading. Gayle wore only a T-shirt and her panties.

Gayle looked up “Hi ya” she said before returning to her book.

“This way” Paula said, guiding her to the kitchen.

“Is this enough?” she asked as she filled half the cup

“Ah, yeah… sure” Bea said, “Thanks”

“No problem” Paula said “We girls have got to stick together”

Just then Bea heard the toilet flush. She looked over as the bathroom door opened.

Tania walked out. Bea almost jumped out of her skin in surprise.

Tania wore a dressing gown, but she wore it loose, not tied at the front. “Hi” she said as she approached Bea, not caring that she was naked underneath.

Tania’s olive skin was there to see. She was clean-shaven at her crotch. She also had two fresh wounds above her left nipple.

“Guests!” Paula said, “We have guests!”

“Huh?” Tania said, and then pulled the gown over to hide her nakedness

“This is Tania… Gayle’s mom” Paula said.

“We’ve met” Bea said

“You have?” Paula gasped

“Have we?” Tania asked. “I… I don’t know where..”

“Just the other day”

“I think I’d remember that” Tania scoffed.

Paula went over to her and hugged her, she was a little overly familiar where she put her hands.

“Tania is going to stay with us for a while” Paula said.

“Er…” Tania said “Yes, that’s right”

“You are going to stay here?” Bea asked dumbfounded.

“All us girls together!” Gayle piped up from her book.

Bea didn’t like what she saw. Gayle seemed not to care that her girlfriend was toying with her mom. And Tania had changed. She enjoyed Paula’s attention.

“Yes, all us girls together” Paula said

Bea felt a little ill watching them. It was un-natural.

“Speaking of which” Paula said, “Would you like to join me in a photo shoot?”


“Tania’s going to… aren’t you?”

“Sure” Tania said as she peeled off her silk robe and walked naked across through an atrium into the studio. Bea could see her sitting down on a couch, with a large silver curtain behind it as backdrop. There were lights and cameras about.

“I’ll join in” Gayle said as she got up off the couch. She took off her T-shirt and, naked except for her panties, she ran across the room, past Bea and into the adjoining studio. She sat down on the couch next to her mom, and then spun around and lay back so her head was in her mom’s lap.

“Coming?” Paula said

“I think not” Bea said as she stepped away “Thank you for the sugar” she said, remembering why she’d come in the first place.

On the steps Bea ran into her aunt. “Where you going in such a hurry?” Rona asked

“I… I’m just going to bed…”

“At this hour?” Rona laughed “You can’t still be tired… say” she smiled, “How about you come and pose for Paula—we’re doing a calendar”

“You are?”

“Yes, and in the nude” Rona grinned “Won’t that be something?”

“You too?”

“Of course!” Rona said as if there was nothing wrong.


“Come on, it’ll be fun”

“No, thanks”

“No one’s going to bite you” Rona said.

“No, thanks, Rona” Bea said, as she slipped past her aunt down.

She went to her room and grabbed her bag and threw stuff into it.

She got to the door of the building and opened it; dazed temporarily at the setting sun she didn’t see him standing there.

“There you are!” Brian said angrily forcing her back into the building and off the streets.

“Br…” she gasped “Brian?”

“Yes, it’s me” he sneered as he forced her down the hall

“How did you find me?”

“I found your aunt’s letter!” he growled “Now, which one is yours… we need to ‘talk’”

“Ah, this one” she said as they got to Number 13.

He threw her up agains the door. “Well.. open it” he snapped.

“I… don’t have my key”

He punched her in the gut. She doubled over. He grabbed her hair and beat her head back up agains the door

“You really ARE dumb!” he snarled.

Just then the door opened.

Camilla stood there in tight T-shirt and hot pants. “Who’s this?” she laughed

“Who the fuck are you?” Brian asked. “You’re not her aunt, are you?”

“What are you doing to my friend?” Camilla asked

“Help me” Bea whimpered.

“Stay the fuck out of this” Brian said. He punched Bea to the ground and quickly made a move on Camilla

Bea heard him scream before she passed out.


Bea woke. She was naked. She was not in her own bed.

“There you are” Camilla said. Camilla was naked too. “I wanted you to be conscious for this” she said

“What are you going to…”

“Shhh” Camilla said

Again Bea found herself unable to speak. Camilla inhaled deeply and moved up over Bea.

Bea whimpered. Her eyes pleaded “Don’t hurt me”

As if reading her mind Camilla whispered into her ear “You will love this” she said. Her nippled touched Bea’s. Bea trembled. Her legs parted a little. She grew wet.

“I am going to give you a gift” Camilla said. “I’ve been waiting for someone like you for such a long time;” She inhaled deeply again “A virgin”

Camilla kissed Bea on the forehead, then on the eyelid, then the lips. She took hold of Bea’s head and turned it to the side.

Her mouth opened inhumanly wide. Her canines extended into fangs. Her head snapped forward. Razor sharp she pierced Bea’s goose-bumped flesh. Blood welled up into her mouth. Her lips formed a seal. She sucked.

Bea arched her back and sighed. Her whole body tingled. She thrust her thing up towards Camilla’s who’s own hairless slit protruded a hard clit. She ground her clit down against Bea’s slit.

Bea opened her mouth and let out a sigh.

Her breathing drew heavy and then she came.

Camilla released her from her mouth. She licked the wound and it sizzled and healed. “I want to make you like me” she grinned, “More than the thralls that live here… you will be Dhampir!”

With that she bit her wrist and drew blood. She pressed the wound against Bea’s mouth. Bea tasted the coppery wetness and it was like ambrosia. She grunted with delight and grabbing Camilla’s arm she sucked and gurgled like a new born at the teat.

Camilla sighed her own orgasm. Then she pulled her arm away.

She sat up, still on Bea. Bea felt suddenly sick.

Her whole body burned with pain.

She cried out.

“Yes, I know it hurts” Camilla said sympathetically as her daughter was born.

Bea’s whole body wracked with pain. She felt like her spine would snap. And then, it was over.

She opened her eye as if for the first time

“Yes, my baby” Camilla purred, “You are of my blood now”

Bea looked around the room as Camilla got off her.

It was as if she was seeing things that had been impossible to see before.

She sat up. The other women were standing there too, naked. J, Chloe, Rona, Paula, Angela, Gayle, and her mom Tania. Even old Miss Pennyworth.

She turned to see Rona. “Welcome, my mistress” Rona said, smiling and bowing.

“She is yours to command, if you wish, my daughter” Camilla said.

“I am hungry”

“Yes, yes, I know”

“I smell something”

“Yes” Camila said, slipping off the bed. “Find it”

Bea got up. She could smell the women. She could have fed from any, have done anything to them. They were thralls.

But that wasn’t it.

She got up and left the room. Camilla followed closely behind.

And then she found it.

Brian sat in a chair, bound and gagged. He was angry at first with Bea when he saw her approaching, naked.

He wanted to hit her for his humiliation.

But as she drew nearer something about her began to make him quake. She was moving like a predator. He was the prey.

She opened her mouth. Her upper canines extended into fangs

She snarled.

His bowels opened up as she leapt on him. And fed.

The End