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Author’s note: This little trilogy is set in the Edge Universe of the Passions Multiverse. It is set in 2001, a decade earlier than most. The other two are set within a year or so after. As opposed to the other two and the majority of my stuff, Bloody Mary contains themes I rarely explore. It is quite violent, bloody, and has a touch of master/slave, but the story called for it … Enjoy!

Bloody Mary

Rage was not yet helpful to me. For me, submission was my only chance to better what was happening to me. Lexi the Domoriosian, a Vampire of Consumption, knew this was my thought. Nothing went past her. She was three-thousand years old, and outlived her maker by over five-hundred years. Her wisdom was as devastating as her application of it. I more than had the feeling that the others she transformed had similar thoughts, but they all now lick her latex boots with pride.

I found her by mistake in the final drunken night of my life. I wondered into a dark ally instead of the parking garage one block down. Perhaps what was happening now is better than being a drunken fool behind the wheel. That’s a debate for another time! Regardless, I saw her orgasmically feeding on some nameless suit, while the red eyed Vampire looked straight into my terror filled eyes. The nameless man was already dead from loss of blood by the time I stumbled upon them. Though, their fucking prior and her less than poisonous, pleasure filled venom probably allowed him to die much happier than he’ll ever know.

I ran, good God, I ran! After a crazy haze, a lucky cab ride, I was home. My boyfriend Jack was there waiting for me. Their was no concern on his part. We didn’t live together yet, so he often came to my apartment to surprise me like that. I told him my story, and he sent a police car to check it out. He was a detective in the Providence, Rhode Island, police department after all.

Nothing was found, but he did not discount the possibility of its connection to a spate of disappearances over the past month. Even so, I was drunk in the dark; I really could not be sure if I saw something beyond a woman giving a man a serious neck hickey.

Over the next couple of nights, Lexi invaded my dreams. They were filled with blood, orgasmic blood. I woke up screaming in horror and orgasm over and over. Jack knew something was seriously wrong, whether it was connected with whatever I witnessed. He made an appointment for me with a good psychiatrist, who often worked with his department. However, I had the feeling that a week’s wait would be too long, let alone how it probably would come to nothing.

Finally, on one of the many nights Jack worked late, Lexi came to me. I again woke up screaming in my orgasmic horror, and there she was in the pale flesh. We had sex unlike anything I ever imagined. She was in my head; that was the only way to explain how it was consensual. Then, after my powerful, guttural orgasm, her fangs happily extended. I was actually turned on by them!

She kissed her way down my quivering body, brushing her razor sharp fangs against my skin. When she reached my inner thigh, she plunged her fangs into me. Her pleasure filled venom flew through my veins as much as my blood few out of them. She pulled out in orgasm just before she took to much, and I then realized her plan for me (she was in my head). Her venom also contained the genetic construct of a Domoriosian Vampire, which she intended to activate.

In a haze fueled by massive blood loss, she brought me to her current home under some abandoned apartment complex. I soon found myself starring at a naked, semiconscious woman on a musty mattress.

“Lay next to her,” she commanded into my mind.

I did so mindlessly, before she plunged her fangs into the hapless woman’s neck. A moment later, Lexi forced my mouth onto the violated neck. I could not help but drink the woman’s blood spewing into my mouth. It just poured out of her. Lexi climbed off the bed once she knew I hit my stride. The more I drank, the more pleasure I felt, the less disgusted I was. To a very small degree, my body was already doing what Domoriosians are famous for: deriving Life Energy from Human Blood. It was what made the breed so hopelessly addicted to it, while that special digestion was the only thing that ensured orgasm after transformation.

“Yes, I know you already FEEL it!” she cooed right into my mind. “There is no turning back for you, my Progeny.”

The pleasure I felt from the blood began to grow to unfathomable levels, and I came in a way a Human could never match. From the clarity of a good orgasm, it was then that I knew that submission to the transformation was the only way to better what I was becoming. If I could master what I was becoming, then I could possibly reverse it. At the same time, hatred toward everything Vampire coursed through my psyche. It was a hatred that was purely mine. I quickly turned my head to the amused Lexi, blood dripping from my lips. I suddenly growled in a dark pitch I only now had, “How do you know I won’t kill you with this new strength coursing through me?”

She laughed heartily, and respond with her fangs happily descended, “Your next step is to have my blood paint your insides, as my Maker’s blood painted mine.”

Of course! How could I have been so stupid? Of all the Vampire myths to forget, I forgot the ones about drinking a Vampire’s blood!

Lexi then plunged her fangs into her wrist, and forced it onto my mouth. Her blood quickly flowed into me, before the self inflicted wounds closed. It tasted good, but it was by far not Human. It merged with what was left of my old blood, ensuring my transformation. There really was no turning back now. However, I kept telling myself that submission to Vampirism did not mean submission to Lexi!

I pulled away forcibly, and fell into a timeless haze. The next thing I knew, Lexi was fingering me wildly. While the passions grew, my blood, her blood, and the hapless woman’s blood began to fully congeal within me. At the point of cosmic orgasm, my eyes turned a bright red, and my new fangs jutted downward. My eyes then partly retuned to their original brown, only showing a hint of my breed’s red, which would fully show again at the taste and smell of fresh Human Blood.

“Mary!” Jack screamed from the other side of the room.

“Your too late, Jack. She’s mine now and forever. You can at least serve as her first feed as a Domoriosian Vampire!” Lexi cooed proudly.

Yes, that’s what I was now: a Domoriosian Vampire. Only my death could change that now. Yet, submission to Vampirism does not mean submission to my Maker. With my strong will enhanced to otherwise superhuman levels at the acceptance, I stood enraged at Lexi for making me into a monster filled with bloodlust. My intimidating fangs were long and proud.

Lexi suddenly turned around, barely hiding anxiety toward me. She lunged at me, and tried desperately to rewrite my mind. Her hands tightly groped and held my head. ‘I AM YOUR MAKER! SUMBIT!’ she screamed in my mind. I let her in, and then violently snapped back, braking her time hardened mind. In shock from the unexpected violation, I threw her across the room. She fell to the cement floor, back to the wall, wide eyed.

“KILL HER!” she screamed to her numerous progeny, who watched from just outside the room. She genuinely thought she could chain me! Now, she was filled with confusion and doubt, while cursing herself for developing terminal cockiness like her dead Maker and at the way the world changes.

I ran to the overwhelmed Jack, knowing they would kill him, too, if only for his delicious blood. “Mary, what’s going on? Those fangs can’t be real!”

I licked my right descended fang, and growled, “I sense that you knew all along what the cause of all those disappearances were, but could not believe it.” I grabbed his gun, and with my now perfect aim, I shot two of them in the heart, causing instant death.

“I thought they had to be silver tipped or wood or something,” he observed breathlessly, overwhelmed.

“Shut up!” I growled. “We can die just like any Human; we’re just a bit more immune to it!” Among other things, my submission to my new form told me that I could have just killed Lexi, and take over her brood. However, my rage ensured their deaths if they came at us.

Jack grabbed his small revolver strapped to his ankle, and began shooting with me.

One then lunged at us. I grabbed him, and ripped out his throat with my now Herculean strength. The Vampire fell to the floor and gurgled to death in total shock. Jack was in utter terror to see me do such a thing … Soon, there were only two with a look of fear and confusion. ‘Leave now, and I won’t kill you!’ I screamed into their minds. They fled in terror.

“I’LL KILL YOU FOR THIS!” Lexi screamed at her surviving progeny.

“Not if I kill you first, my Maker!” I growled, fangs long and proud. We walked over to her, navigating over and around dead Vampires. She sat back to the wall all but broken by my improbable display of rebellion.

“I thought you were too cute to kill, but that’s not the only reason why I transformed you. I knew you would be powerful …” she stated. She was still far stronger than me, but she had no idea how to handle my insanely violent attack on her mind. Part of her plea was really for me to fix the damage I did to her.

“Too powerful,” I corrected angrily. “I always went through life knowing that we cannot stop certain things. If we cannot stop it, why not embrace it? I knew that was the only way to beat you, while you thought that would never work. Yes, your blood is within me, but I made it mine.”

“You can’t kill your Maker,” she pleaded. “There’s so much I can teach you, Mary. The joys of eternity are before you. Let me be your guide …’

I leaned in close, put my hand on her cheek, and forcibly invaded her dark mind. After embracing her ultimately foolish Maker, I saw all the atrocities she ever committed, often just for the sake of blood induced orgasm. She killed so many, while she secretly knew she did not have to. Even worse, she learned nothing from the foolish death of her Maker. I hated her even more now. I even hated myself more, because such dark desires were within me like any of my breed.

I pulled out of her mind. She now knew her death was imminent. She finally understood the rage and will within me, and knew she could never have power over me. A tear fell from her eye, not because of her end, but because she knew she begot a Vampire far better than she could ever be once my rage was quenched. I then plunged my hand through her tight stomach, and reached upward toward her heart. I grasped it, and pulled it out. Staring at it for a moment, I threw the bloody sack to the solid floor in almost relief.

Jack looked at me in terror and confusion. “And now, you must kill me, Jack,” I requested.

“What? I can’t kill you, Mary!” he cried.

“You’ve already killed Vampires tonight, Jack. You just need to kill one more.” I walked over to an old pipe on the wall, ripped it off, and presented it to him. I knew we were out of bullets, even if he didn’t. “I don’t want eternity. I never wanted this bloodlust! You know I could never kill myself, no matter how much I now hate myself.”

He took the pipe, and I fell too my knees. He was so confused and conflicted, but he had the will to do it. Like I’ve never seen, tears were falling from his eyes. He held the rusty pipe high with his muscle bound arms. He then hesitated, and lost his nerve. The pipe was thrown away.

Jack then fell to his knees, eyes reddened from tears, and hugged my cold body tightly. “I can’t kill you, Mary. No matter what you’ve become, I know it’s still you.”

My eyes fell to his neck, feeling my powerful hunger, of which I yet had little control. ‘Then I am sorry, Jack,’ I said in his mind. I then plunged my virgin fangs into his neck. His adrenaline filled blood pleasurably flowed down my throat, making my body come alive to process the meal. He happily moaned, feeling my pleasurable venom course through his veins. My eyes were so remarkably red in that moment that my vision had a temporary red tint. I then pulled out before I took too much, again proving my remarkable will. I screamed in bloody orgasm from the derived Life Energy, before a feeling of utter self loathing washed over me …