The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


I walked into my backyard in the dead of night feeling all the confusion within me. A confusion I already knew was part of was happening or happened. I changed so much so recently, but was only gone for the past few days. They didn’t miss me, or at least, miss me out of fear. I was in the city seeing some old friends, while I just finished moving into my own apartment.

My beautiful sister quietly sat on the bench next to the old fence. She was a few inches shorter than me, had dirty blonde hair, which she lightened, and had blue eyes. Our slim body types made us look very much alike. One Halloween we dressed as a pair of zombie twins, while I died my deep brown hair blonde for the night.

“Jennie!” my sister Liza exclaimed happily. She sprinted over, and gave me a hug.

I could feel her heart racing. It excited me in ways I didn’t want. “Liza … A lot’s happened …”

“What do you mean? What wrong?” she asked concerned.

We sat on the splintering bench. “I … I’m not sure if I can explain it fully … I met this woman in a bar I was in with my friends.”

“A woman?”

“More or less,” I sighed. “I was kinda tipsy, and the others were that or worse. This woman, Amanda, befriended us. She offered to give us all a ride to her home, a mansion. A lot of old money under her belt, I guess. Anyway, the others were brought home the next day as she promised, but I was brought somewhere else.”

“Someone kidnapped you? You escaped?” she asked scared.

“Not exactly. Not so simple, Liza. Amanda really liked me. She saw something in me that even now I can’t fully understand.”

I could sense that Liza thought I was about to say I was somehow bi or a lesbian, which was about as close to the truth as she could come in that moment.

“Yes, we did have sex. It was unlike anything I ever experienced,” I said breathlessly. “I mean, beyond even my imagination … She drank my blood, Liza, a lot of my blood. Vampire Venom is the most erotic of sensations, while Vampires of Pleasure apparently have even more potent juices!”

Liza was in total disbelief.

“Amanda’s a Vampire of Power, a Phil’iantathisian. She sought to remake me. Saw something special in me, I guess. I knew this from the start, while I was too lost in her power to care. After she drank my blood, she had me drink large amounts of Human Blood to activate the genetic template that was also within her venom. Drinking Human Blood was strange at first, but I starting liking it before I even realized it. Then, Amanda had me drink her blood to ensure a successful transformation, and made me cum to complete it.”

“Your a Vampire? Come on, Jennie! You know I can’t believe any of that. Someone must’ve drugged you, kidnapped you, maybe even raped you. You need to call the police!” Liza exclaimed. In her animated motions, she scraped her wrist on the old bench. A large splinter punctured her wrist. It was not the first time the bench bit someone. She quickly pulled out the splinter, and her wrist started to bleed.

I grabbed her wrist tightly, and she said uncomfortably, “Oh, it’s nothing, Jennie. Just needs a bandage.”

“You really don’t believe me, Liza,” I stated, mouth starting to water. I had not yet fed as a Vampire. All functioning organisms need sustenance. I was resisting, but I think that was part of why my Maker let me “go for a night walk.” I continued, “If you believed me, you would be trying to pull your wrist form my hands.” It was my own hands that did it; I did not want to do such a thing to Liza consciously. I slowly brought the bleeding wrist to my mouth, and impulsively slurped up the large drops of escaping blood. It was so good! My eyes were automatically closed tight. I can’t say it was addicting, but it was not unlike when a baby eats their favorite food for the first time! Even that small amount made my seemingly dead body subtly come alive.

“Oh, God, Jennie, that’s disgusting!” she exclaimed.

I moved the wrist away, and breathlessly stated, “No it’s not. Not for me.” I let my virgin fangs descend, while my otherwise deep blue eyes were already elegantly, hypnotically dancing from color to color. I was to feed on her; there was no way to stop myself now.

“Oh, my God, Jennie!” she breathed in shock, only now trying to pull away in vain. I held her wrist with only a fraction of my new strength, which was more superhuman than I yet knew.

I then plunged my sharp fangs into her soft wrist, ensuring that my lips also encompassed the original wound. Her blood deliciously flew into me, while my venom pleasurably flew into her. “UHMMMMM!” I grunted happily, while gulping loudly. My body now came fully alive to process the meal.

“OOOOH! Why is that startin’ to feel so good …” she cooed. “Oh, fuck … So wrong, so good! …WWWOW!”

I soon pulled my fangs out of her poor wrist. It was a good feeling that I had perfect control over myself after only a few good gulps of her blood. Like I said, there was nothing addicting about it! Consciously doing so for the first time, I slowly retracted my fangs with some effort. My eyes very slowly returned to something close to their original color soon after. “Sorry, Liza … I never planned on feeding on you or anyone. I guess, I still have to eat,” I said awkwardly, feeling dismayed that I drank my own sister’s blood.

“What the FUCK!” she exclaimed in her amazement, while she was more amazed that it was almost as good as sex. “You really are a Vampire …” She looked at her slowly, visibly healing wrist. The only blood she saw was what ever seeped into her pores.

“That venom does a lot doesn’t it?” I stated awkwardly.

“What do we do now?” she asked breathlessly.

“I don’t know, Liza,” I said distraught, while admittedly feeling quite good from all her blood now flowing within me. “You’ll be fine, as long as you don’t drink anyone’s blood for a while, and I don’t think you will!”

“I’ll help you in any way I can, Jennie.” She hugged me tightly …

Liza decided to come with me to my new apartment. She texted our parents that she did so. They were on a cruise, regardless, and set to return in a day or two.

It was one in the morning, by the time we were at my apartment. She was dead tired, at least partly because I drank a lot of her blood.

“I know you’re a little nervous, but you really should get some sleep, Liza,” I said seriously, sitting on my couch. “You lost a lot of blood tonight …”

“Yeah, I should. My mind’s just racing. I mean … you drank my blood, and I almost started masturbating! … Wait, shouldn’t you be in a coffin or something by morning?” she asked confused.

“I don’t think we have to, except maybe during Halloween!” I tried to joke. I already saw the afternoon sun in my new state, while I practically forced myself to wake up before dark. “I doubt the sun could give me anything worse than minor burn,” I said quietly, almost to myself.

She smiled awkwardly. “What I don’t get is why you’re even here. You say this Amanda just let you out?”

“I guess … I think she’s testing me. I don’t think she’ll let me do anything stupid, but she’s not gonna show herself until I do the thing she wants.”

“What do you mean by that? You already ate me!” she said frustratedly.

“I’m not really sure. It’s all instinct, I guess.”

“Can’t you reverse this? I wan’t you back to normal, Jennie,” she pleaded.

“I don’t think I can … You know what’s weird, Liza?”


“I don’t think I mind this. I mean, I don’t feel that different. I know I can eat whatever I used to eat, while Human Blood is best for me now, I guess. So yes, I drank your blood—happily, but I feel no real blood lust. I can smell the blood within you, but I don’t see you as food … I almost feel empowered, Liza.” I must admit I was trying to say it was all still confusing for me, but that didn’t come out as clearly as intended.

We didn’t really talk much after that. Liza simply was frustrated, because she couldn’t help me in any way she wanted. After almost a whole hour of nervous pacing, Liza finally passed out in my bed.

I walked into my dark bathroom soon after, and looked at myself. Though it was dark, I could see myself clearly in the mirror. My eyes were definitely their dark blue, while I could see their new multicolored quality just under the surface. Liza obviously noticed, while she definitely noticed how my eyes can dance from color to color during feeding.

I then looked at my retraced fangs, and almost too easily descended them. They were so white, so sharp, and yet so beautiful. I felt the subtle lumps above them with my tongue. I pressed one with my tongue, and saw my venom drip down the fang. At the same time, I knew that I could learn to release my venom by simply willing it, while it would always flow out naturally during a feed.

I wasn’t Human anymore. The way my now quiet body came to life at the taste of Human Blood, my slightly lighter skin tone, altered eye color, and even fangs. Yes, I knew all that already, but I was just starting to accept that. I walked into my dark bedroom, and saw my sister innocently sleeping in my bed. She was so beautiful. I could no longer pretend that I wasn’t turned on by her now. I stroked her hair, and could see her dream in my mind’s eye. She was driving around the city, desperately trying to find something, while she couldn’t remember what that was.

‘You’re trying to find help for me, Liza, but you’re not going to find it,’ I said, inserting myself into the dreamed passenger seat.

Liza opened her eyes to me crouched next to the bed facing her. My fangs were still out, while they overshadowed the care in my eyes in the darkness. She motioned away, and said quietly, nervously, “You were in my mind!”

“Yes, I was.” I crawled onto the bed with her. I looked at the beautiful woman before me. She was as afraid of me in that moment as she still loved me. She didn’t know what I was going to do. Perhaps, I didn’t either in that moment. Instinctually, I realized that my venom contained another attribute unique to my breed: a mind controlling attribute. I could feel it still within her from when I fed on her earlier. I could do anything to her mind with ease though that attribute. I could have her forget all about me, I could turn her into some sex-slave food-bag, I could retool the love she felt for me, or I could do something else entirely.

“Come here, my beautiful sister,” I said into her mind.

With a confused look in her eye, she did so. “You made do that …”

“Yes. I can do anything I want to you, but now, I just want you to kiss me.”

Again following instinct, I mixed my venom with my spit before I retracted my fangs for the kiss. I didn’t want to cut up her tongue! We were soon making out lovingly. Our tongues happily swirled in our mouths. I pulled back to see Liza in utter awe of the kiss. “Oh, my God, Jennie. Oh, my fucking God! Did you make me swallow your venom? … Feels so fucking good … What are doing to me?”

“I could do anything to you. But, I could never live with myself if I change who you are. I’ll just open up doors in your mind you never knew existed, Liza”

I then lunged back at the shocked woman, and recommenced my venom filled kiss. At the same time, I unchained her love and passion for me, allowing it to expand in ways she never consciously thought possible. “I never thought I could love you like this! Did you change my sexuality?” she asked amazed.

“No. I may be omnisexual now, but love is love to anyone. You love me, and apparently have a lot more passion built up than either of us knew!” I really didn’t change her otherwise straight sexuality, but love and passion are beyond that. In a way, me now being a Vampire meant that we were no longer sisters, but that emotional connection was unchanged.

We tore each other’s clothes off, and passionately kissed and groped. Soon, we passionately ground our pussies together. We moaned and grunted happily, while I occasionally nibbled at her neck playfully. “Oh, fuckin’ bite me already!” Liza called.

I descended my fangs, and said, “Well, you asked for it, sis!” I then plunged my fangs into her willing neck, while we humped each other more wildly. The combined passions of both chemical and physical quickly made us explode in glorious orgasm.

While I was licking the remaining blood off her neck (Vampires are rather clean creatures, I suppose), Liza then said breathlessly, “Are all Vampires this amazing?”

“Not all,” my Maker Amanda replied in the shadows, sitting on the chair at the vanity. She was probably there the whole time, but our breed’s devastating power over the mind made her invisible until then. Indeed, she was actually holding back her advanced telepathic proclivities for my sister’s sake. “Most of us are, though, Liza … You have done well, Jennie. I must admit that you did far better than me. I almost failed horribly all those centuries ago. Humans are far more evolved now than they realize! Anyway, my Jennie, your unconscious choice of your sister as your first feed was perfect, while your choice to free her love and passion for you was even better. She will help you ease into your knew life far better than I ever could naturally.”

“This is completely insane!” Liza said lightly in her drowsiness.

“Actually, we have control over that!” Amanda quipped. “Now, my glorious Jennie, you proved to me that the transformation had not damaged your conscience. The hunger for power our breed has can be quite devastating. Without conscience, all Vampires can fall prey to the cockiness of Daedalus, which insured his son Icarus’ death, and in a way, his own. The sex crazed Luthurian Breed understood that in their own way before ours, while the blood crazed Domoriosian Breed is finally starting to understand that now in their own way.”

I now fully understood why Amanda chose to transform me. Not everyone can handle such a dramatic change. It was adaptability through my understanding and use of conscience as a Human that drew Amanda’s attention. Conscience is one of the most potent powers a Vampire can wield, because it all but ensures the eternal life we sought. I looked down on my amazed sister, and hugged her lovingly.