The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Pleasure

My friends and I always enjoyed partying, especially Jackie and Sally. The three of us met at a party in college, and were inseparable ever since. After we graduated, we found ourselves going to dance clubs quite a bit. Sure, we still went to college-esque parties, but that really was more of the same. To better satisfy our needs, we were members of several clubs via the “All Access Dance-off Pass.” It granted us membership to nearly every club in the city. We still haven’t gone to the same club twice!

Tonight, the three of us decided to go to one of the edgier looking clubs: The “Bloody Dance Club.” Their theme was of course Vampires, and the dress code forced everyone to wear red and black clothes, at the very least!

I was just zipping up my tight, black leather dress, when I heard a nock at my door. I slipped on my flip flops, and walked over. It was Jackie and Sally ready to go, and looking great! Jackie wore a tight red and black blouse, with very short black shorts, while her blonde hair was tied back. Sally wore a tight, deep red dress, which brought out the red in her auburn hair.

“You’re not gonna wear those to the club are ya?” Sally joked pointing at my footwear.

I laughed. “Course not, Sally! … Come on in. I’ll be ready in a sec.”

Their high heels click-clacked, while the walked over to my couch. I scurried back up my steps, and back into my room. I kicked off my flip flops, and sank my cute size nines into my deep red heels. I clicked-clacked down, and we soon left.

Before we knew it, the three of us were laughing drunkenly in our booth at the dark yet flashy club, when a strange women sat down at our table. She was tall and voluptuous, light skinned, and had raven black hair. She wore a frilly tight black dress, with long red gloves, and red fishnet stockings. Here eyes were a penetrating deep blue. She smiled, showing off her shining fangs, which we assumed were fake. “Hello,” the woman said seductively, with an ever so subtle lisp, “I am Angelica. I run this club.”

“Hi, I’m Jessica. These are my friends Sally and Jackie,” I slurred.

She licked her full lips, while looking us over. “Pleased to meet you. I always like to personally welcome anyone with the Dance-off Pass. If you three are interested, I’m holding a private party downstairs tomorrow night.” Her tones seemed muddled, suggesting she does plenty of traveling.

“Sure, why not!” I exclaimed.

The other two said they had plans, while the look on Angelica’s face suggested that she expected our answers …

Without much thought, I found myself walking back to the strange club the next night alone. Admittedly this was a little strange. A woman claiming to be the manager invites us to a private party? She could have been anyone! However, something inside me told me to go. It was something powerful …

The club was closed that night for a private function, the bouncer told me. I told her my name, and that Angelica invited me. He let me inside without another word. Angelica met me the moment I was inside. It was in that moment I realized how I seemed to lack control over myself. All I “wanted” to do was go wherever I was going.

We soon walked into a candle lit room in the basement, whose floor was remarkably a large bed. Several very attractive women were already there. I recognized a few from the dance floor earlier. I slipped off my shoes and joined the circle on the floor-bed.

Angelica poured some deep red wine into a glass goblet like the other’s already held. I could not see the fangs on her then. I took a good swig from the large goblet. The wine was truly excellent! What struck me is how different the wine looked in the other glasses. It was darker and more blood-like. I assumed it was just a trick of the light.

“Enjoying the wine?” Angelica asked me seductively, holding her own glass.

We all affirmed, and emptied our glasses. While I took my drink down fairly quickly, the others did it more slowly, savoringly. I soon noticed that they all had rather sharp looking canines.

“Good.” Angelica slowly licked her lips, tongue apparently stained from her drink. “Now, its time to take our clothes off.”

Now I was finally feeling concerned. What kind of party was this? I’m not a lesbian! I then realized that I and everyone else was naked. An impossible moistness grew in my crotch. I uncontrollably began to stare at the naked women around me. ‘What the fuck? … I think I’m starting to truly understand what why men find us so arousing … NO, NO! I’M NOT A LESBIAN!’ I screamed in my mind, but to no avail. The uncontrollable thoughts of arousal took control of my mind. ‘These women are so fucking hot! I do wanna FUCK them all … Oh, look at those FUCKIN FEET! I understand now. Every part of a woman is sexy, while feet are the sexiest!’ Maybe I always had a foot fetish, but suppressed it all along.

Angelica, the sexiest of them all, then stood in the middle of our circle. She went to her knees before me, smiling with her proud, almost glimmering fangs. I was surprised by the fact that I wanted her to suck me dry, and when she plunged her all too real fangs into my willing neck, I felt a rush of utter ecstasy flow through me. My body writhed in pure pleasure. I put my arms around the impossibly warmed Vampire. My hands slowly migrated to the Vampire’s head. I wanted her to drink every ounce of my Human Blood!

She pulled out just when I started to feel woozy, and brought another glass of what I first thought was wine. “More wine?” I barely asked. She shook her head with a big smile. I took it, and started to drink without much though. Good God, it was Human Blood! Before I tossed the glass away in shock, Angelica tipped the glass upward, so that the rest of the blood pored into my mouth. I swallowed on instinct, while I oddly didn’t seem to mind the sweet, salty taste.

I fell into a semi-dreamlike haze. Images of blood, sex, feet, and eternity flashed before my eyes. I hungered for it all! All I needed to do was orgasm; all I needed was pleasure for an eternity; all I needed to do was release a rush of adrenaline and endorphins. “I NEED IT!” I screamed loudly.

Angelica’s bleeding wrist was suddenly over my mouth. I automatically drank her odd blood lovingly, letting it paint my insides. She was soon fingering and eating me out wildly. I embraced the pleasure, oh Gods, I embraced it! In my minds eye, I saw an unlocked door leading to near limitless passions. I walked through it. I then felt perfect control over my pain and pleasure, and pushed my pleasure levels well past eleven. Then, an epically powerful orgasm exploded out me. At the same time, my new fangs jutted out, while my turquoise eyes turned to a dark blue. I soon passed out from the cosmic passions ...

I soon awoke to Angelica pleasurably worshiping my feet. Her feet innocently lay next to my face, and I began to worship them in kind. I now knew for sure that I had a foot fetish long before this night.

“Where’d the others go?” I asked, observing that we were alone. I started to rub my Maker’s soft foot on my face, breathing deep and slobbering. The touch was light for us, but I had the feeling my likely increased strength could make that touch quite forceful for the average Human.

“UMMM, I think I almost transformed you just for your feet! But, I think we both know it was your intimate love of pleasure that really brought you here … The others are out looking for some fun, my progeny.”

I began to rub my pussy to her feet now wet from my spit.

“You already know you are now a Vampire, Jessica. You probably already sense that you are a Luthurian Vampire. We worship pleasure above all else. Killing that is not in self defense is beyond taboo for us … Oh, so good. Such long toes! …

“I brought you into this new life at a remarkably transformative time, this start of the twenty-first century, my Jessica. The blood crazed Domoriosians appear to finally be changing for the better, suggesting roots of greater change beyond our species. The Great Cosmic Vampire God Domorios appears to have progressed its views to still loving Human Blood above all, while never killing unless they must. They once nearly always killed the ones they’ve fed upon, regardless of consequence. Now, the ones refusing to change to this new paradigm are finding the ones they are transforming uncontrollable, especially if they were transformed against their will. You see, humanity’s changed a lot over many millennia, and are now smarter and more peaceful, whether they know it or not. Many of these new Vampires are actually killing their otherwise murderous makers. Sobering and ironic, yes, but I suppose that breed required change in that way …”

“I suppose that may make me uncontrollable, my Maker,” I said truthfully with a smile, sensing how I have that evolved mentality in my own way.

“I don’t wanna control you!” my Maker laughed. “I just want to teach you the joys of pleasure! Physical pleasure defines our breed.”

She then plunged her fangs into my ankle. Our pleasure filled venom was so potent that even we weren’t fully immune to it! I lovingly bit her ankle in kind. We then pleasurably, intimately, orgasmically shared the blood within us …