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About a Venezuelan college student in the UK who has a stuck-up girlfriend who wants things her way (not his) and his girlfriend’s mother always insults him and puts him down because he is a Latino. He hatchers a plan to put both his girlfriend and her mother under Mind Control so that he can finally have his way with his stuck-up girlfriend and take revenge on her mother at the same time.

Venezuelan College Student with two Blonde Danish Slaves

By Sonya Esperanto



“Can you stop touching my breast? It is getting annoying now” Tina told her boyfriend Jose off.

Jose automatically let his hand go off her right breast, as his hand was around her shoulder.

“Don’t be like that. You’re supposed to be my girlfriend!” Jose protested to Tina.

The couple were walking around university campus. They were both foreign students studying in a Bristol College, in West of England.

“We’re in a public place!” Tina reminded him.

Jose looked annoyed. Coming from a macho environment Jose believed that a man should have power over his woman. He sometimes hated his girlfriend’s fierce independent nature.

Jose was a handsome Venezuelan guy; 5′9, slim, black-haired, dark-eyed, South-American-type tanned complexion (which attracted Tina to him in the first place), 17 years old and majored in Maths and Science (since most local British students didn’t major in such courses it would be easier for a foreigner to get in any British college or university if he or she chose to do such course as today in England all the Chemistry courses had been closed down since 99.99% of all British students major only in 2 things: Art & English Literature).

Tina, in contrast, was an attractive Danish girl; 5′7, slim, long blonde hair tied back in a pony tail, crystal blue eyes, also tanned (thanks to the Tanning Salons), 18 years old, large round breasts and majored in the Arts (like most European females and British males).

As for how they met they became housemates only about a year ago and already started going out. As the old saying goes “opposite attracts”. She was a Blonde attracted to dark men, especially Africans, Hispanics, Middle Easterners and Southern Europeans. Jose was a black-haired dark tanned dark Hispanic attracted to Blonde haired blue eyed girls, even dreaming of marrying a Blonde one day.

It was also convenient for either of them that they had no other housemates in their student accommodation, even if they both stayed in 2 separate bedroom flats as each student paid for his flat room but had the rest of the house to serve other interests ie kitchen, bathroom etc. They often had lots of sex but Tina didn’t do anal and when she didn’t want sex, no means no. He had to play with her terms since she was his Blonde princess, and trophy.

They also had part time jobs too so that they could still financially support their lifestyle ie clubbing, discoing etc.

“Hey I am in the mood for a cinema film. How about we go watch a film at the Odeon?” suggested Tina.

“Ok,” Jose nodded.

He was thinking that once inside the cinema he could make out with her, and play with her big Scandinavian breasts.

It was 4PM when they reached the Odeon cinema in Bristol City Centre. The cinema was only three storeys high. It only had 3 theatres too.

“Hey can we catch this!” said Jose, pointing to the poster of Prince of Persia (a movie based on a video game and Jose was into video games and comic books).

“Oh no. It is nothing but mindless violence. You know what these American Hollywood movies are like. It promotes violence. I think we should catch this one. It is much better!” Tina pointed to the poster of Twilight 3: Eclipse (the movie is based on a popular romantic vampire novel series which has a high female fan base).

Tina smiled. Jose knew that if he did not give in he would not be getting any Blonde pussy tonight. They caught Twilight 3 instead. Once inside the cinema Jose once more put his hand over his girlfriend’s shoulder, slowly moving it below her neck, towards her right breast. Jose then did the unthinkable. He put his hand on her breast and then tried to kiss her on the lips. Tina pushed him away.

“Not now Jose. I’m trying to watch this movie!” Tina complained to him.

When the movie was over they went over to a club, drinking and partying. They came back home somewhere after 2AM in the morning, on a cab. They were both tipsy and a bit drunk (the norm among British people). Once back home they had sex in Jose’s bedroom flat.

As Jose was on top of her he was sucking on her right breast’s nipple and started playing with her left breast. After 10 minutes, Tina tried pushing him away.

“Jose you’re too rough with me tonight. Take it slowly,” Tina complained.

“Give me a break Look I don’t know what your problem is??” Jose asked.

“I just want to sleep. I’m tired,” Tina yawned, falling asleep.

Jose slept next to her on the bed, pissed off with her behaviour today and remembering the times when she behaved like this. He fell asleep but didn’t sleep too well.


Tina and Jose had an argument. When she woke up in his bedroom flat she said that his bedroom was untidy and even dared tell him that this what was wrong with Latin America today – laziness to clean up anything.

It was true. His bedroom flat was like the typical British house. His things were piled up on the floor. He had things hanging on his radiator. He had food pieces on his desk top.

“Oh come on. I bet your room is not clean either!” Jose protested.

“Come to my room Jose and see this for yourself. I am not untidy. I am very tidy. Come here!” Tina bossed him.

When Jose followed Tina to her bedroom flat he saw how clean and tidy her room was.

“You should really clean up Jose. Now let us go to the living room!” Tina suggested.

Their student accommodation was on the second floor of a rental building block that faced a street. They had a bathroom and a main hallway which adjoined the front door, the living room and the kitchen. There were 5 bedrooms but only two were occupied an their landlord did not like 2 students sharing a bedroom flat together since their monthly rent was already cheaper than most student accommodations.

When they went to the living room Tina pointed out to all his things piling up and lying all over the living room floor, including his PS3 and video game collection and comic books and even ruffled up tissue papers which Jose used to blow his nose on. The wooden table between the sofa and the television was also piled up with empty cups that looked as if someone had drank from them but not cleaned up afterwards. There were also plates on the table, full of unfinished spaghetti or pasta.

“Now the kitchen!” Tina suggested.

Jose followed Tina into the kitchen. The kitchen sink was full of cups, plates, and many other things.

“I am fed up of cleaning up after you Jose. You are becoming dirty and living like a pig you know that, like all these lazy British people. I decided I am not cleaning up after you. I think you should clean up. What do you think I am? Your maid?” stated Tina in an angry tone.

“Oh please don’t be like that. Look you’re my girlfriend. You are not supposed to complain!” Jose said in a defensive tone.

“Jose this is the 21st Century. Don’t give me that South American macho shit. Women are equal to men. Are you telling me that a woman’s place is in the kitchen? Well I got news for you amigo. Times have changed even if they haven’t in Venezuela. If this happened in Denmark and we had lived together with Danish students you would get bollocking from the rest of them and I won’t be able to protect you then!!!” shouted Tina.

“But this is a woman’s job!” Jose said in a macho way.

“You know something Jose. You can be a jerk at times. I cook for you and you still make me clean up after you. I want a man who respects me!” Tina shouted at him.

As Tina was about to walk away from him, he grabbed her by the arm.

“Ok. Ok. I will clean up. I’ll do it in ten minutes!” Jose said.

“Start now. Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today!” Tina told him.

That whole day Tina made Jose clean the sink, the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom and even his own bedroom. It took him one whole day. He wasn’t used to doing such work. In fact he never knew anyone from South America who did. When he came to England he was surprised that British people were as laid back as people from Spanish-speaking countries. This was why British people in general can relate more to Southern Europeans and Latin Americans than they can to other Europeans and even Americans from the United States of America.

Jose finished “cleaning up” by 7PM. His Danish girlfriend could be loving and affectionate at times (expresses it best when they had sex together) and then there were times when she would have a go at him for all sorts of things that a British girl wouldn’t dare do to her Latino boyfriend. Danish girls were known to be outspoken and Britain’s outspokenness which they passed to the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand all were of Norman influence, Danish invaders to Britain and France, and also Anglo Saxons, a Germanic people who were said to have invaded Southern England from Northern Germany but they invaded Germany in turn from Denmark.

“I’m finally done!” Jose sighed in exhaustion.

He hated this sort of thing ie long work.

“The place looks much better now. How about we get something to eat?” suggested Tina.

They went out to eat at an Indian restaurant. After dinner they met their other friends from college in some night club. They came back home drunk after 2AM and even when they went back home Tina refused Jose any sex for that night/early morning.

She is such a bitch at times. God I hate this arrogant Danish attitude among Danish girls. She only lets me have sex with her when she wants it. Fuck this new age of feminism and women’s rights. What happened to the good old days when Spain ruled the world, Jose thought.


3PM - Tina was watching a DVD of Bridget Jones Diary II in the living room. Jose was in his student bedroom flat, surfing the internet on his laptop. He was looking up Mind Control and Hypnosis online. Jose smiled as he found the information he was looking for, how to hypnotise someone and how to trick them into letting them into getting hypnotised.

“Tonight is going to be the nights of all nights!!” Jose excitedly spoke to himself.

He was going to turn his girlfriend from an outspoken Blonde ie a Danish or a Russian Blonde into an obedient Blonde ie a Swedish or an English Blonde.

5PM – Jose got out of his bedroom and told Tina he was cooking them dinner tonight. He was going to make pasta and she was ok with it but that he had to clean up after dinner and let the plates pile up.

7PM – Jose and Tina had dinner by the living room, watching some television shows. When they finished dinner he took their plates and cleaned up after them.

“Hey Tina have you heard of Edgar Cayce?” Jose asked her.

“No!! Who was he?” Tina asked him.

“He was this guy who went on a trance and said that he had lived many past lives and that he was once a citizen of the fabled sunken continent of Atlantis. While he was in a trance he said that everyone in this planet had lived many times in this planet, you know, like reincarnation!” Jose said.

Tina laughed.

“That is Bullshit. We only live once!” Tina said in a chuckling tone.

“He even made predictions which came true. Really. He predicted that some islands will rise out from the Bimini and they did. He even predicted the Wall Street Crash. He even said that there will be war in 1938 and that Germany will be the culprit behind it and that communism in Russia would fall and that Iraq would have someone like Hitler running it!” Jose exclaimed.

“That sounds interesting!” Tina said.

“Hey how about we give it a try!” suggested Jose.

“No. Why??” she asked in an annoyed tone.

“Oh I get it. You believe that it is all true and so are chickening out!” Jose burst out chuckling.

“No I’m not. I don’t think any of it is real!” Tina exclaimed angrily.

“So why don’t we test it then. If it’s not real then nothing happens but if it is real you may even experience a past life that you never knew you had!” exclaimed Jose.

“Alright!” Tina accepted Jose’s challenge.

30 minutes later Tina was sat down comfortably by the sofa. Jose was standing up, holding a pendulum gold clock that his mother had bought for him before he came to England. He was swinging the clock over Tina’s eyes and her eyes tried following it as it moved.

“Your eyes are getting sleepy. You are starting to relax,” Jose started hypnotising Tina.

Tina’s eyelids flickered until she completely closed them.

“Soon your mind will open up to new possibilities. Now you hear nothing around you except my voice. My voice is all that you hear. Now when I count to five your mind will go blank and open up to anything I say to it. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Your mind is now blank. Now your mind will the instructions that I am about to give it. You will remember my voice and follow it. This is the voice of your master whom you must forever obey for the rest of your life and your only existence is to serve him and make him happy. You will be loyal, obedient, loving, affectionate, serve, always wanting to have sex with him and most of all, to never talk back to him and just do as you’re told. These are your new instructions. Now when I count to ten you will hear me snap my fingers and you will wake up and your mind will resume all of these instructions. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine, Ten,” Jose finished hypnotising Tina.

Jose snapped his fingers. Tina woke up. Tina smiled at him.

“Do you know who I am?” he asked her, testing if it worked.

“You are my master whom I live to serve!” smiled Tina in low monotone.

“Stand up!” he ordered her.

Tina stood up.

“From now you must call me Don. Now stand in the middle of the room!” he ordered her.

“Yes Don!” Tina obeyed.

Tina walked to where the middle of the living room was and stood up. Jose sat down now in her place.

“Perform a strip tease for me slave!” Jose ordered her.

“Yes Don!” replied the obedient Danish college student.

Tina started performing an erotic dance. She danced her body sexily and gave her Master a loving and horny smile. She took off the skirt she wore, followed by her slippers, then by her shirt, then by her bra and then pulled off her panty and was finally naked. She danced naked for him, putting two fingers on her pussy and blonde pubic hair while massaging her right breast with her other hand.

She was making Jose’s cock stiff. He put down his pendulum gold clock by the side and started stripping off too. When he was totally naked he went over to her and started fondling with both her breasts.

“Now this is more like it. A woman should always know her place, even a Danish one!” Jose exclaimed in a sexist tone.

Normally Tina would complain if he touched both her tits at the same time even when she wanted him to touch only one but this time she just moved her body like a snake and let him have his way with her. As he touched her breasts he then moved to her nipples, pinching and pulling on them, making Tina moan.

“Ohhh,!” Tina moaned in sexual excitement.

“Do you want me to have sex with you!” Jose said in an aggressive pushy tone.

“Yes Don. Take me Don. I’m yours as long as you want!!” responded Tina.

Jose pulled her by the hand and led them to her bedroom. She had a nice bed that only two people could fit in. He went behind her and pushed her down the bed. She giggled like a slut, looking at him with her crystal blue eyes lovingly and obediently, and putting a finger on her mouth.

There were so many things Jose wanted to do to her which she never let him (or any man) do to her. He decided that can wait. Since she was kind enough to let him hypnotise her he decided that he would be nice to her for the first thing tonight.

“I want you to go down on your knees right here on the floor and give a me a blowjob!” ordered Jose.

“Yes Don!” Tina responded smilingly.

Jose sat down on her bed while Tina was down on her knees sucking his cock off, drinking all his sperm.

“Yeah woman. That’s a good Blonde bitch!” Jose said to her, while putting a hand on her head as if telling her where her place was now.

Jose enjoyed the blowjobs she gave him and she was happy to give him any blowjob but not what he wanted to do after that blowjob. When she finished sucking him off, he made her lower head even more and he moved his cock over the top of her blonde head. The tip of his cock still had sperm stains ejaculating. He started squeezing his cock until all the remaining sperms from his tip that needed to come out, started pouring all over her blonde hair and then he put a chin on her jaw and let the rest of it squirt all over her beautiful face.

Tina’s face was covered in Latino juice.

“I think you really good now Tina,” Jose making fun of his girlfriend.

Jose got up from where he sat.

“I want you to lie face down on the bed!” ordered Jose.

“Yes Don!!” a smiling Tina replied with cum stains on both her blonde hair and her face.

Tina got up, climbed over the bed and lied faced-down. Jose had plans for her tonight. He was going to do something that she had denied to him – her small tight ass. He did not want to do it to her while she was on all fours as her ass would be able to balance it and his cock would feel no pleasure at all. He moved his cock deep into her asshole and he could feel her tight butt fidgeting.

“Now I am going to give you another command bitch. Now I want you to express your true body feelings when I have anal sex with you and speak the way you normally would but you are not allowed to curse me or fight back against me and just let me have my ways with you even if you don’t really like it!!” ordered Jose, in a wicked tone.

“Yes Don!!” Tina responded, sounding more sensitive to his cock being inside her ass.

Jose started fucking her ass. Tina screamed very loudly.

“It hurts. Please stop Don. It hurts. It hurts!!” Tina screamed, with tears flowing down her crystal blue eyes.

Jose was enjoying this now, his cock fucking her ass and her screaming at the same time. He was pulling her blonde pony tail, as if he is riding a horse. He was hurting Tina, by pulling her pony tail and fucking her sensitive ass.

“This is the best anal sex I ever had!!” commented an excited Jose.

She continued screaming and begging him to stop hammering and moving his cock within her ass.

He fucked her ass for more than 5 hours, since he loved having his cock up her ass. They eventually feel asleep on Tina’s bed, with his cock still deep inside her ass and Tina crying down tears in pain. His right hand was moving between her right and left nipple, taking turns to pull each one, a truly uncomfortable feeling for Tina, who had no right to protest.

* * *

Things have changed now in the lives of Jose and Tina. He dictated their relationships and even in public he would openly fondle with her breasts right in front of the other college students and she would just giggle.

“She’s finally giving it to you Jose!!” Jose’s female English college friend complimented him on his new re-defined relationship with Tina as they were both sat down by the benches.

Jose enjoyed touching Tina’s big breasts and she just giggled as he did it to her.

When they went to the movies they only saw the movies he liked and sometimes he not only sucked her nipples but also made her finger herself somewhere in the back row and then lick off her own cum.

At home they always had sex where sometimes he would tie her up and fuck her really roughly and squeezing her breasts and pulling her nipples while she would remain helpless and scream for him to stop. Jose also had a sick fantasy of having a tied up white woman on his bed for him to rape, which he had seen in far too many Latin American and Spanish porn films ie dark men raping an innocent Blonde woman forced into prostitution.

This was the sort of role play he normally enjoyed with English girls he had sex with and that was before he met Tina.

Apart from sex he went back to his old ways in their student accommodation. He didn’t tidy up after cleaning and Tina did all the cleaning up and she now had to clean up even his room but he gave her special instruction to never do a good job on his room so that he can punish her for it and have rough BDSM sex with her.

He enjoyed sucking on her nipples and sometimes he sucked on her nipples really hard that she no longer enjoyed it and begged him to stop but did nothing to stop him.

He even had anal sex with her asshole when they had shower together, pushing her against the bathroom wall while the shower water ran above them.


Jose was inside some cafe, having English Breakfast (a special type of breakfast one can get in England even in the afternoon). Tina entered the café, saw him and then went to him and sat opposite him.

“Jose my mother called me up and she said she is coming down to stay with us for the weekend!!” replied a smiling Tina.

There were some orders he gave her. In public she was to always to call him by his name and that she must tell no one that she is his secret sex slave.

“This weekend??” he asked.

“Yes!!” she said with a smile.

Tina’s mother was a bitch (as far as Jose was concerned) who sometimes stayed over at their place. She was about the same height as Tina and they both could be mistaken for twin sisters if no one knew that one was the mother and the other was the daughter. Her mother’s name was Helena (as in Helen of Troy) and she was an attractive woman at the age of 30, since she conceived Tina at 14 years of age, when she had a one night stand with some stranger in Copenhagen.

Tina’s mom was the reason that Tina was living in the UK since anyone who was a citizen of an EU Member State could live, work and travel anywhere within the EU. Her mom worked in some office somewhere, with a high paying salary and even joked with Jose that all the Latinos living in both the US and Europe were working as cleaners and janitors and yet still didn’t do a good job.

Helena argued with Jose before, saying that South Americans were lazy people, their governments corrupt, human rights record too terrible, always running away to America for a better life even if they hated the USA, gun and drug crimes too high, and that he wasn’t good enough for her daughter. She was, in truth, a very uptight woman who wanted everything to go her way.

“So tell me more!!” Jose said to Tina.

Before Saturday Jose dug out as much information from Tina about her own mother as he can and his idea was that he was going to make Tina hypnotise her own mother into becoming Jose’s slave too. Despite the fact that she was a bitch he also sometimes dreamt of having her as a sex slave to fuck with.


“You guys have done a good job of cleaning up this place! I have never seen it so clean in my life” Helena (Tina’s mom) told Tina and Jose.

Helena was sat down as she had only arrived like an hour ago and Tina putting her mom’s stuff into her own bedroom.

“We try to be clean mom!” Tina said to her mom, in Danish.

Jose remembered Helena bad mouthing, calling him dirty and lazy and that he was the average lazy Latino male, responsible for why South America is a shithole.

“Hey how about I cook us dinner!” Jose suggested.

“That would be great Jose. I like the fact that my daughter has changed you from being the lazy Latino that you are into a much more cleaner person!” Helena joked.

Jose didn’t like her joke, especially when she said “lazy Latino” and that hurt. Jose cooked them all dinner.

“So where are we going to eat? I see you have no table here yet. How about we all go out to eat?” Helena suggested.

I cooked all this pasta for all of us and now she wants to go out, Jose thought.

“Nah you guys go out. I’ll stay. I’m sure you want to catch up on some things!” Jose said in a polite way.

“Thank you Jose!” Helena smiled (fake smile).

Jose calculated all this in advance and from what he learned about Helena he told Tina what to exactly do.

“Mom before we go out there is something I’d like to show you!” Tina said.

Helena followed Tina into her bedroom, closing the door behind them. Inside the bedroom Tina logged onto her Internet and showed her mom materials about Edgar Cayce, telling her mom whom he was and her mom laughed. She lied to her mom that she hypnotised a friend of hers before and it worked. Tina did such a good job on convincing her mom that her own mom decided to allow her own daughter into hypnotising her. Her mother thought she was going into a trance but in reality she was going to hypnotise her mom into becoming Jose’s slave.

Five minutes later after the hypnotism Tina and Helena walked out of Tina’s bedroom, holding hands (a sign of conformation that Tina’s mom was also now his slave).

They walked towards Jose who stood by the main hallway.

“Who are you?” Jose asked Helena.

“I am your obedient slave Don!” Helena answered in low monotone but smiling sexily.

Jose smiled. At last he was going to have his revenge but not before having sexual fun with her first.

“Slaves take off your clothes!” Jose ordered the Danish mother & daughter.

“Yes Don!” both Tina and Helena answered in unison.

Tina and Helena stripped off their clothes until they were both fully naked. Jose pulled down his zipper, taking out his brown Latino cock.

“I want you two Blondes to come crawling here to me and suck my dick and lick my balls!” Jose commanded.

“Yes Don!!” the two Blondes answered in unison.

Tina and Helena dropped down to all fours, crawling towards Jose, grinning and smiling like sluts. When they reached Jose they both took turns lapping their tongues all over his two balls and the tip of his cock while Jose had both his hands on top of their blonde heads.

“It is nice to own two Danish bitches!” Jose commented.

After lapping their tongues on his cock tip and 2 Latino balls, Jose made them stop. He then grabbed both mother and daughter by their blonde hair, making them crawl all the way to the wooden table on the living room.

“Helena. I want you to lie down on your back on top of this table but I want your neck to rest on the edge. Got it!” Jose barked at her.

“Got it Don!” Helena responded.

Helena climbed on top of the table. As the wooden table was not big enough her neck did rest on the edge, giving her head an uncomfortable feeling (as it had to tilt a bit downwards and she could only now see the curtains to the windows) and her ass rested on the other edge of the table.

Jose had a wicked grin. He whispered to Tina and then gave Helena a new order, “I command you to feel uncomfortable and express your true body feelings and if I make you feel uncomfortable I want you to beg me to stop!” Jose ordered.

“Yes Don!!” Helena responded.

Her face now looked scared and worried. Jose grabbed her by the thighs and thrust his cock up her cunt, starting to fuck it roughly. Helena made sexual grunting sounds and Tina stood by her mother’s face, playing with her pussy so that she could eventually cum. Helena’s face was covered with her daughter’s cum but her pussy was now swollen up with Jose’s sperm shooting in.

Jose then pulled his cock out of her pussy and then into her ass. Helena screamed. Jose enjoyed fucking her asshole really hard. He fucked it hard and fast.

“It hurts Don. Please stop. Please I’m begging you!!” cried a powerless Danish mother.

Tears rolled down her blue eyes as she was in pain.

After fucking Helena’s asshole they all then went to Tina’s bedroom where both mother and daughter laid down side by side on top of Tina’s bed while Juan was on top of them, taking turns to fuck each pussy as well fondle, pull, pinch and suck on each nipples and he did it very hard with the Blonde sometimes begging him to slow down a bit as their pussies and nipples can’t take the abuse.

After fucking them both in front he made them turn around so that he can take turns fucking each Blonde’s sensitive small ass, sending them screaming into limbo. Jose didn’t care for their pain. He enjoyed fucking their little assholes while pulling on their blonde hair and kissing and biting at their necks.

When he finished fucking them for the night he just laid down between his two Blonde slaves, letting their heads rest on his chest as his head took the pillow.


Jose enjoyed his entire Sunday from morning to afternoon. He just sat down on his sofa with two Danish Blondes at his beck. They were always naked. Jose enjoyed watching films and he didn’t have to get up to get anything anymore. He made Helena and Tina get him his can of beers to giving him foot massages and even made them give him blowjobs but would make Helena lick his feet with her tongue. There were moments when both ladies sat beside him so that he can put his hands on their big breasts and play with them.

He didn’t always watch films. Sometimes he played video games in front of the television, fucking Tina on her ass while she was on all fours while eating crisps off her lower back.

In the evening Helena was supposed to go back to her home in London. However nothing changed the fact that she was now his slave. He also gave her one new command – break up with whoever she was seeing.

Even after having rough sex with Helena, it still didn’t change the fact that when she was normal she had been nasty to him. He planned on having her humiliated…..big time.


Jose’s student accommodation was packed with Venezuelan and other Latino students studying in Bristol College. Most of them were males and the only females present (except for the 2 Danes) were those who were girlfriends of Latino students. Loud Hispanic music was being played in the background. The wooden table was packed with food and drinks.

Helena was dressed up as a French maid, serving drinks and taking orders from these youngsters, slapping her ass whenever she passed some of the guys loitering around or when she bent over to pick up tissues they had just used up and dropped down on the floor, they would spank her ass or fondle with her breasts. She just giggled like some Danish slut as Jose told them Tina’s mom said nasty things about Latinos and that she was also a slut and because she lost a bet to him she had to be his slave for the entire month and that she actually enjoyed being a slave and wanted to be treated like the Blonde slut that she was.

The girlfriends of those guys would say things like “what a slut” or “can’t believe this Blonde gringa would say such things about Latinos” or “serve her right to get that small white Nordic ass of hers fucked”.

Jose and Tina were preparing food in the kitchen but Jose told everyone that Tin was cool and so he wouldn’t want to expose her the way he was doing so with Helena. Tina was dressed up pretty normal.

By 11PM everyone was eating and drinking by the living room.

“May I have your attention please!! Tonight we have a special entertainment. Please give a hand for Helena the Blonde slut from Denmark,” Jose announced.

He wanted to embarrass and humiliate Helena in front of his Latino friends.

All the Latinos and Latinas clapped as they all surrounded the Danish Mother. Helena started performing strip tease for them while touching herself at the same time for their pleasure.

When she was down to her black bra and panty all the Latino guys started stroking their cocks right in front of her. They all wanted to punish this racist Blonde Danish slut who looked down on all of them. Helena moved her body in circles, dancing to the beat as she slowly took off her top. She danced to the beat, smiling like a slut and playing with her big breasts which all the guys present dreamt of abusing. Finally she stopped and pulled down her black panty, then tossing it aside.

Helena was now dancing naked to the Latino beat playing behind her.

“Ok Helena I want you to let these guys have their ways with you tonight. You will let them do anything they want to you. Understand!” Jose ordered Helena right there in front of the crowd.

“I understand Don!!” Helena responded with a smile.

“Ok guys she is all yours. Do whatever you want with her!!” Jose announced to the Latino guys surrounding him and his slave.

5 Latino guys with dark brown skin surrounded Helena and they discussed with her what they wanted her to do. One guy laid his back on the floor while Helena came on top of him Her pink Danish pussy was impaled on his brown cock and he was squeezing both her breasts very roughly. Second guy entered her ass. Two guys ejaculated their sperm all over her face and she had to open her mouth to take in their sperms being shot out from their Latino cock tips. The 5th guy was spurting sperm from his cock tip on her blonde hair and all over her back.

“Damn this bitch is making so excited,” the 5th guy commented.

Some of the guys and the girls in the background took out their cell phones and recorded all this.

When the 5 guys were done with Helena another group of guys wanted to use her. They made her lie on her back on the wooden table while one guy fucked her pink pussy. 2 guys were sucking hard on her pink nipples and she was sucking on two cocks at the same time, making her jaw ache. The guy who was fucking Helena on the ass shifted from fucking her pussy to fucking her ass.

Helena’s jaw, pussy, ass and breast were swollen and covered with red welts from all the abuses being done to her body. That entire night all 3 holes of hers, her breasts and her face were being covered with Latino sperm.

But it was not just the guys having sex with her. Helena also had to lick many Latina pussies and they roughly used her long blonde hair to wipe cum stains between their legs.

“This is what blonde gringa hair is good for, cleaning our superior Latina cum!!” cried one angry Mexican girl, who was the girlfriend of one of Jose’s Columbian friends.

By the time it was 2AM in the morning it seemed that everyone had used Helena in any way they choose fit. Helena’s entire body from hair to feet was now sticky as she was covered in cum. Her face was also covered with her blonde hair and that made her look even more attractive, sexy and beautiful to them.

The guys and girls were excited at having used Helena sexually for their own physical and mental purposes.

“Hey you guys party is not over yet!” Jose announced to them in Spanish.

A guy who left the party about 2 hours ago returned with two German Shepherds.

“Ok who wants to see this Blonde Danish bitch fuck these two dogs!!!!” Jose screamed to his guests in Spanish.

Everyone put their hands up in excitement. In Latin America the idea of a Blonde fucking with animals made them aroused. Blondes-in-beastiality DVDs sold quite well all over South America. Jose also made Helena watch beastiality films but apparently she said in her obedient trance that beastiality is not something shocking in Denmark as beastiality was perfectly legal in all the Scandinavian countries, Germany, the Netherlands and in some American states.

“Ok Helena. I want you to fuck this dog here!” Jose said to Helena as his friend guided his first German Shepherd towards Helena.

“Yes Don!” Helena responded.

Helena started stroking on that dog’s cock. She then went down on all fours and started giving it a blowjob. That first German Shepherd enjoyed having its doggy cock sucked. The Latino guys started masturbating right there in front of their girlfriends. Helena was making them excited all over again.

Helena changed positions form sucking the dog to putting its cock into her tight pussy. Since she was already covered with cum that would dry all over her body for many hours to come, they couldn’t see the dog cum on her jaw. She made sexual sounds as she was making the dog fuck her pussy and ejaculate doggy sperm into her pussy.

“Do you think a woman can give birth to dog children??” asked a dumber guy, in Spanish.

“Well if she could then it would be a werewolf!!” joked his smarter friend beside him, in Spanish.

Deep down in Helena’s psyche and memory she knew many Danish women who actually had sex with their dogs and even made videos about it.

The people recording Helena having sex with everyone in the party also recorded having sex with the dog. Helena changed position once more. She went down on all fours with Jose and the guy who owned the 2 dogs guiding the first German Shepherd to enter Helena from behind. The dog was now fucking Helena on the ass.

When Helena was done fucking the first dog she did the same thing all over again to the second dog. The whole thing was being recorded.

When she was finished fucking the second dog everyone left the party as they had other parties to attend to tomorrow (which they mean today Saturday morning).

But one guy definitely shouted for all of them to hear.


Everyone eventually left and Helena slept naked on the floor, with her entire body covered now with drying cum.

Jose had anal sex with Tina in her bedroom.


Helena was cleaning the entire house up while Jose enjoyed a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with Tina inside his bedroom, watching some online movies from his laptop’s Internet connections and his hand was always touching her bog breasts.

“You Danish girls really have big tits you know that!! It’s a compliment but I would like to know why” Jose complimented Tina.

“Thank you Don. Why we have big tits is because of our diet and upbringing in Denmark, drinking lots of milk!!” Tina answered him lovingly and in a happy tone.

* * *

When Jose’s college course had finished he planned what to do next. Being a citizen from a non EU country meant that he couldn’t stay too long in the UK, even if his 2 Blonde slaves could. It still didn’t change the fact that he loved Tina and enjoyed having her mother as his “humiliation slave”.

Eventually he had Tina follow him back to Venezuela, originally as someone going over there for a holiday and then decided that they were going to get married so that she can also get Venezuelan citizenship and spend the rest of her life with him. Despite the fact that Tina had to obey Jose even when she was his wife she was still going to carry in her wombs his future children and he was thinking about having……8 kids with her.

As for Helena he secretly sold her off to a Venezuelan brothel of whom the pimp running it was a good friend of his father (not that the Venezuelan government cared since they had low human rights records anyways) for $5,000,000US as she was not only just a natural blonde but she came from the heart of Blonde-dom – Scandinavia.

In the new brothel that Helena now worked at she performed strip tease, had sex with customers (especially anal) and had sex with dogs and donkeys before a live audience.