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Author’s Note:

I’m happy to announce the return of my first series on mcstories, which went under the name Haunted House. I had to remove this story because it was selling exclusive on Amazon, but now I’m happy to announce it’s return as Victoria’s Mansion. I’ll be posting this 12 chapter story alongside my other chapters, but if anyone wants to read the entire thing at once you can buy the full story on Amazon. Otherwise sit back and enjoy the show!

Victoria’s Mansion

Chapter 1

Marie was trapped in the usual road trip nightmare. The other four girls from her sorority were all discussing the only class they had without her, and therefore she could do nothing but listen along and laugh when appropriate. Marie finally gave up, leaning her head against the window as she wondered how an econ class could be so entertaining. The woods flew past in an endless loop and it felt like hours since they had seen anyone else on the road.

It wasn’t all that bad of a trip though. They had met sisters from their sorority on another campus up north and even Marie had to admit it had been one hell of a party. Of course Hilary never drank, she was committed to the prudish stereotype with a passion. Katie on the other hand drank enough to make up, which left Marie alone with her best friends Rose and Mac which suited her just fine.

Mac had been her friend since orientation, a shy girl who was hilarious when you got to know her. She was a little overweight but carried it well, with nice curves that left no problem with her finding guys to flirt with at parties, even if she was too shy to really do anything about it. Rose was an African student attending the university, an intelligent looking girl with a crisp English accent. Guys always loved the accent, but Rose is more concerned about becoming the next great novelist and will wear out any guys patience talking about her book ideas.

Marie and Katie on the other hand almost looked like sisters, both with blonde hair and c cups, and were often mistaken for the other on campus. The only time they could be told apart across the room was at parties, where Katie would usually be drunk and hooking up with the nearest student, guy or girl. Hilary was the Christian girl, completely fun to get along with until someone started drinking or making out. The poor girl seemed so repressed they weren’t sure if she’d ever held a boys hand without freaking out. But she was extremely loyal and could always be counted on, so even though she was a little grating at times all the girls loved her.

From the driver’s seat she heard Katie do the now infamous impression of the econ teacher Mr. Rollins and the others burst out laughing, but Marie couldn’t figure it out and resigned it as one of those ‘you have to be there to give a crap’ moments. As Rose droned on about the new assignment Marie let her head melt into the window, the sound of the radio fading out on her as she took in the deep green river of the trees blurring past her.

And suddenly she snapped awake, laying in a patch of thick grass. Marie leapt to her feet, everywhere around her was darkness, and she could vaguely make out the edges of trees and bushes arcing into a long hallway of foliage. She should have felt scared, but instead she only felt herself disoriented. She studied the way the tree branches curved up and wrapped together above her, forming an arch that was beautiful, even in the creepy darkness. It was just like the plants at…

Aunt Victoria’s house! Now she remembered, this was a pathway leading around the side of the ancient gothic house, and if she walked along she would get to the fountain. But she hadn’t been here since she was a little kid.

“So I’m dreaming, great. At least I don’t have to hear them keep bragging about having fun without me.” Marie started walking, figuring it was better than staying put. She could see the windows now, visible in gaps in the thick bushes to show into the old house, but there was nothing there but dusty furniture. She counted them off out of habit, spying the exit up ahead. But now she could see a weird white light creeping around the edge of the house.

Cautiously Marie peeked around the corner, and what she saw made her gasp. The garden was the same as she remembered, bushes of beautiful roses rippling out away from the impressive stone fountain at the center, the onyx image of a woman raising her hands up to the sky as water poured forth from her open palms and cascaded around her. Only now this familiar scene was transformed, as the water flowing in the fountain was glowing white, a supernatural sight that filled her with strange warmth. And now the woman was clearly naked, her lithe body captured with stunning realism as the glowing water caressed her every curve. Marie couldn’t explain how the water could glow with such strange energy and yet allow her to see the statue so clearly.

But when she took her eyes off the statue Marie gasped, realizing there were people around it. All women, she realized now, around her age and stunningly beautiful, there appearance illuminated in the glow of the fountain. They all had loose white togas draped over one shoulder, the material so small it hardly hid anything from view. They were all singing softly, raising their hands to the full moon just like the statue above them.

Marie suddenly realized she was walking and made herself stop, not wanting to approach until she could figure out what was happening. Who were these women, and why where they at her Aunt’s house like this? But worst of all was the realization of how horny she felt, her panties feeling soaked as she gazed at the gathering of women. She had never been attracted to girls before, well no more than any girl her age in this day and age, but this felt different. These women seemed to exude sensuality, compelling her to come forward with hardly any effort. Marie had to struggle with herself to decide to stay away.

She nearly had herself under control when, at some unheard command, the women all undressed, letting their flimsy tunics drop to the ground as they all approached the fountain. Marie was only saved from not running to them by the fact that the sight of their naked bodies stunned her into place, glued to the spot. And so she simply drank in the sight of the strange women as they bathed themselves in the fountain, letting that moonlit water run over their bodies before they began to pleasure one another.

In a matter of seconds it had become an orgy, but the word felt wrong to Marie. This wasn’t some dirty act, it seemed like the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. She could physically feel the love exuding from the girls, their love and concern for one another, something that Marie had never felt so strongly before.

Then she was suddenly taken in by a flash of green, and realized that one of the women had noticed her. Not just noticed, she was now staring her dead in the eyes, and Marie could barely make out her face in the light of her emerald eyes. Long, black curls hanging down, draped on either side of her face, full red lips pulled back into a smile. The woman raised an arm to her, holding the palm out. An invitation.

Marie bit her lip as she approached, nervous beyond words. She could sense the importance of this act, that if she took the hand she’d become one of them, join them under the full moon and be with them forever. But this also meant she could never go back, that her whole life would be given up, everything she had worked so hard for to prepare for a distinguished career. And it hardly seemed like a choice at all, as she approached the proffered hand. The only thing that did stop Marie was the thought of leaving her friends behind, that she’d never see Rose or Katie or Mac, even Hilary, and all the other girls back at the sorority.

But the green eyed woman simply flashed a wonderful smile. “Don’t worry, Marie. They’ll all be joining us soon enough.” She felt calm wash over her as she began to reach out to the woman, everything seeming to slow down like she was in a dream. ‘But I’m already dreaming,’ Marie thought idly, her hand reaching forward as heat radiated throughout her body. ‘Aren’t I?’ The woman smiled-

And then she felt a piercing pain ring through her head as she fell forward, the seatbelt digging into her chest. Marie was thrown back into the seat, rubbing the side of her head.

“What the hell was that!?”

“The tire just blew out,” Rose said beside her. “We’re lucky we didn’t crash.”

“Feels like we crashed to me,” Marie muttered as she stepped out of the car, feeling the pain starting to recede. The other girls followed her out, studying the ragged remains of the back tire.

“So, we have a spare tire, right?” Mac asked sheepishly. Everyone turned expectantly to Katie, who tried to duck out of sight.

“Katie, what happened to the spare tire?”

“It was Thanksgiving and I needed an inner tube for when we went skinny dipping!” Everyone groaned, Hilary putting on a smug attitude. “See this is why I choose not to drink, so that my poor decisions don’t screw everyone over.”

Katie threw herself onto the hood, depressed. “The damn thing didn’t even float anyway.”

Marie checked her phone along with everybody else, but none of their phones could get a signal. Rose cursed under her breath. “What do we do now?”

Suddenly Marie noticed a stone wall, stretching off into the woods, and it was like a light bulb went off in her head. “I know this place!” she shouted excitedly.

“What are you on about, Marie?” Katie moaned in defeat.

“My Aunt Victoria’s house is only a mile or two from here, we could call a tow truck from there or even spend the night if we need too!”

Rose laughed and clapped her on the back. “Oh thank god, I thought we were going to be stuck out here in the woods. And I’ve read enough Stephen King to know how that ends.”

Katie rolled off the hood excitedly, happy there was a plan of action. “Then let’s all get back in the car before Cujo shows up!”

Marie shut the door, hearing Rose say “Actually in Cujo the mother and son are trapped in the car so technically—”

“Who cares how it happens? Let’s just get to this house before it gets dark.”

“Yeah, if Rose is going into horror writer mode now just imagine what she’ll be like out here at night,” Marie said with a laugh.

Rose pouted. “I don’t write horror, I told you guys I only do fantasy. Although maybe I could put some light horror elements in, I could have it where—”

All the girls groaned at once, and even Rose joined in the laughter, realizing she was getting carried away again. Marie saw that Mac was back to eating her second bag of cookies, and Hilary was scolding Katie about her life choices again. And Rose had on her thinking face as she already started writing the story idea in her head. She smiled, looking outside the window again. How lucky were they, she thought happily, getting lost in the woods right next to her Aunt’s house. And that she had just been dreaming about it too. She figured she unconsciously recognized the area and tried to think of what it was that set her off. That was when the dream came back to her and she remembered those bright green eyes. The dark haired woman, her naked breasts wet with water from the fountain. And just behind her were all of the others, beautiful women kissing and caressing each other, exploring one another as they splashed in the moonlit water. And that hand, offering her the chance to join them.

She shook the image out of her head as she felt her nipples poking into her bra, and her pussy getting wet. Marie readjusted herself, wondering why a dream about women was getting her so worked up. But then someone did the Mr. Rollins impression and set the others laughing, and even Marie joined in, feeling happy and giddy at the memory of the dream.

* * *

Marie’s aunt’s house seemed more like a gothic mansion, Rose thought to herself. The place was enormous, two stories with slanting angles that made it seem to loom over you. Katie and Mac were freaking out over the place, already running inside to explore. Hilary was putting it on herself to unpack, playing the martyr. And Marie was walking around dumbstruck, probably lost in childhood memories of the place. It was odd, she had never mentioned an aunt with a house this huge, especially if they were driving right nearby.

Katie shouted down to them, knocking Marie back to attention.

“Hey Marie! I don’t think anyone’s home!”

Rose followed them up to the front door, a solid oak door that seemed ancient and indestructible. Marie appeared stuck, almost as if she didn’t have a clue as to what to do, then she started feeling around. “I think…there’s a key…” she muttered in a strange voice, before she held up a silver key hidden under a rock.

“Good thing you knew it was there,” Katie chirped as she snatched up the key and unlocked the door. The inside was surprisingly clean, if a little dated. A large living room with antique couches and sitting chairs, they immediately put their bags down to settle in.

“I’ll get started on dinner,” Mac called from the kitchen. “I guess we can all settle in until Marie’s aunt shows up.”

“Sounds good to me,” Hilary said as she stretched out her back. “That car ride was starting to kill me. Marie, can you show me where the bathroom is?”

“Sure thing, it should be right here,” Marie said as she opened a door off of the kitchen, unveiling a walk in pantry. “Okay, I haven’t been here in a while.”

Rose started up the stairs, trying to see if anyone was there. “Hey I’m gonna take a look upstairs,” she called down, but no one seemed to hear her. She shrugged it off, walking into the thin hallway to see a collection of bedrooms. They were all pretty cozy, but unoccupied. Rose was going to head back downstairs where it sounded like the girls were having fun when she noticed an intricate desk pushed back against the far wall of the bedroom on her right.

She slung off her backpack and pulled out her laptop, deciding to try and get some writing done while the others were settling in. Rose had always managed her best writing in new environments, and this mansion seemed like it could help her get some inspiration.

Rose turned her laptop on, trying to drown out the sounds of the girls unpacking downstairs. She needed to get in the zone to get any work done, but when she started writing Rose could hardly stop herself. She had almost finished her first novel, a fantasy adventure, the story of a female warrior who ventures into a dangerous land to defeat the wicked queen. Her heroine had made it right to the door of the queen’s chamber, but that’s when Rose got stuck. She had been building up to this for so long, trying to plot out the final confrontation but nothing seemed climactic enough to fulfill her expectations.

She had been staring at the harsh white of the blank page for a full minute now, her mind refusing to put out anything. Rose let out a defeated sigh, she was hoping a change of scenery would help her creativity, but still nothing. She was about to shut the laptop when she saw the painting on the wall, a beautiful nude woman standing on the beach of some Greek shore.

“That’s what I need,” she muttered out loud, “A muse to write to.”

And just like that it came to here, so vivid and clear that her hands flew back to the keyboard, afraid the moment would slip away. It made so much sense now, the perfect ending!

Artemis stormed up the palace steps, her silver sword in hand though she knew it would not be needed. She had bested the queen’s demon champions and now it was time for them to finally meet. Valeria was powerful, but vain, and she would allow the warrior to come right to her chambers so they can finally settle this war.

The warrior stopped at the oak doors, taking a moment to prepare herself. This was what it was all for, the hours of training, imagining every magical attack the witch queen might employ and how to counter it perfectly. She was prepared, confident. There was nothing the queen could throw at her that she was not ready for. And so Artemis burst through the doors, foolishly believing this statement.

She ran in, sword raised, but stopped dead on the spot, completely dumbfounded. Her eyes refused to believe what she was seeing, so insane it couldn’t be real. And yet there she was, the dark Queen Valeria, laying across her throne in nothing but a cape, her nude body laid bare.

“What’s wrong warrior?” Valeria cooed. “Would you rather I wore armor that could stop your sword? I thought you’d prefer me like this.”

Artemis steeled her mind, returning to a ready position. “What game are you playing?”

“No game here.” Valeria stood up, and Artemis shyly turned her eyes as the queen spread her legs. This wasn’t right at all, she was a skilled warrior, but why is she so uncertain simply because the queen is naked? Valeria smiled, the turned gaze obvious to her. “What’s wrong, Artemis. Isn’t this what you wanted? A chance to face me one on one?”

The way she spoke, her voice high and soft, made Artemis question if she was really referring to a duel. “I’m here to stop you, once and for all Valeria.”

“Really? Are you sure that’s the reason you came here?”

Artemis couldn’t believe her ears. The queen knew of her long quest, her training with the best warriors in the land, how could she question her resolve? And yet for some reason Artemis felt a nagging thought in her mind, a cold doubt that made her wonder why things were going this way.

“Are you sure the real reason…” Valeria removed her black cape to reveal her lithe body, smiling as she watched the young warrior blush. “The real reason for your quest was so that you could come here and submit to me? To proclaim your love and sleep with me?”

Artemis laughed out loud. “You must be joking!” This had to be some kind of a trap and a foolish one at that. The Queen was hoping she would join her? It was an obvious jest, almost as disrespectful as trying to distract her with her nudity. But that cold doubt kept whispering to her, warning her not to underestimate Valeria.

“Why would I joke? I’m quite certain of what I want, and that’s you Artemis. But are you sure of your true desires?”

“O- Of course. I’m here to stop you. I trained for hours, imagining and preparing for our duel!”

“Well of course you did.” Artemis felt more confident now, but that nagging thought remained, for some reason asking her if it was really the memory of her training or only because Valeria had confirmed it for her.

“I watched you through my magic lake, watching you spare with me. It was quite flattering, how much your thoughts revolved around me. But that means that I saw everything you did.” The queen winked, flashing a knowing smile. Artemis had no clue what she could mean, there was nothing she could use against her, but still her gut tightened. She felt as though she had been caught by one of her mentors, preparing for the inevitable punishment. But she had done nothing wrong, and why should she be concerned of what Valeria knows anyway? She was here to stop the queen.

Valeria walked towards her, swaying her hips purposefully. “I saw every one of your trainings Artemis. As well as…what you did after.”

And Artemis gasped, as she realized. How could she have seen, she wondered as the thought came to her. How Artemis would spare with the imaginary Valeria into the night, leaving her sweating and worn out. But the sight of the beautiful queen, dancing around her blade, had always forced her to seek relief with her hand after every session. She didn’t know how she could have forgotten, pleasuring herself to the thought of sleeping with the queen.

Artemis’ blade shivered, her focus broken as she realized that Valeria must have spied on her, all of those nights and the knowledge only brought back those feelings. Here was this voluptuous woman, the focus of her quest, finally here in front of her and she knew her deepest secrets. How could she hope to fight such a powerful woman as this? And yet she ran in without hesitation, why?

“Such a naughty warrior you’ve been, I’ve seen all of your fantasies, everything you’ve wanted to do with me.” Valeria was right in front of her now, and Artemis felt her body flushed in her armor, the warmth making it almost impossible to focus but she couldn’t take her eyes off of the queen. Valeria gently nudged the blade away, putting her hands on the young woman’s shoulders.

“So tell me why you are truly here? Do you wish to fight me, or fuck me?”

Artemis gulped, her mouth seeming too dry for words.

“I- I want to… to sl- no, to fight…to…” She was at a complete loss, her mind a flurry of thoughts. Artemis could remember everything from her quest so clearly, defeating each obstacle to make it here, but she could also now see all of her perverse thoughts for the queen. It was like they had been locked away and seeing the Queen’s beauty had broken the dam, releasing all of them. Each second seemed to let her remember a new position she had imagined, a setting, kissing Valeria, her arms tracing down her sides as she trailed down to her luscious breasts.

Her body was burning when she felt a cool breeze seem to pass through her, a beautiful moment of relief that seemed to settle her thoughts. Artemis knew that this was her moment, a chance for clarity, until she went to move. Only then did she realize why her body seemed so much lighter. While she had been lost in indecision the queen had begun to undress her.

Already her armor was gone and her shirt as well, her naked skin exposed before the Queen. She instinctively covered her breasts, realizing too late that this left her sword crossed across her stomach and leaving her completely open. But the Queen showed no interest in attacking, as she bent down and began to untie the belt on her pants. Artemis was breathing fast, knowing that this was her chance, the queen was completely exposed! And yet Valeria hadn’t attacked her. Does that mean she should show her the same mercy? Artemis wondered, but deep down she knew it was because the sight of Valeria in this position made her think of the Queen using her tongue to pleasure her and this thought had locked her body frozen in place.

With no hesitation Valeria pulled down her trousers, Artemis’ sex inches from her face now. The warrior could swear she could feel each breath escaping the queen, biting her lip to keep from shivering. Valeria smiled, reaching out a hand and stroking a finger across her lips, causing Artemis to buckle at the unexpected pleasure. Valeria rose satisfied, watching the warrior bent at the knees, breathing heavily as she tried and failed to control herself.

“Look at you, trying so hard to stand tall and yet you almost collapse at a simple touch. What would you do with a kiss there?” And Artemis shivered, looking up to see Valeria towering over her, confident, untouchable. She felt so lost, this wasn’t what she had expected at all. But then why did a part of her feel that this was right, that it was her place to be lower than someone as powerful as the Queen.

“What…what are you doing to me?” Artemis asked weakly.

“Only giving you what you truly want. You wanted to see my body, did you not?” Artemis tried to scream no, but her thoughts betrayed her as she admitted it was true. “And you wanted me to undress you, so that we can finally fulfill your fantasies.” This time Artemis found her head nodding, why was her body betraying her like this?

“But there’s something else you want, isn’t there?”

Artemis knew she was out of her depth, that her mind was so lost in these lustful thoughts that she wasn’t sure what was true or not. And then she felt that cold feeling of doubt, the voice that had tried to warn her all along. She leapt into that feeling now, giving over all control in a final effort to escape. She had to trust her instincts.

And she saw that this was wrong, gratitude overwhelming her. She saw now what she truly wanted, the sight of her standing before Valeria, her armor gleaming and sword held high. Artemis rose, mimicking the vision in her hand perfectly, her body nude but her sword held with all the confidence she had, knowing her purpose. And just as in her vision she saw what she must do, what she’s always wanted, to toss the sword across the room, and descend to her knees. She kissed at Valeria’s feet, the feeling of submission so much sweeter than she had always imagined. She had spent so long imagining these next words that she felt them almost inscribed in her head.

“I surrender myself to you Valeria. I, Artemis, am all yours to use as you see fit. Please, give me all pleasure and punishment as it is your wisdom to give me. There is no more Rose, only your loyal servant.”

Valeria stroked her new slave’s cheek, removing her glasses as the young woman smiled up graciously. “Excellent, slave. You’ve come so far to reach this place, now come claim your reward.” Rose leapt up eagerly, kissing Valeria passionately. The pleasure surged through her then, feeling as though invisible hands were teasing at her nipples, light fingers tracing down her stomach and up her thighs. This was how it is meant to be, you know. Pleasure so close to you, all you must do is ask Rose. Say the words, and let us fulfill your every desire. And all your friends will be soon to follow. Just say it and make it so.

And Rose knew she had no choice, there was no thought of resistance, only overwhelming gratitude. “Please sisters, take—“

The door slammed open, causing Rose to leap in her seat, her knees banging into the desk painfully. “Son of a bitch!” She cried out in frustration.

Marie laughed in the doorway, setting down Rose’s suitcase on the floor. “Sorry about that, we were waiting for you to come back but I didn’t know you were busy writing.”

“Yeah, I was really in the zone this time.” Rose felt a smile at her lips, then realized that she couldn’t think of what she had written, it had felt so real, like she was really there, facing Valeria and…

Rose blushed as it came back to her, just what she had written. She quickly glanced back but Marie was busy looking in the mirror, and hadn’t noticed her reaction. She went to close her laptop, hoping to hide her shameful writing before Marie could read it, but for some reason her right hand wouldn’t move. She looked down and gasped when she saw that her right hand was stuffed down into her jeans, her fingers tracing circles around her sensitive clit. She snatched her hand from her pants and slammed the laptop shut, before Marie could turn and wonder why she had gasped.

“What was that about?” She asked concerned. Something seemed wrong with Rose, she looked flushed and scared, if Marie didn’t know better she would have thought her roommate was turned on, but she hardly ever admitted to that, at least not in front of anyone. Marie had heard Rose masturbate plenty of times in the shower, she wasn’t nearly as quiet as she thought, but was she touching herself right here in the room? It couldn’t be.

“N-nothing,” Rose muttered. “Just thought I saw a bug on my keyboard.”

Marie was going to argue but decided to let it go. “Alright, we’re gonna eat now so you may as well come down.”

Rose tried to give a reassuring smile and succeeded. “Sure, I’ll be right down, just need to save everything.” Marie smiled back and headed out, already putting the strange moment behind her. But Rose immediately turned back to the laptop, a cold grip on her stomach. It wasn’t just her writing, although that had been shocking. She had never thought of other women like that, sure she had kissed Katie when they were drunk at parties but Katie would kiss anyone in sight when she was on her fourth Captain and Ginger Ale. And the act of submitting, it had felt so right that- no, she had only written it, she hadn’t tried to surrender to anyone.

But that brought her to the part that really scared her. As what she had written came back in better clarity she could remember putting her hand into her pants, teasing herself just as Valeria teased Artemis. She had written much more after that of course, the two women pleasuring each other in ways she had never imagined, the words flooding across the screen, filling page after page. But how could she have kept writing so fast if she only had her left hand free?

After a moment to steel herself she opened the laptop, bringing the document back to the screen. And all she saw was pure white, a blank page. Nothing had been saved or closed, it was the same page as when she had started writing…her eyes flew to the clock and she felt a cold sweat when she saw it was more than an hour before.

Was it a dream? Had she imagined all of it? It was a comforting thought, a nightmare brought on by the weird old house. But there was a nervous little thought in the back of her mind, just as before, a part of her wondering if she could write it again? Finishing it this time.

The thought was mad, but she could see it clearly before her. The phantom story right in front of the blank page, she knew every word and punctuation already, she only needed to type it and make it real. And she knew that if she started she wouldn’t be able to start, that this time she would be able to write to the very end, as Artemis climaxes before her Queen, pledging herself to a life of submission with her orgasm, and Rose would cum with her, knowing that if she gave the same pledge it would bring her pleasure like she had never experienced. But Artemis had Valeria, who would she be submitting to?

The thought sent a shiver down her spine, but Rose was unable to tell if it was fear or excitement. Her fingers laid down on top of the keyboard, feeling so familiar, ready to set to work. It wouldn’t mean anything, she thought to herself, just a hot story that would let you cum, it won’t be real. And if it was, wouldn’t that make it so much better. A life spent eternally in pleasure, wouldn’t that be so much better than a life of classes, followed by work and student loans and taxes. Here it would be so simple, so much better, and Rose knew this was true. She just needed to start writing, she could almost hear unseen voices compelling her, cheering her on. Just move one finger, tap one key and you can be the first.

Rose slammed the laptop shut and ran out of the room, trying to outrun these strange thoughts and feelings stirring in her. And as she ran downstairs the walls of the house groaned, almost seeming to moan in protest, cheated of their prize. But the house was ancient and confident, standing for centuries. And the old manor knew that she would always succeed.