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Victoria’s Mansion: Chapter 2

“Let’s get this party started bitches!” Katie leapt on top of the couch, nearly losing her balance but managing not to spill a drop of her drink as she cheered excitedly.

Marie and Mac cheered along halfheartedly, Marie still nursing her beer while Mac focused more on the bag of chips, only focusing on her beer when she got thirsty. Hilary just sat in silent judgment from the armchair she parked herself in, pretending to read her history textbook so she could ignore them. But Rose was unusually silent, barely managing a shaky grin at Katie’s drunken shouting.

Marie was about to ask her if she was okay when Mac accidentally spilled her beer on the table, causing Katie to shout in alarm. “Officer down!” She leapt down to the ground, Marie thinking she was lucky that she didn’t go tumbling into the coffee table after the beer bottle. She begin frantically trying to wipe it up, but realized that the entire drink was gone. “Come on, Mac, be careful. We only have 20 beers to get us through the night so we have to use them wisely!”

“So that’s, what, four beers for me and Marie while you drink the other 16?”

“Exactly, you can’t afford to lose any of yours. Besides, it’s alcohol abuse. Your parents should have taught you better.”

Katie collapsed down onto the couch, pushing herself in between Marie and Mac rudely as she made herself comfortable, laying her head lazily on Mac’s shoulder. “I’m sorry, Mac,” she muttered, “You’re not mad at me for yelling, right?”

“Its fine, Katie, we’re still friends.” Mac tried to laugh it off along with the others, who were just as used to Katie’s mood swings.

“Aw, I love you Mac.” The blonde girl grinned happily and grabbed blindly for Mac’s face, planting a kiss on her lips before she could stop her. Everyone else ignored the display of affection, but for some reason Hilary found herself looking away disgusted and said “Why don’t you two get a room?”

Rose and Marie exchanged a startled look. Hilary hardly kept it a secret that she didn’t approve of Katie’s habit of kissing them but she had never said anything outright to her before. Katie appeared shocked, standing up and walking over to Hilary.

“What was that for?”

“Nothing,” Hilary muttered, her face turning red with embarrassment. She was wondering why in the hell she had said anything, but suddenly decided that if she was already in trouble she may as well have her say. “It’s just, I’m fine with you being a lesbian just don’t do it in front of me, okay.”

“Whoa, hold on,” Katie said as she held her hands up, trying to sober herself up for the argument. “I am not a lesbian, Hilary.”

“You just kissed Mac.”

“Yeah but that’s just between friends. Okay Hilary, kissing a girl doesn’t automatically make you a lesbian like flipping a switch.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I’ve kissed plenty of girls at parties so I would know.” The other girls shared a laugh as Katie realized what she said. “Okay, not a great argument. I like girls, and guys, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But Mac isn’t a lesbian because I kissed her.”

“How do you know?” Mac shared a hurt look with the other girls, wondering why she was now in the argument. Katie clearly didn’t look happy about what Hilary had said either.

“Alright, Hilary, you want proof? I dare you to let me make out with you right now, for 30 seconds and you tell me if it made you gay after. A foolproof test.”

Hilary was at a loss for words. She turned to the others but they all remained silent, just wanting the argument to end. Finally she steeled her resolve and said “Alright, Katie, you’re on. But if I do this you can’t say anything to me about this stuff again. And no more kissing girls in front of me. Or kissing anyone for that matter.”

Katie seemed a little taken back, certain she would turn it down. “F-fine, last you’ll hear of it.”

Hilary took a deep breath and stood up, only to have Katie grab her shoulders and push her back into the chair. “Oh no, if we’re going to kiss, we’re doing a real kiss.” Katie climbed onto Hilary’s lap, shaking her hair away as she looked into her eyes seductively. “Alright, Hilary, go ahead.”

Hilary’s face was completely red as Katie leaned her face in. Marie was almost certain that the religious girl hadn’t kissed anyone in her life and now she had a drunken sorority girl in her lap, every guy’s wet dream. They were all ready for Hilary to start shrieking and call it off, when Hilary suddenly grabbed Katie’s face and kissed her hard.

It quickly became clear it was her first kiss as she seemed to have no idea what she was doing, but Hilary certainly had enthusiasm about it. After a few seconds of the awkward kiss Katie took hold of Hilary’s face now as she pulled her away, before softly planting her lips down. Now Hilary was completely still, eyes snapped shut as Katie started slowly, letting the passion of the kiss build up. With some hesitation Hilary started to follow her lead and it wasn’t long before the two girls were tenderly making out.

Rose shared a nervous glance with Marie, who could only shrug in wonder. Mac was staring in complete shock as Hilary made out with a girl, almost needing to pinch herself to see if it was some weird dream. The thirty second mark came and went, neither girl seeming to notice as they were lost in each other.

Marie went for a sip of her beer, only to realize that now both Rose and Mac were staring raptly, and that she had been lost in the show too. She had no idea if they had been watching the girls kiss for one minute or for five, but she did realize with some shock that she was incredibly turned on, her panties now drenched with lust.

She suddenly noticed Rose looking at her, her dark skin flushed with heat. Marie realized that her friend must be as horny as she was, but even worse she could clearly tell how horny Marie was too. Rose was staring into her eyes now, filled with lust but at the same time almost desperate, pleading. Before she could wonder what the stare would lead to Marie was suddenly snapped out of her weird trance when Mac gasped.

They turned to the couple to see that Katie had brazenly grabbed hold of Hilary’s tits, and now the shy girl’s eyes snapped open. She screamed in surprise and leapt to her feet, knocking Katie flat on her ass. All five girls stared at each other in awkward silence, unsure of what they could possibly say. Then Hilary did the only sane option and ran from the room, fleeing up the staircase.

Marie sighed in exasperation. “Dammit, Katie, did you really have to take it that far?”

Katie answered slowly, her eyes still glazed over. “Damn right I did, it took her a while but that girl can kiss!”

Mac laughed as she picked up her bag of chips again. “Too bad she’s never going to kiss you again.” Katie’s face actually seemed to fall at the realization, and Marie asked herself if Hilary really was that great to make out with. Then she remembered how horny she had been a moment ago and blushed in embarrassment. She got up and helped Katie to her feet, handing her a new beer to help cheer her up.

Rose was staring up the stairs after Hilary, and absently asked “Do you think she’s okay?”

“She’ll be fine,” Marie assured her. “She’s just shaken up from Katie feeling her up. I’m sure Hilary will be over it by tomorrow.” Rose smiled back to her but it quickly faded as she looked back at the stairs. For a second Marie thought back to how she had found Rose earlier in her room and how she had acted strange, but before she could go into it Katie cracked a joke and they all got laughing again, the incident forgotten.

* * *

Hilary charged into the bathroom, tears welling up in her eyes. Luckily it was a full bath with a shower which she quickly turned on, determined not to let the girls hear her if she started to cry.

“How could you have let yourself get tricked like that?” Hilary kept scolding herself, throwing off her clothes as she climbed into the shower. She tried to clear her mind of her screaming thoughts, letting the warm water relax her. But still her heart was pounding in her chest, and she could feel her cheeks burning. Hilary wiped at her eyes, wondering how long the feeling of shame would last.

But the problem was that she wasn’t ashamed of the kiss, knowing that her friends weren’t trying to set her up to humiliate her and that she had helped lead herself into it. The problem was how much kissing Katie had turned her on. Hilary was always keeping her emotions in check, something she had learnt from her parents. She needed to be smart about her life, to always take care of her mind and body and to do that she needed a clear head. No alcohol, no drugs, and especially no sex.

And Hilary had thought she had herself under control. She had never been attracted to any of the guys in school, and even though her plan was to not let herself get led astray by some one night stand she was almost disappointed to find that there was no one there to try and sweep her off her feet.

She had practically resigned herself to a celibate life until she found a nice man at her church to marry, but now Hilary had received her first kiss and her will had crumbled apart, her body betraying her almost instantly. Just the memory of how sweet Katie’s lips had been, her tongue moving against hers, and suddenly Hilary was ashamed again, feeling the heat growing between her legs just like before.

“Stop it, you need to get yourself under control.” Hilary stood under the running water, taking deep breaths until her body returned to near normal conditions. She cursed as strongly in her head as she would allow, wondering if this would happen anytime she kissed someone.

And then a tiny voice spoke up in the back of her head. ‘What if you only got turned on because it was Katie you kissed?’ That just set of a new set of alarms in her head, as Hilary could deny ever having feelings for her friend but she still couldn’t forget just how good it had felt making out with her.

“Oh god, what if I’m a lesbian? What would my parents say?”

‘Why do you even care what they think?’

Hilary’s racing thoughts stopped dead in their tracks.

“Well they’re my parents, and they always told me—“

‘They told you what they want from you, but if you enjoy something as much as that kiss how could it be bad for you?’

“Well, because…” Hilary didn’t even realize she had been having a conversation with herself, afraid that one of her friends was at the door listening. But something made her certain that she was alone, that anything she said wouldn’t be heard. Well at least not by her friends. And besides, the voice was asking a good question. Hilary tried to think of why the kiss was bad beyond what her parents and pastor had told her and couldn’t come up with anything.

‘See? If it makes you happy then enjoy it. You shouldn’t deny yourself pleasure because you’re afraid.’

Hilary wondered where this voice was coming from, it had certainly never spoken to her before, and the woman’s voice didn’t sound like anyone she knew. It was soothing almost, not just relieving her fears but making her calm, serene. Hilary had felt like that when she was kissing Katie, a comfortable silence as she let all of her concerns just slip away, content to just enjoy without thought.

Again Hilary realized that she was getting turned on, but now she no longer felt ashamed by it. Looking down Hilary was startled to realize how beautiful her body was, it was almost like seeing herself through someone else’s eyes. Her breasts were large and full, the water cascading over them down her smooth stomach. Running down to her-

Hilary let out a gasp, experiencing the feeling of the warm water running over her pussy. It wasn’t that she never noticed before, but this was the first time she allowed herself to truly feel it, like a radio that was always playing static had finally been tuned to a station with a beautiful melody playing. Hilary slowly let her hand slide down to her mound, moaning in pleasure as she let her fingers explore her cunt. The smooth feel of her lips, her fingers gently parting them to caress inside but not yet entering her. But when she found her clit she moaned again, reveling in the feeling.

Every now and then her fears would try to crash back in on her, telling her that the pleasure was wrong, but each time that kind woman would stop her, telling her that she was safe here. Safe to explore, to enjoy, and Hilary could almost feel that woman’s hands on her, massaging her shoulders and running through her hair, a loving touch.

Hilary felt pressure growing within her, like she had never felt before. And she wanted it, more than anything. She wanted the woman to tell her how, to teach her even better ways to get this kind of pleasure.

And then Hilary was suddenly alone, realizing that she was standing in the shower by herself. Somehow she had been certain that the woman was there, but now she looked behind her and the room was empty. Her calming voice was gone from her head too. Hilary felt like she had lost something, desperately wanting her to return. Not even because she still felt the orgasm rising in her, trapping her on the edge so she couldn’t reach it, but because she had made her feel safe with herself. She’d give anything to get her back.

“I’m right here.” Hilary turned, staring through the curtain at the shadow of a woman. Her breath caught in her throat, wondering how someone could have entered without her knowing. The woman raised a hand to catch the edge of the curtain, but as she pulled it aside Hilary saw that there was no one there, the shower curtain pulling aside on its own.


She backed up to the edge of the tub, her eyes darting around the room for some explanation when she heard the water splash at her feet. Hilary looked down and saw a footprint in the water, as though the water were running over a woman’s delicate foot. As she watched a second footprint appeared, and looking up she could see the stream of the shower catching on something, the water stopping in midair and running down some invisible surface. But now Hilary could make out the shape, the slender hips, water running over large breasts. Somehow she knew this was the woman who had been speaking to her, and she felt her fear evaporate. All that was left was the almost unbearable pressure now, her pussy burning with need.

“Please,” Hilary moaned, “Can you help me?”

“All of us are here for you. But you have to make the choice yourself. You can stop now, walk back down to your friends and go back to living your life as you always have. Or you can accept us, join us and become one of our sisterhood. Then we will all be able to help you fulfill every fantasy and desire you can imagine. But you must make the decision for yourself.”

Hilary looked down at her body and realized what she meant. And her hands could hardly move fast enough as she slid her fingers into herself, grinding against them and acting completely on instinct. She shut her eyes tight, losing herself completely as the orgasm erupted through every cell of her body. She could feel the woman rubbing a hand down her cheek, and Hilary felt herself changing. All of her old thoughts about herself, all the control and restrictions she had clung to out of fear, she could sense the woman removing those from her, leaving her free for the first time.

Hilary opened her eyes slowly and finally saw the woman, her coal black hair, the piercing green eyes, and instantly she was in love. Without a word she went to her, kissing her on the mouth. All she could feel was gratitude to her, to all of them, the others she now knew were watching her. Hilary knew she would do anything for them, her mind was practically begging them to give her an order, a chance to repay them for what they had done.

Her new mistress smiled into the kiss, pulling her head back to look into her eyes. “That will come soon enough, we have much work to do with your friends, so they can learn the same happiness you feel. But for now, you’re all mine.”

“Yes mistress,” Hilary cried happily as she hit another orgasm, clutching the naked woman and kissing her way down her stomach, needing to find the woman’s cunt so she could try and please her. She would do anything for her new mistress, who was willing to teach her how to obey properly and expose her to new heights of pleasure and freedom. For now all Hilary could offer her in return was the warmth of her tongue on her mistress’ clit. As well as everything she knew about her friends downstairs, and how they could be made just as happy as she was.

* * *

About two hours later it dawned on Marie that Hilary still hadn’t come down. She decided to sneak away from the others who were all busy watching a movie on Rose’s laptop, making her way up the stairs as quietly as she could. She knew Hilary must have been upset but assumed she would get over it, but now she was really getting worried.

She got up to the dark hallway, the only light coming from downstairs and a small sliver of light from under a door. Marie heard a shower running, steam trailing from under the door.

“Hilary? Are you okay in there?”

“What?” Marie gave a sigh of relief as she heard the shower shut off. “Sorry, couldn’t hear what you said.”

“It’s alright, Hilary, just checking on you.”

“No need, I’m feeling great.” Marie was about to head back downstairs when the door opened and Hilary stepped out, drying her hair with a towel but otherwise completely naked. Marie blushed, covering her eyes.

“Whoa, did you forget your towel?”

Hilary innocently took the towel away from her hair, her wet body glistening in the light from the bathroom. “What do you mean? I have it right here.”

“I mean shouldn’t you be dressed?” Marie sneaked a peek but her friend was still standing there, carefree with everything exposed. Hilary had been almost neurotic about the bathroom schedules at their sorority, not even stepping into the hallway if the girl leaving didn’t have a full robe on, and now she was standing in the nude like she didn’t even care. Now Marie was worried.

Hilary only laughed. “Why should I put clothes on? Don’t you like what you see?” She did a spin, her wet hair flying around her face as she laughed. Suddenly Marie had a flash of memory from her dream, remembering those women dancing naked in the fountain, and she felt an unwelcome flush of pleasure.

Hilary stopped short and gave her a curious look, almost like she had read her mind. With a sly smile she stepped forward, wrapping her arms around Marie’s waist while she stood there in stunned silence. “Oh I get it,” she all but purred, “trying to play it cool. But I know you like what you see.” Suddenly Hilary’s hand slipped down into Marie’s jeans, her fingers stroking her pussy. Marie jumped in surprise but Hilary held her in place, a slight moan escaping from her lips as Hilary traced her fingers delicately across her lips.

“Mmm, see? You’re already wet, Marie, just like me.” Hilary folded herself against her friend, one leg entwining with hers as she pushed her crotch against Marie’s leg, rubbing her pussy against the rough fabric and moaning pleasantly. Marie could hardly believe what was happening, but was shocked that she could feel the heat coming from Hilary’s pussy through her pants, wondering how horny she must be.

Suddenly a finger slipped into her and Marie couldn’t help but moan, the surprise of pleasure making her mind a blank. Hilary tilted her head up and caught Marie in a kiss, who was too stunned to resist. Marie’s eyes started to close, feeling like she was about to faint as everything became lost in the pleasure of it. In the empty hall she almost swore she could see people watching them, no, women, just as naked as Hilary was.

Hilary broke the kiss and nuzzled her face in Marie’s shoulder, trailing kisses up to her ear. Marie couldn’t explain why but she was already about to cum, no longer seeming to care about what was happening. Hilary let out a warm breath against her ear and said “Don’t you want to join us, Marie?”

Suddenly Marie’s eyes snapped open and she pushed Hilary away roughly. Something about what she had said, it reminded her of that dream, and she knew she needed to fight it. Hilary fell to the floor but didn’t seem to mind, spinning around so she was on all fours.

“Mmm, I love it rough,” she said seductively, then with a thought said “Actually I’ve never had it rough, but I’m sure I’ll love it though. I’m finding out all sorts of new things I love. Do you want me to show you some of them?” Hilary winked as she ran her hands across her tits, staring at her friend and waiting for a response. Marie couldn’t think of anything to say and simply turned and ran down the stairs as fast as she could.

The three other girls spun in surprise as Marie leapt down to the floor, breathing heavily. “What the hell was that about?”

“There’s—” Marie didn’t know what to possibly say. “There’s something wrong with Hilary.”

“Like what?” Rose asked, concerned.

“Well, she…” Marie was trying to find the words when she saw the three girls all go slackjawed in shock at once, and she turned to see Hilary walking down the stairs completely naked. Marie waved a hand at her. “That, pretty much.”

Katie laughed in surprise, somehow certain that this was a joke but wondering how the hell they got Hilary to go along with it. “Hilary, what are you doing out of your nun outfit?”

Hilary laughed, swaying her hips as she walked up to Katie. “Oh I left that upstairs, unless you think it’ll be kinkier with me wearing it.” Katie clapped her hands in appreciation.

“Oh my god that’s amazing. How the hell did you get her to go along with this Marie?”

Marie tried to warn her but Hilary cut her off. “Oh Marie didn’t have anything to do with this, in fact I was throwing myself at her upstairs but she didn’t want to play. But I bet you do, don’t you Katie?” She started to lean in for a kiss and Katie followed suit, almost certain the girl would run off. Instead Hilary snaked a hand under Katie’s skirt and pushed it into her panties, giving her the same treatment she had given Marie upstairs.

Mac and Rose gasped in shock, but no one was more surprised than Katie who leapt backwards, nearly tumbling over the couch.

“What the fuck?” Katie looked at Marie for help but she simply shrugged, just as lost about what had happened to her friend as she was. Hilary looked between them and giggled.

“It’s alright, they told me you’d be confused at first. But they’ll make all of you just like me soon enough, and then we’ll be able to fuck each other for the rest of our lives!”

Rose was suddenly standing next to Marie, grabbing her hand tightly. As quietly as she could she whispered “We need to get out of here now.” Marie could see the terror in Rose’s eyes, and she thought about how she had found her before in her room, and about the women dancing in the fountain. Especially that open hand, and the sweet voice telling her that they’d all be joining them.

“There’s no getting out,” Hilary said matter of factly, her hands playing with herself as though it were completely ordinary. “You may as well just give in and fuck me already. They said there’s no way for you to escape.”

Rose gripped Marie’s hand tighter, but now she could see that Katie was angry, storming over to the front door. “Alright this joke has gone far enough.” She grabbed the brass doorknob. “I’m leaving, and I don’t care what anybody has to say about it.”

Marie wondered what was going to happen, the fear building inside of her, when Katie easily swung the door open, revealing their car in the driveway, the last fringes of the sun setting over the forest. She heard Rose let out a sigh of relief, and was about to let her own out too when Katie was suddenly thrown back through the air, sliding across the floor on her ass and landing at their feet. The oak door slammed shut on its own, the entire foundation of the house groaning now. Suddenly they could hear slams and bangs coming from every room and Marie realized that it was the windows bolting shut. Without having to be told she knew that they wouldn’t be able to break through them.

They helped Katie to her feet, and Mac quickly ran over to them. All four girls stared at Hilary as she continued to play with herself as the house continued to shake and groan. As if waiting for them all to be watching Hilary let herself orgasm hard, her back arching in delight as the sound of her moans echoed back to them through the halls of the house, as though a hundred different women were all cumming with her at the same time.

Hilary let out a contented sigh, staring each of them in the eyes. “They’re going to make each one of you a horny and obedient slave, just like they made me. And let me tell you girls, you’re going to love it!” She licked her slick fingers seductively and laughed, as the house laughed with her.