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Victoria’s Mansion: Chapter 3

Katie pounded against the front door which had locked itself, swearing bitterly as every kick and shove failed to even shift it. Mac was busy swinging a wooden chair against a glass window which refused to shatter against all logic. With a final swing the chair splintered into fragments, leaving her holding the legs uselessly.

Marie turned to Rose and found her fainting back against the wall, eyes wide and terrified. She was the smartest out of all of them, so if she found the situation hopeless that certainly didn’t bode well. She had completely withdrawn from the situation, which left Marie by herself. Well there was Hilary, or what she had been turned into.

Their once prudish friend was seated on her knees, moaning happily as she rolled her nipples between her fingers while her pussy dripped on the carpet. Marie realized with dread that she was actually getting off on the sight of her friends struggling to escape the house. Already her juices had puddled between her legs and the smell of sex filled the air. While staring at the wonton slut that had replaced her sorority sister their eyes met and she almost felt herself being pulled in, those greedy eyes seeming to be filled with need and obedience now. Marie shook her head to free herself and Hilary only laughed and came again.

Mac destroyed another chair against the windows and Katie ran across the room, leaping up as she kicked the door with her full weight but was only thrown back into a pathetic heap. Marie pulled her up from the floor, trying to block out Hillary’s mocking moans.

“What the fuck is going on?” Katie was almost on the verge of tears.

“I don’t know, but we need to be smarter about this. We can’t get out through the door or windows, we’re only wearing ourselves out.” Marie glanced at the masturbating Hilary. “And giving them some amusement.”

Hilary snorted, falling onto her back as she laughed mercilessly. “You really should just give up,” she mocked. “It’s so much fun to be a slave. And obeying is amazing! They have so many fun orders to give you. Oh Marie, you should hear what they have in mind for your sweet ass!”

Marie straightened up, trying to ignore how aroused she was feeling. She knew that the spirits in the house were responsible for it and that the other girls must be suffering from it too. But she could handle the shame of it, because it only made her more determined not to end up their puppet.

“First things first, we need to do something about her,” she said pointing a finger at the naked woman. Hilary flipped over onto all fours instantly, panting with excitement clear in her eyes.

“Finally! Please use me, obeying you isn’t as good as obeying my mistresses but it’s still so fantastic.”

“Shut up!” Rose suddenly shouted, making everyone jump. But Hilary instantly snapped her mouth shut, the look of sexual bliss in her eyes clear to everyone. Mac joined the others, eying Hilary suspiciously. “What should we do with her?”

“Until we figure out how to return her to normal,” they all ignored the amused snort Hillary gave. “We need to keep her someplace safe. Katie, give me a hand.” The blonde hesitantly followed, both gripping the naked girl’s arms tight expecting her to fight. But the entranced girl offered no resistance, allowing herself to be led towards the kitchen obediently. It was as though she was more than happy to be their captive, and in truth she was. In the kitchen Marie opened the walk in pantry, a small room stuffed with shelves of food but more importantly a solid looking wooden door with a hopefully strong lock.

“Get in there,” Katie muttered and winced as Hilary eagerly waltzed in. Marie slammed the door shut, but not before they could see Hilary resuming her masturbation, offering them a quick show before the door could lock into place. Marie turned a small key and put it into her pocket, locking her in. It was only when she stood back that Marie let herself see just how weak the pantry door looked and how easy it would be for someone to break out, much less someone being controlled by actual ghosts. But the others seemed to look relieved and Marie supposed some peace of mind would at least help them stay calm. It did help too, until Hilary started moaning in pleasure beyond the door, calling out their names in ecstasy as she came over and over again.

Returning to the living room the four girls turned to one another desperately before their eyes all seemed to land on Marie. She sighed, figuring it was her fault for leading them here in the first place. “Alright, we have to find a way out, or at least a way to stop these ghosts. I don’t want to say we should split up, but it might be the fastest way to find something. What do you think?”

Mac and Rose looked unsure, but Katie smiled. “Are you kidding me? I’m ready to get out of here ASAP. I’ll go by myself.”

“Like hell you will,” Rose snapped. “We have to be smart about this. I don’t want to lose another friend to this twisted house.” Katie smiled and nodded.

“I’ll go with you Marie,” Mac said quickly. “You know, to keep you safe.”

“Alright, Mac and I will check for a library, see if there’s any information on who built the house. Maybe if we’re lucky there’s an instruction manual for lesbian ghosts. Katie—”

“I’ll check the basement, there’s always something in the basement in a horror movie. May as well get it over with.”

“If you think you can handle it, okay. Good luck girls, make it back here in fifteen minutes.” Marie waved to her friends as they went down the long hallway, Mac clutching her arm tight. They were going to discover a way out of here and she’d be seeing her friends soon enough.

Marie desperately hoped that would be true.

* * *

Katie and Rose cautiously made their way down the long hallway, studying each cabinet and desk suspiciously. There were dozens of doors in this hallway alone, and every so often a turn would show a passage deeper into the house.

“I didn’t realize how enormous this house is,” Rose whispered.

“Yeah, wish we had explored this place more before it went all horror movie on us.” They cautiously opened a door, Katie coiled and ready to strike, but it was just an empty bedroom.

“Not only that we don’t have a clue as to what the rules are. Can these ghosts just get in our mind or can they physically attack us? We don’t even know how they managed to break Hilary like that.”

Katie shivered at the thought of their friend, completely insane in whatever horny trance they put here. Rose seemed to sense her fear so Katie laughed instead and put on a brave face. “To be fair it couldn’t have been too hard to manage considering how tightly wound she had always been. Hilary was always so repressed that all they would have to do is just break the dam and release all that pent up sexual frustration.

“You ghosts aren’t going to be able to do that with me though,” Katie suddenly shouted down the empty hallway. “I’m way too sexually experienced to fall for that.” She listened carefully, hoping she would goad them into doing something, but the enormous house remained quiet.

“What the hell are you thinking?” Rose whispered harshly, fuming.

“Yeah… maybe I shouldn’t piss off the sadistic ghosts trying to make us into sex slaves,” Katie scolded herself. After checking two more closets and a guest bedroom that seemed empty they finally opened a door that led to a rickety wooden stairway, a sea of darkness staring them down. Uncharacteristically the door swung open silently, without even a cliché groan.

“C’mon, I thought this was a haunted house.” Katie eyed the dark set of stairs, her hand reaching around the wall for a light switch. Flipping it back and forth did absolutely nothing. They exchanged a look, agreeing on a psychic level that they’d have to be completely braindead to head down there.

Rose suddenly turned and snatched at a window, tearing down one of the rope tassels that was tastefully hung there. She pulled out her phone and tied the rope tight around it, thankful she had spent the extra money on a case to prevent it from being damaged in a fall.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Rose grinned as she hit the record button, the flashlight on the back lighting up. “Something smart no one in a horror movie would think of.” Katie returned the smile, taking the phone and tossing it down the stairs, the bright light of the flashlight slashing through the darkness. She yanked on the rope, swinging the phone so it flew around the stairs, disappearing from sight. The line went slack, and she slowly pulled it back, feeling the phone swinging back and forth, trying to aim it to get a good angle of everything. After half a minute she’d had enough waiting and reeled it back, Rose wringing her hands as she watched the phone bouncing back up the stairs to them.

“Hey easy with that,” Rose snapped after her cellphone hit a step hard and bounced up at her. She snatched at it but caught it backwards, both girls wincing as the flashlight hit them square in the eyes. Through bright circles of color Rose fumbled and stopped the recording, letting the rope fall to the floor.

Katie rubbed at her eyes, muttering “Lemme see. What’s down there?”

They squeezed in close, watching the tiny screen as the video started, fighting vertigo as it went tumbling down the stairs. At first all they saw was a concrete floor. Then it swung around and Rose held her breath, Katie swearing.

What they saw was a massive room filled with clothing racks, stocked with every kind of costume and outfit imaginable, including white and black robes, as well as a full assortment of leather and latex clothing. The video swung to a new angle revealing the wall loaded with a menagerie of sex toys, paddles and riding crops, and a seemingly endless supply of steel chains embedded in the walls. Rose was left speechless, well Katie was terrified to feel her cheeks flushing, heat rising between her legs. If she had seen this room anywhere else Katie knew she’d be thrilled, endless possibilities for fun that such a collection would let her have. But in the hands of invisible perverted ghosts, it made her stomach drop with anxiety.

“Fuck that!” Katie screamed as she quickly jumped back, slamming the door shut. Her eyes scanned the long hallway but everything seemed calm, no sign of anyone coming to drag her down into the sex dungeon that she could see anyway. Katie could only imagine the minds of her friends being broken, made into adoring sex slaves and brought down into that basement to be toys for the spirits of the house and all her fear was quickly replaced with anger.

Rose was hardly moving, eyes watching the video of the phone being dragged back up the stairs but her mind was still down in that dungeon, sorting through the various bondage equipment they’d seen and the seemingly infinite ways they would be used on her friends, trying to break them into mindless thralls. Katie placed a hand on her shoulder and the black girl jumped, cursing at herself.

“Look, Rose, we’re going to find a way out even if we have to burn this fucker down. No way are we going to let them drag us down there.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of though,” she muttered, face downcast. “That they won’t have to force us. We’ll be crawling down at their heels, mindlessly devoted to them.”

“Snap out of it, Rose. You’re the smartest girl in the sorority and I’m a freaking black belt. No way in hell are these bitches sneaking up on us.”

Rose smiled, almost letting herself believe what her friend was saying. She went to stop the video, both girls looking down to catch the part where the flashlight had blinded them. They saw themselves, wincing at the light and turning away. And there between them was a redheaded girl, black leather concealing her eyes in a blindfold. Her tits were in full view, pierced with a gold chain running between the nipples and connected tightly to the red collar around her neck. Her arms were coated in black leather gloves, one hand on each of their shoulders. And her red lips were curled back in a knowing grin, smiling for the camera.

Rose smashed her phone into the wall, screaming in frustration. Katie was scanning the hallway, blonde hair whipping around her head frantically as she looked for anywhere the bdsm slave could have been hiding. But that was their advantage. They didn’t have bodies, they could just pop in whenever they wanted. And the grinning bitch just gave them a very important lesson in why they should be afraid. Apparently they could teleport their bondage toys with them.

“Let’s find Mac and Marie. Fast.”

* * *

Marie opened two doublewide oak doors, wondering just how huge this house had to be. Mac followed behind, glancing around in every direction nervously. They had discovered an enormous ballroom, crystal chandeliers hiding above them in the shadows of the ceiling. The place was enormous enough to hold an entire restaurant, but it was completely barren aside from a few abandoned chairs. Marie was about to head back when her eyes caught sight of a large oil painting and froze to the spot, unable to look away. She held up a weak finger to show her friend, unsure if she wanted to do that or somehow the ghosts were responsible.

Mac bit her lip as she stared at the oil painting of the beautiful black haired woman draped in a flowing green gown, unprepared for the flush of pleasure that ran through her. It was like a surge of electricity racing down her spine and right to her clit. The woman was gorgeous, her skin flawless and striking green eyes clear in the dark room.

“That woman, she was in my dream.”

Mac was thrown out of her trance and turned to Marie, startled. “What do you mean?”

“Right before we got here I had a dream in the car about her and about this house. She was—” Marie shivered as that moonlit orgy from the dream flashed before her eyes. If only the ghosts would stop making her feel so fucking turned on the whole time. “There were others like her. They were doing some kind of a ceremony. They must be the ghosts in this house, the ones who made Hilary like that.”

Marie suddenly collapsed into a chair, feeling on the verge of tears. “It’s all my fault, I’m the one who brought us here. I’m responsible for Hilary being like this.” She laughed bitterly, shaking her head. “My parents don’t even have any siblings. Why did I possibly think I had an Aunt Victoria?”

Mac grabbed her hands, trying to reassure her. “Don’t be so hard on yourself. If they hadn’t chosen you they would have just used another one of us. Seems like they were determined to drag us here no matter what.” Mac smiled as an idea hit her. “Besides, now we know that woman is one of them and seeing what an egotist she is she’s probably the leader of the whole weird cult. I’m sure when we get to the library we’ll discover something useful on her. Maybe there’s even a book about how they became like this and how to get out.”

Marie wiped her tears away, knowing that Mac had a point. “You’re right. We’ve got to stay focused.” They shared an all too brief hug before Marie steeled herself and made her way towards the doors, determined to do whatever it took to get her friends out safe.

Except the doors were gone now, replaced by a blank wall draped in black curtains. And the lights had gone out, replaced by white candles burning atop gold candelabras taller than her. A chorus of shameless moans floated past her, echoing back against the curtains until the cries of delight surrounded her entirely.

Marie turned hoping to find Mac but her friend was nowhere in sight. Instead there were nearly fifty women spread out through the vast cavern of the ballroom, laying on the floor or reclining on low couches. Some wore the white robes Marie recognized from her dream but most were naked, different ethnicities and body types all writhing in passion as they played with one another in the warm candlelight. There were quite a lot of intricate masks, some black and simple, others golden and crested with beautiful feathers. Women were being eaten out, caressed, fucked by various sex toys, scissoring slowly to unheard rhythms.

And she was standing in the middle of the orgy in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, her panties getting soaked much too quickly. It wasn’t just the sight of all that slick skin, or the breathy sounds of passion, though it was all perfectly indescribably beautiful. What made her blood burn with need was the connection they shared, an almost physical force weighing down on her. They were mistresses and slaves, but all joined for eternity. They lived for one another, existed only for pleasure. This is what Hillary had been tapped into, enslaved by. A devotion so powerful it could corrupt them all into beings purely of sexual lust. Now this powerful force wanted to do the same to her friends. She just prayed that whatever hell they threw Mac in she’d be strong enough to resist.

* * *

Mac blinked, hardly able to believe what was before her. The room was dark, filled with young women writhing and pulsing to some strange beat. But it only took Mac a moment to place it. Hungry like the wolf by Duran Duran.

It was a frantic party right out of an eighties film, girls dressed in neon that flashed in the black lights flaring from the ceiling. Psychedelic outfits that had gone out of style before she was born. There was a Chinese girl standing above them all, throwing records on the turntables as the dancing crowd cheered. Mac had to admit, imagining the horrors that lesbian ghosts could try to spring on her, she hadn’t expected anything as terrifying as the 80’s.

Someone snatched her arm and she was dragged out to the dancefloor, thrown into the sea of shifting bodies. She was spun around, lights flashing and disorienting. Mac forced herself to a stop and took in the girl holding her arms, dancing wildly. Short black hair gelled into an outrageous Mohawk, black leather jacket and a plaid skirt with thigh high leather boots that made her appear like some punk character in a John Hughes film.

“Hi, I’m Patty,” she shouted over the music, smiling sweetly. Patty was still clutching her wrists, but delicately, not like she was trying to restrain her. She was swaying back and forth, short skirt swishing and threatening to reveal her panties at any moment. Mac was staring at her in disbelief, becoming the only still figure in the crazy crowd.

“Uh…I’m Mac,” she answered, more to be polite than anything. Her thoughts were whirling out of control, trying to get a handle on what was happening. She was certain the music would drown out her meek response anyway, but the partying girl grinned in response.

“Rad. You’re really cute, you know?” Patty smirked as Mac blushed hard. “Any reason you’re not dancing?”

She could have said she wasn’t dancing because time travel wasn’t real, or that she was trapped in a house with supernatural lesbian slaves that were almost surely behind whatever was happening. But seeing the innocent joy on the girl’s face that all sounded ridiculously stupid, so Mac found herself starting to sway slowly, shifting from one foot to the other. Patty laughed and spun around so her back was pressing against Mac, tied up in the curvier girl’s arms. She pushed her ass against Mac’s crotch, slowly grinding sensually, making the heat rising through her body burn into overdrive. A small voice in the back of her head warned that this cute girl might be a trap, trying to lure her in, but the way she was curled up against her Mac had to admit she was the one holding her in place. That seemed fine to her then, not like she was being kept there against her will. She was in control. Or at least she thought she was.

Mac was getting lost in the music, losing sense of where she was as she took in the sweet scent of her dance partner. Her hands slid down to hold Patty’s hips, encouraging the girl to grind with more passion. The party girl lifted her hands in the air and wrapped them back around Mac’s head, pushing her face against the smooth pale skin of her neck. With such a welcoming offer Mac couldn’t stop herself from slowly kissing at the offered neck, moaning into the sensations pulsing through her body.

She looked around dreamily, afraid that she was making a scene dancing so promiscuously. If anything they were being tame as Mac saw women paired up on all sides of them. Most were making out, hands groping and exploring each other’s bodies. Even the DJ was in on it as Mac finally noticed that the short Chinese girl had no shirt on, clamps on each nipple and glow sticks tied around her arms and throat. Directly in front of them Mac saw one lucky woman had a girl on each arm, kissing at her coal black skin. Her adoring dance partners each slid a hand down her stomach and snaked into her jeans, Mac moaning jealously as she saw fingers pumping through the fabric.

Patty glanced back at her, smirking at the hungry expression on her face. “I’m all yours dear. What’s stopping you?”

Mac was drunk on the music and flashing lights, the heat of the pulsing bodies around her. With her mind swirling from the overstimulation she couldn’t think of a single reason why she shouldn’t. She kissed the punk girl on the mouth hard, desperately, as her hands slid down to discover just what was under that short skirt.

* * *

Marie was walking backwards, hoping to discover a safe path out of the orgy that was thankfully not aware of her presence. At least so far. She was nearly to the wall when a curvy woman rolled away from a particularly loud threesome to embrace a young waif of a woman, the two twisting into each other’s arms so naturally she was almost sure it had to be choreographed. The sight of the beautiful women coming together, burying their faces in the others cunt to lick hungrily, held Marie in place as she felt herself wishing she could just join them in the pleasure.

She shook the fantasy out of her head, focusing on the fact that the 69 now blocked her path. She’d have to double back, but the endless ocean of limbs and sweaty bodies was like a maze constantly shifting its walls to keep her trapped. Marie was studying the spaces, trying desperately to keep her eyes from resting on the couples fucking when a pale pair of arms slid around her waist without warning.

She clutched at the hands to pry them away but it was useless, her strength completely outmatched as the woman pressed her body against Marie’s back, hugging her tightly. Marie shivered, the shape of the woman’s large breasts pressing into her back and hard nipples digging into her skin. She was grinding her crotch slowly against Marie’s ass, her pussy dripping excitedly enough that it was soaking through into her jeans. The unseen woman moaned happily, even as Marie continued to struggle uselessly against her.

“It’s such a lovely sight, isn’t it dear?” She spoke with a European accent Marie couldn’t place, very heavy but somehow each word was clear to her, spoken in a sweet high lilt as if she were talking to some child who had to be explained the facts of the world. “My name is Evelyn, and take it from me you should just soak it in, so much love and compassion everywhere you look.”

“Yeah, that and brainwashed slaves,” Marie spat. As if to prove the point the couple in front of them flipped over, revealing the girl beneath wearing restraints to keep her hands tied behind her back, and a leash wrapped around her throat. The woman using her pulled on the leash and spread her legs, the slave girl obediently kneeling down to eat out the pussy of her Mistress.

The woman holding her giggled, swaying back and forth. “Oh we can be…forceful at times, but it’s only because we know better. We’ve had years to live in the house, some of us centuries being able to perfect the art of passion. How to manipulate control, take it and give it. We want to help you lose your inhibitions, everything the world has told you to repress. Make you free to live out your desires.”

“And freedom to you is wearing a leather slave collar?”

“Well if it’s what turns you on, dear,” Evelyn replied with a laugh. “Why not give the leash a try if you’re so curious?”

“I’m never going to let you put me in a—” She had her defenses up, ready to resist, but as simply as she blinked Marie opened her eyes and found herself staring into the slick folds of a beautiful pussy. Her tongue was already sliding between the soaked lips, the taste pure bliss like she had never experienced, and Marie was so instantly lost she couldn’t stop herself from finishing the long taste. She moaned as she cupped her tongue to gather the juices, drinking them down happily. She opened her eyes confused, dimly aware that she was on her knees. Marie tried to move her hands but they were strapped behind her back in leather bands. She pulled harder, the leather winning easily and proving how helpless she was to move against its wishes. Her pussy burned with need, growing wetter the more she struggled against the restraints and failed.

Suddenly there was a new pull as leather wrapped tight around her neck, constricting but not uncomfortable. Instead it sent thrills through her, a new way to be restrained and held. Marie saw the leash now, held taught in the hand of the woman before her, the owner of that delicious pussy. The woman (mistress) smiled, pulling the leash again and laughing as Marie moaned in appreciation. “Don’t stop now. Lick your Mistress’ cunt, slave.”

Marie’s head dived down eagerly, lapping at the pussy even as she felt her own opening crying out to be touched. But she couldn’t be allowed to experience pleasure yet, she knew her place. She must please Mistress, give her whatever she desired, and if she was good enough then she might be blessed with being allowed to cum for her owner. Marie licked faster, more desperately, needing to please her Mistress.

It was only when she heard high pitched laughing that Marie opened her eyes, seeing that she was licking at empty air, drooling down her chin. She snapped her mouth shut, staring down in shock to see that she was standing and dressed again, hands free in front of her. Evelyn still held her in a tight embrace, enormous breasts rising and falling on her back as she continued to laugh. Marie shifted her feet and grunted with surprise, feeling how wet she had gotten from whatever fantasy she had been thrown into. She turned to look back at Evelyn accusingly, but the older woman just smiled sweetly, face hidden behind a black domino mask framed by blonde curls.

“What the hell was that? What happened to my Mistr—” she caught herself in time, horrified. “How did I get tied up like that?”

Evelyn chuckled, swaying as her hands slid down to caress Marie’s stomach. “Oh, we have our tricks. It’s the benefit of joining our little coven, dear. We’re all connected now, and can share in each other’s pleasure at any time.”

Marie opened her mouth to speak but a long shaky moan crawled out instead as she felt a divine tongue playing with her clit. She was instantly on the edge of orgasm, her hand clutching the leather leash tight in her hand for support. Surprised to find it there she tugged on it, discovering it was attached to a young girl with her arms bound in leather behind her back, eyes shining with devotion as wet juices ran down her chin.

Marie felt a twisting sense of vertigo, the memory of being bound on her knees still so familiar it was almost like looking in a mirror. She could sense the love the girl had for her, a desire to please so intense she’d surrendered everything of value to her. Her ability to move, even the right to pleasure herself gone simply because she knew it would satisfy Marie. The slave whined like a puppy, sensing the confusion that held Marie. The face was so pleading, wanting to help her. Marie couldn’t bear to see the girl anything but happy and found the words tumbling out of her mouth of their own free will.

“Don’t stop now,” she breathed hard, body aching as she saw the instant reaction her voice had on her servant. “Lick your Mistress’ cunt, slave.” The girl moaned happily, head burying itself between Marie’s legs. The pleasure was instant, overpowering. Not just the skilled tongue that was working on her clit but the power she felt, knowing that she had such devotion from the girl. It was almost as sweet as-

Feeling the collar around her neck, a constant reminder of her place as Marie worshiped her Mistress. Working faster now, her body shaking on her knees, knowing she didn’t have the right to move until her owner had cum. Needing to fill her with greater-

Pleasure coursing through her so fast, her slave knowing precisely where to lick and tease. Marie yanked on the leash, ordering the girl to go faster.

Marie replied eagerly, hearing the tension in her Mistress’ voice. She was on the edge, close to a powerful orgasm. The knowledge that she was about to make her cum was almost enough to make Marie cum herself.

Marie moaned as loud as she could, shouting with pleasure and letting her voice join the dozens of others singing through the room. No point at all in holding back, she could simply do whatever she wanted. Total freedom as the orgasm swelled inside her. Marie felt-

Absolutely fulfilled, existing for no purpose other than to please her owner. Whatever she craved, whatever she desired, she simply had to-

Order it and it would be hers. The girl between her legs a helpless plaything. She could tie her slave up, tease her for days on end without cumming and she’d love it all the more. Do anything just to-

Please her Mistress. So close now, had to make her cum more than anything she-

Ever wanted. It could all be hers, with any woman here. Marie could sleep with and use-

Any of the beautiful women around Marie could take her. Command her and give her the freedom to supply pleasure.

To command them all, Marie thought as the orgasm swept over her.

To serve them all, Marie thought as she came with her Mistress.

Cumming so much harder than she ever had in her life, as the two orgasms collided into one another, pleasure spiraling higher as it was shared with two bodies.

Marie felt her strength leave her, collapsing back against the woman holding her as she came down from the incredible orgasm. Evelyn was humming sweetly as she kissed at Marie’s neck, her hands having found their way into her jeans and circling her pussy slowly. Marie was shaking, trying to catch her breath as she attempted to come to terms with what just happened.

She had been a collared slave, obediently worshipping. But at the same time she knew she was the owner, in complete control of the helpless girl. The two ideas fought in her mind, making her thoughts jumble incoherently.

“See what I mean, dear?” Evelyn crooned. “We’re all here in the pursuit of pleasure, we just want you to join with the rest of us. Let us use you as much as you’ll be using the rest of us. Anything you desire. You just have to surrender first.”

Marie moaned weakly as fingers rubbed teasingly over her clit and she was terrified to find she couldn’t bring herself to say no instantly as she thought she would.

* * *

Mac felt like she was in heaven, the beautiful punk girl moaning and shaking against her as Mac continued to tease and torment her pussy, fingers pumping slowly but always circling and pulling at her clit to keep her on edge. She’d never been with a woman before but given how desperately Patty was begging to cum Mac figured she must be a natural at it. And as she played with the girl it felt like she was linked with her, receiving the same bursts of pleasure every time she slid her fingers into her. Slowly she’d been climbing to her own orgasm, knowing that if she made Patty cum than she’d cum just as hard, the two getting to share the experience completely.

She kissed her on the mouth, enjoy the look of desperation that was clear on the girl’s face. Her fingers worked quicker, bringing up a fresh chorus of moans as they both grew closer to the edge. Mac felt like something enormous was shifting inside her, building up and ready to burst more powerfully than any other orgasm she’d ever had. It felt incredible, as if once she let herself experience this her life would change forever. Mac let her fingers slide over Patty’s clit and shook as she felt phantom fingers pleasuring her own clit. She couldn’t wait to give in to whatever this feeling was.

* * *

Evelyn continued to tease at Marie’s clit, even as the girl tried to weakly protest. She kissed her hard on the mouth, cutting off whatever she was about to say. Marie felt her strength drained away completely, the older woman treating her like nothing more than a doll to be used. This elicited a fresh moan that she couldn’t hold back. She wanted to say no, fight for her freedom, but the pleasure was overwhelming. There were so many of them, all so powerful and beautiful. They would each have their way with her, making her an object to act out their fantasies and her pussy was dripping at the hope that they would get the chance to.

Marie had tried to do her best, but she knew she was too far away from her friends now. Her mind gave up, melting into the pleasure that Evelyn assaulted her with. Whatever happened to her now she had no control. She was only what they wanted her to be. And the women of the house wanted her to surrender.

She shook as the orgasm flared up stronger, knowing it would break her forever. But the pleasure was undeniable. She was about to be thrown over the edge, lost forever. And there was nothing she could do to stop it.

* * *

“I keep telling you we’re walking in circles,” Katie whined as she pushed open the heavy oak doors. “We’re never going to find them at this—” She broke off, staring at the unbelievable sight in the ballroom. Rose rushed in after her and reacted the same way.

The ballroom was completely empty aside from the two girls standing in the middle. Mac was grinding against Marie from behind, hands down her jeans as she fingered her quickly. Both girls were kissing passionately, cheeks flushed, moaning as they felt themselves about to cum together, each lost in their own world.

Just as the pleasure was ready to crest it was torn away from them as Katie grabbed the girls in a fierce grip and threw them apart, sending them tumbling to the floor. Mac banged her head, staring around the room dizzily as she slowly got hold of herself. “Wha- what happened?”

Rose ran to Marie, turning her over and seeing the complete heartbreak in her friend’s eyes. Marie suddenly flew her hands down her body, trying to shove them into her pants and make herself cum. She couldn’t disappoint her Mistresses, she had to cum like they wanted. Cum and be their slave. Obey them and-

That’s as far as she got when Rose slapped her hard, breaking the spell they’d put over her.

Marie sat up straight, shaking and sweating as she tried to bring her body under her control. The pleasure was still so intense she was afraid that the slightest movement would set her off and she’d be cumming her will away so she stayed perfectly still, letting the warmth and need ebb away slowly. They all gathered around her, waiting until Marie got herself under control and got shakily to her feet.

“What happened to you two?” Rose finally asked.

“I don’t know. We came into the ballroom and then they sent me…someplace else.”

“Yeah, they threw me into the 80’s.” The girls all threw Mac a weird look. “What? They did!”

“Consider yourself lucky. I wound up at some big ‘Eyes wide shut’ orgy. But they did let a few things slip as they almost turned me. There was this woman Evelyn who held me there, she told me that this has been going on for a few hundred years, probably when the house was first built. And she called themselves a coven, so I think it means…”

“That they’re witches.” Rose said and shivered. “Guess that explains how they’re able to do all of this.”

“How does that explain anything?” Katie demanded. “Magic isn’t real!”

“Well clearly it has to be,” Mac protested. “Or at least lesbian witch magic is real.”

“That’s not important. What we need to focus on is that woman.” Marie pointed at the oil painting of the woman from her dreams and the other girls all shrank under the gaze of the portrait’s green eyes. There was a gold plaque they hadn’t noticed before, engraved with a single name. “Victoria is the one behind all of this. I’m sure of it. Meaning that she must have used some spell to possess this house and pull other girls in.”

Rose straightened up as she caught on. “So if she used a spell to do all this, then if we can find out what is was there might be a way to end it.”

“And turn Hillary back to normal,” Mac added.

“And get us all out of here,” Katie finished.

Marie nodded. “But I’m sure she doesn’t want to give us that option. Whatever she has planned certainly doesn’t involve us ending her eternal orgy she built for herself. First thing we’re going to do is find the library, and pray that there’s a way out of this.”

* * *

Hidden away in the basement a black haired woman sat naked on a mahogany throne she had made for herself centuries earlier. The woodwork was adorned with miniature figures of faires and imps naked and playing with one another’s bodies. She liked to melt into the chair, feel the hands and mouths of the tiny figures worshipping her while she watched the show above. But now her brow was creased, the smirk fading. This wasn’t how it usually went.

The two women were kissing her feet adoringly, one older with a voluptuous body and blonde curls, moaning in her sweet accent that Victoria usually loved to hear her beg with. The other was younger, short black hair sticking up in an odd fashion women seemed to enjoy in this age. Both were naked, prostrating, asking to forgive them for their failures.

But they hadn’t truly failed her, Victoria mused. Normally such tricks would have brought new eager slaves to worship at her throne. This group was special, she’d sensed it when she had called them. It had been too long since her victims had put up a fight. She grinned now, her mind working to conceive more interesting ways of ensnaring the girls. She’d almost forgotten how much fun it was to break her new toys in first.

Victoria spread her legs and allowed her two slaves the privilege of worshipping at her cunt. She’d call away the other girls of the house for now, this group wasn’t going to give in so easily after all. Let them stew and fret and drive themselves crazy as they realized there was no escape. Then when they were ripe and ready, Victoria would enslave them all.