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Victoria’s Mansion: Chapter 12

Marie came violently, trembling as the power of three orgasms spiraled within her at once. Her legs clamped tight around Hillary’s head, trapping the redhead against her pussy. But the way Hillary moaned into her body it seemed clear she didn’t mind the pain at all. As the climaxes subsided Marie picked her head up weakly, licking the pussy juices off of her lips. She was slid between Evelyn’s legs, the ghost still struggling to catch her breath. She’d linked the three of them to experience the same pleasure, and with her powers had been eating out Hilary even as Marie devoted ate her pussy.

It had taken a few hours to work on it but they’ve managed to train themselves to all cum in unison. Marie couldn’t hide the grin on her face, proud of being so connected with her sisters.

Evelyn fell back against the wall, sliding her hips back so she could rest. Before she could get away Marie teased her with one last long lick, making her ass buck towards her for more. But Marie simply teased her and only grinned. The European ghost tutted but smiled.

“I remember when you fought against all of this,” she said smirking.

“Well I must have been an idiot then,” Marie replied, shrugging. She and Hillary had untangled each other and now set about licking their juices off of the other girl’s face.

“You really were,” Hillary muttered between licks. “Tried to help you but you were being such a prude about it.”

“Or maybe I just like to play hard to get.” Marie kissed her friend before getting up to her feet. Her legs were still quivering from the intense orgasms so walking straight was out of the question. Evelyn suddenly took her hand and pulled her in for a tight hug, kissing Marie passionately.

“I’m still sad you’ve got to leave. Who’s going to lick at my clit with you gone?”

“As if there aren’t dozens of other slaves jumping for the chance,” Marie joked. But she gave the ghost a tender hug. “I know, I wish I didn’t have to leave either. But the semester’s starting up in a few days and we’ve got to get back.”

After another wave goodbye Marie and Hillary headed down a hall, watching the laughing ghosts flitting through the walls, naked girls chasing one another giddily. Now that she was part of the house Marie was able to witness all of the fun taking place, the endless pursuit of pleasure that the girls set themselves upon.

“You know you could always stay with us,” Hillary said, taking her hand. “Forget college and only worrying about finding new ways to fuck and have fun.”

“It’s still so weird seeing this side of you.”

Hillary seemed to take that as a challenge and pushed Marie against the wall, biting at her shoulders as fingers caressed her breasts. “Even after I’ve spent so many nights proving to you this is what I really want?”

“Yesss. Just saying it’s a big improvement,” Marie answered as she give her another kiss before pushing her away. “But that wasn’t a challenge to start up more fun. I’ve got to head out soon.”

“Fine, I know it’s your choice. Just don’t forget about me and the others.”

“Of course not, we’ll only be gone a semester and then we’re spending the entire break here in the mansion.”

“What about your family? Won’t they miss you?”

“You girls are my family now,” Marie replied happily. As they descended the stairs a timid ghost peeked her head out from beneath the steps, spying up between their legs. Marie stopped and posed with legs spread for her to enjoy. The ghost started to slide her hands up the girl’s legs but she reached down and patted her hands sadly. “Sorry, Janet, but I don’t have time to play. I’ll see you soon.”

Janet pouted but nodded. “Alright Marie, but come back soon.”

When Marie had first entered as a full slave of the house she’d begun to notice the young ghost following her, hiding behind corners or peeking through walls whenever Marie would play with the others. She’d thought maybe the ghost was shy, but Evelyn informed her the ghost girl was a voyeur. She got off on watching others but would never dare approach to have any fun herself. Ever since the girl had been inducted in the 1920’s she’d stayed off on her own, running off whenever they invited her to join in.

But Marie wouldn’t accept that. She was a firm believer in including everyone, so she began to hunt down the ghost. Whenever she located where Janet was hiding she’d parade herself in various outfits, constantly stopping to lace up her untied boots, bending at the waist to give her a clear view up the short skirts she borrowed from the basement. After a few days Janet began tracking her instead, spying on her showering or changing or sleeping with the others. Marie always made sure to turn and give her a great angle to enjoy the fun.

Victoria was waiting for them at the bottom of the stairs, arms folded behind her back and wearing a soft smile.

“There you are, Marie. I was about to come and get you. I know you wanted to leave promptly at noon.” Hillary and Marie exchanged a small laugh. Even with all that supernatural power deep down Victoria was nearly the same as their own sorority mom, punctual and keeping her girls on schedule.

“Just saying goodbye to Evelyn. And Helen and Michelle before that. Not to mention Annabeth and Beatrice and Christine and—”

“I’m afraid we don’t have time to go through you’re black book or we’ll be here all day,” Victoria cut in with a faint smile. “Katie and Mac are with my wife. I’ll go fetch them from Irene. I know Rose wanted to say goodbye to you as well. She should be in the kitchen waiting.”

“I’ll head in there right away. What do we have for—”


All three girls turned, surprised as a thin young woman floated up through the floor. Marie had never seen more than just Janet’s face before and was pleasantly surprised to see her full figure, breasts almost rivaling Evelyn’s. The ghost was clearly nervous, afraid of what to say and feeling the others eyes upon her.

Luckily Marie took the initiative for her by stepping forward and kissing the horny ghost tenderly. When she broke the kiss she stroked Janet’s hair, watching her face light up in a smile.

“Don’t worry, Janet, I’ll be back before you know it. And when I do I hope we can play together.”

Janet’s cheeks flushed, casting her eyes to the ground as she giggled nervously. Like a schoolgirl talking to her crush. “It’s not that. I was wondering if-if you’d…” Janet leaned in to whisper in Marie’s ear, and now Marie found herself laughing. It certainly was fun finding her quiet friend becoming forward enough to ask that.

“I think we can absolutely arrange that.” Janet flew into the air, smiling broadly. “Now go get ready, I’ll have to leave soon or Victoria’s likely to spank me for getting off schedule.” The ghost nodded and slipped down beneath the stairs. A hand fell on Marie’s shoulder as Victoria stepped up next to her.

“That’s the first time I’ve ever seen that girl out in the open. Much less speaking to anyone.” Her plump red lips pulled back in a delighted grin. “I knew you’d be an excellent member of this mansion. I only wish we could keep you around.”

“Well you know how important school is,” Marie replied with a knowing smile.

“That certainly is true. Now go say goodbye to Rose. If you’re worried about me punishing you just wait until Valeria gets a hold of you if you don’t talk to her before leaving.”

Victoria and Marie went in separate directions, leaving Hillary standing awkwardly alone. “Guess I’ll wait here then,” she muttered.

Suddenly snapping fingers caught her attention and Hillary turned to the couches, catching sight of a tall black woman dangling a pair of handcuffs from her fingers. The ghost didn’t speak, simply pointed at the floor, and Hillary eagerly ran over to obey.

* * *

Sharp was the crack of the riding crop, the shackled girl shivering with delight. Mac had been restrained with leather cuffs, two steel bars set between her arms and legs to force her body into an ‘x’ position. Drool dripped through the ballgag and dripped down her chin as the chubby girl moaned out again at a fresh spank.

“Not good enough,” Irene said severely.

Katie narrowed her eyes, pausing with the riding crop in hand.

“What do you mean it’s not good enough? She’s clearly enjoying it.”

“Mac here can enjoy almost anything, but your wrist is too limp. You need each crack to spell out the absolute authority you have over the girl.”

“I think I’m doing an excellent job already. It’s not like I need you to teach me.”

Irene stepped forward, staring down the confident blonde. Suddenly she lifted her own riding crop and brought it down crisply against Mac’s ass. The girl writhed in delight, the chains holding her in place threatening to snap at the sudden outburst.

“You’re skilled enough to play with girls and make them cum, but domination is an artform. And I suggest you take note of three hundred years of experience if you want to improve.”

Katie nodded, smiling reluctantly. “Sorry, guess I’m still a little head strong.”

“Normally that’s a fine thing in a mistress,” Victoria says as she enters the room. “But be certain to respect your elders or we might just put you in that lovely contraption.”

Katie smirked, clearly looking forward to the challenge.

“But there’ll be time for that later. Untie Mac so she can get ready, Marie’s just saying her goodbyes now.” Katie nodded, setting to work untying the heavy restraints. Victoria sauntered over to her wife, kissing Irene on the cheek.

“Glad to see the girls are settling in. I was afraid Katie would stay defiant but we’ve managed to integrate her into the mansion quite well.”

Irene flashed her a knowing smile. “Not to mention you’ve always wanted a girl you could take under your wing and train.” She put her arms around Victoria to comfort her, kissing at her neck. They watched as Mac was finally freed, eagerly cuddling with her friend. “If you think about it Katie is like the daughter we never got to have.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking of,” Victoria answered curtly, but her lips hinted at a smile. “This group of girls was special, I’ll concede that.”

“I never expected you to give them permission to leave the mansion for so long.”

Now Victoria grinned with all the greed of a ravenous wolf. “Well, Marie certainly did make a compelling argument. These girls have a bright future in the mansion.”

* * *

Marie entered the kitchen, catching Rose talking rapidly with a brunette spirit, the girl giving her sage advice and the black girl waving her hands in excitement. But as Rose caught sight of her friend she excused herself, sliding back in the chair. Rose pulled up her pants and now clear Marie was able to see a young spirit wiping her lips, clearly wishing she would have been allowed to continue.

“Marie! I can’t believe it’s time already. I’m going to miss you.”

The two embraced, the hug quickly leading to hands wandering and tongues exploring each other’s mouths. After a minute or two Marie finally broke the kiss. It would be a while before she’d see her lover again and wanted to make sure the parting kiss was special.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be back before you know it. Are you sure you don’t want to come with us?”

“I’d love to go along but I’m actually going to be busy.” Rose was grinning ear to ear and Marie was certain of only one thing that got her friend this giddy.

“Let me guess, going to start writing again?”

Rose nodded eagerly, laughing. “That’s Zelda over there, not sure if you’ve met before. She lived in the 40’s and worked for a publishing house.”

Marie peeked past her friend. “Which one? The woman sitting or the girl under the table savoring the taste of your pussy on her lips?”

“The one still dressed,” Rose answered blushing. “She’s a bit more proper than the other ghosts but every bit as fun. In fact she’s one of the spirits who Victoria had lure me in with my writing. She sees a lot of potential in my stories, especially the ones starring Valeria.”

“I know I’d certainly be a fan of them. Then again I’m sleeping with the writer so that might be a conflict of interest.”

“Anyway, I’ll have to start all over but we have some great ideas in mind. A decidedly more erotic fantasy series, with Valeria tempting and corrupting all sorts of lovely women. What’s great about it though is that we’ve found a way to make the writing almost hypnotic, impart a bit of the essence of the house inside the words. So as they read it the stories will linger in their minds, enhancing their desires as they read.

“And part of the series will be set right in this town, taking place within this very mansion. So should my soon to be devoted fans get interested they can easily find the house. And when they come inside they’ll get to meet me, but because they’re an especially devoted fan I’ll let them in on a secret.”

“That Valeria’s real,” Marie answered, grinning with excitement as well.

“Mhm. Not just hat but the entire house. Simply let the spirits appear, give them a small taste. And with them already aware of the pleasures in store for them from the books we’ll only receive women eager to experience it for themselves.”

“Mass marketing the mansion. That really is genius, Rose. You’ll be able to almost mass produce slaves for everyone to play with.”

She blushed, kicking at the floor shyly. “I wouldn’t say mass produce, most likely we’ll only get a few girls. But still I’m really looking forward to it. Also you make me sound like a super villain talking about it like that.”

The two girls laughed easily, embracing.

“Besides, Marie,” Rose added with a kiss. “I’m not the only one who’d be a super villain by your standards.”

Now Marie brushed, walking away back into the living room. Rose followed close behind and they saw that the large room was nearly filled to capacity, most of the spirits arriving for the event.

Mac hurried over with Katie behind, still holding the riding crop.

“You better hurry up and get changed. Can’t have you walking around outside naked,” Marie said with a laugh. Mac blushed and began dressing, honestly forgetting it wasn’t normal to walk around in the nude. Katie laughed with them, hugging Marie goodbye.

“Keep an eye on Mac. She’ll need watching after.”

“I will, don’t worry. You keep an eye on Hillary. I’m still pretty sure she’s going overboard with all the submissive sex.”

“I-ungh…resent. That…ohhhhfuck”

They turned and saw Hillary on the other side of the room, surrounded by spirits pleasuring her with a variety of toys. She had her head buried in the rug, groaning at the relentless orgasms the spirits flooded into her mind.

“Case in point.”

Victoria and Irene had arrived by then, all the ghosts watching with excitement. They turned to regard Marie expectantly, and she supposed they wanted a speech goodbye. They’d never had a slave leave the house before so it certainly was an occasion.

“I just want to thank all of you,” Marie called out to the assembled spirits. “My time in the mansion is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I know I was pretty upset at first,” the ghosts giggled and laughed, remembering how Marie had fought so bitterly. “But now I see the beauty of this mansion. And I love you all deeply for helping me see the truth.”

Victoria applauded, the rest of the mansion quickly joining in. Marie blushed but smiled proudly. The feeling of being so loved, connected with all these beautiful women who only wanted to help her be happy. It was everything she could have dreamed for.

“But now the semester’s starting up and we’ve got to get back. Mac and I won’t be gone long so don’t miss us too much.”

“That’s right,” Katie joked. “You two just have to get back to all those homework assignments and textbooks.”

The ghosts laughed and Marie smiled, but there was a deep hunger in her grin.

“Of course. Not to mention an entire sorority house full of young girls. And the thought of them not being as happy as we are now. Well that’s something we need to take care of.” Marie caught Victoria’s eyes, how they gleamed with desire, and smiled back at her. The pride her Mistress had in her slave was clear. Only a short time in the mansion and already Marie had come up with a plan for enslaving girls that they hadn’t thought possible for centuries.

Suddenly Janet appeared, the shy ghost covering her body modestly as she slipped through the crowd. The others stared curiously, wondering who the hot new ghost might have been. Hardly any had ever seen the voyeuristic girl out in the open before. Janet kept her head buried in her hair but Marie made out her happy smile at everyone’s approving stares.

“Glad you could make it,” Marie said to her. “Are you ready?”

Janet nodded eagerly, watching nervously as Marie opened one of the trunks. Inside was a collection of golden necklaces, each embroidered with stunning red and black stones. As Marie reached her hand into the trunk the pieces of jewelry shone with a supernatural gleam, soft voices whispering out seductively. Reflected in the jewels were hungry faces, lithe bodies dancing seductively.

Finally Marie located one of the spare necklaces and straightened up, dangling it from between her fingers. Janet approached but paused, appearing nervous. But the other slaves of the mansion cheered her on, and with their encouragement behind her the ghost began to glow, dissolving into faint blue mist. The thin cloud of spiritual energy slithered through the air, slowly seeping into the necklace.

The jewels embedded in the gold began to shine bright blue light, Janet moaning as she possessed the necklace. All the while Victoria licked her lips, eagerly anticipating what was to come. Marie had been the one to come up with the surprising plan, experimenting with the ghosts possessing objects in order to leave the mansion. After some fun exploration they’d developed a means of having the spirits enter the jewelry, and once a living girl wore it the spirits would slowly be able to wake and play with them. It would take time, a slow long seduction of their wills. But as Marie said, they would have all semester to slowly corrupt the girls just as she’d been.

Marie kissed the necklace, hearing Janet moan happily from within the gold. She placed the necklace into the trunk, already envisioning how beautiful the jewelry would be around the throat of every one of her sorority sisters.

Mac already had her own special necklace in hand, slipping it around her neck. Instantly faint white energy slowly billowed from the necklace, forming into the adoring shape of Patty, hands slipping into Mac’s clothes.

“Can’t you wait until we’re on the road at least?” Marie chastised jokingly. “We only just managed to get you dressed.”

Mac blushed but Patty continued to kiss and let her hands wander. “Sorry but it will be a long ride and I can’t bear to be away from my sweet Mac that long.”

Marie rolled her eyes, lifting up the trunks. She gave a last look back at her friends, Rose and Katie nude and waving eagerly with the floating spirits behind them. Even Hillary managed to wave goodbye as the ghost women relentlessly fucked her on the floor. And last she give a long kiss to her Mistress Victoria.

“Go and claim your friends for me, slave. I’m so eager to see what fun you create.”

Marie grinned, beaming at the approval. “Of course, Mistress. And honestly? I’m just as excited about enslaving them as you are.”