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Victoria’s Mansion: Chapter 5

The once dead greenhouse was erupting with colorful life, plants and flowers blooming with supernatural speed. Cracks in the floor began to burst with weeds and vines, the tendrils slithering out over the tile. With Victoria’s mocking laughter at their backs Marie and her friends ducked the towering plants and leapt over the patches of twisting vines as they tried to escape. The stained-glass doors were just in sight, still untouched by the magic vegetation that was quickly consuming everything. Including their friend Katie, caught within the branches of an enormous bush that had swallowed her whole. Marie shoved the knowledge away, there was time for mourning later. She still had to save Mac and Rose.

With a final burst of speed Marie was prepared to crash through the glass, anything to avoid the fate the witch had in store for them. But instead she skidded to a halt as lithe vines showered down before her, ready to snatch her. Rose and Mac crashed into her from behind but she held her ground, keeping her friends back out of the vines reach. The tendrils shook with rage at their cheated prize before they began to twist together, forming into a thick web over the glass doors that sealed off their only exit. More vines began to sprout from the floor, a slithering wave that crept towards the girls.

“We have to move back,” Rose shrieked with panic. Spinning around she discovered an enormous green bulb that had burst from the floor, already as tall as her. Before she could react the plant blossomed, expanding open to reveal neon purple petals in nearly endless shades. The flower twirled as it opened wider, the bright colors flashing and swirling in a display that took Rose by surprise. Mac and Marie spun in alarm, catching the hypnotic display fast enough to avert their eyes.

Mac grabbed Rose’s limp shoulders, desperately trying to pry her away from the twirling hypnotic plant, but it was at that moment that the center of the dancing flower opened and blasted them with a spray of sparkling purple pollen. Trapped in place by the sight of the swirling colors Rose breathed the cloud of spores in helplessly, a purple haze of euphoria filling her head as the spray washed over her. Mac instantly held her breath as the mist surrounded her, while Marie leapt back in reflex, landing in the middle of the tangle of vines.

The tendrils snapped at her instantly, ensnaring her legs and rooting her to the ground. The vines continued to slither towards her, rising in the air to swing and try to grab her arms. But Marie twisted instantly, swatting the vines away as best she could. But they were still curled around her legs, holding her in place.

“Mac, help me!” she screamed and struggled to hold her balance, knowing all too well what would happen if she fell down into the mess of writhing vines. But Mac was shaking, not moving as she continued to stand behind Rose. The purple cloud was hovering around them, Mac holding her breath with everything she had. But Rose, already dosed, was breathing it in greedily, moaning lightly as the beautiful violet flower continued to dance and twirl for her.

Mac refused to be affected the same way, but it was already too late. As she had gulped in air she’d inhaled the smallest wisp of pollen, yet that was enough. Already her body was heating up, somehow growing numb with pleasure while at the same time her sensitivity increasing to the point that she could practically feel every tiny drop of pollen circling her, wanting her to breathe it in as helplessly as Rose.

Victoria appeared behind the large plant, fingers running along the edges of the purple petals as they spun back and forth for the girls. She shot a disdainful look at Marie who continued to fight off her vines, before smiling happily at Rose’s blank face. And when she saw the struggle growing in the small girl behind her, Mac desperately holding in the tainted breath out of fear of what more pollen would do to her mind, Victoria gave her a wolf-like grin.

“It’s so delicious, isn’t it? It took centuries to cultivate, an aphrodisiac that centers on the mind and body, eroding will and implanting submission. The bliss is already taking hold inside you, isn’t it?”

Mac shook her head viciously, eyes snapped shut. But she heard Rose all too clearly as her friend spoke, voice dripping with lust. “Yessss, it’s soo good.”

“Then breathe in more, dear. Let it fill you.”

Rose did just that, inhaling deeply as her eyes swam, spinning in circles to follow the swirling colors of the violet petals. She shuddered with delight as the drug coursed through her, blood boiling and pussy throbbing for attention. Her thoughts were lost in the current of purple pollen flooding into her mind. “Good girl, giving in so easily. But your friend seems to be trying to deny the pleasure I want to give her.”

The drugged girl turned, staring at Mac’s red face with concern. “Mac, you need to breathe. Breathe in the mist, it’s so good for you,” she said lazily, the words coming out as a slow moan. “I love it, so much. Can feel it turning off my thoughts one…by…one…” Rose was smiling giddily, swaying on her feet.

“Mac, fight it!” Marie shouted, punching away a set of vines groping at her. She was keeping them at bay but they were knotted tight around her legs, impossible to rip away without leaving the rest of her exposed. If Mac got free and helped her they could grab Rose and run, but if she succumbed like their friend had…

Rose put her arms around Mac, smiling absently. “Don’t listen to Marie, she hasn’t tried it yet. But she will, right after you do. Don’t you want to be happy with me?”

Tears were welling up in her eyes, vision distorting. Mac couldn’t hold out much longer, she felt ready to pass out at any second. Rose’s blank face was blurring before her, the spinning petals of the flower creating a spiral of whirring colors that just made the room spin faster.

“Don’t worry, Mac, I’ll take care of you,” Rose promised, hugging her friend tight. Then her arms squeezed hard, pushing the air out of Mac without warning. Mac held out for as long as possible, Marie screaming behind her not to breathe it in. But it was too late.

Trying not to lose consciousness Mac’s body breathed in, sucking in the crisp taste of the pollen. It burned in her lungs smoothly, pleasure replacing the strain that had been wracking her body. She went limp, sighing happily as she realized she was able to stop fighting it. She’d already breathed it in and lost. Inhaling another deep breathe she reveled in the bliss of it, Rose smiling happily while Victoria watched her victory with satisfaction.

“Excellent, my dears,” Victoria said with pride. The pollen magnified the witch’s words, instantly drawing Mac’s attention. No, more than that. Her voice itself practically made devotion well up in Mac’s mind. It was so perfect to hear her speak, Mac’s body grew warm as she waited for her to speak again. “Breathe in my special mist,” and they did so eagerly. “Now kneel for me,” and they obeyed instantly. “And give in to your lust.” Smiling, grateful, they obeyed.

Marie was only able to watch with horror as Rose and Mac lifted their shirts to fondle their breasts, doing their best to give Victoria a show as they stripped. Rose was the first to slide her hand into her jeans with Mac quick to follow, moaning lewdly as they continued to breathe in the purple mist that had descended over them.

Crushed by the sight of her friends corruption Marie didn’t notice the vine slithering behind her. It caught hold of her wrist, pulling her backwards with surprising strength. She attempted to right herself and only ended up leaving her other arm exposed, an opportunity two more tendrils took advantage of as they wrapped over her skin tight. They spread her limbs wide, restraining her completely as more and more vines joined to bind her in place.

Victoria clapped happily, this was all going so much easier than she’d expected. Perhaps they weren’t as troublesome as she’d originally thought, but the chase was fun while it had lasted. The violet plant began to rise higher, prepared to dose the final remaining victim, but Victoria snapped her fingers and it retreated back to its place before the two drugged girls instead. The pollen was an effective means of enslaving, but truthfully Victoria was sad she’d been forced to use it. The drug took the fun out of breaking her victims, exploiting their weaknesses as she had done to so many girls before. This last girl, the weak busty blonde, was Victoria’s last chance for some fun. She was going to take her time and make her new slave’s surrender something to cherish.

Victoria waved her hand and more thick vines descended from the ceiling, sliding over Marie’s body as they wrapped around her hips. “You’ve caused me quite a bit of trouble, making me have to wait to get you right where I want you, were you truly belong. I’m going to make sure you truly enjoy yourself Marie, whether you like it or not.

“Pay attention, girls,” Victoria called out, making Mac and Rose twist around on their knees. Swaying unsteadily they took in the sight of their friend suspended in the air, bound with endless vines, and the two girls fucked themselves with even more vigor, moaning with desire at the display of the power their Mistress possessed. “You two will cum over and over again as I break Marie’s mind, so the entire time I use her she can see the horny slaves I’ve made her friends into already. Give her a taste of just what her future holds.”

“Rose, please don’t do this,” Marie pleaded, stifling a moan as the vines squeezed her tits.

“Can’t…Marie…so hot…so much pleasure…” Rose could hardly bring herself to speak, descending into rapid moans as she came hard. “Have to do…what Mistress says.”

The vines slithered into Marie’s jeans, grinding against her wet pussy as they wrapped around her thighs. Her body betrayed her, writhing at the touch and desperate for more. Helplessly she felt the vines bulging against her pants, tearing at the fabric and ripping her jeans around the thighs. The shredded fabric was pulled away, taking her panties with it to leave her pants crotchless, soaked cunt on display for her friends to see.

Rose and Mac called out with appreciation, cumming at the sight of Marie’s dripping pussy. Marie had to fight against the desires filling her, knowing she shouldn’t be turned on by seeing how much her friends wanted her. Victoria must be in her head, trying to turn her. But as the vines slid between her pussy lips she couldn’t hold back the moan that escaped her.

“Don’t worry, Marie,” Victoria said soothingly, “You’ll come to love the pleasure soon enough. Enjoy the ability to fight it, to resist anything at all. Because soon you’ll see the truth that you have no say in the matter. You will happily accept whatever pleasure your Mistress provides, follow any command I might give. Just like Rose and Mac here.”

The two horny girls played with themselves faster, hips bucking against their fingers. “M-mistress,” Rose called out pleadingly. “I want the vines to use me too.”

The witch smirked, bending down to caress the cheek of her new slave. “Of course you do, sweet. It’s been a fantasy of yours for so long, hasn’t it?”

“Yes, Mistress. Masturbated so many times, thinking of tentacles, monsters using me. Thought it was so wrong, so weird for thinking such things.”

“But now you don’t need to have shame. In my manor every fantasy can come true, no matter how impossible.” Rose smiled with excitement, her drugged mind playing through every fantasy she’s ever had. “In fact, I’ll even grant my slave a special gift.” She took Rose’s head in her hands and turned her to the side, making her stare at Marie struggling amid the vines.

“I’ll let you decide what her fate will be. You could even ask me to let her go, if you wanted to. Choice is yours, dear.”

Rose bucked hard, unable to stop her fingers from pumping at her as she thought of the power she had in that moment. Marie fought back a moan as the vines continued to snake over her body, teasing her endlessly. “Please, Rose, help me.”

“Don’t worry, Marie,” Rose replied happily. “I’ll help you feel as good as me.”


“Make them fuck her,” Rose whimpered, voice dripping with lust. “Make the vines let her cum over and over, show her so much pleasure she can’t stand it.” Rose grinned wide as the vines did as she asked, slithering over Marie’s hips and slowly entering her pussy. Marie’s body stiffened, groaning as they began to thrust in and out of her needy cunt. “You’re so lucky, Marie,” Rose said with envy in her voice, “I wish Mistress would fuck me like that.”

“Me too,” Mac added, cumming at the thought of Mistress using her.

Victoria laughed triumphantly, drinking in the struggle she saw in Marie. The girl held back her voice, trying to deny the moans of pleasure she wanted to sing with. But every second the vines pleasured her, euphoria filling her as she was fucked, her body writhed less with resistance and more with animal desire. Even if her mind fought the desire overtaking her, Marie’s body was unable to deny that this was the best sexual experience she’d ever been given.

The tendrils were sliding into her effortlessly, soaked in the juices running from her cunt. Vines scratched lightly over her back and stomach, enhancing the sensations of every thrust. They even wrapped over her nipples to pinch and pull them, exciting every part of her body. Marie shut her eyes, trying to think of anything to drown out the pleasure, but it was pointless. An orgasm was already growing powerfully inside her, she wouldn’t be able to hold it back for long. Even with eyes shut the voices of Mac and Rose assaulted her, moaning with open desire at seeing their friend used. And above that was Victoria’s mocking laugh, sensing her resistance dissolving each time the wrapped vines plunged into her cunt, hitting every perfect nerve inside her.

“That’s the appeal of unrelenting pleasure,” Victoria purred as she willed the vines to work faster, instantly rewarded by a deep moan from her victim. “It overwhelms, becomes all consuming. Before long you become so lost in it that you lose focus of everything around you.”

“You’ve got that right, bitch!”

Victoria whirled in surprise, scanning the greenhouse to find who had spoken. This wasn’t right, this was her house. No one should be able to sneak up on her here. Marie caught sight of it first, fighting the pulsing waves of pleasure so she could watch as the enormous bush across the room came to life. It rose up and formed into the shape of an attractive woman, just as it had before. But now the shrub statue was backing away, trying to retreat from where it was rooted.

Suddenly silver metal flashed as a blade pierced through its legs. The shrub woman writhed in agony as it toppled helplessly to the floor, dissolving into a wilting tangle of dead branches. No longer blocking the view Victoria could see that the rest of the bush had been mangled and broken. And emerging from the cracked branches was Katie, shirt torn and skirt ripped away, wielding an old axe in her hands.

“That’s not possible,” Victoria muttered angrily. “My plants should have made short work playing with you. You’re the horniest out the group, practically a sex slave already.”

“You’ve got the oversexed part right,” Katie said confidently, walking forward to confront the witch. “But slavery, obedience? Following the rules has never been my strong suit.”

The large violet plant spun to face her, purple petals circling instantly as they tried to overwhelm the girl. It wanted to protect its Mistress, catch the girl off guard and dose her with its poison just as it had the others. But Katie charged forward determined, completely unfazed by the hypnotic display. Before the plant was able to spray the pollen cloud the blonde pivoted on her heel and spun, lashing out with her foot and knocking the plant away easily.

The magic flower rebounded, opening wide to ensnare its prey, but instead caught the axe dead on, cleaved in half before Victoria’s eyes. The vegetation wilted, petals crumpling as a faint purple mist seeped out of the cut. Katie waved the drugged pollen away easily, stepping over the remains of the plant to stare down the undead witch.

Rose and Mac cried out with horror which quickly fell back into moans, bodies unable to cease masturbating until their Mistress commanded them otherwise. Marie wanted to cheer but found herself moaning with her friends, the vines fucking her only increasing their pace while Katie fought. She was going to cum soon, harder than anything she’d ever experienced. She had to escape now before it was too late.

“Is that all you’ve got, Vicky? For a witch, not very impressive.” Katie smirked, hefting the axe.

Victoria backed away, for the first time in centuries she was at a loss. No group had ever fought as bitterly as this, had defied her so openly. A cold chill of fear hummed through her body. And was quickly replaced with a warm flush of pleasure. This was excellent. This was better than she could have dreamed.

The witch broke into laughter, startling all of the girls. “Yes, this is more like it. Give me the fight I wanted, make it as impossible as you can. Make my victory all the sweeter with your efforts. Breaking you, ohhh it will be sublime.”

“Not if I break you first,” Katie yelled as she swung. But her axe only slashed through empty air, Victoria vanishing before her eyes. The blonde hissed in frustration, hoping this could have been the end of the whole damned nightmare. But she didn’t have time to think about that right now.

Katie broken into a run, jumping over the dazed Rose and Mac. Without anyone to order them the drugged girls were uncertain what to do, opting to follow the last command they had received and continue to play with themselves. Marie was at the breaking point, nearly climaxing as the vines thrust against her clit over and over. The pressure overwhelming, rapidly falling over the edge. Marie was ready to welcome the pleasure and whatever it would bring, when she felt relief snatched away from her as Katie ripped the vines away. The tendrils writhed in her grip as she yanked them away from her friend, axe ready to hack away. But as she was about to strike they slipped out of her fingers, slick and wet with Marie’s juices.

At some unseen command all of the vines retreat, unwinding and releasing Marie. Katie caught her in the air as she fell, laying her down on the ground to recover. Around them the vines slithered away into the shadows. In fact all of the vegetation in the greenhouse seemed to waste away, without Victoria’s magic to sustain them.

“Are you alright, Marie?” Katie put her hands on her friend but pulled them away as she unexpectedly moaned with pleasure.

“Don’t! Don’t….still worked up. So sensitive from whatever they did.”

“Okay, just lay there and relax. I’m going to help the others.”

Marie held her mouth shut, stifling a moan but also not wanting to tell her that it was too late. Victoria had already gotten to Rose and Mac, they were as sex crazed as Hillary by now. Katie took in the sight of the two girls, still fingering themselves absently. She inspected Rose close, wiping a finger over the girl’s lips. Her finger came away damp, coated lightly in the weird purple pollen. Instantly it set her skin tingling, signals of pleasure sparking in her nerve endings.

With a sudden surge of determination Katie grabbed hold of Rose’s shoulders and dragged her over to the wall, ignoring the moans trailing after her as the black girl continued to pleasure herself. Finally they’d reached a forgotten trough filled with stale water, probably uncleaned in years.

“Sorry, Rose. But whatever’s lurking in there can’t be worse than what’s already in you.” Without warning Katie hefted Rose up and dunked her head into the water. She fought instantly, writhing as best she could with one hand down her pants. But after a few seconds Rose pulled the hand out, slapping out at Katie to try and get free. Katie gave it a few more seconds to be sure before letting her go.

Soaking Rose dropped to the floor, gagging and hacking up water. She wiped the wet hair out of her eyes as she screamed “What the fuck was that for!?”

“How are you feeling, Rose?”

“Pissed off! You tried to drown me!”

“Well at least you’re not fingering yourself anymore,” Katie said relieved.

Rose’s cheeks went red, burning as the memory of her shameful display slowly came back to her. How could she have done all of that so easily? It was like the pollen had wiped away her thoughts, her personality, left her nothing but some drooling, mindless-

“Mac!” Rose cried out in alarm spinning around to look for her friend. She’d forced Mac to breathe it in too, thought it had been the right thing to do. Shame was eating away at her, that she’d betrayed her friend so easily. Thankfully she saw Katie already taking Mac by the legs and dragging her across the ground.

Mac for her part seemed to be enjoying it, ass bucking as she kept masturbating and moaning. Rose was only able to wonder if she had appeared so desperate and empty, and assumed that if anything she might have been worse.

Rose took one arm while Katie wrestled for the other, finally pulling Mac’s hand out of her pants. She protested bitterly, moaning without making words as they lifted Mac up and dunked her into the water. The chubby girl kicked and struggled as the drugged pollen was washed out of her system, lasting about thirty seconds before they decided to pull her out. Mac instantly shook herself like a dog, showering them with the dank water as her dark hair whipped around.

“Mac? You back to normal?”

She spat out some water, gagging in disgust. “Not sure. How am I supposed to tell if I still have that stuff in my system?”

Marie joined them, dressed above the waist in just a pink bra that put her impressive breasts on display. It might have been revealing, but she’d decided that her shirt was better used wrapped around her hips like a skirt to hide her exposed crotch.

“Hmm, let’s see,” Marie said as she thought. “Mac, grab your tits.”

Shivering with delight Mac grabbed her large tits, squeezing and making herself moan. After a few seconds of bliss she opened her eyes, confused at the looks they gave her. “Craaaap,” Mac muttered as she steeled herself, diving head first into the large trough of nasty water.

Katie cautiously put a hand on Marie’s shoulder, happy to see it didn’t make her jump with pleasure. “Glad to see you’re doing better.”

“I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel, I just got fucked by a bunch of plants.”

“Hey I was in a shrubbery orgy too, you know. Luckily Victoria assumed I would just be out for the count. Never even paid attention as I found that axe and hacked my way out.” Smiling happily she put the axe on her shoulder. Marie saw all of the cuts and scratches over her arms, wincing at the thought of how painful it must have been crawling out of the attacking mess of branches. Katie just laughed it off. “Don’t worry, Marie, I’ve had a lot worse love bites than this.”

Mac flopped out of the water and onto the floor, giving the girls an excuse to laugh.

“Alright, I’m good now.” She spat out some water, joining in on laughing. After a narrow escape like that, they all needed to blow off some steam.

Marie let them enjoy the moment of levity, before turning to study the stained glass doors back to the manor. “No point sticking around here waiting for Victoria to try out some new plants.”

Katie nodded, helping Mac to her feet. “Yeah, I’m not particularly looking forward to whatever she might have planned next.”

The four girls advanced on the doors, all weary and a little roughed up, but still themselves. Marie took hold of the door knobs, Katie gripping the axe at the ready. She swung the doors open, the sight of what lay beyond making them all stop in surprise. Katie lowered the axe, sighing with frustration.

“Well of course, this is just fucking typical.” She stepped through the doors, walking back into the living room where they’d started. The others followed cautiously, seeing nothing out of place in the familiar room. Aside from the doors to the greenhouse that were suddenly connected to what had been a blank wall. Marie shut the doors behind them, watching unimpressed as the stain glassed doors dissolved back into the wall and vanished without a trace.

“At least there’s a bright side to this,” Marie said to release the tension. “I know I can certainly use a change of clothes. This outfits a bit too…drafty, for my liking.”

Katie glanced down at her own torn shirt and skimpy black thong, her skirt a victim of the bush’s attack. “Eh, I’m fine like this. If we’re fighting lesbian ghosts let them get distracted by my fantastic ass.”

“You’re a bold gal, Katie,” Mac joked.

Marie opened her suitcase, trying to think of what would serve best as an outfit for fighting witches. ‘Too bad I left my Ghostbusting outfit in my other bag,’ Marie thought to herself. She lifted the top and frowned.

“For fuck’s sake,” swore Marie, catching the attention of the others. She lifted out a piece of ‘clothing’ that was in her suitcase, holding up a black leather sleeveless top. It was high at the neck to work like a collar, two large holes meant to let her tits hang out for everyone to see.

“They replaced every piece of clothing in my bag. It’s all nothing but fetish gear now.”

Rose and Mac looked for their own bags uncertainly, while Katie took in the leather lingerie. “I know it was left here to piss us off but you really would look good in that.” Marie ignored her and tossed it aside, sitting down on the couch wearily. Katie leapt down next to her, laying the axe over her legs. “I’m beat, fighting mutant plants really takes it out of a girl.” Shutting her eyes she added “Wake me up when there’s a witch for me to chop up.”

“You’re seriously going to sleep at a time like this?” Mac asked incredulously.

“That might not be a bad idea,” said Rose. “It’s been hours and this night won’t seem to end anytime soon. Victoria had her advantage in there, even with Katie standing her ground like that. I think if she had the strength left to attack Katie she would have.”

“Maybe making all those plants come after us wore out her strength?” Marie hazarded. Rose nodded, agreeing with her.

“Who knows if it’s true or not, but Victoria still retreated to regroup. We may as well take the time to catch some sleep before we pass out.”

“What if they come after us while we’re asleep?” Mac didn’t like the idea of those invisible girls coming after her while she slept, she’d seen that happen in too many horror movies.

“We’ll sleep in shifts, two at a time. Try and rest for a few hours and then we’ll switch off. For all we know this night could last days. Best to make sure we’re ready to fight them.”

“I think Marie should get to sleep first,” Mac said suddenly. “Me and Rose got that junk out of our system, but you still went through a lot. We didn’t get it nearly as bad as you did.”

“I’m fine,” Marie protested, when the truth is she was anything but. Her wrists and ankles were sore from being suspended in the air by the vines. Not to mention how fucking horny she was. She’d been edging on orgasm the entire night, and even knowing that this was supposed to drive her crazy didn’t make her want to cum any less.

“Mac has a point. You get some rest and we’ll wake you up so we can catch some sleep too.”

Katie was snoring softly beside her, already out cold. Marie turned and saw Mac lifting out a bag of chips from her backpack. She smelled the food suspiciously in case they had been tampered with like the clothes, but they seemed just as stale as ever. Still it was better than nothing.

“Are you sure you can handle it? What if something happens?”

Rose gave Marie a reassuring smile. “I know I seem out of it but I think they tried to take me first. They did something to me while I was writing, tried to make me like Hillary. I didn’t know what was happening and almost gave in, until you interrupted and saved me. I think if they come for me again I’ll be ready to resist, it might make me better suited than the rest of you.”

Rose looked confident as she talked, but Marie wasn’t certain. Then again the entire night she’d been on edge, suspicious of every tiny noise, every flicker of movement. It was only when the weight of it all fell on her that Marie realized how exhausted she had become. It wouldn’t just be Rose alone anyway, Marie convinced herself. If they try anything with her Mac will be right there to wake them up. It sounded flimsy, but at this point she was too exhausted to think of anything else. She needed to sleep or she’d be too out of it to fight off the ghosts at all.

She hugged Rose, then Mac, making them promise they’d be alright, before curling up with her bag on the floor. Part of her was afraid of what might be coming after her while she slept, but deeper than that was the fear that Victoria and her witches would be there in her dreams already waiting, ready to drag her to the fountain and finish what they began. Despite the anxiety Marie fell asleep almost instantly, not that she truly needed to worry. She was perfectly safe while she slept that night.

The nightmares were outside, already closing in on her friends.