The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Voodoo Doll Testing


Miles scrolls through his phone, looking over some well-hung men that he might ask out; seeing that guy on Vincent’s lawn and the way his boner moved? You don’t see to many guys who can use their dicks like a baton like that. “God, I hope he calls my number.”


“Huh?” He looks up and gets off his couch. “Hang on!” Miles takes a second to adjust the semi-hard lump in his jeans before he walks to his front door. “Hello, I…” Miles does a double-take as he sees that guy from before! But he’s nude! Well, almost; he’s wearing a skin-tight crop-top shirt and some blue briefs, which incidentally have a stylized hole around the center of the butt. His hair is all mussed up and he has a desperate look in his eyes. “Can I… Help you, sir?” Miles asks, a little concerned.

“You gotta help me.” Jordan says, his voice trembling, “I’m a nasty butt-whore.”

Miles raised his eyebrows, his dick feeling a twitch, “Really now?”

“N-No!” Jordan shakes his head, “Vincent is screwing with me like a butt-whore! I swear to God, I fuck like a pig!”

“Oooh…” Miles grins as he closes the door. He gently grabs Jordan’s bulge and feels it up, “You a nasty fucker, huh?”

“Dammit, no!” Jordan shakes his head, strained with desperation. “All I want is a hundred cocks jammed in my mouth.”

“Mmhhfff, you’re speaking my language, sir.” Miles grinds against Jordan’s front, “So… That thing you were doing with your dick earlier…”

Meanwhile, Vincent sits half-naked from the waist down at his desk with his computer connected to Miles’ security camera; Miles insisted that on putting cameras around his house, both for security reasons, and Miles thought that one day he could land a one-night stand that can nail his audition for a porn movie at Stud-Nut Studios. Sure, one may think that it is odd and rather unorthodox for one’s neighbor to want to be filmed in hopes of to be a famous porn-star, as well as the implication that he’d want to ‘put on a show’ for said neighbor. But one thing that Vincent has come to learn: Miles is one horny bitch with ambitions as massive as the cocks he takes up his ass.

Especially when he found out that Vincent is a licensed hypnotist and he practically begged him to hypnotize him into forgetting all his favorite video games for the sake of reliving them—conversely, he even asked to be hypnotized into not knowing where his cameras are, or even set him up with a few post-hypnotic triggers on a night he goes out to his favorite nightclubs to impulsively pull off random articles of clothing or shoving his own face into some random guy’s butt or grabbing a stud’s crotch with both hands from hearing a hidden trigger word—again, Miles is a very kinky individual who loves the unexpected. Hell, he’d be Vincent’s roommate if they could afford it.

The doll, sitting comfortably in place, has a couple of GREEN needles on it—with the passages in the little book for the GREEN pins erased and rewritten with different phrase. The doll also has a tiny microphone in its throat, with wires leading from its mouth to the speaker and a mic at Vincent’s mouth and ear. With the pins in place, Jordan’s speech is already restricted, but Vincent wanted to take extra measures for a little more fun.

“[So… That thing you were doing with your dick earlier…]” Miles says on the screen of his computer, and the camera’s audio speaking directly into the speaker into Vincent’s ear, “[You wanna show me how you do it?]”

Vincent holds the mic to his mouth and talks, “I’d rather show you—”

“—how I fell in love with your tiny butthole.” Jordan says, unable to control his own mouth, his face burning with embarrassment.

“Fuck, man, you’re making me hot.” Miles grins as he slips his hands into Jordan’s briefs and almost immediately goes for his balls.

“HaaAAAIIII’m a very nasty butt-whore!” Jordan squealed as those very warm palms push into his nuts.

“Well yeah, that’s the sales pitch.” Miles says as he kneads those testicles. His hands roam around and feel up those fuzz buns of Jordan’s “What’chu gonna do about it?”

“Please, listen to me dammit,” Jordan pleads, “I fuck like a pig because I’m a nasty butt-whore.”

“Mmmfff, that’s it. You’re coming with me.” Miles says as he takes Jordan by the briefs waistband and drags him through the door.

“Awwwoooohhhhh I’m a nasty fuck butt-pig…” Jordan whines pathetically as he enters the house… Feeling light-headed and rather dizzy as he goes.

Vincent starts to masturbate while he switches the camera and sees Miles start to get frisky with Jordan in his living room.

“Mmmhh, so Vincent sent you my way, huh?” The Pilipino twink grins as he pulls off his shirt and toys with Jordan’s crop-top “He set you up with any hot triggers?”

“No, I just got done with a hundred cocks in my mouth!” Jordan responds as he shakes his head.

“Yeah, you said that already.” Miles laughs as he starts playing with Jordan’s nipples, “Can’t you say anything else?”

Jordan opens his mouth to talk, only to have the direct voice-line in the doll speak for him, “All I know how to say is how much you need to drain my balls, you candy-ass slut.”

“MMhhh, now you’re talking.” Miles pulls down his pants—showing he’s wearing a skimpy lavender thong that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. Jordan looks down and his brain feels a very hard drain.

“Uhhwuuaahhh.” He stumbles forward for Miles to catch him.

“Whoa, man you ok??”

“Y-Yeah…” Jordan mumbles, “I, I’m fine… I’mma… Pig fuck whore…”

Meanwhile, Vincent plucks up a YELLOW pin this one with the written command [GROWING HORNY], “Ok, Jordan. Time for you to be a thirsty lover boy. After all, there comes a time in almost any straight guy’s life when he goes bi-curious.”

With that, Vincent inserts the needle into the doll’s chest. Incidentally, Smith notices the same faltering static on the GREEN pins, “Agh, still limited huh?” He sighs as he plucks the pins out.

Meanwhile, back in Miles’ living room:

“I haven’t been fucked in days.” Miles starts dry hump onto Jordan. “Ffffffuck…” He breaths out as he kisses along Jordan’s neck.

“Oh baby, what are you doing to me?” Jordan groans as he nearly swoons to the floor. His arms starts to grapple on the adorable tan boi—mostly because his sense of balance is slipping quickly. Jordan gets more and more dizzy, like the whole world is starting to spin inside his skull…

“Mmmmffff, you’re so hooot.” Miles gets on his knees and starts to nuzzle into Jordan’s bulge.

“Awwwllll…” Jordan moans as the young man below him starts to lick his package while feeling him up, “I’m a nasty whore… Pig… Butt…”

“Mmhh, again you said that.” Miles nudges that package, “So I’m guessing Vincent’s got you only saying a few things. I can get with that.” He pulls down those undies and fondles around at Jordan’s set. “Can you still do that thing with your dick?”

“Pig… Nasty duh whore… Fuck like a butt, uuhh…” Jordan droned, his brain feeling very light.

Vincent grins as he picks up the magnet and moves it to the doll’s loins “Oh yes he can.”

Miles’ eyes beam as that member stands right up. “Hahahaha, niiiiiice!”

Jordan looks down and feels his face go hot as his cock once again acts on its own. His penis pulls forward and slapped itself on Miles’ cheek. Miles keeps his mouth open and let the member draw a circle around his face and nuzzle itself onto his tongue, “O-Ooohh, oh” Jordan shudders and jerks from the initial wet touch.

“Haawwlllmm” Miles just goes down and glue his lips to that cock. His head bobs up and down on that member.

“Ahhhh… Ooohhh Guh-huuhhh…” Jordan goes cross-eyed as just stands there with his arms hanging down limbly. He rolls his head back as his mind slowly goes blank.

“… Something’s not right.” Vincent looks at the screen and zooms in; Jordan’s face is going blank, like his jaws are going numb as he stares at the ceiling with dreary eyes “… Uh-oh.” He goes over to his notes and turns several pages. “I think we have a small problem…”

Meanwhile, Miles twirls his head and licks that hard meat in his mouth, rubbing his own boner as he slurps and swallows that cock over and over again. His eyes look up and sees Jordan isn’t giving much of a reaction. He’s just standing there, moaning idly with his mouth gaping and his eyes vacant.

Miles pops that wet dick out of his lips and strokes it, “You like that, stud?” He asks as he gages Jordan’s reaction. Nothing. “Uuuhhh… Sir?” He stands up and looks at Jordan’s face. He snaps his fingers a few times, but he’s not getting any reaction, “Helloooooo?”

Meanwhile, Vincent winces as he looks at his notes and the instructions with the voodoo doll, “Shit. I think I may have stuck him with too many pins in one day. The human brain can’t handle a lot of pin-pricks to the doll. Shit, how many times did I stick him??”

Vincent boots up his iPad and goes into the voodoo doll’s app to check on its status—it’s currently showing the pins and tools that is currently in use and monitoring Jordan’s body readings. Not only that, but it also shows the history of which pins and how many was used in total “Shhhiiiiiiiit.” Vincent frowns as he sees Jordan’s brain activity slowly draining.

Then the phone rings, and Vincent picks it right up, “Hello?”

“Hey, Vince? It’s Miles.”

“Ah, hi.” Vincent watches the screen to see his neighbor.

“So, you sent a guy over right? Tall, hairy chest, highlight hair. Did you hypnotize him too much or something?”

“Errr… You COULD say that.” Vincent winces, “I was trying something new on him, and I think I messed up.”

“Well, is he gonna be ok? Kinda getting a little nervous… He’s just standing here like his brain is disappearing.”

“He uh… He should be fine.” Vincent says, “This happened once before with this new trick of mine, and I was able to find a solution.”

“Ok, you sure? I just, you know.”

“I’m not COMPLETELY sure on it, but I SHOULD have a fix for it.”

“Ok. You wanna come on over or something?”

“No, I can do it from here.”

“… Oh, ok. So, like, should I hold the phone to his ear so he can hear some trigger or something?”

“No, no, it’s not like my usual stuff. You just stick around and keep an eye on him.”

“Ok…” Miles hangs up and surveys Jordan.

“So…” Vincent turns a couple of pages and taps a couple of icons on the app, “Last time this happened, I accidentally wiped the guy’s brain out.” He mumbles to himself as he checks a few things. He nods and plucks out the GREEN and YELLOW pins, “According to here…” He double-checks the doll’s kit, “His mind is shutting itself off because the doll’s magic has been used too much, and his body is defending against it. So.”

Vincent leans back and breathes out, “I could either let his I.Q. drop completely and let Jordan vegetate for God knows how long IF he wakes up from this. Fucker has that coming… Or…” He glances at the three longer needles—the ones with the plastic banana, egg, and bone on each one, “Wouldn’t want to ruin Miles’ night. Besides, if Jordan turns into a vegetable, that can get very bad… I think I can do what I did last time, and occupy his draining mind with an entirely different mind-set.”

He leans forward and types at the app and cross-references the small spell book. After a few minutes of skimming and scanning, his eyebrows raise and nods, “Yeah! I just need the doll to hold a different post-hypnotic personality until his brain naturally recovers. So far I have three to choose from.” He jots down a few hypotheses into his notes, “I just probably need to give the other pins and tools a rest while Jordan’s brain heals, that’s all… I think.”

“Ok, so…” He plucks up the egg-pin and debates a bit, “Eh, chicken is a bit buggy… Would be cute and funny for Jordan to cluck naked like a chicken for a few hours on the lawn, hah…” He observes the banana-pin, “Gorilla was ok, really hot. And Miles might like an alpha monkey man-handling him like a jungle jock… But I don’t want Jordan wrecking Miles’ place and throwing things around. Apes do that, heh…” He then takes the bone-pin, “Haven’t tried this one yet, but… At this point, it can’t hurt… Probably.”

Vincent takes the doll and points the long pin at head. “Here goes nothing…”

Meanwhile, Miles had already pulled some jeans on himself and put Jordan’s briefs back on. He watches with genuine concern at the dazed gentleman. “Sooooo… You still in there?” He asks to break the ice.

“Uhhhhhhh…” Jordan drowls idly in place.

“Yeeeeeeep…” Miles nods and paces, “You uh… Fuck, please be ok, dammit… Shit, Vincent, what’ve you screwed with THIS time???”

“Oh uh…” Jordan blinks a bit. He shakes his head a bit and shudders, “Whooooaaa, wha… Hey, hey, yeah,” Jordan wakes up and looks to the Pilipino twink.

“Oh, hey, you alright?”

“Uhh…” Jordan blinks a second and grins, “Yeah! I’m great!”

“Ok, cool…” Miles then glances down, and notices that Jordan is shaking his hips left and right, “You sure you’re ok?”

“Yeah! I’m awesome, yeah!” Jordan beamed as he bounds a bit on his feet.

“Ok, good! Great!” Miles claps his hands together as Jordan gets bright-eyed and bushy-tailed… In a manner of speaking, of course. “So um…” Miles smiles as he comes up to Jordan and puts his hand onto Jordan’s happy trail, “You wanna pick up where we left off?”

“Ooh,” Jordan irks a bit as Miles’ hand lands on his stomach, “Oh my god, rub my belly, that feels, phenomenal.”

“Heh heh, ok…” Miles then moves his hand up and down. He rubs Jordan’s stomach in circles and roams it quickly up and down.

“Ohhhhhhh that’s the spot.” Jordan rolls his head back and groans, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh” his left leg starts to jump and pump up and down. “Oh my gaawwwd thank you, don’t stop, that is great, yes.”

“Hahahaha, yeah, like it, stud.” Miles grins as he starts to scratch at those fuzzy abs.

“Oh Jesus, yes!” Jordan swoons and flops comically on the floor.

“Hahahaha, shit man, you ok?” Miles laughs as he gets down.

“Did I freaking tell you to quit? Keep scratching my belly!” Jordan pants rapidly.

“Hahaha, yessir,” Miles puts his hand on the muscular torso again and starts to graze it again.

“OOH yeah, right there, YAS!” His leg jackhammers on his side as Miles’ nails scrape at his stomach, “Yes, yes yeeeessss!”

“Hahaha, woooow, you’re fuckin’ into this…” Miles chuckles as Jordan goes to town.

Vincent breathes a sigh of relief as Jordan responds to Miles’ advances. At least it’s working… And he can let loose and enjoy the show. He rubs his dick some as he speaks into the speaker connected to the doll’s throat—the one that made Jordan say what Vincent spoke, “How bout I lick some peanut butter off your nuts?”

“Hey!” Jordan nearly barked as he gives Miles a bizarre look and sits up right immeditely, “Do you have peanut butter on your nuts?”

“Uhh…” Miles pauses, “What do you…”

“Wait, what?” Vincent furrows his brow, “No,” He speaks more clearly into the mic, “I want to lick peanut butter off your balls.”

“You got peanut butter on your balls!” Jordan accused as he stands up and points at him. “I swear to God, if you’re holding out on me!”

“Dude, I don’t know,” Miles scoffed, but he gets shoved onto the couch by Jordan’s hands.

“Gimme! I want some peanut butter!” Jordan drops on all fours and starts gnawing at Miles’ jeans “RrrRRrrrmmmRRrmmmffff!”

“Whoa, A-aha, ok, wow hahaha!” Miles laughs as Jordan really ruffles in there, his tiny little brain fully convinced the twink before him is smuggling some thick, creamy nutty goodness, all the while he’s subconsciously waving his butt back and forth behind him.

“That’s… Weird.” Vincent says as Jordan digs at Miles, his face digging through the open zipper and glomphing at his package until the jeans are forced open and exposes Miles’ crotch, “He’s not saying what I’m telling him to say…”

Miles flexes his slender body and rubs onto Jordan’s hair, “Awwww, oooh, hahahaha, yeah, I like’em wild like that.” Miles rubs his silky smooth thighs on either side Jordan’s head. He giggles as Jordan loudly licks and slurps on the lavender bulge of Miles’ thong, “Mmhhh yeah, get that peanut butter…”

“Arrffmm, heerrmmff, allmmpphh” Jordan slobbers and licks at that scant groin, only tasting the tender flesh of those tenders, but still satisfied with where his snout is investigating. “Rrrhmm, grrmmffhh… Gerddammit, wurr’s dat peanut butter, affhole?!” He growls with his mouth half occupied with snacking on Miles’ scrotum.

“Huh…” Vincent thinks for a moment. He takes the mouthpiece again and brings it to his mouth, in attempt to put words in Jordan’s mouth again, “I want you to grab me by the balls and throw me to the floor…”

“Ball?!” Jordan’s head shoots up.

“Huh? Don’t stop now, it was g—”

“Where’s the ball?” Jordan slapped his hands onto Miles’ thighs, showing some real authentic canine-style ADD, “Where’stheball?? WHERE’STHEBALL???”

“Hahaha, what?” Miles laughs.

“Ball! Ball ball ball!” Jordan glomps on Miles with his hands, his ass still shaking behind him while he stares at him with high anticipation. “I want the BALL!”

“Ohhhhh, I think I see.” Miles nods while his smile widens. He remembers when Vincent did a hypnosis show at a party one time, and had some guy act like a dog. Though this is more like a persona change. “You want the ball? You want the ball, boy?” He speaks quickly and playfully, conforming his hunch when Jordan starts ‘wagging’ more.

“YES! Oh yeah! Woo!” Jordan hops off of Miles and puts his hands on his knees and beams up at him with anticipation, his rump shaking left and right even faster. “Where’s the ball?! Where’s the ball?! WHERE’STHEBALL?!”

“Ok uuuhhhmmm… Ah, here” Miles looks around for a second and then saw a bright red ball from his broken gag. He plucks it up grinning as he sees Jordan’s face reflect the utmost wonder of the spherical object. “You want the ball? You wanna get the ball, boy?”

“Yeahyeahyeahyeah!” Jordan answers, a line of drool starting to dribble from his lips. “Throwtheball, throwtheball! Ball ball ball ball!”

“Go get it, boy!” Miles winds his arm back and chucked the red rubber orb across the living room.

“BALL!!!” Jordan sprints after it, slamming his hands onto the wall when he went to far and snatched it up, shoving it in his teeth and biting down on it. The nearly nude boss trots back to Miles, and lets the ball drop into his hand.

“Good booooooy.” Miles encourages as he ruffles Jordan’s hair, “Fetch!” He winds up his arm, but does a fake throw.

“BALL!” Jordan bolts in the implied direction, only to slam his hands onto the wall and sniffing the air a few times before he turns around and runs right back to Miles, his eyes looking at the orb-like miracle toy in his hand, “Dammit, throw the ball! BALL, dammit, BALL!” He says as he jumps up and down.

“Hahahahaha! You gahhhahahaha” Miles doubles over with laughter, “Ah shit, Vincent got you good, didn’t he?”

“Does Vincent have the ball??! NO! Stop fucking teasing me, I want THE BALL!” Jordan snarled and quirks around.

“Hahahaha, alright alright, go get it!” Miles throws the ball for real, watching him chase after it for dear life and capturing it.

Meanwhile Vincent furrows his brow at Jordan’s behavior, running for the ball across the house. Once again, he’s not really repeating Vincent’s words like he was a while ago. “Hm, this is probably another variant of the pin’s effect…” He says, “Better try one more time. Ahem.” Vince then speaks loud and clear into the small mic, “My butt is very itchy.”

Jordan grins with triumph as he trots to the cute Pilipino guy when he suddenly stops and irks. Miles blinks as Jordan drops the ball on the floor before he collapses down, “Uh, boy?”

“Oh God, my ass is itchy as hell!” Jordan yipes as he shoves his rear on the couch’s corner, “Huh, huh, huh aaaahhhhhh!” He whines roughly, feeling as though an insatiable rash is spreading across his buttocks. “Jesus what’s going on?!” He whines as he grinds his asscrack as hard as he can, “P-Please make it stop! This rash is killing me!”

“Hahaha, what? I, pfffff!” Miles doubles and laughs as Jordan practically slams his butt onto the floor and spreads his legs, digs his fingers into the carpet, and started dragging his rump in short thrusts onto the floor, “Hahahaha! Ohhhhhh Jesus, ahahahaha!”

“Errrgggghhh! GRRHH! Geeeaahh! Ohhhhh!” Jordan frowns and scowls painfully as his buns burn with a wild prickly sensation across his rump, “FFFFFFUCK my ass itches!!”

“Ok…” Vincent nods as he gets his research notes, “So with the dog pin, the mic does not make him copy what I say. Instead, it’s more like I’m planting thoughts and suggestions right into his head.” He jots down the results of this development and goes back to observing Miles playing with him. He smiles and snickers as Miles has Jordan across his lap while he scratches his ass for him, with Jordan drooling and his leg jiggling on the side.

“Theeeere you go, boy.” Miles says as he scraps his nails across Jordan’s exposed rump cheeks, his underwear pulled down just below his booty, “That feel better?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I love that, yeeeeeessss…” Jordan moans stupidly with his eyes crossed, his hips raising his ass higher as his mounds get satisfied with Miles’ aid.

“Hahahaha, who’s a good boy?”

“I am, I’m a good boy” Jordan cooes and pants with his tongue flashing out.

“That’s right, good booooy.”

“Ooooo the goodest!” Jordan yips as his leg jumps and pumps on the side.

“Feeling any better? Not that I mind. You’ve got a nice ass, sir.” Miles says between scratches and giving a quick SLAP on the ass.

“WOOF! Yeah, oh yeah, fuck yeah!” Jordan riles up as pink-rosy cheeks wiggle left and right some more from Miles’ scratching.

Vincent rubs his chin as he thinks about it “So… With the gorilla pin, all I had to do was insert it, and he just started acting like a gorilla.” Vincent goes over his notes so far, “With the chicken pin though, it needed some convincing; I had to insert it deeper into the doll before he started flapping his elbows and change his mentality. It looks like the same situation with the dog pin—it’s just altering his behavior.” He sees Jordan splayed on top of Miles while his belly is scratched again. “Then what happens if I drive the dog pin deeper?” Vincent takes the plastic bone of the needle and pushed it down lower.

“Awwlllrrrrr…” Jordan groans. “I lawler rah?” He furrows his brow as he slurped loudly.

“What’s that?” Miles asked in the midst of scratching that ass.

“Haauurrll, aaww…” Jordan blubbers and sloshes his lips before he sits upright. His tongue rolls about as more saliva dribbles from his mouth. He coughs a bit and tries to fit his tongue back into his mouth, but his lips just distend. “Errmmbble, gullburll…”

“Got something big there?” Miles teased. Jordan irks and shakes his head.

“M-mm, mmm…” Jordan shakes his head with his cheeks puffing slightly. It didn’t even take 10 seconds before Jordan’s mouth broke and his enlarged tongue flops out of his lips, “Bwaahh, heeh heeh heeeh.”

“Damn, where you been hiding that thing?” Miles laughs as he taps at the dangling appendage.

“Hawwll lawwl, hah…” Jordan shrugs as his tongue wobbles freely as it starts to dribble. He slurps it back up, his tongue trying to coil back into his mouth before he finally had it packed back inside and covered his lips with both hands. “Mrrllmm mmllbb mbblll…”

“Oh yeah?” Miles sneered as he starts to scritch into Jordan’s hairy abs again.

“Mlmbbl!” Jordan irks as he looks down, his fingers starting to glisten with his copious saliva.

“Come on. Tell me you don’t like that, boy.” Miles giggles as he rubs that belly.

“Rrrmmble! Rrrrmmm…” Jordan moans with his mouth full of tongue. He whines and irks until he gives up—his arms flop down and so does his tongue, almost jumping out of his jaws and dangling right out comically as he goes cross-eyed and his leg starts jumping up and down while Miles scratches his stomach, “Hehhh hehhh hehhh hehhh heehhh”

Vincent grins and strokes his penis as he holds the mic-piece to his mouth, “I want to lick every inch of you.”

“Oorf?” Jordan’s head suddenly quirks.

“Awww, whose a good bo—” Miles is then shoved back as Jordan is suddenly upon him. “Ah! Hey, hahahaha what are doing now???”

“Lawl, lawl, alm,” Jordan slurps and licks all over Miles’ face.

“Hahahaha, you’re fuckin lucky I’m a dog person, hahaha!” He laughs. Miles squirms as Jordan compulsively licks at his neck, “HAHAHAHA! That tickles, man! Hahahaha, oh my God!” He snickers harshly and snorted loudly as Jordan’s slippery and dripping tongue wipe and slobber all over Miles’ slender chest.

“Mmmhhh yeah, get in there…” Vincent starts getting a chubby as his boss starts licking all over Miles’ armpits, making his neighbor writhe and squirm, protesting loudly but not bothering to try and stop him.

Jordan licks greedily into those underarms, soaking Miles across with his generous spit, “Hahaha, this is starting to feel great, mmmhh” He says as the dog-brained man easily rolls his tongue along Miles’ smooth torso while he idly masturbates. Jordan’s hips continue to wag nonstop as he slurps and licks all over Miles—his hips, his shoulders, his thighs.

Vincent pushes the pin deeper into the doll until the plastic bone presses into the fabric. At this point, Jordan’s arms and legs couch on themselves to mimic a canine posture as he slips off the couch.

Jordan sits like a good dog on the floor while Miles shoves his foot into his face, his big, fat tongue slobbering all over both feet obediently, his booty racing left and right on the floor as he goes.

While stroking himself, Vincent whispers to the doll’s wires again, “Your penis smells like gravy. I better make sure I lick it all off.”

“Rrrf!” Jordan’s eyes lock on the lavender boner between Miles legs. “Arrf! Woof!” Jordan then lurches forward and points his face at Miles’ package “WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!”

“Hahaha dude, why you barking? Just- O-OhhhHHH!” Miles curls as Jordan suddenly glomps down on him, “Oh, whoa, oh fuck,” Miles squirms as that human dog goes to town him, his oversized tongue swimming around and pulling at Miles’ kibbles and bits. “O-Oh my God” Miles puts his legs on either side of Jordan as he actually fishes out those tender orbs from that thong.

Miles puts his hands on the couch as Jordan slurps loudly at his groin until his 4 inch dick emerges from his skimpy garment. “Fffffuck, you’re like a fuckin animal!” Miles moans as that wild tongue flops and curls around that dick for split seconds at a time.

That tongue! If a dog knew out to suck cock, this is how it would go about. Dab after dab of precum is slurped off of Miles’ rod. His lips slurped and bounced those loose balls around and polished Miles’ meat again and again.

Vincent takes the mic again as he jerks off to the spectable. “I am a good boy. I’m a very, very good boy.” As he says these words, he sees Jordan’s bottom wag faster, his stupid mind gathering this input, “And only good boys sniff his master’s butt.”

“RUFF! RuuFF!” Jordan barks. He swipes his paws at Miles’ hip several times, “Rrrrr, RRRrrrRRrrrrhhhfff!”

“Hahaha ok ok, boy.” Miles giggles as he gets up. He props his knees on the couch and presents his behind. “OH! Ahaha” Miles jerks and laughs as he feels Jordan shove his nose in his crack, protected only by the lavender butt-floss.

“NNNNNFFFFFF” Jordan takes a long, deep sniff into Miles’ anus, smelling the refreshing green apple scent from his shower soap. “Nfffhh hhfff hhhffhhhffhh” Jordan sniffs vigorously up and down Miles’s ass, tickling his rear and scanning his snout around either buttcheek.

“Good boy.” Vincent says as he spreads the pre on his own cock, “I wanna lick this butt. I wanna make this guy’s ass nice and wet.”


“OoOOooo!” Miles’ back arches and lets out a shuddering moan as he feels a wide wet glob slide across his bum, “Oh god, ooo! That feels, wow, hah!” He reaches back behind him and pulls down his thong. Jordan ignores the strap completely and starts to really wiggle his enormous tongue into Miles’ bubble butt.

“Oooohhh! Aaaahhh, oooomygaawwwwd ohhhhh” Miles moans long and deep, his dick leaking precum like a faucet as his anus feels that hot and wet wiggle slide up and down in his deep divide, slobber down to the back of his scrotum and massage his perineum with that tongue.

“I’m a very good boy…” Vincent says into Jordan’s mind again, “I’ll bet this guy has some juicy cuts of bacon for me inside his butthole. Those treats are REALLY deep inside his rear…”

“Awww yesss…” Miles moans as his entire booty is slobbered and worshiped, “You are so—” Then his head shoots up as his hole is flooded with a wild and slippery attack! “HOH fuucck!” His legs jumble apart as Jordan growls loudly into his ass. “OooOOhh! Ohhh fuck! A-AaaAAOOOhhhh!”

“Rrrrrr, rrgghh! Rrrrrhhh! Rrreemmpphh”

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” Miles jerks and bites on the couch’s cushion. That tongue is screwing in places that only cocks ever went, “Whoever the fuck you are, you better do this to me again! Awwwhhh!” He moans out as his G-spot is slurped and rubbed. “OhhhOOohh! Oh God, yes, yes, ahhaa!”


“ROO ROO!” Jordan suddenly yanked his tongue out of Miles’ ass and barked when there came a knock at the door.

“Agh…” Miles drooped on the couch, almost in a complete haze. He can still feel that wonderful tongue’s imprint inside him. “Fuuuuck, I was getting close too…”

“AROO ROOO ROO ROO!” Jordan dashed on all fours to the door, barking as loud as he can as he pounds and scraps at the door. “RUFF RUFF RUFF!”

“Who could THAT me?” Vincent taps at the computer and sees it’s the UPS guy. He grins as he takes the mouthpiece again. “Who’s at the door? I am super horny. I need to hump the first thing I see out the door…”

“Uuurr!” Jordan’s pelvis twitches and as his spine curled. His cock throbs and pushes against his underwear… “Arrruurrruu



“Ok alright, hang on.” Miles puts on his jeans again and walks to the door, “Get back, boy, get back.”

“Arrhh… Urrr…” Jordan whines, his hips already rocking a bit. Miles opens the door, and Jordan bolts out!


“Hi, ah—” The UPS guy gasps and irks as some guy tackles him! “Hey! Get off!”

“Oh shit, stop, no!” Miles gaps as Jordan mounts the guy’s leg and starts to hump it.

“Roorooorooroo!” Jordan barks and pants with a huge grin on his face, his tongue flopping all round while his bulge races up the man’s leg.

“Sir! Get off me now!” The UPS guy says as he smacks Jordan’s head.

“Rrf! Ruff!” Jordan ignores the smacks, sporting a dumb and happy look on his face as he shoves his chubby up and down the UPS man’s calf and thigh.

“Get him off me, dammit!” The man says as he keeps kicking his leg, but Jordan has him essentially pinned.

“Dammit, get off him!” Miles says as he yanks at Jordan’s sides.

“Rrrff rff arrrff!” Jordan whines, trying to get in several more seconds of humping.

“Get OFF! MotherFUCKER!” The UPS guy finally kicks Jordan off his leg and sprints away.

“Fuck’s sake, get back in the house!” Miles tells him. Jordan just pants and crawls back through the door.

“Hahahahaha, oh God,” Vincent laughs and claps his hands, “Priceless.”

“Good lord, buddy.” Miles rubs his brow. Jordan just beams at him and panting happily with his head tilted, “Dude, you’re gonna get me in deep shit for that!”

“Woof!” Jordan barks, his ass still wagging nonstop.

“… Fuck, I can’t stay mad.” Miles smirks and ruffles Jordan’s bleach/brown hair. He grins and pulls down his bottoms, stepping out and completely nude. Meanwhile, Vincent takes the voodoo doll’s underwear… “So…” Miles glances down at Jordan’s underwear bulge. “How about we—”

“Woof!” Jordan trots up, his underpants staying rooted to the floor—so he literally jumped out of his britches—and locked his thighs on Miles’ leg, “Heeh heehh heehh heehh!”

“Hahahaha, you’re such a stupid daawwg!” Miles laughs as Jordan humps his leg. “Fuck, man, don’t you wanna hump something else?” He asks the canine character, “Like… My ass?”

“Ruff!” Jordan barks, looking at him dumbly with enthusiasm.

“Hahaha, you’re totally out, man.” Miles teases.

Over at his house, Vincent is pinching the doll’s dick to try and guide the iron sand out of it. The hidden metal dust slides through, and pools into the doll’s testicles. “If I know Miles, Jordan’s gonna have to satisfy him with something bigger than a dancing penis.”

Unnoticed in the wild hip frenzy, Jordan’s balls grows heavy and big, drooping to the size of kiwis as they plap and roll up and down from the humping.

With his dick semi-soft, Jordan’s tongue flopping around on the left side of his jaw, the boss goes to town on Miles leg. Meanwhile, Miles jerks off as he enjoys the moment. It’s not often he gets a stud like this pre-hypnotized by his neighbor. “Yeah, who’s a good boy?” He grins as he strokes his hard cock, “You like humping Daddy’s leg?”

“ArrrOOF! Hehh hehh hehh!” Jordan pants happily, his humping getting even faster from the praise and attention.

“Good booooy, yeah.” Miles jerks off and just enjoys the nude dumbass drooling and thrusting his package at him, “I’mma show you a good bitch some time. Have a stud like you fuck a lot of bitches, yeah? Would you like that, boy? You wanna fuck some butts sometime?”


“Good booy!” Miles encourages as he ruffles Jordan’s hair. Jordan responds by slurping and licking Miles’ hand and humping even more on that thigh.

“Ok…” Vincent then picks up the doll, and makes it stand up.

“Oorrh!” Jordan feels his body yank itself up and off of Miles to stand up on his legs. The naked Pilipino chuckles and nods at him.

“Oh, what? Come on, I was getting into the dog act.” He pauses and notices that Jordan is still wagging his butt, his arms are up with his hands limb, like the dog is begging. Now that Miles has a look at Jordan’s dick… It’s really not that impressive. At best, it looks like it’s 5 inches soft, at least from what he can tell from how its bouncing around with Jordan’s wagging. “Look uh… If you can even understand me.”

“Urrr?” Jordan tilts his head.

“I kinda prefer… Big dicks, you know?”

“Yeah yeah, I know. Working on it.” Vincent says as he takes his pencil, “Just to be safe, better pull the needle some…” Vincent carefully slides the bone-pin halfway out of the doll’s head, letting Jordan’s human posture back in. Next, Vincent aims the round pink eraser at the doll’s bum… “Ever watch the honeymoon scene of Austin Powers?”

“I mean, like…” Miles nods casually at the dog-minded Jordan, “You’re hot, and I don’t discriminate, I could just like… Suck your nipples or… Like, your balls are BIG, I’d like to…” His attention is then turned to Jordan’s crotch. His dick flops up, bouncing a bit in the air before going still.

“Ooh,” Miles grins as he sits forward, “Your lil man gonna dance for me?”

“Arrff?” Jordan tilts his head, “… OOF!” He barks as his pelvis jerked forward as his ass cheeks jumble.

“Ah, you ok, man??”

“Rrrf, rrfff” Jordan winces and groans; behind him, his asshole is yawning wide open on its own again, feeling a massive tube slide in his hole.

“Uhhh, dude? I know you’re prolly hypnotized, but are you…” Again, his eyes divert back to Jordan’s enchanted cock. His jaw dropped and his eyes widen as Jordan’s mushroom head ballooned to the size of a baseball.

“RrrRRFF” Jordan gives a strained woof as his rod slowly juts forth, 5-inches hard. “Rrrrr… RRUFF!” His pelvis gives a dip-like thrust as his cock gains another several inches in length. “Rrrrr… EEERRUFF!” He barks again as his meat ducks down and flexes back up as another five inches push into his rod, “Woof, woof woof.”

“Hooooly fuck…” Miles huffs with astonishment, his own dick drooling nonstop.

Meanwhile, Vincent strokes himself a bit before taking the pencil up the doll’s ass, “Ladies and Gentlemen. I present to you…” He eases the pencil deeper, making the doll’s stretch fabric phallus reach up to 15 grand inches! He stirs the pencil around, making Jordans’ massive cock draw circles by itself, “Long Dong Silvers.” He snickered as he lets the doll down, and watching Jordan sit back down on all fours with his enormous monster still perpetually erect.

“Come’mere boy!” Miles slaps his hand hard on the couch cushion. Jordan’s head shoots up and beams, “Come on up, you fuckin stud.”

“Woof! Woof!” Jordan then hops up—his ridiculously large and thick manhood almost catching him at the edge. It’s so big it almost trips him up! His cock flops about, fully erect and patting Miles’ leg.

“Hooooly shiiiiit!” Miles gaps as he grabs that monster meat with both hands. He squeezes it, strokes it, rolling his hands up to ooze out a fat glob of precum from the slit, “Where the hell were you hiding THIS thing?!”

“Hahahaha,” Vincent faps away as Miles admires and worships that enlarged penis, “Are you not enteraaaiiiiiined??” He cheered playfully.

“AwoowooOOOOOOO!” Jordan howled playfully.

“Hahah! Fuck I can fuckin ride it like a horse, yeah??” Miles laughs as he puts his naked underside on it. Jordan grins with his fat tongue dangling freely from his mouth while Miles sits on his cock like a pole-shaped seat.

“Let’s do some push-ups.” Vincent grins as he takes the doll and takes the pencil. “Up…”

Miles then feels Jordan’s fat log push up under him and press up his buns. His jaw opens wider as his whole body levitates from Jordan’s lap, with only his penis doing the lifting! “Holy shiiiit…”

“RrrUFF!” Jordan woofs before his cock lowers down to hover Miles downward. Then his rod flexes up again and elevates Miles up a few inches once more.

“O-Ohhhfffuck, you are making me so fucking horny.” Miles grinds himself onto that massive meat, feeling it throb and lower down again, his hands grasping at Jordan’s shoulders while his shorter shaft stands rigid.

Vincent twirls the fleshlight on his own dick as he moves the pencil in the doll, like a very lewd action figure, “Up,” He forces Jordan’s manhood slowly crank up and support Miles’ weight, “Down,” Jordan’s powerful penis mimics the doll’s stretched member and goes down. His cock lifts him up by about a foot, and then it descends slowly. He does this several times, no doubt driving Miles crazy until finally, Miles had enough and climbed off him, grabbing that monster by the ‘leash’ and getting him off the couch.

Minutes later in the bedroom, Jordan is tilting his head as Miles clicks a black collar with metal spikes around his neck. “There you go, boy” Miles says, standing right in front of Jordan, that huge dong right between his legs.

“Arruurrrr” Jordan says cluelessly before Miles goes up and kiss him. Miles closes his eyes and puts his hand behind Jordan’s head, with the other one going down and scratching Jordan’s hairy belly. Jordan rolls his eyes up and lets his flat and big tongue slobber along Miles’ neck while his leg starts thumping up and down again.

“I think Miles is in heat…” Vincent says to the mic.

“Rrf?” Jordan’s head shoots up before his nose starts sniffing loud. His snout sniffs the air several times, as if to ‘detect’ the heat smell. He looks over Miles’ shoulder and gets a big wide gander at that twink’s bubble butt.

“Yeah… Miles a purebred Pilipino bottom-boi. He’s in season, and he needs a big horny dog to breed him…”

“RrrrHHrrrr…” Jordan’s massive penis curves up with arousal as he looks those eyes down at that worshiping pretty boy. His tongue starts to dribble twice as much while his butt starts to wag again. “GrrrRRrrr rrrhhhrrr…”

“That’s right. Miles is a bitch in heat. There are other dogs in the neighborhood—what if they get to breed him first? Miles is in heat BIG time, and you need to give him your puppies before any of the other brainless dogs do.”

“Rrrr… GrrrrRRRrrr…” Jordan growls while Miles looks up at him.

“Huh? What’s up?”

“RrrrrRRRRGGRRRhhhh…” Jordan snarls and bares his teeth… While his massive member juts a bit more.

“U-Uh…” Miles winces as he backs up a bit, “Is us… Something wrong… Boy?”

Vincent then takes the plastic bone at the end of the needle and slides it back all the way into the doll’s head.

“RrrrrOOF!” Jordan puts his hands onto Miles’ chest and shoves him back.

“A-Ahh!” Miles yelps as he falls to the floor, “Oy, easy, man!” He scolds as he turns around and attempts to get up. “Hang on, lemme get on the bed—” Next thing he knows, he feels that heavy monster slap his bubble butt.

“Rrr rrr rrr rrr,” Jordan’s hips start to thrust and slap at Miles as only one thing is forced to the front of his brain. His tongue is salivating so much, his drool is dribbling all over Miles’ crack and bottom, rolling down and moistening his entrance.

“Dude, you’re not even- Agh, come on!” Miles scowls as he fights off the hypnotized mutt.

Vincent then takes the doll and holds the pencil. It’s getting tricky to do this—with just the dog pin in play, there’s only so much he can do, what with Jordan’s brain being at stake here, it’s not safe to use a BLUE or ORANGE pin right now to get ahold of him.

Still, while eyeing the screen and timing it right, Vincent moves the pencil sticking out of the doll’s rear and angle Jordan’s cock in the midst of his frenzy.

“DUDE! Get off! Lemme get some lube!” Miles shouts as the clueless gentleman continues to mount him, “You’re not gonna- A-AHH!” Miles’ hole suddenly feels a large pain. Before he could react, the huge protrusion jabs right in his ass! “OHH! FUCK!” He staggers on the floor as Jordan above him can’t stop himself.


“FFFUCK! AHH!” Miles winces, but once Jordan realized that he’s inside him, his canine-mind adjusts his body. “Sssssshit, agh, mmhh!” Miles angles his legs and his lower body right before he feels the weight of Jordan’s happy trail abs hover over him. And then Jordan’s rapid thrusts begin again.

“Ohh! Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh,” Miles moans below him as he arches his back. Finally, it’s going good as his experienced anal muscles reform to handle the large and rabid shaft. “FUuuUUuuUUuuck,” He moans as his body jumps and bounces back and forth on the floor.

“Hahh hahh hahh hahh hahh” Jordan goes cross-eyed as his massive bone is finally buried in some sweet bitch warmth. His back hunched in an awkward pose and his arms planted at a higher position, Jordan humps at a fast pace into Miles’ hot hole.

“Oh, hoh, hoh, ohhhhhhhh” Miles whines sweetly he leans into his elbows while his lower body jerks from that forceful pounding, “Good boy, yeeeees!”

“Arrrfff! Grrrrr. rrRRRrrrr” Jordan growls lustfully as he humps Miles into submission. Miles bites his lip and feels his hands onto those strong arms in front him as his rear takes the pounding, grunting hard with each thrust down.

“Oh good boy, good boy, get in there, mmfff, fuck yeah, fuck me,” Miles moans as he pushes his rear backward—or at least tried to. His own short rod goes rigid as his asshole takes that savage size almost with ease. Would have been a LOT better if he had the chance to apply some lube, but at least Jordan licked his butt enough to make it soaking wet in and out.

Vincent works his fleshlight up and down as he watches his boss fuck Miles like a real dog. He clicks at the computer once or twice to change angles, watching his stupid dog boss mount Miles from the front, then to an angle where his fat balls swing between his asscheeks and Miles’ sac, even a close up of Jordan with his eyes looking goofy and dumb with his enormous tongue flopping everywhere and out of his shit-eating grinning mouth while Miles just stays on the floor and takes it hard.

“Ohh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh” Miles lays his face down on the clean carpet and moans longingly as that huge dong pistons into his anus, “FUuuUUuccck… Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm” Miles jerks and pants as intense pleasure and ache stretches him out exactly how he loves.

“Thaaaaat’s right…” Vincent says into the mic, jerking off as he watches, “You got your bitch in heat exactly where you want him.” He says into Jordan’s mind, “But I think he’s thinking about other dogs…”

“RrrrrrrrrrrrRRRR…” Jordan bares his human teeth and snarls sharply as his hips hump harder and faster.

“O-OH! Ohh! FUCK! Fuck, fuck fuck!” Miles bites his arm as his anus starts to hurt so good. “NNhh! Mmmhh!” Jordan is really giving it to him, and it feels amazing. “Good boy, good boy, good boy!”

“Not good enough, Rover.” Vincent screws with his head a little more, “You better show this little bitch that he belongs to you. If that Border Collie across the street wants to mount your bitch, he’s gonna have to get in line.”

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck yes,” Miles moans out. “You- A-Ahh!” He irks and gasps as he feels that wet tongue glob on his neck, right before Jordan’s teeth sink at his skin. “Awwwwhhhhh!” Miles moans and braces himself just as Jordan sinks for a love bite while his hips really start to SLAM his humping. “OH! OH! OH! OHHHH!”

“There you go.” Vincent whispers as he jerks off, “Assert your dominance. Don’t let that horny bitch forget that those are YOUR puppies in his stomach.”

“RrrrrRGGHH rrrrggghh!” Jordan snarls harshly as he humps Miles faster, sliding his enormous meat in and out. “Rrggrrggrgggrgggrgghhh”

“Oh fuck me, boy, fuck meeee” Miles moans as that teeth and tongue work over his neck. His ass burns with passion and momentum as Jordan nails him like the dominant male he is. Miles masturbates underneath meanwhile as he’s fucked over doggy-style by a human dog. “Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh!” Miles’ body jerks back and forth as Jordan’s humping gets harder and faster.

“Yeah, give it to him, good boy,” Vincent says as his fleshlight squishes swiftly up and down his cock. His arm jerks faster and faster as he watches the nude men go at it like a hound breeding his bitch. After 5 minutes of watching them fuck, Jordan’s back erects as he humps him faster just before his barking starts to get more frequent.

“RUFF! ARF! WWWWOOF!” Jordan barks out as he keeps slamming Miles down, “AaarrRRRrruuuRRrrr!”

“Fuck, breed me, boy!” Miles moans as he braces his arms down, wincing with intensity from the hard fuck, “Breed me hard, aahhh! Breed my ass! Oh breed my fuckin aaaass!”

“Rrrrggghh!” Jordan snarls as he puts his arms over Miles’s while his hips shove down harder and harder, somehow keeping up the vigorous humping. “Grrrrhhhh! GRrRRRHhhGGH!”

“Jesus, you’re a fucking animal!” Miles moans out as Jordan acts more and more feral as he plows his ass.

“GHH! RRGGGHH!” Jordan growls sharply a few more times before he completely hilts Miles, balls-deep.


“AAWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Jordan’s back straightens out completely as he howls at the top of his lungs.

“Awwwww! Ohhhhhhffffffuck!” Miles practically squeals out as he feels that massive log gush inside him. His overstretched anus squirts fat rivulets of cum around Jordan’s enlarged manhood, but he could swear he feels Jordan’s spunk inside his stomach.

Vincent, meanwhile, is still jerking it, getting close himself. He watches as Jordan’s feral posture has him move backwards and pull his still hard cock out of Miles. He smirks as Jordan gets ready to curl up to rest, “Oh no you don’t.”

“Rrr?” Jordan’s head shoots up as the thought manifests in his mind.

“You are going to clean that twink butt until Miles is done.”

“Ruff!” Jordan than moves up again.

“Fuck… Oh fuck…” Miles groans, hardly able to move as he turns halfway over, “You were… That was- OoOOOoo!” His body arches and squirms as Jordan’s face suddenly is all over his sperm-soaked ass. “Oh my God, ohh! Shhhiiittt, wwoooww!” Miles grins and moans, panting and writhing as that flat and wet tongue wipes and slurps all around the cum dribbling everywhere on his supple bottom. “You really ARE a nasty butt-whore, man!”

Jordan just continues to slurp and lick up his own cum, wiggling his invasive tongue into that crack and squirming into that very loose pucker.

“Oh fuck, that’s a good boy,” Miles’ hand jerks himself off fast, masturbating as he goes on his back and holds his trembling legs up to watch the canine man drink his spunk right out of his clean hole. “Jesus, right there, right there, right there!” Miles moans as he jerks off. “Ohhh! Aaawwwllll! Oh Christ, yes awwwhhh! Oh God!”

Jordan snarfs and glomps his way into Miles’ well abused pucker; his is definitely NOT the first torpedo he’s tucked up his ass. This cream-filled donut hole is so stretched and flexible, he’s able to graze his teeth in his undercarriage while his whole tongue wiggles around in that tunnel and scoops out that hot cum.

Vincent works over his fleshlight as he sees Miles’ dick shoot his orgasm all over himself, several white ropes jumping out and painting his smooth and slender body. “Ffffffff!” Vincent tenses and plants his fleshlight’s lips right down into his pubes. “… GHHHaaahh! Ahhhh…” And just like that, he gets right off like this was an authentic porn. Vincent kicks back and sighs, groaning lazily as Jordan deftly licks the underside of Miles’ petite balls.

Vincent chuckles as he takes the mic connected to the voodoo doll again, “Now be a good boy and clean him up.”

“Awwhhh…” Miles moans as he lies on the floor, giggling as Jordan crawls next to him and sniffs at his tummy. “Hahahahaha, oh my gosh, hehehehe” Miles smiles weakly as that hungry slab of tastebuds wipe and slurp at his slim build. Miles relaxes and moans pleasantly as he pets Jordan’s back, making the gentleman wag his ass left and right again while he licks every drop of cum off of Miles.

Spent and tired, both men doze off on the floor, Miles’ member flaccid and resting on his smooth scrotum while Jordan’s is still the size of a Swedish sausage and standing at full mast.

A half an hour later, Vincent stirs his iced tea when he hears his phone start to ring. “Hm?” He picks up his drink and goes to answer it, “Hello?”

“Dude. Best. Fuck. Ever.”

“Hahahahaha, I take it my boy satisfied then?”

“Dude, he’s still fuckin haaarrd!” Miles gushed with a snicker.

“He is?” Vincent furrows his brow and strides over to the computer. Miles is scratching those hairy abs with the sleeping Jordan’s leg bobbing and jiggling in the air. And of course, Jordan’s cock is still the size of a champagne bottle, “Oh yeah, forgot to take the pencil out…”



“So, is this like… What kind of hypnosis is this?” Miles asked, “His dick just like… I don’t know, jumped outta nowhere! It was all limp and stuff then it was like that Viagra scene from Scary Movie 4!”

“Yeah, it was part of my work project.”

“DUDE. What kinda project has you turning some guy into a hound that’s hung like a horse??!”

“Long story.”

“So like…” Miles looks and strokes the huge hard shaft, “Who is he anyway?”

“Weeeeeell, he’s kiiinndaaa my boss.”

“Oh God,” Miles laughed, “You actually did some mind shit with your own boss??”

“Technically, he’s not my official boss. He’s more like my employer, or otherwise the guy who pays for my program.”

“Hahahahaha, I hope you can pull some amnesia junk on him, because I don’t think he’s gonna like that you fucked with his head.”

“Hey, he was going to fuck with my livelihood first, he had it coming.” Vincent says as he removes the wires and tiny speaker from the doll’s mouth.

“You serious??”

“Yeah, it’s another long story.” Vincent leans on the side, “So what do you say? You up for another round with him?”

“Psh, are you kidding? He fuckin wrecked my ass. I’m not gonna walk right for a week, let alone my usual routines.”

“Ok. I think I’m going to wake him up now; do you want me to have him charming or horrified?”

“I can do with a laugh.”

“Horrified it is then.” Vincent says as he hangs up. He sits down at the screen and pulls out the bone-pin out of the doll. Double checking the app for the voodoo doll, he nods and confirms that Jordan’s brain should be relatively fine by now. One little pin shouldn’t hurt.

Taking a YELLOW pin, he writes down the command, [RESET: FORGET 40 MINUTES AGO]

“Right after I found out about his little text about pulling my plug. Perhaps waking up to a sexy stranger oughtta teach him a lesson.” He notes before taking the YELLOW pin, and stuck it into the doll.

By now, Miles is cuddling next to Jordan, just as he was waking up. Vincent smirked as Jordan sits upright, looking at the naked pretty boy next to him, and then at himself. He scrambled up and tripped over himself because of his 15-inch long and 3-inch thick dong bobbing between his legs. He gaps and yelps at it, throwing an accusing finger at Miles, who is shrugging and laughing. In seconds, Jordan just dashes out.

Vincent chuckles as he steps to the window and watch his nude employer run out onto the lawns. Jordan whips around for any clothes but keeps running to his car, with his fat boner bouncing and slapping around at full hardness between his thighs.

“Hah hah haaaah, that’s priceless.” Vincent shuts off his computer and tends to the voodoo doll. He slides the pencil out of its rear end and shrunk its dick to normal, imagining Jordan in the driver’s seat of his car and watching his monster cock suddenly deflate and flop down on his shrinking balls. He checks if he has time for a PURPLE pin to take care of a couple of loose ends, but Jordan is already pulling out.

“Ah well. Maybe he’ll think about being a better boss to all his subordinates and colleagues from now on. Still got a lot of good data for the project.”

Vincent opens the tiny zipper in the doll’s head and sighed as he looks at the strand of Jordan’s hair in it—it’s burned down to almost a spec, “Time limit is approximately one hour. Using store-bought cotton doesn’t seem to improve how long it lasts. Next time I’ll have to see if cultivated cotton or maybe goose down will have any effect.”

“Now.” He sits down at his seat to access the video feed and recorded content of Miles’ security camera, “I better get to work on editing and publishing a video for another audition for Miles at Stud-Nut Studios. Might get him in this time.”

Vincent places the doll back into its secure little box and neatly puts away all of its pins and tools and clothing before getting to work on the homemade porno.