The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Voodoo Doll Testing

Chapter 3

The pin on the doll’s head spits out a few tiny static sparks before the thin metal is pushed out, “Damn, time’s up…” Vincent mutters under his breath. “Didn’t even get to put any triggers in…”

“What?” Jordan quirks up.

“Sorry, what?”

“Oh for God’s sake, Vincent!” Jordan scowls as he covers his lap with his hands, realizing that he’s still in his underwear.

“What?” Vincent scoffs.

“How long do you want me in just my underpants, Vincent?? This is supposed to be serious!”

“Oh don’t act so embarrassed.” Vincent grins as he takes a small magnet from his pocket, “After all, I think all of this is making you randy.” He then hovers the magnet over the doll’s crotch…

“What are you going on now? I’m not enjo…” His hands then feel a new movement. He looks down and gaps as his underwear pushes forward under his fingers. “Oh my God, what the heck??”

“Not what?” Vincent grins as he watches Jordan’s body match the doll’s bulge turns into a protrusion. Jordan can’t help but feel up and squeeze at his under his briefs, finding that his organ is in fact engorged in a full erection.

“How are you even doing this??”

“When making the doll, I had put a tiny metal orb inside of its penis,” Vincent explained as he moves the magnet down. Jordan gaps as his hard-on points to the floor. As if it is a sentient joystick, Jordan’s solid tent draws a circle, wiggles a slow figure-8, and then points up until it starts nudging at Jordan’s happy trail, “Then I filled the rest of it with a small portion of fine iron sand just for good measure. That way, I can control the movement of the victim’s cock with just a magnet.”

“Ok, I’ll admit that’s… It’s impressive.” Jordan tries to grab his dick and keep it from moving, but Vincent’s magnetic puppeteering makes it move side-to-side. “But enough is…”

He watches with fascination. He moves his hips, but the head of his cock stays in one place. He circles his pelvis, but his erect member acts as a pigeon’s neck and stays on one spot.

“Pretty cool, right?” Vincent says as he sees his boss examine his magnetized member. He moves the magnet away from the doll, and its and Jordan’s member settle down in the respective underpants.

“Yes, that is impressive, I will admit. Ok, so um…” Jordan has a slight inkling to ask Vincent to play with the doll some more. Somehow, being controlled like this is oddly… Titillating. At least that’s what the tingle in his cock is telling him. “Is there uh… Anything else the doll can do?”

“Well… There are a FEW other things I haven’t tried out yet.” Vincent nods.

“Try them!” Jordan says, “Uh, ahem, sorry, just uh…” Just then, Jordan’s phone starts to ring from his pants. He looks at Vincent, then his pants, and then winces as he goes to it, “Oonnne second, sorry.”

As Jordan goes to his phone, Vincent plucks up one of the other longer needles from his desk—this one with a tiny plastic egg on it…

“Yes, hello?” Jordan answers, “… … Yes, speaking… … Excuse me?” Jordan frowns as he listens in, “Alright, listen, you don’t want to screw with my info, alright?”

Vincent leans on a chair and aims and pushes the current egg-pin into the doll’s head.

“Listen, if you even TRY going over my head, I’m going to completely ba-kAAEEHK!” Jordan blurts out, “B-B-B-B-Buh-Buh, Buh-CAWK!”

“Pffff, hahahaha…” Jordan snickers as his boss stands there in his briefs, angrily clucking into the speaker.

“Buk buk, b-kaak!” Jordan shots, gesturing his arms as he speaks, but ranting up and down like a chicken, “B-Bu-Bu-Buk-cawk! Buk-Buk-Buk!”

“Errr…” Vincent tilts his head at his fuming boss. His arms aren’t flapping like a chicken, he’s just talking like one. “Uhhh, Jordan?”

“Buck buck, b-gawk,” Jordan tells Vincent after holding up a finger, possibly saying ‘just a moment’. “Beerrk, berk berk, buuuck… … … Buh-Buh, bu-gawk?” He asks as he gives a curious look.


“Berk berk, buck-ka-bak-ka-ka-gawk… … … Buk buk! Buh-Buh-Buh-Bu-kawk!”

“Jordan, hang on,” Vincent insists, “I’m trying one of the needles NOW. Can’t you tell I—”

Jordan drops his shoulders and rolls his stance and rolls his eyes, “Buk-buk, berk” He tells the phone before turning and giving Vincent a very annoyed look “BAWK BAWK BAWK!” Jordan caws in a few high-pitched squawks at Vincent, gesturing his hand at the phone and himself, as if to say, ‘Can’t you see I’m on the PHONE?!’ “BaaawWWWK B-B-B-BUHgawk?! BUhk, buk buk!”

“Alright, alright!” Vincent scoffs while holding up his hands before Jordan goes back to his phone call. “Sorry, be cool.”

“Ba-gawk…” He listens in. He rolls his eyes and starts pointing at the air, as if he is ranting at another one of his employees, “Buk buk, buh-gawk! B-B-B-B-Bu-guk-guk,”

“Huh…” Vincent tilts his head slightly. He removes the needle to test out a thought.

“I don’t have time to listen to your nonsense! … … I am NOT, I’m talking normally! … … What do you mean NOW??” Jordan rants in plain English, “You have any idea how many—” Vincent then stabs the doll’s head with the egg needle, “Beeeerrrk, b-b-b-b-buck buck! Bawk bawk ba—” Vincent removes the needle out of the doll, “—her to back off my territory! … … … What are you even going on about?? I am talking to YOU! … … NO! I’m not! Would you pay attention to what I—” Vincent inserts the needle again, “B-Bu-Bu-Buk buk buk! Buk-Buk, ba-GAWK!”

“Huh.” Vincent observes as Jordan continues to berate the phone with some rather fowl language, “Seems like he can’t tell the difference…” Vincent goes to his desk and jots it down, “Gonna have to fix that, he’s supposed to be flapping and squatting…”

“BAH-Ba-BAH bah-Baaawwwk!” Jordan says. Vincent grins as he removes the needle, “For the LAST time, I am NOT talking like a chicken! … … … Fine, fine! Just have those reports on my desk by 5 O’clock, or your ass is fried! … No, that is NOT a pun, what does that have to do with anything?! … … Whatever, bye.” Jordan hung up with an angry huff and threw his phone to the couch, “God’s sake…”

“Something the matter, boss?” Vincent chuckled as he takes the doll.

“Eh, some piss-ant kept saying some weird stuff.” Jordan answers, just when Vincent gives the egg-pin one last push, “The idiot kept saying I was bawk berrk-ka-ka-buck buck.”

“I know, I get it.” Vincent nods, “I bet your wife gives you all sorts of bullshit, huh?”

“BAAWK bawk bawk, buk.” Jordan nods and talks. “B-B-B-B-Buk-buk! Baaawwwk, bawk-bawk-bawk, beerrrk.”

“You don’t say.” Vincent moves the needle deeper into the doll.

“Baawwwwk, buk-buk-buk,” Jordan clucks as his arms go up. Vincent raises his eyebrows a bit as Jordan’s fists slowly go into his armpits.

“Huh…” Vincent looks at the doll and the egg-pin, seeing the needle is halfway in, and inches it in deeper, “So, Jordan?”

“Buk, buk, buk, buk…” Jordan clucks cluelessly, his head bobbing slightly as he turns about.

“Jooordan, Jordan? Hey!” Vincent snaps his fingers a bit, trying to get his attention. “Jordan, over here.”

“BAAAaawwk bawk bawk buk-buk-buk,” Jordan clucks as his elbows flap idly.

“Okay, I get it.” Vincent nods. He inserts the pin all the way into the doll—to where the small plastic egg is against the fabric.

“Beeerrrk! Buk-buk-buk!” Jordan squats down and clucks non-stop. He bobs his head and pecks around.

“Interesting…” Vincent takes his notes and jots down this new development, “I mean, this didn’t happen with the banana-pin. Maybe I made the egg-min wrong?” He then looks at the doll and feels where the squeeze-bulb is, the one that induces gas.

“Hahaha, wonder what happens if I do this.” He then presses the hollow bulb inside the doll.

“BAWK!” Jordan’s legs cramp together and he arches his back and sticks his butt out as deep as he can, his eyes clenching and his face wincing hard. His elbows flap harshly as he caws louder, “BUK-BUK-BUH-GAWK!!” Jordan then stands a little higher, and bobs around.

“Huh. He didn’t fart. Did he just lay an egg? Or… Oh God,” Vincent rushes around to check Jordan’s brief-covered bum. “Oh thank God, didn’t shit yourself.”

“B-B-B-B-Buk buk…” Jordan clucks and flaps, a lot calmer than a second ago. Vincent looks at him, then at the doll. He grins as he gives the doll’s pelvis another fart-press, “CALLK!” Jordan yelps out loud as his butt sinks down again and he raises his elbows again, “BEH-KEHK!” He simulates another ‘egg’ before continue to peck at imaginary grain, “Beeeerk buk buk buk…” Vincent gives another press of the bulb, forcing another massive pain in the ass on Jordan again, “BAWK! BEERRK GUCK!” His back arches, like his ass really is throwing out a hard and heavy egg. “Buuuuk, buck buck…”

“Ok, very good annotations.” Vincent nods as he jots down the results. “Hm… So…” Vincent then takes the egg-pin, and slowly pulls it out. Halfway out of the doll’s head, Jordan’s legs straighten up, but his fists are still rolling in his armpits.

“Bu-bu-buk, buk buk buk, baaawwwk, bawk bawk” Flapping idly, Jordan bobs his head around.

“Heh heh.” Vincent goes up and ups Jordan’s bulge, “You know I know another hypnotist that has a gnarly chicken-trigger fetish. Bet he’d love to get a load of you.”

“Buuuurk, buk-buk-buk, b-b-b-buk,” Vincent pulls the pin out a little more, and Jordan’s arms are back to normal, “Berrrrk, brk brk brk, b-b-b-b-bawk,” Jordan gestures a few times while ‘talking’ normally, and then Vincent plucks the pin out. “And don’t even get me started on the garage door.”

“Hahaha you don’t say.” Vincent smiles and nods.

“So- agh, fuck,” Jordan winces and rubs his rump, “What the hell?”

“What’s wrong?”

“Agh, my ass is sore as hell.” He winces, “Agh, feel like I just took a huge dump…” Jordan turns around and shows Vincent his behind, “I didn’t, did I? Please tell me the doll didn’t…”

“Nope, you’re all clear.” Vincent reachs over and pats Jordan’s on the rear. “So, you have no recollection of what you just did?”

“What do you mean?”

“This.” Vincent holds the needle with the egg on it, “This pin makes you act like a chicken.”

“It does?”

“Yeah. I just proved it just now.”

“… Nnnno you didn’t.”

“Yes I did, I just stuck it in, like this.” Vincent puts the needle into the doll’s head.

“Bah-bah, buck.” Jordan shrugs. “Brk-ka-buk buk.”

“You don’t feel any different.”

“Beerrk, b-b-b-b-buk-kawk.”

“You’re clucking like a chicken though. Right now.”

“Buuuck, buck-buck”

“Ok, good to know.” Vincent removes the pin and jots down the note. Jordan tilts his head curiously before Vincent plucks out the needle.

“So what else can the doll do?”

“Well…” Vincent glances down and scoffs, “I could. If you’re liking it THAT much.”

“Huh?” Jordan looks down and raises his brow—he’s sporting an actual boner this time. “A-Ah, heh heh…” He shuckles sheepishly, just as Vincent was fondling the doll again, “I uh… I don’t know where that ca-AAUUURRRrrr…” He suddenly feels a wild belch come out of him, “Whoa, sorry, excuse me.”

“For what?” Vincent chuckles as he presses the doll again.

“For- urp.” His cheeks puff again before he releases once more, “EeeEEEIIIGGHHHhhhh. Whoohh.” Jordan scoffs and shakes his head a bit. “Damn. Are you making me do that?”

“Do what?” Vincent asks as he shifts the doll a bit and gets ready to push.

“That gas. Are you making it so—”


Jordan irks and scoffs as a powerful fart croaks from his crack.

“Yes, easily.” Vincent says.

“That is incredible, Vincent.” Jordan admires, as if farting on command is the most fascinating thing there is.


“Whoa! Ah…” He laughs and shakes his head, “Just careful with that, or I might turn this place into a Dutch oven.”

“Oh no, that’s the best part of it.” Vincent says, “See, since it’s not really your body making the gas, it has no smell. It’s just air.”

Jordan takes a second to sniff a few times, then raises his eyebrows and nods, “Yeah, you’re right.”

“Still, it’s an awesome prank, right? Like a built-in whoopee cushion.”

“Yeah… It makes for a great time, haha”

“Yeah?” Vincent chuckles as he sees the chubby developing in Jordan’s underwear, “What, you have a fart fetish or something?”

“No, I just…” Jordan breathes, shaking his head a bit “Just… Being controlled like this is somehow… I don’t know, hot.”

“Oh really?” Vincent smirks as he turns the doll and pushes his thumb on the doll’s crotch.

“Ooo-Ohhh,” Jordan’s body irks a bit and flexes his torso. The round bulge of his crotch rolls all by itself, his tenders squishing into reach other by the invisible motion that makes his whole set move on its own.

“You like it when I play with the doll, sir?” Vincent says as he plays with the plush’s package.

“Oh gosh that feels good…” Jordan groans as he just observes his manhood pushing around his underwear. His cock getting thicker and hard as it slowly struggles inside, sporting a sentient tent as he stands there while Vincent toys with him. “Hey, so, if you take off the voodoo doll’s clothes, mine come off too, right?”

“Of course. Like this.” Vincent then takes the doll’s underwear and peels it back. Jordan looks down and sees his waistband pull itself forward, peering into his chubby and nestled testicles.


“Yeah. How do you think I was able to give you a wedgie earlier?” Vincent chuckled as he snapped the doll’s underroos back in place while Jordan’s does the same, “You know, like this?”

“Wait wait Vincennnt!” Jordan winces as his briefs mimics the plush doll and start to drive up his crack, “A-Ahh! Fffffffuck!” He bites his lip and irks as his underpants yank between his cheeks, the phantom grip rendering his classic undergarment for men into a makeshift thong.

“Oh come on, you know you’re loving this.” Vincent chuckles as he pulls his fingers as hard as he can on the doll’s underpants.

“AH! Ohh! FFF! NNHH!” Jordan whines and grunts as his anus and balls feel the hard pulls. His hands clutch his sac while his face goes red, “FFFFUCK that smarts, Vincent!”

“Oh please. If you REALLY want it to hurt,” Vincent then angles the doll, watching as Jordan’s back arches as the back of his briefs pulls to new heights.

“Aaaah! AWWHHH!” Jordan tenses and grunts as his perineum endures the rigid burn of his garment. He peers his head up and saw that the brim of his underwear now hovers over his head!

“There.” Vincent then secures the doll’s briefs over its head, therefore blinding Jordan with his own.

“A-AHh! W-Whooa, fuck!” Jordan staggers, his spine forced into a very awkward position, his buns practically hanging out from either side of the flossing underpants. His arms flail a bit and attempts to pull off the atomic wedgie, “V-Vincent, aagghh!” He winces and hisses, “I know I said I liked this, but this hurts like a son of a bitch!!”

“Well if it makes you feel any better, you’re providing me with some good intel.” Vincent reports as he jots down in his notebook, writing how the elasticity of the doll’s own clothing extends to the victim.

“Aggh, geuuaaah, ugh!” Jordan finally pries his briefs-cap off his head, panting as he spends the next minute grunting and pulling the wedgie out of his crack. Vincent snickers as he looks at the strain and discomfort his boss is exhibiting; honestly, there were times he wanted to do JUST that to him while working under him; Jordan’s a bit of an asshat snob at the best of times.

“Ok. There’s something else I wanted to try.” Vincent says, “Something minor.”

“Hahh… Hoh… Whew… Ok…” Jordan pants, “What’s next?”

“Well first, I’m gonna need you to put your clothes on.” Vincent says as he picks up the doll’s shirt.

“Really? How come?”

“Would you rather I put them on the doll myself?”

“… Maybe.”

“Pfff, ok, got it” Vincent smirks as he puts the shirt onto the doll’s front.

“So, are my clothes just going to appear, or—” He was interrupted as his polyester shirt forces itself on his front, “Agh! What th- Hey!”

“You wanted this, sir” Vincent laughs as he shakes his head. Jordan frowns as he sees shirt is on backwards. Before he can say anything, something sneaks up on him from below and he topples over!

“Whoa! Ow!” He irks as his trousers push themselves up and over his crotch and below his rump. He sits up, only to notice his tie flaps on his face, secured around his head with it resting on his face. Finally, his office jacket finds its way on his torso, with his socks hidden in his pockets and his shoes on his hands.

“There. You look ready for your next meeting!” Vincent jests as his boss gets up and gives him a disgruntled glare.

“Really? Really, Vincent?”

“Tssss, relax, sir.”

Jordan grumbles as he removes half of his clothing and puts it on the correct way, while Vincent waits patiently between each go, adjusting the doll so the clothing matches the person it’s controlling—it’s a bit dodgy, he sort of has to wait until Jordan takes off the clothing first before he can remove the doll’s clothing; same thing with putting them back on.

Finally, while Jordan is getting his tie clip, Vincent takes an ORANGE pin, and stuck it into the doll.

“Ow! Ah!” Jordan slaps his chest where the sting happened. “Was that another needle?”

“Yeah. Which reminds me,” Vincent pulls the doll’s shirt off of its little body… While Jordan’s shirt and jacket does NOT move at all, “Meant to ask you; when I push the pins into the doll, how long does the sharp pains last?”

“Only like a second.” Jordan shrugged while Vincent takes up a couple of BLUE pins. Jordan doesn’t pay attention while the doll’s arms move up to make a flexing pose “It’s like a big mosquito,” Jordan says while his arms crank up like a body builder again, “It only hurts for- Ow!” He yips as his hands hurt with pinpricks again. “There it is again,”

“You don’t say.” Vincent says as Jordan’s arms are now unable to move while he gets something else from his tools, “Go on.”

“Yeah, so.” Jordan says, his arms curled and flexed on either side of his head, “Anyway, lately my wife has been getting on to me about having to- ooOOaah! Hah hah,” He suddenly scoffs as a light brush crazed into his side under his clothing, “What the hell was that??”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve got the doll, Vincent. You’re the one-ooOOOHHH! “ Jordan’s body irks and quirks as he feels another deviant softness play across his armpit, “Vincent, I’m serious, iffffff, hah hah hah” Jordan scoffs and chuckles as his back feels the waft trace. While still flexing his arms, he takes a few breaths.

Meanwhile, Vincent smirks as he holds a white feather in one hand and holds the doll in the other, “Sounds like you’re tying to tell me something, sir.” Vincent then gets ready to wiggle the feather onto the doll’s neck.

“Vincent, you know damn well- ahhh!” Jordan’s chin shoves into his chest as his neck feels the invisible soft bristles on his neck. “Ghghhghghghg! Ha-ahhh, aahahhahahh” His body tenses a bit as he tries to pressure the tickling off his neck before it disappears, “Ok, ok… I think I- hahahahaha!” Jordan starts to squirm as his shoes clunk on the floor when he tries to move away from the phantom tickle that is now digging into one of his armpits.

“Sir, keep talking, I can’t record any info if you keep laughing.” Vincent teases as he rushes the feather into one of the doll’s underarms.

“Vincent! STOP!” Jordan scoffs loudly, “I’m very ti- I’m very ghahahahahaha!” He laughs with his arms still posed up, huffing out as his opposite armpit starts swimming in the playful rush, “GYEHHAhahahahhahaha!”

“Yeah, you like this, don’t you?” Vincent smirks as he then goes down and starts brushing the feather between the doll’s legs.

“OOoooh!” Jordan’s yelps just before he pushed his thighs together as he tries to resist the inane tickle wiggling into his inner regions, posing like Hercules seriously needs to take a piss with how he’s standing. “Hahahahaha! EEHEHEhahahahaha! I swear to God, STAAHHP! GAHAHAHAH!” His face goes red as his he endures the rigorous tickle.

“You’re more than welcome to try and stop me, sir.” Vincent chuckles as he brushes the feathers around and between the doll’s genitals after removing its pants—with Jordan’s pants still remaining on his body.

Jordan writhes on his feet and squirms his pelvis around as he continues to giggle uncontrollably. His hips jerk and whip around as his body automatically tries to escape the invasive sensation of a savage tickle, the spots between his thighs and balls getting a particular attack from the feather.

“Jesus Christ this feels weird!!!” Jordan wails between his snickering and giggling.

Then the BLUE pins in the doll’s arms crackled a bit with their magic and dropped out of the plush, “Ah dammit.” Vincent frowned.

“Ha-haaah!” Jordan’s hands immediately duck down to cup his pants as the feather still persisted in his nether parts. “Haah… Haaah… Haaah… Vincent… Hahh… Haaiii…” He pants, trying to stand up, “I need a break…”

“A break from what?” Vincent says as he runs the feather up the side of the doll and went into its armpit.

“AAAHH!” Jordan yelps again as his body’s instincts makes him jumble and tumble, laughing as his hand felt at his side. “VinceeeEEENNT!” Jordan cries out in laughter as his opposite armpit is tortured by the soft yet ravenous dance from the feather. “HAHAHahahahahaha!”

Vincent tickles Jordan’s doll in various and random places with the feather, grinning and getting a bit of a chubby from watching his boss squirm and grab himself, his body struggling to instinctually avoid all the spots being tickles. “AHAHAHAHAH! VINCENT! STAHP IT! STAHAHAHAHAHA!”

“I’ll stop if you agree to start signing our papers.” Vincent says as he channels the feather up and down between the doll’s booty, “You know. That I’ve presented a success and that you’ll continue to fund my research?”

“YES! YES! FOR CHRIST’S SAKE, YEEES!” Jordan cackles as his hands grab his ass as his crack is plagued with invisible down, tickling his innermost anus, tickling under his balls inside his pants and right along his lower abs. “OOOOooooOO” His arms flip and tighten around his stomach as the ghost feather glides along and off of him.

“Ok, ok, lets settle down then.” Vincent says as he gets a pen and his official forms.

Now free from the feather’s ruthless attack, Jordan pants and giggles as he slowly gets up, “Haa haha… Hah… Hoh God, hah…” He walks awkwardly to the desk. Still taking deep breaths, he finally reforms himself and applies his fancy signature to the first line.

“Awesome, that’s great.” Vincent nods as he walks to the side. He makes sure he’s out of sight before moving the doll to his mouth…

“Ok, that’s three down…” Jordan says as he fills in the blanks with the agreed-upon arrangement stated in the contract “Alright, so then WhooOOOOoaa!” Jordan coos loudly as his entire butt feels hot and wet! He jumbles and whips around, “What the hell??”

“Yeah?” Vincent grins after licking the doll’s rump, “Go on.”

“Wait wait, are you,” Jordan looks and sees Vincent wiping his tongue on the doll again. “OooOOOooo” Jordan moans and stands on his tippy toes from the invisible lick on his behind.

The doll tastes like regular fabric, and it absorbs Vincent’s saliva with each slurp he gives to the doll. His tongue tickles into the doll’s anus before he glides down its right thigh.

“What are you wait for, boss?” Vincent snickers as he nods to him, “You’re not finished yet.”

“Oh jeez…” Jordan scoffs before he turns back to the paperwork and continues to sign. “MMMMmmm…” He bites his lower lip as he feels a hot tongue glide and glue around his body. His back arches as he writes more on the information Vincent needs, while Vincent really drives his tongue into the doll’s rear, tucking into its crevice and twirling his slab of taste on either cheek.

“Ohhhhhssshhit, oh my gahhhahd,” Jordan scoffs and moans as he feels at his pant leg with one hand. Fully clothed, he gaps as the slab of moisture rolls down his inner most regions. “OoOOOooo! This feels weird, I cah…” Jordan tries to focus as he writes in the allotted time schedules in the clause of the papers, “Oh my GaaAAHHhhD” He shudders noticeably as the tongue rolls up his back and to his neck. “Oh, hoo, ohh,” He drops the pen for a second as his arms and hands feel at his torso while Vincent licks the doll’s stomach and licked at its nipples.

“So you see,” Vincent explains, “The ORANGE pin that I stuck into the doll here makes the doll partially functional—it disables the clothing change, the squeeze-bulb, the magnet dick, etc. But it still lets me control the body and limbs in general.”

“This is… Just, whoa…” Jordan scoffs as his chest feels the hard and soft soaked licks all over his pecs underneath his clothing, taking a moment to quickly scribble out his signature and seal of approval to Vincent’s research grant. Jordan feels at his chest with both with his hands—his pecs actually flexes and tenses as he feels the ghost tongue trace and lick around everywhere. “Hawwhh… Ohhhh, mmmhhh” He moans and presses on his manly bosoms as they shift under his office attire as he feels those licks across and under his chest and a few presses onto his nipples.

Finally, he finishes the paperwork and turns to his client, “Vincent you- annllggghh, ahhwwll?” Jordan’s mouth rolls open and gaps a bit, his lips folding open and his own tongue curling inside his open mouth. He looks as Vincent is now making out with the doll—mostly just sticking his tongue down its mouth and twirling the tip around.

“Auunnhhlll, oohhwwlll” Jordan attempts to lick back, his tongue pushing into an invisible wet force prying his mouth open before his jaw is allowed back. He moans as he tilts his head back as the tongue goes down his neck, and after a second he jumbles and moans out load, “HOH! Oh!” His hands grasp his pant legs and as his crotch wiggles a bit. He looks down as he sees the subtle push from within his trousers—his balls are currently being polished by Vincent’s heavily implied licking.

“This would be fun at work, huh?” Vincent grins at his moaning boss. Jordan whines as he looks at him pleadingly, “You in the middle of a powerpoint presentation, and all of a sudden you feel me sucking your dick, even though I’m probably down in my car for lunch.”

“What you…” Jordan attempts to talk, but stops again as his member is engulfed again! “OoOOOoohh!” Vincent kisses and tickles the doll’s little rod, like he was giving a blowjob to a short chow mein noodle.

“Ohhhh! Ooohhhh! Ooooooohhhh!” Jordan moans as he stands bow-legged, clutching a chair, while his pants sport a tube-shaped bulge as his cock is sucked and licked from every angle, “Ffffffuck, I think I’m gonna cum…”

“Yeah, I’m gonna ruin those pants of yours.” Vincent smirks as he takes a couple of BLUE pins.

“No, Vincent, don’t you dare.” Jordan snapped, “You have any idea what this suit costs? It’s authentic Italian- ow!” He looks to his left hip, and sees his hand is firmly planted on his side, having felt the pin-prick on the tip of his hand, “O-Ow!” He looks and the same applies to his opposite hand, both the doll’s little hands pinned to its hips, same for his two feet to keep him on one spot. “Sssshit! You need to make the pins painless.”

“Duly noted. Now that we got that out of the way.” Vincent says. He opens his mouth and start servicing the plush again.

“A-Ahhh! Ohhffffuck!” Jordan whines and moans as his cock shifts inside his tight pants. Vincent watches with intrigue while he licks and nudges the doll’s member, the bulge in Jordan’s lap pushes to the side, rolls down, bobs up and then is moved about again.

Jordan’s member throbs and drools through his classy slacks—Vincent’s saliva feels as if it’s painting Jordan’s skin for a total of 5-10 seconds before the sensation itself dries off; therefore, leaving Jordan’s skin clean and dry while he still feels the moisture before it dissipates. He huffs and groans as his hips jerk and tense in place, his hands holding his sides like this was just another day of the office, all the while squirming and swerving his body as Vincent licks every inch of him through the doll’s power.

Vincent rolls his tongue and licks the doll’s genitals, essentially blowing his boss from an entirely different location. He bobs and rolls the doll’s rod with his tongue, watching and rubbing his own hard-on while he sees the wet blotch push and wiggle slowly in Jordan’s pants.

“Fffff oh fuck, oh God, nnNHH! NNHH!” Jordan whines and moans, quickly reaching the hands-free climax and about to stain his exquisite “Vincccccceeeennnt! FfffuuuUUUCK!” Red in the face, he moves his head back and clenches his teeth as that wet spell pushes all the hot buttons on his cock, “A-AWW! Ahh! Ohhh! Ahhh!! Oh my God, fffuuck!” The dark splotch on his crotch darkens as he ejacutlates in his underwear, and even oozes through his briefs and paints his pants from inside. He looks down and frowns with orgasmic pity as his $200 pants is now marred with his sperm.

“Felt great, right?” Vincent gloats. He removes a BLUE pin from the doll’s right hand, and moved it to grab itself.

“Wha- ULH!” Jordan winces as his hand grabs his wet crotch on its own accord. He moans as his hand gropes himself and rubs his spent member with his load. Jordan grimaces as the cum is starting to get cold in his ruined pants after about a minute of smearing it inside with his hand, “Can I uh… Use your washroom, please?”

“Sure. Down the hall and to your left.” Vincent says as he removed the last few BLUE pins.

“Thanks.” Jordan then goes off to rinse himself off… His other hand still stuck on his hip.

Vincent sighs before he goes to a small notebook upon his desk. He opens it and flips over a few pages—one page has four pins with small red orbs on the tops embedded on the edge of the page, each one with a line placed right next to it; the top of which, has the words [MUTE VOICE] while the other four spaces are blank. He flips over the page with orange pins, yellow pins, then the green ones—four out of five of these having the commands, [SAY ONLY: “I want to play with my balls”], [SAY ONLY: “I need to get plowed big time”], [SAY ONLY: “I’m so horny”], and [SAY ONLY: “Let me suck your cock”], with one green pin left on the page. Vincent flipped the next page of where the blue pins are supposed to be, but all of them are gone, and all of their lines just say the word [FREEZE] on each one. The page with purple pins has only the first one used, with the line written with [POST-HYPNOSIS] on it.

When he got the materials and tools to make the voodoo doll, he also had to make a small leather-bound notebook. Using the pages as well as the color-coded needles as a medium between the doll’s magic and its current victim, he designs and designates the basic commands and tricks involved with it. Some commands stick better than most, and it helps to create the pins to effect specifically the body, mind, emotions, and he’s still working on functions at this time, as well as trying to incorporate the hypnosis that Vincent has worked with for years, but the PURPLE pins still need work.

Just then, Jordan’s phone buzzes on the floor. “Huh?” Vincent blinks and picks it up and put it to the side… At first. Just the headline of the text alone got his attention. “What…” Vincent looks more into the text and reads on.

“… … … … Oh hell no.” Vincent frowned. “You know what? Nuh-huh.” He shakes his head and then goes to the small spellbook with the pins. In the YELLOW pins, he writes down the word [RESET: ERASE POST-HYPNOSIS]. Once written, he takes the pin, and then the doll.

A few minutes later…

Jordan rinses off the spunk from his junk, reluctant to take off his pants and underwear until he can see if Vincent can give him some spares. That doll is something else—it’s like a very kinky remote control! He can just imagine how horny he can make his wife if he had a thing like that—teasing the doll’s pussy and making his wife squirm as her boobs rolled around her chest on their own. Oh if he could just…

Then, Jordan blinks. His positive outlook immediately snaps out of it. His mind swarms with all the perverse things that happened today—the forced gas, the nudity, spanking himself, jizzing in his pants?! And all that was before he saw that Vincent is able to force him to have an erection with just a tiny magnet! He, “He- Awwllggh!” Jordan grimaces and fumes as he remembers that sicko just LICKING THE DOLL!!

“What… He just- Fuck! What?!” He staggers a bit, his temper flooding with all that happened today. He dries off his dick and quickly zips up his pants and stomps out the bathroom.

“VINCENT!” He yells. He strides through the house and checks every room, not even caring that his underwear is still wet with his own jizz “VINCENT, get your ass out here!” There was no answer. Jordan checks the bedroom, then the kitchen, and then the den.

“New rules, Vincent!” Jordan shouts, “After what you just did to me, I am going to—” He turns, and sees Vincent walking to his desk, glaring at him with a disapproving frown. “Alright, now. Here’s what’s going to happen—”

“You were going to screw me?” Vincent asked.


Vincent holds up Jordan’s phone. Jordan’s eyes widen as he pats at his pocket and realizing that it’s gone, “I, you, how—”

“According to this,” Vincent checks the text, “You were already pulling the plug on all of my research and defund me. Not only that, you were going to freeze all of my assets and remove me from the program. You were planning on scraping my project and position altogether, and essentially have me fired.”

“I… Ok… Look,” Jordan stammers a bit, “You didn’t report to me as often as you agreed—”

“I waited on YOU to make the appointments. God knows how many times your assistant has told me you were out. I did my part of the program, and you were going to just cut me loose on short notice??”

“Look, there weren’t any concrete progress to your project up until now. My partners have been pressuring me to cut off several of my clients, not just you!”

“Bullshit. Even so, ever heard of giving SOME kind of notice?? You should have handled this better.”

“Alright, Vincent,” Jordan strides for him. With the doll still nude, and an ORANGE pin still stuck on its chest to keep its effects connected to Jordan’s body, Vincent takes its little orbs, and lets it go, letting the plush suspend by its tiny scrotum, “I can expla-AAAIIIIIEEH!” Jordan suddenly squeals out as his crotch juts forward, his balls being yanked forth. His hands clutch as he doubles over, grunting in pain as a strain yanks inside his tenders.

“Yeah, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard how you trim the budget, Jordan.” Vincent tells him, “Couple of other folks around the university have told me how unreasonable you can get—how you walk out on your one-on-one appointments with them for a phone call? How you always have some stand-in to hear them out? And then that just screws them by default anyway since a stand-in is NOT the same as YOU. Or how many requests and assignments you’ve shut down because you didn’t bother to even show up?”

“Whew, whew, whew!” Jordan huffs deep breaths several times as his testicles are stuck in a harsh pull, seeing the plush doll dangle from Vincent’s hand, “Look, aaaggh! I-I-I’m a busy man, Vincent, errgggh! I can’t always, ghhh!”

“You seem to be having trouble talking, Jordan.” Vincent frowned. “Maybe you just need to knock some sense into you.” Vincent then takes the doll to his palm and takes one of its arms towards its face.

Out of nowhere, Jordan’s hand suddenly shoots up and SLAPS him across the face! His other arm whips up and slaps his other cheek, “AH! OW! OH! OW! GAH! ULH!” Jordan’s head is struck back and forth as his own arms take turns slapping him in the face hard, “Ffffuuuck, ow!”

“You still too busy, Mr Jordan?” Vincent asked as he puts the doll’s rump to his desk.

“Ah- OMF!” Jordan’s own rump anchors him to the floor. Vincent drags the doll across, forcing Jordan’s ass to pull him over the floor until his behind rams into the wall “AH! Dammit Vincent! Ah!” His body is dragged forward until his rear slams into the wall again, “Agh!” Vincent makes the doll’s rear shove and punch the wall several times, making his boss hit his ass against it several times, his lower area dragging and grinding the carpet over and over. “OOF! Ah! Guh! Ah! Dammit! Ow! Ah!”

“Someone should have done this to you years ago, you arrogant prick.” Vincent tells him as he makes the doll stand up, and gripped its legs, “Tell me something, Jordan: you ever do a ‘split’ before?”

“Whoa!” Jordan’s body flies up, and his feet get into position, “Vincent, no! Nononono—” His legs then slide out on either side of him until his perineum rips open his Italian pants and his scrotum pays the price again, “AAHHHHEEOOOO!” Jordan wails, much like a woman opera singer as his body forces on some flexibility he was never supposed to have. His right leg lays in front of him while his left leg is angled behind him.

Vincent then walks over to Jordan and turns around. Squatting down and presented his denim-packed ass to his boss. “Pucker up, Jordan. This is what folks have been doing for you for years.” Taking the doll’s head, he moves it forward.

“Allhh-MM!” Jordan’s face then shoves right into Vincent’s bottom. “Rrrhh! Mmmfff! Rrrmmm!” His neck convulsively grinds his face into Vincent’s rear, unable to stop himself from smearing his lips and nose up and down the seams of his jeans.

“Yeeeaaahh!” Vincent jeers at him, waggling his rump a bit as Jordan’s face bumps and boops it, “Feel good kissing ass, Mr Jordan? How’s it feel to be a brown noser? God knows you fuckin bask in it the other way around.”

“Rrrmmhh! Mmrrrmmhh!”

“Oh come on, SIR!” Vincent grabs the back of Jordan’s head and pushes it in for a hard shove, “Lets just KISS and make up!”

“Mrrmmff! Phhhpp!”

“Yeah, you’re lucky I can’t fart on command like your doll here!” Vincent shot at him angrily while still forcing his ass on Jordan’s face, “Not that you need anymore hot air in that head than you already got.”

He lets Jordan off and lets the doll’s legs go. Jordan whines and grimaces as he gets up, his inner area stinging like heck from that split, “Ok… Look…”

Vincent then stuck another ORANGE pin into the doll, “Ow! I-I…” Jordan’s mouth then pulls itself up into a big toothy grin. “What?? The hell??” Jordan smiles broadly as his hand feels at his mouth, glancing at the mirror to the side and seeing his own charming and handsome smile he puts on when he gets ready to meet a potential new partner in the company. Incidentally, the page with the ORANGE pins in it has a second line written in, but only has a smile-face on it, implying that now Jordan is forced to smile as long as the pin is in the doll.

Vincent then moves the doll a bit to reposition its body and stuck a couple of GREEN pins in it, with their assigned speech restrictions erased and rewritten…

“Here.” Vincent then gets his phone to record a video, “What was it that you wanted to say, Jordan?”

“Wassup, Wang-Doodles!” Jordan said, his body mimicking the doll’s pose so his hands are clutching his knees, struggling a bit but only looks like he’s wiggling with enthusiasm, “I have a tiny penis, and I’m a big ol’ fart boy ready to rip!” Jordan announced at the phone with that shit-eating grin, with his inner-self horrified by his own words

His eyes see Vincent’s thumb press on the doll shortly before his rear confirmed his claims.


“You don’t say, Jordan.” Vincent says, “What lead you to this discovery?”

“I’m a big bad monkey puss, and I need my daddy to put me in diapers every night!” He says with a proud smile.

-PUUrrrhh- -BuuuLOORP-

His ass lets out a couple more dry bouts of gas as his back arches for the camera.

“Mmmff! I’m a big ol’ fart boy ready to rip because I’m a monkey puss!” Jordan says with that goofy smile.

“You honestly can’t control yourself, can you?” Vincent taunts, “Do you need a cork or something up your butthole?”

“YES!” Jordan yelps desperately, trying to convey to the phone how trapped and screwed he is right now, as if whoever’s watching can see through the salesman-like grin on his face, “My Daddy needs to put me in a diaper when I’m ready to rip!”

“Uh-huh. Sounds interesting.” With one hand, Vincent repositions the doll a bit.

“Uh, ahh,” Jordan then goes on his hands and raises his ass as high as it will go. He frets as he feels the squeeze-bulb work its way inside his anus.


“A-Ahhhh…” Jordan’s asshole lets out a rippling barrage of gas out of his rear totally out of his control, those farts just punching their way out of him. He whines playfully with that big smile and shakes his head at the camera, “I-I can’t stop, I’m a big ol’ fart boy…”

“Really. And what kind of asset does that set for you?”

“I have a tiny penis, Mr Wang-Doodle!” Jordan cheers out of his control. “Daddy needs to put me in a diaper tonight if I’m a big ol’ fart boy!”

“Very interesting.” Vincent frowned at his smiling boss, “I’ll be sure to let your daddy know. Wanna wave goodbye to the camera?”

“I’m READY to RIIIP!” Jordan cheers again as the doll makes him ball his fists as his anus feels a particularly hard air pocket form in his rectum.

-PppprrrrrRRRRRTTTTTP- “Ahhhooow…”

“And that’s Jordan Clove, Jackass Extraordinaire, signing off.” Vincent says as he makes the doll wave its arm while still squatting.

“Monkey puuuuuuuss!” Jordan waved playfully at the phone and watched as Vincent tapped at the screen. Just then, the GREEN pins lose their effects again, “Wait, Vincent?” Jordan says, his mouth still giving a happy smile, “What are you doing?”

“Sending your contacts one heck of a promo.” Vincent says as he presses SEND.

“NO!” Jordan comes over just as Vincent lets the doll back up and snatches his phone back. His eyes frame shock and anger while his lips is still sporting a party-time expression, “Are you insane?! Now the whole company is gonna think I’m some weird party freak that has some weird fetish, you convoluted asshole!”

“You ever notice how hilarious your threats and rhetoric sounds when they’re coming out of a forced grin?” Vincent chuckled.

“I’m serious, Vincent!” Jordan says as he punched Vincent’s shoulder, the smile really making it seem like he’s just a playful ‘bro’. “This is very, VERY unprofessional!”

“Oh relax. You work with hypnotists. They’re just going to think one finally got to you—and I have.” He adds with a spank to Jordan’s rump. At that moment, Jordan’s brain feels a throb that makes him hold his head, shortly before the ORANGE pin controlling his lips pushes itself out, letting his face rest again.

Vincent observes him for a second, but then sees Jordan blink a few times and shake his head. He sighs, trying to get some sort of ground here, “I understand… But the doll works, I get it… And I just signed the papers, and you’re set for more research and development… Just, calm down.”

Vincent then positions the doll in his hands, and pinches its small pink dots on the chest.

“A-Aaahh!” Jordan winces with discomfort as his hands clutch onto his chest when his nipples both feel clamped.

“You know my next project should be to extend the doll’s bodily function capabilities.” Vincent says as he crushes the doll’s nips, really making his boss squirm as Jordan hunches over some while his hands press on himself, “Then I can make you piss and shit your pants in the middle of a meeting. That’d be funny, RIGHT??!” He lets go of those pink dots while tensing his jaw. “Heck, I can even instruct one of the YELLOW pins so that you don’t even feel it! As a matter of fact, I can probably even make it so you have no idea why all your colleagues are staring at your pants! What do you think, boss?? Then you’ll REALLY need a diaper!”

“Ok, ok, I get it!” Jordan growls with exasperation, “Listen, I’m not pulling the plug anymore! Understand? You’d still get your funding, I’m not kicking you out of the program. Just… Stop it, alright?? This is getting out of hand!”

“That’s all well and good for me.” Vincent crosses his arms, “But have you REALLY learned any kind of lesson here?”

“C-ah-ahm-ome on, Vincent.” Jordan scoffs, “You’ve screwed around with me with a damn beanie baby for God’s sake! You’re still getting on board with the program, and you just humiliated me with a damn video to my partners! What more do you want???”

“…” Vincent thinks for a second, leering at harried employer. He’s pretty much had his fun… But he doesn’t want to stop JUST yet, and he can only guess that the doll’s time limit is almost up.

“Ok, if you’re not going to—”

Jordan blinks mid-sentence, and his entire world is changed. “… What, uh” His first vision is a tan-skinned slender-built man smiling next to him, a hand petting his chest.

“Sup, stud.”

“I- What—” Jordan sits up and realizes that the guy next to him is naked. “Where’s Vincent, what happened- WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!”

“You tell me. You’re the one who just broke into my house to fuck me.” The young man smiled, “Wanna go for another round?”

“No! No, this is some sorta sick—” Jordan gets up and looks down when he feels a heavy weight in his genitals. He gasps and gawked as he looks at his cock—his dick is now 5 times as big as it was and extremely thick! What’s more is his balls are like freaking mangos hanging low! His meat is just standing up in a huge boner!