The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Voodoo Doll Testing


Vincent readjusts himself just as his door opens and closes to his very flustered looking employer, “Soooo,” Vincent says, “Everything set?”

“Not exactly, but that’s my business, not yours.”

“Sorry?” Vincent scoffed, “But you were the one taking a call on MY time.” Vincent then fumbles with the doll in front of Jordan—he moves one hand to start going into its opposite underarm.

“Look, Vincent,” Without knowing it, Jordan’s right arm raises a bit while his left hand starts to scratch into his armpit, “If I need to take a call, then I’m going to take a call.”

“Even if you’re going to scratch yourself in front of me?” Vincent chortles.

“What are you even talking about??”

“You’re scratching your armpit, sir.”

“Vincent, I don’t have time for…” Jordan then glances and double takes at himself as his fingers dig and scratch into his pit. He looks at Vincent then back at his arms, “Vincent, I’m not doing this.”

“Sure looks like you are.”

“No, I’m not, I swear.”

“Really?” Vincent smiles as he then moves the doll’s hand to scratch at its own crotch. “Maybe it’s that case of jock-itch then.”

“I don’t—” Jordan’s hand then goes down and starts scratching the front of his pants. “No way…” Jordan’s fingers automatically dig in under his balls, really shoving into the polyester of his pants.

“Jordan? Aren’t you going to stop? We’re in the middle of a discussion.”

“I’m not doing this!” Jordan can’t help but scoff and laugh, even when he’s scratching himself in front of an underling.

“Reeaaaally. Let’s try a little something.” Vincent then moves the doll’s arms to flex and strike a pose with its legs.

“A-Ah, wow,” Jordan’s body matches to doll in a few herculean poses, unable to control himself. “Okay, I’m convinced. Let’s go ahead and—”

“Hang on, lemme do something else.” Vincent turns the doll around, working its legs in place.

“No Vincent, really, I’m on board,” Jordan irks as his body turns himself around to turn his back to Vincent, “Uuuhh, what am I doing?”

Vincent suppresses a snicker as he puts a finger to the doll’s mid-section again and presses onto the squeeze-bulb within.


“Ah,” Jordan irks as another hard fart shoots out of his butt, “Oh my God, excuse me.”

“Damn, that was loud, sir.” Vincent chuckles.

“I know, I know, I don’t know what I ate today.” Jordan tries to stand up, but his body is stuck—as long as Vincent is making it bend over, Jordan can’t stand up straight “So how about you turn the doll off and we can—”

“Just having a little fun.” Vincent digs his fingers under the doll’s pants.

“U-Uh,” Jordan irks as he feels his underpants getting fumbled, “Vincent? What are you doing?”

“Technically? I’m not doing anything, really.” He pinches the white elastic hand under the doll’s pants and starts to pull it up.

“Seriously, Vincent, what are you doing??” Jordan snapped as his buttcrack starts to feel tight, “If you’re guuhhh- ah- ah!”

“What? I’m just testing the doll out.” Vincent chuckles as he pulls the doll’s underwear up from its pants—seeing Jordan’s own briefs rising from his trousers.

“Vincent stop it right now! That chaffs!”

“That’s the idea.” Vincent sneers as he pulls the doll’s undies higher.

“EEEh!” Jordan eeks as his buns clench under his hands, the pull of white fabric pulling from under his belt by an invisible hand.

“Hah hah, wow, it DOES work on clothes too.” Vincent jests as he gives the underpants a few yanks. He can clearly make out the shapely outline of Jordan’s buttcheeks.

“AH! Ah! Ehhh! Ahhhfff!” Jordan winces and grunts hard as his asshole feels the dry scrape of his briefs, “Ok, enough! That—”

“Aw come on, boss.” Vincent then takes the underwear by the waist and really pulls hard, “Just like high school, right?” With that, Jordan’s briefs stretch further than they’re supposed to and elevate up his back.

“JEEEEEEEUUUUS!” Jordan squeals as his anus becomes an inverted world of hot pain—like all those poor nerds he used to wail on when he was a jock.

His briefs pulls itself backward until they suddenly shoot down and SNAP at his ass! “Ow!” He yelps as he waddles a bit, iffing and whining as he tries to work out the savage wedgie in his crack. His hands pat and fumble at his behind, trying to pick the wedgie out of his crack through his pants, only to find his hands are now on his hips.

Meanwhile, Vincent had put the doll’s hands on its hips and makes it lean forward, and then starts moving its hips in circles.

Jordan irks as he’s unable to control himself as he bends over a bit, holds his hips and does a slow booty dance in front of him, the peak of his underwear going slack with his crevice full of his undergarment lodged up there, “Vincent, I swear, I’m not doing this, okay? The doll works, I take back what I—”

“You know, I think someone’s been a bad boy.” Vincent tells him as he takes the doll’s arm.

“What?” Jordan feels his left arm is move back and smacked his own rump, “Ah! Hey!”

“Yeah, good on you, eh?” Vincent moves the doll’s opposite hand to then press one finger on its chin. Jordan frowns and grunts as his own finger presses on his chin in turn, while the other hand proceeds to spank itself several more times.

Spank! Smack! Bam!

“Oof! Ow! Ah!” Jordan irks as his pants-protected rump feels the hard slaps of his own hand again and again, “Okay, that’s enough!”

“Why are you getting on to me? You’re the one slapping your bum.” Vincent snickers as he wiggles the doll’s rear, watching as Jordan’s clothed rump waggles back and forth before his arm is forced to raise up and spank himself once more.

“Ah! Mmf! Ugh, Dammit!” Jordan grunts and squirms until Vincent finally lets the doll go of its current position. Jordan turns around to berate him, “Vincent, I’m your boss for God’s sake!”

“Really. If you’re so professional, why are you playing with yourself?” Vincent then moves the doll’s hand to start fondling itself.

“Uh-oh, shit.” Jordan looks down to see his arm moving down to grab his own crotch. He tries to resist, trying to pull his arm away with his other arm, but it won’t move from playing with his groin. It really feels odd—it’s almost like when you sit on your arm until it loses its feeling for a while before you start masturbating.

“Wow, Jordan. Do you do this in front of ALL your clients? Or am I just special?” Vincent gloats.

“Okay, I get it now, the doll is real and it’s working on me. You can take my hair out of the doll now.”

“Aw, but we’re having so much fun.”

“I’m not kidding, this is not what I told you to do!”

“Yes it is.”

“… What?” He asks, still rubbing his package without control.

“You gave me at least 10 minutes to prove to you that my product works. What kind of boss would you be if you back out of a deal now?”

“You have GOT to be kidding me with this!”

“As a matter of fact, there several things I haven’t ‘proven’ about what the voodoo doll can do.”

“I don’t need to see them, Vincent! I mean it!” Jordan shouts. Vincent then releases the doll’s hand, letting Jordan stop groping himself.

“Alright, let’s test this new feature out…” Vincent grins as he takes the doll’s pants, and pulls them down to its feet.

Jordan looks down and gaps as his pants fall down to the floor, all by themselves! “I- You- dammit, Vincent!” Jordan bends over and yanks his trousers back up, “This is getting ridiculous!”

“Of course it is,” Vincent says as he pulls the doll’s pants back up, and then back down. Jordan’s pants yank themselves from his hands and pool at his ankles again.

“Dammit, stop it!” Jordan snarls as he pulls his pants back up. Vincent then opens up the doll’s coat and shirt, exposing its flat torso. Conversely, Jordan’s coat and polyester shirt opens itself up and shows off Jordan’s muscular pecs and abs and treasure trail. “Alright, that’s it, Vincent, you’re done.”

“Whoop, hang on a sec.” Vincent takes something out of his pocket and puts a sharp point into the doll’s right foot.

“OW!” Jordan staggers as his right foot feels a sharp pain for only a second, “What the hell was that??”

“Just another test.”

“Alright, I’ve had enough—” He attempts to walk at Vincent, but his foot is stuck to the floor. “A-Ah, what?” He staggers a bit and tries to pull at his leg. His foot will not move whatsoever. “What the hell??” His leg and knee wiggle and try to escape, but the more he tries to move it, the more his pants loosen up and slide slowly down.

“Here, lemme get that for you.” Vincent comes over to lift Jordan’s leg and move part of his pants away from his sock/shoe.

“Get OFF, dammit!” Jordan takes a swing at him and attempts to kick Vincent with his other leg, only to miss him

“Whoa! Hey,” Vincent steps back and takes another BLUE pin out of his pocket “Alright, if you’re gonna get like that, I think I’ll pin down your other foot.” He says just as he sticks the doll’s opposite foot with a BLUE needle.

“Look if you- OW!” Another sharp prick gets his other foot. He looks down and tries to move his legs. His knees bend and jerk, but his feet are rooted on the floor. “What did you just do?”

“Just ooooonnne second.” Vincent bends down and takes Jordan’s other leg and lifts his foot and removes Jordan’s pants from below him entirely, leaving him wearing his shirt, coat, shoes, and tighty-whities. “There you go.”

“How’re, UGH!” Jordan jerks and tries to move, like he’s stuck in an invisible sandpit, “How are you doing this?!”

“See these?” Holds up the BLUE pins, “These pins immobilize whatever part of the doll they stick. They prevent you from moving whatever they touch. It’s sort of what I do with my Freeze/Unfreeze triggers with hypnosis, you know?”

“… But YOU just moved my feet!”

“Well, I can. But YOU can’t. I’m not the one bewitched by a plushie. The pins just affect YOU.”

“Put. My pants. Back on. Vincent!” Jordan demands in frustration

“Oh no, I’m gonna have some fun with this. Besides, my time limit’s not up yet.” Vincent then pulls the doll’s coat off, watching the life-sized garment slide from Jordan’s body. Then he removes the doll’s white polyester shirt and stripped his boss of his top.

“This isn’t making any sense Vincent, but this ends now. You hear me!? If you don’t cut it out now, you’re as good as fired.”

“Now if you’re gonna threaten me,” Vincent takes a needle with a red orb on it, “I think you need to be quiet for a while.” Vincent stabs it the doll’s chest with a RED needle.

“Ow!” Jordan feels at his chest, “That hurt, you motherfu____!” Jordan’s mouth moves, but no sound comes out after the word ‘mother’. He coughs a few times, pounds his chest and tries to rant at Vincent. His lips move, but he lost his voice, much to his bewilderment.

“Could you say that again?” Teases as he holds a hand up to his ear, “I couldn’t catch that.”

“_ ____, ____ ___ ___ ___ ___ _____?!” Jordan’s mouth talks, but no noise comes out.

(I said, what the hell are you doing?!)

“One more time?”

“____ ___ ___ __??”

(What did you do??)

“Oh, you mean how you can’t talk back now?” Vincent chuckles, “See, when I was making this thing, I figured ‘what voodoo doll would be complete without pins to stick in it?’. So, I designed these special color-coded needles that have different effects on you—I got the idea whenever I hypnotized someone and put them through multiple triggers. So instead of words, the doll uses sewing pins.”

“___’_ _____, __ _____! ____ ___ __ ___, __ ____!”

(That’s crazy, Vincent! Just cut it out, or else!)

“Okay, Jordan, I have a handful of skills, but lip-reading isn’t one of them.

“__! __! ___! ____ ________ ____ __ _______, __ _ ____ _____ ___!”

(OH! MY! GOD! Quit screwing with me already, or I WILL break you!)

“… Soooo, you want to show off your muscles, is that it?”

“__! _’_ ___—”

(NO! I’m not—)

“Like this?” Vincent folds the doll’s arms to make it bend forward and flex its arms with its hands touching.

Jordan reluctantly flexes his arms and bends forward, both arms curling in front of him until his fists meet in front of his abs.

“Lookin good, you’re VERY strong, Jordan. How about one of these?” Vincent moves the doll so its arm is pointing up and out while its opposite arm flexes.

Jordan stands up straight with his arm straightening to point at the ceiling corner with a flat hand, while his other arm flexes his bicep next to his head.

“Very nice. You’re a classic Mr Universe in tighty-whities.”

“____ __ _________ _____________, _____!”

(This is extremely inappropriate, Vincent!)

“Still can’t hear you, sir. But I’ll bet it has something to do with this.” Vincent teases as he makes the doll’s legs kneel and flex both arms again.

The boss irks as he strikes a mighty pose on one knee and flexes both arms. “_’_ _______, _____ ____ ___!”

(I’m serious, KNOCK THIS OFF!)

“Okay okay, I can tell you want to use your big-boy words. So tell you what.” Vincent then gets a GREEN needle, “I’ll take this one, insert it into the doll…”

“_ ____ __ ____ ____ __ _____” Jordan says, still silent. “_ ____ __ ____ ____ __ ____!”

“Aright alright, give me a second. Now I just take the mute one out,” Vincent removes the RED needle. “There. Better?”

“Look, I want to play with my balls!” Jordan finally says, but looks completely irked and estranged.

“Hahaha, TMI, sir.”

“I want to play with my balls, UGH!” Jordan growls, clearly frustrated.

“Okay hang on, let me try another one.” Vincent then gets a second GREEN needle, and then sticks it into the doll’s other arm, “Ok, how about now?”

“Ow, that hurts!” Rubs his arm where the pin was stuck in, “I’m so horny, I want to play with my balls.” Jordan says. He coughs and frowns in frustration, “Listen, I am so horny, or do I want to play with my balls??”

“Hahahaha, I dunno, you tell me. Meanwhile, lets try another pin.”

“NO! I want to play with my balls already!” Jordan says, unable to protest. The next GREEN needle is inserted into the doll’s leg, “OW! Shit! Please let me suck your cock! … What??”

“My goodness, Mr Jordan. If I had known you were so antsy, I would’ve called your wife up here for you.”

“Shut up and let me suck your cock!!!” Jordan shouts, “No, I want to play with my balls, GHH!”

“You know, it really hurts me to see you in such a state. So I’m going to put in another pin and see if it helps.” Vincent takes a fourth GREEN needle and puts it into the doll’s other leg. “Better?”

“Ah! Ow, for God’s sake, NO! I need to get plowed big time!” Jordan snarls in frustration, “Look… Okay… I am so horny- AGHH!”

“You seem agitated, Mr Jordan.” Vincent teases innocently.

“Vincent, I want to play with my balls! No, please let me suck your cock! Dammit, I’m so horny, and I want to play with my balls. No, I meant I need to get plowed big time. NO! No no, Vincent, please let me suck your cock! GRR! NO!”

“Hahaha, okay, gag’s over. Just like how the red needles in the doll puts your voice on mute, these green pins are designated specific sentences for you to say and restricts your speech pattern.”

Frustrated, Jordan sighs and shakes his head, his jaw tenses and glaring at the doctor, “… Vincent. I need to get plowed because I’m so horny, and if I want to play with my balls, then please let me suck your cock.” His shoulders slumped as his head tilts up in and then he sighs, “Fuck my life.”

“Whoa, language.”

“Don’t talk to me about language, Vincent!” Jordan snaps, “This is… Wait a sec, I can talk normally!”

“Ah damn.” Vincent pouts and removes the GREEN pins, “The book did say to be careful with how many pins to use at one time. If there’s too many, they ware off quick.”

“Okay. That’s enough. I know the voodoo doll works. Now this is your last chance to sign the deal, or I’m going to blackball you across the company!”

“Now… Let’s see what happens when I put a pin on this part of the doll.” Vincent says as he takes yet another BLUE pin.

“Are you even listening to me??” Jordan demands as he gestures a threatening finger at Vincent and starts to walk towards him, “If you don’t cut this bullshit out, I’m going to throw you in ja—”

Vincent then puts the BLUE pin into the doll’s head. Jordan stops moving altogether. “Alright…” Vincent pockets the doll and then goes to the frozen Jordan and waves his hand in front of his face.

Before anything else, he removes the BLUE needles from the doll’s hand and feet, but he leaves one in the doll’s head. “Real quick, just to make sure of this segment. Are you still awake in there? Blink twice for YES, none for NO.” Vincent tells him.

Still unable to move, Jordan’s eyelids blink twice.

“Very nice. I’ll jot it down later.” Vincent rubs Jordan’s chest and abs. He takes a moment to nuzzle and lick his nipples.

“Mmhh… Nnk… Gh…” Jordan’s body quivers as he grunts lowly, trying to move to no avail.

“I love how fuzzy you are.” Vincent rubs those hairy abs and fondles that package. He takes a moment to lift one of those beefy arms and starts to nuzzle the musky armpit of his boss.

“Mmp! Mmhh, mmhh, mmh!” Jordan grunts, his face getting pink from the light tickle in his underarm.

“Tell you what, while I have you in this position…” Vincent then goes reaches down and pulls down Jordan’s underwear.

“MGHHH! MMM!” Jordan’s face goes red-hot as he feels the air waft over his butt and his genitals, entirely exposed, and helpless to stop any of this.

“Yeah, lets get a look at that sweet ass,” Vincent rubs those buns and gives them some playful spanks.

“MMHHGGHHMMMHHMMHMMM!” Jordan rants with his lips closed.

“Oh for God’s sake, if you’re going to keep ranting.” Vincent takes the RED needle, and puts it into the doll again.

“MrrMM______! ____! ___ _______ ___!” Jordan goes silent again, his lips pushing and writhing, but no sound is coming from his throat.

“Good. Now.” Vincent surveys his nude boss as he fondles the doll. He chuckles as he sits down on a lounge chair and looks at Jordan’s 5 inch cock and his low-hanging balls. “You know, every time I was sitting in a meeting with you, I’d always picture you naked? Very nice.”

Vincent takes the doll, and starts to move its tiny dick up. Jordan’s eyes shift down, trying to see what’s going on down there.

“Oh, sorry,” Vincent chuckles as he tilts the doll’s head down, allowing Jordan to see his furry crotch, “You should get to see your own penis move if YOU can’t.”

Jordan’s eyes widen as his own dick stands on its own. It bends around and wiggles slowly before his eyes. It’s as if it has a mind of its own! His own balls even begin to jump forward, just as Vincent had flicked them from behind. Jordan’s testicles flop in a circle shortly before his cock starts to bump between his two balls, the head of his member kissing each orb alternatively.

He irks and grunts as his balls get pulled down, seeing that Vincent his pulling the doll’s scrotum down with his fingers while his shaft is pulled up. Vincent grins as he holds the doll’s hips and start to make the plush toss and roll its pelvis around, forcing Jordan to air-hump and throw his genitals in the helicopter move. His soft member and loose-hanging balls fly around in circles from the playful momentum of the controlled boss.

“You know what I’d like to try out?” Vincent says as he takes the doll’s very tiny orbs, and make them push up, making Jordan’s testicles fold up and cradle his soft member from below, “Maybe taking an earthworm or a Mexican jumping bean, and putting it in the doll’s penis?”

Jordan’s eyes bulge as they shift at Vincent, going back and forth, since he can’t shake his head.

“That way, I wouldn’t have to make your ‘little man’ dance myself.” Vincent takes the doll’s rod and bounces it between his fingertips. Jordan scowls silently as he watches his dick jump around on his lap. His manhood curves and rolls in place, rubbing his thigh like an affectionate pet and then going up and tickle itself with his thick pubic hair.

“Come on! That would be funny, right??” Vincent laughs as Jordan’s body quivers in an attempt to move himself, “I put a wild jumping bean inside the doll’s dick in the middle of one of your more important meetings, and then all your colleagues can watch as your package jumps and bounce in your pants! It’d be just like in the Nutty Professor movie, when the hamster got into the guy’s pants and flopped around on his crotch.” Vincent grins as he takes the doll’s cock, “You know, like this.”

Jordan irks as he sees his cock flop to the right and slapped his pelvis, and then to the left, and back again. Vincent snickers and rubs his own crotch as he makes Jordan’s penis wag back and forth. And Jordan just stands there, staring at his own groin as his meat goes wild. Vincent then gets up and walks to his desk.

“Mmhh??” Jordan’s brows furrowed as he feels his anus get brushed with something big and smooth—right now, he’s facing away from Vincent, with Vincent having a good view of his naked backside. Flexing like a bodybuilder, frozen in place, Jordan can feel the soft rubber dig snuggly into his rear.

“This is really interesting to see.” Vincent says as he sees Jordan’s buttcheeks wobble and move, as if it’s being fondled by invisible hands. He tucks the pencil across under the mounds of the doll’s bum and pushes them up, seeing Jordan’s buns pushed up, and then wobble down when the pencil is removed.

“Say, Jordan.” Vincent says as he takes out the doll… And a new pencil, “You even been pegged before?” Jordan’s eyes widen as his body quivers, tensing as he attempts to move.

“Didn’t think so. Lets give this a shot.” Vincent grins as he rubs the doll’s buttcrack with the soft eraser

“Mm-mm… Mm-MM…” Jordan’s eyes then widen dramatically as he feels his butthole start to open.

“Whoa…” Vincent scoffs as he sees Jordan’s pucker widen all bit itself. He pushes the pencil’s eraser right in that doll’s felt anus and watches as that pink sphincter between Jordan’s cheeks yawns slowly around the phantom protrusion.

Jordan grunts completely quietly as he feels the massive sensation shove slowly up his ass—it’s not that it hurts, but it’s freaking weird! It feels like something solid yet alive is burrowing up his hole, and he can’t even move his body to brace himself.

Vincent turns the pencil around to stir Jordan’s anus and pushed it in deeper. “Wow… This is really weird…” Vincent goes in and observes the gaping asshole, peering into the dark hole until he slowly pulls the pencil out, and examines closely as Jordan’s anus shrinks down to normal size.

“Think you need to teach yourself another lesson.” Vincent chuckles as he bends the doll forward.

Jordan’s body automatically copies the doll, his arms then moving behind him, his hands hovering right over his ass.

Vincent then positions the doll in his fingers and moves the right hand to give itself a hard SPANK!


“_____!” Jordan grunts as his right cheek feels his own harsh slap. He winces and irks more as his left hand goes in and slaps his opposite cheek.

“Yeah, there you go. My boss is a good boy, isn’t he?” Vincent gestures the doll’s arms more.


“_____ ____!” Jordan grunts and winces as his hands do NOT go easy on his butt. He spanks himself with both hands and slapping both cheeks respectively. Left cheek, then right cheek, both cheeks, left cheek twice, right cheek three times, both cheeks three times. Meanwhile, his face goes a little red; both from anger and embarrassment.

“Wow, so disciplined to know when you need a spanking. I’m impressed, sir.” Vincent teases as he makes Jordan spank himself over and over again until his buttcheeks are bright red and pink. “I think this would be a great show for your other employees to teach them about corporal punishment.”

“RrrRRRRHHhhh…” Jordan manages to grunt hard in protest, his lips remaining sealed, but obviously looking like he wants to shout at Vincent, but can only make due with his face going beet-red. Speaking of which, the RED needle incidentally slips out of the doll, allowing Jordan his voice back.

“Okay, I’ve got a fun idea.” Lets the doll back upright again and lets Jordan stand at attention. He takes a second to rub and admire Jordan’s red and sore butt, “Hahaha, wow, really did a number on yourself, huh?” Vincent lets the doll resume its normal posture, but Jordan remains in place, frozen and unable to move.

“Now…” Vincent takes another needle—this one having a PURPLE color orb on it, and then removes the BLUE needle from the doll’s head.

“Alright, that’s it!” Jordan tells him, furious as he bends over and yank his briefs back up and then turns to Vincent, “You’re done. You’re finished! I’ve had it, and I will not endorse this juvenile witchcraft bullshit for you—”

“Aaaaand, sleep.” Vincent says as he drives a PURPLE pin into the doll’s head.

Jordan immediately stops and his arms flop to his hips, mouth closed and eyes glazed over. He stands there, completely in a daze, his head even tilting lazily to the side.

Waves his hand over Jordan’s face a few times to make sure he’s out of it. “Okay… I THINK it’s working. Now keep in mind, I still have a lot to learn about this branch of mind control, but… Well, I highly doubt you can even hear me right now, but I’ll go on anyway.”

“You see, so far, I’ve only got a few different kinds of pins for the doll’s prototype. The RED pins puts you on mute. The BLUE pins enacts a ‘freeze’ trigger. The GREEN pins controls your speech pattern. And finally, a PURPLE pin puts you into an instant hypnotic trance. I’m still dabbling in a few different kinds of pins that might do other things to you, but I’ve got a ways to go. As you well know when you hired me: hypnosis is my area of expertise, so I figured I needed to cover my bases, especially on a new project like this.”

He grins as he gives Jordan’s cheek a couple of slaps, “Well, looks like I actually did hypnotize you, sir. And it only took an overly elaborate beanie baby to do it.” Vincent checks his watch, “Ooh, but I’m gonna have to make it quick, the tests results showed I only have about less than 2 minutes at most before the pin wears off.”

“Okay, Jordan.” Vincent says, “From here on out, you’re gonna like what I do to you; you’re gonna find my research so interesting, that you’re going to want to be my test subject, and fund everything about my studies and ongoing projects. You will agree with everything I say, then sign and endorse any and all measures I present to you without much explanation. Furthermore, you will—” Vincent is stopped mid-sentence.

Jordan blinks a few times and shakes head a bit to snap out of it.