The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


“You seem happy…” Karen said

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Lisa asked

“Well….” Karen said, “You were supposed to be a lesbian”

“What!” Lisa scoffed as if hurt by the accusation

“You and I did it once, too!” Karen said, “Don’t you remember?”

“Oh, yeah” Lisa said as if she had forgotten, “That was just a phase…”

“A phase!?!” Karen coughed her coffee up. “You and that dyke…”


“Yeah, Sharon…” Karen said, “You were a couple for two years…”

“Just a phase” Lisa said, “I didn’t realise how hot cock was…”


“I love Bob”

“I’m not saying you don’t… but”

“I’m happy now” Lisa insisted

“Well, you’re certainly doing well…” Karen said looking around the place…. it was a mansion!

“That’s not why I married Bob…”

“Sure” Karen smiled

“I love Bob!” Lisa said, hurt, “He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him…. I adore him. I worship him!”

“Worship him?”

Lisa realised she’d gone to far…. “We’re having a baby”

“What?” Karen said spilling her coffee

Lisa grabbed some wipes “Yes, Bob wants a baby”

“So what Bob wants Bob gets?”


Karen was shocked by Lisa’s curt answer. Lisa had changed. She had the same personality as before but her sudden desire for Bob was strange to say the least. She had never wanted a to marry, and certainly not a man.

Karen was pretty sure that Lisa was a virgin until she met Bob.

“I love Bob…” Lisa continued, “He is my lord and master…”

“Master?” Karen gasped

“Er…, yes” Lisa said, realising she had over-stated, “It’s just an expression I use… I love to submit to him…”

“You two do a bit of S&M?”

“Yes… “ Lisa said, “That’s it…”. She checked Karen’s expression to see if she’d been convincing, “So…” she began to change the subject… “I hear you’re going to marry Fred?”

“Yes… I think so”

“You don’t sound so sure…”

“I don’t know…”

“All brides-to-be get cold feet…” Lisa assured her friend

“Even you…?”

“Right up to the wedding ceremony…” Lisa said, “I was certain after that though”

“Yeah, I was going to mention that…”

“Sorry, I didn’t invite you…” Lisa said

“Yeah… “

“We only had a small ceremony…” Lisa added, “Just my darling beloved, a couple of witnesses and the celebrant”

“Who did you have?”

“Paul Mephysto”

“Meth-fisto?” Karen laughed

“No!” Lisa snapped quite angrily “Mephysto. Paul Mephysto. He’s brilliant”

“Wow, okay” Karen said realising she’d angered her friend.

“You know…” Lisa said, “You should have him celebrate your marriage”

“You know…,” Karen said, “As I said I’m not even sure if I’ll go through with it”

“And he’s probably available…”

“Not sure, you know…?”

“I think I have his number here…”

“Are you even listening?”


“I said I’m not sure if I’d even go through with it…”

“You’ve got to marry Collin” Lisa said


“Marriage is the best…” Lisa said, “I love Bob”

“Err…., yes” Karen said, “You’ve said so…”

“I want you to be happy…”

“I am happy”

“Pfffttt!” Lisa scoffed, “You can’t be without a husband”


“A husband…” Lisa said “A woman needs to be complete…”

“You really have changed”

“For the better?”

“Hmmm” Karen mused, that was still undecided.

Suddenly Lisa heard the sound of the front door

“That’ll be Bob!” she cried with joy. She got up from the kitchen table

“Should I…” Karen began

“Oh, Bob’s here!” Lisa said. Her joy was palpate

She ignored Karen and rushed to the front door

“Okay….” Karen said, as she was left to her self

Karen could hear them

“Hi, honey” Bob said

“Baby” Lisa purred

“You’re so fucking sexy”

“I love you…”

“You know, babe…” he said


“I want to do you right here..”

“Yes, honey” she said


And then Karen heard them moaning, and sighing.

Next thing Lisa started grunting “Oh, yes, oh, yes, oh, yes!”

“You’re ass-hole is soooo tight”

“Oh, yes… fuck me in the ass!”

Karen wanted to curl up and disappear as she could hear them outside. “Oh, yes, fuck my ass!” Lisa cried out

“Oh, baby” Bob groaned, “I’m going to come”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Lisa moaned with delight

“Fuck!” Bob hollered.

“Oh, baby” Lisa whimpered

Karen couldn’t believe it

“Oh, honey” Lisa said, “Let me clean it for you… I’ve gotten it so dirty!”

Karen felt a lump of bile come up into her throat at hearing that.

“That’s it baby” Bob said, “Suck that… Oh, man… you really browned my meat…”

Karen leapt up from her chair and went over to the sink and spat into it.

She bumped a cup

“Who is that?” Bob said

‘It’s Karen” Lisa said


“Sorry, Master…” Lisa said


“Yes” Lisa said, realising she’d spoken incorrectly.

“Karen!” Bob smiled as he entered the kitchen

“Bob!” Karen smiled, her face red with embarrassment from hearing what she had heard

“Lisa!” he growled

“Coming!” she called. Lisa ran into the kitchen still with her skirt hitched up over her ass

“We have company” he said angrily…

“Oh, yes!” Lisa said as she straightened herself out

“You know what we do when we have company?” he said glaring at her.

“I…I…” Lisa panicked. She sensed his displeasure and it made her sick that she had upset him.

“We… act…. how?” he asked

“Look, I’m sorry if I’ve offended you two…” Karen said

“No, not at all…” Bob pretended to smile to her.

“Come” he said to Lisa

Lisa looked at Karen and shrugged her shoulders and ran after her husband

They went upstairs. Karen couldn’t hear what they were saying this time but she could hear Bob’s angered tones muffled through the ceiling from above

Lisa was crying.

Karen thought to go, but she was concerned about leaving her friend to be hurt or injured by a very angry husband

After ten minutes Lisa appeared, her eyes reddened from crying. She was blowing her nose with tissues. “Look, Karen, I’m sorry…” she began

“There’s no need to apologise”

“Yes, yes there is” Lisa said, “Bob said I should apologise…”

“Bob said?”


“And you do what Bob says?”

“Yes, of course!” Lisa said incredulous that anyone would think she would not obey her husband

“I don’t care if Bon thinks you should…”

“Well, I do!” Lisa said, “Bob is right. I did wrong. I should have told him you were here..”

“There’s really no need to…”

“But I was wrong!” Lisa insisted

“I’m sorry if you think…”

“I was wrong!” Lisa interrupted. “Now, I’m going to have to ask you to leave…”


“You should go now…”

“Sure… this is really weird” she said collecting her bag and getting up to leave.

“And Bob says next time you feel like visiting you can’t just drop in…”

“You want me to make an appointment?” Karen asked as they walked to the front door…


“Sure… whatever”

* * *

John and Karen finally set a date. Against her wishes John had invited Bob and Lisa to be witnesses. John and Karen turned up at the reception hall.

“Hi” Peter Mephysto said, “I’m your marriage celebrant.”

“You didn’t tell me you’d hired Mr Mephysto?”

“Didn’t I?”

“No!” Karen said, “I thought we were getting Myran Drapper”

“She cancelled at the last minute…”

“This isn’t right” Karen said

“Oh, look, here they are!” John said as Bob and Lisa turned up. Karen saw her friend turn up, arm in arm with Bob.

“Hi”, Lisa said as she embraced her old friend.

“Hi” Karen said, “I didn’t know you two had been invited”

“You didn’t know that John and I are old friends?” Bob smiled as he offered his hand to Karen. She didn’t take it.

“No… I did not” she said

“Is there a problem?” Peter asked

“Yes, I think there is…” Karen said

“You’re still getting cold feet?” Lisa smiled concerned


“Please come this way” Peter said

Karen found herself following the group to the end of the room.

“Please stand here” Peter directed

“I’m not sure about this…” Karen said

“You will be marrying John”

“I will…” Karen said, but thought abut if this was now such a good idea.

“And we have the witnesses?” Peter asked

Karen looked around. Her draw dropped. Lisa was on her knees sucking Bob’s cock.

Karen looked at John who just shrugged his shoulders “They’re in love” he smiled.

“What the fuck…?”

“Stay here…” Peter said

Karen found her feet fixed to the ground…

“This is not right” Karen said

“John, Karen… are we ready to begin”

“Yes “John said

“No” Karen said

“You are ready to begin…” Peter said to her

“I am ready…” she said. “No… hang on… what’s happening?”

“You are ready…”

“Yes… but …?” Karen thought about this her mind raced.

“John Smith”


“Do you take Karen Parker to be your lawful wedded slave?”

“I do”

“To have in any way you want till she is of no more use to you?”

“I do”

“And Karen…?”


“Do you take John to be your lawful wedded Master?”

“I… my… what?”

“Do you take John to be your lawful wedded Master?”

“I do” Karen said.. “No, wait”

“To serve in any way he sees fit, for as long as he desires to use you?”

“I do…” Karen said

She was more confused now. She turned around to see Lisa smiling there, her face covered in whit jizz.

“You are a slave”

“I… I am a slave”

“John is your master”

“John is my master…”

“You want to do what he wants”

“I want to do what he wants…”

“I now pronounce you Master and slave…” Peter said “You may use the bride”

“Alright!” John smiled


“Yes, Master?”

“Suck my cock…”

“Yes, Master” Karen said. She never wanted to suck his cock so much before in her life. It did not matter that she was getting down on her knees before others… watching her.

She only knew she had to suck John’s cock.

Bob gave John a high-five.

“About my fee…?” Peter said

“I’ve got it covered…” Bob said, drawing Peter away to let John and Karen have their moment.

* * *

Karen checked the baking dish. As she bent over to look in the oven the small skirt she was wearing rode up. She wore no panties and felt the smack of cook air against her newly shaven pussy.

There was a knock on the door. “Fuck” Karen cursed, she didn’t want to stop what she was doing because John would be home soon and she wanted so much to have dinner ready for him when he arrived.

She went to the front door and opened it.



“It’s me… Sharon…”


“You remember… Lisa’s girl… former partner” she corrected herself.


“We met at Christmas”

“I don’t know you…”

“Look… we met. You know me…. I need to ask about Lisa…”


“Don’t be messing about with me…”

“Karen?” John called

Karen turned around “Honey, you’re home…”

“I just pulled in…” he said

“Who is this?” he asked

“I don’t know… someone called Sharon asking about someone called Lisa…”

“How can I help you?” he asked, going to the door

As he stood there Karen drew her arm around his waist and squeezed his ass.

“Look!” Sharon said annoyed, “I don’t know what you’re playing at…”

“Do you know this woman?” John asked

“No, Master” Karen said

Sharon looked shocked

“I think you should go” John said

“I’m not going till I get some answers!” Sharon said. She pushed in past them.

“Master?” Karen asked, looking for instructions

“Take her…” he said, “grab hold of her..”

Karen did so

John shut the door

“Let go of me!” Sharon cried.

Karen held her firm.

“What shall we do with her, Master?”

“I’ll call Peter Mephysto…”

“Yes, Master”

John took out his phone and as he dialled Peter he looked at his wife.

“How do you feel about me having a second wife?”

“If that is your wish, Master”

“Let go of me!” Sharon cried,,,,,

The End