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Disclaimer: This is a fantasy story with sexual and mind-control content. But you should know that already if you are reading this disclaimer. All characters contained herein are entirely fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons is coincidental. Also, these stories are entirely of my own making. Any resemblance to other stories is entirely coincidental.

Author’s note: These stories are dedicated to Carole. © 1999

The Awakening

The Vyartu Stories

Story Number One—Part One

“Love Story again?” protested Darrin. He rolled his big blue eyes. He hated the movie Love Story. But Alexis was being insistent. Darrin just sighed and glared at her, knowing this was a battle he would not win.

Darrin was a tall man. An orphan, heritage unknown, Darrin had rather exotic looks. His clear complexioned skin had a natural tan tint, and his short, straight hair was the color of black cherries. He had large, expressive eyes, with irises the same color as the darkest ocean blue. He had an incredible metabolism. He hardly exercised but maintained a fit muscular tone. All of this and the length of his rounded lips gave him an odd, uncommon attractiveness.

“Yes, again. I don’t understand why you dislike it so much.” She glared right back at Darrin. She was not about to let him tell her what she could and could not watch.

Alexis was a pretty, fashion conscious woman. She had well maintained blond hair, and forever manicured nails. Her eyes were green with thick lashes. She had an average height, which she usually fortified with tall heeled shoes. Her body was slender and firm. Most men would say she was attractive.

“No. You wouldn’t. And I see that you don’t really care either.” Darrin was getting angry, and unusually he was showing it. “You just expect me to bend to your wishes, but you don’t give a damn about me. I am beginning to see a pattern to your stubbornness. I will not—”

“Don’t you dare start telling me what to do, Darrin Fitzwright. I am not your slave. You have no authority over me.”

“I never said I did. And if—”

“I’m not finished. If you think you can make me some sort of submissive woman out of me, you are badly mistaken. I don’t need you. I am a woman, Darrin. A real woman. If you can’t handle that, then I’m leaving. Do you understand me?”

“I do indeed. Get out. Get out now.” Darrin spoke through clenched teeth.

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that. I—”

“You said you would go, damnit. So get out. Leave my apartment now. Do you understand me, Alexis Ernestine Dumont?” The controlled anger in his voice was obvious.

“Yes, Darrin.” Alexis suddenly held a hint of timidity. Very quickly she gathered her purse and the video tape of Love Story, and she left.

That night, as Darrin slept, his reoccurring dream came to him once again. In the dream, he was in his apartment, waiting for someone very important. Finally came the knock on the door. He would, in the dream, be at the door in an instant. Yet opening the door always seemed to take such a long time. With the door finally open, he would see the person he had been waiting for, a most beautiful woman. The woman at the door was as tall as Darrin. She had long, thick, gloriously golden hair. Her large, round eyes had irises that were as green as winter wheat. Her face was the most beautiful Darrin had ever seen. Her bodily dimensions, with the fullness of her chest, the narrowness of her waist, the curve of her hips, the length of her legs, were perfect. Without fail, Darrin would wake from the dream just as the woman would open her mouth to speak.

Darrin was still not happy the next day at work. He grumbled in his job as stock manager. He had almost calmed down by lunchtime, but that’s when Lisa came by to confront him.

“Darrin, how could you do that to Alexis?” demanded Lisa. Lisa was one of Alexis’s closest friends. Lisa actually had introduced Alexis to Darrin.

Lisa had a simple face and a curvaceous build. Her brown hair matched the color of her eyes. Her chest, lips and ass were full and round. The combination of her shapely features and her average height gave her a sweet attractiveness like a ripe apple.

“How could I do what, Lisa?” Darrin feigned innocence just to hear what story Alexis had told Lisa. He turned to face her, and leaned against a wall of shelves holding reams of paper. They were in the stock room.

“Yelling at Alexis over a dumb movie and then throwing her out just because she did not agree with you, that’s what.”

“Did she also tell you that I’m Superman’s secret identity?” Darrin’s voice dripped with sarcasm.

“Don’t make light of this, Darrin. You really hurt Alexis.”

“Oh my God, Lisa. If you only knew the real story. I’d tell it to you, but you’d never believe me.”

“Oh really? Try me.”

Darrin scoffed. “Yeah, right.”

“No. I mean it.”

“All right. First she wanted to watch Love Story, a movie she knows I hate. Then she decided that because I did not want to watch it, I was some sort of villain out to subjugate her. She explained that she was a ‘real woman’ and that if I could not handle it, she would leave.”

“Oh Darrin. You’re exaggerating.”

“You see? You don’t believe me. Oh, and you can tell her for me, that if she’s a ‘real’ woman, then she and her ‘reality’ can go jump in lake.”

“Darrin! You can’t mean that.”

“Do you not believe anything I say? Why do you even come talk to me?” Darrin turned away from her.

“I am sorry, Darrin. It’s just that she loves you so, and—”

“Loves me?” Darrin turned back to her. “Ha! She loves herself, and what she thinks she can make out of me. I am not a pair of pants for her to alter to make her comfortable.”

“Well, that is true.”

“Tell her that, Lisa. Not me.”

“All right, Darrin. I will... I guess.” Lisa chewed on her bottom lip.

Darrin just shook his head and went back to work.

That night, the first night in months that Alexis would not be coming over to his apartment, Darrin finally began to relax. He had ordered pizza, and rented the movie Conan the Barbarian. He had an odd feeling that he should be expecting someone, but dismissed it as just not yet being used to Alexis not being there every night. Reclined on the couch, piece of pizza in hand, the opening credits of the movie beginning, Darrin grimaced as he heard the knock at the door. Grumbling he put the pizza piece down, stood up, and walked to the door. Ready to yell at Alexis for daring to come back, he opened the door.

There at the door, smiling at Darrin, was not Alexis. The woman at the door was as tall as Darrin. She had long, thick, gloriously golden hair. Her large, round eyes had irises that were as green as winter wheat. Her face was the most beautiful Darrin had ever seen. Her bodily dimensions, with the fullness of her chest, the narrowness of her waist, the curve of her hips, the length of her legs, were perfect. She was, in short and quite literally, the woman of his dreams. She smiled beautifully, and then opened her mouth to speak.

Darrin’s eyes shot open. He blinked. There had been no knock at the door. He had dozed off. He had dreamed again of the beautiful woman. The pizza was cold, and Conan the Barbarian had been playing for a half hour. Darrin rubbed his eyes. He looked to the door. He knew it was just a dream. Each time he dreamed of the beautiful woman, the dream seemed more real. He had, in the dream, even smelled her perfume this time. Every part of the image of her image was so detailed and so specific. Darrin sighed. He knew it was not real. He stood up, leaving the pizza on the coffee table, and walked to his bedroom. Letting himself flop onto the bed, he closed his eyes. Soon he was asleep once more. Before the night was done, he would dream of her, as he had come to think of the beautiful woman, twice more. Each time, just as she was about to speak, he would jolt awake. And each time he was jolted awake, he would have to remind himself that it was just a dream.

The next day during his lunch period, Alexis and Lisa showed up. He was in the office building’s cafeteria, after the usual lunch crowd had left. He had just begun to eat when Alexis’s waist appeared in his field of vision. He did not really want to look up, but he did anyway. There, across the table, standing before him, were Alexis and Lisa. Both were smiling sweetly. Darrin sighed and shook his head.

“Hello, love.” said Alexis softly. “I am sorry.”

“Are you?” Darrin asked.

“Yes, of course, love. I am sorry I yelled at you. I did not really mean what I said.”

“If you didn’t mean it, why did you say it?”

Alexis smile faded a little. “I was angry. I really am sorry, Darrin. Please, let’s not break up.”

Lisa just stood there smiling.

“Why not? Why should I continue this relationship?”

Alexis looked a little shocked. “Darrin... I love you. I don’t want to leave you.”

“You don’t want to leave me? What a—”

Lisa interrupted. “Darrin, Alexis is trying to apologize.”

“Lisa,” Darrin began, “I know what she’s trying to do. She’s trying to save face. I threw her out. Had it been the other way around, this conversation would not be happening. After all, Alexis is ‘real’ woman. Whatever the hell that means.”

“I am not!” Alexis was now more than a little shocked. She paused a moment to regain some composure. “Darrin, I care about you. I don’t want you to be alone. I want help you. I love you, Darrin.”

“You want to help me. Oh how noble of you. What was it you said to me the other night? Hm... ‘I don’t need you. I am woman. A real woman.’ Yes, I think that’s about what you said. What makes you think I need you do desperately?”

Lisa gasped. “Darrin, how could you?”

“Shut up, Lisa. This is between me and Alexis.” said Darrin without taking his sharp stare off of Alexis.

“Darrin,” Alexis spoke softly, “I thought we loved each other.”

“I thought we did too, Alexis. But over the past couple of weeks, and even today, all I get from you is attempts to manipulate me. You don’t love me. You, like so many other women these days, seek not to love, but to mold and conform a man into whatever is the fashionable way to wear men, as if men were hats or something. And don’t you dare deny it. You know that’s all you wanted me for. You never cared about my desires or my needs except where they coincided with your plans for me.” Darrin paused for a moment to let his words sink in. “You are an attractive woman, Alexis. And you want a relationship with an attractive man. Why? Because you want some dream man to love? No. Because the fashionable thing for attractive women is to be seen with attractive men. To be perfectly blunt, Alexis, I want more from a relationship than being seen with another pretty person. I am a man, Alexis, not a fashion. If you can deal with that in a mature way, then please, feel free to prove that I am wrong about you. If you can’t, then go away.” Darrin returned to eating his lunch.

Alexis just stood there, mouth partially open, staring at Darrin.

“Darrin,” Lisa began, “I think—”

“Shut up, Lisa.” said Darrin between bites of food.

“But Darrin you—”

“Lisa, it’s between Alexis and me.”


“Lisa, shut up. Take the ‘real’ woman with you and go away.”

Alexis finally muttered an “I’m sorry”, turned and walked away. Lisa followed after Alexis, trying to figure out what had just happened. Darrin sigh with relief and shook his head as watched them walk away.

At home, in his apartment, Darrin felt restless. He was glad that his relationship with Alexis was over. That she would not be coming over was something of a relief. Yet, Darrin felt a need he could not name. The need felt almost sexual in nature, but that was not it. He was hungry, but not for food. Darrin gorged himself on a large, five topping pizza, but he still felt the hunger. Perhaps he just needed to go out.

So Darrin showered and dressed, groomed his hair and face, and headed out for his favorite bar spot. With his exotic attractiveness, not too many minutes passed before Darrin was getting glances from females around the room. Even the female bartender managed to flirt with him. A fairly good band was playing at the bar that night, so Darrin contented himself with listening to the music. He was not looking for a date that night, and really did not expect to see anyone he knew. With his drink, he calmly stepped from the bar to a tiny table along the back wall of the room. He still felt restless, still felt that odd hunger. He sat there for a while, hoping the hunger would just go away. It didn’t. When he looked up and saw a tipsy, redheaded cutie headed his way, he took that as his cue to go. Passing the now disappointed redhead on his way out, Darrin quietly left.

He tried to get some sleep, after having returned to his apartment and undressing. After tossing and turning in bed for a couple of hours, he finally drifted off to sleep. And the dream came once more. He opened the door, in the dream, and there she was. The woman at the door was as tall as Darrin. She had long, thick, gloriously golden hair. Her large, round eyes had irises that were as green as winter wheat. Her face was the most beautiful Darrin had ever seen. Her bodily dimensions, with the fullness of her chest, the narrowness of her waist, the curve of her hips, the length of her legs, were perfect. She opened her mouth, as if to speak, and Darrin woke up. He did not find sleep again that night, but not for lack of trying.

The next morning, a bright and sunny Saturday morning, Darrin began to feel the odd hunger with more urgency. He ate a large breakfast, but still the hunger persisted. He expected to be tired from his lack of sleep, but he was feeling strong and alert. And hungry. He looked through his refrigerator and his kitchen cabinets, but found nothing appetizing. He decided a trip to the grocery story was in order.

At the grocery store Darrin wandered up and down each aisle twice, finding nothing that appealed to him. He was starting to wonder about the increasingly gnawing hunger. It obviously had nothing to do with food. He decided to walk past the fresh cut meat one more time before leaving the store. He was just passing the sirloin steaks when he noticed that the redhead he had seen in the bar the night before was now standing several feet away, perusing the ground beef.

The redhead had her hair pulled back into a short pony tail. She was slightly more than average height, with svelte and muscular limbs. Her chest and hips were slender but also round and firm. She was dressed casually in loose T-shirt and jeans.

She had to be at least five feet away, but Darrin could feel the heat of her body, could smell the soap residue on her skin, could hear her faint breaths. He was hungry. He stared at her. He could practically see the shape of her body under her loose clothing. His thoughts were full of lust, of touching her, and of tasting her. He saw her lips part and heard the soft moan that escaped her. He could smell the bare scent of arousal on her.

“Hello.” said Darrin politely when the redhead finally noticed him. “I noticed you standing there and wanted to apologize for last night. I was just wondering how to introduce myself.”

“Last night?” The redhead looked skeptical.

“At the bar.”

“Oh.” The redhead relaxed a little. She smiled slightly.

Darrin smelled her growing arousal. Without having to look away from her ice blue eyes, he knew the redhead’s nipples were hard. He stared right into her eyes, but he could hear her breathing quicken ever so slightly.

“So? Where’s my apology?” She smiled at him.

“I had some unfinished business to take care of last night. It was rather, er, time sensitive work. I saw you approaching but I had to go. I apologize.”

“Hm... Well, that’ll do.” The redhead chuckled softly.

Darrin smiled. “Thanks.”

“So, I take it you live around here?”

“I do, yes. You?” Darrin continued to focus his gaze on her eyes. His thoughts were focused on having sex with her. As he stepped closer to her, Darrin could smell the arousal of her wet vagina, and feel the increase in her body heat.

“Yes, I live in the apartment complex across the street from this store.”

“Okay, well it was nice meeting you.” Still he did not look away from her eyes.

“Say, what’s your name?”

“My name is Darrin.”

“I am pleased to meet you,” she swallowed before continuing, “Darrin.” She nearly whispered his name. “My name is Shannon.”

Darrin leaned in close to her. “Shannon,” he said softly, “such a lovely name.” He smiled to her.

Breathlessly she nodded. Darrin lightly touched her cheek. She sighed softly and leaned her face to his hand.

“Why don’t you tell me, Shannon, why you were walking toward me last night at the bar.” Darrin spoke softly.

Staring to Darrin’s eyes like a deer staring at oncoming headlights, Shannon softly responded. “I’d had a few drinks... I saw you sitting alone... You’re sexy... I thought I’d flirt with you... I was hoping I’d get laid...”

“Oh?” Darrin chuckled softly. He had no idea why he was having such an effect on Shannon, nor why he could sense her arousal so clearly. But he was hungry, and now he knew for what. “Would you like to take me back to your place? I am sure I could make my apology for last night more personal.”

Shannon gasped softly and nodded. “Yes,” she whispered, “please.”

“Good. Let’s go then. Lead the way, Shannon.” Darrin smiled at her.

Almost reluctantly, Shannon turned away from Darrin’s gaze. With steady motion she left her basket of groceries behind and walked out of the store. Darrin followed Shannon to her car.

During the short trip to Shannon’s apartment, Darrin tried to analyze what had happened in the store. His hunger had propelled his actions, but the effect was not something Darrin would have imagined. Shannon even now seemed to be in some sort of hypnotic trance. Darrin wondered how that had occurred. He could guess that his hunger had something to do with it, but beyond that, he had no clue. He knew he should really be working to analyze why this episode with Shannon was happening, but his thoughts kept returning to Shannon’s body and his desires. He could feel the strain of his cock against his pants like never before. He tried to think about why he had become so amazingly lustful, but the image of Shannon’s sweet, sweaty body writhing in ecstasy dominated his thoughts.

Finally at Shannon’s apartment, Darrin was struggling to control his hunger. The scent of Shannon’s arousal was intense. And his cock throbbed painfully. He followed Shannon into the apartment and told her to lock the door. She complied. Darrin stared at her. She stood before him, trembling slightly, a growing stain of wet arousal on the crotch of her pants.

The main room of the apartment was not big. A love seat sat in one corner, a television set in another. The kitchen was off to the side. There was a narrow hallway at the back of the room leading to other rooms. The back of the door Shannon and Darrin had just entered through was covered in a mirror.

“Please... take me.” whispered Shannon. She stared weakly into his eyes. “Please.”

Darrin pulled his shirt off as he kicked off his shoes. His pants soon followed. He smiled to see Shannon staring wide eyed at the bulge in his boxer briefs. He swiftly peeled his socks off. Darrin grabbed each side of his boxer briefs and literally ripped them from his body. His hard erection sprang forth, and Shannon’s mouth dropped open. The gigantic cock was bigger than any cock she had ever seen, or even dreamt of. Darrin grinned to see the wet stain on the crotch of Shannon’s pants was now rapidly growing.

“Oh my God...” Shannon whimpered as Darrin approached her. Her gaze slowly moved up Darrin’s body to his grinning face.

“You are mine. You know that, don’t you?” Darrin softly touched Shannon’s cheek as he spoke to her. Shannon just whimpered and nodded. Her eyes were locked to his feral stare. He grabbed her shirt and ripped it from her body. Her now bare breasts obviously needed no bra to hold them up. Her round, firm breasts rose and fell slightly with the motion of Shannon’s chest as her breathing sped up.

“Please...” she begged, “please, touch me.”

Darrin unfastened Shannon’s belt, and then pulled her pants down to her ankles. The scent of her juices practically flowing over her labia was too much to resist. Even as Darrin squatted to pull Shannon’s pants down, his mouth opened, and his tongue flicked out to taste her soaking wet panties.

To be continued...