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The Awakening

The Vyartu Stories

Story Number One—Part Four

“No, I’ll take your word for it.” Darrin reached up to Brook’s cheek. His fingers caressed her skin.

“Please...” Brook said softly, “I want you.” She lightly grasped his hand, and moved it from her cheek down to her chest. She pressed his hand to her breast. Her nipple hardened under his palm.

Darrin’s hand gently squeezed the firm breast. The hunger simmered within Darrin. He stared into Brook’s eyes, but pulled his hand from her chest.

“Why do you want this?” asked Darrin. He studied her eyes for some clue that she was only responding to his hunger.

“Jack, that’s my f... ex-fiance,” began Brook as she stared right back at Darrin, “he and I were...” her voice faltered. Her eyes quickly turned to stare at the table once more. Her hands rose to cover her face as she struggled to stifle her sobs.

Darrin gently grasped one of Brook’s hands, and gently pulled her face back to face his. “It’s okay. I promise. What about you and Jack?” With a caressing touch, he wiped tears from her cheeks.

“Well, Jack, he...” Brook let out a deep, sad sigh. “We’ve known each other for so long.” Brook lowered her gaze to Darrin’s chest. “Since junior high school. We started dating in high school. We had an open ended relationship. That’s what Jack called it. We could date other people. Even after we got engaged. Jack said that was the way a modern relationship should be. And I dated a few other guys... but...” She took a deep breath. “I guess I loved Jack. Or thought I did. I don’t know anymore. But he said—”

Darrin put a finger to her lips. “Hush now. I understand.” Brook seemed sincere to him. He did not get a sense that she was just being manipulated by him.

Brook looked up to his face once more. “You are so handsome and kind. I guess I want to forget. For a while anyway. I just—”

“Hush, I said.” Darrin smiled to her. “You don’t need to explain anymore. I understand.” Darrin pulled out his wallet, and left payment for the soda and a generous tip on the table. Replacing his wallet, he said, “I would be happy to go with you, Brook.”

Darrin knew the hunger would be taking over soon enough. He felt certain though that Brook truly wanted him to go home with her. But what then? Would she still want him there, or have second thoughts? Darrin’s voice spoke, but his hunger asked the question.

“Shall we go?”

Brook smiled at him. Her eyes filled with tears again. She leaned forward and kissed him. “Thank you.” she whispered. She stood up and held her hand out for him.

“You’re welcome.” Darrin smiled at her near innocence. He stood and took her hand. “Lead the way.”

Smiling, Brook led him to her car and drove him to her house. Brook would explain on the way that she had a housemate, a friend who attended the same university Brook attended. Brook also explained that the housemate would be out all night. Darrin barely heard all this. During the drive, he worked to focus on controlling his hunger. Darrin felt certain the hunger would burn in him as it had before, but he hoped he could maintain some control over it and over his actions. He thought of the dream again, and wondered about the nature and source for this still new hunger, but the answer still eluded him.

Brook’s house was small. It contained a kitchen/living room, a bathroom, and two bedrooms. Despite this, Brook and her housemate had managed to cram all manner of posters and knick-knacks into each room. The rooms were wild with colors and furniture shapes and souvenirs and novelty items.

In the bedroom were two lamps that appeared to be three foot tall tubes of undulating lightening bolts. Brook turned on only these two lamps when she led Darrin into the room. The effect was a flickering illumination making the room and everything in it appear in moving shades of blue and shadow. The lamps flanked the bed, which was covered in pillows and simple cotton sheets.

“What do you think?” asked Brook, her soft voice sounding sincere in wanting his opinion.

“It’s different.” Darrin looked around. “It’s interesting. I like the lamps.”

Brook smiled. “Thank you.” She stepped up onto the bed, then leaned down to kiss Darrin’s cheek. She seemed to blush, though it was hard to tell in the light of the lamps. She slowly began to unbutton her blouse.

Darrin’s gaze drifted back and forth between Brook’s fingers and Brook’s face. She was smiling as she unbuttoned her shirt. Her fingers moved slowly but with certainty. When her hands reached where her shirt was tucked into her skirt, Brook unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the bed. Darrin watched while concentrating on not losing control to his hunger. Darrin was smiling, pleased that controlling the hunger seemed, so far, easier than he had anticipated.

Brook giggled as she kicked her skirt at Darrin. Her shirt slipped from her arms. She reached to her back and unfastened her bra. Brook was still giggling as she removed her bra, which made her round breasts appear to spring free as the bra loosened and fell away.

“Stop.” spoke Darrin softly as Brook reached to her panties. Darrin stepped forward, looking over Brook’s body. Her figure was curvaceous and soft. She had an expression of nervousness as she looked at Darrin. She was now wearing only her sneakers and her panties. The panties had a large wet stain on them. Darrin inhaled deeply to take in the scent of the woman before him. He looked up to her face. His hands began to caress Brook’s thighs, and Brook moaned with a shudder.

“Darrin?” Brook was panting by the time she spoke his name.

“Yes?” Darrin was smiling. He felt good. The hunger was there, but not as intense as had been with Lisa and Shannon.

“Would you...” Brook hesitated then giggled. “Would you tie me down? I’ve always wondered what that would be like.” She was looking down to his face and smiling. “Jack would never—”

“Hush. Jack is gone. Jack does not exist tonight. Only you and me.” Darrin was staring up, directly into Brook’s eyes. “No one else.”

Brook nodded and whispered, “No one else.”

“Now tell me what you want.”

“I want to be tied down. Or bound. Or whatever they call it.” Almost reluctantly Brook stepped away from Darrin’s hands and off the bed. She walked to a dresser to the right of the bed. “I bought some things from an internet store.” Brook opened a drawer and pulled out two nearly identical items. Each one had a leather arm cuff and a length of chain. There were a few rings attached to each cuff. The chain itself was linked to another ring. At the unattached end of each chain was a locking clasp. Brook put a cuff on one arm and buckled it closed. She repeated the action with the other cuff and arm. Each cuff covered up about half of her forearm. She held her arms up for Darrin to see. “And the chain goes around the posts of the headboard.” She smiled. “See?”

“If I bind your wrists to the bed posts, I’ll not release you until I want to. You would be at my mercy.” explained Darrin.

Brook visibly shuddered and squeezed her legs together. “Please.” She held her arms out to Darrin.

Darrin studied Brook’s gaze. He wondered if she really wanted this, or if his hunger was prompting her to this action. He couldn’t tell.

“Lay down.” said Darrin.

Brook smiled and jumped onto the bed. As she lay down on the bed, hands above her head, her eyes watched Darrin. Her breathing was already beginning to increase speed. Glistening, slick moisture not only saturated the crotch of Brook’s panties, but was spreading to her inner thighs as well.

Darrin carefully fastened Brook’s right arm to the right corner post of the headboard. He leaned over, and as he fastened Brook’s left arm to the left corner post, she leaned her head up to tug at his shirt with her teeth. Darrin pulled back slightly and looked down at Brook. She giggled. He kissed her briefly then stepped back. He smiled as Brook licked her lips.

Darrin bent over and pulled each boot off, one at a time of course. He stood tall again and unbuttoned the first two buttons of his shirt. Then, after grabbing the back of his shirt at the shoulders, he pulled the shirt off over his head. He noticed Brook was watching each of his motions. He pulled his socks off next. He unfastened his belt and glanced the Brook. She was watching and giggling. Darrin unfastened his pants, and, letting them drop to the floor, stepped out of them. He smiled at the gasp from Brook. Obviously she had noticed the semi-hard erection in his boxer briefs. As Darrin slipped his briefs off, his cock slowly grew to almost full erection.

“Oh, wow.” said Brook with a long gasp. Her gaze traveled along the length of Darrin’s cock. She shuddered as she looked up to Darrin’s face. “Wow,” she softly said again, “you’re incredible.”

Darrin smiled to her. He said nothing. Silently he grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs wide apart. He knelt on the bed, between her legs. He noticed the look of puzzlement on her face and realized she was not innocent. She was just not as knowledgeable as she thought she was. Darrin leaned down, bringing his fingers lightly to Brook’s inner thighs and his mouth to her panties.

“Oh dear God!” exclaimed Brook with a loud gasp as her hips shot up off the bed and pressed to Darrin’s face and hands. She shuddered and moaned as Darrin’s fingers caressed her wet inner thighs, and his mouth kisses her soaked panties. She could feel the sliding of wet cotton over her labia as Darrin’s lips and tongue pressed to her pussy. She pulled in vain on her restraints. She wanted to push Darrin’s face to her pussy. She had never felt a man’s mouth at her sex before. The sensation of Darrin’s tongue pushing the wet fabric of her panties into her pussy had her already at the edge of orgasm.

Slowly Darrin slid his fingers under the panties to caress Brook’s vaginal lips. He felt her shudder, and heard her moan loudly. He gently grasped the fabric of Brook’s panties in his teeth. He pulled his head, and her panties, back until her sex was fully exposed. His fingers easily pushed inside her, despite the tightness of her pussy. Darrin brought his mouth again to her labia. He licked slowly up her sex, eventually dragging his tongue over her tiny clitoris.

The touch of Darrin’s tongue on Brook’s clitoris pushed her over the edge. Screams shot from her mouth; her hips bucked helplessly; and for the first time in her life, she felt her own cum flood her pussy. She was in pleasure as she had never known before. Her head thrashed side to side. Her screams did not end until the wild climax finally began to fade.

Darrin pulled his head away from her sex, and smiled. He looked over the sweaty, female body that lay before him. Her chest rose and fell swiftly with her efforts to take in air. Darrin thought to himself, she looked like a woman made for sensual pleasures. He reached down and caressed her abdomen. He felt her trembling. He heard her let out a long, soft sigh.

The hunger had remained low until now. Darrin felt it grow and rise now. He wanted this woman. He felt the strength of the hunger. He experienced an odd clarity of thought. His hunger was sexual. And it was just that, a hunger. He needed something that sex gave him like he needed food.

He reached out farther to stroke Brook’s chest. He could smell her flesh. He could still taste her fluid on his tongue. He could hear her breathing. He could see the expression of pleasure on her face. Her felt her still fast beating heart under his finger tips. She seemed so perfectly suited to this moment.

Brook finally descended from the high of the orgasm. She let out a soft sigh. She lifted her head so she could look at Darrin. Brook was certain that she had never seen a more handsome man than Darrin. His face, his body, his penis, all were simply amazing. Yet there was more to Darrin. Even in the bar, where the light was dim, when she had first seen him from across the room, and all she could really see were his silhouette and his eyes looking at her, something within her had been drawn to him. In that moment of first seeing him, Brook had the feeling that something about Darrin was familiar. As she now looked over his face and his muscular definition and his tan skin, she wanted him. In her loins, yes, she wanted him, but deeper within her being she also wanted him. Such desires, however, she would not truly recognize or understand until much later.

“Darrin,” she spoke softly, “that was amazing.” She smiled warmly at him.

Darrin smirked. “I haven’t even started yet.” His fingers began dancing and swirling over Brook’s breasts. He moved to straddle her hips. His hard cock now pressed against her abdomen as he leaned over her. Strongly he kissed Brook’s mouth, pushing his lips, shoving his tongue forward to her willing mouth. Darrin smiled into the kiss upon hearing the muffled moan Brook offered to the kiss. His fingers teased her breasts, by dancing lightly around Brook’s nipples but never touching them. Beneath him, Brook’s torso began to turn side to side in the attempt to bring her nipples to Darrin’s fingers. He broke the kiss harshly and began instead to nibble and suck on Brook’s neck.

Brook could feel the flood of renewed arousal fill her pussy. She could hardly believe that her ecstasy was going to continue. Her nipples were hard and aching for a touch. The moans from her mouth were constant. Darrin’s hungry mouth on her sensitive neck seemed to send waves of heat flowing through her body. Then she felt Darrin’s mouth start moving away from her neck, toward her chest.

Intentionally, Darrin kept his fingers away from Brook’s nipples. His fingertips caressed and massaged Brook’s breasts. Slowly and by sucking and kissing, his mouth traveled toward her chest. He brought his mouth down to the valley between her breasts. He pulled back slightly as Brook’s torso twisting increased speed. With one hand on her sternum, he pushed her to the bed to hold her still. Then his mouth descended onto her left nipple.

Brook’s chest heaved with the loud gasp. Before she had felt heat from Darrin’s mouth. Now she felt fire. Every nerve in her body seemed to be tingling from the stimulation of Darrin’s mouth on her nipple. Suddenly the stimulation left her. Before she could recover, though, she felt his mouth again, this time on her right nipple. Her whole body arched up to press her breast to his mouth. The sucking and nibbling and licking on her nipple was forcing moans from her mouth, and causing her sex to drip with wet arousal.

Darrin removed his hands from Brook’s chest. His hands moved to the bed as his legs moved back between Brook’s still wide spread legs. The length of the underside of Darrin’s hard erection now pressed against her dripping wet labia. As he moved his mouth back to Brook’s left nipple, he smiled to hear her groan. This time he lightly kissed and licked the hard nipple.

“Please,” moaned Brook, “harder.” Her back was lifted entirely off the bed in her attempt to push her breast to Darrin’s mouth. Her muscles ached with the effort, because her body was also trying to push her sex against Darrin’s cock. The erection felt like warm steel against her labia. She struggled against her wrist restraints. She desired to grab Darrin’s head and hold it tight to her breast. Brook bent her knees and forced her calves and feet underneath her thighs. She could more easily arch her body up now. She tried desperately to grind her dripping sex to the hardness of Darrin’s cock.

With gentle pressure, Darrin began to slide the length of his cock along Brook’s labia. Brook was writhing under him now. His mouth roamed over her breast, teasing her nipples much as his fingers had done before. His hunger was still growing, but he felt more in control now than he had before. In pushing the length of his hard erection over Brook’s vaginal lips, his cock brushed over her erect, little clitoris. Darrin could feel her juices trickle out past his throbbing cock. His tongue kept snaking out to lick her breasts. Brook’s skin and even her sweat seemed sweet to Darrin.

Brook had never experienced wild sexual heat like this before. She did not know to call it feral. She knew only that she felt wild and alive. Every nerve seemed heated with electric fire. Her hips bucked in time to the motion of Darrin’s cock. And each brush of his cock over her clit sent a hot tremor through her body. Brook could hear her own loud moans and groans, yet they seemed distant. She could feel her vaginal muscles flexing and clenching within her. With the teasing of Darrin’s erection pressing and rubbing against her labia, her tight pussy was beginning to feel empty.

Darrin finally began to suck harder in Brook’s right nipple. He lifted his left hand and slowly slid it along Brook’s body from her breast to her thigh. Brook arched her body more when Darrin pulled his hips and his cock away from her. His left hand moved to her vaginal lips, teasing them with a stroke before pushing four fingers inside her. His thumb caressed Brook’s clitoris. He was rewarded with the sensation of hot cum gushing over his fingers.

Brook did not scream. No sound escaped her mouth. Her mouth was wide open as her head thrashed side to side with her second climax. A climax that seemed to go on and on. Darrin’s hand was moving back and forth and twisting inside her pussy. His thumb continued to stroke her clit. His mouth nibbled and sucked on her nipple. All of Brook’s thoughts were lost to the experience of the orgasm. She had no sense of the passage of time. The briefest of moments seemed like minutes. Brook had no idea how long the climax lasted, but it seemed endless.

When Brook’s body finally collapsed to the bed, Darrin pulled back from her. Kneeling between her thighs, he looked over her body. The odd light from the lamps glistening off her sweat covered, heaving chest made her look as if her orgasm had created a flickering glow within her skin. Her whole body was still trembling. Darrin reach his left hand toward Brook’s face. Without word from Darrin, Brook leaned her head up and began licking her own cum from his fingers. Darrin smiled. His hunger was strong but under control. He reached his right hand to Brook’s face and gently pushed a few sweat soaked hairs to the side. She is so pretty, Darrin thought to himself, and so sweet.

After she had cleaned her own cum from Darrin’s fingers, Brook laid her head back down on the pillow under her. She let out a long sigh. She was happy. She had never felt so good in her life. She ached all over from the strain and the intensity of the sensual interaction with Darrin. But the ache seemed wonderful. Her trembling was fading away, and her breathing was finally returning to a normal rate. She lifted her head slightly to look at Darrin.

“Thank you.” said Brook softly. She was smiling.

“For what?” asked Darrin. He too was smiling.

“For tonight. You’ve been amazing, and so kind to me.”

“Hush. I am not through yet.”

Brook’s eyes widened. “Not through?” She giggled nervously. “I am not sure I could withstand much more.”

“But you want more, don’t you?” asked Darrin, with a soft tone.

Brook giggled once more. She nodded. “Yes. Yes, I do.”

Darrin smiled at Brook’s cute giggle. She really was very pretty, Darrin thought. And sincere. She seemed quite sincere to Darrin. The whole situation seemed sincere. He certainly hadn’t tried to manipulate Brook. Her giggle, her manner, her gaze, all led Darrin to conclude that Brook was reacting to him in an honest way. Darrin had never experienced that with Alexis.

Alexis. She was probably waiting back at Darrin’s apartment. That is, if she had not already left in disgust. Lisa surely had told Alexis everything. Darrin knew he would have to talk to Alexis again soon. Well, she would wait.

“Is something wrong?” Brook asked in response to his silence.

Darrin smiled. “No. Nothing is wrong. Everything is wonderful.” Darrin leaned down and kissed Brook’s warm lips. She sighed in reply. “Everything is wonderful. And you look very sexy in your wrist bindings and sweat.”

Brook giggled.

“Are you ready?” asked Darrin softly.


Darrin leaned down further and whispered in Brook’s ear. “You’ve already climaxed twice. And I intend to feel the warm, wet, tightness of your vagina on my big, long, thick penis. Are you... ready?”

Brook nodded silently. She was smiling sweetly, but not giggling.

Smiling, Darrin pulled back from Brook. His hips lowered slowly, until the head of his cock rested against Brook’s labia. He closed his eyes and moaned softly as he slowly pushed his hard erection inside Brook’s slick pussy.

To be continued...