The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Waif — Part One — Maddy’s Journey

Crayz Maddy

The summer heat pressed on her like a vise. Kicking thru the alley, she ducked into a patch of shade behind the ubiquitous green dumpster. The rank smell that once violated her senses was now such a part of her life that it went without notice. Late afternoon sun bounced off the sooty masonry, and she closed her eyes, feeling more or less safe for a few more hours. Fragments of thought drifted to her, shattered memories, of how it was she got to be in such a place.

Maddy shut down the desktop and grabbed her keys. “A chance to meet him,” she thought. Ducking into the bathroom she gave herself a quick onceover. She flipped back her long blonde hair and puffed out her chest a little more. “Damn bra seems to flatten more than support.” She slipped it off and changed back into her beige camisole. Black leggings and denim shorts completed her ensemble. Tucking her feet into black sneakers she ducked out the door, scribbled a note to her parents about being out late, and headed for her car.

The hour long drive down the Maine backroads to Portland seemed to take forever as her anticipation heightened her nerves. She had ‘met’ Josh playing games online and was astounded to find he was from a few towns over. They knew some of the same people, but he had moved out and down to the city a few years earlier after graduating high school. He might be twenty-one, but she was eighteen and could take care of herself, thank you very much.

She pulled into the parking lot and made her way into the restaurant. “Amazing,” she thought, “he actually looks like his picture.” They spent the next hour eating, drinking, and laughing. She was actually having a good time, and when he ordered a bottle of wine, she was surprised she didn’t get carded. The sweet wine was starting to have its effect on her, but she knew she could crash with her older brother, who had an apartment in the city.

Maddy excused herself to the restroom to text her brother and relieve some of the built up pressure. When she left, Josh poured another drink for them both. He slipped a small vial from his pocket, adding its contents to her drink. A few swirls of the glass and the faint cloudiness all but vanished.

Maddy returned to the table, surprised to see a plate of chocolate covered strawberries. “I hope you don’t mind that I ordered some dessert,” offered Josh. She smiled, thanking him, hardly noticing her glass had been refilled as they chatted and laughed. As she sipped her drink Maddy felt a familiar tingle in her belly start building softly. “Not on the first date,” she reminded herself.

The alcohol seemed to be hitting her strongly now. “Josh... I think I had too much to drink. I tried texting my brother but I couldn’t find my phone. You think you could give me a ride? He’s just across town...”

“Not a problem dear. Why don’t we check your car, see if you left your phone there?” The couple exited the restaurant, Maddy clinging to Josh’s arm for support.

“Just over there, the Civic...” A quick search of the car turned up nothing, and Josh gently took the keys from Maddy’s hand.

“Why don’t I just drive you over.. he should be there, right?”

“Mhmm...Should be there,” she slurred.

As she turned away, Josh slipped the phone from the jacket pocket and tossed it and the keys on the floor of her car as the door closed. He guided her stumbling form to his car, pouring her into the seat. As he walked around he sent a quick text from his own phone... “WHT CIVIC->Bus stn.wipe phone.” As he drove off, Josh knew the first part was done.

Maddy awoke in a strange dark room. Her muscles seemed to be uncooperative and sore, aching as if she had been running all day. The sounds of the TV droned more and more into her throbbing head. Moaning grunts of pleasure echoed from the speakers. “Gawd, who watches porn this time of day?”

As her eyes slowly focused, Maddy became aware of a familiarity in the figures on the screen. “Holy fuck, that’s Josh! And... Noooooooooo!” Her eyes blurred again as tears welled in them. “Fucking bastard filmed us!” Sobs racked her body as she quivered in a mixture of dread and anger.

“Good afternoon, sleepyhead. Enjoying the show?”

Josh’s taunting voice stirred her anger more. She tried to rise and lunge for him but felt the sharp tugs of straps around her wrists and ankles.

“Now now sweetheart, you don’t need to thank me. You did a marvelous job for your first movie. So willing, so compliant. Such a good job in fact I found a nice buyer up north. For you that is... The movie will stay mine.”

“BASTARD!!! How the fuck could you do this to me? You know you can’t get away with this.”

Josh smiled evilly. “I don’t think so, Maddy. One of my ‘associates’ was kind enough to drive your car down to the bus station. Left your phone in it too. Seems a young runaway like yourself could pick hundreds of destinations from there. I hope you don’t mind that she borrowed your hoodie from the trunk before boarding the bus. Any search will have to begin in Boston I guess.”

He lifted an envelope. Opened it. Pictures of her brothers, her father, her house, her mother. “We know how to find ALL of you. If you value them, you will behave. If you go back or try to contact them...well there could be ‘accidents’.”

“Now be a good girl.” He pulled out a long syringe and jabbed her arm. Her eyes fluttered as the drug made the room swirl into a haze and then blackness.

The next day seemed a jumble of faint images. Roads. Twisting. Face leaning into the car in the dark... words filtering groggily in her head. “Yes sir, she was down in Farmington. Went to some party and got very drunk. Campus security called and told me to come get her. My wife and I will be making sure this definitely never happens again. At least she’s safe. Oh yes sir, here’s her passport.” Blackness. More traveling. Hands groping her. Touching her. Travelling. Falling into a hotel bed. Weight upon her. Stabbing pressure within. Tossed into a shower. Wet. Cold. Another pinprick. Darkness. Lost.

She awoke in the dark. A car idling nearby. Maddy slowly opened one eye. The glow of a cigarette momentarily lit two faces.. Josh and a stranger. Rough. Burly. She flexed her arms. No ropes. Same for her legs. Maybe she could slide over to the... damn... no keys. Seeing them turn, she closed her eyes. Rough arms lifted her. Maddy stayed limp as she was hefted to another vehicle and tossed like a sack of potatoes into the rear seat. A course blanket soon followed. “How long she gonna be out, Josh?”

“Don’t worry about it, the meds should last another hour or so.”

Once more Maddy felt the swaying motion of a car on rough back roads. “Fuck, gotta piss,” came a whispered voice from the front. The car slowed, gravel crumbling, as it pulled to the side and stopped. The dome light came on as the door was opened and Maddy heard the stranger shuffle off to the far side of the road. Quietly, she opened the door on the opposite side and slipped out to the ground, leaving the blanket bunched in the back seat. She pressed the door closed, and it clicked shut. She crawled down into the ditch beside the road and lay motionless. Moments passed like an eternity. Finally, the driver reentered the car, closed the door and sped off.

“Fuck. Now what?” Maddy mused. She knew it was a matter of time before the stranger returned looking for her. No idea of who she could trust and who she couldn’t. No cell. No wallet. No money. Fuck. Didn’t even know where she was. Best thing would be to keep moving, find a way to get to a place with lots of people. Blend in. She started down the road, the same way the driver had taken off, staying on the pavement. No sense twisting an ankle in the dark. She figured he would think she would at least try to go back the way she came once he realized he was missing. But then again... Josh was the other way. No idea of what kind of car or truck she came here in. Every sound in the moonless night seemed a monster. Something out to get her. So she shuffled down the road.

About an hour later, she saw headlights coming down the highway in the opposite direction... she ducked into the underbrush laying low. The car roared by. “Fuck that was him!” She lay still for a few moments. Fuck. Gotta get away from here. Feeling exhausted now, the adrenaline and drugs causing an urgent pain in her belly. She picked her way thru the underbrush deeper into the woods lining the road. Picking as best she could tell the hardest route, thru prickers, uphill. Less chance they’d search that way. Curling into a ball, she slept until dawn.

The next day, she walked in the trees paralleling the road, scavenging berries and drinking from a few rivulets along the way to slake her thirst. Her beige top was now smeared and dirty. Rips cut thru her leggings. It was busier in the day, cars passing every few minutes, but she had no idea who she might trust or not. It was midafternoon before she glimpsed the slightest sign of habitation. Tucked to the side of the road was a small truck stop with a diner. Several semis sat parked to the side, and a few cars parked in front, among them a familiar dark sedan.

Maddy watched as a car pulled in. A figure emerged from the sedan, approached the other car holding a sheet of paper. “Burlyman! Fuck.” Maddy watched as he pointed to the paper. The other driver patted the man’s shoulder as if in sympathy and shook his head in agreement. “Damn. He must be asking everyone to look for me.”

Maddy stayed hidden in the bushes. She watched the comings and goings until night fall. A smaller truck had pulled in heading as best Maddy could tell west. She crept behind it and was relieved to see the back was unlocked. She unhooked the latch, lifted the rolling door, crawled in, and then lowered the door. She heard the click of the latch just as she realized there was no way to open it from inside. “SHIT! Stupid thinking.” Maddy sighed and felt her way around the boxes and moved to the front of the compartment. She found a few packing blankets, covered herself in a crude nest behind some boxes, and fell asleep.

A sharp lurch woke Maddy as the truck came to a stop. Gawd how many hours had she been in here. Her belly growled in agony and her head spun with dizziness. “Fuck. Gonna die if i don’t get out.” She took her hand, banged against the side of the truck, then slumped to the floor.

Bright light suddenly seared her eyes. A tall figure stood over her. “Hmm .. Qu’avons-nous ici?” What do we have here?

Maddy looked at the man confused. “What?”

“Oh? Vous n’êtes pas québécois? You aren’t from Quebec?“

“Um no, I’m American.”

“Ah, then that man was not your father?”

“No, he was trying to kidnap me.”

The man paused and looked to the side pondering. “Then let us go to the authorities.”

“No!!! Those people... know where my family is... they will kill them.”

“Ah then you are in a fix aren’t you, cheri? Do you have your passport?“

“Um no... nothing”

The driver paused. “My name is Jean. If what you say is true, it may be too dangerous for you to be seen here. Stay in the back. I will get some food for you then find a place where you can rest and I will decide what I can do for you. If it is safe, I will slap the side three times. Otherwise stay hidden.” He turned and jumped down off the back bumper. The door slid down and Maddy was plunged in darkness again.

A few minutes later the truck rolled onwards again, only to stop a few minutes later. Three sharp slaps shattered the quiet and the door opened. A bag of food and a flashlight slid in. “There’s some sandwiches, chips, and some sodas and beer. Also an empty bucket if you need to pee. I know a place a couple hours from here where you can get cleaned up a bit.”

Maddy ate ravenously. Her belly churning with the sudden onslaught of food. How long had it been? Didn’t matter. She opened a beer. The bitter liquid churned. “Might take some of these aches away,” she thought. The truck rumbled on. She continued to devour her meager feast. The beer slowly worked on her bladder. Squatting and swaying she somehow managed to relieve herself in the bucket without making a mess. The rolling motion and constant drone worked on her buzz; for some reason she couldn’t help but touch herself, working her fingers into her moist sex. Memories of being used by Josh came unbidden.

Words filled her brain, “Slut. You love it don’t you. You can’t help it. Slut. You need it. Always need it. You drink and you have to fuck don’t you. Yes you do. Can’t help it. Drunk sluts fuck anything don’t they? Yes you do. Drinking makes you such horny slut. Always has, always will. Helpless to fight it.”

Her hand plunged over and over into her sopping pussy and she gasped, moaning uncontrollably against the tide surging within. Panting. Helpless to control the feelings. Collapsing as the waves overwhelmed her.

When the truck finally stopped, she fell over and then dragged herself upright against a box. The vehicle idled for what seemed like forever, then the door slammed shut in front. The truck lurched, rolling slowly, and then the backup warning blared like an alarm clock for a few moments, and was followed by stark silence. -THWAP THWAP THWAP-

Maddy gathered the trash, and moved to the back, still swaying. The door was rolled open and she stumbled onto the ground. “In here...” Maddy staggered into a motel room, and the door closed behind her. She reeled slightly as Jean guided her to the small bathroom. He turned on the water and pushed her into the shower clothes and all. “You stink. Get yourself clean.” He turned and left the small room.

Maddy let the warm water cascade over her. A single bar of soap lay at the side of the shower. “Better than nothing,” she mused. She stripped out of her dirty clothes and left them in a sodden pile in the bottom of the shower. “Fuck... no panties, no bra... my leggings are shredded, my top... damn can’t even tell it was beige.” The water began to cool and Maddy slipped out. Jean had left a single towel for her. She dried her body. Bruises and scratches marred her tanned skin. Wringing out her wet clothes and hanging them over the shower rail she thought, “at least he left me the towel.” She wrapped the towel around herself, barely covering her ass and breasts. With a sigh, she opened the door and stepped into the motel room.

“Much nicer,” Jean commented. “You’ve cost me several extra hours already on my run. You don’t have any money, you can’t go home. You probably don’t know anyone around her... but you OWE me. In the meantime, relax.” He passed her a bottle of Labatt’s, and she sat on the bed next to him.

Maddy sipped the ale. Cold. Crisp. Bitter.

“I only picked you up because you reminded me of my daughter. And that guy... reminded me of one of the Ruzzuto family. Nothing but trouble in these parts. So, what happened?”

Maddy recounted her story as best she could. Sipping the beer, she once more felt the heat building between her legs. “Fuck,” she thought to herself, “why am i getting so fucking horny?” Her hand moved between her legs, she felt the moistness once more. “Jean—,” she whispered huskily, “I’d like to start paying you back now.”

She lay down, unbuttoned his pants, slowly sliding the zipper down, and fished out his cock. It grew in her hands as she planted soft kisses along the shaft. Maddy’s tongue swirled over the ridge, and she began to bob, sucking, deeper and deeper.

“Ahhhhh.. oui mon fille.... ouiiiii... suck papa’s cock mon petit salope.” Jean grasped her head forcing it down harder. Bouncing her face oh his hard shaft. She moaned, and as the towel was ripped off her body she sucked deep taking him into her throat. “Ah bon fille....” His hips thrust over and over. His cock seemed to swell, then explode in waves of hot molten cream. She swallowed over and over, the viscous fluid pouring into her mouth and throat.

Maddy sat up panting. A dazed hungry look covered her face. Her fingers pressed into her pussy, lips spread, moaning, diving into her slick wetness. Faster. Faster. A blur, arching into a scream, then collapsing, heaving beside him. Panting. Breathless.

“Tres bon mon salope. A very good start at repayment.” Jean stroked her hair. “It will take me a bit to recover, but I like your payment plan.” He flicked on the small television and turned on the new. Jean pulled her up beside him, and she snuggled into the crook of his arm. “Mon dieu! That is you!” Jean turned up the volume a bit.

“...was found dead 50 kilometers north of Lac-Magantic with multiple gunshot wounds. Drugs and pornographic videos were also found in the car. The RCMP is seeking any information about this girl, described as thin with long blonde hair and blue eyes. They have not stated whether she is a suspect in the death of Joshua Burns, but are urging caution. The public is advised not to approach her, but to contact authorities. Claude, back to you.”

Maddy’s face drained of all color. “Oh my God! They must have killed him because of... me. That...that was the guy who kidnapped me and gave me to that big guy.”

Jean looked at her and nodded. “Oui. And I think my price for protecting you has just gone up. You are... too recognizable right now. Come.” He took her hand and pulled her to the bathroom. Reaching into his shaving kit he pulled out a pair of scissors.

Maddy screamed, “NOOOOOOO! Not my hair!!!”

Jean grunted, “Fine. You can join your boyfriend in some ditch on the side of the road. But you are gone from me now. I have a wife and daughter. I do not want to wind up like that. However... I have one of my daughter’s IDs in the truck. If you looked more like her, maybe you could pass for her. At least until we are away from here.”

Sniffling, Maddy murmured her acquiescence. He was probably right. No telling what would happen if people discovered her... at best probably arrested for murder... at worst... dead on the side of the road. She watched her long silky hair float to the floor and pool in clumps. Jean reached in his bag, took out a small bottle. Maddy felt the cool odiferous fluid cascade onto her remaining hair. “Hair dye,” muttered Jean. “I still like to look a little younger than I am... besides, my daughter is a brunette.”

A while later Maddy rinsed out her hair, fluffed it dry, and looked at the stranger in the mirror. Gone were her long straight blonde tresses. A shaggy cut brunette stared back. Eyes red from crying and lack of sleep. Cheeks slightly sunken and hollow. Unrecognizable as the bubbly blonde from a few days? a week? a lifetime? ago. She shuffled back to the bedroom and sat next to Jean. “Got any more of those beers?” He smiled and passed her one.

“We need to get on the road early morning. I will give you the ID then. Use it only for if we get stopped. But learn what’s on it. My daughter’s name is Marie, my wife Sophia. But you will have time to learn that later.”

Maddy drank some more. Idly her hand rubbed her nipple. It hardened with the touch and she gave a moan. She climbed atop him and straddled his hips. Facing him, she unbuttoned his shirt and lowered his pants. Jean smiled with a wry twist to his face. “Mmmmm that beer seems to agree with you ma petit ado.

Her hips ground against him, his steely shaft sliding between her wet labia. “Yes Jean. I need you to fuck your little drunk slut. MMMMMMM..... Yes, Jean. Do I look like your little daughter? Do you wanna fuck your daughter, Jean? Come on papa, ram that cock in my little teen slut pussy. You know you want to. I need it so bad.” She raised herself slightly and guided the tip to her opening. A screaming moan escaped her lips as she dropped her weight down on it. “YEEEESSSSSSSSS. OOOOHHH YESSSSS!” Bouncing harder, faster, her B-cup breasts heaving. A light sheen of sweat. “Ohhhh fuck I’m soooo horny! Pound my cunt!” Gasping, panting, moaning with each penetration.

Jean grabed her by the hips and flipped her around to all fours. “Little horny bitch. Yesss. Now you look so much like my Marie.” He thrusted in hard. “SALOPE! Slut!...Are you a little drunk slut? You love to drink and fuck don’t you?”

“OHHHHH YESSSS... Drunk slut has to fuck. Fuck meeeeeeee” Her hips pushed back against his pistoning shaft. Her pussy stretched... filled. A scream as she shuddered, tensing. “OHHH GAWWWWD!” Warmth flowing inside. Squished out. Shaking. Trembling. She pulled her quivering body off his cock and crawled down. Sucking and lapping. Tasting his cum, her juices. Moaning hungrily, caressing his balls. Panting. Sated. Cream oozed from her reddened cunt. She climbed up. Snuggled against him, closed her eyes and slept.

Sunlight stabbed her eyes. She woke with a start, confused, sore. “Bon jour, ma petit salope. How is my little slut his morning?” Maddy blushed. We need to be on the road. He tossed her a t-shirt. “Put this least its clean”

She rolled her old shirt and leggings in a ball, stuffing them in a plastic grocery bag. They got in the truck and headed off. “It’s still on the news. Here’s my daughter’s ID... don’t worry she has a copy. Learn what’s on it. If we do get stopped, they may ask some simple questions. Oh, and being from Ontario, not too unusual not to speak French, so don’t worry about that.”

About an hour later they came to a roadblock. RCMP officers with their red tunics were going thru cars and looking in trucks. “Don’t worry, look bored and irritated. You look nothing like who they are looking for.” Just before they reached the checkpoint, Jean turned to her. “You smell like a cow and fuck as good as one.” Anger flashed in Maddy’s eyes, but before she could respond they pulled up and Jean rolled down the window. They passed their IDs to the officer and after a cursory inspection he passed them back. There was a brief conversation, and Jean got out opening the rear. The officer looked inside, got out and affixed a small sticker to the door, then waved them thru.

“Sorry about that mon cheri. You looked scared. I needed you to look like an annoyed teen bitch not a frightened rabbit. You are a wonderful fuck with a delicious pussy.” The rest of the morning passed uneventfully as the truck made its way West.

Pulling off the highway, they headed up another road to a small industrial park. “Time to start earning your keep,” muttered Jean. They entered the drive of a small pharmaceutical firm and pulled into a back loading dock. “Come with me.” Jean retrieved some boxes and put them on a hand truck. Maddy followed, glancing around like a cornered deer. After signing for the delivery, he talked for a bit with the man in the coat. After a few moments Jean waved Maddy over. “Maddy. Do you feel horny right now?”

She blushed. “No. What kind of question is that?”

“Mmm nothing. But you do know you owe me, right?”

She nodded.

“It’s time for you to pay me back some more. I’m purchasing something from Mr. Pennel... off the books. You’re my payment to him.” She gasped, the color washed from her face. “More of a... rental. I will be back in a couple hours after I have some lunch. I trust you will satisfy him. If you don’t, well you know where the highway is. I’m sure SOMEONE would love to find you.” Turning he walked out the door.

Pennel grabbed Maddy by the wrist and marched her down the hall. He carded through a couple of electronic locks, and finally came to an unmarked door. Slipping a key from his pocket, he opened the door and shoved her in. She sprawled over his desk. He grabbed her skirt and yanked it down. Spitting on his hand he rubbed against her dry sex. “This is gonna be fun, bitch.”

Pennel started pushing into her. Hands mauled her breasts. Her writhing was mixed with sniffles and moans of discomfort. The more Maddy struggled, the harder he pressed, panting hungrily as he violated her tight passage. “Are you a little slut whore, girl? Hitching rides and paying with sex?” He slapped her ass, leaving an imprint.

“Noooooooooooo.....,” she wailed.

His torment continued, until his hips thrust with a blur, then pulled out, spraying her back with his hot seed. He stood behind her gasping. Her body lay sprawled face down on the table. Salty tears ran down the side of her cheeks. He reached in his pocket pulled out a small flask, and took a sip. “Well that wasn’t too bad, slut.” He passed the flask and she gulped down a couple of swallows. The whiskey burned her throat and she gagged.

“Not used to hard stuff, eh?—Give it time.”

She nodded, but then felt her eyes drawn to his deflating cock. Maddy licked her lips. She felt the familiar heat returning below. “Oh, but sluts like me love hard stuff.” Her hand snaked out and cupped his balls, urging him closer. Sliding down the table to her knees she took his flaccid member into her mouth. Maddy’s soft tongue slithered around the shaft. She tasted the remnants of herself and his come as she sucked. Soft mewls escaped the corners of her mouth. His cock grew steadily and she began to bob. “Let me show you how bad this slut can be.” Maddy took him deeper and deeper. Moaning and twisting on his shaft, she gently milked his balls. Fingernails dug softly into his asscheeks as she devoured him. With a scream of ecstasy, Pennel exploded once more, filling Maddy’s mouth.

She slurped off the tip of his cock, then faced him. Her finger softly touched under his chin, making the panting man stare at her face. Opening her mouth, Maddy displayed the pearly whiteness on her tongue, then tilted her head back. and swallowed. Grinning smugly she said, “Now that is a refreshing chaser after a workout.” Pennel collapsed back onto the table, sated.

Pennel went to a safe in his office and unlocked it. He pulled out several bottles of pills, then glanced over at Maddy. “Girl, let me see your arms for a moment.” She held them out, and he examined them. “Do you shoot drugs?”

“Uh no. But, um... someone did inject me with something last week.” He nodded, then unlocked a smaller lockbox in the safe. He pulled out a small vial with a green liquid and a few needles, and packed them with the pills in a small bag. After relocking the safe he escorted Maddy back to the waiting area.

“You were right Jean, she is amazing. And you are very lucky to have found her. She managed to make me blow my load and my mind. I don’t think even you know what you have here.”

“How’s that?”

Pennel pulled Jean aside out of Maddy’s hearing. “You know we do research right? Well one of the products we were testing, a derivative of scopolamine... we called it Scop-G... for the green color... well we were trying to produce the effects of scopolamine without the hypnotic quality. It seems we went the other way.”

“More hypnotic?”

“Much more. Usually a dose, the effects wear off after the drug is eliminated from the system. With Scop-G... the triggers seem to imbed permanently. Can only be removed or altered if under the effect of it. So we canned the project. Too dangerous. Most got destroyed, but... there was a batch that got stolen. We suspect one of the crime families that is into human trafficking got it. And, I kept a bit myself, as insurance. In your usual bag... is a single vial and some needles. As best I can figure... every time she drinks alcohol, she becomes a total slut. You may want to change that. Would be hard taking her out in public.”

“Why don’t you do it?”

“Not enough time. Besides, what am I going to do with a teen slut? Too many people here. Too many questions. 2 milliliters would be a good dose for her size.”

Jean slipped the bag into his jacket pocket... he had expected the usual collection of stimulants he picked up here from time to time, but not this bonus. He’d have to figure out a way to make the best use of it. He gathered up Maddy and they returned to the truck.

The next few days passed the same way. Jean giving her a beer and fucking her hard every night. Taking her to a company he was delivering to and using her as payment for favors. He learned to give her just a little bit of booze or beer to get her all slutty, without getting too uncontrollable. They made their way westward, and the news of what happened in Quebec seemed to be supplanted by the latest celebrity misadventure.

Jean looked in his shaving kit at the green vial and needles. Couple more days and he’d have to dump this girl. Couldn’t go home to his wife and daughter with her. He should probably do something about how horny she got at the slightest drink too. He walked into the bedroom of the motel. She was sitting naked next to the bed, slowly rubbing her slit as she nursed a beer.

“Maddy, I’m going to play a little game with you.” She licked her lips in anticipation.

Jean led her to the bed and laid her down. He took some rope tie downs and lashed her spread eagled to the bed. Maddy writhed in a mock attempt to escape, her hips rising and falling seductively. He took the bottle and tipped it to her mouth. “Drink up.” As she drank the urges became more and more powerful. Her hips rose and fell in a vain attempt at getting more stimulation. Jean retrieved the needle and carefully measured out 2 ml. Maddy’s eyes bulged in panic.

“Nooooooo....” she moaned.

“Hold still, you don’t want to get hurt.” He found a vein and pushed the fluid in. The coolness of the shot gave way to a warm tingling throughout her body.

“Maddy... Maddy, can you hear me?”

She nodded, “Uh huh.”

“You know how every time you drink you get soooooooo horny?”

“Yessss. I’m a horny drunk slut.”

“Well it’s a little inconvenient. From now on, alcohol won’t make you horny by itself.”

“Not by itself,” she parroted.

“If you drink, and someone calls you a slut... you are one. You will be a drunk little slut for them if they tell you that you are one.”

“I am what they tell me...”

“That’s right Maddy. You are what they tell you when you are drinking.”

“...when I’m drinking.”



“You are NOT a slut. You are a normal eighteen year old girl, but you have no voice.”

Suddenly Maddy’s eyes bulged in panic. Her mouth opened and closed to yell but no sound came out. She yanked against the ropes frantically, struggling to get away.

“Maddy, you are a slut, and your voice is normal.”

Her eyes fluttered and her struggles became writhing. “FUCKKK MEEEEE! Oh gawd, pleeeasse fuck meeeee!”

“Soon dear.”

“Maddy, the only thing that can happen if you have been drinking is for people to make you a slut or not. You will get a little horny from drinking, but you won’t feel a need to act on it unless called a slut. If you are called an angel, or a nice girl, or normal you will go on as if no one called you a slut. You won’t be panicked or afraid.”

Maddy kept writhing in her bonds. Soft moans filled the air as she panted lustfully.

“Maddy, you are an angel.”

Her struggles eased and she lay passively. “Jean? What are you doing to me?”

“Shhhh. You are safe. Just relax. Maddy, just a few more things. I have to drop you off soon. You may see me again, you may not. I think you will safe from those people that wanted you though.”

Maddy nodded.

“Maddy your past is gone. You are a child of the streets. A waif. No family. No last name anymore. Just Maddy.”

“Just Maddy...” she echoed.

“Good girl. We may meet again, or we might not. I may need you to listen to me again in the future.” He looked down at the liquid in the vial. “Maddy, when you see or hear the word green, you will obey.”

“Will obey for green.”

“That’s right. Green takes your will. Makes you obey.”

“Will obey..”

“Good girl.”

“One last thing. Once I drop you off, you will forget me. Won’t know me. I will be a total stranger.”

Maddy sobbed, “Why?”

“It will protect you, and it will protect me. But don’t worry, I won’t forget you, and I can make you remember again. You will only have your first name. Your home, your family, friends, all your past life will be a blank, a dreamy memory you cannot place and cannot share. This trip will be forgotten.”

“Forgotten,” Maddy whispered.

“You are a child of the streets. Only the clothes on your back and what you can scrounge or earn with your body and wits.”

“Street child,” she replied.

“Yes. A waif. Now, slut. Have another drink.”

She downed the bottle. The burning in her loins grew. “OHHH FUCK MEE!” Jean mounted her vulnerable body. His shaft pistoned into her slick cunt. Ramming over and over. He took her roughly, slapping her exposed breasts, her ass. Her body screamed inside as wave after wave of pleasure rocked her. “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. FUCK THIS LITTLE SLUT!” With a long moan she arched her body tensing as the dam broke deep within. She collapsed back, panting and heaving. Her reddened breasts heaved with each gasp as she passed out.

The next day they drove into the city of Toronto. The buildings formed canyons around them. A cool south wind blew in from Lake Ontario, temporarily easing the sweltering heat as the late afternoon sun blazed into their eyes. Jean pulled the truck to the curb. “You can get out here. There’s a shelter for young adults around the corner. You might find a bed there or some food.” He took one last look at the scraggly figure beside him, dressed once more in her torn tights, denim shorts, and mottled beige top. “Good luck, Maddy. I mean that.”

She stifled a sniff. “You too, Jean. Thanks for the help, I guess.”

“Hey, you’re still alive. That’s something.”

She stepped out of the truck and closed the door. As it pulled away, she wondered why it looked somewhat familiar to her. “Whatever, there must be thousands of white panel trucks,” she thought. “I think I remember a shelter up here somewhere, maybe they have something to eat.” She turned to the sidewalk and started walking to her new life.