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Waif — Part Two — Shelter

Crayz Maddy

Maddy stepped off the street and pressed thru the door of the shelter. Her blue eyes darted around the room like a scared rabbit. She felt the eyes of the others on her, assessing her like wolves on the prowl. A voice startled her back to the present.

“Can I help you, miss?” A tall man in his thirties looked down at her from behind a window, his expression bored and detached, while his eyes seemed to caress her curves, exploring her as if seeking an entrance.

“I... um... I heard that I might be able to find some food here or a bed or something,” she stammered.

He nodded. “We have a couple of spaces available. How old are you?”


“Mhm, you fit our criteria. We only accept young adults from eighteen to twenty-five. I do need to get some information first. You have an ID?”

Looking down, she looked at the floor. “I must have lost it or i don’t remember, uhh should i just go?”

“No, no, that’s alright. What’s your name?”


“Maddy what?”

“I.. I don’t remember... everything is like a blur.”

“Where are you from?”

Maddy started sobbing softly. “I can’t remember.. just know I’m like all alone and wandering or running or oh, God, I just can’t remember anything but the streets.”

The man nodded. “It’s ok. I’ll just put you down as Maddy Gamine, from Toronto. My name’s Doug by the way. I’m one of the workers here. I will have a couple of the other girls show you where you will sleep, and show you where you can get cleaned up.”

Maddy nodded nervously, softly chewing her bottom lip.

“ You’re welcome to stay here as long as you need to, provided you follow a few simple rules. If we find you can’t follow our rules, you’ll be out for at least a couple weeks. First off, you are awake at 7, out by 8am. You can return after 3, but need to be in building by 10. You miss curfew, you’re on the street that night. Do it often enough, without a decent reason, you’re gone. The hours give you a chance to go to school or find work.”

“We give you breakfast and supper. Lunch is on your own, but you might pack a bag lunch. Most do. Girls sleep in even numbered rooms, guys in the odds. We have four residents to a room. The ground floor common areas are coed. Right now, all the guys rooms are full with twelve guys, and you make the ninth girl.”

“There’s a shower at the end of the hall by your room. Guys get the shower on the odd hours of the day, girls get even hours. ”

“Drugs and alcohol aren’t allowed on premises. If you use, don’t do it here and don’t bring it here. No smoking on the premises either.”

Maddy nodded. “I understand.”

Doug called over two of the nearby girls. “Maddy, this is Crystal and Rose.” He passed over some simple bedding to Maddy. “They will take care of you and show you where to freshen up. Take her to room 22.”

A tall woman in her twenties with blonde hair put up in a messy bun walked over. “Hi hun, I’m Rose, and this is Chrystal.” She nodded her head to a skinny teen with a dark sidecut.

“I’m Maddy.”

Rose continued, “I’ve lasted here longer than any of the other girls, so you got any questions, ask me. This also kinda makes me the queen around here, so what I say goes. Got it?”

The two girls led Maddy to a stairwell and up to her room. A lone window looked out at the brick wall of the building across a narrow alley. Four small lockers lined the near wall, and a pair of bunk beds lined the other two wall. The bottom mattresses were bare, and Rose turned to Maddy, patting the top mattress of the bed on the left.

“Hun, I sleep here, and Chrystal is in the room next door. You can sleep under me if you like.”

Maddy nodded with a smile, missing the subtle wink Rose gave to Chrystal. “Thanks.”

Chrystal turned to Maddy. “You look like you’ve had it kinda rough, babe. It’s 4:40, why don’t we show you where the shower is. It’s not much, but the pressure is good, and it’s always hot. We can lend you something clean to wear after.”

The girls walked to the end of the hall and entered the shower room. A wooden bench lay against one of the institutional green walls, while four shower nozzles lay beyond a faded nylon curtain. Maddy hung her thin towel on one of the hooks above the bench and began to strip. “Hope you aren’t too modest, hun,” offered Rose.

Maddy shook her head, and entered the shower. True to Chrystal’s word the water came out strong and hot. She closed her eyes as the water cascaded over her. Suddenly she found herself grabbed by two soft bodies on either side. She struggled between them. A hand clasped over her mouth prevented her from crying out. Maddy found herself pushed against the wall, facing the pea-soup colored walls.

“Such a pretty thing,” Rose hissed in her ear. “So petite. You make me green with envy. I’m going to take my hand off of your mouth. Don’t scream.”

Maddy stopped struggling as her brain registered the trigger word the trucker implanted before dropping her off, “Maddy, when you see or hear the word green, you will obey.” Her chest rose and fell with a sigh. “Won’t scream.”

“Such a pretty little slut aren’t you? Pretty slutty slut,” Rose taunted. Rose and Chrystal ran their hands over Maddy’s body. Her nipples tightened as the girls caressed them. Hands drifted lower over her belly.

Maddy half-moaned, half-wept as their slick fingers crept lower in slow sensuous circles.

“Nooo, please don’t...Ohhhhhhh yesss.”

Chrystal cupped Maddy’s sex, spreading her outer fingers around her labia, then curling her inner fingers inside as she pressed on the teen’s swollen clit. “Oh so wet! A pretty slut like you would fuck anyone!”

Maddy moaned. “Pretty slut.” Squirming, writhing. “Fuck anyone,” she sobbingly whispered.

“That’s right pretty slut, anyone. And you love it.” The fingers in Maddy’s pussy moved quickly, a blur. Her insides screamed for release, tensing, rolling then exploding in a sea of stars. Maddy collapsed to the floor. “Rose, come on... it’s 455. The boys will be here soon.” The girls slipped out. As an afterthought, Rose grabbed the towel and Maddy’s clothes, and the two girls dashed down the hallway.

Maddy lay on the tiles, too wiped out to move. Panting, heaving. She thought to herself, “Oh my god, is that what I’ve become? A slut? Willing to fuck anyone?” Her hand idly dipped into her still wet sex. Hearing voices moving closer. Deeper voices. Her hand moved more quickly. “Yes, I am a slut,” she whispered to herself.

“Who the fuck didn’t turn of the showww.... oh! Look what we have here! The new slut, all primed for action.” Blushing, Maddy removed the fingers from her sex.

“Don’t worry, we can take care of that much better.”

Three figures rushed in, surrounding her. Her head was pulled back as one mashed his turgid cock back and forth over her face. Maddy reflexively opened her mouth and lapped at the offering. Hands grasped her hips and she felt someone slide around behind her. Her small breasts were squeezed and groped. A moaning gasp passed her lips as she sucked in the cock in front of her. “Yes, good slut. You are the new house bitch aren’t you?”

“Owwws itssh,” Maddy mumbled from around the cock in her mouth.

The three continued to have their way with her, trading places until all had sampled her mouth and cunt. Maddy moaned and writhed throughout, her pussy red from abuse but still oozing her sweet juices. The boys rolled her to her back, and began to jerk over her. Ropes of cum crisscrossed her body and coated her face. Her fingers ran over the goo, scooping it up. She licked the sticky glop off her fingers, eyes closed, panting.

“See you at supper, slut. Maybe you can be dessert.”

Maddy padded naked down the hallway to her room. A black croptop and a checked miniskirt, lay on her bed next to the towel. She dried off and headed downstairs. When she got there, Doug pulled her aside. “Tomorrow morning I can take you downtown and get you an ID and healthcard if you want. It will make it easier to get services or work. Fifty should cover it, and it will be in the system and legit as far as anyone can tell.”

“Um... I don’t have any money.”

“Don’t worry, we can work something out later. I’m sure you’ll be working in no time.” He gave her ass a subtle squeeze, and Maddy shivered slightly.

Doug called everyone around where he stood. “Everybody, this is Maddy. She’s fresh today, and I know a few of you have already met her. Why don’t you all come on up and give her a warm welcome and introduce yourself to her.” Doug stood back as a surge of bodies came forth on all sides.

Maddy was surrounded in a mass of people. Hands began to grope and squeeze. Sensations ran through her like a warm brook. Finger and hands kneaded her tits. Her sex being cupped and squeezed. Her desperate squeals of protest were muffled by the groping all around her. Lewd comments whispering in her ear. Fingers dipped in her pussy. The warm tang of her juices ran across her lips. Soft threats as to what would happen if she tried to scream or flee. Stronger threats for if she told anyone outside. Kisses in her mouth, on her neck. Young men and women groping, enflaming her heat, then suddenly like birds startled to flight, gone to the side, leaving Maddy breathlessly panting alone by the desk.

Doug smiled wryly at her. “Yeah, it look like you make friends easily. That’s a good thing, Maddy.”

Supper was served and the rest of the evening passed uneventfully. Maddy made her way back to the room and lay in the bed. Soon after, Rose came in and sat on the foot of Maddy’s bed. “Our other roommate Annie gets to bed kinda late,” offered Rose. She may even crash in the commons room tonight. I have a feeling the welcome wagon will be in and out all night for you.”

Maddy shivered a bit. “Is it always like this?”

Rose stroked Maddy’s thigh idly over the blanket. “Naw, you’re the new girl. Someone else will move in and they will be the center of attention. Happened for all of us. Best thing... just roll with it. You’ll learn who you can trust and who you can’t soon enough. You are gonna get ‘visitors’ all night. Best thing, don’t fight it. We all got friends on the street here. Those that shit talk outside, well, they don’t last long here or out there. You already did most of the guys from room 21 this afternoon, except for Tommy. He’s the current boy bitch. New arrivals go to the end of the line. So right now, you are house bitch. Anyone’s girl until a new girl moves in. You got it?”

“Uh huh.”

Rose leaned down and snuggled atop Maddy. “Good girl.” She began to fill Maddy’s mouth with slow sensual kisses. Her hands gently caressed. “I told you I would sleep over you, but first the rest of the house is gonna get to really meet you.” She slid behind Maddy and held her. The door opened and four guys walked in. “One at a time guys. Plenty of pussy for all.”

The boys lined up and one by one fucked her. After depositing their loads in her pussy or on her belly they offered their cocks to her mouth. Maddy found herself sucking one clean while another entered her well used pussy. When the four finished, they exited together.

“That was room 23, love. Time to meet the last of the guys. Room 25 come on in, and cum in!” Four more guys entered, and the process was repeated. After they left, the door opened and a skinny guy around ninteen years old was lead in on a leash held by Annie and Chrystal. They led him to Maddy and made him kneel.

“Boy bitch, clean our sister,” ordered Chrystal. Tommy bent his head and dutifully started lapping at the messy sodden cunt. He scooped the cream from her pussy working his tongue in. Maddy began squirming and moaning under the sensual contact. Her nipples stiffened and Rose gently pinched and rolled them. The oral onslaught intensified as she writhed as the boy sucked and swallowed the cum and her juices. The light pain from her nipples sent shockwaves to Maddy’s core as she panted faster and faster. “That’s it Maddyslut. Cum on the bitchboy’s face.” Maddy stiffened and exploded, her pussy pulsating, juices flowing like a river as she moaned in ecstasy. Panting, sweating, and sore she collapsed back into Rose’s arms. “Good girl, Maddy. You’ve met the guys. We will let you rest now and meet the rest of the girls tomorrow.” Chrystal led the boy out as Annie crawled up into her bunk.

“Looks like you will fit in just fine, Maddy,” said Annie. “Getting to meet people around here is a bit intense, but it settles down.” All the exhausted Maddy could do was smile feebly and nod as she drifted off to sleep with Rose sprawled softly atop her body like a blanket.