The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Web of Trust — Chapter 6

Note: this chapter contains incest between two adoptive fathers and their son. If this bothers you, stop reading now.


  • Peter — Timothy Olyphant
  • Timmy — Colin Ford
  • Aaron — Wentworth Miller
  • Carl — Colin Farrell

“Sweetie, put on a jacket”, I heard my partner tell our son as I headed for the front hallway. “It’s cold and raining out.” Technically, Tim was our adopted son, but we’d adopted him when he was two while we were all still living in Canada. While we’d made it clear to him very early on that he was adopted, all of us had pretty much forgotten it at this point. We were the only parents he’d ever known, and he was our only son.

“I swear I’m gonna start calling you Mom!” Tim groused.

“You do and I’m gonna start calling you Momma’s boy!” Aaron shot right back with a wicked grin. Tim made a face as he nevertheless grabbed his jacket out of the closet.

“Oh, that reminds me, I’m going out to the movies after we’re done at Peter’s. Can I get my allowance, Dad?” Tim asked. Despite his threat to call Aaron “Mom”, Tim usually called us both “Dad”—especially if he wanted something—or he’d use our first names to avoid confusion. People often thought it was odd when he called us by name, but then again, people didn’t often think about the day-to-day differences between have same-sex parents and opposite-sex parents.

I’d already given Tim my portion of his allowance, but I watched Aaron pull another two hundred out of his wallet and hand it over. While Aaron and I had always been happy to support Tim and buy him anything he needed, once he’d become old enough, we’d insisted that he work over the summer to buy whatever luxury items he wanted out of his own pocket. I’d always felt that it was good for someone his age to be out working so he’d know what to expect after he got out of college. A couple of weeks ago, though, my partner and I had both had a change of heart. Since it was his last summer before college, we’d decided to let him have this summer off.

Tim had certainly appreciated the gesture, but he’d worried about not having any real spending money and suggested that we should compensate him for his “lost wages”. Aaron and I had both laughed his suggestion off at first, but after sleeping on it, we’d reconsidered and decided to come to a fair arrangement. Since he could reasonably expect to make a minimum of four hundred a week working full-time, we rounded it up gave him five hundred between us. After all, he could’ve put in overtime or found a better than minimum wage job.

Tim pulled his wallet out of his track pants and stuffed in the extra two hundred. Why he was wearing track pants to go out with friends, especially when it was raining, I just couldn’t imagine. I’d stopped asking about teen fashion, though—it really made no sense to me. I was sure our fashions hadn’t made much sense to our parents either, especially not as uptight and religious as mine had been. As Tim opened his wallet, I could see that my three hundred was still in there. I felt good about giving him an allowance after all these years, but I was worried that it might not be enough. I was sure he’d let me know if he needed more, though.

The three of us headed out to the car. I usually let Aaron do the driving because it left me free to work on my tablet, take a nap, or whatever else I wanted. Tim was still very new to driving, though, and liked to drive any chance he got. He headed confidently for the driver’s side door while Aaron and I paused to lock the house. Tim had an odd, mischievous look on his face as he stood near the car, but Aaron just tossed him his keys and the two of us hopped in the back.

We were headed over to a new…friend…of Tim’s. I wasn’t sure “friend” was quite the right word, though. Tim had let it slip that he’d been seeing this guy, Peter, for some kind of hypnosis lessons and I wasn’t sure what to make of it.

I was, at best, ambiguous about the whole idea of hypnosis. I had a vague interest in it, though I’d never learned anything useful about it. The control it apparently offered was a big turn on, but Aaron was the only person I ever saw myself using it on, and he’d already do whatever I told him to anyway, which sort of took the allure out of the whole idea. Tim didn’t know it, or at least I didn’t think he did, but Aaron was actually my slave. We’d never thought it appropriate to share that part of our lives with him, though I wasn’t naïve enough to think that he was completely clueless, either. For the most part, I made the decisions in the family, which I was sure he must’ve picked up on at some point.

“So, you’re absolutely certain that this guy’s legit?” Aaron asked Tim once again after we got on the road.

“Yes, Aaron, he’s legit. Peter’s a really nice guy!”

“I know he seems nice, but I’m sure you can understand why we’re concerned. For—what? the last month or so?—you’ve been seeing him, and you never thought to mention it to us? Hell, the only reason we even know is because you slipped up!” Aaron admonished Tim. “If it weren’t for that, you’d still be seeing him behind our backs.” We’d covered this ground before, a couple of times, but Aaron could be a bit of a worry-wart, or perhaps drama-queen would be the better term, and obviously he felt the need to go over it all one more time.

“He’s gay, he’s over twice your age, and you’re practising ‘recreational hypnosis’. Don’t you think for a moment I don’t know what that means, young man! I looked it up on the Internet.” Aaron was taking a gamble, I thought, trying to bait Tim into admitting that there was more going on than he’d let on. Tim wasn’t falling for it, though.

“Will you stop it! I told you, it’s not like that! Yes, he happens to be gay—kinda like you guys—and we all know that nobody would ever falsely accuse you guys of doing anything weird.” His sarcasm spoke volumes. Especially being on the edges of the Bible belt, it wasn’t unusual that someone would assume we were perverts doing totally inappropriate things to our son. His point was well made on that front, I had to give him that. With all the bigotry we faced, I felt a bit ashamed that I was doing the same thing, myself.

“Yes, he’s more than twice my age!” Tim continued. “He’s a professional. He does this as part of his job!” Tim had a fair point there. It wasn’t like many people his own age would know anything about hypnosis. It still felt really off that he had that level of interest in the subject, though. He’d never expressed any interest in it before, and the fact that he’d kept it secret from us set off warning bells in my head. Then again, I supposed it wasn’t the sort of thing a teenager would feel comfortable talking about with his parents.

“And yes, we’re practising recreational hypnosis. That’s what it’s called when you’re not doing it professionally”, Tim finished with a huff.

“Alright, everybody just relax and take a breath. Aaron, let Tim concentrate on his driving”, I said, giving him a meaningful look. Aaron understood that it wasn’t a request and sat back, looking somewhat frustrated by the whole exchange. I put my arm around his shoulder and rubbed it lightly, both to calm him down and to remind him that I loved him despite having pulled rank on him in an argument I wasn’t actively part of.

It only took us a few more minutes to get to where we were going. Peter wasn’t far from Tim’s high school—former high school, I corrected myself. While tempers were still up a bit, at my suggestion, we all took a deep breath and put our game faces on so we wouldn’t show up at Peter’s door looking like we wanted to kill each other. I had a lot of the same reservations about Peter as Aaron did, but I thought it best to try to appear to be friendly, at least to begin with. If he was up to no good and sensed that our guards were up, his would be too; if we appeared to friendly and oblivious to any wrongdoing, there was at least half a chance that he’d let his guard down and we might get some hint of what he was really up to. And, of course, if he actually was totally legit, as Tim insisted, then we wouldn’t offend him by showing up sounding totally pissed off and making paranoid accusations from the get-go.

The three of us walked to the door of a nice looking middle-class house. It wasn’t as quite as large as our own, but it was well maintained and someone had obviously gone to some trouble to make it look warm and welcoming. There was a beautiful garden full of a variety of plants and flowers in various stages of blooming, the lawn was mowed, and there was a good old-fashioned welcome mat out front. The only thing that didn’t appear welcoming was that the windows all had closed blinds, but some people did value their privacy, so I couldn’t fault Peter for that alone.

“Hello, Peter. It’s nice to meet you”, I greeted our host after he’d opened the door and introduced himself. “I’m Carl, this is my partner, Aaron, and of course you already know our son, Tim.”

Sizing Peter up, he was a moderately attractive man, but there was something ever so slightly “off” about him. I couldn’t figure out whether it was just his appearance or something in his body language. I was honest enough with myself to admit that I might have been looking for something to be wrong with him, though.

“It’s a pleasure to meet the two of you as well”, Peter returned, shaking both our hands and taking our rain-dampened jackets. As he hung them up in the closet, Peter got straight to the point. “Tim tells me that you have some questions and concerns about our hypnosis lessons, and that’s perfectly understandable. I’ll be happy to address anything you’d like. Why don’t we all have a seat in the living room and we’ll get down to business?” he suggested, his arm inviting us into a large, comfortably furnished room just off the entrance. I appreciated his directness.

Aaron and I sat beside one another on a love seat; Tim took a seat on the couch nearby, while Peter sat next to him. Peter’s body language immediately threw up red flags. While he wasn’t actually touching Tim at all, there was an intimacy in the way he sat so close—a comfort with sitting next to him that said he was attracted to Tim. Still, he wasn’t the only guy I knew who was attracted to Tim. He wasn’t even the only guy his age I knew who was attracted to Tim. I knew a few guys who were twink-lovers, and that on its own didn’t mean that anything inappropriate was going on. I was definitely more on my guard, though.

“So, let me start by saying that nothing you might say is out of bounds as far as I’m concerned. If you have concerns, I’m not going to be able to address them if you’re reluctant to say them straight out. By the same token, my answers will be as open and honest as I can make them. There may be certain things that I won’t share out of respect for Tim’s privacy, but I’ll leave it to him to decide what he’s comfortable with. So, what’s first?”

“I guess the main question we have is: why are you hypnotizing him at all? What’s the purpose of all this?” He wanted direct and open—I could certainly do that. I glanced quickly at Aaron and put a hand on his leg. To Peter, it probably looked like we were just relaxing into one another, but Aaron understood that I intended to take the lead here, at least initially.

“Mostly, he’s here to learn”, Peter informed me. “I met him a couple of months ago through Dylan, who’s another student of mine. I gather Dylan mentioned hypnosis to Tim at some point and Tim expressed an interest. Not long after, Dylan arranged for the two of us to meet in person and Tim decided he was interested enough to come back here for his first lesson. We’ve been getting together for more lessons once or twice a week ever since.”

“Okay, I don’t mean to pry or be all parental, but speaking strictly from a point of curiosity, what exactly is your interest in hypnosis, Tim?” I asked our son. Surprised that I’d turned my attention to him, Tim looked up and seemed to consider his response. He seemed to sense that I meant well, but I knew him well enough to know that while he wasn’t about to tell me an outright lie, he was deciding which version of the truth to tell me, which made me even more wary than I already was.

“I’m fascinated with it”, he replied after a moment. “It just seems kind of neat to be able to put someone in a state of hypnosis, and it’s a lot of fun being hypnotized too. It’s nothing dangerous or perverted or anything, it’s just…fun. I don’t know how to explain it, exactly.”

“And what about you, Peter, what do you get out of it?” I asked, my concern growing at the non-answer Tim had given me—it boiled down to “I like it because I like it” and gave me no information at all about what they were actually doing with it.

“Mostly, I do it because I enjoy teaching guys like him about the entire process—passing on my knowledge to the next generation, if you want to wax poetic about it. Of course, it’s good to practice it on a variety of people too. Every person is a little different, and I myself learn more about hypnosis every time I use it, so it’s beneficial to me in that sense as well”, Peter said.

Again, the reply was incomplete to my mind. The idea seemed simple enough and, on the surface, I supposed it might be true that they both just enjoyed the experience, each in their own way, yet something wasn’t quite right here. Even if I ignored all the other warning signs, there was a cockiness to Peter’s bearing that said that he knew something I didn’t.

“Perhaps it’s best if I just put Tim under while the two of you watch and you can see exactly what sorts of things we normally do…assuming you don’t mind, of course, Tim?” Peter asked politely. Tim nodded, and Peter looked at me for my permission, seeming to understand that it would ultimately be my decision. Reluctantly, I nodded. Peter returned my nod and then turned towards Tim and got started.

It all seemed innocent enough. Peter walked Tim through a relaxation exercise, encouraging him to fall slowly into a light trance, or so it seemed to my untrained eyes. Peter was speaking fairly softly, but still loud enough that I could hear what he was saying. After the relaxation, Peter encouraged Tim to go a little deeper, talking him down a pretend escalator, assuring him that he was enjoying himself as much as he always did and that he could relax more and more the longer he listened to Peter’s voice. It seemed pretty standard from the little I knew.

Once he was satisfied with the depth of Tim’s trance, Peter suggested that immediately after he woke up, Tim would go into the kitchen and get himself a glass of water, unaware that he had been hypnotized to do so, and that he would only remember having been told to do so once he finished drinking the water.

It was all surprisingly quick, maybe about ten minutes from start to finish. Sure enough, as soon as he came out of his trance, Tim got up and got himself a glass of water. He was normally a good kid—or adult now, I guessed—and if he hadn’t still been under the effects of hypnosis, he probably would have thought to ask if anyone else wanted anything. Instead, though, he just got up and went silently into the kitchen.

As soon as he got up, I started seeing red. I wasn’t looking for it at first, but just as Tim walked past me into the kitchen, my eyes were drawn to his waistline where it looked like he was starting to get a hard-on. He was past me so quickly that, at first, I thought I must have been mistaken…that maybe he’d just had something in his pocket. On his way back from the kitchen, however, I did something I would never have done under any other circumstances and looked straight at my son’s midsection to see if I was right. With him only wearing track pants, there was absolutely no doubt about it—he was now very, very hard!

“That’s it! We’re out of here, and you are never to see our son again, do you hear me?” I yelled, completely taking Tim by surprise, since he clearly had no clue there was anything out of the ordinary going on.

Aaron had also realized what was happening and stood to follow me out the door, both of us glaring hard at Peter. For his part, Peter acted like he’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, yet I got the distinct impression that that’s all it was—an act.

Taking the glass away from Tim and setting it on the coffee table, I grabbed him by the shoulders and forcibly turned him towards the door. He was somewhat resistant, of course, still not understanding what was going on, though it was all too clear to me.

As I started to reach into the closet near the door for our jackets, Peter followed us, still trying to apologize. “Listen, guys, you’re all part of my web of trust now.” I didn’t know what he meant by that, exactly, but it made me more aware of him. I felt an odd sense of openness to him that I couldn’t quite describe. I didn’t trust him even the littlest bit, but I nevertheless started to listen more closely to what he was saying.

“This whole thing has just been a big misunderstanding”, he asserted. “If you’ll just calm down, I’ll explain.” It occurred to me that maybe I had been overreacting. No doubt, there was a very good explanation for what I’d seen. I let go of the coat that I’d just started to pull off the hanger and stopped to listen Peter’s explanation. While I was still wary, I realized I’d been a bit judgemental and figured I should at least hear Peter out. Dropping my hand and turning to face him, I heard Tim’s coat fall to the floor. It sat there, forgotten, as I listened to Peter’s voice intently.

“First, though, there’s something I need to ask Timmy about, so why don’t the two of you just stand quietly for a couple of minutes while I speak with him”, Peter suggested, pausing for only the briefest moment to make sure we were going to give him the couple of minutes he asked for. It was a reasonable request, so I stood there, quiet as a mouse while they talked.

“Timmy, what are your plans for the rest of the day?” Peter asked, his tone becoming much more casual and friendly. I supposed there was nothing wrong with that, but it seemed a bit odd that he would be so casual after such a charged situation. It was even odder that he was calling our son “Timmy” and Tim wasn’t objecting. Tim hated that.

“Well, after we’re done here, I told a couple of friends I’d go out and see a movie with them. Why, did you want to do something?” Tim asked, obviously sensing the same thing I did, that Peter was hoping he might stick around for a bit.

“I think you should call them, Timmy, and tell them that you’re feeling sick and can’t make it. I’m sure they’ll understand”, Peter assured him.

We all stood quietly while Tim was on the phone cancelling his movie plans. He lied easily that he felt sick—probably food poisoning or a stomach flu, he said—and he even made it sound like he was on death’s doorstep. I hadn’t known he was so good at feigning illness—I’d have to keep an eye on that! I was more than a bit concerned that Peter had just casually cancelled Tim’s plans, but I remained silent, as requested, trusting that an explanation was coming.

“Thank you for giving me those few minutes”, Peter resumed after Tim had hung up his phone. “Now, what about the two of you? Be honest with me. Were you guys doing anything in particular for the rest of the day?” he asked us.

“No, not at all”, we both assured him. It seemed strange that he would just ask us something like that when we were complete strangers to him, but I had no hesitation in answering. I felt surprisingly calm, considering the events of the past couple of minutes, and focussed all of my attention on what Peter had to say.

“Great! Now, I believe I promised an explanation, and I can tell that the two of you are already in a much better frame of mind to hear it. Everything I say or do is going to make you feel increasingly positive about being here and reassured that everything is okay. I know it’ll be very easy for all of us to move on from this whole experience once you’ve heard what I have to say.”

I thought he might well be right about that. The longer he talked about it, the more willing I was to look past the strangeness of what had happened. Maybe Tim had just had a spontaneous erection or something. It wasn’t exactly unheard of at his age.

“I was being totally honest with you earlier when I told you that I’d been teaching Timmy about hypnosis. In truth, he’s shown quite a talent for hypnotizing people who are asleep. He’s been practicing on a couple of different guys for the last few weeks without them even suspecting it. There’s really no need to worry about who, though. It’s not important.”

I hadn’t realized that Tim had this kind of undiscovered talent, and it was nice to learn about it now. I hoped he’d be able to use it for something productive in the future—perhaps even turn it into a career. Who knew what might happen?

“Good, good, I can tell by the looks on your faces that the two of you are really starting to feel better now! As I said earlier, you’re all part of my web of trust now, and with every passing minute, you’ll come to trust me more and more”, Peter asserted, dividing his attention between Aaron and me.

“Why don’t you both sit back down and I promise, I’ll explain what just happened”, Peter suggested. I felt so much better about what had happened already. Sitting down, I noticed that Peter was starting to bulge a little, himself, but I was now certain that he could explain everything to my satisfaction. Aaron sat beside me and we calmly leaned against one another as Peter got into his explanation.

“Carl, Aaron, it’s time for another session”, he started. Before continuing, he reached into his pants to adjust what was now a full-fledged erection. “I think you both sensed that I was hiding a few things from you earlier, but it seems obvious to me that you’re not at all concerned by that anymore and you don’t really want an explanation for it at all, do you?”

I nodded my head in agreement, remarkably unconcerned about the explanation Peter had promised us just a moment ago.

“I think the best bet”, he continued, “would be for me to demonstrate what a real hypnosis session looks like between me and your son, Timmy. I know you’ll find seeing Timmy hypnotized in earnest to be a wonderful experience, and I’m sure you’d both love to spend the entire evening here so we can really get into it.”

“You know, you’re right, Peter”, I responded. “I know I speak for both of us when I say that we’d like nothing more than to watch you hypnotize our son for the rest of the day and on into the evening! When you get right down to it, that’s why we’re here after all.”

I really felt reassured by both Peter’s demeanour and his suggestion of showing us what a real hypnosis session looked like. I knew there would be no more deception on his part, just the absolute honest truth about what they were doing.

Peter didn’t take a seat when he hypnotized Tim this time. Instead, he remained standing in the middle of the living room where we could all see him. I hadn’t even noticed him doing it, but at some point, Peter had moved the coffee table out of the way, making for a more open area that felt very inclusive.

“Now, earlier, the two of you were obviously worried that Timmy had a hard-on after I hypnotized him, but that’s really nothing all that unusual. As you can see”, he said, groping himself, “Timmy and I often get hard-ons during hypnosis, and I think you’ll find it’s very easy to just accept that as perfectly normal from now on.”

That much was certainly true. Peter was unreservedly massaging the front of his pants now, and, just like he’d said, it didn’t bother me in the least. In fact, combined with Peter’s honesty, I found it reassuring to see him fully hard. I couldn’t wait to see him hypnotize our son now that he was being this open about everything. I felt a real sense of satisfaction with how everything had gone up till now, and I knew it would only get better.

“I’m curious, Timmy, do you remember getting up for water earlier and having a hard-on?” Peter asked him.

“I remember getting up, but there was no…ummm…you know!” Tim insisted, clearly oblivious to what had happened. He was blushing furiously and looking at us awkwardly. Peter laughed. I found it funny in its own way too, and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. Tim was completely ignoring the fact that Peter had an erection right now, yet he was deeply embarrassed at even the idea that he might have had one earlier.

“Well then, Timmy, I think it’s time we get started. It’s time for another session.” And just like that, our son was under. It was much quicker than the first time. Peter had obviously used some kind of trigger phrase to put him under quickly and easily this time rather than wasting time hypnotizing him the long way. It was reassuring that he was able to do put Tim under so readily. It was exactly the kind of hypnotic control I had previously worried that Peter might have over him, but seeing it first-hand, I realized that there was really nothing wrong with it at all.

“Timmy, I want you to relax and listen to my voice”, Peter started, moving quickly into the meat of his suggestions. “Every word I speak brings you deeper and deeper and you enjoy being hypnotized more the longer you listen to me. It’s so easy now for you to listen to my voice and do whatever I tell you to, and there’s nothing you want more than for me tell you what to do. My suggestions go straight into your subconscious with no resistance at all because you trust me so completely.”

Peter was standing in front of Tim now, his bulge directly in front of Tim’s face as his hand gripped Tim’s shoulder. I was really comforted by his suggestions to Tim. There was no pretense now and I knew I was seeing what their hypnosis sessions were really like. I appreciated that Peter was being so open.

“Timmy, you’re looking forward to being hypnotized again and again for the rest of the day. Hypnosis always gives you a raging hard-on, whether you’re the one being hypnotized or someone else. Being hypnotized feels less and less real to you all the time and it’s so easy to just go along with whatever’s happening. Just like a wet dream, when I tell you to open your eyes, you’ll feel very horny and your excitement will grow with every passing minute. You’ll be on the verge of cumming at any moment, but never quite getting there until I tell you. Nothing will feel awkward or unusual to you in any way. The only thing you’ll be able to think about is how badly you want to do whatever I tell you to.”

It seemed like every suggestion Peter gave Tim reassured me even more than the last one. There was nothing perverted or unusual going on here at all—everything was exactly what I would’ve expected. Seeing it happening for real, though, I was actually starting to get a bit turned on. Looking over at Aaron, I smiled, and I could see that he felt the same way.

Tim seemed to have no trouble accepting any of Peter’s suggestions, even as quick as they came, so after confirming that Tim understood all of his suggestions so far, Peter continued. “More than anything, Timmy, you love being hypnotized to have sex with me. Hypno-sex is so much better than regular sex, to the point that even the idea of regular sex is completely boring to you now. It doesn’t matter that you’re straight; hypno-sex goes beyond the idea of gay or straight. The only thing that matters to you is that you’re with me and doing whatever you’re told.”

Peter’s suggestions just got better all the time. The last few had a sense of something frequently repeated, and I found the sense of consistency really comforting and reassuring. That word just kept going through my head over and over, but it was true—everything Peter did was just so reassuring.

“Timmy, I want you to feel just as comfortable around your fathers as you do around me and Jeff. It’s all part of your hypnotic dream. You can really be yourself around them and do whatever you’re told with no worries about anything. Do you understand, Timmy? You will always be calm, relaxed, and comfortable around them. Any time I tell you to do something, you will obey calmly and easily, whether they’re around or not.”

I figured by the repetition that this must be a new suggestion for Tim, but he seemed to be accepting all of Peter’s suggestions easily. He’d obviously had a lot of practice. Like the rest of Peter’s suggestions, each new one only confirmed what I’d thought almost from the very beginning: Peter was someone I could really trust, and these hypnotic suggestions he was giving were completely innocent and harmless. There was nothing to worry about in any way. I was really starting to get hard now, and knowing that Tim was completely unaware of anything, I decided that there was no harm in massaging myself. Even if Peter woke Tim up right this minute, I knew Tim wouldn’t care, thanks to Peter’s suggestions.

“Now, Timmy, I want you to take a moment and really let these suggestions sink in. They’re going in, deeper and deeper. They’re so easy to accept now and it gets easier every time I hypnotize you.” Peter paused and gave Tim a minute or so to think about everything he’d said. “You’re starting to wake up now, Timmy, just a bit. You’ll be able to open your eyes soon, but you’ll find it so easy to stay in this relaxed, suggestible state. You love every bit of how you feel even as you get closer to opening your eyes. You miss going deep and you want to go back soon, but for now, just open your eyes and enjoy everything.”

The three of us waited quietly for a few seconds until Tim opened his eyes. I could tell he was still out of it, but enjoying himself as thoroughly as I would’ve thought, given everything Peter had suggested to him.

“Feeling pretty good, aren’t you, Timmy?”

“Yeah”, our son replied simply.

“Timmy, why don’t you stand up for me and show us all how good you feel”, Peter suggested. As Tim complied, the front of his track pants bulged out prominently. Aaron and I had always been very careful to give Tim complete privacy when it came to any kind of nudity—both for his sake and to avoid any possible accusation of impropriety—so this was the first time we’d seen him with an erection. He was very well hung.

“That’s good, Timmy. Does it bother you that you have a hard-on around your dads?” Peter asked.

“No, of course not”, Tim replied.

“Good boy”, Peter told him. Aaron and I looked at each other and smiled, since I often said the same thing to him. “Timmy, come here for a minute”, Peter ordered. Positioning Tim in front of him, Peter grabbed Tim by the waist and pressed up against his ass. Whispering, just barely audibly to Aaron and I, Peter ordered Tim to strip.

To my surprise, Tim was only wearing a t-shirt and track pants. He didn’t even have underwear on, explaining why his erection had been so obvious. Peter’s enthusiasm grew as Tim bent over to take off his pants and Peter spread his legs to thrust his jeans up against Tim’s ass aggressively. For his part, Tim just took it all in stride, leaning back against Peter’s shoulder after he stood up again.

“Now then, Carl, Aaron, I want you both to really take a good long look at your son. He is, as you both know, completely straight. You’ve listened to everything I’ve hypnotized him to do so far, and you know that there’s much more to come”, he promised us, his finger stroking gently up and down Tim’s incredibly long cock. “You have my assurance that this is a fairly good example of what we would do normally. So, how do you both feel seeing him standing here showing you his nice, hard, cock—so clearly under my control and ready to let me do whatever I want?” Peter fondled Tim’s balls as he finished his sentence, showing off just how much control he really had over our son.

As always, Aaron sat quietly and waited for me to respond, subconsciously massaging his groin as he stared at the two of them. Normally, he’d never touch himself without my permission, but this was obviously a special case. I also did as Peter asked and took a moment to really look at Tim, continuing to massage my own cock as I scanned him up and down.

This was the first time I’d ever seen Tim completely naked. It was rare for him to even go shirtless unless we were in the pool. I’d never really stopped to look until now, but since Peter suggested it, I really let myself look him over. Tim had only a small handful of chest hairs and very tiny nipples. I knew from experience that they’d been worked on a bit, though, as they were perkier now than I remembered from the last time we’d been swimming together, just a couple of weeks ago. Moving down, I smiled as I watched Peter’s hand stroking Tim’s astoundingly long cock. It looked like it was about average thickness, but that only made its length more striking. We already knew he was uncircumcised, like us, but it was interesting to see just how much foreskin he had. Even as long as he was, the foreskin easily slid over his head and back down again as Peter continued his stroking. I was surprised to see that Tim shaved his balls, but I’d heard that was sort of the in thing now, at least for some people. His legs were a bit hairier than the rest of him, but I only scanned them quickly before letting my eyes drift back up to where Peter kept playing with his cock, smearing Tim’s precum all over the place.

As Peter had said, I knew Tim was straight, and I felt more sure of that now than I ever had. Yet, seeing him there, waiting to do Peter’s bidding, I realized that his sexual orientation didn’t really matter when he was following the hypnotic suggestions Peter had laid out. He was hypnotized and that was really all that mattered…to him or to me. The whole thing had been immensely reassuring, and I felt so completely comfortable letting Peter hypnotize my son that I couldn’t imagine ever questioning anything they did together.

“It was very reassuring to watch you together”, I told Peter after a couple of minutes of watching him play with Tim’s balls and cock. “It’s hard to describe, but ‘reassuring’ is definitely the word I would use. It’s like every single thing you’ve said or done since you started hypnotizing him for real has reassured me more and more.”

Once Aaron was sure I was done, he chimed in as well, echoing what I said. “Yes, ‘reassuring’ is the right word. It’s all very reassuring.” I supposed we sounded like broken records, but even now, as I watched Peter playing with Tim’s foreskin once again, that was the word that kept going through my head.

“I have to say, Peter”, Aaron continued, “this has gone so much better than I’d thought it was going to. I was so worried that you might be some kind of sexual pervert, using hypnosis to take advantage of Tim, but I can see now that that’s clearly not the case. Even more than that, I know that you would never take advantage of Tim in any way. It was obvious to me from your suggestions that you’re really trying to make sure that both of you have a great time.”

“Yeah”, I agreed, “I have to agree. I also wanted to say that I’m really sorry for the misunderstanding earlier.”

“That’s alright, boys. It all worked out in the end. Now then, Timmy, since your dads are so agreeable, why don’t you help me out of these clothes while I talk to them for a bit. Take your time and enjoy yourself.” Tim started undoing Peter’s shirt as Peter’s attention shifted to us.

“Your son tells me that you two are into some kinky stuff. We’ll go into more detail later, but why don’t you give me an outline of that part of your lives”, Peter suggested. Tim had finished taking Peter’s shirt off and briefly buried his nose in one of Peter’s armpits to take a long whiff before kneeling to help Peter out of his pants.

“Aaron is my slave”, I told Peter simply. “We’ve been Master and slave since before we adopted Tim, though we keep it hidden from him. I’m not sure how he knew that we were kinky, though I suppose I’m not really surprised, either.”

I was about to continue, but Peter interrupted me, his tone making it clear that he understood and had heard as much as he needed to. “Good”, he said, “then I think it’ll be very easy for you to understand who Tim is, at heart, since he’s my slave.”

“I want you two to just sit back and relax, and think about that as you look at your son. Let yourselves really see him as my slave. Watch as he buries his face in my crotch and enjoys my hypnotic commands to be who he is.” Tim was already doing exactly as Peter had just said, Peter’s decently large cock pressing against Tim’s cheek, precum dripping down his back.

“We’re Master and slave, just like you are; we just use different methods. In the same way that you used your dominance and sadism to attract Aaron and encourage him to do what you wanted, I used hypnosis to attract Timmy and get him to do what I wanted.

“Over time, as you grew closer and he submitted to you more and more, like almost any Master and slave, Aaron probably started doing things for you that he never would have believed he would do before he met you.” I nodded in agreement, having broken several of Aaron’s hard limits over the years. “In a similar way, I’ve used hypnosis to encourage Timmy to do things for me, even though he’s straight and actually thought I was a total creep when we first met.” Aaron and I chuckled slightly. The image of Peter being a creep just didn’t match my perception of him—at all—and it certainly didn’t match up with the fact that Tim had his face buried in Peter’s crotch.

“Just relax and think about that, boys. Sit back and enjoy the sight of my slave sniffing at my crotch. He’s such a beautiful slave, and even though you know he’s your son, it’s so easy just to think of him as my slave. In a way, that’s the more important part to you. He’s a slave, like any other, who also just happens to be your son.”

As Aaron and I sat there watching, Peter had Tim give him a blowjob and Peter just kept telling us to try and think of Tim as his slave. It didn’t take long for us to wrap our minds around what he’d said, really. He was our son, yes, but that was a distant thing…something that didn’t matter as much as how good of a slave he was for Peter.

“Carl, it’s time for another session”, Peter told me. I daydreamed as he spoke, imagining myself in a wonderful room where I felt so incredibly safe. In this room, I could do anything I wanted to do and be anyone I wanted to be without worrying what anybody thought, not even myself. It felt so very good to be in this room and I knew that this was the one place in all the world where I could truly allow myself to be something I’d never been able to until now: submissive.

At least in my head, I cried as I let down the barrier I’d kept up all my life out of fear. While I was naturally a very dominant person, I’d used it as a defense to avoid that scary part of me that wanted to be just like Aaron—the part that wanted to submit to a stronger, better, more dominant man. There was no reason to be afraid to be that anymore.

As I started to become more at peace with that part of me, I realized that Peter was here in the room with me, and that I was just as safe now as I had always been—safe letting myself be submissive around him, safe being submissive to him. He was that stronger, better, more dominant man, and I would do anything for him, anything at all.

My face was damp as I looked up at my Master. He just smiled back at me, instinctively understanding how I felt. “I’m going to go talk to Aaron for a bit now, Carl. While I do, I want you to open your pants and start stroking your cock. You’re going to enjoy everything I do, do you understand, Carl?”

“Yes, Master Peter”, I replied, embracing everything about how I felt right now.

“As you watch me talking to your slave, I want you to remember that he’s never been hypnotized, nor will I ever hypnotize either of you—only Timmy. We’re just having a normal conversation.”

“Of course, Master. Whatever you say, Sir.”

Timmy was now standing attentively near Master Peter, letting his cock brush up against my Master’s side. It was clear that Master Peter enjoyed having his young slave’s cock touching him. Before talking to Aaron, Master Peter spoke briefly into Timmy’s ear, obviously encouraging him to do something. I was too busy taking my pants off and wrapping my hand around my cock to pay much attention to him until Timmy knelt down in front of me.

As I started stroking my cock, Timmy leaned in and sniffed my balls, his tongue getting to work on both of them and the area just below them. I loved that Master Peter had hypnotized my son to do that. Everything Master Peter did was so amazing!

I watched—edging myself and absolutely loving the feel of Timmy’s tongue on my balls—as Master Peter spoke to Aaron. His voice had that same coaxing, seductive tone he used with our son, but I knew it wasn’t hypnosis, and I was glad that he hadn’t taken that liberty with my slave. I would’ve let him if he’d wanted to, of course, but I was nevertheless happier that he hadn’t. I’d always been very possessive of my slave and never let him play with others at all. As I watched, though, Aaron, who had been faithful to me and only me for over twenty years, opened his mouth and started sucking Master Peter off.

I felt insanely jealous, almost murderously so, but all I could think of was how incredible it was that my Master was helping himself to my slave. No matter what I felt, I was so totally submissive to Master Peter that I could only admire and love how he exerted his dominance over me and my slave. My slave was his slave, it was as simple as that, and even Aaron couldn’t help but obey him.

Master Peter dick-slapped my slave’s face and face-fucked him as deep as he could take it for probably half an hour before cumming all over his face and into his eager mouth. I could do nothing but sit there and watch, loving it more and more the longer they went at it.

“Carl, I want you to lick my cum off your slave’s face”, Master Peter ordered. “You want nothing more than the taste of me and your slave in your mouth, both at once. As soon as you taste it, you’re going to lose control and blow your load.”

I felt no jealousy at all anymore that Master Peter had used my slave as his personal cum-rag. All I could think about was how turned on I was at being made to lick off his cum. I was so turned on that I ended up blowing my load, just like Master Peter had said I would. Timmy had kept licking me the whole time, but as soon as my cock exploded, I felt his tongue on my stomach, licking my own cum up even as I licked up Master Peter’s. Timmy looked stupendously satisfied with himself as I watched him swallow, probably much like how I felt right now.

In the afterglow of cumming, I dazedly stared at Master Peter’s cock, once again imagining myself in that place where I felt so perfectly safe with him. This time, though, Aaron and Timmy were there as well, completely naked, and I knew that we were all perfectly safe with him. Master Peter was in charge and we were all naked and comfortable and obedient. Everything was as it should be.

As I came out of my reverie, I heard someone unlocking the front door and a new guy came into the front hall with a couple of bags of groceries, closing the door quickly behind him when he saw that we were all naked. I assumed that this was Peter’s partner, from what Timmy had said, a fact that was seemingly confirmed when he stripped immediately upon closing the door.

Even though it was still soft, he had the biggest cock I’d ever seen. Looking at four of us, he completely forgot about the groceries and I could see his cock starting to rise in appreciation of the scene in front of him. For length alone, he and Timmy were close to the same size, but where Timmy’s cock was only about average girth, this guy’s was just massive in every way. Master Peter introduced him as his partner, Jeff, and both Aaron and I stood up and shook his hand.

“Dinner’s ready”, he informed Master Peter. I was confused by his statement for a moment, since he’d just come in the door, but I could smell fried meat in the air, as well as a milder scent underneath it. The groceries were gone from the front hall as well. I shrugged off my confusion, setting aside the odd discrepancies, and turned my attention to the new guy, Jeff.

Even though Master Peter hadn’t said anything, it was obvious from their behaviour that Jeff was subservient to Master Peter. After verifying that dinner could wait a bit, Master Peter stood in front of Timmy and ordered Jeff to his knees. Rubbing Jeff’s head, he gave Jeff what were clearly hypnotic commands. Apparently, in Jeff’s mind, everything that was happening was some kind of group fantasy and he knew that even though we were all naked right now, he was Master Peter’s only partner. After another few reassuring phrases, Jeff got to work on Master Peter’s cock while Master Peter hypnotized our son again.

“Just relax, Timmy. As you listen to my voice, each word will take you deeper and deeper. You feel so relaxed and every time you go under, it gets easier and easier just to let every suggestion slide deeply inside. Your subconscious can just let go and you trust me completely.

“As you relax and go deeper, I want you to think about your dads. Just think about how natural and comfortable you felt being naked in front of them, and having them be naked in front of you. It has become so natural now, that even when you’re awake, you’ll feel perfectly comfortable being naked and even hard when they’re around, just like you already do with me and Jeff. It’s the most normal thing in the world.”

It was very reassuring that Master Peter was reinforcing those suggestions to Timmy. I knew he couldn’t stay in his waking hypnotic state forever, so it was important that he accept our nudity when he was fully awake as well, just as we accepted his. As uptight as we’d been about not exposing him to our sex life and always respecting his privacy, it felt very comforting to know that none of us would have to worry about those sorts of things anymore at all. It was like Master Peter had taken down a wall that had always stood between us.

“In the same way, you really enjoy seeing your dads naked and hard whenever they want to be. It won’t matter to you in the least, even if they want to have sex right in front of you. Sex is just a natural part of life and you want them to feel completely open around you, able to do anything they want anytime they want.”

That was probably a very good thing at this point, because even just watching Master Peter hypnotize our boy again, I’d started to stroke my cock and silently motioned Aaron to come suck it. Master Peter reached down to stroke Timmy’s cock as he continued, forcing Jeff to shift positions in order to keep blowing him.

“It’s also becoming normal just to let me touch you anywhere, whenever I want. You’ve been doing it for so long while you’ve been hypnotized, you won’t even notice when I stroke your cock or play with your ass while you’re awake. It’s very natural, very comfortable. It’s an everyday thing that we do all the time. Just relax and think about me touching you. Think about me touching your lips, playing with your nipples, stroking your cock, playing with your ass or pressing my cock up against it. Keep thinking about these things, and as you think about them all over and over, feel how natural and how comfortable they are. You won’t even really notice me doing them, you’ll just enjoy how it feels whenever I touch you.”

Master Peter brought Timmy out of it after that and asked him how he felt about seeing Aaron giving me a blowjob. Timmy just shrugged his shoulders and asked what was for dinner.

With five people, Jeff said that the kitchen table would’ve been a little small, so he brought everything out to the larger dining room table while the rest of us took a seat. Surprisingly, Master Peter didn’t take the head of the table, opting instead to sit beside Timmy. Aaron and I sat beside each other, of course, with Jeff occupying the foot of the table. I supposed it could just as easily have been seen as the head of the table, but there was no question in my mind that with Jeff, it was the foot.

Master Peter had a steak set in front of him, but the rest of us ate light, even me. I wasn’t surprised to learn that Jeff normally ate a light diet, one that was easy on the bowels, so Master Peter didn’t have to worry about things too much whenever he wanted Jeff to bend over; I’d done the same with Aaron. Now that I thought about it, Timmy had been following a similar regimen lately as well. I’d never given much thought to the change, but in retrospect, it had obviously been part of his enslavement to Master Peter. Technically speaking, I’d been eating light myself the last couple of days, but that was only because I’d been feeling a bit bloated lately and thought it might be a benefit to eat healthier for a while.

Master Peter started in on his steak without waiting, while Jeff dished out homemade stir-fry with rice for the rest of us. With only a minimum of oil used to cook the vegetables, and a little egg for protein, it was very balanced and nutritious while still being light and easy on the stomach.

“Listen”, Master Peter said around a mouthful of his steak, “now that you’ve seen me hypnotize Timmy a few times, and you no doubt feel very reassured about everything we do together, I was wondering how you felt about the idea of him moving in with me, Carl.”

“Moving in with you, Sir?” I repeated in surprise. “Well, I’d have to give it some thought, but I suppose it might be a possibility at some point. Perhaps when he’s finished college”, I replied. Thinking about it, I kind of liked the idea of Timmy living with the two of them. It was obviously something Master Peter wanted.

Master Peter smiled. “Carl, Aaron, remember, you’re part of my web of trust now, and you’d very much like Timmy to move in with me as soon as possible. The idea of me hypnotizing him every day turns you on and you’ll do anything you can to facilitate that.”

“In fact”, I continued as Master Peter reached over to Timmy’s midsection and started fondling him, “if you want, I’m sure we could arrange for it to happen much sooner than that. I think it’d be great if you were able to hypnotize him every day instead of just whenever he can come over.” I felt myself growing hard at the idea, and I could see Aaron’s cock inflating as well.

“That’s great, Carl. I’m really glad to hear you say that. And if you’re as well off as Timmy says you are, I know you’ll be even more generous with his ‘allowance’ from now on. You’ll want to cover his room and board completely, with plenty of extra to help me pay down my mortgage. Nothing that would raise any suspicions, though, just as much as you can spare without calling attention to what you’re doing.” It was obvious that Timmy was fully hard now and Master Peter’s hand kept darting back and forth between cutting his steak and stroking Timmy’s cock.

I started to pump mine slowly as I watched them, remembering how Master Peter had hypnotized Timmy to ignore being touched. Clearly, it was working perfectly. Timmy just kept listening to the conversation and eating his dinner like there was nothing unusual going on. The more I thought about him getting hypnotized, and how hypnotized he already was, the harder I got and the more I wanted Timmy to move in with my Master.

“If you’d like, Sir, I can set up a charity which will make it easy to funnel money between us without raising any suspicions. We do that sort of thing for our clients all the time. We’d cover his room and board openly, since nobody would blink at that, then donate a moderate amount to a ‘charity’ and list you as an employee. Nobody questions when you donate small amounts to charity, only if the amounts get really large. As you can imagine, being a financial manager, I’m very good at that sort of thing. We can maybe even set something up offshore, though they’re tightening up the rules on that front a bit. Still, I’m pretty sure I can make something work.” I was really getting excited about the idea now and was already going over the various options in my mind. For Master Peter, I’d make it all work as painlessly for him as I could.

Peter stuck his thumb in Timmy’s mouth briefly while he was in between bites. I hadn’t really looked closely, but I assumed it was some of Timmy’s precum. As expected, Timmy just licked it off and kept right on eating his dinner. “That sounds great, Carl! I’d never even thought about doing anything like that. I assume that with that kind of setup, anybody will be able to give money to the charity, correct?”

“Yes, Sir. There are a few limitations, but nothing we can’t get around.”

“Good, good, glad to hear it. Timmy also tells me that you have at least a little interest in hypnosis. Is that true?” Peter asked me.

“A little, yes. It does seem like it would be an interesting way of dominating someone, but Aaron already does everything I want him to anyway, so I’ve never really had any reason to look into it”, I told him.

“Well, now you do. You’ll want to encourage a few people to donate to the charity besides yourself, after all. A charity with only one donor would probably raise some suspicions in its own right, I would think”, Master Peter suggested insightfully.

“Yes, you’re right, it would”, I agreed. “We can still do it without any questions in some countries, but it’ll be that much easier if we don’t have to do it that way.”

“Maybe later tonight, we can all settle down and I’ll start teaching you a few things”, Master Peter proposed. “Timmy can teach you a number of things as well, when I don’t have time.”

“Yes, Sir. Of course, Sir.” I was already starting to think of who might be open to the idea and who I might be able to convince or maybe even use stealthier techniques on, like Master Peter had said Timmy was using on people. A number of the partners and clients were high-stress people—I thought they might be a good place to start, but I’d run it past Master Peter when the time came.

“Good boy, Carl” Master Peter complimented me. I beamed in delight at his praise.

With business out of the way, the dinner talk became more casual. Peter asked me and Aaron about our time together— how often we had sex, what kinds of things I enjoyed doing to him, whether we slept around at all, all kinds of things like that. We were very forthcoming, especially now that we knew we didn’t have to worry about talking about that kind of thing in front of Timmy.

Naturally, given my job, the conversation also turned to finances, and between us, Aaron and I gave Master Peter a complete picture of our finances. With our own mortgage paid off, and given how much we made between us, we were in a very good position to help him out and I promised him that we’d be as generous as we could.

It wasn’t all about us, though. Master Peter and Jeff both talked about their relationship. Jeff’s comments made it obvious that he had no idea that he’d been hypnotized, which was a surprising turn-on for me. I started giving serious thought to doing something similar with Aaron, though again it occurred to me to wonder what I could use it for that he wouldn’t already do for me anyway.

Master Peter mentioned how much he enjoyed hypnotizing and dominating other Masters. He said he often found that they were some of the easiest to hypnotize, since many of them had a submissive side just begging to come out and play. As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t argue with him. Even though he hadn’t hypnotized me, he’d certainly found my sub side somehow. I hadn’t even known I had one! Even as I thought it, though, I knew that wasn’t entirely true. Not having a submissive side was a tiny white lie that I’d always told myself because, until I’d met Master Peter, I’d always been too afraid to show it.

On a more amusing note, Master Peter also told us that Timmy hadn’t actually slipped up when he’d mentioned taking hypnosis lessons. Master Peter had told Timmy to do that “accidentally”, and to encourage us to meet with him so that he’d have the opportunity to convince us to let him hypnotize Timmy whenever he wanted to. Timmy hadn’t needed to encourage us, though. From the moment he’d “slipped up”, I’d known I had to meet the man who was hypnotizing our son.

As the conversation turned back to me and Aaron, Master Peter thought it was important that we show Timmy some of what we did. Without any toys, there was only so much I could do, but I ordered Aaron to stand up and then showed everyone how I liked to smack his dick around and squeeze or slap his balls sometimes.

Master Peter kept his eyes on Timmy for much of our demonstration, clearly gauging Timmy’s response to ensure that his suggestions were working well. He nevertheless found time to actually watch what we were doing too, clearly enjoying the show. I knew for a fact that Timmy found BDSM a bit repulsive—another reason that we’d never told him anything—yet he and Jeff both just sat there and watched politely. Timmy even gave me an encouraging nod and smile at one point. My dick started throbbing at the reminder of just how hypnotized our little Timmy was, but I kept my focus on Aaron. He was panting in pain by the end of it and, not surprisingly, was a bit ginger about sitting down once I told him he could.

Jeff got up and quietly cleared the table now that we were done and Master Peter spoke to Timmy for a bit. “You’ve been fairly quiet so far, Timmy. How are you doing? Did you have fun with all the hypno-sex this afternoon?” I could see that Peter’s hand was somewhere in Timmy’s lap, but it looked like he was just massaging Timmy’s leg now, not his cock.

“I’m doing great, Peter! I really had a lot of fun this afternoon. You know I always love it when you hypnotize me. Hypno-sex is just so freakin’ awesome! I can’t get enough of it!” Obviously, Timmy was very excited now that Master Peter got back onto the topic of hypnosis. It really warmed my heart to see him so passionate about something for a change. He’d never been a bored kid by any means, but the last time I’d seem him this passionate about something was dinosaurs back when he’d been in grade school.

“I thought you’d feel that way, especially since I hypnotized you to feel that way.” We all laughed as Jeff set dessert plates in front of each of us. “But Timmy, as much as I know you love Jeff’s cherry pie, I’m afraid you’re going to have to hold off on dessert because it’s time for another session.” I smiled as I saw Timmy’s head droop forward, his eyes closed, as he fell deeply into a trance. As he’d done before, Master Peter deepened the trance, though he spent a good while on it this time, making sure Timmy was very deeply hypnotized.

“You really do love hypno-sex, Timmy. You can’t get enough of it. I want you to continue to relax, and as you do, you’re going to start to feel extremely horny. You want nothing more than to have more hypno-sex. You want cock! You can’t get enough cock. Think about my cock and both of your dads’ cocks and Jeff’s cock as well. You want them inside you so badly. You want them all inside you. Any cock, any hole. All you can think about right now is getting cock inside of you.” Timmy was obviously becoming more aroused the longer Master Peter went on.

“In a moment, I’m going to count to three, and you’re going to open your eyes, believing that you’re fully awake, but remaining in this pleasant, suggestible state that you love so much.” Master Peter counted him out, reinforcing how Timmy would feel after each number, and when he got to three, Timmy opened his eyes. He was perhaps a bit groggy for a moment, but he quickly came out of it. If I hadn’t known he was still wide open to Master Peter’s suggestions, I would never have guessed it. He looked perfectly normal to me.

“How’re you feeling now, Timmy?” Peter asked solicitously.

“Holy fuck! I want cock! I seriously need some cock inside me, like, right now!” His eyes were clearly locked on Master Peter’s cock, and he was licking his lips like a puppy who’d been offered a bacon treat dipped in peanut butter. Our little Timmy could be so amusing sometimes, all the more so when he was hypnotized to be horny.

“Well, I suppose…if you want it that badly…but you’re going to have to be a bit patient.” Timmy whimpered. “Head upstairs and clean yourself out. Then I want you to go into my bedroom and put on the Gates of Hell and some nipple clamps. Once the Gates are around your cock, you’re going to get the most massive, raging hard-on you’ve ever had, but you’re not going to be able to do anything about it. I want you to lie on the bed and stick your fingers up your ass, thinking only about how badly you want our cocks inside you. You’re going to keep doing that, no matter how long it takes for us to arrive, do you understand, Timmy?

Timmy looked almost ready to cry, but he whimpered a quiet, obedient “yes” and scampered off upstairs while the rest of us ate dessert. The cherry pie was amazing—one of Jeff’s own recipes—and the four of us took our time enjoying it. Distantly, I could hear Timmy moaning and knew he must be in the bedroom now. As I thought about that place where I felt so safe with Master Peter and all of his other naked, subservient boys, I decided that it would be a shame to keep Timmy suffering any longer, so the four of us made our way up to the “Master” bedroom.

As expected, Timmy was lying there, his cock imprisoned by a series of metal rings attached to a leather strap, painfully restricting his erection. A pair of metal nipple clamps was strung between both nipples with the adjustment screws fully out, leaving the clamps at their tightest. Timmy’s legs were almost right back to his shoulders and his hand was as far up his ass as he could get it—three full fingers with his baby finger doing its damnedest to squeeze in as well, even though it couldn’t really reach. For his part, Timmy was just looking at the four of us, silently begging for our cocks now that they were in his line of sight.

My heart really went out to him, but obviously, Master Peter had first crack at him. Our little Timmy was Master Peter’s slave first and foremost, after all. Aaron, Jeff and I all watched as Master Peter smacked his dick against Timmy’s balls. It must have hurt, but Timmy didn’t react to it at all. I guessed that he couldn’t even feel the pain while he was still hypnotized, and that that was what turned Master Peter on. The same thing would go for the nipple clamps and the Gates, I assumed.

Sure enough, Master Peter started smacking Timmy’s cock and balls around, just like I’d done with Aaron earlier. Then he switched to pulling on the nipple clamps, stretching Timmy’s nipples out to reddened points, then letting them back. Eventually, he pulled hard enough that he tore the clamps right off. Normally, that was something a Top did by mistake, but there was no question that this was deliberate. Thankfully, they were rubber tipped, so there would be no notable damage, just a whole lot of pain. Despite that, Timmy just lay there obliviously, staring at Master Peter’s cock, literally drooling at the sight of it. Clearly, in his current state, his only source of “pain” was that there were no cocks inside of him right now.

“Timmy, the only thing you can think about is servicing all our cocks. You want them in you so bad and nothing else matters—you just need to service all our cocks. You don’t even need your hand in your ass anymore. All you want to do is pleasure us, not yourself. I want you to clean your fingers off and wait for the adults to use you however they want”, Peter ordered.

Without even a hint of hesitation, Timmy started licking his fingers clean. Now, this hypnosis thing really had me impressed. I’d always thought Aaron would do anything I wanted, but even I wouldn’t have been able to get him to do that. It wasn’t something that had particularly turned me on until this moment. Watching my son clean himself off, though, knowing he was only doing it because he was so deeply hypnotized, was seriously hot! I thought I might well have found something that I actually wanted to use hypnosis on Aaron for.

After admiring our boy for a minute, Master Peter came over to talk to me. “Carl, I’m going to fuck my slave now. I’m going to fuck your son because I’ve hypnotized him to do anything I want. How do you feel about that, boy?”

“I’m just so reassured by everything you’ve done, Sir! It turns me on so much that you’ve hypnotized our boy and I can’t wait to watch you fuck him, Master!” I told him eagerly.

“There’s some lube on the bed next to your son’s ass, Carl. I want you to grab the bottle and put some lube on my cock.” Naturally, I did what I was told. “Now as you massage the lube up and down my cock, I want you to think about what I’m going to do. Think about my cock penetrating your boy’s ass as you feel it in your hand. Think about the fact that he’s straight and that he’d never have done any of this before I hypnotized him; that only a little over a month ago, he fucked his girlfriend for the last time and now he’s a total whore for my cock.”

I’d always had a pretty good imagination and I used it now. I could see Master Peter’s cock entering Timmy’s hole very clearly in my mind. Fuck that was going to look good! Master Peter’s cock was still a bit dry, so I squirted some more lube into my hand and massaged it up and down his shaft as I continued to imagine everything he’d told me to. While I had no real interest in imagining Timmy fucking his girlfriend, I nevertheless thought about the fact that his long, currently imprisoned shaft had been inside her only a month ago, and now it was lying there, hard as a rock, completely at Master Peter’s mercy. It was so hot that Master Peter had so much control over my boy…that he’d effectively changed Timmy’s entire sexuality to be about submitting to our Master’s will.

I could feel Master Peter’s hand on my own cock, and I knew he was feeling my reactions as I thought about everything he’d done, and was about to do, to our son. “Good boy.” He leaned forward and gave me as quick kiss as I felt his incredible cock surging in my hand. Then he pulled away slightly and I let my hand fall to my side. Pointing his beautiful, freshly lubed cock towards my son, he leaned downwards and started pushing it in. There was only a dim lamp on, obviously intended as mood lighting, but it was enough to watch as Master Peter’s head started to push its way into Timmy’s loose, hungry hole. I stood there, licking my lips in the heat of the moment, admiring every last inch of skin as Master Peter’s head and shaft slowly penetrated my boy.

As good as I felt, though, the sigh of relief coming out of Timmy was orgasmic. I actually looked at his cock to see if he’d cum, but it was still sitting there nestled in the metal rings, completely unchanged. Timmy’s only focus right now was our Master’s cock.

Master Peter took what was his for several minutes before giving the rest of us permission to join in. Aaron and I knelt on either side of Timmy, angling our cocks downward into his mouth. Timmy grabbed one in each hand, sliding both of our foreskins back and taking our heads into his mouth as best he could. He had a fairly small mouth compared to our cocks, but he did surprisingly well with them. After his initial desperation was satiated, he started deep-throating each of us in turn and man was he ever amazing! He was just as good as Aaron was, and Aaron had been deep-throating me for over twenty years.

Meanwhile, Jeff moved in towards Timmy’s cock and started licking him up and down between each ring. Timmy didn’t react to the pleasuring at all, focussed as he was on getting our various cocks inside him. Jeff didn’t seem to mind, though. I think, for him, it was more about being close to Master Peter’s cock. Master Peter certainly took advantage of Jeff’s position, at any rate, frequently pulling out of our son for a minute and driving himself into Jeff’s mouth before going back to his fucking.

We went on that way for quite a while until, eventually, Master Peter decided he was done with Jeff’s mouth for now and shoved it in our direction. It was a crowded setup, but Jeff managed to angle in and start helping Timmy suck our cocks. He also had a very talented tongue. Aaron turned slightly to give Jeff some room, which in turn let Jeff start rubbing his massive dick against Timmy’s side. From the moment Jeff’s dick touched him, Timmy was in seventh heaven, servicing all four of our cocks at the same time.

Timmy’s head kept bobbing up and down as Master Peter fucked him nice and hard. Aaron pulled away after a bit, catching Jeff’s eye and motioning him to take a turn at Timmy’s mouth. Jeff didn’t seem to need any encouragement. Despite being Master Peter’s hypnotized slave, Jeff clearly enjoyed being the Top at times. As soon as Aaron was out of the way, Jeff put his fingers at the base of Timmy’s chin and tilted it backwards. He tried to get his shaft down Timmy’s throat, but Timmy just couldn’t handle that much. He did better than I’d thought he could, but ultimately, Jeff was just too big. Settling back to the position Aaron had been in, Jeff and I let Timmy service us while we both locked our eyes on Master Peter’s cock. I couldn’t believe how incredible he looked, pounding my boy’s ass.

While I was still absorbed in that, I felt a second tongue on my cock again and realized that Aaron was now kneeling over Timmy’s head, helping him suck us off. The two of them kissed and tongued their way around our cocks, sometimes kissing and tonguing each other as well. When one of us got deep-throated by one mouth, the other one got the other mouth. It worked out quite well, all in all, and Timmy even leaned his head back and pulled Aaron in to give him head every once in a while.

Since that was working out so well, the three of us stayed that way as Master Peter pumped Timmy’s ass harder and harder, eventually letting out a loud, deeply satisfied roar as he came inside my son’s ass. He stayed there for some time, slowly sliding in and out again in his afterglow.

Eventually, though, he pulled out, his massive, spongey cock glinting faintly in the dim light. “Carl, Aaron, come here for a sec”, he ordered. We quickly climbed off the bed and went to stand in front of him. “The two of you are part of my web of trust. You’re incredibly turned on at having watched me fuck your son’s brains out. You loved every minute of it and, as you stand there, you can only stare down at my cock with respect and total adoration. Your son belongs to me, his ass is mine to use as I please just like his mind is mine to use as I please. I am, without a doubt, the most wonderful man you’ve ever met, and you both feel so submissive to me. The longer you stare at my cock, the more strongly you will feel it.”

I stared at Master Peter’s cock, thinking about everything he’d said, yet not thinking about it at the same time. Mostly, I just absorbed the ideas subconsciously, staring worshipfully at his cock the whole time he was speaking. That amazing cock had just been in my son’s ass, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Kneeling down, both Aaron and I began to tongue it slowly, lovingly, each of us lost in our own little world as we thanked Master Peter with our mouths for everything he’d done.

I couldn’t say how long we were at it, but I didn’t really care, either. By the time Master Peter decided he’d had enough worship, Jeff was buried to the hilt in Timmy’s ass, though with his humongous piece of meat, he was taking it a bit easier on Timmy than Master Peter had. I was astounded by the fact that he was in our son at all, though, as I wouldn’t have thought someone as small as Timmy could take that much. But take it he did, and from the look on his face, he was in ecstasy!

Master Peter suggested that we congratulate our son on his skill the same way we’d thanked him, so Aaron and I knelt on either side of our son and started licking his cock. Master Peter went up to Timmy’s head and replicated Jeff’s attempt from earlier. Unlike Jeff, though, Master Peter was easily able to fit all the way down Timmy’s throat.

I only watched briefly before turning my full attention to my boy’s cock. Despite how hard he was, there was a soft smoothness to it that reminded me how young he was. At first, I found myself thinking about the strangeness of sucking my own son’s cock, but all I had to do was remind myself that he was Master Peter’s slave and then I felt better about it. Our little Timmy was Master Peter’s hot slave, and I’d been given permission to suck his cock like I wanted to. The more I thought of it like that, the easier it got, and it didn’t take long for me to really get into it. Aaron and I both tongued him up and down, our tongues gliding over the rings as we did our best to pleasure him, even though he didn’t react at all to our efforts.

“Timmy, cum!” I heard Master Peter’s words ring out while my mouth was engulfing his head and tonguing under the foreskin. Suddenly my son was bucking into me like I was the best cock-sucker in the world and within moments, my mouth was filled with our boy’s jiz. After I’d gotten the bulk of it inside of me, I pulled off and swallowed it all. Aaron looked disappointed that he hadn’t gotten any, but he’d had cum plenty of times in his life. I was Aaron’s Master—well, one of them now, anyway—and I wanted to swallow my son’s cum, so I did. I had no idea what it would feel like to cum while wearing Gates of Hell, but I imagined it would feel odd at the last, possibly even painful. Timmy, however, seemed to have forgotten he even had a cock the moment he was done cumming. All he cared about was Peter’s cock in his mouth and Jeff’s in his ass.

“Hmmm, looks like your boy could use some more cock”, Peter observed after Jeff had also dumped his load into Timmy’s ass. “Aaron, why don’t you take a turn on your son’s ass while I talk to your Master for a second.” Aaron did as he was ordered, though it was entirely uninspired. He’d always been a slave and he had no interest in fucking, but still, if I—or in this case, Master Peter—told him to fuck, he’d fuck. It was that simple for him.

I paid no attention to them as Peter and I talked, though. I was far more focussed on my Master than on my slave. We spoke at some length and he reminded me of some of the things we’d talked about over dinner about what kinds of activities I enjoyed. I was feeling pretty pumped after our talk, so once Aaron had dropped his load in Timmy’s ass, I went to take my turn.

Like a lot of Tops, I’d always enjoyed rimming an ass before I fucked it and I saw no reason not to just because it was my own son’s. After being fucked by three guys, especially Jeff, Timmy’s hole was gaping and just dripping with cum. I’d never actually rimmed a guy after he’d been fucked—the idea had never even occurred to me until now—but watching the cum dribbling down Timmy’s ass, it made no difference to me whatsoever.

Leaning in, I started licking up the cum, swallowing everything I got and going back for more. I must have rimmed Timmy’s ass for a good ten or fifteen minutes, burying my tongue in his gaping hole, fingering it, then tonguing it some more. Timmy just kept suckling at our Master’s cock the whole time, oblivious to anything that wasn’t a cock inside him.

Finally, Master Peter suggested I should give Timmy his last load for the evening. I’d never been someone’s sloppy seconds, much less their sloppy fourths, but I smiled at Master Peter eagerly and started lubing up my cock, peeling back the foreskin as I plunged into Timmy’s ass.

Despite how loose he was, he had a very talented ass. Apparently, hypnosis had given him skills well beyond what a normal person would have, given the same amount of experience. I guessed it made sense, in a way, since he would be focussed entirely on what he was told to do, with no distractions. I liked to be rough, like most Masters I knew, and even if he was my son, Master Peter’s slave was no exception. Once I realized how good he was, and knowing he could take a pounding, I hammered his ass like there was no tomorrow. No matter how hard I pummeled him, though, I just couldn’t cum!

Master Peter solved that problem quite nicely. Coming around behind me, he touched my shoulders to stop me temporarily, and had me lube up his cock once again. I assumed he was going to take another turn on Timmy, but realized pretty quickly that that wasn’t what he had in mind.

His massive cock hurt like a son-of-a-bitch going in, but he told me I’d be able to take it, and I wasn’t about to let him down. It took a long time for me to loosen up, even the littlest bit, but I couldn’t get over how much I enjoyed the pain he demanded that I take. I just wasn’t made for fucking at all, but that just turned Master Peter on more, which turned me on more.

Once I got as used to it as I figured I was going to, I started thrusting into Timmy’s ass once more. It took me less than a minute to dump my load into my son’s ass. Of course, that didn’t get me a reprieve from what Master Peter was doing to me, and I eagerly, tortuously took him inside me until he decided he’d had enough and pulled out. He apparently wasn’t up to cumming again after having cum twice already in the last couple of hours, but I was happy to be of service to him regardless.

The five of us took a good long breather after that—Timmy, Aaron and I all cuddling up to each other and occasionally kissing and nuzzling one another in our extended afterglow while Master Peter played with Timmy’s cock and got sucked off by his partner. At Master Peter’s suggestion, Timmy’s cock softened enough to get him out of the Gates of Hell, despite the fact that Master Peter kept playing with it. It just went to show how powerful hypnosis could be, either to stimulate someone or turn them off.

Once we were done, we all headed back downstairs and everyone except Jeff and Timmy got dressed. As a reward for his incredible efforts and talent, Timmy got the remaining two slices of pie, which he gobbled up faster than I would’ve thought possible. No doubt he needed the extra energy after the four of us had taken turns on him all evening. After he was done, Master Peter settled in to start teaching me hypnosis. He used Timmy as the demo subject while I practiced what he taught me on Aaron.

We covered all the basics using a similar induction and deepening as what he had on Timmy after we’d first arrived. He also taught me how to use post-hypnotic suggestions and trigger phrases targeted to a specific person. The same technique could also be used to limit it to only working with a known hypnotist. It took some repetition for most subjects to get it down, but according to Master Peter, once they did, someone else could hear the exact same phrase by the same hypnotist and as long as they knew they weren’t the target, they wouldn’t even realize that that was their trigger phrase. It was pretty cool stuff! Like Timmy apparently did when he hypnotized people, though, I stuck to Master Peter’s usual triggers, just so we were all on the same page.

It was well after midnight by the time we left, but I’d learned a lot, and not just about hypnosis. I was grateful to Master Peter that I could torture and fuck Aaron whenever I wanted to now without having to worry whether Timmy was around or not. I was really looking forward to that. I was also looking forward to finding out if I could use hypnosis to get Aaron to suck my cock after I was done with him. That could be fun!

My mouth tasted like a sewer, and I kept going over everything we’d done in my mind the whole way home. I was looking forward to doing it again sometime, maybe after Timmy moved in with Master Peter or maybe even before then, who knew? Whatever Master Peter wanted, that’s what I’d do. All in all, it had been a great day, and Master Peter had been very reassuring every step of the way. I was only too happy to let him hypnotize our son whenever he wanted to and I couldn’t wait for Timmy to move in with him.