The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


5. Were-Tigress (part 2)

NOTE: Two sections in this chapter are intended for display in parallel columns, indicating carefully timed simultaneity. So far the EMCSA has been unable to display the text as intended, so the reader’s imagination must assist.

“Now, where were we?” She asked as She straddled my legs and girt my spasming rock-hard purple engorged dripping cock with a long-clawed thumb and forefinger, oh-so-gently-and slowly slid Her perfect strong circle up and down, shifted Her perfect grip so the head of my cock was captured and gently rolled between the hard smooth shafts of her curved inch-long claws, leaned her soft magnificent breasts to outflank and then compress around my shaft and balls as her distended nipples gouged both sides of my groin and she lowered herself further, then reached down with her other hand to prick my balls with the points of her claws.

The phone rang. And kept ringing until the answering machine picked up. It was Brad, the cop.

“Bob, we passed Joanna and your kids on the sidewalk, and they were acting very strangely. We need to talk. A neighbor also reported some kind of wild animal noise that sounds dangerous ... we have someone from animal control on the way, plus police backup. We know someone else is with you and need you to pick up so we know everything’s OK.” The machine beeped. Dialtone.

Sound of footsteps running up back stairs.

Rear doorbell ringing. Knock at the back door.

“Bob,” Rowan’s slightly frantic voice, “did I just hear a scream? Are you OK? Bob?!”

More knocking, more doorbell.

“Gaaaaaah!” I screamed, a tsunami of euphoric pain overtopping me.

See her how she flies
Golden sails across the sky
Close enough to touch
But careful if you try
Though she looks as warm as gold
The moon’s a harsh mistress
The moon can be so cold
I’m gonna ...
Come, just meet me there
(Gonna come straight away)
8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2

Mari rose again, growling, donned her coat, walked into the kitchen. Rowan’s key was turning in the lock. “Who are you and what do ...” Rowan’s outraged voice began, then trailed off. Seconds passed. Mari said “Tell Brad that everything is fine here, there are no animals, then go home and take a nice long nap.” Footsteps receding, door closing.

Mari returned, doffed her wrap, and resumed her position straddling my legs, rolled cock head between claws while her breasts surged their full embrace of my spasming package.

“I love this part, Bob,” She began, using my name for the first time almost as if it wouldn’t matter much longer. She was unlacing her boots. “Sit up and open your eyes, little moth,” she said and I did, instantly, unencumbered by thought. Her shiny beautifully muscled legs were raised, heels pointed toward me, boots partly unlaced. She lowered one to my hands, the other to my lap, nudging its heel into the side of my left nut. I focused on Her boots, not looking directly into her eyes, mind wandering while my body did as She commanded, even as my orgasm continued on and on like audible static to my feeble attempts at focus.

“Assist,” She commanded. I took hold of a shiny smooth slender steel heel and a pointed metal toe and She pulled her leg away, leaving me holding Her perfect boot. She had sheer shiny black hose on underneath. “Feel its power,” she said, and I could, then “Rub My foot.” It was a robust, warm, slightly damp, ferally fragrant foot. Purple toenails. I was used to rubbing Joanna’s, had more than once brought her to orgasm doing so. Chakra is a fine thing.

“Mmmmmm ... HMMMMM,” she crooned. She’d closed Her eyes to enjoy the rub, but in peripheral vision I could see them snap open as she got more than She might’ve expected.

“That’s really nice, little moth,” She said, then lifted her other boot, pulling her leg free with my help and then I massaged that foot too, compressing the broad firm pad of each toe once. Then, toes splayed wide, she flexed them and my mind flooded with pleasure once more as She revealed yet another glimpse of Her power, sharp claws sliding from beneath each toenail, penetrating shiny black hose, slowly extending until their tight curve extended to the pad of each perfect toe, then retracted.

“This is going to be so fucking amazing, Bob, I can’t wait to use My new form for it. You are really REALLY going to enjoy your next lesson: total submission to My breasts, but first it’s time to finally end that long long orgasm of yours with just ... one ... ... [SNAP].”

“Emergency, emergency ... everybody to get from street!” popped to mind, then ...

There’s a gateway in our mind that leads
somewhere out there far beyond this plane
Where reptile aliens made of light cut you
open and pull out all your pain

“Yuuuuukiiiiii !!”

What’s with all the lyrics and film quotes that keep popping into my head, anyway?

Lyrics. Lyre. Wait, really? Of course, that makes sense. Ancient bards like Homer (“Why you little ...") writing words to accompany music they played on their ... lyre. Or the other way ’round.

Songs and stories of ancient myth and how it might reflect on the bard’s audience. Magic. Adventure. Even were-tigresses.

Irish bards like Turlough O’Carolan writing lyrics for a small harp to entertain Rowan’s people (and some of mine).

Gods and goddesses. Heroes, villains. “Women, children, and men.”

If you can choose it, who can refuse it? Y’all be chooglin’ tonight.

“These go to eleven.”

Why can’t we be friends?

“Hello bomb, are you with me?” ... “I am always receptive to suggestions.”

Baby, be a simple kind of man
Oh won’t you do this for me son, if you can?

“Say hello to my little friend.”

Why can’t we be friends?

How did I disconnect Mari’s programming in Minneapolis again? And how did I reconnect (far too much of) it for Joanna’s pleasure here later that same night? I felt like I was almost back to knowing.

And just like that, with my awareness already returned to a level She might not think possible after such an unthinkable display of Her power and control, my supernatural 15-minute orgasm ended. I had time for one deep, shuddering breath before she rocked forward to her knees, straddling my legs again.

“Look at me,” She commanded, and I tumbled right back into the depths of Her incredible eyes, Her spirals swirling, my world spinning. Mari pressed the sharp points of all ten of Her claws into my chest, forcing me back, forcing me down, stroked the head of my cock with the smooth hard back of one claw, climbed over my cock to straddle my stomach, pinned my wrists under her shins, retracted her claws, cupped and lifted her soft generous breasts.

“Watch them,” She commanded, lifting and lowering. Her fingers were as long as mine but her huge breasts easily overspilled the hand-bra. “Men are simple creatures and controlling a man is the simplest matter in the world for a woman in touch with her power, all she has to do is arouse him, captivate him with her beautiful body he so longs to touch, to penetrate. Build up his arousal, his need, touch him as you like but prevent him from touching back without direction, strictly limit his gaze, his freedom to speak, his senses, cause him pain if he breaks any of your rules, powerless from desire, reward his compliance, usually with something he doesn’t expect but less and less over time until he’ll do anything you ask for just the hope of the tiniest attention. A body like this will make him cry and beg for the privilege of doing anything, absolutely anything you want. Just as I’m doing to you now, just as you want me and need me to do now. Watch my big beautiful breasts, let their hypnotic motion, so full, so soft, seep into your hindbrain, whispering obedience to your suggestible mind, whispering pleasure, submission, so much pleasure in them, so much pleasure in letting go to my will, to my body, my voice, my dominance, to my desires, to submission.”

Thing is, her breasts weren’t actually magical like her eyes, and so while they were very pleasing indeed to look upon, and with Her so much stronger, an expert martial artist, and me probably unable to disobey any command she might give, I wasn’t going anywhere. I needed time and focus to continuing collecting my wits until a better opportunity might come. And in the meantime, Mari’s breasts were amazing and She would notice if I so much as glanced away.

“But you aren’t like other men, are you? You escaped my control at the hotel, which makes you special, which made me want to control you even more, and here you are now, under me, helpless to my will, my body, my desire to own you, to your desire to be owned by me.”

She let go one breast, extended the claws of that hand, extended one finger to touch one nipple. “Watch my finger,” she said. “Follow its motion, so hypnotic, so irresistible, powerless to look away, moving back and forth between my big beautiful breasts, my beautiful nipples, touching them, making you long to touch them, to kiss them, to lick, to suck, to please, but beware my sharp sharp claws.” She slowly wagged that finger between her nipples.

“Now see My beautiful nipples, so erect, so stiff, so warm. Imagine what they would feel like pressed up against you again, brushing against you, arousing you just as their power over you arouses them. Imagine them between your submissive lips, your tongue and teeth gently teasing. Imagine them between My perfect fingers. They are just as hypnotic as My eyes ... feel their power, feel My power. You cannot escape again. You are powerless. You know this.”

Her hands lifting and lowering Her perfect breasts again, perfect nipples peeking between her fingers, squeezed so their distended ends engorged. Oh Goddess, my erection was just not going anywhere. I groaned.

“Imagine My beautiful breasts surrounding your cock and balls again, compressing you, controlling you. Know that this will happen very soon, and let this arouse you even more. My beautiful breasts are going to make you cum again, make you submit to them, and to Me. Tell me you want to submit to them, little moth.”

My mouth opened but coherent sound didn’t want to come out, which I was OK with. What came out instead was kind of a breath, kind of a squeak.

She let go her breasts, reached for my face, took my jaw in her hands, looked deep into my eyes, rocked hot pussy against my stomach. “Tell me,” she commanded.

“Uhhhhhh ... ahhhhh,” is what came out. Lips curving, She held my gaze.

“Tell me.” I felt like when I first drank Her nectar, like a wave of disorientation had me tumbling under a crashing ocean wave, no way to know which direction was up. There was only Her eyes, and Her voice.

I let out a long, unsteady breath. “I want ... to ... submit ... ... to your ... ... beautiful ... breasts.”

She reached Her left hand back, ringed my shaft with Her strong fingers. “Again,” She commanded.

Another long breath, shivers. “I want ... to submit ... to your ... beautiful ... breasts.”

She removed Her other hand from my jaw, slowly lowered the circle of Her perfect strong fingers on my shaft to my balls, pressed firmly against them. “Again.” [SNAP]

I moaned. “I want to ... submit to Your ... beautiful breasts ... Mistress,” I said.

“Goooooood,” she whispered, smiling more broadly, sharp teeth showing, and I moaned to hear it, to feel its pleasure. She reached Her other hand behind her, ringed my shaft so gently, slid it slowly up and down, a velvet, downy touch, staring deep into my eyes the while. “Soooooo goooood,” she whispered. “Not so special now, are you? You are going sooooooo deeeep.” And I was.

One hand still clamping my shaft at my balls, She raised up, came down below my cock, ground her pussy on it hard, up and down, up and down. Pressed pussy lips deep to surround it, and ... no, how could this be ... squeezed Her perfect outer lips around and over my shaft. Oh Goddess, Her perfect hand ringing my balls at one end, my cock head at the other, her enlarged clit pushing painfully hard into my frenum, the rest of my shaft buried just inside her. Oh Goddess. I felt a new wave of desire and pain and pleasure crash into me at this new aspect of Her perfect form. I was trembling, shivering, moaning.

“Such [SNAP] ... a [SNAP] ... good [SNAP] ... ... pet [SNAP],” she whispered, showing Her pleasure with my overwhelmed response, grinding perfect erect clit into frenum, me gasping helpless like a fish pulled from water by some unimagined hook. Then she raised again to straddle my legs, Her fingers tightening around my shaft against my balls, the points of her other three claws pricking into the sensitive inside of my thigh, my leg flinching away, her fingers stretching to follow.

“UhhhhhAAAHHH,” I moaned. She lowered herself slowly, surrounding my cock and balls with her overflowing breasts, pressing hard nipples into my groin, lower still to increase the pressure, lifting to decrease it. I would have enjoyed seeing her extravagant curves do their intensely arousing work if I had any choice to break Her perfect gaze, but my eyes were utterly lost in Hers, my mind fogged over with desire over helpless need atop raw lust that only Her intention could consummate. Her breasts pressed firmly against me, the pressure of ample alluring soft warmth completely capturing shaft and balls, and tightened Her perfect strong fingers around the base of my shaft against my balls, now pressed high into me. She touched the tip of her long tongue to the upper slope of my navel.

“You won’t cum from my fingersnaps,” she whispered, “no matter how wild they drive you. You won’t cum from all the pleasure I give you or the ecstasy I’ve programmed you to feel when I cause you pain.” She sucked the sensitive skin of my stomach into her mouth and nipped hard, agonized pleasure rushing through me. “You won’t come at all until I command you to, not even a tiny bit early,” she squeezed fingers strong as steel around me, successive cries of pain and moans of ecstasy demonstrating exactly what she promised, “and then you will cum instantly, even harder than you’ve already cum at My command for so long today. You will go crazy out of your mind with lust, with desire, with need. Your conscious mind will completely melt as I instruct you, your unconscious mind obeying instantly, flawlessly. You will feel such pleasure when you do as I command. You will feel so much pleasure when I praise you, more each time. You will orgasm without ejaculating whenever I command.” Another hard nip, then another, such pain and ecstasy. “You will drift and float, not seeing or hearing anything except what I tell you. Your senses to external reality will filter through my stimuli just as your pleasure does; you will sense nothing I don’t direct you to. Your unconscious will do and say exactly what I tell you, without thought, without delay, and you will feel so much pleasure every time you do.”

I’d gone completely incoherent again.

“Tell me you surrender to My beautiful breasts,” [SNAP] She commanded.

“I surrender to Mistress’ beautiful breasts,” my voice said before I might have been able to think of any words, breathing heavily, a wave of pleasure washing over me as soon as I did.

“Tell me you submit to My beautiful breasts.” [SNAP].

“I submit to Mistress’ beautiful breasts,” my voice said immediately. Another wave of pleasure.

“Tell me you submit to My perfect, powerful form.” [SNAP]

“I submit to Mistress’ perfect, powerful form.” Immediate blissful pleasure.

“Tell me you submit to My perfect purpose.” [SNAP]

“I submit to Mistress’ perfect purpose.” Drifting, floating, bliss.

“Gooooood pet,” she said, rapture rushing through me at the praise. I was so close now.

The phone rang again, but the answering machine was full now and hung up after four rings. I wouldn’t have noticed but for her tensing at the interruption.

“You’re doing so well, little moth,” she said, another rush of rapturous pleasure following. “You will cum without ejaculating when I snap my fingers, and won’t stop cumming until I tell you. [3] Feeling the pressure build in the balls My perfect fingers have captured so tightly. [2] Knowing how much your first orgasm without ejaculation will change your world, your desire, your fetish for me, your need for My perfect control. Building ... building ... now take a deep breath in and let it out slowly, relaxing.” She squeezed hard around my shaft, the pain seeming to escalate my pleasure like an airliner at takeoff, “and ... [SNAP].”

It was like fireworks went off inside my head, cymbals and tympani crashing, brass blaring loud and out of tune. And it went on and on, me thrashing under Goddess’ perfect powerful chest while my hips thrust into her hand as it squeezed my cock, Her claws jabbing my inner thigh to yelps of pain and overtopping waves of ecstasy.

“Such a good pet,” She whispered, my pleasure mounting even higher at her praise. “End your orgasm and float,” and my orgasm ended just like that, my breath and heartbeat hard and fast, my hips twitching to rest. “Such a good pet to not ejaculate, just as My perfect purpose required. Such a goooood drifting, floating pet.”

And I was, it was such a wonderful feeling. Nothing I needed to think about or worry about or anticipate, only pleasure and drifting and floating and waiting for my Goddess’ next command, while Her powerful, irresistible form rested atop me, so much weightier than it looked. Time stretched out. There were knocks at the door, phones ringing, voices calling out, but I was aware of nothing but this blissful drifting under Goddess’ perfect control.

“Your next lesson, little moth,” she said through the fogged haze of my awareness, “total submission to My perfect mouth, conduit for My perfectly controlling voice, a source of overwhelming pleasure just as powerful as My breasts. You will orgasm without ejaculating each time I snap my fingers, even more strongly than you did for my beautiful breasts, more strongly each time, but the more pleasure you feel, so far beyond what would normally cause you to helplessly cum harder than you ever have before, the more you will feel yourself drift, the more you will feel your muscles and breathing relax into the overwhelming pleasure, your body surrendering to My next perfect secret to the ultimate orgasm that will completely conquer your willing mind.”

Mari removed Her perfect hand from my cock, raised Her divine torso until Her nipples barely touched me, Her perfect breasts still draping both sides of me, then sinuously moved down my body, Her perfect erect nipples brushing the tender insides of my captive thighs as She gathered them tightly together, used them to partially contain Her overflowing breasts, Her irresistibly powerful thighs pinning my feet together, clamping tight, my lower body completely immobilized, completely controlled. Took aching engorged cock head into Her perfect mouth, puckered strong lips, slowly circled the tip of Her perfect long tongue around me, eliciting groans and shudders from the tease, then took me deep inside, all the way in, crushed Her powerful rough tongue against my sensitive underside, Her sharp upper teeth against the top of my base. It was torment and then a flood of cascading pleasure over me, around me, through me, my cock inextricably pinned. She swallowed, rippled the strong muscles of Her divine throat around me again and again, waves and waves and ecstatic waves, even more of my psyche shredding before this new manifestation of Her perfect power, my body knowing I was completely prevented from climax until she granted it. Stimulation far beyond what would have otherwise triggered a thousand thundering orgasms, spinning, tumbling, toppling, and then, as if descending into psychotropic trance, as if my senses were expanding into previously unsuspected dimension, my body began relaxing through her ministrations, feeling the mushrooming ecstasy just as strongly, no, even more strongly, but my tense pre-orgasmic muscles were easing, expanding, consciousness drifting deeper, almost completely lost in Her divine, encompassing power.

Her fingers closed around my waist, her claws penetrated tender skin there. The scream that began in the center of my lungs became a shout as it rose, became a groan, a moan, a gasp, a sigh, a whimper, all before leaving my throat. Pleasure intensified twice, thrice, my body relaxing, mind more completely gone every ineffable moment. Her perfect arms snaked higher alongside me, Her divine mouth still oscillating my captured cock to rapturous extremity. She rested Her perfect hands on my chest, the points of Her claws flexing, my body alert to their danger, their potential, ready to react before my conscious mind ever could, but She was gentle, gentle, as my mind swirled deeper and body relaxed even further into this rapturous maelstrom.

She growled, a tigress’ deep rumbling growl, not loud. The frequency, the vibration, seemed to collect in my balls, stimulating, Her perfect lips resonating them. This was euphoria, sensory overload beyond anything I could’ve ever conceived, beyond anything I could’ve suspected anyone could conceive, and Her swirling, tumbling, searing pleasure held, focused, suspended me. It went on ... and on ... and on. And then Her divine claws and perfect fingers left my chest, one perfect wrist twisting, pausing, Her perfect growl now augmented by a humming sigh through Her nose that penetrated straight to my brainstem.

Three of Her perfect fingertips tapped my chest.

“Oh Goddess,” I husked through haze, fog, spinning tumbling drift.

Two of Her perfect fingertips tapped my chest. Her humming, permeating sigh was rising slightly in pitch.

“Oh Goddess, oh Woman,” I whispered. So deep, so entranced, transfixed, captured.

Her fingers rose from my chest, paused, holding me suspended, relaxed in rapturous encompassing joy.

Anticipating. I felt Her divine wrists move slightly, then ... [DOUBLE SNAP]

And my world detonated in pleasure, held me there, suspended in light, defined pure perfect pleasure. Caught painfully, euphorically, inextricably tight within Her rippling perfection, on and on. I hadn’t ejaculated, and yet it felt completely, bemusedly right.

Three of Her perfect fingertips tapped my chest.

“Ohhhhhh Goddess!”

Two of Her perfect fingertips tapped my chest. She flexed the points of Her divine claws into me.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!! Godddddesssss!!”


My world, still rocking in Her perfect orgasm, splintered, shattered, exploded even more intensely, impossible to measure, timeless in Her divine radiance.

I floated in overwhelming pleasure, on and on, aware of nothing beyond what She was making me feel, but eventually Her sounds diminished, the oscillation of Her throat and tongue gentled and stopped, Her tongue, lips, teeth released my shaft, Her thighs released my feet, spread below them.

“Your orgasm ends now,” She whispered, and it did instantly, smoothly, effortlessly. I had not ejaculated at all. “You’re becoming such a good slave,” She whispered even more quietly, perhaps even gratefully, and I was bathed in another flow of radiant pleasure at Her praise.

“Drift, little moth,” She said, and I did. She went into the kitchen, poured a glass of water, drank half, dampened a clean dish towel with warm water, brought two footstools. She had me sit to drink the rest of the water and dabbed the towel tenderly at the blood trickling from my newest punctures. “My sweet little moth,” she said, shaking her head slightly, reverently, “that was so good. My new form is so powerful, so potent, everything I’d ever wanted and so much more. This is so good for me you can’t begin to imagine, and I’m sure it’s been even better for you, though we’ll find out soon enough. We won’t have much more time here, probably not enough to complete the process I’ve started with you; your family and neighbors and the police are becoming agitated, but we can finish later, elsewhere.” She took a deep, unsteady breath. “You should know that I’m becoming very fond of you, and I’m enjoying this so, so much,“ she said, stroking my jaw, the cheeks she’d wounded in Minneapolis, my eyes lost in hers. “Lie back down, lovely little moth,” and of course I complied immediately, still blissfully floating, drifting in Her divinity, completely unaware of anything but what She told me.

She put a footstool on each side of my hips, straddled my left leg, lowered herself until the tops of her enormous soft breasts flowed into and surrounded my balls and shaft, nibbled my cock head gently with sharp, sharp teeth. Lowered hands and forearms to the footstools, raised her hips, slowly walked them higher toward me, enveloped my cock in her soft, superhuman mouth, then slowly, effortlessly raised her legs toward the ceiling, toes pointed like an Olympic diver, my hard cock sliding between her mammoth breasts as they passed over and around it, then used the smooth back of her middle claws to push me fully back into her bountiful cleavage. She tongued my cock head from her mouth, kissing it with suction as it came free, then turned her head sideways so I could better hear Her perfect instructions.

“If you think what I’ve already done to you today was heavenly, you are not going to believe how much better it’s about to get,” she said. “Your next lesson: total submission to My perfect pussy, My divine vagina, even more powerful than My perfect breasts and mouth, the very center of my physical power. I will come again and again as you give Me the pleasure I command, pleasure greater than any you’ve known how to give before. You will drink every drop of the perfect nectar you coax from me, and as it flows into you, through you, over you, it will change you, modifying you to My perfect design, subduing you, harnessing your thoughts and desires to My purpose, dominating your joyful, blissful submission just as you desire and need most. Controlling you in ways your silly, sweet mind cannot possibly appreciate before you give up all control to Me.

“This will be so good for you and for me, my lovely little moth, so beneficial for My perfect form and My perfect purpose, so good for our life together as perfect Mistress and devoted slave.” My cock wedged tight into her bountiful cleavage, it was easy for her to slurp me back into her smile.

I somehow understood that I would have an even better view of her spectacular form if I raised myself to my elbows and found myself doing so, wondering how that could be after I’d been commanded to immobility. Goddess, She was lovely, and so powerful. Shoulders, back, triceps, bountiful breasts overflowing the side of her chest as well as my cock, beautiful luxuriant exotically streaked hair spilling all around my belly, the curve of Her perfect waist and alluring hips, breathtaking callipygian ass, nether cleavage displayed so attractively, long shapely thighs behind sculpted quadriceps, carven muscular calves, shapely feet in sheer black hose, even her knees and ankles were gorgeous. So tall, so strong, so beautiful, and this vision of irresistible beauty and power beyond prior mortal apprehension was upside-down above me on my dining room floor, teasing my cock to a level of pleasure she’d told me would exceed anything I’d ever experienced, even with her, but I would not be permitted to ejaculate. I sighed. She continued for several minutes, my cock as rock-hard as ever, my arousal increasing.

Her legs began moving backward past her center of balance. Controlled, calculated motion. Her back bowing, magnificent ass descending toward me. Slow, sensuous, graceful, effortless. I lay back down. The ball of her perfect hose-covered right foot came to rest on my chin, toes against my lips, claws retracted (thank Goddess!). I kissed them and nibbled, one at a time, in sequence. Her foot moved up my face, me kissing and tonguing her arch, her heel, her ankle as it passed. Then she raised her foot, placed it next to my right ear, heel still arched upward. She kissed my cock out of Her perfect mouth again, turned head sideways so I could better hear. She wasn’t even breathing hard from this incredible display of power and grace, though I sure was.

“I’m going to mount your face now, and you will worship Me. Use everything you know and I’m sure you won’t disappoint, drinking every drop of My nectar when your efforts bring Me pleasure, and you will do it again and again, striving to learn more about what pleases Me always. Every time you bring Me to orgasm you will share it, cumming without ejaculating, harder than last time, harder each time.” And then, her lips on the tip of my cock, she lifted from her forearms, stretched cable-muscled arms upwards, bent her long tongue around my cock and squeezed—yet another new display of Her incredible power causing another tsunami of pleasure and desire to crash over me, my sight dimming from continuing revelation, and ... Goddess ... placed one hand next to the other, then raised that other hand and effortlessly rotated her hips and shoulders above me in a distinctly sinuous motion as well as any contortionist could have, her fantastic breasts just maintaining contact with my cock. And as quickly as that, Mari was poised above me in a position to lower herself for a 69, another of the “Did that just happen?” moments coming closer and closer together, flooding pleasure through me. I would’ve cum long ago if She hadn’t forbidden it.

“I once saw this movie where this dude was tied up and he just kept rocking back and forth ’til he fell over.”

And then Mari lowered the rest of herself onto me, navel, hips, mouth, claws, her pussy enveloping my mouth. I reached lips and tongue toward her, sought to repeat the rhythm I’d made her orgasm to earlier, and she undulated in pleasure.

So cover me up
And know you’re enough
To use me for good

She came and I followed into bliss, drank Her deep. It felt like I’d plunged into a deep warm pool of azure Aegean water, floating on gentle swells while shafts of brilliant sun sparkled from otherwise invisible motes around me. Drifting so deep, so calm, and yet so intensely pleasurable, less earthly than like enlightenment. My world had all but dissolved around me excepting only Her perfect sex, which I continued to kiss and lightly lick as her release eased. I could hear Her speaking, but the words flowed beyond consciousness. She continued undulating Her perfect torso slowly, hips flowing in and out of reach of my thirsty lips and tongue, teasing, teasing.

And then again, mere minutes later, lowering Herself onto me, giving full access to Her divinity. From within the pool of ecstasy where my consciousness floated, some sort of awareness began swirling just beyond intelligibility. She touched perfect fingertips to my cock with one hand, tracing up and down so lightly, encircled my balls with the other, gently but firm, squeezing slightly with Her perfect thumb from the base of my cock. No claws. Breathed hot breath onto my shaft, teasing with the tip of Her perfect tongue.

My perception and bodily awareness seemed completely separate now, my body aware of nothing more than Her, my mind floating in that deep warm Aegean pool as something(s) came slowly closer. It was like the whispers of midewikwe or siren song, like Euterpe or Glispa or Saraswati or Tlitcaplitana, pregnant with significance if only it could be understood, and so beautiful.

Kissing and softly licking each other, returning to Her what She gave to me as Her sensitivity faded and need returned, while in the distance of my perception shapes and sounds and voices came nearer. As I’d felt Mari’s orgasm flow in me and become my own, I began to feel her response to my explorations as if it were my own, beginning to learn what she found most pleasurable. She mewed, pulled her hips away from me as I touched her in just the right way, sucked in a breath.

“Uh, that’s so good, sweet little moth ... you’re so good.”

And it was so good, warmth and pleasure flowing over me anew.

Lowered herself again, grinding her pubic bone into me as Her perfect breath caught, mine catching with it. Lips, tongue, kissing, licking, nibbling, sucking. She came hard, pressing powerful hips into me so hard I couldn’t breathe, squeezing shaft and balls hard and forcing every last breath from my lungs, immobile but still available for Her stimulation as she ground Her perfect pussy into me. Gasping in an ecstasy I felt every bit of echo within myself as I drank her nectar and felt myself drift even deeper into euphoria, vision darkening from a lack of air that I scarcely noticed. Mewling, moaning without breath in pleasure, Hers and mine.

“Oh, Bob ... this is so good,“ she gasped, pulling away, resumed teasing cock and balls as air rushed into my lungs, filled me again and again. “How did you ... how do you ...” and that was as much as She could say. She raised her hips beyond my ability to continue worshipping, recovered her breath and composure as she resumed lightly teasing shaft and balls. Then she drew her hips up further, raised knees, pushed the pointed toes of one foot, ankle, muscled calf, knee, powerful thigh under my shoulder, raising me higher, her other strong leg tight to my neck, Her perfect ankles locking behind my head, immobilizing.

“This might be uncomfortable for you, sweet moth,” she said softly, then slowly descended back to a place we could worship together.

“I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

I resumed gently teasing Her perfection, her breath catching as I continued exploring, Her feelings become mine, feeling Her power from inside more and more. Her exhalation puffing soft each time I found something new for Her pleasure. Licking with just the tip of my tongue just inside an outer lip, up and down, one side and then the other. Gentle kisses, puckering lips, gentle suction, thin tight stream of refrigerated breath against her clit.

“Oh Bob, that’s so, so ...” She shuddered, scissored my head closer to Her divinity between powerful thighs. Flexing me nearer to Goddesshood, relaxing me to worship.

Beyond the physical, in the warm Aegean pool of my floating awareness, voices and shapes came closer, whispering, soft singing, blissfully beautiful, languages I didn’t understand but understanding seeming to come nearer as euphoria mounted yet again. It was like I could feel Mari from the inside, feel Her power, Her need, Her desire, Her ... intention. That warm Aegean pool seeming to be reflected in all of Her, as if it were inside Her, as if I were inside Her, suspended, drifting, soaking Her in. Learning. Enlightening. And she was so powerful, dangerous, untethered to the energy flowing around Her, around us. Vulnerable. I could feel Her energy glowing bright, unknowingly beckoning She knew not what as She took me farther inside.

Tongue thickened, penetrating just inside Her, the tip of my tongue curling, caressing hot depths, feral, hungry nectar, aching, Her tunnel and hands squeezing gently around me in synchrony.

I’m about as helpless as a leaf in a gale
And it looks like I’ve got a tiger by the tail

Her breath coming faster, her irresistible scissor around the back of my neck tightening, drawing me closer, unable to do anything more than be present as She ground Herself against me. Coming, coming hard, and me, flooding euphoria, swallowing savory nectar, conscious mind floating deeper inside Her, knowing. Unable to breathe, literally faced with such divine strength. Light fading, physical self fading to black, pressure easing, breath returning. And then again. And again, each time near the point of blackout, each time taking in more of Her, knowing more of Her. Feeling more shapes farther away in my warm Aegean pool, larger, darker, stronger, like whales in the distance, or mammoth predators. Others smaller and faster, sharp-toothed torpedoes fast as sound. I felt the shape of the spell she’d taken, the were-tigress, felt its unrestrained extent, far too powerful to be left unguided. Felt her aura, red-purple and intensifying, while mine, brighter, golden white, pulsing, darkening. But not expiring ... it was darkening in balance, seeming to dim but actually strengthening as I apprehended the extent of her spell, her spells, their sub-lemmas, corollaries, negations. How little she understood them or had control over them. Floating in my Aegean pool within Her, consciousness seeking as ecstasy became continuous, my energy flowing into Her, her nectar and energy flowing into me. My pool becoming Her consciousness, surrounding her in warm, gentle light. Her exertions had turned away from apparent suffocation.

Killer in the home
Now’s the time I must digress
From going through the motions
Take my head out of its sling
Free the warrior

I reached one hand to Her divine ass, slipped inside that delicious catsuit window to her nether cleavage, extended a thumb toward her rosebud. She clenched around me, immobilizing my hand, relaxed, clenched so hard that a distant part of me wondered if she could crack bone that way. I pulsed my thumb at her rear entrance and she cried out again and again, louder each time, me feeling each gush of pleasure as more and more ecstasy enfolded me in Her power, her in mine.

Across the cul-de-sac, I felt Rowan’s deep somnescence. Another was with her, deeply worried, a sister, older, stronger. Oona. I felt the bond between Mari and Rowan, relaxed it, released it. A few houses away, I sensed Joanna surrounded by entities without aura, sensed Mari’s bond with her, with Craig, with Aly. Relaxed and released them. Wait, Craig had something else, too. Come back to that later.

I became aware of almost continuous knocks on doors and windows, verbal entreaties, rings on phones. There was no way this could go much further without harm, possibly great harm. Mari’s purpose was co-opted, changed, my will somehow ascendent. With my free hand, I tapped out on her perfectly muscled but deliciously plump ass as she came again … to no response. I blew air into Her pussy, hard, a strong vaginal fart ensuing. I tapped her again.

“Saved your life, bro ... close one!”

She relaxed atop me, breathing hard, still shivering in pleasure just as I was. “What just happened?” she asked, her voice soft and wondering.

“We need to go,” I said. “This is going sour fast, and could get much worse.”

She scissored my head. I tapped out again.

“Not that way,” I said. “We need to get our clothes on, get out of here. We have a lot to talk about.”

“DAMNit Bob ... how do you do this!!“

“Beats me, to be honest. But I seem to know stuff, however it is that I learn it, and what I know right now is ... we gotta go.” I reached for what was left of my clothes.

I was mostly underneath her at that point, knew at that moment better than any I’d known before that if she didn’t want me going anywhere, I had no choice in the matter. But she rolled off, reached for her long leather wrap and clutch, and stood. I struggled into underwear, pants, socks, shoes as she began lacing up her bodice.

“Upstairs,” I said, and led her to our bedroom. Threw on a clean T-shirt and thin fleece. Led her to the back bedroom’s balcony.

“There are people on every side of the house, all about ready to come in, brandishing ... keys and whatnot,” I said. “Unless we want to fight, which I do not, we need to go. We can talk on the way.“