The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

We’ve been observing your Earth…

Xax was deeply intelligent. What made Xax a really great xeon-biologist was an ability at empathy with the species observed.

* * *

Cassandra O’Brien was angry. Brendon her son was supposed to have acted as navigator and guided them. Neither was to know that the map was out-of-date. “I thought we should have found it by now” Cass said as they got to another ridge.

“Show me the map!” she snapped. She snatched it off Brendon’s hands. Looking about she could not get a bearing. And then, she saw the confused look on her son’s face.

“The compass” he said

“What about it?”


She looked, and saw the needle was spinning.”What the..?” she gasped.

“Oh, look!” Brendon said.

And in the distance they saw a cabin. It wasn’t the one they were meant to head for, but it should do, it was nearing late afternoon.

“Try your phone again” she said as they headed down the steep incline.


“Your father will be getting worried” Cass said.

They were on a family vacation. Cassandra and Samson O’Brien and their children Claire, Moira and Brendon. Only they’d got separated; well… really, Cass had been slow getting her stuff together and Sam and his daughters decided to press on from the car anyway.

And then, Brendon and his mom were only about an half an hour behind, when they took a wrong turn. Without realising they were moving further and further apart.

Cass tried the door of the single-storey hut. It opened. There was an open-space, a bed at one end, and a small kitchen at the other end.

“This will have to do” Cass said as she stepped in. Brendon stopped at the doorway and looked about too. He smiled, at least the amenities were indoors!

Near the bed, in a corner stood a toilet. It had a shower-curtin to go around it, because with the curtin drawn that area then served to wash, as there was a wall-mounted shower. Not much, he thought, but at least it beat going out into the night to find a small toilet block that usually was freezing.

Cass put her rucksack down by the bench seat that served as kitchen furniture. Brendon took his over to the bed and sat it down on the end. He stopped and looked at the bed for a moment. A single bed would be awkward he thought. He’s not slept with him mom since he was a small boy… and at the moment he and his mom weren’t in a good relationship.

It wasn’t just getting lost. She had grown distant from him for some years. He supposed that he was a disappointment to her. Choices at school, then college. Getting expelled for ‘recreational’ drugs, finding his way into another college… one she didn’t like.

He and his dad were super-tight. His dad was always warm and friendly. Cass was, he noticed, even scolding of his sisters. She just seemed to be an unhappy person.

What he didn’t know, couldn’t know, it was really because she had grown to despise all her life. Samson O’Brien had shown such promise in High School He was two years older than her. He had taken her virginity. She’s then had sex with a couple of other boys, but she’d gravitated back to him, and since then had moved in with him, married him, given birth to three children… but their life never really took off as she had expected. So she grew distant from him, and then took it out on their children. She’d not had sex for six or seven years.

She knew Samson was probably seeing someone at work. It was surpassingly the one thing she didn’t despise him for.

Cass had a pot of water boiling. She and her son sat on the bench seat, a bowel each in front of them. “What are you having, mom?” he asked. He held a packet of freeze-dried meal (just add water). She had one too.

She ignored his question.

Xax stood watching them. He stood in a room, a computer-generated 3D representation of the cabin. It projected the woman and her son. Xax could move about the image-generated as if he were moving about the cabin he was observing. It allowed him to move around and observe from any angle, and get in close, if he wished.

Suddenly Cass stood up and went over to the the boiling water. In the room Xax was in, her generated image got up and walked through him to the representation of the kitchen.

She poured out the water into each bowel and she emptied her instant meal into her bowel and didn’t discuss ‘meal choices’ with her son.

Xax’s image projection room suddenly blinked a green light throughout. Xax left to report in the findings made so far. He was instructed that they would need a subject to be returned for inspection. The Acsemdy demanded it.

Xax returned to the image room. Xax took a small pea-like device at squeezed it. It blinked red. Reaching out, Xax attached it to the image of Cass, to the back of her neck. And though it was just an image of her, Cass suddenly feel a warm spot on the back of her neck, exactly where the device was attached to her image.

She rubbed it.

“Are you alright, Mom?”

“I just…” she stopped, “Can you rub my neck, Son?”

Brendon was surprised by this request. Suddenly he felt a warmth on the back of his neck. His image in the projection room now had a small pea-shaped device attached to it as well.

“Sure” he said, getting up. He moved behind his mom and putting his hands on her shoulders used his thumbs to come together to rub the base of her neck.

Her skin was warm to the touch. “Mmmm” she sighed, “That feels nice”

When he was done he finished his meal again in silence.

“I’m going to use the shower” Cass said suddenly.

She rose up and went over to the bed-end of the cabin. He turned to watch her. Instead of undressing inside the drawn shower curtain she began undressing at the foot of the bed.

She peeled off her fleecy top, and then the shirt underneath. Next came her thermal underwear. Her shores, socks and pants. She lay them all out on a chair.

Brendon couldn’t help but watch. And then, naked, as if he were not there, she stepped into the shower area and pulled the curtain.

He heard the water. “Oooo” she gasped as it took a moment to heat.

Brendon watched the silhouette of his mom. He didn’t realise he had a hard on.

Then he rose. He found himself undressing; more careless about his clothes.

Cass was surprised when the shower curtain was suddenly drawn back. She turned around to see her naked son there. She smiled and then turned back into the water. He moved in, pressing against her, and drew the curtain around them. There was not much room.

She felt his hardness press against her buttocks. She managed to turn around in the small space and face him. Her breasts were large and she moved them left and right against his chest. Her nipples were rock hard. They washed each other. Loving strokes of soapiness.

And then the water gave out suddenly.

They found themselves laughing at the surprise of it.

“You better go check on the water tank” Cass said, not at all angry with her son.

“Okay” he said as he peeled the shower curtain back.

They dried.

They kept looking each other, and smiling.

There was no shame at all in what they had done; not that they’d really done anything.

Xax was pleased.

He went over to the image of Cass and ran a device over her abdomen. She was not in ‘flux’. He made the device change colours and he induced her into her ‘season’

Cass felt the warmth of a change in her groin. She didn’t know it, but she was now ready to conceive.

Xax was a single-minded individual. From a species that was itself genderless, Xax was intrigued by sexual reproduction. Noting that the two subjects were similar in genetic make-up, Xax had no concept of incest and simply wanted this convenient pairing, a male and a female to mate. Only, that Xax sensed that this mating would need to be ‘stimulated’, even if the pair were unwilling, Xax would make them so. And so-far, this manipulation was easy. Simple minds!

Brendon found a latter going up to the roof. He climbed up and found a valve which he turned allowing another tank of water to release into the system.

Brendon returned to the cabin. His mom was in bed.

“Come to bed, baby” she cooed. She was sitting up with the covers not covering her large maternal breasts.

Brendon got hard just looking into her warm blue eyes.

He peeled off his clothes and joined her. They kissed.

“Have you…” she began, “Have you done this before?”

“Yes, Mom” he laughed.

His hand ran over her slightly flabby stomach. She was not tight, that’s what age does, but she was still nice.

His hand moved down to her crotch and he slid a finger into her warm wetness.

She bucked, and grabbed his hand moving it away

“Easy” she whimpered, “Not so fast”

They kissed, and she guided his wet fingers up to her breast. He took it and squeezed gently.

“Mmmm” she sighed. “Now work your way down”

“Sure, Mom” he said.

When his hand got to her crotch she opened her legs for him. He gazed down at her think hairy bush. And, his mouth moved down her to it as well.

“That’s it, Son!” she gasped as his mouth went to work on her.

He coughed suddenly, on a hair.

“You need to shave, Mom” he laughed

“Less talking” she gently growled, pushing his face back into her, “More eating”

“Oooo” she gasped, arching her back “That’ it! That’s it!”

His tongue lapped at his mom’s vagina.

Xax observed this and grew impatient. He made a number of moves of a device through the air, like a conductor with a baton. In this case he was orchestrating sex.

Suddenly Brendon stopped eating his mom out. He looked up at her face.

She felt it too!

“Fuck me” she snarled, “Fuck your mommy!”

He didn’t need a second invitation. He moved up over her, she helped guide him into her.

“Oh, baby!” she gasped as he slid his cock into her juicy cavern.

“You’re so hot, mom!” he gasped as he began to ride her.

She flung the blankets off, then kicked them off the bed. She drew her legs up around his waist and he built up speed.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she grunted with each of his thrusts.

And then, he came.

Both howled their joy as his cock spewed out hot white cream deep into his mom’s quivering pussy.

He fell onto her.

“I love you, Mom” he sighed.

“I love you too, Son” she said as she held him.

Xax flicked a switch and looked at the couple internally. He watched the semen make its way up the womb.

Xax managed a smile as insemination happened.

Mother and son lay in each other’s arms, kissing. They had no thought of the wrong that they had just undertaken. It was, as their minds were at this stage, beyond their realm of thinking.

Cass felt exceptionally warm and happy as her son lay on her. She loved him, and she caressed him, kneading his firm buttocks.

They both started to shiver, now that the cool air caught up with them. Brendon retrieved the blankets off the floor and they soon fell asleep.

Xax moved now into their cabin proper. He went over to them lying there asleep. From the small device a green beam emanated, bathing Brendon in its light. Brendon slowly rose up from the bed, breaking free from his mom’s embrace. He floated and then moved to the other side of the bed. He was gently put back down, having never woken up.

Xax moved the device over Cass’ abdomen. She moaned. Suddenly her belly started to rise. Her abdomen swelled.

She woke up. She saw Xax there. She saw, and felt her womb grow.

She was about to say something when Xax moved a red beam over her face. She went back to sleep as her baby grew inside her.

It took all of a few minutes for her to be fully pregnant. Xax switched devices and soon began surgery on Cass, to remove the baby.

The procedure was quick. The baby, a girl floated above her mother as Xax repaired the Caesarean wound on Cass’ abdomen.

With the baby floating behind Xax the alien returned to the observation area on the spacecraft.

And we’d like to make, contact with you

In the morning Cass woke. She sat up. The strangest dream!

She was sore. She looked at Brendon asleep in bed next to her.

“Oh no!” she gasped, as she remembered fucking him. “I didn’t…. we didn’t?” she cried.

She leapt out of bed in horror. She had fucked her son! And, she’d enjoyed it.

Brendon woke at the sound of his mom whimpering.

“What is it, Mom?” he asked sitting up, and then he remembered.

“No… we DID NOT” he cried

“Yes” Cass cried, “We did”

“No… how could you?” Brendon asked

“Me?” Cass spat angrily, “You fucked me too!”

“i…” he began

The door to the cabin opened. A young tall blonde woman wearing a weird black figure-hugging jumpsuit walked in.

“Ah, you are awake” she said.

“Who… what the fuck?” Brendon said.

“My name is Takni” she said, “I am your daughter”

“Our…???” Cass asked confused.

“You conceived of me last night” Takni said “As part of our experiment into human sexuality I have been produced.”

“Conception?” Brendon spat incredulously.

But Cass had a feeling something had happened, she felt her sore stomach. She pulled up her top and saw a scar there. She felt sore too in the breasts. She felt them. “What the…” she gasped as her fingers got wet. She was lactating!

“Now…!” Takni said peeling off her clothes “You two will have sex with me”

“What are you fucking mad?” Brendon snarled.

“What the hell?” Cass spat

“Silence” the blonde said, raising her hand.

Suddenly Cass and Brendon stood at attention. Their heads slightly bowed.

“You male, my father…” Takni said


“You will show me sex”

“Yes” he said as she approached

“This human body is strange” she said as she felt herself “It is alien to our species”

Takni got on the bed. She heard Xax speaking to her.

“Which of these orifices should I use?” she asked…. “Yes, that seems a good start”

Takni rolled over and displayed her bottom. “You will fuck this hole first” she said.

“Yes” Brendon said as he got on his knees behind her. He looked at her tight ass and his cock began to get hard.

He moved closer, and pressed his cock-head to her anus.

“This is … uncomfortable…” Takni said as she felt him pushing into her asshole.

Brendon stopped.

“Continue!” she said, “All sensations are necessarily recorded for this experiment”

Brendon pushed into her, stretching her sphincter.

“Is anal sex really a part of human behaviour?” she asked.

Xax assured her that it was.

“Then we will continue” she said as she now pushed back against him. As he fucked her she felt the pressure grow against her G-spot.

“Stimulation of internal organ alleviating discomfort” she said.

Then it happened. She let out a long sigh. “Oo-oo-oooooo” she gasped and came. When she came down from this plateau of ecstasy Brendon came in her rectum.

She found it not unpleasant to feel his cock erupting hot semen into her rear.

The orgasm had surprised her though. “Sexual pleasure is a fascinating concept” she said as she pulled herself off from his cock.

She turned and looked at Cass. “You are to have sex with me now”

“Yes” she said.

“I understand this is called lesbianism”

“Yes” Cass said

“You will show me”

“I…” Cass said “I have never done this before”

“Do you not know how?” Takni asked disappointed.

“I think I know what to do” Cass said

“Then you will do it!” Takni said. She turned to see where Xax was standing. Although he was not in the room, she sensed where he was in the simulation. “Anal sex was…. pleasant” she said, “Lesbian sex is about to commence”

Xax nodded.

“If you open your legs” Cass said.

Takni complied, and spread her legs. Takni’s vagina was virginal, with only a light blonde tuft around her pink pussy lips.

Cass moved her mouth down and began tonguing at her daughter’s vagina. Her tongue ran around Takni’s vaginal lips, and then found her bud.

“Oh….” Takni gasped

Xax asked her what was happening

“Pleasure…” Takni responded, “Mm-mm… ooooooo”. Takni thrust her hips up pushing her vagina into her mother’s face.

“Oh, yes” she gasped again. This was better than anal; not just different.

Cass continued to lick and suck her daughter’s clit. Suddenly Takni clenched her thighs. Her back arched and she let out a yelp of pleasure. “Yesssssssss!” she sighed. And she squirted into Cass’ face.

Xax was surprised by this physiological response. Aware of the male ejaculation a female squirt was unexpected. Already these experiments were providing impressive result!

Takni’s sexual peak reached, she now lay there sweating and panting. She felt her forehead and the sweat there. It was salty to taste.

She sat up suddenly. “You, my father” she said to Brendon. He looked up at her, “You will come here and fuck my mouth”.

He went to her. Xax was already manipulating him physically and he was able to be sexually ready already.

Takni lay back. Brendon pressed his cock up to her mouth. She instinctively felt that this was not right.

She sat up again and looked at Cass. “When your mouth is fucked, do you lie down?”

“No”, Cass said “The female is usually on her knees”

Takni thought about this. It made sense. She pushed Brendon back a bit, swung her feet over the side of the bed and slipped onto the floor, on her knees.

“Fuck my mouth” she said.

Brendon pushed his cock into her open mouth. He thrust in and out a number of times but again she felt this was not right. She looked over at Cass “Show me!”

Cass nodded and went over and knelt down beside her son and daughter. She took hold of Brendon’s cock and began stroking it, then she kissed his cock’s tip, tasting his pre-cum. Then she sucked him.

“Ah-ha” Takni said “This involves more interaction from the female!”

She took her father’s cock off Cass and sucked it. Then she handed it back to Cass to watch some more.

Xax instructed her that when the semen came she should eat it to see its affects on the human female, and to test its taste.

“Yes” she said, “I will eat his semen when it arrives”

Takni and Cass took turns sucking cock. Xax observed the physiological changes and responses in the three of them. And then he noticed a surge in Brendon

Takni put her mouth over his cock at that moment. Her mouth was filled with com. She savoured it and then swallowed

“Semen has a taste that is not unpleasant” she concluded. She drank down her father’s jizz before getting back onto the bed.

“Now you will enter here” she said, pointing to her vagina. Brendon sucked in a deep breath as Xax made him ‘capable’ again.

His cock loomed up. Cass returned to standing near-by, head slightly bowed as her son climbed onto the bed and moved over their daughter.

Takni opened her legs, and raised them at the knee. Brendon moved between them and then brought her left foot up onto his shoulder. He grabbed there other and brought it up onto his other shoulder.

“Why do you do this?” she asked “Can you not access my vagina?”

He stopped. He wasn’t sure what to do in his part-controlled state. Xax told her it didn’t matter how he entered her. She agreed.

“You may proceed to fuck me” she said.

Brendon moved forward, taking hold of his cock and pushing it against her vagina. She opened up and then her hymen tore as he thrust into her.

“Ow” she gasped in shock. Brendon didn’t heed her pain, he was following her instructions to fuck her and so he kept pushing in

“Ow. Ow” she groaned.

Xax monitored her pain.

“I am alright” she said to Xax.

Brendon got in as far as he could and then moved in and out of her mechanically. She became wet.

“It is making me wet” she said as he rode her.

Xax noticed this too and was amazed.

Brendon built up speed.

Takni didn’t come when he spurted his semen into her. She was somewhat disappointed.

Xax measured the semen flow, unconcerned about the lack of pleasure felt.

Brendon slid off her, his cock deflating, dripping semen. He stood by his mom, and took the same posture as she did.

Takni felt come ooze out of her open vagina. She sat up. It made her curious to how sex was supposed to lead to procreation when so much waste oozed out of her. She reached down and dipped a finger into her open vagina. She tasted it. It tasted the same as the come she’d had in her mouth. She wasn’t sure why she might think otherwise.

Xax re-appeared in the room. He ran a scanner over the mother and son. Then he did the same to Takni.

“My father has impregnated me” Takni said.

“We will add this to our study” Xax said.

“Will you induce me?”

“No” Xax said “We will have you carry the child for the normal term”

“Very well” she said as she got out of bed.

“When we return home” Xax said, “Your human form will be of some interest to the Academy”

“Yes” Takni said as she got back into her clothes. “I look forward to displaying this form to the Academy”

A small device suddenly blinked. Xax looked at a projected image. A man and two adult females were about 1mi away, and approaching.

“I believe this is the mate of the female” Xax said “And two more of their spawn”

“What shall we do with these two?”

“I can continue to monitor their activity” Xax said “I will modify their brain patterns and observe their social interactions”

“Very well” Takni said. She left the cabin for the ship and Xax went over to the mother and son and waved a small device over their heads.

Cass blinked. She wondered why she was standing there naked with her son. She looked around. He seemed to be coming out of a daze too.

She looked at him and smiled. “I love you mom” he said

“I love you too Son” she smiled

They embraced and kissed. His cock loomed up and pressed against her stomach.

She wanted so much to fuck him, but she sensed the approach of others.

“We must get dressed”

“Oh, Ma!” he cried, “I want to fuck you so bad”

“I want to fuck you too, Son” she smiled, “But we cannot let others know”

“I know. I know” Brendon said as he reluctantly started to get dressed.

“You’re so handsome” she said, pinching his butt.

“You’re so beautiful, Mom” he said. “I want to fuck you”

“Yeah?” she laughed as she dressed, “Where?”

“In the ass!”

“Naughty boy!” she giggled.

She tidied up the bed when the door opened.

Samson came in first, then followed by their daughters.

“Honey!” he gasped, “We were so worried about you”

“No need to worry…” she said, as he embraced her “ Brendon was able to keep me company”

As she hugged him she looked over her husband’s shoulders and winked at her lover-son

The End