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Witch Queen

Green Pleasure

Perhaps the greatest sins the military and political rulers of Grent committed were those of arrogance and ignorance. Their greatest mistake had been to assume things that were not only incorrect but dangerously erroneous. Assumptions so drastically wrong that they could never have envisaged the results when they began their provocative actions on their northwest border.

All they could see was the fifty miles of fertile ground between them and the mountains and a border that ran for a hundred miles and appeared undefended. A border that separated Grent from the slowly rising but increasingly steep slope of land, crisscrossed by roads that all led to a distant walled city in the mountains, To the rulers of Grent this was all High Elstrand was, a city state much smaller than their own country, a city state that would not resist when prospectors crossed the borders and discovered gold.

At first clandestinely and then more openly, and with the blessing of their government, miners and prospectors from Grent had entered High Elstrand in search of the precious metal. At first they were ignored but as the numbers increased warnings were sent out to Grent, desist or face the consequences, the ruling Council of Grent had laughed. What could a small country like High Elstrand do against the many thousands of troops and even more numerous militias that Grent boasted? The warnings were ignored and the response was immediate, within a month every mining camp, shantytown and cabin that had sprung up on High Elstrand land was totally obliterated. The men were slaughtered and their bodies dumped on the Grent side of the border, the women simply vanished.

In Grent there was shock at the speed and viciousness of the attacks, the populace of Grent demanded that the puny little upstarts be taught a lesson. For a while the Council of Grent had resisted the demands but in the end troops had been sent to the border; for two months nothing was heard then half a dozen ragged and wounded remnants returned to Beston all that was left of the two thousand that had left for the border. The story they told terrified the rulers of Grent, a vast army, over two hundred thousand strong, had been waiting for the Grentian troops. The battle, if that was what the massacre that followed could be called, had lasted only minutes but it had been long enough for the survivors to see two things. The army and its leaders had been skilled in deadly forms of magic, lethal blasts that had destroyed entire platoons in moments, and that the entire High Elstrand army were women. Worse still, the six men were allowed to survive for only one reason, to bring a message to Beston and the ruling council; surrender or be destroyed, you have fifty days to decide.

Shock and disbelief had been the first reaction then anger and outrage followed; convinced that what had been seen was the full extent of the Elstrand forces the entire armies and militias of Grent were mobilised. Mercenaries were hired with promises of gold from the soon to be conquered lands and spies sent out to find weaknesses in the Elstrand army. As the deadline approached and the armed forces of Grent positioned themselves near the border the spies had still not returned.

On the forty-eighth day since the threat had been received one of the spies finally returned to Beston, a woman in her forties called Valerie Dempster who had been one of the first to be dispatched. What she told the council made them realise the mistake they had made, a mistake that was to late to rectify. High Elstrand was not a city-state it was a vast country with a population of many millions and armies to match.

The army that had destroyed the Grentian forces was only one of thirty and all of them were one hundred percent female in her time in High Elstrand Valerie had seen no men whatsoever. But there was one thing she said that terrified the ruling council more than anything else.

“I am leaving Beston and taking my family with me, hopefully we can make the border before Grent falls but I plead with you, do as they have said, beg for terms and surrender to them for you cannot defeat them.”

The council asked where the other agents were, would possibly they bring different news, Valerie had shaken her head.

“There are no others I am the last of the twenty you sent out, the rest are now Elstrandian slaves I personally saw Brenda Markstein and Helena Cooper being turned into slaves and dressed in red leather suits and masks,” she had shuddered at the memory.

“I am the last, and I am leaving, you must beg the Witch-Queen for mercy!”

But it was too late and two days later the armies of High Elstrand moved across the border and the war began.

Stories began to reach the capital of Grent; the armies of High Elstrand appeared to be in no hurry, they slowly but surely moved forward stopping at regular intervals as they devoured Grent. Little information came from the conquered lands, rumours of women being rounded up in conquered towns and villages then disappearing, of men being executed and their bodies burned began to be muttered. These rumours were unconfirmed but everyone agreed upon one story; wherever the Elstrand army fought a woman in blood red armour who gave no mercy or quarter and whose magic was terrible to behold led it. It was soon discovered who the woman was, none other than the ruler of High Elstrand, the Witch-Queen Elianna Holzberg.

However, when all hope seemed to have faded and defeat seemed inevitable, there had been a truce. No one knew why on the day the Witch-Queen had entered Beston with her Blood Guard behind her she had agreed to the truce but what was left of Grent breathed a sigh of relief and gave thanks to their gods. For eighteen months the ceasefire had held and the people of Grent began to hope that the ruler of High Elstrand was content with what she had conquered.

Then, three weeks, ago the war had reignited as the Witch-Queens armies once again began their slow but inexorable advance across the southwest plains and farmlands of Grent.


Melody knew almost none of this her parents farm was too far from the capital for themto hear how or why the war had started, stopped and restarted. Just the worried looks of the local men and their wives when they met at her parents farmhouse showed her the seriousness of the situation Of course the stories that were circulating of missing women and murdered men inside the conquered lands couldn’t be true. It made no sense to treat the population in the occupied lands like that but Melody’s mother and older sister seemed scared by the rumours.

When she had tried to reason with Rosa she been rebuffed, “Listen Melody, you’re only nineteen and you’ve only ever been as far as Tresham... what’s that, ten miles from here? Don’t try and contradict me on things you know nothing about, if the war ever reaches us here we will have to flee you mark my words.”

Melody had wanted to say that Rosa was only twenty and how far had she been from the farm to know what was true and what was not but she hadn’t got the chance, their mother had called for them and the argument had ended abruptly. That had been three days ago but now she was no longer certain that she was right.

Melody looked at the horse then she looked at the woman on the ground, she wanted to vomit but she didn’t, could the body really contain that much blood? What was worse was that despite the rents in her green leather armour the woman was still alive. As Melody looked down at her, not knowing what to do, the female warrior raised a gauntleted right hand and tried to speak then, with her grey eyes still looking at Melody she seemed to sigh and her arm fell to the floor as the life left her body.

Melody turned her eyes away, she knew there was nothing she could have done, especially as the woman was an enemy soldier, but that didn’t mean that watching her die had been easy. The dead woman’s horse whinnied and Melody looked at it. Her father’s farm produced crops but it had once had six horses used to pull wagons and ploughs but now only two were left, the other four had been taken by the army to help the war effort. A horse like this, strong and well nourished, could really benefit the farm.

Reaching out carefully Melody grasped the reins that hung near the dead woman, experimentally she gave them a tug. The horse turned its head towards her for a moment and snorted then it once again looked down at its dead owner.

Melody bit her lip and thought, “Look, she’s dead and you’re not,” said Melody noticing the blood stains on the finely tooled green leather saddle, “If you come with me I’ll get my father to come up and bury her properly, with a priest and everything.”

Melody had no idea why she was talking to the horse but she had a feeling that an animal trained for war as this one was should be more intelligent than an average horse. Taking a step back she tugged on the reins again then took another step, the horse looked at her then with obvious reluctance it began to follow Melody.

Melody turned and gradually speeding up walked over the brow of the hill and down towards the distant farm. She thought her father would be pleased, after all she’d gone to pick berries and instead she was returning with a horse.

Melody opened the barn doors and walked inside, the stalls were empty, her father had taken their horses to plough one of the more distant fields. She guided the large horse to a stall that used to house one of the horses taken by the army Melody tied the reins to a metal ring and walked around the horse to examine it. She wanted to make sure it was as healthy and uninjured as it seemed before she told her mother of her find. It was then that she found the leather bag.

Hanging from a ring stitched into the right side of the saddle the bag had a drawstring top seemed to Melody to be large enough to contain food or whatever else a warrior might need to travel with. For several seconds Melody looked at the leather bag then curiosity overcame caution, it was impossible to open the leather bag without removing it from the saddle ring. Reaching up she managed unfasten the bag from the ring, Melody looked around for somewhere to sit, some bales of straw looked as if they would make a reasonable seat, Melody sat down with the bag in front of her.

For a moment Melody hesitated then she shrugged, it was only a leather bag after all, for no reason she could explain the bag worried her. Nervously she loosened the leather cord that kept the bag closed and opened the top, much to Melody’s relief nothing leapt out at her or exploded in her face, she giggled nervously.

There wasn’t enough light in the barn to see into the inside of the bag so she only had one option, the smell of leather filled her nostrils as she reached into the bag but it was made of leather after all. Melody’s finger brushed something soft, perhaps the bag held clothing after all. Suddenly a strange tingling sensation ran through her fingers as they brushed against something hard.

Melody rapidly pulled her hand from the bag, she looked at her still tingling fingers she flexed them as she looked at them. There was nothing to see, no marks to explain why her fingers felt the way they did, Melody peered into the bag once again and once again saw nothing. Melody knew it was stupid but she suddenly needed to know what was in the bag, she reached inside once more.

Immediately the fingers of right hand brushed against hardness again and the sensation in her fingers increased. Melody hesitated, then swallowing nervously she took hold of what she could now feel was a tube of some sort. The strange sensation now covered her entire right hand, Melody realised it was not unpleasant simply strange and unusual in fact it felt rather nice.

Taking her hand from the bag she looked for the first time at what she held, Melody gasped with surprise as she saw what her fingers were holding, gripped in her right had was a fake phallus. Melody and her friends had talked about such things in an attempt to shock each other and show how worldly they really were. Bernice had tried to impress them all by saying she had seen one and that she knew that the widowed Mrs. Harper had one because she couldn’t get a man to marry her. Everyone pretended to be impressed but none of the assembled young women had actually believed Bernice. But Melody knew that neither Bernice nor any of the others she called friends could have imagined anything like what she now held.

The phallus was large, at least nine-inches long, and thicker than Melody thought it should be. It was also black and slickly shiny with unpleasant looking purple and green veins crisscrossing its surface, as Melody looked the veins began to pulse, the strangely pleasant sensation she’d felt in her hand was now slowly spreading up her arm in time with pulsing of the veins.

Melody knew had to put it down, she had to put it back in the bag but then another entirely different thought entered her head, one she couldn’t believe was her own, ‘Use it’ said the thought, “Use it!”

Melody’s mouth fell open in shock, the thoughts came again, “Use it, stick in between your legs, ram it into yourself and use the dildo!”

Melody couldn’t take her eyes off what she held as she slowly shook her head in denial, these couldn’t possibly be her own thoughts could they?

Words were entering her memory, words Melody had no recollection of ever hearing, words that she would never use, never think of yet there they were in her head.

“Do it, stick the dildo into your cunt and fuck yourself with it, it’ll feel so good, such a nice tight pussy around suck a big fat cock,” said the thoughts, the voice, in Melody’s head.

Melody couldn’t seem to help herself, she licked her lips, “Yes... you want it, you want to fuck yourself with the dildo like the slut you are” said the voice as Melody’s traitorous left hand pulled up her skirt and her thighs were opening, her legs spreading.

“That’s it you slut, open your legs nice and wide so you can ram the dildo into your sopping wet cunt you whore,” said the voice in Melody’s head and Melody realised the voice was right. She was wet between her legs, sopping wet, her juices were running and dripping onto the straw as her left hand pulled her thin cotton knickers to one side exposing her pubes.

Never once had Melody’s eyes left the dildo and now she was watching as her pleasantly pulsing right arm lowered the dildo towards her vagina, and the voice was still there, encouraging her in the disgusting language it used.

“That’s it, stick it in your pussy, ram it in nice and deep, pussy is wonderful, pussy is delicious, pussy’s are for fucking” said the voice in Melody’s head as she brushed the tip of the dildo against her virginal slit.

Melody was looking down at herself in disbelief as she held the tip of the dildo against the wet lips of her vagina, this couldn’t be happening could it she thought desperately.

Melody seemed to no longer have any control over her actions, despite herself she gasped with pleasure as her right hand pushed the dildo into her vagina, “Yes,” said the obscene voice, “That’s it get it in nice and deep and fuck yourself until you scream you whore!”

Melody couldn’t stop the dildo sliding deeper until it reached her hymen, “Don’t stop you cunt, ram it in, whore like you can’t be virgins, all you are is a twat with legs now push it in deep!”

For a moment there was resistance then sudden pain followed and the dildo was through, Melody had taken her own virginity, “Yes, yes, yes,” said the voice exultantly as the dildo filled Melody.

“Fuck yourself, fuck yourself, fuck yourself,” commanded the voice and Melody obeyed, taking the end of the dildo in both hands she began to thrust it painfully into herself until the pain and the pleasure became one. Melody lay back on the bales of straw, whimpering, gasping and moaning as she masturbated wildly with the dildo. All the while the voice talked to her, encouraging and swearing in her head. Time no longer mattered, only the dildo mattered, only the countless orgasms mattered, only the indescribable pleasure mattered. Melody couldn’t stop, all she could do was masturbate without pause while the voice kept repeating fuck, fuck, fuck.


The search had been going on all day and Captain Hannah Surtees was tired but happy that she had planned right. Hannah’s was only one of four search parties sent out from the column after the short but vicious battle that had included a slave-wagon. The others had laughed at her, saying it would slow her down and mean they would be the first o succeed, Hannah wondered how slowed down they would be with dozens of captured women and nothing to keep them in.

Hannah smiled as she rode past the slave-wagon, the thirty hysterical and terrified women inside looked at her as she passed, all had their arms bound tightly behind their backs and all were gagged with wide leather gags. Most of the women were attractive and would undoubtedly end up in red leather but there were also a few genuine beauties in the red wagon, perhaps she’d claim a couple for herself she thought as she reached the head of the column. Ahead she could see a farm, as with the other farms, cottages and houses she’d searched and ransacked the young Captain expected little or no resistance.

“The same as last time Captain?” asked the lieutenant at the head of the troop of twenty green armoured cavalry.

“Yes lieutenant,” said Hannah as she looked at the distant buildings, she raised her gauntlet covered hand and made a circular motion in the air, without needing to be told the troop of cavalry began to move. Some spreading out across the field while others headed for the farm buildings, in no hurry the Captain followed and behind her the slave wagon made slow way onwards.

The troopers were already searching the large farmhouse when the Captain arrived, looking around she noticed a large barn and turned her horse towards it. Hannah looked at the barn and pulled her horse to a stop, she could sense something, it felt like magic, and then she could hear something. In the still quite of the early evening she could hear whimpering and moaning.

As quietly as possible she dismounted and drew her sword then she approached the door as a spell came automatically into her mind ready for use. As quietly and delicately as she could Hannah opened the door and slipped inside, it only took one brief look around the barn for a smile to appear on her face. Hannah sheathed her sword as the spell in her mind vanished and another quickly appeared, Hannah spoke and light flooded through the barn.

At the far end of the barn a young woman with blond hair was lying back against a pile of straw bales with her skirt pulled up around her waist. Gripped in her hands was a dildo, which she was sliding rapidly in and out her pussy, the moan and whimpers Hannah had heard were those of unrestrained sexual pleasure.

“Well, well what have we here?” she said as she walked towards the young woman.

Next to the bale of straw was a red leather claiming bag and Hannah could see that the dildo the young woman was fucking herself with was one used for enslaving women. Hannah looked around at the sound of a horse whinnying, she recognised the animal at once and knew that her search was over. Hannah now knew exactly what had happened.

The horse belonged to the woman she had been tasked to find, General Caroline Eastfield, the commanding officer of Hannah’s regiment who had been missing for two days. There were bloodstains on the saddle and the horse’s neck its rider had obviously been wounded.

The woman who was mindlessly pleasuring herself had obviously found the horse and brought it back here then she’d made the mistake of opening the claiming bag and touching the dildo. There was blood on the woman’s thighs and her dress, she had clearly been a virgin before she took hold of the dildo. The magic imbued in the dildo would have had little trouble overcoming any resistance the virginal young woman could muster, it would have overwhelmed her and made her use it no matter how hard she tried to resist its corrupting influence.

Hannah knew that if she hadn’t arrived the young woman would never have stopped, she would have continued endlessly masturbating until she died from thirst, hunger or even heart failure. Only one thing could prevent that happening, Hannah knelt in the straw next to shuddering, gasping and moaning blonde.

The young woman was attractive despite the sweat and straw in her waist length blond hair and sticking to her skin, her unfocused eyes were blue and she had full and generous lips. From what Hannah could see her figure was also appealing, she didn’t have the large breasts and buttocks that were so popular, instead here shape was more athletic and she was also tall, Hannah herself was tall, over six-feet, so she liked what she saw.

“Waste not want not,” she said then pulled off her green studded leather gauntlets from her hands and placed them beside her. Hannah put her left hand on the young woman’s sweaty forehead, she closed her eyes and concentrated, her lips moving silently, Hannah opened her eyes and removed her hand then she waited. For several seconds nothing happened then young woman’s eyelids fluttered and she blinked, finally she focused on Hannah.

“Please... help... me...” begged the young woman desperately as she looked up at Hannah, “Please... make... it... stop,” she pleaded as her hands continued to drive dildo in and out of her dripping pussy.

“Tell me your name?”

“My name... is Melody,” replied the blond then she groaned and shuddered as another orgasm pulsed through her body, “Please... I.... I... beg... you... make... it... stop.”

“Where did you find the horse Melody, was there a woman with it?”

“The... the horse... I... I... found... the horse... oh fuck... oh fuck... I found it... on the... hill... behind... my cunt needs fucking.... fucking.... fucking... behind... our house... there... there... was... a... fuck me fuck my cunt fuck my are fuck me fuck me... dead... soldier... with it,” gasped Melody as she continued to masturbate.

Hannah nodded, it was just as she’d thought, “Thank you Melody.”

“Please.... fuck this whore, fuck this slut... please help me,” begged Melody.

“Of course I will,” said Hannah, “Just look into my eyes Melody.”

Melody blinked and then her blue eyes looked straight into Hannah’s green ones, Hannah’s eyes instantly changed colour becoming two black orbs as she began to chant. At the same time Melody’s grip on the dildo relaxed for the first time in hours, Hannah took hold instead, working the black dildo in and out of Melody’s cunt as she chanted.

With her eyes locked on Hannah’s, Melody began to moan and whimper once more, her body twitching and writhing as magic flowed through her then her eyes rolled up in their sockets until only the whites showed. For several minutes Hannah continued to chant as she fucked Melody with the dildo then Melody sighed deeply her body relaxing back into the straw. Hannah s became silent as she pulled the dildo from Melody’s cunt and placed it on the hay between the young woman’s legs. The pulsing green and purple veins had vanished and the dildo was now just shining blackness.

Melody’s eye rolled down until the blue showed once more, she looked up at Hannah, “How may this slave be of service to you Mistress.”

Picking up her gauntlets Hannah climbed to her feet and looked down at her new property, “Clean yourself up then get out of those clothes, you’ll find something more appropriate in that claiming bag to dress in but be quick about it. I’ll pierce you later when I have more time.”

“Yes Mistress,” said the slave that had been Melody as it looked up lovingly and devotedly at its Mistress.

Sitting on a bale of hay Hannah watched as the new slave transformed itself. Washing the blood and sweat from its skin with water from a bucket before it cleaned the straw from its blond hair and combed it with a comb by its owner and plaited it. The slave then dressed itself and finally it was finished and stood submissively in front of its Mistress. What had been Melody was now a slave dressed in a skin-tight red leather slave skin, red kid leather gloves that reached over its elbows and knee high red leather boots with six-inch stiletto heels.

“Kneel,” said Hannah as she reached into the claiming bag and took out three more items, first she pulled a red leather hood over the slaves face and head, the slaves mouth opening wide to take the large dildo moulded to the inside of the hood. The dildo filled the slaves mouth as it leant its head forward so its Mistress could pull the hood into place and lace it closed. Pulling as hard as she could on the laces, Hannah closed the red leather hood around her slaves head, then she placed the plain three-inch wide red leather collar around her slaves neck and buckled it closed before attaching a leash to the ring stitched into the front of the collar.

Hannah looked at her handiwork, only the eyes of the slave that had been Melody and its braided blond hair, exiting from a small hole in the rear of the skin-tight hood, were free from the red leather that covered the slave from the tips of its boot covered toes to the top of its hooded head.

Hannah looked at her new pet and grinned, “Stand,” she ordered, the slave obeyed, in the six-inch stiletto heels it wore the athletically figured sex-slave stood over six-feet tall.

“That’s nice,” she said. Reaching out Hannah zipped up the opening over her slave’s cunt then stood up, “I’m going to have fun playing with you,” she said then she turned and walked towards the barn door. Walking erotically at the end of the leash attached to its collar the sex-slave that had been Melody followed its Mistress.

Outside the barn Hannah took the reins of her horse and walked toward the farmhouse, the lieutenant was waiting, “Ah lieutenant I’ve found what we’ve been looking for,” said Hannah as she stopped outside the house.

The lieutenant looked past Hannah at the leather-covered sex-slave that had been Melody and smirked, “I mean I know what happened to the General, unfortunately she’s dead.”

That statement got the lieutenant’s attention, “Dead you say Captain, that is sad news indeed.”

“I know,” said Hannah, the General had been popular with both the officers and troops she commanded, “Send some troopers over the brow of the hill to the rear of the house and you should find her body,” she said pointing the direction.

The lieutenant immediately called out orders and four of the troopers dashed for their horses, “Treat her with respect,” shouted the Captain as the four mounted and rode off.

“The Generals horse is in the barn, have someone get it cleaned up and we’ll take it with us,” said Hannah as sudden screaming rang out from inside the farmhouse it went on for several seconds then was suddenly silenced.

The lieutenant smiled, “I knew there was a hiding place somewhere inside that house,” she said smugly, “They must have dashed inside when they saw us approaching.”

Moments later the front door opened and two green armoured cavalry troopers stepped through they were followed by two more. Held between the first two troopers was a young woman who bore a strong resemblance to Hannah’s new slave, she must be her sister thought Hannah. For a second she studied the young who, like those in the red wagon, was gagged and had her arms bound behind her back with leather straps at the wrists and elbows. Hannah knew immediately that the young woman was so attractive that she would end up as sex-slave but not Hannah’s. Unlike the athletic body of her sister this one was shorter with fuller breasts and more rounded hips and buttocks, tears were running down her face and over the leather gag that covered her mouth. As she was dragged past she looked up at Hannah with pleading eyes then she saw the hooded and leather-suited sex-slave that stood just behind the cavalry captain.

Although it was impossible for her to know that the new slave had been her sister the mere sight of the sex-slave that had been Melody terrified her and she fainted. As the troopers dragged the unconscious young woman away Hannah’s eyes were drawn to the woman the second pair of troopers were taking from the house.

Although she was obviously older the woman was blond and tall and as with Hannah’s new slave she had what looked like an athletically shaped figure beneath the simple grey dress she wore. Bound and gagged like the young woman who had preceded her the similarity between the woman and both Hannah’s slave and the young woman who had fainted was unmistakable. This was obviously their mother.

“Stop,” ordered Hannah and the two troopers came to a halt as the woman they held looked at her with terrified eyes, “”Strip her I want to see her naked” she ordered.

The woman’s eyes flew wide and she began to struggle, her head shaking from side to side in denial, Hannah grinned, “I wouldn’t struggle to much if I was you, Corporal Thorson sharpens her knife every day and I’d hate to see you get injured or perhaps bleed to death.”

The woman froze, her eyes watching every motion as the knife in the Corporal’s hand expertly cut her clothes from her body. Finally it was done and the woman was naked except for a pair of low-heeled black ankle boots.

“A genuine blond, how delightful,” said Hannah as looked at the woman’s naked body, it was just as she’d hoped Melody’s mother had the same athletic build as her daughter.

“Take her back inside, find somewhere that will suit and I’ll do her now,” ordered Hannah.

Melody’s mother began to struggle again but she was no match for the two hardened soldiers as they dragged her back inside the farmhouse. Going to her horse Hannah removed her own claiming bag from the ring on her saddle then, with her slave following her, she walked into the farmhouse.

“In here Captain,” said a voice and Hannah walked through the open door it had come from and into a large kitchen. The woman watched Hannah with wide, terrified eyes as the Captain placed her claiming bag on the kitchen table, opening the draw string she reached inside and removed a leather bottle then turned to look at her captive.

“Remove the gag,” ordered Hannah, “Kneel pet,” the sex-slave that had been Melody sank to its leather covered knees beside its owner.

The trooper to the woman’s left undid the gag as Hannah removed the stopper from the leather bottle. As soon as the gag was removed the woman began to speak, “Please release us I beg you, I have a husband and three children, Rosa is in that awful wagon with the others and Melody will be home soon, my husband and son are working in the fields. Please, I beg you, release us and we’ll leave and go as faraway as we can, please.”

“What’s your name?” said Hannah.

“My name is Cassandra,” came the woman’s nervous reply.

Hannah grinned, “Well Cassandra let me enlighten you on a few things, your husband and son have either fled or are dead, we do not take male prisoners. Your daughter Rosa is very attractive and will undoubtedly be someone’s pet by the end of the day, I don’t doubt she’ll make an excellent sex-slave and as for your other daughter Melody why don’t you say hello to her,” said Hannah as she stroked the leather covered head of her slave.

For a moment there was a confused look on Cassandra’s face then her eyes drifted down and she stared at the figure beside Hannah. The reaction of Melody’s mother was just as Hannah had hoped, Cassandra looked in disbelief at the leather suited and masked slave kneeling at the end of its leash beside its Mistress. Cassandra’s mouth opened in shock and she managed to say no then Hannah was in front of her, pinching Cassandra’s nose closed as she forced the bottle between Cassandra’s wide-open lips.

Cassandra coughed and spluttered as the viscous black fluid filled her mouth, with her nose pinched closed Cassandra had one choice, swallow or drown. Cassandra swallowed the calming juice as Hannah poured it into her mouth, within moments she relaxed and stopped trying to resist as Hannah emptied the contents of the leather bottle into her mouth.

Hannah took the bottle from Cassandra lips and released her nose then stepped back, there was no expression on Cassandra’s face as she stood calm, immobile and without emotion in front of Hannah, “Thank you, you may leave,” she told the two cavalrywomen, with a salute they left kitchen.

Reaching down Hannah unclipped the leash from her slaves collar, “I love your body Cassandra and I can see where your daughter gets her looks from which is why, in case you haven’t already guessed, I’m going to turn you into my sex-slave,” she said as she emptied the contents of her claiming bag onto the kitchen table.

“Undo her bonds,” she ordered then she paused and looked at her slave as it undid the straps around Cassandra’s wrists and elbows, “You know I haven’t given you name yet so let’s just keep it easy, for now I’ll call you m.”

“Oh dear Cassandra, all a bit too much for you,” gloated Hannah as a tear ran down Cassandra’s left cheek, “Don’t worry once you’re my slave you won’t remember any of this your pretty head will just be filled with thoughts of sex and obedience, just like m’s is.”

Hannah passed m a long strip of red leather and a comb, “Braid her hair,” she ordered then sat down in a kitchen chair to watch. As m worked on her mother’s hair Hannah began to loosen the straps and buckles of her green leather armour.

“Good now dress and hood her, I’ll pierce her later when I pierce you” said Hannah as soon as the braiding was finished.

Silently the sex-slave that had been Melody obeyed, its leather gloved hands dressing Cassandra in red leather as Hannah removed her armour. Finally, the slave called m stepped back and turned its leather-hooded face towards its Mistress.

“What an improvement Cassandra, you look so much better now you’re wearing a slave-skin and slave-hood,” said Hannah as she played with herself, “From now on I’m going to call you c, a nice simple slave name.”

Melody’s mother was now dressed almost identically to the slave that had been her daughter in a skin-tight red leather slave-skin that showed every inch of her slim athletic body to perfection with her face and head encase in a slave-hood identical to m’s. The only differences were the accessories that Cassandra wore, thigh length boots with six-inch heels covered Cassandra’s feet and legs and wrist length red kid gloves completed the transformation in how she looked. There had been no resistance whatever from Cassandra as the slave that had been her daughter dressed her in red leather or when the dildo on the inside of the hood slid between her lips to fill her mouth as she was hooded.

“Of course you look like a sex-slave and you have a sex-slave’s name but you aren’t actually one, not yet any way,” said Hannah as she picked up a leather harness and stepped into it.

“You’re going to enjoy being a sex-slave so much, you’ll get to fuck me and of course m whenever I give you permission, won’t that be delightful?” said Hannah as she pulled the harness up her legs and settled it over crotch. Hannah tightened the buckles and straps and looked down at the nine-inch long black dildo with the pulsing green and purple veins she now wore.

Naked but for a green leather vest and the strap on dildo she walked towards the leather sheathed Cassandra. Gently but firmly she pushed Cassandra backwards until her leather-covered buttocks were pressed against the edge of the kitchen table. Hannah positioned the tip of the dildo at the opening of Cassandra’s pussy.

Hannah looked into Cassandra’s eyes, and as her own eyes turned black Hannah pushed her hips forward and smoothly slid the dildo into Cassandra’s cunt. Chanting quietly Hannah began to fuck Cassandra, keeping up a steady and increasingly rapid and forceful rhythm with the dildo as she quietly chanted. Finally she thrust the dildo one last time deep into Cassandra’s by now dripping wet cunt and for a moment held it inside, then she slowly slid it out.

Hannah’s eyes returned to their normal colour and she grinned as she looked at the leather –hooded face before her, the blue eyes peering through the holes in the hood were fixed intently on Hannah’s face. Still wearing the strap-on harness she reached out and picked up a red leather collar and buckled it around Cassandra’s neck then she stroked the leather-covered face with her hand. The response was just as she’d known it would be, a shudder of pleasure ran through the new slaves body at its Mistresses touch.

“Kneel there while I get dressed,” she ordered the two slaves that had been mother and daughter. The pair sank to their knees and awaited their Mistresses orders.

Twenty minutes later Hannah walked out of the door of the farmhouse, behind her, following obediently at the ends of their leashes, were her two slaves. Going to her horse she tied her claiming bag to its ring and then turned to the Lieutenant, “Did you find the General?” she asked.

“Yes Captain, her body is already on its way back to our lines, with all due respect given.”

Hannah was quiet for a moment, remembering the General as she’d been in life, “It is a sad day for us all,” she said quietly.

“Very well Lieutenant, I think its time we shared out some of our spoils,” said Hannah as she looked towards the slave-wagon containing the women they’d captured during the search.

“Why don’t you and the rest of the troop pick out a slave for yourselves from the captives, I don’t see why those back at the encampment should get to cherry-pick the best flesh simply because of rank.”

The Lieutenant smiled, “Thanks Captain, I’m sure the women will appreciate it, personally I’d rather like to own that young blonde we just captured.”

“Thought you might, I saw the way you were looking at her as they took her away, I’m sure she’ll make you a fine slave. Just remind everyone that we don’t have that much time.”

“I will Captain,” then still smiling the lieutenant saluted and walked quickly away towards the patiently waiting troopers.

Hannah watched for a moment as raucous shouts and laughter told her that her message had been well received then she turned around. Her two new slaves watched her with adoring eyes as Hannah reached out and ran her gauntleted hands over their leather covered breasts, both slaves trembled with pleasure.

“It seems I’ve found us a little bit of time my pets, just enough to pierce both of you,” she said as she took her claiming bag from her horse and headed back into the farmhouse. With a tug on the leashes attached to their collars c and m followed their Mistress into the house that had been theirs, no longer mother and daughter they were now simply Hannah’s new pets.