The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Witches’ Sabbath Ch 1

By Astropirate

As she looked at the file Dr Janet King sighed. Her housekeeper, Margaret had just married and moved with her new husband to the south coast to run a bed and breakfast. Janet was sitting in her office in the three storey house she shared with her husband Alex, also a doctor. They had been in this fine house for over ten years since Alex obtained a partnership at the local practice in Fielding Buckinghamshire. Janet worked at the local hospital.

Their children, James and Alice were both studying medicine at university which was only ten miles away so both lived at home with their parents.

Janet was now looking at the files that the job agency had sent over. She had rejected all but the very last one. The photo on the file showed a woman perhaps in her mid to late forties. She seemed to have a pleasant smile and her references were excellent. She also found the name intriguing. ‘Cornelia de Langston,’ muttered Janet as she reread the file before phoning the agency to arrange for an interview.

* * *

The following evening Janet was in her little office when the doorbell rang. Her husband had not returned from work yet and James and Alice had gone out.

When she opened the door Janet was taken aback when she saw her interviewee.

The woman who stood before her was much younger than he photo seemed to show. She was at least thirty-five. She was taller than Janet imagined. She herself was five feet nine but this young woman was several inches taller, perhaps six feet two. Her blue piercing eyes were almost hypnotic. Her dark hair was tied in a bun. What really struck Janet though was the fact she dressed in a black dress that was covered by an equally black cape. Despite this Janet thought the woman was amazingly seductive and not at all what she had in mind to replace Margaret. It was the visitor however that took the initiative as she extended her hand.

“Mrs King, my name is Cornelia de Langston,” she said with a smile.

“How do you do?” stuttered Janet as she took the young woman’s hand and shook it. Despite her reservations something made Janet invite the woman in and led her to her office where she indicated a seat.

Cornelia sat down and Janet resumed reading the file. “You have excellent references but…” Janet stopped in mid sentence and then she began to explain what she required. Confused by her own behaviour Janet simply said “Where was I?”

“You were about to show me around,” responded Cornelia with a strange smile.

“Oh yes, of course,” answered Janet, still confused by her own behaviour.

She led the young woman around the house and eventually reached the bedroom that had been assigned to her.

“I hope you like it?” said Janet.

“This is beautiful, thank you, Mrs King,” replied Cornelia.

“Darling, I’m home,” came a familiar voice from the living room.

“That’s my husband, Alex. I’ll introduce you,” said Janet. Both women descended the stairs and greeted Alex.

“Darling, this is Cornelia. She will be replacing Margaret,” said Janet.

For a moment Alex felt a little put out. He and Janet had agreed to make the decision together. However Alex suddenly had a strange feeling. It was as if something had been transmitted to change his mind. Indeed, looking at Cornelia he saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and from that moment his cock was rock hard at every time he saw her. He became flooded with lust and desire to bed the new housekeeper.

“Well, I am pleased to meet you,” he said and took Cornelia’s hand to shake it.

“Thank you, sir. I’m sure I shall be quiet happy here,” replied Cornelia with her hypnotic smile.

“James and Alice will be home soon. If you wish to freshen up I’ll prepare dinner,” said Janet.

“Oh no, ma’am. I’ll do that. It’s my job now,” said Cornelia who made her way to the kitchen without another word leaving Alex and Janet somewhat puzzled.

Dinner was just ready when James and Alice arrived home.

Perfect timing,” said Janet as she asked Cornelia to join them.

“Cornelia, these are our children, James and Alice.”

“How do you do?” said Cornelia with a smile as she extended her hand to James, like his father had a strange feeling of lust surge through at the sight of this woman.

Alice, on the other hand, felt rather uncomfortable. She took an instant dislike of the new housekeeper and she did not try to hide that fact. Despite this Alice reluctantly took Cornelia’s hand and shook it, just nodding her hand in the process.

“Well, dinner is ready so please take your seats and I’ll serve it,” said Cornelia enthusiastically.

* * *

For the first few days nothing happened. Indeed, after several wonderful meals Janet’s reservation began to dissipate. The only thing was Alice’s obvious dislike of the new housekeeper. Janet hoped in time Alice would take to her. There was another side that Janet failed to see. James began to have strange feeling of lust towards Cornelia. For the first few nights not only did James masturbate but he also had very erotic dreams concerning her.

Two weeks went by and as usual James was unable to get Cornelia out of his mind. To him she was the most beautiful and seductive woman he had ever seen. One night as he rested on his bed he once again began to masturbate. However this time he thought he heard a female voice calling him. Getting out of bed he cautiously opened his bedroom door before slowly making his way to Cornelia’s room. After initial hesitation James knocked gently on the door.

Cornelia was standing in a silk robe when she opened the door. Her long black hair was well over her shoulders. She had clearly being brushing it because she put the brush on the table just after opening the door.

“James, I’ve been expecting you,” she said with smile.

“You have?” asked James.

“Of course, please come in,” responded the older woman as she ushered the young man inside.

I-I just wanted to welcome you,” lied James.

“Come now, James. We both know why you’re here. You want to make love to me. Isn’t that so?”

James was about to deny the older woman’s statement but found himself nodding in agreement.

Cornelia took a step back and allowed her robe float to the ground revealing her perfect body. James was particularly mesmerised by the housekeeper’s wonderful breasts.

“Am I not desirable, James?”Asked Cornelia with a seductive smile.

“Very,” James managed to stutter in response.

“Well, I think you are very handsome, James,” said the woman who suddenly moved forward and they kissed passionately.

The kiss seemed to inject a surge of desire inside James who stripped rapidly and joined the older woman on the bed.

Mounting Cornelia James kissed the housekeeper’s moist lips before moving to her bare neck and shoulder, licking, sucking and kissing as he went.

Cornelia’s sighs of obvious pleasure encouraged the young man to continue. Even though James was under Cornelia’s hypnotic control he needn’t have been because the moment he had seen the new housekeeper he had been smitten.

“Oh, James, you’re a wonderful lover,” declared Cornelia softly as the young man’s lips engulfed her right nipple and he began suck and lick it.

Cornelia continued to moan softly as James made a circular movement around her breast descending into the deep crevice between them before working in a similar manner on the left.

Gradually James made his way down Cornelia’s slim waist, again licking and sucking as he went.

“Oooh,” sighed Cornelia as James’s tongue arrived at her totally shaved pussy and began to probe gently.

Suddenly, James felt Cornelia’s hand on his head and she pulled him away before pushing him onto his back. Taking his cock in her hand Cornelia’s head bowed low and began to suck frantically. Soon James felt rock hard.

“Now, my darling, fuck me for all your worth!” cried Cornelia as she lay on her back.

Not needing any further encouragement James gently inserted his cock deep inside the older woman’s pussy and began to pound her. The pace, slow at first, accelerated with each stroke. Cornelia’s body also reacted and began to moan and they gradually settled into a mutually satisfying rhythm that resulted in a huge orgasm for both.

“You’re absolutely fantastic, James,” said Cornelia as she kissed his forehead and whispered instructions in his ear. “Now, you may return to your room,” she instructed.

The young man obeyed without question. What he did not notice was as he left the housekeeper’s room was the fact that Alice saw him leaving. She gently closed her bedroom door and went to bed wondering what she should do.

Another thing James did not know was the fact Cornelia had read his thoughts during their encounter. She was both curious and eager to meet this Miss Morton that James had been thinking of.

After what she had just seen Alice was both shocked and horrified. It was obvious to her what had transpired. She wondered just what she should do. If she confronted James there would only be a blazing row. After all, he was over eighteen and an adult. In her mind though that was not the point for Alice. She saw an older woman abusing her position and taking advantage of a boy. She felt she could not tell her parents it would upset them and besides she had a feeling she would not be believed. In the end Alice decided to confront the housekeeper alone at the first opportunity she got.

* * *

That opportunity came on Saturday morning. Alice’s dad was working and her mum was gone shopping. James had gone out with friends from university, leaving them both alone in the house.