The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Witches Sabbath Ch 2

By Astropirate

After witnessing her brother leaving Cornelia’s room Alice pondered what if any action she should take. She was reluctant to speak to her parents about it because she didn’t want to upset them. Besides, James was over eighteen and an adult. He could do whatever he wanted. It wasn’t up to her to cradle him. Nonetheless Alice feared that Cornelia was taking advantage of him. In the end Alice decided to wait for an opportunity to confront the housekeeper herself.

* * *

That opportunity arrived the following Saturday morning. Her father was gone golfing and her mother was catching up on some paperwork at the hospital. James had gone into town with some friends leaving Alice and Cornelia alone in the house.

Alice was sitting in her bedroom planning her move when there was a knock at her door and Cornelia entered with some linen in her arms.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said apologetically. “I thought everyone had gone. I was going to change the bed linen,” she concluded.

Alice was startled. “Mmm, that won’t be necessary. I’ll take care of it,” said the young woman as she took the linen from the sheets from the Cornelia and placed them on the bed.

“Actually, I want to talk to you,” said Alice in an aggressive manner.

“Really, Alice? What about?” asked the tall woman with a smile.

Alice stared at this tall imposing and very beautiful woman. A feeling of fear and dread swept over her. “What do you want? Who are you?” asked Alice, her voice echoing the fear of her heart.

“Only someone who loves you,” replied Cornelia.

Then, as if her eyes had been opened for the first time, spoke. “My god, you’re a wit…” It was all Alice got to say because Cornelia suddenly took the young woman in her arms and kissed her passionately. It was like an eagle swooping down on its prey. Alice was helpless.

As soon as she felt Cornelia’s moist red lips touch her own an overwhelming surge of desire surged through Alice’s body. It only took a few moments before both women were naked and in the throes of lesbian passion on the bed.

For Alice it was a new experience. She had often fantasised about what it would be like with another woman, especially with her classmate and friend, Jane Madden.

The feel of Cornelia’s soft and warm body touching her own excited Alice. She experienced pleasures that she never imagined existed as Cornelia’s lips and tongue explored her body. The young woman would sigh deeply with every touch of the housekeeper’s lips and tongue.

“Oooh,” sighed Alice repeatedly as she felt the older woman’s tongue lick the nipples of her medium breasts. What was even more pleasurable was Cornelia probing her pussy gently with her fingers. It her feel as if she was in a wonderland of pleasure and she did not care what Cornelia did.

Cornelia finally moved down Alice’s body, kissing and sucking as she went, before arriving at the young woman’s lower body and proceeded to lash her clit with her tongue until the young woman achieved her biggest ever orgasm.

Without any prompting from Cornelia, Alice turned the older woman over and began to copy her every more. One difference was that Alice, as well as licking and sucking the older woman’s wonderful breasts, rubbed her own breasts against them. Cornelia’s sighs told Alice she enjoyed it as much as she did.

When Cornelia finally orgasmed both women rested together for a moment before the older woman turned to Alice and allowed her to rest her head on her breast. “Like your brother you are a wonderful lover,” she said, as she stroked the young woman’s hair.

Alice was not the least bit shocked at what Cornelia said. Indeed, she found it arousing.

“Then putting her hand on Alice’s chin, Cornelia made the young woman look at her. “You will have many lovers when our mission is complete. I promise you,” she said with a smile. Then Cornelia whispered some instructions in Alice’s ear before getting dressed and leaving the room.

* * *

That night Alice was not asleep long when she woke up suddenly. She felt a desperate urge for sex. It was an urge that would not be quenched by simple use of her dildo. She needed a hard cock inside her, preferably one of her fellow students. Almost crazy for sexual pleasure Alice opened the door and cautiously made her way to her brother’s room. She opened the door without knocking and found James lying naked on his bed stroking his hardened cock. For some reason Alice was neither shocked nor surprised at what she found. On the contrary, it seemed to increase her desires to fever pitch. What was even more was that James just smiled at his sister. It was as if he had been expecting her and he simply got himself ready.

Whatever the truth Alice simply tossed off her nightdress, revealing her naked body and dived on her brother’s cock, sucking it expertly as if she had been doing it for years. Satisfied her brother was about ready Alice positioned herself to allow her to ride his prick. Occasionally she would bend over and kiss him and allow him to fondle her breasts, which were smaller than her mother’s but firm. While his sister continued to straddle his cock James licked her breasts and this added to Alice’s pleasure as she moaned repeatedly. Finally brother and sister experienced a huge orgasm leaving them both breathless and exhausted. They collapsed into a heap.

James held his sister in his arms as she rested on his chest. Eventually they fell asleep, holding each other in a loving embrace. It would first of many nights they would sleep together.

In her bedroom Cornelia smiled, all too aware of what had just occurred. ‘Soon, they will all be mine,’ she thought.

* * *

As of yet neither Janet nor her husband Alex suspected anything was amiss. Certainly they had no idea of James or Alice’s relationship. All this changed for Janet however when she arrived home late from work at the hospital. She had put in a long fifteen hour shift and she was quite exhausted. Even though it was after midnight Janet longed for a long hot soak in the tub. This was nothing new. Because of her work hours she frequently take late night baths before going to bed. She would also be grateful that she was off duty for the next two days.

After drying off Janet wrapped herself in her robe with the intention of heading to bed. While passing James’s bedroom Janet paused when she heard the noise. She smiled. ‘He has a girl in there’ she thought. For few moments Janet to the “lovers” moaning, unaware of what was really going on.

She closed her eyes and putting her hand under her robe, she began to imagine she was being fucked, licking her lips in lust. For Janet though listening wasn’t enough. Curiosity got the better of her and wanting to see rather than hear, she decided to take a peak. Gently she eased the door of the bedroom to watch the “lovers” perform. What you saw shocked her.

James, Alice, what on Earth do you think you’re doing?” she cried in horror at the sight of her son and daughter naked and in the throes of passionate sex.

There was no response from brother or sister. They simply continued to satisfy each other.

Janet, with her hand to her mouth backed out until she hit into something. Swinging around she saw Cornelia, fully dressed and smiling as she looked at Janet.

“Is anything wrong, Ma’am?” she asked.

“It’s James and Alice. They’re… they’re…”

“Making love,” finished Cornelia.

“But… but they’re…”

“In love,” interrupted Cornelia. “Come,” said Cornelia as stared into Janet’s eyes before leading the bewildered Doctor King into the bedroom.

“Children, your mother has decided to join us,” proclaimed the housekeeper triumphantly.

James and Alice smiled as they got up from the bed and made their way over to their mesmerised mother. James stood in front of his mother and Alice stood behind while Cornelia watched on and smiled.

James opened Janet’s robe and eased it from her shoulders. Alice took it and released it from Janet’s arms and tossed it to the floor.

James kissed Janet’s lips and then her bare shoulder, working down her body, licking and sucking as he went.

Alice too, kissed Janet’s shoulder and began to work down her back in a similar way to her brother. The wonderful sensation she felt made Janet released a soft moan of pleasure as her offspring continued to work on her body.

Easing their mother gently on the bed, James turned Janet on her side and began to lick and suck the nipples of her wonderful breasts.

“Oooh,” sighed Janet several times as she enjoyed her son’s lips and tongue suck and lick her nipples.

Having licked her both her mother’s arse cheeks, Alice immediately began to probe the older woman’s pussy with her tongue. Gently pushing through the bush, Alice’s tongue drilled through the lips and began to lash her clit.

Janet eventually felt her love juices slowly gather. As if anticipating this Alice suddenly withdrew and James, pushing his prick deep inside his mother, took over. Slowly, he began to push. Each stroke becoming faster than the previous one.

Not to be out done, Alice positioned herself in front of Janet’s face and at once the older woman began to lick her daughter’s trimmed pussy. Eventually all three experienced enormous orgasms and were soon asleep, James in the middle with Janet on his right and Alice on his left.

While Janet and her children were enjoying the pleasures of incest, Alex King was getting restless as he waited for his wife to appear.

‘She should surely should be finished her bath by now,’ he thought, as he put his book down that he had been reading in bed. Alex was about get up when he heard the handle on the door.

“It’s about time. I was about to send out scouts out to look for you,” he said smiling, assuming it was Janet.

Alex was shocked when he saw Cornelia, tall and erect, wearing a very see through nightdress. “That was very considerate of you, Alex,” said the housekeeper with a seductive smile.

“Cornelia, what are you doing in here? Where’s my wife?” asked the startled doctor.

“Oh, she’s taking care of some important business,” responded Cornelia as she allowed her nightdress float to the floor, revealing naked and very desirable body.

“But Cornelia, we…”

“Shush now,” interrupted the seductive housekeeper as she climbed on to the bed beside her shocked employer. “You desire to make love to me, don’t you, Alex?” Cornelia asked seductively.

Alex just couldn’t resist. Cornelia’s long black hair, her wonderful breasts, long smooth legs and general all round figure conspired to ensnare Doctor King in a web of desire and lust. Accepting the woman’s “Invitation” he mounted her and kissed her moist red lips with a passion he had never shone to Janet. Indeed, what he did next something he had not done either as he kissed the housekeeper’s shoulder before moving to her breasts. Taking one nipple at a time he sucked and licked each alternately. Encouraged by Cornelia’s moans he continued until she pushed him away and indicated her shaved pussy with her hand.

Like an adolescent boy being allowed to fulfil a fantasy pushed Cornelia’s legs apart and in great excitement, began to lick his housekeeper’s pussy. Again Alex continued until Cornelia, who had been panting heavily, once again pushed him away. This time she indicated his prick that he dutifully inserted and began to pump.

After another wonderful orgasm Cornelia turned to Alex. “You are a wonderful family of lovers. Now, my pet, this is how it will be from now on…” and Cornelia whispered instructions into the entranced doctor’s ear.