The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Witches Sabbath Ch 3

By Astropirate

Alex woke up the following morning thinking he had been in a dream. He was shocked when he saw Cornelia in the bed beside him. She looked at him and smiled. Her wonderful naked breasts were dangling before him.

“Good morning, lover. Go and prepare breakfast like a good boy,” she said as if talking to a schoolboy.

Alex obeyed without question and left his bedroom, still naked, for the kitchen while Cornelia made her way to James’s bedroom. James was sleeping soundly flanked by his mother and sister who both had their arms around him.

Cornelia roused all three. She instructed James to help his father prepare breakfast while Janet and her daughter obeyed the housekeeper’s orders to follow her to the shower. In the shower Janet and Alice set about bathing Cornelia. Alice would apply soap to the housekeeper’s back and then rinse while Janet would do likewise with Cornelia’s front, paying particular attention to the woman’s wonderful breasts.

At a suggestion from Cornelia, Alice would press her own breasts against her back and holding Cornelia’s breasts, she would fondle them. At the same time Janet would kneel and obediently probe her housekeeper’s pussy with her tongue and lash her clit until she experienced orgasm.

Alice too, would kneel and gripping Cornelia’s hips she would lick the older woman’s arse cheeks. All this occurred as the steamy jets of hot water sprayed about them.

“Enough!” declared Cornelia and stepping out of the shower she stood perfectly still while mother and daughter dried her before all three returned to Cornelia’s bedroom.

Again Cornelia stood perfectly still while she was dressed by Janet and Alice. She would stretch her arms as Janet carefully placed her black lacy bra before clasping it while Alice would pull up Cornelia’s matching knickers before rolling up her black stockings. When Janet had dressed Cornelia in her black blouse Alice would fasten the zip of her black skirt. Mother and daughter would take great care to see that their mistress was satisfied. Finally they would each take a shoe and place it on the relevant foot.

“You have both done well and you will be rewarded. Soon there will be more members added to our sisterhood.” said Cornelia before all three made their way to the kitchen and the breakfast Alex and James had prepared. After breakfast Janet and Alex would leave for work while James and Alice would leave university. This was to become the daily morning ritual in the King household from now on.

While the family was away Cornelia would set about preparing dinner.

Now that the entire family was under her control Cornelia set about planning the next stage of her plan. Although she had seduced James and his father Cornelia’s main pleasure from the women. She also wished to initiate Janet and Alice into her group. To this end then Cornelia continued to cook. Adding special herbs to the food made the Kings susceptible to suggestion. So a few days later after dinner Cornelia ordered Alex and James to clean up and as well as clean the house while she led Janet and Alice to one of the empty rooms upstairs.

Mother and daughter were startled but helpless as they viewed a strange looking altar with two statues. One statue seemed to be mix between a man and a goat and the other seemed to be three women.

“Undress and reveal your beauty to the horned God and the Mother Goddess,” ordered Cornelia.

Janet and Alice obeyed and stripped naked, as did Cornelia, who, raising her hands, began some incantations in a language neither mother nor daughter were familiar with. What was even stranger was they began to respond to Cornelia’s words in that language, raising their hands and praising the deities before them. All three began dance round the statues swinging around as they went and continuing to chant as they did so.

Finally, as they slowed down and stopped and Cornelia turned to Janet and Alice. “Swear allegiance to the horned God and Mother Goddess,” she ordered the mother and daughter.

“We so swear,” responded Janet and Alice without hesitation.

“Well done, my sisters. Soon our group will grow in number. The horned god and Mother Goddess very pleased,” she declared triumphantly.

That night Janet, prompted by Cornelia made her way to the housekeeper’s room. Alice meanwhile made her way to her parent’s bedroom where she stripped naked and indulged in a night of passionate lovemaking with her father while James spent the night alone dreaming of having passionate sex with Miss Morton, his study counsellor.

Janet knocked at the door and Cornelia opened it and ushered the bewildered doctor in with a smile. Janet, who was still dressed, stood in silence. Cornelia took the bewildered doctor’s hand and kissed it before leading her to the bed. Standing before her employer, the tall housekeeper bowed until her lips met Janet’s. The effect was both startling and arousing for Janet. Instantly both women were engaged in each other garment for garment until eventually their beautiful bodies were exposed to each other.

Cornelia pushed Janet onto her bed before gently mounting her. She kissed her lips with even more passion and Janet responded as she returned Cornelia’s kisses with equal passion. Even though she was clearly under Cornelia’s control, Janet’s sexual urges and desires were her own. The sheer warmth of Cornelia’s smooth body rubbing against her own was exciting in itself, but as the housekeeper’s wonderful breast rubbed against her own Janet desperately broke off her kissing to release a gasp of air as well as a soft moan. This was pleasing to Cornelia who moved to Janet’s breasts and began to lick and suck each of them.

“Ooooh,” sighed Janet repeatedly with each touch of Cornelia’s lips and tongue that exercised in a very expert manner. Janet’s pleasure continued to build as Cornelia worked down to her waist, halting just above Janet’s freshly shaved pussy.

Cornelia turned Janet over on her front and once again mounting her employer she began to kiss and lick her back and work down towards her bottom, the cheeks of which Cornelia licked and sucked.

As well as panting Janet also shuddered with excitement. With her eyes closed she began to fantasise that Cornelia was actually Cathy Reynolds, a neighbour and a very good friend. As with James, Cornelia read this in Janet’s mind and was intrigued.

Cornelia turned over on her back without needing any prompting the mesmerised doctor copied Cornelia’s every action, including kissing and licking her arse cheeks.

Finally, Cornelia and Janet got into a sixty-nine position and before long their tongues were lashing each other’s clit. For Janet it was her first time and yet as she worked on Cornelia you’d imagine she and Cornelia had been long time lovers. Eventually the inevitable orgasm occurred. For Janet it was the biggest she had ever had. It left her totally exhausted and just wanting to sleep. This she did, resting her head on Cornelia’s breast.

‘Fear not, my love. You will have your time with Cathy, I promise and she too will be part of our group,’ thought Cornelia with a smile as she stroked Janet’s hair. Soon both were asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.