The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Witches’ Sabbath Ch 4

By Astropirate

A few days later Cathy Reynolds stopped by the King residence on her way home from work. The fact that there were no cars in the driveway told her that Alex and Janet were still at work.

Cathy was a successful saleslady for a cosmetics firm. Janet had often called over not just for a chat but to enquire about the latest goods on offer. It had been a month since Janet had last visited Cathy and she had grown concerned about her friend. She was also worried that she may have said something to annoy or upset Janet and she was hoping to find out what. It was to her frustration than that when she arrived the driveway was empty. Undeterred, Cathy took out her notebook and began to write. She simply asked Janet to give her a call to possibly arrange a visit. Putting the note in a small envelope, Cathy got out of the car and approached the door. She was about to push the note through the letterbox when it suddenly opened and a towering woman dressed in black stood before her.

Cathy found the experience startling and somewhat intimidating. After all, she was only five feet five where as this dominating looking woman towered over six feet. It wasn’t just that though. There was something about the woman’s eyes that Cathy was uncomfortable with.

“May I help you?” asked the woman in a friendly but firm manner.

“Err, yes. My name is Cathy Reynolds. I’m a friend of Janet’s. I…”

“Oh yes, Mrs King did mention you. I’m Cornelia, the new Housekeeper. Won’t you come in?” interrupted Cornelia.

“Well, I…”

Again Cornelia interrupted. “Oh, but I insist,” she said with a smile and Cathy soon learned why she was so uncomfortable with the older woman’s eyes as found herself reluctantly making her way through the hall that led to the living room.

“May I take your jacket?” asked Cornelia and despite her better judgement the twenty-nine year old mother of two removed the pink jacket that matched the colour of her skirt that was just above her knees and handed it to Cornelia who hung it on the banister of the stairs.

“You’re very beautiful,” declared the housekeeper in a lustful sounding voice, licking her pursed lips as she gazed at the young woman who stood helplessly in her white short sleeved blouse with her shoulder length hair of gold gleaming as the sun’s rays beamed through the living room window.

Terrified and finding herself unable to move, Cathy had the strangest feeling her entire body was being scanned by this woman. She tried to protest but found she was unable to utter a word.

“Please, take a seat. I’ll bring in the tea,” instructed Cornelia. Cathy obeyed and sat without a word.

It was only a few moments later but it seemed like hours to Cathy before Cornelia returned with the tray. She poured the tea and handed the cup to Cathy before taking her own and sipping.

“So, do you know Mrs King a long time?” asked Cornelia.

“Mrs King? Oh, Janet? Yes... Err, yes,” responded Cathy confused and unsure of herself.

“Well, Janet and my sister, Mary, were good friends in school. Janet just looked on me as the little sister she never had,” continued Cathy.

“Oh, that’s very sweet. I know she’s very fond of you,” said Cornelia smiling.

“Well…I’m very fond of her too,” answered Cathy as she gulped the tea uneasily.

“There’s no need to be nervous, Cathy,” said Cornelia as she moved and sat beside the younger woman on the sofa.

“I-I’m not. Look, I have to go,” a panicked Cathy said, as she looked at her watch.

“Relax, Cathy. You know Janet loves you. Don’t you?” asked Cornelia lustfully as she stroked the young woman’s golden hair.

“Yes, as a little sister,” responded Cathy in shock.

“Oh no, my dear. It’s much stronger than that. Let me show you,” replied Cornelia as her lips moved forward to meet Cathy’s.

Cathy moved back but try as she might she could not break away from Cornelia’s gaze. Indeed, as each millisecond passed the older woman’s hold got stronger. Finally, as their lips met Cathy felt an inner explosion of lust and desire sweeping through her entire body.

Cornelia broke the kiss and stood up before leading the young woman helplessly to the housekeeper’s bedroom.

In the bedroom Cornelia smiled as she moved forward and as before Cathy was neither willing nor able to move. Just like Janet before Cornelia’s head swooped down and her lips seized their stricken prey as they met Cathy’s moist lips causing yet another surge of lust and desire inside the younger woman.

Even as Cornelia opened Cathy’s blouse she remained still. She licked her lips as Cornelia gently squeezed her medium breasts through her plain white bra.

“We’ll have to educate you as to underwear,” said Cornelia with a smirk as she continued her groping.

“Ye-es, Mistress,” responded Cathy, confused as to why she said that.

Cornelia gave a slight laugh. With Cathy’s blouse open Cornelia pushed it back from her shoulders and allowed it to hang from the hem of her skirt as she continued to admire this beautiful young woman’s waist.

It was true. Cathy had always taken great care of herself. She exercised regularly and was careful what she ate.

Eventually Cornelia’s hand made its way around Cathy’s back and reaching the zip of her skirt, she tugged it and eventually both garments, skirt and blouse, ended up in an untidy heap on the floor.

Cornelia kissed Cathy’s bare neck and the young woman felt as if she had received a paralysing sting. The housekeeper stood behind her and, kissing Cathy’s shoulder, she gently pushed the bra straps down before unsnapping the garment and tossing it away.

“Oooh,” sighed Cathy helplessly as Cornelia’s warm hands fondled her round breasts. What Cathy didn’t see was the fact that Cornelia had discarded her one piece dress to reveal her beautiful naked body. The warmth of which, Cathy felt, when the older woman pressed against her back. Cathy felt very aroused as she felt Cornelia’s wonderful breasts press against her. When Cornelia swung her around Cathy suddenly became aware just how beautiful and intoxicating the Kings’ housekeeper really was. She was no lesbian but this woman had her at her mercy and Cathy was willing to submit to anything that Cornelia desired.

Once again Cornelia kissed her prey on her moist red lips and Cathy had no hesitation in returning it with equal passion before she was gently pushed onto the bed and as her smooth legs rose, both her heels dropped to the floor.

Cornelia moved her hands to Cathy’s bottom and quickly removed her knickers and tights, tossing them also to the floor.

“Now, let me show you just how much Janet really does love you,” declared Cornelia as she engulfed Cathy and both women enjoyed a most pleasurable and enjoyable orgasm.

For a long time Cathy rested her head on Cornelia’s breast like a child with her mother. Then Cornelia put her hand on the younger woman’s chin and made her look at her. “Remember…”

After dinner that same evening Cornelia gave the usual instruction to Alex, James and Alice to clean up while she took Janet with her to the Kings’ bedroom where they made love in the Kings’ marriage bed before Cornelia planted similar instructions in Janet’s head as regards Cathy.

* * *

A few days later, Saturday morning to be precise, Cathy arrived at the Kings’ home. She had phoned Janet earlier and the doctor invited her over enthusiastically. Alex would be at the golf course while James and Alice would be out with friends.

Despite the fact it was Saturday morning Cathy wore the same pink business suit she had worn on her previous visit. She had intended to dress casually but something made her change her mind. After retrieving her case from the back seat of her car Cathy made her way to the front door and rang the doorbell. The door was opened by Cornelia.

“Ah, there you are, darling,” she said with her usual smile. “Janet is in the living room. Just follow me,” she concluded.

Something inside Cathy told her there was something just not right. Nevertheless she found herself following the housekeeper to the living room where Janet greeted her friend with a hug.

“It’s been too long, dear. How are you?” asked Janet.

“Oh, I’m fine. I was worried about you though. I missed you,” responded Cathy with concern.

“Well, you worried for nothing, sweetheart. Now sit down I have so much to tell you,” replied the host.

“And I you…”

“Wait,” interrupted Janet and turned to the housekeeper. “Cornelia, could you bring us some tea, please,” she concluded.

“Of course, Madam,” Cornelia answered respectfully with a slight bow before turning away.

Janet turned to her friend and was about to speak. Neither she nor Cathy saw Cornelia as she swung around and both their minds were initially confused before Cathy reached for her case to show her wares.

When Cornelia returned with the tray Janet was sampling one of Cathy’s perfumes on her hand and both women giggled.

“Thank you, Cornelia,” said Janet and the housekeeper withdrew.

Janet poured the tea and handed a cup to her friend before taking her own. After several sips Janet put down her cup and sighed. “You have some wonderful stock, Cathy. I’ll gladly recommend you to my friends.” She declared.

“Thanks, Janet. That would be great,” responded Cathy excitedly.

Once again Janet sighed and there was a momentary silence before Janet did something she never did before. She put her hand on the young woman’s leg and began to rub gently along the fabric covered limb.

Although Cathy jumped she failed to protest or even speak. Instead she was invaded by strange lustful feelings that she could neither understand nor fathom.

Janet turned the young woman’s head towards her and for moment Cathy felt frozen in time and unable to move. As the older woman’s lips arrived at her own the sexual urges in Cathy’s body were almost unbearable and she responded with a long passionate kiss.

“I do love you so much,” said Janet sounding desperate to say it and she led her young friend to her bedroom mesmerised.

The women stripped each other garment for garment. Although Cathy had worn the same suit as before there were changes. Gone was the plain underwear to be replaced by a lacy purple low cut bra and matching skimpy knickers. In contrast, Janet, whose underwear was also lacy, was blue. Cathy had also replaced her tights with black stockings.

Janet pushed a naked and somewhat bewildered Cathy gently onto the bed before mounting and kissing her passionately on her lips.

It was a strange situation for Cathy. She had always been faithful to Mike, her husband of nine years. She never even thought of straying. She always been straight too. She had never had feelings for any woman let alone her sister’s best friend at school. Now, as she turned her over, Cathy ran her finger along Janet’s long smooth leg and gently probed the older woman’s freshly shaved pussy with it, forcing Janet to give a deep sigh as she did so. Extracting her finger, Cathy placed it in her mouth and sucked Janet’s pussy juice enthusiastically.

“Mmm,” she cried and licked her lips as if she had tasted the sweetest honey. Cathy plunged her face between Janet’s legs as he tongue ravished her new lover’s pussy in search for more of this wonderful “honey”. Janet made no protest. Indeed, she encouraged the young woman to eat her ravenously.

As if hit with a sudden inspiration or desire, Janet put her hands out to Cathy and while the young woman was still working on her click, she gently directed her to turn until they and positioned into a sixty-nine and Janet too was able reciprocate Cathy’s very welcome pleasure giving and to her delight, she could see that her young friend had also recently shaved her pussy.

They both eventually experienced their first of many orgasms together that would leave them exhausted but satisfied.

For a few moments Cathy and Janet rested. The younger woman laid her head on Janet’s naked breast as they did so.

“Well done, my daughters. You have both served the horned God and nature Goddess well. Now, come and please your Mistress,” demanded Cornelia who stood before them with her beautiful body exposed to them.

If Janet and Cathy were shocked or surprised they did not show it.

“At once, oh Mistress,” they answered together and got out of the bed and made their way towards Cornelia and began to ravish her body. Soon, all three were back on the bed and eventually helped each other to orgasm.

“Soon we will be more and the horned God and nature Goddess will receive the praise and honour they are due from mankind,” declared Cornelia as she caressed her “daughters” flanked on each of her on the bed. As she did this Cornelia began to plan how to recruit her next slaves, James’s beautiful counsellor and Alice’s school friend.