The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Witches Sabbath Ch 5

By Astropirate

It was a few days later when Cornelia went to Alice’s bedroom and they once more made love. This time the housekeeper planted instructions in Alice’s mind. The following Friday evening Jane Madden, Alice’s best friend at university arrived at the Kings’ house to study and stay the night.

Cornelia greeted the young nineteen year old when she answered the doorbell. “Good evening, dear,” she said with her seductive smile.

Jane didn’t answer straight away. Instead she swung around and waved to the woman, clearly her mother, in the car she had alighted from and waved to her.

Cornelia also waved to the woman who nodded and smiled before swinging the car around and diving off. For Cornelia she realised she had another possible recruit and licked her lips as she watched the car drive away.

The housekeeper led an unsuspecting Jane upstairs to Alice’s bedroom. Alice greeted her friend with a hug and Cornelia left the room. To Jane’s relief there were two beds in the room. Alice had not been clear about sleeping arrangements but now she realised she need not have worried as Alice took her friend’s bag and put it on her bed before sitting down and chatting.

At dinner Alice introduced Jane to the family before eating. Both young women left for town and did not return until about midnight when everyone was in bed. Everyone, that is, except Cornelia.

After putting on the light Alice entered the bedroom followed by Jane who was startled when she saw the housekeeper sitting in a chair and smiling. She was dressed in a short silk dressing gown and her long black hair hung loose. Her long smooth legs were crossed. She could have been mistaken for a mother about to scold her daughter for being late. Finally, Jane managed to speak. “What’s going on? What are you doing in here?” she asked with anger in her voice.

Initially Cornelia did not respond. She simply stood up and walked towards the girls and stopped in front of Jane.

“Oh, I simply wanted to make sure you were both safely home,” said Cornelia.

“Thank you for your concern…” Jane was unable to say anymore because Cornelia’s eyes settled on hers and she was immediately mesmerised.

“You are very arrogant, but you will learn respect,” said the housekeeper firmly as she continued to gaze into the young woman’s eyes.

Jane was terrified but unable to move. What really puzzled her though was why her friend had remained silent. Then, a mental command from Cornelia, Jane began to undress. First her sweater then her blouse and finally her bra were on the floor, revealing her pert breasts. Jane wanted to cover up with her arms but something made her keep her arms at her side while the older woman slowly examined her with her eyes.

“Do they not look delicious, my pet?” asked Cornelia, referring to Jane’s breasts, as she looked at Alice.

“Yes, Mistress, most delicious,” responded Alice with a lick of her lips.

Cornelia laughed heartily. “Patience, my pet, patience. You shall have your turn,” she said before turning her eyes back towards Jane, who, although entranced, heard and understood what was being said and stood helpless, unable to do anything but the bidding of this strange woman before her. Again at a mental command from Cornelia Jane quickly removed her shoes, jeans and knickers and stood before her with her hands on her hips. She was only five feet four in contrast to Cornelia’s more than six feet and her flame coloured hair was shoulder length. By observing the young woman’s pussy bush she saw and was pleased that her hair was a natural colour.

Cornelia walked slowly around the entranced girl and patted her bare bottom. “Your body is full of desire, Jane. Let me help you release it,” she said as she gently pushed the young woman down on the bed.

For a moment Cornelia paused before allowing her robe to slide to the floor, revealing her wonderful naked frame and despite her situation, even Jane could not help but admire the mature woman’s body. Cornelia once again smiled conscious of the younger woman’s admiration of her body.

“Now, my pet, watch and study Cornelia as she shows you how to make love,” she said before going down and mounting Jane. Soon they were in the throes of lesbian love as Alice looked on, getting more and more excited the longer it went on. After they orgasmed Cornelia got up and turned to Alice, who had stripped naked and masturbated at this wonderful sight. “Now, my pet. She’s all yours,” declared the older woman, with her hypnotic smile.

Alice quickly obeyed and after mounting her friend, copying her Mistress’s actions until they resulted in a wonderful orgasm for both.

“Sleep well, my pets,” said Cornelia before leaving the bedroom.

Soon Alice and her friend were asleep, wrapped in each other’s arms.

Before retiring to her bedroom Cornelia summoned Alice’s father, Alex to join her and instructed James to go to his parents’ bedroom and make love to his mother while she seduced Alex.

* * *

Jane was the first wake up the following morning. She had had a strange dream or at least, she thought it was a dream until she realised that Alice was resting her head on her breast and both she and Alice were naked.

‘It was true,’ she thought. She had made love to her classmate.

Jane was so wrapped up in these thoughts that she never heard the bedroom door open and Cornelia entered. The housekeeper, dressed in her silk robe, put out her hand and the young Jane held it and was willingly led to the shower. As the steamy jets of water sprayed about them Cornelia seduced and made love to her. Then, as the water continued to flow she whispered into Jane’s ear. “Remember…” and inserted certain instructions into the young woman’s mind.

As she and Cornelia exited the shower, Jane witnessed James and his mother entering the shower. This time she acted as if there was wrong. What she didn’t see was that later Alice and her father would also enter the shower together.

After breakfast Cornelia took Janet’s car and dropped the girls into town. She then drove to the Maddens’ house where she knew that Maxine, Jane’s mother would be alone because Jane’s father, Bob, was away on duty with the navy.

Maxine Madden was startled when she opened the door and saw the tall woman standing in front of her. She recognised her at once as the woman at the Kings’ house that greeted her daughter.

“Oh, my God, has something happened to Jane?” she asked in panic

“Relax, darling. She’s in town with Alice,” responded Cornelia with a smile.

“Then, why?”

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?” interrupted Cornelia.

Shocked as she was by this woman’s familiarity Maxine was about to say no when something made her change her mind and she invited the woman in.

‘Delicious,’ thought Cornelia as she admired the thirty-nine year old as she led the older woman to the living room.

For a moment Maxine stood there unsure how to proceed. Her flaming red hair was curly and shoulder length. Cornelia could see who Jane inherited her hair from. Maxine was five feet nine with a slim figure but with a wonderful pair of breasts that rivalled Cornelia’s. Maxine was about to speak but Cornelia broke in.

“I thought we’d discuss your love life,”

Taken aback, Maxine stuttered, “I-I…”

“Oh I imagine it is quiet lonely and very frustrating for you. Am I right?” asked the visitor.

Maxine, embarrassed, was unable to speak but for some reason or another, she found herself nodding in agreement.

“Well, it needn’t be Maxine, my dear,” said Cornelia, with a seductive grin.

“I-I don’t understand,” Maxine managed to blurt out.

“Come, let me show you what I mean,” responded Cornelia and taking Maxine’s hand, sat her on the sofa before sitting beside her. Cornelia moved forward and, just like Jane, Maxine felt a powerful surge lust and desire flood through her body as soon as her lips tasted Cornelia’s. In moments both women were naked and in the throes of wild lesbian sex that, for Maxine, at least, gave her the biggest orgasm she had ever had.

After a few more moments Cornelia took Maxine’s head and gazed deeply into her eyes. “Remember…” she said as she implanted orders inside her head.

* * *

The following Monday night while in bed Jane became very restless. She felt very aroused and began to play with her pussy, probing it gently with her fingers. Tossing off her nightdress she began to imagine Alice or even her mother making love to her. She began to sweat and her heartbeat sky rocketed. Finally, realising that masturbation wasn’t enough; Jane got out of bed and walked unashamedly naked along the corridor to her mother’s room. Halting at the door Jane could hear strange sounds emanating from the bedroom. It was obvious that Maxine was also masturbating.

Not bothering to knock or wait for an invite to enter, Jane opened the door and walked in. The sight that beheld her eyes both surprised and excited Jane. She had never seen her mother in a sexual way before. Maxine had always been wrapped bath towel when returning to her room after her shower.

What Jane saw was not her mother but a beautiful Olympian Goddess waiting to be seduced. The young woman licked her lips with desire as she observed Maxine’s luscious body. Her breasts were large and firm, in contrast to Jane. Scanning down her mother’s body, Jane admired the firm but flat stomach and finally her long smooth legs.

Initially Maxine was shocked when her daughter simply opened the door of her bedroom and just walked in but like Jane shock quickly gave way to lust and desire when she saw Jane’s naked body before her and when the young woman joined her on the bed she did not object. Instead Maxine embraced her daughter and kissed her passionately. Turning Jane on her back, Maxine once again kissed the young woman’s lips passionately and Jane responded with equal passion.

Gently mounting her daughter Maxine began by kissing and licking Jane’s shoulder and then moving down to her pert breasts. Each lick and suck of her nipples drew a deep moan from Jane. Even as Maxine moved down her body, licking, kissing and sucking as she went, Jane’s moans grew louder. They only ceased when Maxine halted at Jane’s shaved pussy before turning over on her back.

Copying her mother’s example, Jane mounted Maxine and kissed her moist red lips before working her way down to her mother’s wonderful breasts.

Jane was mesmerised by the sight of these wonderful globes. She began to lick the left breast from the base in a circular movement that culminated in arrival at Maxine’s nipples and began to suck and lick it.

“Oh, oh my God,” Maxine moaned repeatedly as her daughter walked on them with amazing expertise. Her excitement was almost fever pitch when Jane’s plunged into the deep chasm between her breasts and began to lick her right breast with the same result as she arrived at her nipple.

Maxine’s entire body shuddered with pleasure as Jane’s tongue and lips made their way down to her freshly shaved pussy.

“Wait, hon,” said Maxine as she rose and turned her daughter into a sixty-nine position and they both began to probe pussy and lash clit as if they had always being doing it. After several wonderful minutes they each experienced the first of many wonderful orgasms together. It would be the first time they were to sleep together. For Maxine, her sexual frustrations while Bob was away would be taken care of by a very willing Jane.

In the meantime, on the other side of town, Cornelia was in her bed. James was providing for her tonight. She ordered her slave to stop when she sensed what was going on with Maxine and Jane. She smiled with pleasure at the fact that she now had two new recruits for her plan.

“Resume, lover,” she ordered the young man.

“At once, Mistress,” responded James humbly and resumed licking the older woman’s pussy.