The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Worth It

By Ius Magister and Blue Collar Girl

Chapter 7

At home, she hid up in her room most of the night. She snuck down to the kitchen once to snag a banana that she could practice deep throating on. She had to learn how to get passed her gag reflex so she could give the optimal blowjob. Then she set out her tight black skirt since Roy had requested it, a deep red blouse with a plunging neckline, and her matching red thigh-high boots.

Maybe she’d be nice and practice that blowjob on Roy tomorrow rather than just jacking him off again.

Her family was more and more pleased at her change in behavior. They didn’t let on, because they knew she was trying not to let on, but they say the way she was subtly more obedient and w hile there were token complaints they could tell the teacher was doing his job, so her dinner and meal was interrupted since they didn’t want to disturb her.

The next morning, one of the girls in her class texted her, “Can I see you before school?” The emoji used was desperate, with two pleading hands next to it.

Esther rolled her eyes but responded back, “Sure. 7:30 @ my car, side parking lot”. She could guess what this was about. The big question was, could she make it work like Mr. Wilson wanted.

So she sat in the car, waiting and sucking on a lollipop when the passenger door opened. Kara slid in beside her, looking embarrassed and confused. Esther wondered if she had looked like that after her first detention. She also noticed the other girl wearing a big cardigan, and curiosity as to what Kara wore underneath it was peaked.

“So,” Esther drawled, “what’s on your mind?”

“Esther, I dont know if I know.”

She could help rolling her eyes again. “It’s not difficult, Kara. Boys this age are so easy. And no one said you had to fuck him. Just jerk him off and it’ll be fine. Who did you get paired up with?”

Kara’s face grew darker. “Alex.”

Esther could help it—she busted out laughing. “Oh girl, Alex is all talk. We dated briefly last year and he shot off in his pants without any help from me.” She dumped him not long after that, when he’d expected her to go down on him but refused to do the same for her. In retrospect she felt bad about that, though he still hadn’t proved himself a true man to be worth her attention.

“What does third period look like for you? You should tell Alex to come meet you near the band practice area. I can show you how I’m helping Roy, and that should help you with him.”

She seemed grateful. “Thank you so much!” She hugged Esther and them actually skipped off to her next class. By the time her next class had happened at least two other girls had reached out her, obviously nervous about pleasing the boy that they had been paired to. Strangely, none of them seemed angry at Mr. Wilson.

When 3rd period finally rolled around, Kara was there, having taken off the kardigan wearing a gorgeous lingerie that showed off her assets very nicely. Alex was also there and very hard. Both of them looked eagerly at Esther as she arrived.

She smiled at Kara, which slid into a smirk when she turned her attention to Alex. “Waiting on me, are we?” Esther snickered as she pulled a small blanket from her backpack. As she arranged herself on it, she told them, “you don’t have to wait on me. Get started. I’ll add any comments as needed.”

Just then Roy walked up, his stiffy wilting quickly as he spied Alex nearby. Esther tugged on his hand to get his attention, and when he looked down at her, she slid her shirt up over her head. Roy quickly forgot about the jock at the sight of her bare tits. He bent over enough to feel them and play with her nipples, his boner regaining its previous hardness.

Esther got up on her knees and tugged his shorts down again, still quite impressed with his overall size. It certainly put Alex’s cock to shame. Roy gasped as she touched him, but he didn’t cum. Maybe he was feeling shy with an audience. Esther noticed both Alex and Kara eyeing him enviously.

“See?” she told Kara as her fingers jacked along Roy’s boner. “Easy.” Then she lifted up to slide his dick into her mouth. Roy practically screamed in shocked pleasure, his whole body going stiff before his hands grabbed the sides of her head. Soon he was fucking her mouth like a madman.

Esther didn’t gag, the training she’d received the day before helping her remember her place. She relaxed and opened her throat as best she could, letting him use her and showing the other couple how simple—how natural—this all was. And when he finally came, she swallowed much better than she had the day before. Mr. Wilson would be so pleased the next time He claimed her like this.

Roy fell back, spent but looking supremely pleased with this turn of events. Esther, licking her lips to ensure nothing was left of Roy on her face, glanced over to see Kara’s face covered with Alex’s cum. Apparently watching Esther do it had been enough to set him off. She managed not to chuckle as she told Kara, “that’s a good start. Now we’ll have to get you cleaned up.” She pulled the other girl to her and licked the cum up off her face.

Soon they were making out, touching each other’s tits and panting. That ended up with two hard dicks back in their faces, and they sucked the boys off in tandem this time.

The two of them came again and moaned. That was when the bell rang and they knew that a new class was coming in. Two of the boys from Mr. Wilson’s class started talking loudly, since word had gotten around about what might be going on, Driver’s education normally used the other parking lot but she saw several students begin to set up orange traffic cones. Of all the timing ...but they were able to get dressed and out in time.

Mr. Wilson sat teaching the seniors and realized how much they would benefit from the videos, but he also knew that there was some kind of heuristic algorithm in them (and he knew enough math to understand) that it picked people who could be changed and who could keep their mouth shut. Those who watched the videos and didn’t, and he was starting to look on the internet for signs this was happening...other places.

There were...clusters ...but not some widespread viral thing.

And he never commented on the videos. The videos wanted him to, and he resisted. He wasn’t sure why he did this, mainly because something told him that there were other people aware of them and he didn’t want to deal with it. He also felt on a warped level that it was helping the other teens. They lacked structure.

It was, of course, the perv in him that thought this, but he was no idiot and perv and not perv were not idiots. So for now he tried to learn more, and in the meantime he would watch out for the junior class, and only the junior class despite the part of him that wanted to take the seniors in his class; or even just one of them.

But he didn’t.

And frankly, he wasn’t sure if any of them could live up to Esther.

Class was much less eventful than the previous one. Esther noticed the girls dressed differently. Not quite slutty, but definitely in a way to draw a man’s eyes to her body. The boys seemed a bit more subdued, as well. Maybe, she wondered, they were embarrassed having everyone know they were jacking off before class.

The biggest change was Roy. He seemed more confident and self possessed. Alex and his gang were suddenly talking to him rather than razzing him. And a group of girls (Kara in the middle of them) eyed him with whispered speculation. No doubt word of his impressive dick was making its way through that circle.

That was fine with Esther. Roy was learning how to become a man, but she was already devoted to a Man, and she’d be happy to pass the boy off if allowed. She still sat near the back of the class, her back perfectly straight, ankles crossed, and eyes demurely lowered when Mr. Wilson arrived. She hoped He was pleased with the progress she helped the class with.

He had always had a tight grip on his class, more than they ever realized he had, and now with the special training given to him by the videos he realized every nuance and gesture that they made. He realized that due to his actions the social Dynamic of the class was changing, which suited him just fine but he had to make arrangements. " I don’t mind if you end up switching partners but everyone needs at least one partner oh, there will be no repeats of our previous distractions am I clear?”

And everyone in the class nodded, he briefly considered whether he should start occasionally showing videos in class but considered it simply too risky, as a result he realized that he was going to have to start giving attention in rotations rather than tavr when it wants, so he carefully arranged it so that every other day he would take about a sixth of the class so that he could still have Esther to himself half the time.

He made a modification to the class syllabus with special symbols indicating the day of which group would be in detention and they were all briefed about it informally in back channels oh, it was all fairly straightforward.

That day after class he called Esther in to meet him, and asked her point-blank if she had any of the double think that he did.

The phrase confused her. She knew what He meant by it, but she didn’t understand how it applied here. “No, sir, no doublethink.” Of course, she was still impressionable enough to not know the programming she received wasn’t normal. She only knew what was expected of her by her Master, and doing His bidding gave her satisfaction, purpose, and pleasure.

He instantly got hard. Insanely, throbbingly hard. And it took all he could do not to bend her over his desk and breed her right that instant. He knew, right then and there, that part of how these videos were working was working on the reptile brain and that it wasn’t just about control. He was going to be knocking her up and maybe several of the girls around him up as well. But he intended to put that off for as long as possible. He enjoyed their dynamic as it was, and as much as he knew he couldn’t hold it off forever, the videos had also given him an almost supernaturally stronger will than most. He was a Master, and would soon master the school as he considered showing the videos to some of the female teachers or the female principal. This would have to be done carefully of course.

But tonight, tonight and for a while he would enjoy detention, he would spend time with the girl that was meant for his cock and meant to be the center of all that was happening. “Suck me off dear, you have answered well and deserve a reward as do I. You are a very good girl.”

He unzipped his cock and pulled it out for her to start her work.

With a sigh of relief and excitement, Esther dropped to her knees and began worshipping His cock. Even though she didn’t mind blowing Roy, there was no comparison here. Mr. Wilson has the best cock ever created. She had been born to serve His cock more than any other. And as she ran her lips and tongue and hands along its hard length, she lifted her eyes up to His so that He might see her devotion to Him.

He reached down and fondled her tits, fingers teasing her nipples to an almost painful state of arousal. She couldn’t help but whine as her pussy grew hot and wet and her clit burned. God, she needed to cum, but she didn’t even consider begging for one. Not yet, when she needed to finish her service to her Master. But she knew He must see the desperation in her eyes, and she prayed He would give her release.

He looked at her shrewdly calculating the keen but servile mind behind those desperate eyes. As he determined her worth, he decided to kill two birds with one stone. “I want you to come up with a curriculum and timetable for the education of your fellow students in the videos, and determine when or if I should have sexual relations with any of them besides their partner.”

That was easy. Now he wasn’t being controlled by his perv oh, he had outsourced just like any manager or dare he say leader would. There was a lot was still troubling him about all this but the increase in willpower and managerial capacity was something that he definitely enjoyed. “You can come when you come up with a plan that you think I would approve of.”

“Can you do that? Or do you need me to teach you how?”

Esther found it near impossible to think with how turned on she was. She worried she’d never figure out something that she thought would gain His approval, and that her horniness might kill her because she’d never get the relief she needed. Reluctantly, she pulled herself away from His cock and sat back on her knees, head bowed in disappointment with herself. “I don’t know, sir. I need a...a guideline or something. I wouldn’t even know where to begin.” Her voice trembled in despair, mortified that she was unable to immediately satisfy a request of His.

He considered this and nodded, “Your progress is perfect. Let me look online.” He began to tease her breasts and looked at several pieces of literature on various websites and finally found one that seemed….right. “This. You need to make them all like this.” It was a story about a society where women were sluts who lived to please their men, but the men became nicer to them as long as their sexual needs were met, except inside of the bedroom. The story focused on a protagonist who tried to resist it but the sweet female slave exposed him to videos that helped him understand that he needed to pound her daily.

“This is a good start. But these kinds of stories are also a good start. The way you teach, is to create a lesson plan. In a lesson plan, you need an objective, assignments, and clear examples of what it is you want them to do. There are many videos that can help them as well. Let’s start simple, pick the next thing you think women should learn.” For some reason he had the impulse to tell her to make them masterbate and think of him when they fucked other men but resisted it. It was the hardest thing he had resisted so far but managed to do it and kissed her lips, rubbing his cock.

She looked silently, dumbfounded.

This made him worry, “You don’t need to do it. I will create a curricula vitae, and I’m trained in instructional design. I have a masters in it after all, but I am now worried that your higher brain functions are being affected by all this. I want to see all of your homework for all of your classes, not just mine, do you understand?”

Esther nodded. “Yes, sir,” she replied meekly. She didn’t think her schoolwork was suffering, but to be fair she hadn’t really been paying it much attention, either. Her mind had been subsumed by the need to please Mr. Wilson. And while she was not consciously aware of the rewiring her brain had undergone, she knew something about herself was different.

But her original personality, hidden deep in her mind, awoke and rebelled, or tried to. Awake, the programming shut those thoughts down before they even formed. And so her real self waited, seething as she obediently returned to sucking her teacher’s cock. It would find a way out. It had to.

Mr Wilson was a lot more higher functioning because he worked with the programming rather than against it, and he had every belief that she was the same way. The odd microexpression concerned him, but he didn’t pay it mind. But it would bother him later.

There were remedies for that kind of thing.

Subconsciously, he pulled her up from his cock, and set her on his lap. He gently caressed her cheek and looked into her eyes and then asked, “You do understand that our cover is critical to continue the process. If your school work suffers, all of the time we are spending together will implode.”

Esther struggled to pay attention with his cock prodding her ass. That glimmer of her old self disappeared as she wanted nothing more than for him to lift her skirt up and slide that cock inside of her. She bit her bottom lip as his eyes fixed her into place, so she nodded. “I understand, sir. I’ll be sure to let you review all of my work.”

When he nodded, her self control broke. Her hand slid down to stroke him as she ground against his lap. “Sir, please,” she whined. Schoolwork was the means to the end, but the end was right here. She was ripe and ready for him, for pleasure, or even breeding if that’s what he wanted. It didn’t matter to her so long she fulfilled his needs.

He smiled with benevolent intent, putting a hand on her shoulder eternally clearly pleased with her desire,” at some point I think we can get there very close to the point where I think our mutual needs will demand a satisfaction but as it is I think that patience is a virtue however you may find yourself well you attempt to give me a lap dance oh, have you ever given one before?”

Esther shook her head, “No, sir, but…” She trailed off and looked away, cheeks flushed. She’d watched videos off and on since she started tutoring with him, and dancing had been part of those. “If you want me to try it, I am happy to do so.” She leaned forward, her breasts pressing against his chest as she whispered in his ear. “I will do anything you want.” She laced the words with as much throaty passion as she could.

His cock pulsed with liquid heat under her perfect tight little ass as he buried his face on her breasts kissing and caressing them. “It is good that you will do anything I want.” He kissed her on the mouth, passionately, sliding his tongue inside her mouth and sighing contentedly as he ground his cock compulsively into her.

Esther moaned into his mouth, her pussy on fire. She swiveled her hips in a specific pattern, alternating between gentle swishes and grinding thrusts. Again, a programming she remained unaware of took over the movements, and she simply rode along. A deep burning need to feel His seed inside her ached, nearly bringing her eyes as she felt His wasted cock beneath her. But she could do nothing about that need until He gave the command. If He was content with this dance, then she must be, too.

He moved patiently building his passion as he did, writing her with total confidence controlling her story and her life with the fountain pen beneath her and between them, writing out her destiny with the ink of naughty thoughts, runicly etching her fate with every motion of their hips, predetermination a thing that was now a permanent part of her mind. He had enough understanding at this point to know that even though both of them were still progressing quite a bit, she was always going to be permanently imprinted on him.

With a shake of her head, Esther pulled away and stared into His eyes. She could’ve sworn that she saw an undulating pattern reflected back at her. She watched, fascinated, as her mind drifted away from her. Her mouth went slack as her rhythm changed, hips beginning to mimic the pattern. The programming changed, accelerated, now that she was here, aroused and pleasuring her master again. Her heart swelled as chemicals flooded her system and she realized she was helplessly, hopelessly in love Him. That spurred her to kiss him again, her tongue matching her hips as she slid along the edge of an orgasm she couldn’t quite reach.

He smiled and reached between her legs and boldly touched her sex with his fingers through her clothing. He smiled and unzipped himself allowing his cock to spring to life on her, lifting her dress to show her panties as he moaned and was near the threshold of pleasure as he whispered in her ear, “Cum.” He came on her panties (while she was wearing them) gobs of semen spilling on her legs, dress and even a bit on her face.

Esther’s body exploded. Pleasure wracked her mind as she thrashed in his lap, grinding her teeth to keep from screaming like she wanted. The feel of his cum on her skin, the smell of it flooding her senses, squashed that tiny rebellion that happened earlier, her personality retreating in self preservation as the programming tightened its stranglehold on her.

Spent and satisfied and high on love, Esther slumped against him. Her hand lazily reached down and trailed a finger through the semen on her thighs. Then she sucked the finger clean before going back for more.

He gently caressed her hair, and traced her lips with a finger, caressing her cheek. He carefully caressed her still sensitive sex and began to stimulate her again, knowing that he now controls her body little a fine violin. He slowly moved his fingers driving her to desire again, grabbing three pencils off his desk and holding them together slowly and carefully sliding them in. Then, realizing that they might splinter, he instead teased her clit with the erasers. “We need to get you a dildo dont we dear?”

He blew softly in her ear, building her up for another orgasm.

She squirmed and whined faintly, so sensitive that it took no time to bring her back to a high. “A...dildo..,” she panted, wanting to beg him to stop teasing and just fuck her already. Her mind flickered. “My mom has more than one. I could snag one of hers.” Her voice rose sharply at the end as she was suddenly and frighteningly desperate to cum again.

He thought several moments and nodded, “You need to do that. Get one of hers.” He briefly had vague ideas about converting her mother but he already had an entire class full of girls that needed his attention and he realized at one point he was going to knock all of them up. It wasn’t an if, but a fact. They all were his and he had the biological imperative to fuck them all.

Much to his surprise his cock immediately got hard thinking ab out that. He began to stroke it and got a vague look on his face, “You need to get the girls to steal their mother’s sex toys and start using them, but you also need to begin charging the boys for the release you give them and use it to get better sex toys online. This is their most important assignment and I will be grading them. They have four weeks to get an impressive collection.” He stimulated her and stroked his cock, “”Do you understand?”

Esther humped His hand, high on sexual energy and instructions. Because the only that made her hotter than His touch was Him dictating His will to her. “Charging, yes.” Roy would pay her anything she wanted because he was a horny little boy that didnt know how to get anything sexual for himself. “And with the toys, can we...can I…?” Her voice broke into a whine as He drove her mad with wild lust.


The compulsion to steal her mother’s dildo was overwhelming. Her father was spending a long time getting ready and ideas were entering her head to do...whatever it took to get it before school. The levels of arousal were huge and the itch in her mind was getting larger and larger. He loved her and had no idea what she would do to serve her teacher. But she was a good horny little girl. Her teacher believed in her.

“Esther, aren’t you ready yet?” her father complained as he walked into her room. She thought he might, and so he found her sitting on her bed in a typically skimpy skirt. But instead of a blouse or sweater, she sat with only her hands covering her bare breasts. “Damn it,” he snapped, turning away, “this isn’t some game, girl. Get dressed.”

She sniffled and whined, “I’m sorry, Daddy. I’m just very sore today. It’ know, that time.” Of course, it wasn’t, but he didn’t know that.

He didn’t even attempt to call her on it. “Oh, right well...don’t be late.” And then he disappeared as if he’d never been there.

WIth a giggle, Esther threw on her form-fitting red sweater and, as soon as she heard his car speed off, she was in their room in a flash. While she was mildly grossed out by digging through her mother’s sex toys, her nipples burned and her pussy flooded between her legs. She had to admit she found two of the dildos a little intimidating in their size. So instead she took one that was a decent size and looked surprisingly real. She shoved it into her backpack and scurried off to school.

Her father was disturbed by hotness of her clothing. He looked aside and coughed and opened the door taking her to the kitchen. He was going to have fun with his wife later on or maybe stop by at hooters and spend some time with the nice thinly clad ladies. He wasn’t sexually attracted to his daughter but the way she dressed made him horny but not for her.

He breathed a sigh of relief and went to work forgetting it but fucking the secretary.

Meanwhile at school, there were several boys asking her number and if she would them relieve their stress. While the class was discreet, the fact was that her reputation was slowly getting around and with her conditioning and what the teacher had said saying no was very hard. It made her horny to give blow jobs to men.

Esther smiled at the boys and let them know she’d try and find a way to work them into her schedule. The thought of sucking all of those dicks made her so wet that she practically hear the dampness when she walked. In her study period before history, she was met by three other girls besides Kara and their homework partners. Roy was happy to help her demonstrate to them how to get better at blowjobs and handjobs, which some of the guys seemed to prefer. By the end of the period, she’d swallowed down four helpings of Roy’s cum and was so horny she thought she might go insane having to sit through class.

Mr Wilson, meanwhile had received a call from Esther’s mother who was expressing some concern for her daughter’s behavior. “You know her better than anyone else,” she asked, “What is going on?”

“I can explain,” he smiled patiently, “I need you to watch this video. It explains a bit about the teaching techniques I’m using.”

She shrugged and opened her email. Frankly, Mr Wilson realized that he needed to do some house cleaning in general and sent a special video to all the teachers on the email list that was a low level versoin of what was used in the class. It wouldnt turn the whole school into a fuck fest yet, but would make them ignore some of the behavior going on and ….relax their sexual standards.

He smiled to himself as he heard, Esther’s mother on the phone slowly moaning and said, “Take care of yourself and her father and leave Esther to me.” She quietly agreed and hung up moaning louder.

Mr Wilson slowly stroked himself as he looked as his other classes and chose 3 or 4 other girls, that interested him that he might add to a select group but Esther was the one that interested him. He found his biological imperative to fuck her daily increasing and knew that he had to make a big announcement in front of the class.

It was hard waiting until class but eventually he did.

Before heading into history, Esther stopped by the bathroom. Inside the stall, she unzipped her backpack and took out the stolen dildo. Her nipples sizzled as she stared at it. Was she really going to fit it inside her? It was bigger than the dicks of the two boys she’d deigned to fuck before. But it was definitely still smaller than both Roy, who she might let inside her pussy, and Mr. Wilson.

She pulled down her damp panties and, after licking the tip of it lightly, pressed into her vagina. She couldn’t help but groan as it stretched her walls and oh God she felt so amazingly full. Her toes curled with the desperate ache the eminated from her groin, hot and wet and needy. Without thinking, she slammed the dildo in and out, so ready to burst but unable to cross the threshold without permission.

Frustrated and so horny that tears flooded her eyes, Esther pulled up her panties, keeping the dildo nice and snug inside her cunt, and took herself to His class.

He smiled when class started as everyone was flush and healthy from all the sex they had been getting. The girls all relaxed and wore the sexy clothing they did for just his class and the boys all edged looking at them, dicks hard as they understood that history was for fucking. They paid attention on the side in case Mr Wilson said something. As she entered, he closed the door behind her and whispered for the whole class, “Today is the day Esther. Bend over my desk.”

Despite her conditioning, Esther almost came to his words. She had a sudden flash of shyness as she walked to the front of the class, set her bag down beside His desk, and then bent at the waist over it, her ass peeking out from under her tiny skirt.

Mr. Wilson locked the door and came to stand behind her. He was talking, but she couldn’t pay his words any attention. Her rock hard nipples scratched on her sweater as she shifted them against the hard desk surface. His hands kept roaming across her ass as he talked, occasionally stopping to play with the toy she’d inserted. Frankly she was amazed it hadn’t slid right out of her given how drenched she was.

But none of that mattered. Her Master was going to fuck her. She didnt even care that they had an audience. She whined and looked up at Him, begging Him to please put his dick inside her already.

He smiled as he could tell she had inserted the tool into her pussy as he slid her panties down her pussy and legs. He fingered her while talked to the class, “This is her mother’s dildo. This is devotion. This is the devotion all of you should have.” The girls and boys were all playing with themselves, enraptured to his words and a low moaning erupted in the class when he turned his head to whisper, “Do not distract me in this moment or attract the attention of the others.”

The class went silent but did not stop playing with themselves as he finished removing her panties, cock hard as he tease the edge of her slit, poking its tip in just an inch, “Beg me dear, beg me to do what it is that we both want to do.” It took all of his will not to begin fucking her immediately, but this had to be done right.

Esther squirmed every time He touched her, her hard nipples driving her nuts as they rubbed against her sweater. She saw everyone looking at her, their faces rapt, and it only made her wetter. She wanted them to witness His final possession of her, staking His claim with His cock. His fingers probed inside of her and she thrust her hips back to meet them. When He finally allowed her to, she whined, “Please, sir. I am dying from want. I need you to fuck me.” She wiggled her ass at Him. “Please. Please let me show them my true purpose, so they might see theirs and oooooh,” she cried as He thumbed her clit, “pleeeeeease, Master. Fuck me.”

At last, the moment of truth. He began to fuck her. In the beginning there was fuck, as he slid in with a single long stroke, pulling her towards him, grabbing her tits, pinching her nipples as he moaned, hard and inside her, enjoying this moment that was forbidden and in his complete control. He owned her and she devoted herself to him and he was going to cum in her fertile hole and culminate his ownership of her. Moaning, he began to slowly fuck her faster and faster, loving it, every moment of it.

Oh god. He impaled her with His cock, and Esther’s eyes rolled back in her head. This was...everything. With a soft sigh she pushed her hips back to meet His, the sound of her arousal louder than the slap of their skin. When He sped up, the pleasure erased all other thought from her brain. Esther saw only the images from the videos he’d shown her, the swirls of color and sprays of light and shadow. Her mouth fell slack as she groaned and whined for Him. For them all. The girls must see how worth it serving their masters was. The boys must understand their role and be worthy of their obedience. And for fuck’s sake, she needed to cum.

“Please please please please,” she begged with everything thrust of Mr. Wilson’s cock. Tears welled up in her eyes it felt so insanely good. Her pussy wrapped around his dick like a slick trap it was so tight. “Please, master!”

This was right. This was good.

It wasn’t enough.

He slowly slid out and spanked his cock looking at her while he undressed her, stripping her entirely one article of clothing at a time. Then he threw the papers and books off his desk with a sweeping motion as they crashed to the floor and he put her back on the desk and spread her legs. “Be as loud as you can dear,” and moans as he fucked her so her tits would jiggle for the whole class.

Gasps of pained ecstasy flew from Esther as He hammered back into her. It felt so good it was almost painful, dancing right there along the edge of orgasm. It was so much better than the times He let her cum when she touched herself, or even when He fingered her. Every cell of her body cried out with her as she writhed on his desk. Whereas her mind had been captured by Him before, now her body would never feel anything again like she did right now. He imprinted Himself into the very fiber of her being, and she would never be satisfied if she wasn’t on His cock.

Her classmates had gathered closely now. She could smell the arousal of the other girls. Even upside down she could see the painful erections of the boys. Somewhere in the haze of being fucked out of her mind, one of the boys jammed his cock into her mouth and exploded. She noticed it was Roy right before another boy shoved him aside so he could do the same. Soon the class fell into a pile of bodies as her classmates took her lead and began fucking each other. At various times, boys still wandered over to shoot their loads in her mouth or on her face, and each time Esther cried desperately for the release she so desperately needed.

Mr. Wilson was both proud and offended at their actions. He was proud that they understood they should be publicly sexual and that Esther was an object meant to be used; but he really was annoyed that they took this particular moment to do it. Still, as a teacher, he had to understand it wasnt really about him. And as such, he knew that he should let them cum in and on her while he plowed her. He did enjoy the look of the other girls who were looking at him and his cock rather than the boys as they came in Esther. He knew, right then and there that he could and would be fucking every single one of them and as he looked at Esther and the look of total adoration on her face, came into her with more force than he ever had in his whol life. The amount of jizz was astounding and he just didnt stop.

One wonderful thing Esther didn’t realize about her training: her Master cumming inside her would give her an orgasm. As soon as He came, intense, almost excruciating pleasure erupted from her middle and spread throughout her body. Each touch from Mr. Wilson stretched out the feeling, flooding her mind with emotion. The last little piece of her old self scrabbled for survival as pleasure tore her limb from limb. She was only His.

As much as she wanted to slide down and lick Him clean, Esther remained on her back, legs tucked against her chest. Now was that He had fucked her, the second imperative from her programming kicked in: bear Him a child.

He felt like he came forever. The other girls were all jealous. The boys were hard and horny.

The Principal was right outside and looking inside the room in horror.

Mr Wilson’s moment of triumph turned to mild horror. Well, no problem, he would just show her the video and reached for his lap top but as he did, she ran away. OH well that might be a problem. He would have to show the video to all of them. He considered having the students shield him but as he considered it, he didnt want the advances they had made getting out. “All of you, clean yourselves up now.”

His command was painful in a way. She felt His cum leak down her thighs when she slid off the desk. Esther quickly grabbed the stolen dildo and shoved it back inside her, hoping it would keep His seed in better. Then she slid hands up her legs, collecting His cum and licking it from her fingers. Her pussy pulsated, never having fully stopped from her climax, making it hard to concentrate. But the order had been clear, and so she hurried back into her clothes with alacrity.

Then she turned to the others, helping them finish up and redress. Roy had to shoot off one more load down her throat before his boner went down enough to zip back up in his pants. Finally, everyone was back in order and at their desks. Esther noticed she wasn’t the only girl who couldn’t stop squirming, though she was the only one with a fat piece of latex up her cunt to drive her crazy.

They came for Tim 20 minutes later. He sat at the desk, quite proud of what they had done. He spent that time erasing incriminating evidence from his computer. The special files weren’t there. He instructed the girls and boys to carefully expand their situation to two girls for every guy and keep it cellular. The girls could masterbate and think about him but were to service their guys and follow them to college if possible.

Looking at Esther, he smiled,”You will want to wait for me, but you need to service Roy while I am waiting. I am sure I will eventually get out.”

Esther smiled up at Him, equal parts proud and heartbroken. She had done everything He’d asked of her, and He had blessed her with His seed. Her hand covered her lower abdomen possessively, desperately hoping she might have His baby while He was away. But He was going to be away, and the future without Him felt long and bleak. She wouldn’t let Him see her glum, though. Instead she gave Him her brightest smile. “I’m sure Roy will enjoy it, even if I’ll miss you.”

After the police arrested Him, they asked the students for statements. Esther stood at the window, watching Mr. Wilson getting put into the back of a cruiser. He looked up at her window, and she waved to Him. No doubt her parents would be arriving soon, and she could probably expect hours of therapy in the immediate future. Whatever. She would find a way though it all until her Master returned to her.


The principal was the only person who pressed charges. Despite hours and hours of questioning, the students refused to testify against their former teacher. Curiously after a few weeks, the principal retracted her statement and ended up quitting to become an advocate for the right of young people to express themselves sexually as adults. She wasnt very popular in the town.

The police were having none of it and “found” some incriminating material that ensured a conviction anyway. The DA was able to get a jury to believe him despite the skill of Tim’s female attorney who, to the shock of those in the court, often flirted with the judge and Tim in the room. The first trial was a mistrial as the five female jurists refused to vote guilty, but the second did, but the female judge in the 2nd trial seemed to make the prosecutor tear his hair out with frustration. Eventually, he got a full pardon from the female governor and started his own school.

When Tim came out of jail, he was surprised to find a mercedes benz waiting for him. It was driven by his favorite student. He was wearing the same teacher’s clothes he had been when he was arrested, but they had been ironed and pressed for him by the local guard. He had been surprised how the warden and guards had ended up being female by the time he left.

As his delighted girl swept into his arms, he kissed her deeply and in front of the guards, not caring as he the got into the car, driving away, knowing that the world would be a much better place with the special instructions he was going to slowly but surely spread around the world. There was a lot to do, and a lot to fix. The world would do better loving more and fighting less, and Tim intended to do just that.