The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Worth It

By Ius Magister and Blue Collar Girl

Chapter 5

Things began to fall into a routine. Esther went to fifth period history class, where her mind inevitably grew soft and pussy grew wet in the presence of Mr. Wilson. She just stared at Him while she sat ramrod straight, her mind open to anything He said.

After school, she reported back to His classroom, where she removed her top. He would lecture her—sometimes on history, other times on what men expected of women—while He lazily toyed with her breasts. Some days He wound her up and forced her to go home, frustrated and horny. Other days, He allowed her a desperately needed orgasm. Those days, He usually had her watch a video afterwards. Her mind tied anything she learned through the pretty swirling pictures to the exquisite pleasure she got from those climaxes, and in turn with Him.

She slowly began dressing more as she always had, with an edge that kept her within the school’s minimal dress code. One Tuesday, she wore her original offending outfit, with one exception. Instead of her bright blue bra under the tight white button down, she wore a thin sheer bra that did nothing to cover her breasts. Mr. Wilson said nothing to her about it in class, and she was so enraptured of Him that she didn’t notice the effect it had on the boy next to her in class.

Roy, the same boy who had to be sent home before for prematurely ejaculating in class to her outfit, raised his hand and said, “Mr. Wilson, may I be excused?”

Tim looked at him, ruler in hand, and walked down the aisle. It had not just been Esther that had become more obedient. Tim had a reputation as the strictest teacher in school and was even more strict with his female students but the girls all liked him more for it; despite the fact that he didn’t show them any favoritism. He was quiet, and gentle in his commands, but no one crossed him. Some of the girls were jealous of the private study time they had and asked to join in.

Mary, in particular, was getting more and more determined to find out what was going on in these sessions, so she watched Roy and Mr. Wilson with increasing, almost harpy like shrewdness.

“What is it Roy?”

“I need to be excused?”


“I….dont feel well.”

“Be specific.”

“It’s personal.”

Roy looked at the desk and sighed then he looked right at Esther, “Detention.” Then he looked at Roy and wrote on the board in large chalk letters, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Then he asked the class, “Class, have we been in this situation before?”

Two of the jocks snickered and one nodded.

“What is so funny Alex?”

“Nothing sir. But yes, we have.”

“Since you are volunteering to help Roy, let me ask, is there anything Roy could have done to avoid having this unfortunately incident?”

Alex laughed, “Well he could have prepared ahead of time.”

Mr. Wilson got an odd look and then said, “There are certain subjects that the district does not permit me to go into detail within this class. However, sexism or mockery of someone because of their dress; whether or not it infringes on the dress code is unacceptable. Therefore, I expect everyone in the class to make proper preparations before they come to class.”

There was a VERY long silence before Alex raised his hand, “Sir are you asking us to….you know.”

“I am saying that I will no longer accept any more delays like what Roy is causing.” He looked at the students and said, “Does anyone require assistance with this kind of thing?”

There was another long pause. Could he really be saying what he thought they were saying?

Mr. Wilson took the chalk and underlined what he had written on the board, “I want each of you to take a partner.” Then as they joined up he shook his head and broke several partners up, most of which happened to be boy and girl. “Good. You will, every night, begin studying together for the final which I am now making more difficult. You will prepare for class every day. EVERY day, do you understand?”

The silence in class was thunderous.

He looked at Esther, “Satisfied?”

God, she loved it when He spoke with such authority. She didn’t pretend to be abashed or ashamed. She knew Mr. Wilson had to maintain this illusion of disapproval because if He didn’t, please might become suspicious of the true lessons He taught her. And she also knew that this was how He really wanted her to appear—wanton and available-seeming, a pretty little package for His amusement. She just had to be sure not to go over the line.

Had she today? Not if Roy could keep his stupid boners to himself. He was such a stupid little horndog of a child. High school boys held no interest for Esther. The only man who did stood at the front of the class, and He was annoyed enough that He forced her to take Roy as her partner.

After school, Mr. Wilson waited for her in His room, and He looked most displeased. Once the door shut, Esther immediately went to her knees in front of him and bowed her head. “I’m sorry if I pushed you too far today, sir.”

Tim had gained a lot in confidence and shrugged, “Roy’s failure to master himself is his own failure. A man who cannot control his boners has no business wielding power over others. I take care of my boners now five times a day. Like any man should.” He had an increasing sense that these bones should be taken care of inside of women, and that women were morally obliged to let men do so in them, on them or at the least with them as a masterbatory tool but since he didn’t have time to date given the time he spent taking care of his boners and also counseling Esther and he wasn’t going to be a perv….

He mentally switched gears, “I am not at a point where the class is going to need to see some of the videos I’m training you with, but they all need stress relief, and that means you might need to spell it out for them. Obviously their teacher can’t be a perv and tell them that a girl needs to provide stress relief to the boys, but you can make it clear that I am grading a history project for each duo and that class participation is required and that if I have more boners in my class then there will be a serious problem….do I make myself clear?”

He waited for her response and then asked, “How are things at home dear?”

“Home is fine, sir,” she mumbled, and it was. Her parents seemed pleased that she was studying hard, even though her studies diverged wildly from the curriculum they had helped the school board approve.

Esther’s heart sank as she realized what He was asking of her. Roy was a beta loser and didn’t deserve her attention, but since Mr. Wilson demanded it of her, she would do it. Still, it was worth some negotiation.

“Sir,” she asked, gazing up at Him with her eyes wide. “Am I to understand that I should do whatever it takes to help Roy regain his...focus?” When He nodded, she sighed. “And if I do this, sir, and do it well enough to help him pass….”

He frowned. “What?”

“Will you let me finally serve you in the way I was made to?” She put her plaintive hands together. “Please, Mr. Wilson? Please??”

Tim squirmed. Part of him knew that this was the natural order of things, but he was finding that he actually had a stronger will power than he thought. That was odd, as he thought about it since of course he had a strong will and that will was to mold and shape young women to be his to serve society. He had to mentally struggle for a moment since she deserved to serve him if she performed this task but it led him to almost get a boner and boners were for WOMEN not girls.

He was not a perv.

No matter how nice her tits were.

Finally, after two minutes he evaded the question and said,”It’s time we both watched a video.” He had found a new one, that was the first for both instructors and pupils in learning to deal with this kind of thing and turned it on. For Tim, time seemed to pass instantly.

But for Esther, time grew weird. The colors in the video stretched and elongated, a flicker of images that taught Esther things that had never occurred to her. It made her body want to move. She wasn’t meant to be merely a vessel; she was made to entice. Serving didn’t mean just following orders. She needed initiative to make a man want her.

Over the instructions that she absorbed was music, slow, sinuous, sensual. An erotic pulse vibrated through her body, a tingling that played along her skin and tightened her nipples and her pussy. She couldn’t sit still, didn’t sit still, and had the intense urge to remove her clothes.

And so she did. Her shirt was tossed aside, and the skirt followed. She wore only her skimpy panties, her see-through bra, over-the-knee stockings and black knee platform boots. Her hips swung as her hands caressed her body.

Suddenly, the video was over. She found herself straddling Mr. Wilson’s lap, her back to his chest as she leaned back, arms around his neck. Her ass ground into his lap and God she was turned on.

He immediately realized he had a boner, and blinked his eyes trying to figure out why he was so turned o...holy fuck that felt good. He had known that he needed his boner serviced by a servant or slave daily as a master but he had had a will of iron not to be a perv but this was too much. He felt disconnected from his own body as he grunted and lightly spanked her ass for not heeding instructions he couldn’t verbalize to stop because he was afraid he would swallow his own tongue, grabbing her ass, he literally couldn’t stop, caressing the sides of her breasts and moaning, as he came nearer and nearer to climax.

Esther didn’t stop grinding. In fact, she took His grunts and spanks as encouragement to continue. If this wasn’t what He wanted, He would demand she stop, right? And His boner pressed hard up against her ass as she swiveled it against Him. That’s what she was there for: to provide Him relief.

As wonderful as her body felt plastered against His, her mind was at perfect peace.

He held off as long as he could, trying not to be a perv. Couldn’t be a ...oh god she felt so wonderful He had to grind into her. He couldn’t stop. His body and boner had to touch her soft perfect flesh. Tim stopped worrying about anything but just grinding his boner into this soft young flesh, and it felt so good. Part of him wanted to remove their clothing to feel her soft flesh on his, and even that would involve ending the perfect rising joy and lust his boner felt on her grinding. He felt his whole mind channeling through his cock as he began to caress and then bent down to kiss those perfect tits through the lingerie.

Tim felt part of him still fighting, resisting being a perv, but as a master he knew that his balls needed to be relieved. Each grind of that perfect tight ass made the argument harder and she was so patient and relentless, teasing the sperm out of him until finally he knew he couldn’t stop it and began to nut. It felt fantastic but his cock couldnt stop quivering as slow horror and joy reached him as he knew that he was a perv. He still kept cumming and at least while cumming he didn’t care.

Esther gasped when His arm snaked around her waist and pressed her down harder against Him. She sensed that whatever He’d been wrestling with had resolved itself, and a languid smile spread across her face. He had accepted finally that He was her Master. She sensed it in his body as He practically fucked her through their clothes.

When she felt his cock begin twitching against her grinding pussy, any of her lingering doubts about her place in His world evaporated. This was her place. Well, almost. But soon He would be emptying himself on her and in her, she just knew it. And just that stray thought, as she felt him cum, brought her right to the brink.

“Master,” she whined as she rode him through his orgasm, “please let me cum too. Please.”

He didn’t understand what had just happened. He felt good and relieved but also disgusting at the same time. He didn’t want to be a Perv but apparently he was. The Boner had won, but at the same time he was indeed not only a master but her master and despite lingering dread that sirens and handcuffs were coming at any moment he knew he had obligations towards her, despite his displeasure for reasons he could not specify. She hadn’t disobeyed him, so she got to cum.

“You may.”

With a cry of relief, Esther shifted a little in His lap so her clit pressed against His thigh and rode it for all she was worth. His hands crept up to her tits and squeezed her nipples, and she lost it. She came harder than she ever had, the ecstasy nearly blinding her. When she grew noisy, one of His hands clamped over her mouth, the other grabbed her and held her against Him tightly.

The pleasure went on and on, a trigger set in her mind that her greatest orgasms could only happen if she brought her Master to climax. And as she slowly drifted down from that high, she knew she would do anything He asked of her to feel that again.

For a moment, he just gently held her there, rocking her back and forth reassuringly, making sure she wasn’t going to get him sent to prison, then he said, “That was too risky. You will need to cum at home in the future, but you have my permission to cum again when you get home. Don’t forget about your partner and releasing his stress tomorrow. And make sure the other girls do their part. No more boners disrupting class.”

“Yes sir,” she managed, still panting and shivering in his arms. When she thought she could manage it, she stood. Her legs trembled as she put her skirt back on, so she sat on the floor as she got back into her top.

Before she left, He turned her around to face Him. With His face so stern, she worried for a moment that he was unhappy with her. Instead, He smoothed her hair down in places where it had grown wild during her lesson. Then He bestowed her forehead with a kiss, and she lit up like a Christmas tree.

That kiss was what kept pushing her over the edge when she got home and masturbated until the early hours of the morning.

Chapter 6

Third period was study Hall and easy enough for Esther to sneak out of. She’d texted Roy and told him to meet her out back where the marching band often practiced after school. It was shaded and easy enough to hide in from any teachers who might misunderstand her purpose out there

The girl wore her typically questionable attire, though slightly less over the line from the day before. Still, the expanse of pale skin showing from the hem of her electric blue skirt to where her striped above the knee socks stopped was vast. And her button down shirt could just barely fasten across her breasts, which were free of a bra still. After all, Mr. Wilson had never demanded she start wearing one again.

She was sitting on her panda backpack behind some bushes with Roy showed up. He looked both terrified and juvenile, which of course he was in comparison to her Master. The sheer anticipation of seeing her had him half hard already.

“Well,” Esther snapped at him, “get over here.” She undid her shirt, exposing her breasts to him. Roy was so hard he could barely walk, but he managed to make it the other ten feet to stand by her.

Without saying anything else, she yanked his shorts down to his ankles. And she had to say, she was pleasantly surprised by the size of Roy’s boner. He had to be at least eight inches, all of which was a pulsating hot purple right then.

The instant her fingers wrapped around his dick, Roy cried out and sprayed cum just about everywhere. Luckily, Esther had her face out of the line of fire, though he did manage to get her tits with one squirt. The rest hit the grass and bushes in front of him.

He seemed to go forever. Esther took a handkerchief from her bag and wiped herself off before trying to hand it to Roy. But Roy was just as hard as he’d been two minutes ago. His face was red, but that didn’t stop him from shoving his dick in her direction. With an exasperated sigh, Esther reached out and started jerking him off.

This time he lasted about five minutes before he shot his wad, again on the grass. But his erection didn’t diminish. Esther was now intrigued as to what it would take satisfy the dweeb. So she wiped him down before switching to her other hand. “Roy,” she asked as she worked, “do you wanna play with my tits? I don’t mind.”

The funny thing was, the longer she worked on him, the less annoyed she was. In fact, it was her turn to feel pretty horny, though she knew she would get no relief right now. There was something hot about turning this guy on so much that he couldn’t contain his cock around her.

That made her pump him harder, finally enthusiastic about this assignment. Roy was more than happy to grope her boobs, though his hands were childishly clumsy compared to Mr. Wilson’s. Still, Esther moaned when he pinched her nipples. “Oh god,” Roy cried as his now-familiar twitching signaled he was about to cum again.

Instead of directing it away from her, Esther pointed the tip of his dick to her tits, and that set Roy off. Though he’d already cum twice, he still managed to give her tits a nice thick layer before he pulled away and sank to his knees. Esther went to wipe herself off, but something from the videos reminded her that she should show herself as being marked. So instead she offered Roy the handkerchief and pulled her shirt together, letting his cum push up through the cotton as it dried.

She gathered up her pack and, after brushing off her knees, said, “Don’t pop another stiffy in class, or next time I won’t be as gentle with you.” Then she hurried back inside just as the bell rang for her next class.

In class, Mr Wilson rolled his eyes at the scowls he got from each of the women except Esther and while Roy was not a problem, at least half of the boys had boners, either due to looking at Esther or at the idea of being given relief from their female partners. Some were smiling and did not have boners, some were smiling and did have boners and some seemed to have given themselves boners just to fuck with the teacher. Indeed, if he didn’t know better he’d think they took viagra.

Wilson ignored them for half the class, but took a special topic to talk about the Bubonic plague and the history of Europe, reading a particularly graphic description of dead bodies, when he read a graphic description of the symptoms of Ebola. Needless to say, by the time he was done, no one in the class had boners and more than a few looked sick. “Extra credit to anyone who can write me a paper comparing and contrasting these two outbreaks and their ramifications on history, now back to the Constitutional Convention.”

Five minutes before class was done he surprised them all by saying, “Everyone except Roy and Esther has detention.” He looked at her knowingly, hoping she understood she was to meet him after detention. He wasn’t sure if she got the message.

Esther suppressed a little smile as a groan rippled out from the class. She might not have detention, but He didn’t say her tutoring session was cancelled either. No detention meant He was pleased with her performance with Roy, right? She certainly hoped so.

Roy, for his part, looked somewhere between abashed and proud. She couldn’t blame the dweeb—he wasn’t exactly getting any on his own. He did seem worried his lack of detention might get his ass kicked later, but when she caught his eye she gave him a smile that would’ve gotten him roped into detention if she had drained his balls already.

Rather than go home when school was done, Esther hung out in the library to wait for Mr. Wilson. She called her mom to let her know the tutoring session had gotten pushed back but she was working on some extra credit in the meantime. A text came through while trying to get her ebullient mother off the phone, and she saw it was from Roy. Can u wear that tight black skirt 2morrow plz?

She had to laugh, pleasantly surprised by Roy’s request. Maybe he wasn’t such a dweeb after all.

When she came to class after detention, each of her female classmates came out looking a bit dazed but smiling faintly while each of the men looked very confused as if they had been asleep the entire time rather than the more authoritative look that mr. Wilson had every time she came in, he smiled and said " close the door.”

Then he pointed to his lap.

Back pressed against the door, a sly smile slid across Esther’s lips. She slinked slowly toward him, her fingers undoing the buttons of her shirt as she did. By the time she reached him, she was able to shed it before sliding onto his lap.

His fingers traced the lines where Roy had marked her earlier, an odd expression on his face. Esther didn’t let that stop her. Her hips began a slow grind against him as she began kissing his neck and face.

Tim hadn’t planned on having her grind on his cock again, but he was instantly hard and he began to feel her tits and suck from her nipples, moaning. He might be a perv but he was a perv with limits damn it. He affectionately kissed her cheek and found his fingers tracing her lips with more lust showing in his eyes and then whispered into her ear, “You are a very good girl. I appreciate what you did for Roy. In the future, you can wipe it off, and maybe keep a bit of mine to put there instead.” This seemed the right thing to say but how he could do that if he simply came in his pants like last time wasn’t entirely clear to him but the more she grinded the more erect and stupid he got.

That sounded to Esther like permission to do more than just rub up against him. She licked a couple of fingers and wiped off the last bit of Roy as she kept her eyes locked on him. The expression on his face as well as the hardness of his dick encouraged her to make a show of it. Then she slid down his front, his pants scratchy against her nipples, until she knelt before him.

She didn’t ask, just reached out and began unhooking his belt and tugging at his zipper, mind focused solely on finally touching his cock.

He moaned and his cock sprang out like a good little soldier at attention. He moved to stop her hand and as she fondled it he seemed...distracted...and a serious look on his face appeared. “Make sure you do it like you were taught.” When had someone taught her to give blow jobs? Why had he said that, why….he stopped thinking so much once she started rubbing as he began to rub her tips..her tits...her nipples, her tit tips. He was such a perv. He was letting his student rub his cock, and who was obviously going to start sucking it.

And he was letting her. He was such a Perv. But she was very fuckable jailbait.

His cock was magnificent, just like she knew it would be. She was in awe being able to touch it. And unlike with Roy earlier, she was filled with reverence and joy. This moment, right here and now, was her purpose.

As amazing as He felt in her hand, she knew her purpose required more. And, as she had been taught, she leaned forward, eyes lowered, and ran her tongue up from his balls to the head of His cock. She lapped up the drop of pre-cum that pearled there before slowly sliding Him fully into her mouth.

Tim moaned and had to work to not cum right there. Normally, it took several minutes to make him cum but as it was, his desire to fill her mouth with his seed and frankly her pussy with his seed was overwhelming, wondering where that idea had come from but he also knew that as her dom it was his duty to make sure that she was behaving properly and learning the necessary skills a slut had to learn. This was her first blow job and she had to do it right. So he focused his increasingly strong will and slowly but steadily fucked her mouth.

“Have you learned to swallow?” His voice was firm but fair.

Holy shit His cock was incredible. The taste, the feel, the scent...She’d played around with boys before, given a blowjob or two, but that had been on a lark. The thrill she’d gotten had been for breaking the rules her parents and the world put on her. But this? This was pure bliss. Her whole body hummed with pleasure and peace. She didn’t understand how she could feel those two things at the same time but she did.

At His question, she looked up at Him as best she could from where she sat with His cock in her mouth. She didn’t want to relinquish her hold on Him so she shook her head slightly to tell Him no. Before right that moment, the mere thought of swallowing some guy’s cum made her gag. But right then, she could think of nothing she wanted more than for His sperm to work their way down from her tongue to her tummy.

“Well you are going to learn and we will watch a special video after this...oh yes, such a good girl, lick like that, yes. Good girl. We will watch a special video helping you to learn. Oh, definitely, keep it up. You did well keeping that idiot happy, but I need you to talk to the other girls and make sure that they understand what it is that they are supposed to do. We can’t keep them all in detention but as they understand we’ll stagger them a bit at a time and help them see the videos. You understand, of course, don’t you, dear?” He slowly began to fuck her face, moaning and feeling empowered as she did.

She was his. And perv or not, that felt fantastic.

Yes, she understood perfectly. And if the other girls didn’t submit, well...there were ways to get girls to do things they didn’t want to. The joys of being at the top of the social food chain taught her that a long time ago.

For now, she was content with her place. His thrusting and instructions left her pussy on fire, which in turn made her suck Him better. She was doing what she was made for, and she had no fear of Him cumming in her mouth. She was ready, and she made herself the best receptacle for His pleasure as she could.

He came harder than he ever had, even harder than when she had been grinding on his cock before and made him realize he was a Perv but he could not stop himself from cumming into her mouth so hard that he almost wondered if he would ever stop. He felt so good he wanted to fuck her but wasnt going to let himself. He still carefully kept a sense of decorum since he owed it to her, “Swallow everything.”

As if she had a choice in the matter. The second the first blast hit her, she swallowed out of reflex. She didn’t even have the chance to register a taste, it hit so far back in her throat. But then it didn’t stop. Esther struggled to make sure she swallowed everything He pumped into her mouth. Eventually she had to just pause and let her mouth fill because she couldn’t swallow fast enough.

Finally, He finished. She hurriedly swallowed the cum she’d been holding before He pulled His cock from her lips. “Open,” He demanded, and she let Him see that she’d done what He commanded. When he was satisfied, she licked His cock as clean as she could before pulling away from Him.

Her body felt like it was on fire, she was so horny, but her mind floated peacefully. She had done her duty to Him, and that felt better than any orgasm could.

He sat her on his lap again and turned on the video. It talked about proper techniques for a good girl to use to swallow and what a man could do to improve his own pleasure in the experience. It was the first video he could remember...actually remembering though he noticed the large number of colors and odd patterns in the background which he realized must be some kind of subliminal conditioning. He looked at the rapt attention on Esther’s face and saw how much good the structure had done her, and how much he had enjoyed the blow jobs. He truly understood the power of doublethink at that moment. On the one hand, he was horrified and realized he had failed in his legal duty as her mentor and guardian in loco parentis on the other he was pleased that he was training her to be a good slut and have a healthy sexual appetite that was the natural birthright of a sexually maturing woman of her age.

What the fuck?

Time stretched as Esther watched the video. Her mouth tasted like Mr. Wilson, and the images and sounds weird that taste into her pleasure centers. There on his lap, His hands at her waist, she felt protected and treasured, His obedient little whore who served Him happily.

And this was the perfect time for such a video. Now that she had a little experience under her belt, Esther could understand the instructions more completely. The proscribed techniques were simple enough to follow so her next blowjob would be even better. AND she would be able to explain to the other girls if they needed help.

As the video ended, he felt himself compelled, literally against his will to kiss her on the mouth and though he tried to resist he kissed her, affectionately, lovingly and paternally sliding his tongue into her mouth and holding her hand. His cock was hard again but he knew it wasnt time to fuck her. There were several more videos to watch before he would be ready for that but all thought went away as he relished kissing his new girl.

She died. That was the only explanation for how peaceful she felt. How complete. She could sit here forever, His lips and tongue possessing her, His cock pressing against her ass. When He finally pulled away, leaving her breathless, she couldn’t help but gaze at Him with pure adoration. “Thank you for the lesson, sir. I know I’ll do better next time.”

“I’m sure you will dear,” he caressed her cheek affectionately, wondering how many of his feelings for her were real or not. He knew that they felt real, and he was feeling them; he felt them, therefore they were and it didnt matter that the video had done this to him or not, he needed to teach and protect her, he felt it to the core of his bones. Also he had a boner that throbbed on her soft ass.

The janitor started the floor polisher outside. He looked up at her and had forgotten how late it was. “You need to get home.”

“Yes sir,” she whispered. She knew he was right and that she needed to go, but she wanted nothing more than to leave with him. That would only lead to trouble, and she knew better than to ask, but it was physically painful for her to get off his lap, but her clothes back on and trudge out to her car.