The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Written Truth

Stacy’s life turns upside down when she listens to a hypnosis file that makes everything written on her come true.

This story was inspired by Darkmind’s Open Book, a story I think definitely needed a sequel.


Stacy looked around the messy room and wondered how it led to this. She was standing in the corner of a room wearing a French maid’s outfit, smiling while she held the pose of a plastic doll. Based on the dirty clothes everywhere and posters on the wall, this room belonged to a teenage high-school boy. Stacy started this path by listening to a file that made anything written on her come true. Hypnosis is a slippery slope and Stacy learned the hard way that the power it has over you is the mind virus it creates and the effort you put into making it work. Stacy fantasized what it would be like to be controlled and now she stood powerless to do anything. Just a toy to be used, forever.

Chapter 1: Joe’s Perfect Night

Stacy browsed through all the files as she slumped over her keyboard with one arm on the mouse. She had just seen a hypnotist show last week on campus and wondered what it was like to go under. She wanted something that would give her an idea right away if it worked. Finally she found an interesting file, where the effect was simple: everything written on her body became true.

She downloaded the file and began to prepare. Being at home for the holidays, she knew her younger brother could interrupt her at any moment, so she locked her door. Stacy settled down on her bed and listened to the file, closing her eyes and relaxing.

Joe looked around his room frantically for his phone charger. After another sweep of his room he sat on his bed in frustration.


Joe stormed into his sister’s room and spotted the charger on the desk. He quickly grabbed it but accidently hit the mouse causing the computer to come alive. Joe turned around to leave, but noticed it wasn’t locked. He cracked his knuckles and sat down.

“Lets see if she’s got any pics with her friends.”

Before Joe could minimize her music player he noticed a file that had been played over 15 times. He read the file name and realized it was a hypnosis file.

“I didn’t know she was into that.”

Joe skimmed through the file and figured out what the effect was. A smile spread across his face.

“Oh this is way better than pictures.”

Stacy was sitting on the couch clicking through channels. She was home with Joe, who plopped down beside her.

“Whatcha watching?”

“Nothings on.”

Stacy paid no attention to Joe and did not notice the permanent marker in his hand.

“I learned this new trick at school, can I see your arm?”

Stacy put her arm out.

“Go nuts.”

Joe grabbed her arm and wrote BLANK really quickly.

Stacy turned her head in surprise and pulled her arm away.

“What are you do..”

Stacy saw the word on her arm and went immediately calm.

Joe waited a moment before waving his hand in front of Stacy’s mindless gaze.

“Oh my god, it works.!”

Joe hesitated but started fondling his sister’s tits as she stared ahead with an emotionless face.

“Too bad this is your last night. Don’t worry I’ll make it worth my while.”

Joe stopped fondling his sister and took her hand. In the palm, he wrote lightly with the marker the word SLAVE. Joe crossed out blank and lifted the arm up to show Stacy. Stacy shook her head as she snapped back to reality.

“What the hell? What did you do to me?”

Stacy pushed Joe and got up.

“Stacy, look at your hand?”

Stacy confusingly looked at her hand.


Stacy slowly walked towards Joe and knelt down in front of him.

“How are you doing this?”

Joe smiled and leaned forward.

“Well the good news is your file worked.”

“That hypnosis file?”

Joe nodded his head.

“So what am I, your slave?”

“For now” Joe said as he brushed her hair back.

“Please don’t do this. You’re my brother.”

“Be quiet and smile.”

Stacy’s mouth snapped shut for a brief moment before forming a smile on her face.

Joe checked his watch and realized he had about four hours until his parents came home.

“Stand up and take off your clothes.”

Stacy stood up and began stripping, still smiling as she took off her clothes one by one.

Stacy was a beautiful girl. Joe, like most boys his age, had always fantasized about her. Her brown hair draped down her shoulders and hovered slightly over her DD breasts. Her hourglass figure and long legs, covered in a bronze tan completed the perfection. Joe was in awe of her beauty. Seeing her also upset him that she was going back to college. He could always convince her not to go, but that would be a hard sell to his parents. He would have to just hope and wait until the next opportunity.

Joe undid his pants and pulled out his cock.

“Give me a blowjob.”

Stacy got down in front him and took his cock in her mouth. Joe was in heaven as she sucked away. After a few minutes, Joe was ready to cum.


Stacy stopped sucking and knelt back. She continued to smile. Joe aimed and sprayed her face with a huge load. She continued to smile as her face was glistening with gobs of cum. Joe was so turned on by the sight of it.

“I want you to keep your face like that for the rest of the night.”

Stacy just sat there; she didn’t really have instructions to let him know she understood.

“Say yes master and blow me a kiss, when I give you instructions.”

“Yes Master” responded Stacy as she blew him a kiss.

Joe wrestled with the idea of fucking his sister. There were a lot of pros and cons to the situation. First he didn’t have any condoms, and second, he wasn’t sure if she was on any sort of medication. Odds her she was, but it was still a risk. This isn’t just some random girl, this was his sister and the problem of a child would be catastrophic.

“Are you on birth control medication?”

Stacy nodded her head.

Joe’s dick stood at attention. His logical process was interrupted by the primal urge for sex.

“Turn around and get on all fours.”

“Yes master.”

Stacy blew him another kiss before carrying out the command. She stared straight ahead at the television. Joe wasted no time, lubing up with spit and getting inside her. As he penetrated her, she stared ahead, her face covered in cum with a big smile on her face. Inside however she was traumatized. A few tears rolled down her cheek as her true emotion emerged only slightly.

After about five different positions, Joe finally got tired of fucking his sister. She was instructed to put on a pair of heels, put in a butt plug and bring him his camera.

Stacy returned wearing 6 inch red heels, a butt plug snuggled into her ass and handed Joe the camera. He immediately took a picture of his sister smiling while wearing his cum. If the hypnosis wore off, the blackmail might work. He looked at her body with the permanent marker in his hand. It seemed a waste to just use the slave command, when he could write anything he wanted on her. Joe found a pen in the drawer beside the couch. He decided to experiment first before using the permanent marker. He wrote BIMBO on her stomach and told her to look at the word. She did and her demeanor became noticeably submissive and slack. Her smile was wider and her eyes seemed full of life, yet empty of thought.

“What are you feeling?”

“Like totally, good.”

She giggled to herself. Joe smiled knowing it worked. Every few seconds, Stacy would let out a slight giggle. Joe wrote SLUT on her right arm. Stacy looked at it and licked her lips. Joe watched in amazement as her pussy started getting wet without stimulation. Her nipples grew harder as in between giggles she would moan slightly. Joe was immediately rock hard again.

Stacy didn’t know how to comprehend what was going on with her. She felt completely dumb, and so horny. She was already humiliated while wearing her brother’s cum and being fucked by him. The worst part was being told to say, “I’m a stupid slut,” repeatedly while her brother used her. Stacy could not wait until her parents came home, but she had to admit, the pleasure she was having at the moment was pure ecstasy.

“Stacy I want you to speak your mind.”

Stacy looked down at her brother. Her face switched between pleasure and horror and sadness.

“Please, like, I can’t take this anymore.”

“It feels good doesn’t it?”

“Like oh my god, yes. But you have had your fun.”

Joe checked his watch.

“Sorry but you got three more hours like this.”

“Joe, like, please. I’m starting to feel like totally dumb.”

“But you like that.”

“No I don’t”

“You do now.”

Stacy smiled.

“You’re like totally right.”

Joe stood up and looked Stacy in the eye.

“Why did you listen to this file?”

“Because, like, I wanted to be helplessly controlled.”

“How do you feel about me controlling you?”

“You’re like my brother and I have never been attracted to you. While the humiliation has really turned me on, it has also traumatized me.”

Joe didn’t like the fact she was traumatized.

“Stacy, what I am doing right now, turns you on completely. You are not traumatized, but happy to explore your fetishes and limits.”

Stacy took a moment to process that. He was absolutely right, why else would she have listened to the file.

“Stop speaking your mind. Take your butt plug out and put in your mouth.”

“Yes master.”

Stacy blew him a kiss and then worked the plug out of her ass. Joe could smell it from where he was standing as she brought it up to her mouth and took all of it in. Joe sat back down.

“Play with yourself.”

“fss mfsfs”

After another blown kiss, her right hand slid down to her pussy and her left hand went straight for her breasts. Stacy played with herself as Joe took more pictures.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Joe froze. This was an awkward position. He knew it wasn’t his parents, but he didn’t have an eyehole so there was no way of knowing without opening the door. He ordered Stacy into a closet, so she wasn’t in open view in case someone burst in.

Joe opened the door and was relieved to see his best friend Owen.

“Hey Joe, you free tonight.”

Joe tried to think of an excuse. Owen noticed Joe’s erection forming a tent in his pants.

“I see I caught you at a bad time.”

Owen laughed as he motioned down. Joe turned around and waist banded it quickly.

“What were you guys planning on doing?”

“Probably playing that new video game. Frank got a new gamestation 5.”

“Lucky bastard.”

Joe stopped and thought for a moment. He knew it was a horrible idea, but it could make him some quick cash.

“You know what, round up whoever you’re with and bring them here, I have a surprise.”

“Sounds good.”

Owen whipped out his phone and started calling around. Joe shut the door and locked it. He smiled deviously as he walked toward the closet.

20 Minutes Later

Five boys sat around the living room as something stood in the middle with a sheet draped over it. Joe motioned everyone to calm down.

“All right, now this doesn’t leave the room.”

Joe went around with a pillowcase and collected everyone’s phone. No pictures or contact to anyone else was wanted. After collecting the phones, Joe walked over to the draped figure.

“Gentlemen, I present to you”

He pulled of the sheet and underneath was Stacy with a big smile on her face, now wearing a tight pink bra, a pink thong, a small pink skirt and matching pink 6 inch heels. Her make up was done up and her face was glistening in the light as she was forced to rub the cum in like it was a facial cream. Her arms were bent at the elbow and held straight out like she was a doll. In fact she was a doll. Joe had written in permanent marker on the bottom of her foot that she was a BARBIE DOLL.

“Stacy Doll”

All the boys’ jaws dropped. Here was their biggest fantasy standing in front of them dressed like a sexy doll.

“Is that your sister?”

“Are you kidding me? Do you think she’d agree to this?” “I found a cool realistic doll site and if you send pictures. Never mind the details. The point is, you can all have a go at my “sister” for $50.”

All the boys smiled delightfully. It was going to be a long night for Stacy, but there was nothing she could do. Joe specifically told her that she wouldn’t remember, and remain blank the entire night. She was for all intent and purposes a very realistic sex doll. Of course Joe thought of the moral implications of it, but decided his sister was never really nice or helpful to him. He didn’t want to purposely inflict this type of situation on her, but the extra money would be a bonus on top of the already perfect evening.

It was about 30 minutes before his parents were expected home. The last friend left the room as Joe was counting his money. He pocketed it and went to see how his sister was.

Her room was a complete mess. Her drawers looked like they had been rifled through, her clothes were all over the place and someone had managed to find her sex toys. Joe looked around her room, but didn’t see Stacy. He went into the bathroom and found her. Her head was in the toilet. On closer examination, her hair was covered in piss and cum. A large dildo was sticking out of her tight ass. It was jammed right in there and wasn’t coming out without a fight.

Because she was a doll, she had to maintain the same position, which made her current position look uncomfortable. Joe grabbed her head and pulled it out of the toilet. She was still smiling despite her face being covered in cum. The smell of cum and piss knocked Joe back a bit as he looked at his thoroughly used sister.

Joe felt extremely guilty for this, but took solace in the fact his sister would never know. It took him about five minutes to finally work the dildo out of her. After that he cleaned off BARBIE DOLL but kept the word SLAVE on her. He ordered her to take a quick shower and then to clean her entire room.

Joe taped the whole thing just to make sure nothing bad occurred. For the most part, it went, as you would expect. Sex and blowjobs. She was an immobile doll, so they had to do all the work. It wasn’t until the last two guys that things got messy.

Roger, a kid who was obsessed with Stacy, was the one who ransacked her drawers, taking some of her underwear. Joe was too busy to notice when he left. After having sex with her once, Roger wanted to escalate the experience. He found her sex toys in her closet and used all of them. He put her nipples in clamps, a butt plug in her ass and a dildo in her pussy. He then decided to deep throat her. After she gagged a couple times, to his surprise she threw up cum all over herself, before defaulting to her smile. Roger was confused, but brushed it off that the doll was made as realistic as possible. He took out the dildo and slowly managed to stick all his fingers, using the cum as lube, in her pussy. He went to town finger banging her before she finally started squirting all over her own floor. Roger got up as his time expired.

The last kid was Neil. Neil had no regard for authority and was happy to hear Joe tell him anything went except physical harm. Neil had the typical start with sex, but after that he moved her to the bathroom. He sat her up with her back against the toilet and pissed all over her face. He slapped her hard a few times enjoying the power he had. She continued to smile. He then took her head and facefucked her as hard as he could. He pulled out and came all over her chest. He wiped his cum into her tits. He then used her now lubed up tits to titty fuck her and blew another load on her face. After that he starting batting her tits around roughly. When he was done with her tits, he took her heel off and slowly slid the heel it in and out of her pussy.

Joe watched with guilt as Neil continued to degrade his sister. Finally after penetrating her ass with her head stuck in the toilet, he forced the dildo up her ass with all his force. It looked painful, and if this were any other situation, it would have warranted a scream of pain. However, nothing happened and Roger took another piss in the toilet before leaving.

Stacy lay in her bed, staring up at the ceiling. Her ass hurt and she had a feeling that she was missing part of her day. All she could remember was watching television all night and then calling it early and going to bed. She was also confused by how clean her room was. Her thoughts shifted to college and she dreamed about returning.

To be continued.