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The Written Truth

Chapter 2: Welcome to the Fraternity


Stacy accidentally becomes the property of Alpha Omega Fraternity.

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It’s been several months since Stacy returned from her holidays. Nothing of note occurred, but her programming remained. Unbeknownst to her, Joe had instilled a trigger in her to make sure she listened to the file every night, but have no memory of the event. Stacy was an accident waiting to happen.

About three months after she returned from holidays, Stacy and her roommate Laura were invited to a fraternity party at the Alpha Omega Fraternity House. Because this fraternity was a big deal, there was no shortage of girls willing to come. Laura knew someone at the fraternity and managed to get her and Stacy invited on the stipulation that they serve drinks at the party in bikini and thongs, while advertising the fraternity on their body. Stacy wasn’t happy about the advertising, but decided to suck it up or risk being uninvited from this and future parties.

Stacy looked in the mirror and finally took in how much skin she would be showing all night. She was wearing a very skimpy red bikini and thong as her matching heels accentuated her figure. Laura lucked out and only had to have the symbol drawn on her back and ass cheeks. Stacy drew the short straw and had to have the classic “Property of Alpha Omega” drawn on her. She sighed as the bathroom door opened and Randy, one of the kinder members of the fraternity, walked in to draw on the words.

“You ready?”

Randy had a black permanent marker in his hand. Stacy was having second thoughts.

“Do I really need to have that on my body. Wearing this thing isn’t enough?”

Stacy motioned to her sexy body on display. Randy stared are her cleavage before catching himself.

“A lot of girls are willing to do this. You’re lucky Laura has a good network. Now can you make your mind up, I got other things to prepare.”

“This is it right? I serve drinks, tease and flirt, but nothing else.”

“You are strictly a server. But.”

“But, what?”

“The girls who do this tend to end up doing other things. I’m not saying you will or are expected to, but you use your own discretion. From our end, all we want is a server. Anything else you can say no.”

Stacy shook her head and turned around.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

Randy started writing PROPERTY OF ALPHA OMEGA on her ass.

“It’s just advertising.”

“Yah. Degrading advertisement.”

Randy finished up the touches before getting a text on his phone.

Stacy turned and saw the writing on her body in the mirror. The hypnotic trigger hit her like a bag of bricks. Her mind and thoughts slowly rewired to accept the new truth. Randy put his phone away and stood up.

“All right, you are good to go. Get yourself ready and meet us out there.”

“Yes, master.”

Stacy said as she blew Randy a kiss. Randy laughed.

“Ha ha, very funny. See you out there.”

Randy left and closed the door behind him. Stacy looked at herself in the mirror. She still had awareness of the situation and remembered the stupid hypnotic file. She didn’t know why it is was so powerful, but Stacy realized she was in big trouble. Anyone who was a fraternity member would be able to give her any command. If they found out what the truth was, she may never leave the fraternity. Stacy knew what she had to do. She needed to convince everyone she was just a free spirit and someone who loved to party. She needed to disguise the naughty things she may be asked to do as something she was experimenting with. Stacy put on a brave face and opened the door. The party was just getting started.

For most of the night, Stacy managed to actually have fun despite the circumstances. She was able to successfully reason that she had to be sure if someone was a fraternity member before carrying out the command. In most cases there was no clear proof so she was able to avoid it. She also avoided clear members she knew for a fact, just in case they got too horny despite their promise of just a “server.”

As Stacy poured shots to a bunch of guys, Laura came over to her and grabbed her arm.

“Hey they want us in the back room.”

Stacy finished pouring and brought Laura off to the side.

“What do you mean back room?”

“They’re having a smaller private party with a bunch of members. This is our chance to make some friends.”

Stacy was terrified, but she tried to hide it.

“You go. They’ll probably want a server out here still.”

Laura grabbed Stacy’s arm.

“They want us both, come on.”

Stacy knew the implication behind Laura was technically a command from the frat, but it wasn’t concrete. Stacy went over some of the ways she had avoided doing commands because of the technicalities and laughed to herself that she might make a good lawyer.

“All right, but I need to use the bathroom first, I’ll meet you in there.”

Before Stacy could get away, Randy came up and grabbed both the girls around their shoulders.

“I’ve been looking all over for you. Come with me.”

“Yes Master.”

Stacy blew Randy a kiss. Randy and Laura stared at Stacy. She laughed awkwardly and playfully pushed Randy.

“Just teasing you.”

Laura and Randy laughed as Stacy walked ahead, a concerned look forming on her face.

There were about 15 people in the private party. All of the men were fraternity members, and Stacy knew that as a fact. She sat off to the side in a corner sipping on a mixed drink. Laura was happily enjoying the party, as she made sure to flirt and introduce herself to everyone. Randy sat down next to Stacy, clearly intoxicated.

“Well aren’t you a buzzkill.”

“Not a big drinker.”

Randy took a big drink from his beer.

“Why do you keep saying yes master? I mean the first time was sarcasm, but that second time, seemed a little automatic.”

Stacy shrugged her shoulders.

“Kiss me.”

“Yes Master.”

Stacy cursed inside her head as she blew Randy a kiss and then moved in for a real kiss.

Randy was content with making out with Stacy for the moment. Stacy reasoned at least this made sure no one else could get involved. From his breath, Stacy figured Rick was close to passing out anyway. Rick abruptly stopped kissing Stacy.

“Did you lose some sort of bet or something?”

“Yes, that’s it. I lost a bet with a friend. You got me.”

Stacy underestimated how drunk Rick was and her heart sank as he yelled out.

“Hey everybody, Stacy lost a bet with her friend. She’s got to follow any commands.”

Stacy glared at him knowing her plan was all but wrecked. The head of the fraternity, Jeff, remained seated but saw how hot Stacy was from across the room.

“Hey Stacy, do a sexual strip tease in the middle of the room.”

Stacy found where the voice was coming from and finally set her eyes on him.

“Yes Master.”

She blew Jeff a kiss and then walked to the middle of the room. There wasn’t much to strip so she danced sensually for a couple of minutes before untying her bikini top and throwing it on the ground in front of Jeff. After another few minutes, off came the thong and Stacy was left standing in the middle of the room naked. After her dance, she stood in complete terror. This was probably the worst-case scenario, and she knew it could get 100 times worse. Jeff got up and examined her.

“What kind of bet did you lose?”

“Poker bet. Loser had to come to this party and do whatever she was told.”

Jeff stood in front of Stacy and smiled, amused at this new opportunity.

“Is that so.”

Stacy nodded her head.

“So you’d do anything I ask?”

Stacy tried to play it cool. She grabbed Jeff and brought him close.

“Try me.”

Stacy’s heart was racing as she pulled back, but she kept a seductive look on her face.

“All right, from now on you cannot lie.”

Stacy’s smiled disappeared. Nothing was going her way.

“Yes master.”

Stacy blew him a kiss.

“Why do you do that after a command?”

“Because my brother hypnotically programmed me to say Yes Master and blow him a kiss when given a command.”

This was news to Stacy. She wasn’t sure why she was doing it, but assumed it was a post hypnotic trigger. She also realized Jeff was essentially talking to her subconscious mind. Jeff was surprised at the answer and curious to know more.

“How did your brother hypnotically program you?”

Stacy knew it was game over. She tried really hard, but there was no avoiding this.

“I listened to a hypnosis file that made anything that is written on my body true. He wrote slave on me and made me his slave.”

The whole room went silent as Stacy looked down in shame. Jeff walked around her again to confirm what he saw on her ass earlier.

“What are you Stacy?”

Stacy shook her head in regret. She should have just run for it when she realized the trigger’s effect. What she didn’t realize was that as smart as she was at avoiding taking commands, in the back of her mind she already convinced herself that she wasn’t leaving the fraternity unless someone removed the writing.

“I am property of Alpha Omega.”

All eyes were now shifted to Stacy and Jeff. No one knew whether it was a show or if Stacy was being serious. Laura got up and ran over to Stacy to talk with her roommate.

“What are you doing, Stacy?”

Jeff allowed them to talk, as he listened for any other information he could use. Stacy was tearing up at her predicament, as she stood naked in front of the room.

“I have to obey anything a fraternity member says.”


“Because I am their property.”

Laura shook her head in frustration unaware that Stacy was forced to tell the truth. She tried dragging Stacy out, but Stacy remained in the middle of the room.

“Let’s leave, you’re starting to freak me out.”

Stacy’s face painted a grim picture.

“I cannot leave unless they tell me I can.”

Stacy motioned to Jeff, who finally decided to step in. He grabbed Laura and walked her to the door.

“Thanks for your service, but I think that’s all we need you for.”

Laura tried to fight and stay, but Jeff overpowered her and ushered her out the door.

“I’m not leaving my friend here.”

“It’s her choice, not yours.”

Laura saw Stacy’s humiliation as Jeff closed the door in her face. Jeff walked back to Stacy and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“There will be no crying here. I want you to enjoy this.”

“Yes Master.”

Stacy stopped crying and put on a slight smile as she blew him a kiss.

“Good girl. Now stop blowing me kisses when I give you a command. Instead I want you to curtsey.”

“Yes Master.”

Stacy curtseyed to Jeff.

“All right, I want you to kneel in the corner and open your mouth. You will give blowjobs to anyone here for one hour while a few members and I figure out how we’re going to use you. When you’re done, meet us in the library.”

“Yes Master.”

Stacy curtseyed and then walked over and assumed her position.

Jeff remained in the middle of the room.

“And just to be clear, I am the head of this fraternity, so my commands are not to be overridden. Understood?”

“Yes Master.”

Stacy got up and curtseyed and then returned to her position. The command from Jeff wasn’t just for Stacy, he was warning the rest of his members not to take advantage. Jeff motioned to a few select members and they left the room.

Stacy gave about 20 blowjobs throughout the hour before it was finally up. Stacy tried to think of multiple ways to get out of this, but she didn’t know how. She could try and erase the words on her, but she wouldn’t do that unless commanded. Her thoughts then turned to her future as she wondered what the frat would do with her. Some of her thoughts made her wet as she thought of all the things they could make her do. However the reality of it was that she wouldn’t have much of a life if they decided to take full advantage of her.

Stacy made her way to the library, walked in and sat down in front of three of the members. Jeff and his friends had written up a draft of a contract that she would most likely be signing.

“Kneel Stacy.”

“Yes Master.”

Stacy curtseyed before kneeling before the three members. Jeff stood in front of her to tell her their decision.

“All right Stacy, lets get a couple things off the table. Tomorrow when you go home, you will pack up your things and then move into the fraternity. You will be allowed to go to class and have time for homework, but we will have you on schedule to do other things. If school becomes too much of a distraction, we may consider having you drop out and attending to the fraternity full time. Understood?”

“Yes Master”

Stacy got up and curtseyed.

“All right, you know what, cut the curtseying bullshit. Just say yes master when given commands.”

“Yes Master.”

Jeff grabbed the paper off the desk and handed it to Stacy.

“These will be your rules. Read it, accept it and sign it stating you agree.”

Stacy grabbed the paper and read:

Rule 1: You will be provided with a maid service uniform that you will wear at all times while in this fraternity unless otherwise commanded.

Rule 2: You will be assigned an outfit you can wear to class and that will be your only outfit. You may not wash it all year, so take care of it.

Rule 3: You will cook breakfast and dinner for the entire fraternity every day.

Rule 4: Every night you will be rotated between members and will be used until they are content. You may then sleep in that member’s bed unless commanded otherwise.

Rule 5: You will be designated a closet that you will be stored in when we do not need you.

Rule 6: You will allow us to tattoo you and pierce your body.

Rule 7: Any rule can be changed, added or taken away.

Stacy stared at the paper in disbelief. She was legitimately their slave. How powerful was this hypnotic programming that she would accept this. The tattoo part scared her the most. Anything tattooed would permanently change her and slowly over time she would become a whole new person. But these terms weren’t the worse, Stacy reasoned. As property she obviously agreed with them and signed the paper.

Jeff took the paper from her.

“All right, let’s test out our new toy. Extend both your arms out.”

“Yes Master.”

Stacy extended her arms out. Jeff wrote MAID on one arm and SEX TOY on the other. Stacy looked at the words and her mind went to work rewiring her beliefs. Stacy was a maid, she loved cooking, and cleaning and making sure everything was running smoothly. She was also a sex toy. She was here to bring pleasure to anyone in the fraternity even if she did not receive pleasure back. Toys are not concerned about their own pleasure. Toys are just used and tossed aside. This all made sense to Stacy. Of course she was a maid and a sex toy. She was property of the fraternity and what other needs would they have for a hot young female.

Jeff watched as the realization poured over Stacy’s face. He knew it had worked just like the property mark.

“These will most likely be tattooed on you. Those are pretty much your main functions.”

Jeff printed the word SEX DOLL on Stacy’s forehead. He turned her towards a mirror so she could see what was written. Stacy’s eyes went wide and her mouth opened up into a perfect O. Her hands shot out to the side. Stacy’s mind went blank, as she became a sex doll. She would still be able to feel the pleasure, but could not react to it or anything for that matter. She was completely helpless.

Jeff and the two other members, Paul and Mark, moved her onto the couch. Jeff climbed on the couch and took his cock out. He face fucked Stacy as Paul fingered her pussy. Jeff finally blew a load as his dick stayed hard in her mouth. Cum dribbled down her mouth and the rest down her throat.

For the next two hours, the guys took turns fucking her and blowing loads of semen in her and on her. In her mind all Stacy felt was the pleasure of an orgasm. It did not register that she was covered in cum or had been fucked in every hole multiple times. Sex dolls did not think, and Stacy was no exception.

When Stacy’s consciousness snapped back to reality she was standing in the corner of what looked like an entertainment room. Video game consoles, large screen televisions, pool tables and a bar lining one of the walls were just some of the contents of the room. Stacy noticed she couldn’t move as her two hands were stuck on her hips like she was doing her best Wonder Woman pose. Stacy then noticed her smile as all the other sensations began coming back to her. The taste in her mouth was of shit, semen and piss. She felt and smelt semen all over her body, but was powerless to do anything. All Stacy could do was think. She was obviously in the entertainment room because she was a sex toy and that’s what sex toys are used for. Right now, she was just another piece of furniture or equipment not being used, like the pool table. It made sense to Stacy and she accepted it. She was property after all, and she was used for entertainment. When she wasn’t being used, she belonged with the other items that weren’t being used.

Part of Stacy knew this was wrong, but her thoughts seldom thought about that. They were too preoccupied with thinking about what else was to come as fraternity property.